Bewitched and Bound
by Gabriella Delbello
[email protected]
© Copyright 2011 - Gabriella Delbello - Used by permission
Storycodes: FM+/f; bond; rope; gag; display; water; dunk; public; stake; tease; emb; cons; X
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Bewitched and Bound Gabriella Delbello FM+/f; bond; rope; gag; display; water; dunk; public; stake; tease; emb; cons; X

Maple Lake is a picturesque New England town tucked away in the White Mountains. It had developed as a lumber town but the mills had closed long ago. The economy was now based on tourism; golfers and hikers in the summer and both downhill and cross country skiing in the long winter months. It was the fall now, in between tourist seasons. In fact tonight was Halloween; an event the town got right into every year.

Twenty-two year old Heather McDonald lay sprawled across the couch in her living room, dressed in a baggy white t-shirt and a pair of sweat pants. She was exhausted. It seemed like she’d had a hundred kids come trick or treating. Any parents who were waiting on the sidewalk all waved and told her they’d see her at the party later. Ugh, she thought, by the time the last kid had knocked on her door Heather just wanted to go bed. She’d been at work at 6 in the morning and was facing another early day.

Heather was responsible for opening and operating the local franchise of the Moonbeams Coffee chain. She was from Boston and was sent to Maple Lake to get experience in the front line of the company’s stores. The summer had been easy as tourists from Boston, New York and Canada jammed the coffee shop every day. However once the fall rolled around and the leaves had fallen the tourists disappeared and business really fell off. Heather worked long and hard each day trying to attract the locals but without much luck. She was encouraged by Melanie, the young woman who had opened a bakery several years before Heather arrived. Mel told Heather not to worry, that things had been slow for her at first but eventually the locals started to fill the place in between tourist seasons once they get to know her.

“How did they get to know you?”

“Oh, I volunteered for the role of the witch in the Halloween play.” Melanie replied.

One thing the locals did know was how to do Halloween up right. All the other holidays, other than Thanksgiving, fell during tourist season and everyone worked hard then. Halloween was a big festival just for the permanent residents of Maple Lake. Every house and business was decorated in elaborate ghoulish displays.

“So Halloween is a pretty big deal around here.” Heather commented to Melanie as the two of them stood outside Moonbeams, coffees in hand.

“Yep, it is huge. Actually it is a great way for you to get to know a ton of people. There is a really huge party on Halloween night. It starts off with some sort of horror themed play followed by a big dance in the town square. The organizers are looking for someone to play a witch this year. You should volunteer.”

“Okay. How do I volunteer?” Heather asked.

“You just did. I’m in charge of getting someone to volunteer to play several key characters.” Melanie said with a smile. “It’ll be great for you. I’ve done it in the past and had a ton of fun. And trust me, you will get a lot of dates out of this. That’s how I met my fiancé.”

Heather didn’t hear anything more from Melanie about it for the next week and now it was almost 8 PM on Halloween night. Just then her phone rang.

“Hi Heather, it's Mel. We’ll be over in about half an hour to pick you up. This might sound weird but you need to wear a bathing suit under your witch’s costume.”

“Sounds good. I’ll be ready.” She said more calmly than she felt.

Oh shit thought Heather, the costume! She’d rented a witch’s costume last week, tossed it in the trunk of her car and promptly forgot about it. She ran out and grabbed the outfit and rushed into her bedroom to change.

Heather pealed out of her t-shirt and sweat pants and stood naked looking at the costume spread out on the bed. Her auburn hair cascaded in tight ringlets down to her shoulder blades. She looked more like a Gaelic faerie than an evil witch. Heather was what her mother called “petite” standing just one inch over five feet. Sparking green eyes, full round cheeks and a button nose combined with her diminutive size helped re-enforce the image of a pixie. The plunging neck line of the witch’s dress and the Lycra bodice was going to show off Heather’s curvy figure, particularly her slim waist and firm round breasts.

The costume was a combination of Lycra and gossamer, both black. The bodice of the dress was basically unitard with a deep v neckline. The long sleeves were loose fitting black gossamer with Lycra cuffs. The dress fell to mid calf and ended with a ragged hemline. Like the sleeves, the skirt part of the dress was made from layers of flouncy black gossamer and trimmed with black lace. To finish it off there were ankle high stiletto heeled boots that laced up the front and a pointed, wide brimmed witch’s hat.

Remembering Mel’s warning, Heather slipped into her bathing suit first. After having seen the neckline of the dress, she decided to opt for a little black one piece that was better suited for tanning than swimming. What material there was hugged her delicious curves and would not spoil the lines of the witch’s dress. Heather donned the outfit and was standing in front of her mirror making a few final adjustments to the dress when the door bell rang.

Butterflies took flight in her belly as she was faced with the realty of the situation. She had no idea what she was supposed to do, and in front of most of the town from all accounts. She didn’t want to screw up in front of everyone. A final glance in the mirror didn’t help. Heather groaned with the realization that the dress made her look more like some internet dominatrix than a witch. Great, everyone’s going to think I’m a slut. It was too late now though. She opened the door in resignation and gasped.

It looked like the entire adult population of the town was assembled in her yard and the street. Heather’s attention was briefly diverted by the other tenants slipping out the front door to join the throngs. When she focused again she saw Melanie standing on the porch on one side of the door, dressed as a courtesan from some 18th century European court. Her wavy wheat colored hair was hidden beneath a wig of massive blonde curls piled high on her head. Mel wore a full length sky blue dress with a tight ivory colored bodice. The dress covered several layers of petticoats and billowed around Melanie’s long legs. The stiff bodice was drawn tightly by laces that crisscrossed her back. It hugged her long lithe figure and showed a lot of cleavage. Her ethereal beauty was submerged under white pancake make-up. She sported a black beauty mark on one cheek and her dark brown eyes stood out in marked contrast to her white face. Her costume was finished off with a pair of white opera gloves and dangling ear rings that sparkled with fake diamonds.

