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What She Asked For

by Mumman

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© Copyright 2010 - Mumman - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; darlex; hobble; armbinder; hood; toys; straps; wrap; board; climax; cons; X

This story was an entry into the 2010 Winter Fetish Story Contest

The new gear arrived from across the country on Thursday, sooner than expected. She had told him that if the order from Winter Fetish arrived by the weekend, she wanted a real bondage weekend of relentless, strict, total sensory deprivation bondage from him. He would be very obliging.

“I want to be in constant, really strict bondage the entire weekend, from Friday night through Sunday night!” she told him. “I want you to be real tough and creative! This must be the ultimate bondage weekend for me! No rules, but you must keep me bound and gagged throughout! Keep me blinded, as much as possible! Only give me liquids, through the appropriate gag. Do with me sexually as you wish! Put my chastity belt on with vibrators, screw me, torment me, whatever! Carte blanche, Marky! You know I like things real tight and strict! Don’t hold back!”

He gleefully agreed. “There’s only one catch, or condition, Marky: You’re next!! You get the full treatment next weekend! No holds barred! We’re both gonna be in for it! I’ll give as good as I get! Tit-for-tat! What fun we’ll have, on both ends!”

“OK, Krissy, whatever you say! Using this new stuff from Winter Fetish will be great! I can’t believe it showed up within a week! I’m already thinking of some good scenarios—oh, yes, you’re in for it, girl!”

“Yeah, so are you, boy! This weekend you’re the Master, but next, I’m the Mistress!”

“I’m getting hard already.”

“And I’m getting wet!”

“Well, let’s get you into a couple items! The Darlex hood and armbinder!”

“OK! I’m also dying to get into this Darlex straitjacket hobble-dress! Just tuck the sleeves into the armbinder. I’ll squeeze into it and you zip me up! First, I’ll strap on my vibrators!” He loved watching her get off on the vibrators, especially when she was bound and at his mercy.

She stripped and jammed a huge vibrator into her hungry, wet vagina, then fitted on the “butterfly” clit vibrator. For good measure, she shoved a vibrating egg in her ass. Everything was secured by her very tight leather strap harness. She had them all turned up high, and was starting to ooze juices.

She hurriedly pulled the super-tight garment on. The long straitjacket sleeves were tight on her toned arms and it contoured perfectly to her sexy form. It felt wonderful! She laid on the bed so he could zip up the back. It was so snug on her, he had to keep pulling the zipper together as he zipped her up. She was well and truly squeezed in the skin-tight Darlex with her legs compressed together.

She pushed herself up off the bed. “It’s so tight! I can hardly take a step! Look how it squishes my boobs! Wow! Now hurry up and put on the hood and armbinder!”

“Yes, dear. First, put the foam-rubber gag-pad in your mouth.” She popped it in and he pulled the full hood down over her head, carefully aligning the nose grommets with her nostrils. He began zipping it down, pulling the sturdy zip together as he went. The inside cover protected her long hair completely. It was so tight! She could hardly move her lips and couldn’t see. She “mmmmed” her delight and approval.

He pulled the tight Darlex armbinder up over her eager arms and tightened the easy-adjust clamp-buckles on the perfect strap design that went under and over her shoulders to the back “Y”. She breathed hard through the nose holes of the wonderful thick Darlex hood as he snugged the binder up her arms and over her elbows, her sheathed hands folded together in the tight bottom pouch. He slowly worked the zipper up on the tight sheath, squeezing her arms delightfully closer and closer together. She had hoped the small size would fit her, and it sure did! Her elbows were very close together. He pulled the attached straps tightly about her wrists and at the elbows, squeezing them even closer. She felt the strain, loving it!

“Mmmmhh!” she exclaimed. She tested the armbinder for escapability. No way! She was squeezed and trapped in the tight Darlex from head to ankles. It felt absolutely wonderful! She was super-turned on now, with her tightly-strapped crotch all a-buzz.

“There you go, darling! All you need now is a neck collar and high heels!” They did not believe in bondage half-measures! He fastened the tall, padded cervical collar tightly around her neck as she cooed approval. He sat her on the bed, but in the stiff, tight “dress”, she had to lean back on her bound arms. He slipped on her 5” strap pumps, strapping them on tightly, and stood her up. She teetered unsteadily as he helped her balance. “Fantastic! I’ll help you walk forward!”

She took tiny, shuffling, mincing steps as he led her to the middle of the room. He moved behind her and squeezed her large breasts hard, drawing muffled, approving reactions from her. Then he located her smushed nipples and pinch-rolled them firmly. She squealed loudly and nearly came. His hard cock pressed against her useless hands as he gyrated against her, her tightly sheathed arms trapped against his body. He squeezed her super-sensitized nipples harder through the tight Darlex, further distending her tits.

