Halloween Magic
by KevBowler300
© Copyright 2007 - KevBowler300 - Used by permission
Storycodes: M/ff; magic; transform; bond; public; cons; X
Halloween Magic by KevBowler300 M/ff; magic; transform; bond; public; cons; X

"Welcome ladies and gentlemen to tonight's very special magic show. I'm sure you all know this is the late, more adult show so any individuals who are sexually repressed should leave now. Is everyone ready? Great."

"My name is Martin, I choose not to use a fancy magician name because who wants to be known as The Great Martini? Anyways, let me introduce my first assistant. Come on out Pinky."

Pinky sensuously walks onto the stage with flowing blond hair in contrast to the tight, black latex catsuit that seems like it's 2 sizes too small for her. Every curve is shown off as her suit shines in the lights. She stands next to Martin and he places a studded collar around her neck which is attached to a leash. As he leads Pinky toward a cage which has been brought out he addresses the audience. "I bet all of you have wished you could be in this situation." He helps Pinky climb into the cage. "What animal do we associate with Halloween? A black cat of course." Martin ponders out loud as he looks at Pinky locked in the cage. She playfully swats at him through the bars as he covers the cage with a sheet. Only a moment passes before he whips the sheet off and reveals a sleek, black puma pacing back and forth.

"Isn't my pussy beautiful?" Martin jokes as he opens the cage and leads the cat out by the leash.

After showing off the mighty but docile feline, he leads her back to the cage and covers it once again. A puff of smoke billows out, knocks the sheet off and reveals that now there are two ladies in the cage, Pinky back in her sleek catsuit and a smaller, petite Asian dressed in a sultry black leather dress with red trim. Her look is completed with a pointy hat giving her the appearance of a very sexy witch. As she steps out of the cage she is immediately grabbed by Martin who drags her across the stage to a wall with shackles attached to it. She squirms and fights but she is quickly locked up with her arms spread over her head and ankles secured. As Pinky returns to his side with a cart of items he explains "Sorry about that. There's a full moon out and Misty can be a real witch when it's that time of the month."

While Misty continues to squirm in her bonds Martin looks over the items on the cart. "Well, I have a tendency to forget what item takes care of what creature so I guess I'll just try each one." he muses to the audience.

First he picks up a juicy steak. "Um... I don't think this is the right kind of stake Pinky. Oh well, let's see if it works." he moans as he walks over to Misty and slaps her with the steak.

"Ow... you hit me. Why would you do that? That hurt. I'm going to turn you into a toad when I..." she trailed off as Martin loaded a silver bullet into the gun and shot her in the hand.

"You shot me... you shot me and slapped me. I can't believe you'd do that when I've been so nice to..." she whines as Martin returned to the cart and picks up a bucket and throws the water on her.

"I'm wet and I'm in pain." she complains as she begins to dissolve. "I'm wet, in pain, and now melting? You really know how to treat a lady.?" Misty groans as she dissolves leaving just a pile of clothes.

Pinky picks up the witch's outfit and brushes off some ashes left from the actions just moments ago. "You do know that we need her for the next trick don't you O Great and Wondrous Martin?" Pinky mutters.

"Yeah... that could be a problem. Fetch the vacuum."

Pinky takes the clothes to the side of the stage and returns with a small hand vac, making a big assistant show out of it.

"Rule #1, 'Don't upstage the magician'... wait, that's the second rule. Rule #1 is 'All work and no play, is something that doesn't happen in magic'" he comments as he sucks the ashes of his former assistant up. As he stands up and prepares to address the audience the vacuum spits out a cloud of dust which slowly settles to reveal Misty... all of Misty.

The audience whistles and give her catcalls while she proudly displays what she's got, not showing an ounce of shame about her body. Once the crowd settles down Misty walks over to the box that Pinky has brought out for the grand finale and climbs inside.

"Ladies and gentlemen, I hope you have enjoyed yourself and now for the big finish, the classic but always fun 'Sawing a Nude Woman in Half'. May I have a couple of volunteers please? Yes, you sir aaaaaaaaaand you." he chooses pointing to a handsome young gentleman in the third row and a timid young lass from the front. While this is going on Pinky continues to restrain Misty in the box who is obviously enjoying being placed in such an inescapable position.

"What is your name?"

"Ken." remarks the 24 year old who appears to have come off the pages of a clothing catalog.

"Very good Ken. And what is your name miss?"

"Mel." the petite 20 year old replied.

"Welcome Mel and Ken. Are you prepared to help me saw this lady in half?"