On the other side was a robust figure dressed in what looked like a medieval inquisitor’s costume complete with a hooded cowl that was drawn up over wearer’s head. The head to toe woolen garment was scarlet with blacking piping trimming the edges. A slit ran from ankle to mid thigh on each leg showing off a pair of flat thick soled patent leather boots that rose to the knee and exposed quite a bit of milky thigh. Laces up the front pulled the black leather of each boot smoothly to shapely calves. The top portion of the robe was fitted tightly over a full figured woman. It took Heather a moment to realize it was Deputy Police Chief Cheryl Smyth. Mayor Bert Heath may have been elected for the last quarter century but the DC as she was respectively known, was the unofficial mayor. She knew everyone and everyone knew her. She was the first person that Heather had met on her arrival in Maple Lake. Cheryl gave Heather a warm re-assuring smile.

Heather thought Cheryl was an extremely attractive plus sized buxom woman. She was a full head taller than the diminutive witch and at least sixty pounds heavier but with the same sexy proportions; large round breasts and hips that flared gracefully to a full round ass. Tonight her thick black hair hung loosely on her shoulders. She always wore it braided and almost hidden away under her hat when on duty. Cheryl’s face was dominated with strong features, large grey blue eyes, high prominent cheekbones, and a long straight nose over top a wide generous mouth. She had a flawless natural complexion that Heather was all the more jealous of since Cheryl was twenty years older.

“Mel! What the fuck I’m I supposed to do?” Heather whispered at Melanie who was standing there barely able to suppress her laughter at her friend’s stunned look.

“Nothing, you’ve done it. That outfit is hot sister. Seriously, don’t worry, everyone else knows their part. All you have to do is deny all the charges leveled at you and generally be as difficult as possible. We’re about to accuse you of witchcraft and sentence you to be burnt at the stake! No bigee”

Heather gasped at this last bit and felt pretty sure Melanie was just joking about being burnt as a witch. At this point the county district attorney called for attention. He was dressed as a colonial gentleman and rode a horse, along with the mayor, the chief of police and the high school principal.

“Heather McDonald you have been accused of practicing witchcraft. By the just laws of the county you are hereby ordered detained for immediate trial as a witch. Constables, seize the accused.”

Heather heard this and remembered what Melanie had said about being difficult. She turned and fled for her apartment door. Cheryl was on her in a second. The officer caught the fleeing witch from behind. Heather was helpless in preventing the much stronger woman from pulling her arms behind her back. The bigger women wrapped one arm around both of Heather’s at her upper arms, drawing them tightly behind her. The officer’s other arm was wrapped around the witch’s waist, hugging her tightly. Cheryl spun her captive around to face the crowd.

The position Heather was held in, forced her breasts to thrust out even more prominently. Her nipples grew erect in response to the cool air and pushed out against the fabric of the dress. She struggled in Cheryl’s tight grip to no avail. Heather was surprised at the feelings that welled up insider her. Being held so tightly by Cheryl didn’t feel threatening. It felt like being hugged by a strong man but softer. Heather felt safe in Cheryl’s arms though shocked at the same time to find herself a little aroused. She morphed from struggling to more of a passionate writhe in response to her arousal. Cheryl recognized the change in her prisoner and smiled to herself. The crowd cheered at the captive’s struggles. Heather really looked at them for the first time.

Around the base of the porch stairs were about twenty men and women dressed in various forms of colonial era outfits. Beyond that the lawn and street were filled with every form of costume from the monstrous to humorous. Astronauts mingled with mummies, zombies with fairytale characters and vampires with French maids.

Heather’s pulse quickened when she saw Jason, the cute cabinet maker who had worked on her store, dressed as a dashing naval officer. Jason was ruggedly handsome with thick wavy black hair, an easy smile and one of the nicest set of shoulders Heather had seen in quite a while. He had to be a couple of inches over six feet tall with long sinewy muscles and big strong hands. She tended to lose her train of thought when she looked into his blue-grey eyes.

“I’m no witch!” Heather screamed at the crowd.

“Guards, seize the accused!” snapped the D.A.

Several of the colonial men came up the stairs. One pair pulled her arms straight out from her shoulders while another pair grabbed her ankles and lifted them up onto their shoulders. Cheryl and Jason stepped in and supported Heather’s back, Cheryl on the left and Jason on the right. Each had an arm wrapped around her waist. Heather was being carried face up at shoulder height, her legs and arms spread wide open. Instinctively she tried to pull her legs closed but strong arms prevented it. Her head dangled unsupported, looking behind at the parade forming behind them. Melanie was walking right behind her, talking to her fiancé who was dressed as some sort of superhero.

“Uh Mel, can you just make sure I’m not having a wardrobe malfunction up front there. I feel like I’m having a gynecology exam here.”

“No you’re fine. Your dress has fallen down between your legs. You’re covered.” Melanie suddenly adopted an excellent English aristocratic accent. “However you harlot, you show far too much leg to be decent!”

“Now just be difficult and try to get away like I told you. The audience will love it.”

Heather made a mental note to ask Melanie about her turn as a witch. This was definitely different than she had anticipated. The captive writhed from side to side in a futile effort to free herself as she was carried out into the street behind the four horsemen. Her auburn curls hung down from the back of her head and swayed from side to side in response to her struggles.

“You’re doing great, honey. “ Melanie whispered to Heather.

The crowd began to chant “Witch, Witch, Witch” as Heather was paraded through the streets. She continued to struggle and scream denials. She was definitely getting into her part. Plus she liked the feeling of Jason’s hands on her waist and thighs. Finally the Chief of Police called a halt.

“Lady Simpson, would you please gag the accused.” He ordered.

“Certainly sir.” Melanie answered.

She pulled a wad of leather and straps out of a pocket on her dress. Heather was stunned that they were actually going to gag her but there was Melanie holding what looked like a leather ball attached to a large thick panel of leather.