She squealed and moaned and swooned as he kept it up. Her pussy was dripping wet. The powerful combination of her tight, helpless bondage, the strong vibrators and the increasingly painful nipple manipulations, along with her potent bondage masochism, was sending her over the edge. She grunted, squealed and gyrated rhythmically, encouragingly. He obliged, furiously pinching her sheathed nipples. He nuzzled against her hooded head, trying to bite her flattened ears. She screamed through her nose as she came, orgasming hard.

Her cum juices flowed out and her knees went weak. She shuddered and hollered as she climaxed again and he had to hold her up, cupping her big boobs tightly. She panted and moaned in the super-tight hood as he grabbed her slim waist from behind, crushing her trapped arms. He deposited her on the bed on her side, putting a pillow under her head. She breathed heavy, raspy breaths through the grommet holes as she moaned happily, gratefully.

“Well, Krissy, that was a really good one! A great way to break in the new gear! Now I need to get off! Can you get off again? You’re buzzing real good in there! Put on a show for me!” She obliges as he lies beside her, hard cock in hand. He slips on a condom and strokes his shaft. She grinds her hips seductively and moans, trying to move her encased, squeezed-together arms and legs. He pumps himself vigorously, taking all her sexy bondaged form in. She writhes and vocalizes loudly, the trio of tightly-strapped-in vibrators doing their magic, along with the bondage. She works herself into a frenzy, on the verge again. In short order he is ready. “Here I cum, honey!” He fills the condom with his white, hot, spurting fluid, happily sighing.

He squeezes the last drops out as he relaxes, staring at her sexy, writhing, tightly Darlex-trapped form admiringly. “Very nice, love! You look so good in that outfit, and seem to be enjoying yourself so much, I think I’ll leave you there for awhile!”

She squirms and moans in half-hearted protest, then climaxes again, squealing lustily. “This show is the best!”, he thinks. “She’s out of control!” She’s really enjoying her helpless, stimulating constriction still. Then she murmurs in consent, her bondage-sex libido in high gear. She knows that more battery and bondage-induced orgasms will overtake her, and she loves that she is powerless to stop it! That buzzing egg up her ass, coupled with the huge, powerful vibrator stuffing her and the tight clit stimulator, along with her new super-tight bondage apparel, keep her in an excited, simmering tizzy.

She tries to move her arms, loving the tight, inescapable armbinder. Her arms feel all the more restricted in the tight, long straitjacket sleeves and the tightness at her shoulders. Her tingling hands are trapped in a tight clasp. Her legs are stuck tightly together. The strapped high heels remain on.

“OK, dear, have a nice, stimulating bondage “nap” while I go downstairs to watch TV and play on the computer! Try not to cum too much!” He kisses her dark hooded head, spanks her voluptuous, squeezed ass hard, drawing a muffled yelp, and leaves. She feels another orgasm coming on. The tight Darlex holds her firmly under control. The strong vibrators relentlessly stimulate her. She wriggles and writhes on the bed and climaxes again, shuddering and moaning. Soon, another climax builds. She is powerless to stop it. She screams in bondage-orgasm overload. On and on it goes, wringing her out. This is her prelude to the weekend.

The next day at the office she goes about her work routine, thinking about last night, and tonight. She is dressed in normal (for her) and not-so-normal attire to help keep her more awake and alert. She wore a long, very tight, woolen pencil/ hobble skirt that hugged her ass beautifully. She wore her very high-heeled black leather boots, feeling very sexy. A wide leather belt tightly cinched in her small waist over a black, long-sleeved, high-necked tight leotard top. The “leotard”, however, was her full Spandex House of Gord bodysuit from Winter Fetish that hugged her delightfully right down to her ankles. It was a perfect, sexy, skin-tight fit over her push-up bra.

More not-so-normal attire was concealed in her crotch. She wore her tight rigid steel and plastic chastity belt, locked on for the day. The severe belt clamped her entire crotch very tightly, underneath which was trapped a large buttplug impaling her ass and a sizeable dildo stuffing her vagina. She felt them with every little move and step she made, loving every minute of it! With the crotch-zip on her bodysuit, she could pee through the perforations in the crotch-plate with no problem. All crotch access was strictly denied.

As she moved through her very stimulating day, she wondered how many other women were similarly secretly equipped. It sure helped keep her awake, alert and in a good mood! This was something she did on a semi-regular basis, along with tight corseting. She was quite the oversexed fetish chick! She day-dreamed about the weekend, starting tonight: enduring total, extreme bondage for 48 hours straight, being teased, tormented, stimulated…Her undie pad gets more damp as she hobbles/ minces across the office to do some filing. Who knew filing could be so stimulating? Or making her way down the street to the bank and lunch? She attracted attention, which she didn’t mind, but she was really dressing mainly for herself.