They both nod in agreement as Martin explains the situation Misty is "suffering" in. "As you can see, Pinky has placed stocks both at her neck and feet. In addition, there are stocks just above and below her waist and her hands have been cuffed and attached to the sides of the box. Of course you can see all this because the box is transparent and you can see her the whole time so there can be no doubt as to whether she is really sawed in half. Now just so she won't be too noisy we'll have to gag her. Luckily I just happen to carry a gag just in case such a situation arises." he smiles as he places a large red ball gag in her mouth and secures it in place.

"Now as further proof, I would like each of you to sign a half of her so we can be absolutely sure that it's really her." He hands the helpers each a pen and Ken immediately moves to the top half and begins to sign his name on her breast, taking his time to ensure a good signature and perhaps to cop a feel or five. The crowd cheers him on while Mel strikes up the courage to sign starting at the hip, but working her way both down the thigh but also rotating toward the inside so she works in close to Misty's very wet pussy. Upon noticing this for the first time Mel give a little brush to the lips with the other end of the pen as she finishes her signature eliciting a surprised but enthusiastic smile from the helpless captive.

"Thank you very much. If you'll each stand behind her and keep a hand on her to make sure she doesn't pull any tricks we shall begin the sawing!" Martin proclaims as Ken again quickly goes for the breasts giving the already erect nipple a little tweak causing a small moan from Misty. Mel having become embolden by her last encounter places a hand midway on her thigh but slowly inching her way further up.

Pinky steps in with the giant saw and handing the other side to Martin, they begin sawing back and forth digging deeper into the box. As the saw finally reaches it's target, Mel also reached hers and Misty gasps both from the saw and Mel's touch. Ken, enjoying the view softly kneads her breast as the saw digs deeper into the delicate waist of its victim. Mel understands just what Misty is feeling and just lightly brushes against the moist lips but nothing more until the saw reaches her spine at which point Mel perfectly times the plunge of her fingers to the strike of the saw and Misty screams from the pleasure she is receiving which echoes throughout the theater despite the gag. She pants as Pinky and Martin finish sawing and tries hard to force Mel's fingers back into her but she stays just out of reach, teasing with ever so light caresses.

The blades are quickly inserted in the boxes and Martin regains the attention of everyone who were occupied by things other than the saw. "I now present to you... a woman who is only half of what she used to be!" he proclaims as he pushes the two halves away leaving several feet between the two halves.

"Ken, is that still her top half?"

"Definitely. My hand hasn't left her tit since... " he trails off realizing exactly what he's saying even though anyone could have seen his grope show for the past few minutes.

"Mel, are you confident that you still have her lower half?"

"I'm positive of it." she beams getting more enthusiastic as she continues to get comfortable with the situation.

"And Misty, how do you feel?"

"Mmmmph mmmmph mmmmmmmm... mmph mmmph mmmmmmmmph." she muffled.

"Oops." Martin proclaimed while removing her gag.

"That's better. Now considering I'm in more pieces than I should be, I feel great. You sure know how to pick out some assistants," she replies while glancing to each of the helpers, "I mean you chose me after all."

"Ha ha, very funny" he deadpanned while placing the gag back on. "You know, it's hard to find a gag large enough for her big mouth." Misty glared at him with a look that said 'if I was free I'd have you in more than just 2 pieces'.

Martin walks through the gap between the boxes to the front of the stage and announces "I'm sure some of you may still be pessimistic about this trick so I invite all of you to come up after the show to examine the two halves to see for yourself that it's authentic. I'd like to thank Ken and Mel for being such great helpers tonight." The audience gives a round of applause to the pair who bow in appreciation. "I'd also like to thank my assistants Pinky and Misty. Lastly all of you who have come out to watch. Thank you and have a good night."

The audience continues to applaud the performance and slowly begin to work their way toward the stage to get a closer look. Pinky and Martin chat a bit with Mel and Ken as the audience members take their time to ensure a full examination of the trick. Forty-five minutes later after they shoo off the final members who have made a second or third trip through the line, just to make perfectly sure that all parts of Misty are really her, Martin rolls the halves backstage.

"You know, I've discussed it with Misty and I think you two need to be properly compensated for your services tonight. Now I don't have any money handy, but I'm sure we can find something that might suit your fancy." he explains as he wheels Misty's top half toward one room while Pinky wheels the lower half into the next, both of which are fully furnished. Ken and Mel get the hint and proceed into their respective rooms. As Pinky and Martin begin to walk away they hear the sound of two doors being locked and boxes being opened and smile.

"Well, looks like Misty is going to have a fun night. I think our new friends will be happy with their payment. I just hope you didn't tie her up so much that they have problems getting her out."

"Oh, you know how she is. She'll probably want much more than what I did to her. You know she's such a kinky little minx. Are you ready for a little head?" Pinky questions both sexually and literally as she gets ready to face the guillotine and a fun night of her own.



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