“Come on, you heard the Sheriff, open your mouth, you witch!” Melanie snapped.

Might as well go for it thought Heather as she opened her mouth to accept the gag. Mel felt a tingle of power course through her body as she pushed the ball into the helpless girl’s mouth. Heather was surprised at the size of the wadding once it was inside her. The entire oral cavity was packed and her jaws were forced wide apart. Melanie took great delight in tightening the straps that where attached to the wide thickly padded leather panel cupping Heather’s lower face.

Two sets ran from the upper and lower edges of panel around behind her head and were buckled there. Another set came off the top edge of the panel on each cheek. They joined together in a single strap between her eyebrows before heading up across her skull and joining those that ran around her head. A final one was tightened under her chin causing her jaws to bite down hard on the ball. Melanie checked every strap once they were all in place and tugged the slack out of one or two of them. It sure would be fun to do this to some of her bitchy customers Melanie thought, a wicked grin playing across her lips.

Heather found the process of being gagged very humiliating and yet strangely erotic. She was rocked how intimate was to surrender her mouth to Melanie. It was also scary as the ball and panel prevented her from breathing through the mouth. The gagged girl snorted short breaths through her nose until she calmed down in response to some reassuring whispers from Mel who was cooing softly in her ear.

Out of curiosity she screamed as loudly as she could and only a heavily muffled croak emerged from behind the thick leather panel. The gag prevented any movement in Heather’s mouth. The leather ball filled her entire oral cavity, pressing her tongue down and forcing her jaws wide apart, amplifying the pressure from the gag’s straps. Unable to communicate her “innocence” by screaming her, the restrained woman resumed her futile struggles.

Jason held Heather’s hips firmly with his strong arm when he felt her try to twist away. He had been charmed by Heather’s flirty behavior when he was working on the cabinets for her store. Jason had grown up in Maple Lake and planned to marry Ashley, his high school sweetheart. She had gone off to Harvard while Jason stayed in town developing his carpentry business. Distance and diverging life paths pulled the two apart and eventually Ashley broke it off. Jason had been down on himself until Heather started flirting with him. Of course he saw through her motives of getting the store open on time but was still flattered by Heather’s attention. For the first time in a year his mind didn’t keep coming back to his broken heart for Ashley. This spunky little cute dynamo made him feel good about the female half of the species again. And he was right in sensing that not all of her flirting was self serving. He gently stroked her hip with his hand before he realized what he had done. Heather froze for a second at the touch and then gently rolled her hip into Jason’s shoulder; “more please”.

Cheryl strode along easily carrying her share of the petite witch’s weight. One of the worst kept secrets in town was that she was a gay. The residents were totally accepting of her orientation but the police officer was still discreet. She kept her sexual affairs out of town but was tempted by the nubile young witch writhing in her grasp. The feeling of holding Heather helpless had stirred the first embers of passion in her belly. The floral scent of the young woman’s beautiful tresses had tempted Cheryl to lean down and kiss the top of Heather’s head when she first captured her. Instead she looked forward to tying up the sexy little nymph when the script called for it; happily on several occasions tonight.

Eventually the mob reached the town square. Heather’s handlers stopped in front of the dunk tank that was hauled out for the July 4th celebrations every year. Wisps of stream rose from the water indicating that it was warm. The clear tank was backlit with a red spotlight, giving it a satanic glow. A large platform was erected around its upper rim. The mayor, chief of police, D.A. and principal mounted the stairs to the platform. Heather was deposited on her feet in front of the platform with Jason and Cheryl taking her arms and pulling them widely apart.

“Get down on your knees, sweetie” Melanie whispered into Heather’s ear.

Heather did as she was told and settled onto her knees in the soft turf of the town square. Cheryl and Jason held her arms wide apart over her head and she faced the platform on which the four judges stood. A wave of submission rolled over the kneeling girl and she suddenly was struck by how it must have felt to go through this for real.

“Heather McDonald you have been accused of practicing witchcraft. The evidence against you is the potions you brew to enchant the tourists at Moonbeams Café located at 236 Oak Avenue, open from 7 am to 8 pm Sunday to Thursday and to 10 pm on Friday and Saturday.”

The whole crowd laughed good naturedly at this shameless plug for Heather’s store. Now she felt even more obligated to put on a good show as an accused witch. She swayed from side to side in the grasp of her captors. Thick ringlets of hair rolled from side to side across her back as she struggled to escape.

“Do you admit to these charges?” the D.A.’s voice boomed out over the crowd.

Obviously the gag prevented Heather from pleading so she shook her head vigorously from side to side in denial.

“The accused denies the charges so the court charges her to trial by water dunking!” The crowd cheered at the D.A’s declaration.

Heather was pulled to her feet and Melanie stepped in front of her.

“You need to strip down to your bathing suit now. You’re going to wind up in the dunk tank. Don’t worry, I tested it just before we came to get you and the water is warm. Plus the Scott House Inn has supplied a stack of thick towels straight from the dryer. They’ll be waiting for you when you get out. And oh yeah, Cher is going to tie you up first and trust me, she is really good at this.”

And so Heather was led up the stairs and onto the platform where she was paraded in front of the entire town in a bathing suit bought for the privacy of her condo’s balcony back in Boston. When she got to the top she saw piles of coiled hemp splayed out on the wooden planking of the deck. Both Jason and Cheryl briefly released their prisoner to get up a bundle of rope.

Heather was left standing alone in skimpy bathing suit and feeling very self conscious. She gave a little wave to the crowd and they cheered back. Heather wrapped her arms around her chest, partly against the cool night air but also to cover her very hard nipples that threatened to tear through the fabric of her bathing suit. Her captors returned with the rope.

Jason knelt and wrapped the course hemp around Heather’s ankles before pulling the tail of the ropes vertically between her legs to cinch the ankle tie. Meanwhile Cheryl grabbed the sexy witch’s wrists and pulled them behind her back. The police officer always loved the feeling that surged through her when she first took control of her lover’s arms and this was no different.