That night she gets home before him and has a little snack for dinner. She strips down and unlocks and removes the chastity belt and the big plugs, taking care of her bathroom business and cleaning up. Now that she can touch her crotch, she can’t resist fingering herself and rubbing herself off. She moans pleasurably as she climaxes, knowing she’ll be unable to get herself off for the next two days. That’ll be Mark’s job!

She goes and pulls out the Winter Fetish Darlex sleepsack. She’d ordered this earlier and had spent many enjoyable hours, even overnights, tightly locked inside it. It was a perfectly super-tight fit and the internal sleeves trapped her arms and hands tightly at her sides. The strong 3-way zip at the front allowed access to her “good bits” and there was even a rear access zip at the ass! She, and he, loved it.

She anxiously waited for him amidst the multitude of gear she’d pulled out from their bondage dresser, wearing nothing but the wonderful full Darlex hood with the gag-pad filling her mouth, and earplugs. After awhile, she decides to put on the vibrating nipple clamps next to her. She squeezes and rolls each nipple before securely clamping them on, turning on the battery-powered controls. She loves these little tormentors. She decides to handcuff her hands behind her back to keep her undisciplined fingers away from her moist, itchy pussy. She happily thinks about the 2 hours spent bound and orgasming last night. It had made her exhausted!

He finally got home around 7:00. “Honey, I’m home!” She mmmphed in excitement as he came upstairs. “I knew you’d be ready!” She vocalizes and shakes her clamped, buzzing titties while rubbing her feet on the sleepsack on the floor. “Yeah, that’s a good way to start the marathon! I bought new batteries, dear!” He unlocks the cuffs.  

“Oh, here we go again!” she thinks.

“I want you to put on that Spandex suit you wore today! I see the crotch is a bit moist! You’ve had a stimulating day, huh? Well, it’s about to get a lot more so! We’ll get your vibrators in first!”

She had expected as much. “Mmm-hmm!” she said.

“I liked your crotch arrangement last night, so we’ll do it again! New batteries for your big pussy vibrator, your clit vibrator and your butt egg!” He replaces the batteries in each and hands the buzzing stimulators to her with warming lubricant coating them. They are turned up to about half-power. “Half strength this time, dear! Don’t want you over-cooked over the next few hours!”

She shoves the huge vibrating, nubbed dildo all the way into her pussy, followed by the egg-shaped device up her rectum. Then she straps on the special clit vibrator snugly. The warming gel does its job. He decides they should lock them all in with her steel chastity belt. She dutifully fastens it on. He locks it up. The tight metal clamping the devices in gives her more sensations than the leather harness, as it picks up and resonates the vibrations all through the front-to-back crotch piece. Her juices are already flowing.

“I’ll help you on with your suit!” She slithers into the sexy, clinging Spandex, vowing to finally order the House of Gord Darlex and PVC catsuits from Winter Fetish next time. Before she puts her arms in the sleeves, she points to her buzzing nipples. “We’ll leave those on for now, Krissy, OK?” She groans and reluctantly slips the suit on, trapping the clamps there. He zips up the back. He puts a tight pair of lined rubber gloves on her, and 4 long tube socks on each arm for further constriction and tightness in the internal sleeves. She is already getting all worked up as he slips a pair of stretchy PVC stockings up her Spandexed legs to her thighs. Before she gets into the sack, he encircles her neck with a tall leather posture-collar. No half-measures!

He helps her slide into the wonderful tight bondage sleep sack, her legs and feet squeezed together, then settles her sheathed arms into the tight internal sleeves. She settles fully in, breathing hard as he begins pulling the zipper together, pulling it up. He fully zips up the tight Darlex cocoon, over the base of the posture collar. Her large, vibrating breasts are squished down, amplifying the nipple torment. “Oh, boy, am I in for it!” she thinks. She moans and tries to squirm, being overwhelmed by the vibratory bondage assault. He grabs a bunch of long bondage belts and begins tightly strapping them around her, starting at her ankles, right up to her shoulders. 10 belts now put the final super-tight squeeze on her trapped form.

Her moaning and breathing increased as he tightly fastened the last 2 below and above her squashed, vibrating breasts. Then she shudders with her first orgasm, powerfully ripping through her as she screams in masochistic bondage ecstasy through the tight hood’s nose holes. She cums multiple times, screaming and trying to kick in her awesome containment.

