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What Should Have Been

by James Williams and L

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© Copyright 2010 - James Williams and L - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; D/s; bond; sleepsack; oral; sex; reluct/cons; X

This story was an entry into the 2010 Winter Fetish Story Contest

My name is Jim and this is how my week was winding down, it was a grueling and hectic week, major stressed out I decided to go to our old getaway in the Pocono mountains, me and my wife bought it, then over our divorce I managed to get that place and she got the nicer of the two homes in Haddonfield NJ. I haven’t been there since we were together, about five years or so. The grounds keepers kept up on maintenance and landscaping while a Lady friend of my ex-wife would check periodically on the inside of the house for me to make sure that it was clean and secure, she was the only one with a key to the place. So I decided to call her and was talking to her for about an hour, I mentioned that I was thinking of coming up for a stay, she said that would be great, and that she would even cook me a home cooked meal, I replied, I don’t think Jesse would like that to much, I never really got along with her husband to much, she then speaks up and says, you are out of touch, we got a divorce too last year, she said I guess it wasn’t meant to be, did get the house though, I laughed and so did she. I said I would be heading up there in a couple of weeks, I said I would call and let her know when I was coming, and we said our goodbyes and hung up.

The weeks pasted, I decided on the third week to make the call to Lisa and tell her I was on my way, being that it was Friday night, the roads would be busy, so I decided not to shower and just, and just get one when I got there, I then pack my stuff and I was on my way. As the day was wearing down I was beginning to get sleepy and was dozing a bit on the way, I figured I would stop in the little food store in our little town once I got there and pick myself up some coffee and something to eat. In a short time I arrived at the store and got fuel and then walked into the store to get my coffee and food, as I turned to get a cup, I hear why didn’t you call me when you were getting close, I would have had something ready for you when you got here, I said Lisa what are you doing out at this hour, I was picking up us some Wine, with a smile she says, for our mutual divorce celebration. She then says I won’t hear of this, come on we will go and fix you a snack and we will toast the night away, from somewhere inside me I felt like I had an action drink or something, I woke my ass up and I followed her to her place, once there I mentioned to her that, I didn’t actually shower yet, she immediately says go take a shower then, you are about Jesse size, I have all his stupid cloths still in the guest room closet, go ahead, I won’t bite you, not yet any way, with a smile. I will fix you a snack and a glass of wine for starters, I replied ok, and I was on my way.

I showered and found cloths and headed down the steps to the kitchen, there cooking was Lisa, she was really quite beautiful and had an hour glass shape with a great looking ass, she was always my ex-wife’s friend so other then joking and hi and bye, we didn’t really communicate together. She had two places set and the wine was poured, we ate then made our way into the living room, there we sat and drank and joked about the past. As the night turned into morning I heard her say that we should have been an item, I laughed and played it off thinking that we were trashed and I might of heard it wrong, then out of know where she leans over and kisses me on my lips and says, I have always cared about you and that we were meant for each other, I replied I always thought you were, then I stopped and headed for the door, with a angry look on her face she tells me to go, I said ok, sorry if I said something wrong, I was thinking as I started to stagger, it must have been the alcohol, I then opened the door and left. I got to my place and remember saying to myself that was sure weird, laughed and staggered into the house, I locked the door behind me and started undressing at the door and continued until I made it upstairs, finding the bed, I passed out.

As I woke up, trying to reach for my head, I noticed that I couldn’t move anything, I then found out that I couldn’t speak or see anything either, for a moment I thought, man that wine was killer, then as I squirmed, I noticed this was for real, what was going on here, what was happening to me, who did this to me, as I continued to struggle I heard this sexy voice say, you forgot I have a key, it was Lisa’s voice. She then says oh damn you can’t answer me back, I told you last night how I felt and that I have felt this way for years, and the only thing you could do was to blow me off, well I don’t think so, you will be mine one way or the other, as I squirmed some more, this restrictive bondage that held me here felt like it was getting tighter with every squirm, then Lisa speaks up and says me and Jesse were into bondage big time, especially bondage sex, what you are finding yourself squirming in is a Darlex sleep sack, which I purchased recently when I found out you were thinking about coming up, you have to admit, shipping was quite fast wouldn’t you say, as a laugh came from the room as she walked away, then coming back into the room Lisa says oh’ did I forget to mention this Darlex material is stronger and tighter then Spandex and very Restrictive, so don’t think that you can get away from me this time and, I have plans for you. I went to Winter Fetish website and researched all this, knowing that you were going to be my personal slave for a long time. I hope it fits you perfectly; you will be in it for a long time. See all that time you were drinking I started watering mine down, thinking that this could be harder then I thought, but I was one step ahead of you every time, you got so drunk you undressed yourself and collapsed right in the middle of the bed, it was so easy for me. You are probably wondering why I have done this and what is in store for you, well first let me tell you why, the reason is clear to me that we should have been together instead of you and that tramp of a wife you had, I was interested in you from the first time I met you and you were always committed to your wife, I hated that, considering I didn’t have that, Jesse cheated constantly and was always abusive towards me, well through these three years I have become the Dominant and Devious one. As for what’s in store for you, you will find out shortly. The room went dead and silence filled the room as I heard her footsteps leaving the room.