The witch’s wrists were crossed behind her back and Cheryl wrapped the coils from side to side and top to bottom, weaving a tie deep in layered coils. Heather felt like she was falling off a cliff as her stomach churned at being so physically restrained by her two handlers; plus in front of the entire adult population of the small town. And if everyone wasn’t aware of her erect nipples before, they certainly were now.

“Thanks, Jason I can take it from here.” Cheryl said. Heather was disappointed to see him head down the stairs.

It seemed to Heather that her captor had suddenly developed eight arms. Coils of rope were wound and cinched around her legs just below and above the knees in what seemed like seconds. And they were tight! Heather wobbled as her legs were so firmly welded together that she didn’t have much stability. Cheryl gently held the bound girl by hear shoulders until she settled down. The hooded inquisitor shook out yet another coil of rope and found its mid-point. She formed a lark’s head with the rope and looped it around the ropes binding Heather’s wrists so tightly together. Cheryl wound the long tails of the rope around Heather’s belly and overtop her bound wrists several times before cinching the coils between her bound arms and her back.

“Go ahead and struggle, you won’t get loose but it will please the crowd.”

Heather had no doubt that she stood little chance of escaping Cheryl’s bonds. And if the truth mattered, she didn’t really want to be free of the ropes. Again she felt that they were hugging more like a lover’s strong arms, holding her safe, rather than restraining and subjugating her. Heather’s mind began to drift into the release of responsibility that only bondage can truly supply, providing the bound one with a liberating sense of freedom. How could Heather not submit to what was being done to her? Wasn’t she bound and helpless? Well not quite enough apparently.

Cheryl was looking forward to the next bindings given the tantalizing melons Heather had for breasts. She looped a coil of rope around Heather’s upper arm and then pulled the two tails across her chest just above the petite girl’s mounds. The tails were looped around her opposite upper arm and doubled back over the top of her breasts, drawing her arms even more tightly to her torso. More loops were added below her pert young tits. Finally Cheryl add a wrap that started below Heather’s left breast and crossed between her firm mounds to be drawn tightly over the top of her right one. The ropes were used to cinch the bands that ran around her upper arms before being pulled back in front under the right breast then up and over the left to finally cinch the ropes on that arm. The scantily clad beauty struggled uselessly against her bonds. This sparked a round of cat calls and whistling from some the single men in the crowd. Everyone else just jeered “Witch, Witch, Witch!” over and over.

Cheryl helped her bound victim to sit down on the rough planks of the platform. She looped a rope around the helpless girl’s ankle bondage and rocking her over to one side, pulled the loose ends of the rope under her buttocks and wrapped it around the wrist bondage. When all the slack was drawn out of the rope, Heather’s heels were pressed tightly into her upper thighs. Her wrists were now pulled down from the pressure of the rope linking them to her ankles. Movement was pretty much impossible. However Cheryl wasn’t quite done yet.

She shook out another short coil of rope and threaded it around the bands of rope tied tightly above her knees. Cheryl tied this rope off to the junction of ropes between Heather’s breasts, pulling her knees tight to her chest. When all the slack was jerked out of the final knots, the helpless witch felt she was being sliced in segments by the ropes. Breathing was much harder with her chest constricted and Heather snorted through her nose to get enough air. Cheryl straightened up from the bound and nearly naked girl. She pointed to the tied figure as if she maestro congratulating an orchestra and the crowd cheered at the artistry of her bondage skills. The package of a woman looked out at the crowd and saw Melanie at the bottom of the stairs flash two thumbs up at her. Heather could do nothing but stay frozen in rope as a strange sexual urge swelled through her belly.

Cheryl sighed to herself as she looked at the pretty woman bound into a helpless ball at her feet. She made a mental note to go visit Gabriella in Boston for some serious bondage next time she was off. The officer pulled the final coil of rope off the deck and forced the tails of the doubled hemp under the ropes binding Heather’s upper arms. The rope was knotted off and Cheryl gripped the two long tails. The bigger women knelt and easily scooped the diminutive bound girl up into her arms. Heather was pulled into Cheryl’s melon sized breasts, her head rested gently on a soft shoulder. Again, Heather felt more protected then threatened when held by her captor and she relaxed into what was essentially a strong hug.

Heather was deposited at the end of the dunk tank’s plank. Streams of red tinted mist swirled up around the tightly bound female form. Heather knew this had been inevitable since she saw the dunk tank. Fear boiled inside her but she settled down when she felt Cheryl take the slack out of the line thereby ensuring she wouldn’t sink too deeply. Heather shivered in fear nonetheless as all the towns folk cheered.

“Captain Jason, would you please execute the duly rendered ordeal.” The D.A. ordered.

Jason stepped up to the metal plate that released the support for the plank Heather was perched on. He gave it a quick jab with his fist and the ball tied prisoner was dumped into the warm water. Despite the temperature, Heather shrieked into her gag. She was submerged upside down and disoriented for a moment before being pulled to the surface by the ropes in Cheryl’s sure grip. The bound woman was left bobbing on the surface. Suddenly the D.A. addressed the crowd.

“Righteous citizens of Maple Lake, you have seen the water reject the accused. This can only mean that she is not a child of God and is a witch. We must rid our town of evil presence by burning her at the stake!”

Jason and Cheryl hauled the drenched woman up out of the tank. Cheryl quickly undid some of the ropes that left Heather still helplessly bound but no longer compacted into a ball tie. Melanie was there with the promised warm towels and she dried the bound girl

The crowd began to chant “Burn her, burn her” in unison as Melanie toweled the tied girl’s thick locks. There was no way she was going to get them dry but at least she could stop them from dripping all night. Cheryl and Jason dragged Heather to her feet and untied the ropes binding her legs. She was frog marched off the platform and down the stairs into the crowd, clad only in the skimpy bathing suit.