He watches fascinatedly and grabs his hard cock after quickly stripping down, lying beside her on the floor. He strokes as she moans and hollers again, her body in shuddering convulsions. He cums in no time on the catch-towel, spurting far, panting loudly. Yet another paroxysm overtakes her, as she pants and screams and moans. What a show! She can hardly move, but makes small bucking, squirming motions.

He cleans himself off and gets up. He gets an idea. He gets the padded, narrow bondage board out, setting it atop 2 old speakers for support. He lays a long foam cushion on it. He goes over to her trapped, prostrate form, seeing she’s calmed down a bit. He carefully scoops her up as she squeals, figuring he’ll put her on the bed. No, nothing so nice or easy, she realizes, as he carefully lays her on the cushioned bondage board.

“Oh no!” she thinks. “He’s gonna wrap me to it! He doesn’t want me to be even able to squirm or move at all!” Her bondage libido revs up again, aided of course by all the vibrators filling and clamping her.

“Krissy, you know this is for your own good! No half-measures! Total, complete bondage, you said! Don’t hold back!” She moans resignedly, feeling another orgasm building. He gets the roll of strong packaging shrink-wrap and wraps her to the board very thoroughly and tightly from collared neck to  Darlexed, pointed feet. He adds more around her forehead and the board. Many layers crush her immovably to the cushioned board.

Unable to move at all to dissipate any energy from the relentless vibrators, they feel all the more strong and stimulating. He watches as her louder breaths and moans signal an approaching super-bondage orgasm. She doesn’t want to climax now, being so absolutely rigidly contained and constrained, but it inevitably comes on.

She seems to vibrate as she strains her muscles and squeals, then screams through the hood piercingly as the powerful orgasm ripples through her absolutely immobilized, stiff form. Her clit is on fire, the small strap-on vibrator compressing it hard under the tight steel belt crotch-piece. Her vagina pulsates and contracts around the huge, nubby vibrator, spewing juices. The vibrating egg in her ass augments the sensations, driving her crazy. The tight vibrating nipple clamps add painful stimulation to the whole mix. She screams, squeals and moans with each hot, constricted breath, as multiple orgasms ensue. She tenses her muscles but being unable to move at all to release the orgasmic energy, it resonates and resounds in her like a huge ringing bell.

Her bell has been rung, alright, and she is wrung out, as the pulsing orgasms finally subside. She moans and sighs and breathes hard in her crushing cocoon. She tries to move again, straining. Nada. Zilch! Wrapped, strapped and trapped! She is all hot and sweaty in the tight Winter Fetish Spandex and Darlex under the constricting belts and wrap. “Holy shit! I’m so fucked!!” she thinks. “But he’s doing what I told him! I’m getting what I asked for!”

He’s been watching intently and his cock has sprung up again. He couldn’t resist jerking himself off again, he was so turned on. Then he listens to her breathing and soft moans and the buzzing vibrators. “How ya doin’, babe?” She moans. “You’re getting just what you wanted! You’re stuck and you’re screwed real good! At least those vibrators aren’t turned all the way up! With the new batteries, they’ll run for a long time!” More moaning. “I love to get off watching you get off, my sexy little bondage freak! You can just simmer there for a few hours maybe!” High-pitched moaning. “Enjoy yourself, dear!”

“Mmmmph!” she says as he goes downstairs. Her smushed, clamped, vibrating nipples are really feeling the pinch now, under all the layers. Her steel-covered crotch buzzes away, keeping her in a steady state of arousal. She’s worried about how many orgasms will assault her and wring her out. She’s loving it. She’s an extreme bondage masochist, into extreme endurance sessions.

“Oh yes, I’m really in for it this weekend!” she thinks. “Let him do his damnedest! It’ll be tough, but I can take it! This is my idea, after all! Wait ‘til next weekend, Mark! No mercy for you! Tit-for-tat!”

She tries to squirm and move in the awesome Darlex mummy-sack. She swoons in the tight hood. She loves all the constriction, the immobility, the helplessness, the vibrators driving her crazy! She thinks about being straitjacketed in the wonderful new Winter Fetish Darlex garment, how tight and inescapable it will be. Maybe he’ll suspend her in it, like she’s seen on the fantastic House of Gord website. She could put it on backwards and be straitjacketed behind her back, the zipper in front for access---

The vibrators, her predicament and her mind all work together to bring on another strong orgasm, rigidly contained as she screams out in ecstasy and masochistic bondage joy. She shakes and trembles, but remains perfectly stiff. He hears her and silently comes up to check on her. Her heavy, happy, lustful moans and groans and rapid breathing tell the story. He smiles.

He knows about pay-back. He’ll be in for some heavy, serious bondage sessions next weekend at her hands! It will be rapturous and torturous! But for now, he’s the Master and his sexy little bondage-slut-slave is getting just what she deserved, just what she asked for!





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