I must have dozed off for a while, because I was awakened by someone entering the room in a pair of Heels, or at least that’s what they sounded like. Then Lisa’s voice speaks out and says I hope your awake, I remembered some of your ex-wife’s gripes about you liking Tight Dresses and Heels, it use to piss her off, I on the other hand love wearing Tight Dresses and Heels, as she finishes I feel the bed go down on one side and I feel Lisa running her hands all over my incased body, even though I was totally tied up in this rather extreme bondage I was starting to become aroused by her touch and her sexy voice. Then I feel her hand stop at my already Erect Cock and say, Oh my’ someone is already excited. I feel her hand sliding up and down him as if she was stroking him, then Lisa says, you are getting pretty hard, I better let him out. She then slides her hand up to the head of my Cock and unzips this zipper, I could feel him flexing as she unzipped it, Lisa then reaches in and works him out, then re-zips the zipper around my Cock, while Lisa was holding him I could feel him growing in her hand, Lisa spoke up and said for blowing me off, your sure are aroused by me. She then takes him in her hand and starts to stroke him, her hands were soft and silky, slow then fast, and I couldn’t control myself or my feelings, what was going to happen? She had a great skill of knowing when to stop, when I got into it, she would stop. I could feel that the bed lifted up and that she was walking around, I could here those Heels, they became closer to my head area, I then feel her hands working the Blindfold loose and she removes very slowly, as my eyes adjusted to the light I could see Lisa standing there in this Tight Red Dress, Heels that matched it perfectly, she was beautiful and very Sexy.

Lisa then asked me, do you like what you see, Oh you can’t answer, just nod then, I did just that and nodded yes, I could feel me getting Erect again, as she watched him grow, smiling, I couldn’t believe that I was so turned on by this Darlex Sleep Sack, and what it was doing for me. She then made her way back to the side of the bed and sat down next to me, she leaned over and started stroking him again, slows at first then speeding up, then slowing down again, just when I thought this was it she would stop. Lisa got up from the bed and got a office chair out from my computer desk and rolled it over to the side of the bed, she then worked me to the side of the bed and stood me up, I was amazed that she could do it, she was only a little over five feet, but had plenty of determination, and she was not going to fail at this. She then sat me down in the chair and said, now this your really going to enjoy, Lisa again started stroking me until I became hard and Erect again, then she slid her body down my knees and went to the floor, as she did I was so aroused and turned on I didn’t know what to expect.

When Lisa got to her knees she bent over and started to run her tongue up and down him around his head, then without warning she took him in her mouth, I could feel the heat from her mouth and I was growing in her mouth, she moaned as he did and it seemed to turn her on, knowing that I was enjoying this so much. It seemed like her main goal was to please me. Now that I was filling her mouth with my Rock Hard Cock, she began to go up and down my Shaft slow then fast, then faster, I couldn’t stop the urge to pump back but I couldn’t, just then it was like she knew what I was thinking, Lisa stops and stands up in front of me, then with a slight tug, she gets me to my feet, looks me in the eyes and says, get ready to explode, but don’t think any of this is over. Lisa then slides down my body once again and goes to her knees, then looking up at me, she says, now you will pump for me, and I will help you. Lisa then slides him in her mouth and starts taking him in again slow at first just to work him up, then she starts to go faster, now using her tongue to assist her she picks up her pace, I am in ecstasy now and I can not hold back, I am trying to hold back because I am not in control and I can not warn her that I am getting ready to Explode, as I start to tense up I feel her hands go behind me and Lisa grabs my ass cheeks, as if to stop me from pulling away from her, it instantly sends me threw the roof, as I pull away she would pull me back into her mouth, Lisa then took control and started pushing and pulling me faster and faster into her mouth, I couldn’t hold out any longer, I pumped and pumped and I exploded into her mouth and she just continued to push and pull and suck me until I was empty, it was the best Blowjob I have ever had, I remember my knees getting weak and Lisa sitting me down on the edge of the bed and saying, you get some rest, the best is yet to Cum.

