Halloween Party Fun
by Dodgerfan
© Copyright 2007 - Dodgerfan - Used by permission
Storycodes: F+/m; bond; toys; hum; revenge; reluct/nc; X
Halloween Party Fun by Dodgerfan F+/m; bond; toys; hum; revenge; reluct/nc; X

Nicole was a very attractive woman who loved putting men in bondage. Every Halloween Nicole would have a party for her girlfriends and a male. Brian fit all the qualifications for that male. Nicole wanted a man who treated women with no respect. He enjoyed sleeping with as many women as he could. Brian also enjoyed putting women in tight bondage. He was best looking man in the bar. One of Nicole's girlfriends had dated Brian and had been treated very badly. She sent him a drink and Brian sat down next to her.

"What's your name beautiful"

"Nicole would you like to go to a Halloween party?"

"Yes where's the party?"

"Go to room 230 at the Palms hotel at 7 on Halloween."

"I have a Cowboy costume that you might like."

"No I have a leather costume for you to wear."

"That sounds very interesting are you into bondage?"

"Yes I am, Sorry but I need to get up early tomorrow so I'll have to wish you good night."

' I can't wait to get her in a tight hogtie.' he thought.

* * *

Nicole was in the shower when she heard a knock on the door. She wrapped a towel around her and opened the door.

"Nicole you look fantastic!"

"What's your name?"

"Brian beautiful."

"Brian take off all your clothes while I get dressed in the bathroom."

"Where's my costume?"

"I'll put you in your costume when I'm done dressing."

She came out of the bathroom wearing a beautiful leather catsuit.

"Wow you look exquisite."

"Stand up, turn around and put your hands behind your back."

"Hey wait a minute here I want to tie you up."

"Do you want to do this the hard way or the easy way. Either way you going to the party in tight bondage."

" Bring in on babe!"

" I'm a third degree black belt in Karate" Nicole kicked him in his balls and finished him off with a Karate chop to his neck.

While he slept Nicole turned him over on his belly and began to use leather straps to secure his wrists, elbows legs and ankles. Then she took a leather harness out of her suitcase to make sure escape was impossible. "Room service I need a cart sent to room 230 as soon as possible thank you."

"Room service."

"Hi Nicole he looks fantastic." said Karen.

" Do you want to finish the bondage?" asked Nicole of her friend.

"I would love to thank you." smiled Karen

" I have a thin leather cord for his cock and balls." said Nicole as she handed the cord to Karen.

Karen began to slowly tighten the cord around his cock and balls. "Help me get him on top of the cart."

Karen took another thin leather cord and wrapped it around his toes. She then quickly put him in a tight hogtie.

"Time to get the playboy to the party."

Brian began to awake from his restful sleep. "Nicole you better untie me right now"

"Brian you should have treated Lisa more kindly."

"I don't remember a Lisa"

"That's your problem."

"I think I've heard enough from you!" Karen shoved a ball gag in his mouth.

"It's time to get this party started happy Halloween!" Nicole slowly wheeled the cart to the elevator.

Nicole slowly wheeled Brian towards the elevator. "Brian quit moving around or I will have to use my leather crop on your ass."

She hit his ass three times with her leather crop. "That's more like it nice and still."

When the door opened three beautiful women dressed as Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders began to applaud. "Way to go girl I would love to put my boyfriend in that position."

"It was easy I know Karate. Why don't you ask your boyfriend to let you put him in bondage."

"You're right when I get to my room I'm going to tell him what I want."

Finally they arrived at the party in the Penthouse Suite. "Nicole lets get him on top of the table" The table had a hole in the center for his cock. They tied his cock to the base of the table. "Time to play spin the playboy."

"I want to spin first."

The woman that he landed in front of could play with him for an hour. Brian began to rotate in front of five beautiful women in leather outfits. His only thought was not Lisa, maybe the other women would be kind to him. When he saw Lisa at the table he began to remember that night in great detail. The table slowly came to a halt in front of Nicole. She untied his cock from the table and with the help from the other women they put him back on the cart.

Nicole slowly wheeled the cart into the bedroom while she whispered in his ear. Brian's body started to move wildly about. She turned him on his side and she began to untie his cock . His cock became erect as the cord came off.

"Too soon Brian you need to learn how to wait." She quickly put his cock in a bowl of ice.

"You will only become erect when I tell you can." Nicole hit his ass with her leather crop. She began to take small bites out of a banana while whispering in his ear. Brian's cock slowly began to become erect again. Wham three quick blows with her leather crop rained down on his cock.

"Brian you don't seem to understand that I control your body." Nicole went into the bathroom and closed the door behind her. What was she going to do next. She was only gone for five minutes but for Brian it was a lifetime. His body was covered in sweat.

She came out of the bathroom wearing a strap on dildo. "Brian I'm going to take your gag out don't speak a word. I want you to suck this cock. If you do a good job you will get a reward."

He sucked the cock as if his life was at stake.

"Nicole your hour is up."

"Well Brian this is your lucky day." She took the strap on dildo out of his mouth and shoved the ball gag in his mouth. Nicole whispered something in his ear and then he was put back on top of the table.

"Nicole I think you should sit this one out. So we will have a better chance of having some fun."

"Alright but just this time I have unfinished business with Brian."

'Anybody but Lisa please anybody but Lisa.' Thought Brian as Susan spun the table, 'I hope my luck holds anybody but Lisa.'

From the look in their eyes I was in for a very interesting night. The table slowly came to a stop in front of Amber." Will it be a pleasure or pain for Brian?"

"Have fun Amber I know I did" While Amber and Lisa put him back on the cart. Nicole took hold of his balls and whispered something in his ear.

"First thing you need a shower." Amber removed the leather harness from around his chest. She then took the leather straps from his ankles. To be able to walk after being in a hogtie was fantastic. His mind went back to what he had done to Lisa that night. Brian had always been in control of the bondage. Being in bondage instead of tying the woman up had changed him. He now understood why most of the women were afraid to have more than one date with him. Well now back to our story.

Amber removed her leather skirt and leather bra. Her body was just exquisite she was a sight to behold. Amber grabbed his cock and walked him to the shower. The water was cold but he never noticed as her kisses and touch kept him warm. He wanted the shower to last forever. With her hand Amber gently began to rub his cock until it became rock hard. Brian was about to cum when she turned the water off. "Brian you have more to learn before you get to cum."

Amber replaced all of his restraints and then called out to her friends. "Lisa I need your help to put him back on the cart."

Lisa retied the leather cord around his balls tighter then they were before. She flipped him over and slowly put him in a very secure hogtie. "I'm going to win this time Amber"

Brian struggled in his bondage but the leather straps were more than strong enough to hold him.

Nicole gave the table a spin. "Call room service we're out of Champagne"

The table landed in front of Susan. "I'll pass I love my husband a great deal."

Nicole gave the table another spin. It landed on Lisa.

"Lisa have fun with Brian"

"Goodnight Lisa"

"Goodnight Brian" As each woman departed the room they hit Brian on the ass.

"Room service"

"Thank you"

"Why is he hogtied on top of table?"

"Well I think you have to ask Brian about that." Lisa removed his ball gag.

"I treated a lady very badly and I'm being punished."

"Have fun"

"Brian I have this room for two weeks I'm going to bed sweet dreams." Lisa shoved his ball gag and tightened it.

"Happy Halloween"


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