Melanie bent down and undid a small back pack that was resting on the ground. She pulled out a bundle of burlap and shook it out. Cheryl quickly freed Heather of the bonds and Mel pulled the burlap sack over the now duly convicted witch’s head. Slits had been cut for her head and arms so when it was pulled fully down her body it looked like a tunic dress. It barely reached her mid thigh. Heather had just got her arms through sleeves before they were dragged behind her back. Cheryl was busy with the ropes again.

A thick piece of doweling a couple of feet long was positioned between her arms and back, level with her elbows. Each limb was pulled slightly behind Heather’s back and cross lashed at her elbows to the dowel. This forced her breasts out against the rough fabric of the burlap sack. Cheryl stepped in front of Heather and looped a coil of rope around the bound girl’s right wrist, drew the cord tightly across her belly and tied it of tightly around her left wrist. When Cheryl was done Heather was once again rendered helpless. She was surprised at how thrilled she was that it was Cheryl tying her.

The helpless woman wondered what it would be like to be restrained by the officer in the line of duty. Heather giggled to herself as she thought of petty crimes she could commit to find out. A final rope was looped around the bound witch’s slender waist and tied off to the pommel of the sheriff’s saddle. Heather was led bound and gagged, dressed in a torn burlap sack through the crowd and across the square to the wooden flag pole.

Jason was mesmerized by Heather as they proceeded to her mock execution. The bindings really accentuated her curves. Despite having her tangled wet mass of curls plastered across her neck and shoulders while dressed in a shapeless burlap sack, Heather managed to walk with dignity. Her head was held high as she struggled against the ropes causing her breasts to jiggle tantalizingly. Jason just wanted to scoop up Heather up into his arms and carry her away to his house. It occurred to him that that the feisty red headed vixen was the perfect answer to his broken heart. Heather would have been thrilled to know this for the alluring display that was result of her struggles was for Jason. Well, okay maybe a bit for Cheryl as well.

As the crowed moved along the gravel path, Jason’s mind began to wander. He imagined Heather’s nude body spread open invitingly on his bed. The carpenter pictured her arms spread and tied to opposite corners of his bed with bands of black silk. Likewise her legs were pulled widely apart and bound to opposite corners of the foot of the bed. A wide silk band covered her face from the middle of her forehead to the tip of her nose. Long red tresses fanned out around the bound woman’s shoulders.

Jason imagined just standing there watching Heather tug at her bounds, rolling her hips and chest slowly and sensuously from side to side, testing the strength of the bonds and limits of her movement. He knelt down on the bed and Heather turned her blindfolded face to him. She lay still, completely open to him. Her strawberry red lips parted slightly hoping to feel her lover’s kiss. Instead Jason’s fingers dance lightly over the smooth skin of Heather’s breasts. She jerks at the first contact and then slowly relaxes. Heather twists under Jason’s touch, her skin tingling where his fingers had trailed. He imagined sliding his hand across her hard flat belly to her exposed pussy.

One hand stayed on the writhing girl’s breast, thumb and index finger tweaking the erect rose colored nipple while the other fingers gently stoked the smooth skin of her firm tit. Heather pushed her chest up to Jason’s touch, struggling against the silk bonds that held her spread and vulnerable on the bed. Jason's other hand gently massaged her pubic mound. Now the bound girl was twisting her hips, trying to slide her body under Jason’s hand. Again, the pretty captive was frustrated by the bonds.

She lay still in surrender to her lover’s hand. Heather’s blindfolded head rolled to one side and a low moan escaped her lips. The helpless woman gently bit the upper corner of one lip in frustration. She wanted to cum now but that isn’t Jason’s plan. Heather realized that being bound meant her lover was free to use her as he wished, rather than as she wanted.

Jason slid a finger over the outside skin of her pussy lips. Heather almost yelped and jerked at the touch. The finger paused and wiggled from side to side and then up and down directly over her concealed clit. A loud moan escaped from Heather and she strained to press her pussy harder down onto her lover’s finger but he just pulled away in response.

Heather was writhing from side to side in frustration and chanting.

“Fuck me, fuck me Jason, fuck me, fuck me Jason, Jason, Jason”


Suddenly it wasn’t Heather’s voice calling his name but rather Cheryl’s. Jason snapped back to the present to find his robed co-actor staring at him with a puzzled expression. Heather was looking at him with smiling eyes as if she could read his mind. The naval captain hadn’t been aware that the parade had arrived at its destination. Cheryl and Jason got to work.

Once again Heather was released from her bonds. She was pushed up against the stout wood. Piles of split logs were stacked around its base. Her arms were pulled back around the pole and soon bands of rough hemp were wrapped around her upper arms and the pole. Each bicep was pinned against the smooth wood with neatly stacked horizontal coils of rope. The tails were then used to cinch the binding by looping vertically between her upper arms and the pole. Cheryl tied the two loose ends together with a reef knot tied between the post and Heather's back. Positioned there, it was impossible for the bound girl to reach. Although she was only bound at the upper arms to the pole, she was helpless. She twisted meekly against the bonds which just convinced her of just how secure she was.

Jason knelt at her feet and bound her ankles together as he had at the dunk tank. At the same time, Cheryl pulled Heather’s wrists together and with a stack of tight coils bound her hands behind the pole, palm to palm. The lateral coils were neatly cinched with two vertical wraps. The long tails that remained were then wound in opposite directions between the pole and Heather’s back and the around over her bound wrists. This was repeated half a dozen times before the loose ends were wrapped vertically between the witch’s bound wrists and the pole, creating yet another cinch. There was enough rope left for Cheryl to get three passes around the girl’s belly, the pole and her bound arms in each direction before finishing off with a reef knot in Heather’s belly. Again, the key knot was impossible for the condemned witch to reach. Some of the more observant spectators saw a serene look wash over the pretty witch’s face, at least the part that was visible above the panel gag. As weird as this seemed to her on so many levels, Heather was enjoying the smoldering sexual heat in her belly. She hoped her captor was not done yet.