I am now awaken by this Sexy voice again, I am once again Blindfolded, I thought to myself, this is an amazing experience, she is like every mans dream girl, yet only wants to be mine. Lisa then says I hope you are rested and wide awake; this is where I get to have fun now. Then she removes my Blindfold again, and before my eyes is Lisa wearing a totally different Tight Dress, which was Black and Tight, Heels that laced up her Sexy ankles, just by a glance I could feel him growing again, her reply was, I see you like my Dress, I think she laughed knowing that it pleasured me. Lisa then leaned over and started stroking him again slow then fast, stopping she speaks up and says you are definitely holding out this time, she gets up and brings back something that looked like a stretchy hair band or something, she takes it around my Balls and Cock like she knew what she was doing, then she twisted it and tightened it up a little and he became stiff as a board, then she continued to take it around my Cock once then around my Ball sack, it was as if she was tying him up to, once done she says this will keep you hard and keep you from Cumming until I say so, you got it, Nod again Jim, I did just that.

Lisa then takes him and starts all over again stroking him, slow then fast, then she slides her Tight Dress up her Sexy body until its at her waist, she then says I am going to remove your gag, but only for a while, don’t say anything or it will go back on as fast as I take it off. She then puts herself in the straddling position over my face, better known as the 69 position and tells me, if you know what’s good for you, you better do me good, she then lowers herself down so that her sweet spot is at my mouth and tells me to start licking her, as I do I am becoming aroused like never before, her moans turning me on with every lick, then as she became aroused and the moans got louder it seemed as if she wanted it from both ends, she leans down still moaning and takes him in, with every up motion she moaned and sucked me, I felt like I never did before, I was so aroused I buried my tongue deep inside her, the more she sucked the deeper I tried to go, she was amazing, she tasted sweet. All of a sudden she stops and says, its not going to be this easy for you to cum, then she laughs and says, oh yeah, you can’t. Then while in the middle of the bed Lisa climbs on top of me and straddles him facing me, she lowers your body down and moans as she works him in, moving herself around she gets him to slide right down to the base, I let out a moan and she instantly said, I told you not to say a word, she quickly gagged me again, making it tighter then it was last time, her control and power was intoxicating, like nothing I ever experienced before.

Once inside her she began to go up and down slowly, with every up motion she moaned in pleasure and began to pump faster, then even faster until we were pumping as one, after doing this for a while, she stopped and got off of me, leaving me to believe that we were finished as she walked away. Coming back into the room looking Sexy as hell in her Tight Black Dress and her Laced up Heels she says now you’re in for it, in her hands was a kitchen chair, she sat it next to the bed and got me to my feet again, turning me, she sits me down and starts pulling her Dress up again. Facing me she straddles my legs and lowers herself on my Erect Cock, she starts out slow again and just to get him harder, now hard she starts going up and down faster and faster, using the back of the chair to help her in her task, I can’t do anything but enjoy, just when I think that this is the finale, she stops and gets off me. She looks at me and smiles and says, now its time, she leans over and unties what’s around my Cock and Balls and tosses it on the bed. Now standing before me, Lisa says this was all planned, I have been building you up for a reason, you are going to Explode inside me like you have never done with any other women, No condom, no nothing. Lisa then turned her back to me and straddled my legs with me looking at her back, the excitement was building knowing that she was in full control and I knew that there was no protection and we didn’t care, she continued to back up to me until she was right over him, lowering her body on to him, he slid in without hesitation and she let out a loud moan, up and down she went, I felt him growing with every pump, faster and faster we went, as my body tensed up and she realized that I was close, she pumped even faster until she felt me pumping, then instantly we Exploded together in perfect harmony, Lisa continuing to pump until he was totally milked dry.

Shortly afterwards, Lisa released me from the Darlex sleep sack, and we sat and laughed about our kinky night of fun and pleasure. We started talking and reminiscing about the days when we were still attached to our former spouses and about how twisted our marriages were. We discovered we had more than our exes in common, and the conversations flowed effortlessly. By the next morning, we had bared our souls (and bodies) and went for another go round, with our new Buddy, the Darlex sleep sack.

The End!


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