Cheryl doubled another long piece of cord and wrapped across Heather’s chest just above her breasts. The bigger woman leaned into Heather and wrapped her arms around the bound girl and the pole. It was as if she were hugging her victim. Cheryl fed the ends of the rope through the lark’s head that was positioned at the back of the pole between the helpless victim’s bound arms. The police officer then stepped slightly to one side and looped the two bands of rope around Heather and the pole just above her breast. On one pass behind the pole the rope was pulled slightly lower and this time emerged to come around below her breasts. Cheryl was too focused on what she was doing to notice the soft smile playing across her prisoner’s face. She gave a running commentary to Heather as she worked.

“In colonial times the condemned would have been publically displayed so the people could taunt and humiliate them before execution. I am certain whoever was responsible for securing the condemned would take great care to ensure they were inescapably bound. It would also slow down any rescue attempts from dissenting parties. Finally binding someone to excess is a means of further degrading the prisoner.”

Cheryl paused for a second and stepped back to look at the bindings and she saw Heather’s face.

“I thought this might happen when I felt how you reacted to your capture earlier. “ She squealed at her captive. “You are getting into this in a naughty way aren’t you my pretty little thing. “

Heather’s eyes widened in what was clearly an expression of mock indignation at Cheryl’s accusation before little crinkles formed in the corners of her eyes as she smiled behind the gag. She nodded her head up and down.

“Okay, enjoy but be careful. It’s fine to play with roll of the witch with a dramatic flair but you don’t want to be the one who had a solo flight in front of the whole adult population of the town. I’m going to finish this quickly and that will stop this pole dance!”

Cheryl selected two more bundles of hemp and dumped the bigger one at the base of the pole. The shorter one was doubled and the loop was pushed under the bands of rope that ran under her breasts, in between her firm round tits, and under the wrappings above her breasts. Cheryl worked quickly and fed the tails through the loop that stuck out from under the top ropes and then tugged firmly, drawing the top bands down and the bottom bands up into Heather’s cleavage. Both ends were then run diagonally up to the left shoulder, around behind the pole and back down over the right shoulder and tied off at the junction of rope between her breasts.

Heather was still adjusting to the rope halter when Cheryl draped two long ends of rope around the pole and over each shoulder. The captor pulled the two dangling ends together and tied an overhand knot that sat in the center of her chest, just below her collar bone. Cheryl quickly slid her hands down the rope tying overhead knots at carefully measured out intervals. When she reached her victim’s bound ankles, she looped the rope around the ankle cinch and then around the base of the pole, finally knotting it there.

Cheryl stepped from Heather’s view and she had an unobstructed view of the crowd. The image didn’t help her how weird all this was. She had been groped, restrained, dunked and parade around bound and dressed in burlap and yet everyone stood around looking at Heather’s ever increasing bondage like they were watching a Thanksgiving Day parade. It was also weird that she felt so stimulated by it. Being helpless was making her very horny and she had the ropes to thank for that. But it was also the actual act of being tied by Cheryl. It was surprisingly intimate.

The inquisitor turned executioner shook out a long length of rope fed its lark’s head under the cords binding Heathers upper arms behind the pole and slipped the long tails through the loop. It was jerked tight. Cheryl drew the tails in opposite direction around condemned witch’s upper arms. Each one was looped around the corresponding vertical ropes at the level of her nipples. When they were pulled back behind the pole the vertical ropes with the overhead knots formed a diamond shape. This first one was centered on her chest. Each mound was framed by ropes, an elaborate triangular pattern that emphasized her full breasts. Heather’s breasts were heaving in response and despite Cheryl’s determination to eliminate all movement.

The cords were then brought back to the front to loop intersect the vertical ropes level with Heather’s naval. This one covered most of her belly, pulling her more tightly to the pole and further limiting Heather’s “struggles”. The process was repeated until Heather’s body was tightly bound to the flagpole by a series of rope diamonds that ran from her shoulders to her ankles. She shuddered when Cheryl formed a diamond that was centered, not by coincidence the victim was certain, on her pussy. It was the first small one Cheryl tied so Heather noticed it right away but it became less conspicuous when all the diamonds between her hips and ankles were also tight small ones. When the final knot was tied, Heather had been literally welded to the pole from her shoulders to her ankles.

The last bit of movement was denied to the bound girl when Jason took a short thin cord, slipped through a D ring on the gag strap that run over the top of her head and pulled it behind the post, binding her head to the pole. When the two captors were done all Heather could do was wiggle her fingers. She did just that and then stopped suddenly. She didn’t want to give them an excuse to add to her creative bondage. Both of her tormentors backed away from her as the mayor stepped forward.

“Heather McDonald, I do hereby execute the sentence imposed on you.” Bert announced as he flicked a switch in the pile of wood.

Small fans buried in the split logs sprang to life and blew yellow and orange streamers up into the air around the helplessly bound beauty. Heather was startled for a second and then began to cheer though her gag along with crowd at the effect. The bound girl picked up on the crowd’s vibe and began to squirm as well as she could in the tight ropes. Heather felt some warm air and was thankful that someone had turned on propane heaters around the pole. After a couple of minutes the principal of the high school stood up and addressed the crowd.

“We are raising money for next year’s party so for the incredible low price of just $10 you can get your own 8 by 10 color photo of you posing with our artfully bound and quite pretty little witch.”

A long line formed as the photographer set up his camera. Melanie appeared and removed the gag. A long string of saliva was drawn out from Heather’s mouth along with the wading and fell across her chin, down her throat and onto her chest. The tied victim worked her jaws around to get rid of the ache. Mel held a plastic cup up to Heather’s soft pink lips.

“Here, have a drink of beer. It’s nice and cold and will get rid of that pasty taste in your mouth.”

Cheryl stepped up and brushed the stray strands of hair from Heather’s face and gave her a tender smile.

“Are you okay? You aren’t in any pain are you?” Cheryl asked staring into Heather’s jade green eyes.

“No, I’m comfortably uncomfortable right now. You are very good at restraint. I’m curious to see what you would do if you caught me jay walking.” Heather said with a twinkle in her eye.

“Why don’t you try it next time you see my patrol car and find out what happens.” Cheryl replied, gently stroking the bound girl’s cheek. “But I must not keep you from your adoring fans.”

Most of the party goers lined up for a photo and posed in pairs and groups with the pretty bound witch. Everyone introduced themselves nonchalantly as if they were meeting in the grocery store. It felt weird to be helplessly bound and having all these strangers posing with her. Cheryl stayed close to the helplessly bound woman, keeping a protective watch and politely hurrying people along so everyone could get to the dance. She also checked Heather’s fingers from time to time ensuring the bindings weren’t causing circulation problems. But mostly she stood there with a bit of a glazed expression on her face as she, like Jason earlier, was imagining Heather as her play thing.

Cheryl pictured them naked, spooning on her bed. The diminutive Heather wrapped in the larger woman’s arms. Cheryl gently rolled one pale pink nipple to erection with one hand while the other one slipped down Heather’s stomach to her moisten slit. She bucks her hips as Cheryl’s finger strokes her clit, sending a starburst of tingles throughout her belly. Cheryl works slowly, running her hands in long slow firm strokes from Heather’s thighs to her breasts, like a renaissance sculptor assessing the marble for his masterpiece.

A loud laugh jerked Cheryl’s attention back to reality. The mayor’s wife Helen was sharing a laugh with Heather. Helen very matronly silver-haired woman in her early seventies was dressed as a fairy Godmother. They stopped laughing for a second, looked at Cheryl and then broke out in giggles. Cheryl figured this was at her expense. Heather winked at her and flashed a pretty smile before she turned back the camera and the next photo.

Only Helen was left along Mel, Jason and Cheryl. The Mayor’s wife turned to Mel.

“Melanie you are on the committee for the July 4th party right, well no matter if you aren’t, you are now. Make sure you get young Miss McDonald to work a shift or two at the dunk tank in that bathing suit she has on. I’m sure we’d empty all the men’s wallets on that shift…and perhaps some of the lady’s as well. Do you agree D.C. Symthe? “ she ploughed on before Cheryl could answer.

“And what about our dashing sea captain here, what do you think Jason? You’d break open your piggy bank for a chance to dunk our pretty little witch here again wouldn’t you? Although I suspect from what I’ve seen watching you two tonight she’ll have her hand in your piggy bank long before next July and you’ll have gotten to see this swim suit whenever you want. “

Heather was blown away by Helen’s brashness. Everyone else just smiled, knowing full well that Helen was the nicest person but she really didn’t see any point in not speaking her mind.

“Now Cheryl honey, tell me all about this rope sculpture you’ve created here. This poor thing has been tied up here for nearly two hours. She’s going to be okay when you untie her right? How did you come up with this? I mean this is not the damsels in distress thing I grew up with. Just tie the woman’s hands behind the pole and run a bit of rope under her boobs to pull the sweater nice and tight for the audience and you were done. What you have done here is a work of art. You must practice this. Who did you get to practice with?”

Helen finally paused and everyone waited for a second to see if the monologue was going to continue but it didn’t.

“Well ma’am, I’m glad you think it’s art. I lifted most of it from the internet and then combined the parts I thought looked the best and are safe to use. I did have a willing volunteer to help me test and practice.”

“Well thank you again, all of you. It was the best yet. Now I must let you get to the party so get in around me and this adorable young witch so I’ll get a picture for my office desk. ”

After the photo, Melanie offered to walk Helen over the party as her husband had disappeared as soon as it started.

Finally after raising a couple of thousand dollars for next year’s party, Heather saw that only Cheryl and Jason remained to have their pictures taken. When it was her turn, Cheryl stood behind the pole and wrapped her strong arms around Heather’s belly and stared into the camera over the bound girl’s shoulder. They both smiled contentedly. After the shot Cheryl gave Heather a quick peck on the cheek.

“I’ll untie you in a second after Jason get’s his photo.”

Jason stepped up looking very hot to Heather. He definitely suited the uniform and was what her Mon called, dashing. Jason stood pressed against the bound girl’s side. He gently lifted her chin in his leather glove, turning her face up as though they were about to kiss. Heather closed her eyes and parted her lips, fully expecting to feel Jason’s tongue push into her waiting mouth. But it didn’t. The camera flashed and Jason pulled back. Heather opened her eyes to see him grinning at her.

“Ha, I got you. That’s for being such s flirt when I was busting my ass to get your shop ready on time.”

Heather gave Jason a hurt look and then laid on her best little girl pout. His heart melted.

“It’s not fair to tease a helpless damsel like that. And in my defense, just let me say that I did what I had to do to motivate you to show up every day. I wasn’t sure how dependable you were.”

Both Cheryl and Jason laughed at the faux indignation of the heavily trussed up witch.

“Okay can one of you two sadists untie me please, it sounds like we missing a good dance over there.”

As the ropes fell away from her body, Heather was relieved to be able to move again but also a little saddened not to be in Cheryl’s ropes. Being bound and humiliated in front of the crowd tonight had awakened sexual urges that Heather had found surprisingly strong. She knew that some people really liked bondage and although she was sexually adventurous, she’d never tried it. She wondered how she could get tied up again; to have the chance to explore bondage more fully.

The trio entered the large pavilion that had been erected on the square. A rock band played enthusiastically at one end and most of the town was up bouncing around the dance floor. When the song ended the singer pointed to Heather and announced her arrival to the crowd. Everyone turned to her and cheered. Heather responded by giving a curtsey. The band jumped into the next song and Jason asked Heather to dance.

Heather had no shortage of dance partners for the next while. Eventually she caught a break and saw Cheryl standing off to one side by herself. Heather, now a bouncing bundle of energy, dragged the officer out onto the dance floor and coaxed her into dancing. After a couple of songs Cheryl begged off and turned to leave. She paused and turned back.

“I can make sure you get home safely. Your stuff is in my car right now and you’re on my way home. It’s the least I can do after slicing and dicing you with rope.”

“Thanks, that is great. Just let me know when you want to leave.” Heather responded, butterflies taking flight in her belly at the thought of being alone with Cheryl.

Heather danced with Jason for the rest of the evening. Every so often she ran her hands over her skin to feel the dimples left by the rope. She sighed at the memory. Finally she reluctantly announced that she had to go. Heather needed to be at the shop at 6 in the morning and had to get to bed. Jason offered to walk her home and raised an eyebrow when Heather told him Cheryl had already offered a drive. Jason escorted Heather over to the waiting officer. The little witch gave Jason a quick kiss on the lips and hugged him. She then turned her back to Cheryl and crossed her wrists together behind her. She twisted her head around and looking back over her shoulder said,

“Oh grand inquisitor, shouldn’t you bind me? Don’t you know I am a convicted witch?”

Heather playfully wiggled the fingers of her crossed hands. Cheryl needed no further invitation. She slipped a small coil of rope from the folds of her robes and quickly tied Heather’s wrists. As she bound the girl yet again, Cheryl wondered if the nubile young thing knew what sensations she was igniting in the older woman. She jerked the final knot tightly and Heather tested the bonds.

“You are very good at this.” Heather said quietly to Cheryl, her head submissively bowed to the ground.

“Hey Cheryl, she’s a witch. Just tying her up isn’t good enough. She could still utter a spell or curse on you. You better gag her just to be safe.”

“Good point Jason, thanks.” Cheryl replied with a sly grin.

Heather turned to a grinning Jason and growled at him. She stuck her tongue out as a final insult and spun back to Cheryl, opening her mouth to accept the leather wading of the gag. Cheryl buckled all the straps methodically taking her time. She wanted to savior the moment. So did Heather. She wondered how she could get tied up like this again. If they became, lovers would Jason do this to her? What about Cheryl? She made a cryptic reference to a model helping her to practice her rope skills. Maybe she should offer to be Cheryl’s model. She mulled both these options over as they walked to the police officer’s S.U.V.

Cheryl held one of Heather’s bound arms as they walked across the town square. Heather felt small and weak as she was led along by the larger woman. They paused to talk to other people heading home. Well, at least Cheryl did as Heather was gagged very effectively. She tugged at the bonds on her wrists but the knot was well out of reach. The ropes were surprisingly tight and there was no give to them as Heather twisted them from side to side. Eventually they reached Cheryl’s truck.

The police officer put a protective hand on her prisoner’s head and helped her into the passenger seat. When she was positioned comfortably, Cheryl wrapped the seatbelt around Heather’s burlap clad torso and clicked it into place. The robes were a bit of an issue for Cheryl as she climbed into the driver’s seat but eventually she was settled and they drove off.

It only took a couple of minutes to get to Heather’s apartment, much to her disappointment. She wanted to stay tied up longer. Cheryl helped her out of the S.U.V., grabbed the bag with the witch’s costume and led her up to the front door. She smiled thinking that is where she had captured her about four hours earlier. The police officer opened the door and stepped into Heather’s apartment. The bound girl winced as she hadn’t really planned on company and the place wasn’t as tidy as she would have liked. As if on duty, Cheryl turned on some lights and looked into the other rooms. Heather was left with her wrists cross bound tightly behind her back while the police officer made her rounds. Heather wondered why she didn’t take out the gag first. Then Heather had a “duh” minute as she realized Cheryl probably also wanted to drag this out as long as possible.

The police woman came back to Heather who stood bound and gagged in her living room. The tied girl felt the urge to hug Cheryl in gratitude for the evening but her hands were still securely roped behind her back. She hesitantly stepped towards her captor and leaned her head gently on the larger woman’s shoulder. Cheryl wasn’t certain what to do for a second before she wrapped her arms around the diminutive witch and hugged her gently into her breasts. Heather sighed and closed her eyes. Cheryl kissed the top of her prisoner’s head and then gently stroked her hair.

They stood like that for a minute, each lost in her own thoughts. Cheryl broke the embrace and began to pick at the buckles on the gag straps. Heather sighed as the pressure on her lower face eased. Cheryl gently pulled the ball out of her mouth, once again dragging a ribbon of saliva with it. Heather worked her jaw from side to side.

“Would you like to stay for a coffee or tea?” Heather asked hopefully.

“Oh honey, I would but I can’t. I’ve got the early shift. Sorry.”

“Um, okay, I can’t thank you enough for tonight. I couldn’t have gone through with that if it hadn’t been for you. And I loved what you did to me. I’ve never felt like that before. Well I have but just not by those means.”

Heather stopped herself realizing she was about to babble on and make an idiot of herself. Cheryl just smiled and said;

“Turn around and I’ll untie you.”

Heather did and felt a sense of loss when she was finally free of the ropes. She wanted to be tied up again so she could experience the powerful sexual heat as she did tonight. This was her best chance to drop a not too subtle hint on Cheryl.

“So Deputy Chief Smyth, were you serious about having a willing victim that you practice bondage with? ‘Cause if you do I’d umm, I’d be a willing victim for you if you wanted.”

The two women were standing at the front door of Heather’s apartment looking very out of place dressed in medieval garb. Cheryl cupped the smaller woman’s chin in her hand gently kissing her pink lips.

“I was going to ask you but you beat me to it. But just a word of warning, be careful what you wish for!”

She stepped outside shut the door behind her. Heather was still standing with her head tilted up and eyes closed as if Cheryl was still kissing her. Her pulse was racing at thought of what Cheryl could do to her when the whole town wasn’t watching.

(Author’s note: This is something I wrote specifically for Gromet’s Halloween stories. You can e-mail me to tell me what you thought about it at [email protected]. I might the story if there is interest. I’ll just add it to the pile of other stories I haven’t finished !)

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