Halloween Hanging
by JDG
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© Copyright 2011 - JDG - Used by permission
Storycodes: F/m; Solo-M; FF/m; bond; susp; rope; costume; outdoors; tease; nipple; toys; cons/reluct; X
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Halloween Hanging JDG F/m; Solo-M; FF/m; bond; susp; rope; costume; outdoors; tease; nipple; toys; cons/reluct; X

“You want me to hang you for Halloween???” Marianne was aghast.

“No, you’re not going to hang me,” I explained, “It is just going to *look* like I’m being hanged.”

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. It gives me a chance to indulge in certain interests of mine, which any other time of the year would be frowned upon. Like most of you reading this, for many years, I have been interested in bondage. Unfortunately, lacking a partner, I usually have to resort to self-bondage, which while OK for the most part, has its limits.

I have a good friend, Marianne, who I’ve used to help me with some of my projects in the past. She doesn’t know about my hobbies, although I think she may suspect. At Halloween, however, I can use the holiday as my excuse.

This year, I came up with a brilliant idea. I would get dressed in western garb and have Marianne “hang” me from a tree in my front yard. I would leave a bucket of candy on my front step and hang there limp, as if I were a scarecrow or dummy. At an opportune time, depending on the ages of the children present, I would suddenly “come to life” and see if I could scare them.

Of course, being hanged, I would have to be tied up.

So early that evening, I found myself standing with Marianne in my front yard, dressed in a flannel shirt, jeans, and cowboy boots. I had had Marianne apply some sort of waxy makeup to my face, to hopefully make it look more fake, and I had on a cheap, obviously fake, short-haired wig that I had bought. These last bits had nothing to do with the bondage, but I didn’t want to look obviously like myself—more like a dummy.

“I don’t know about this,” Marianne worried, “I’m going to be away at my party all evening. I won’t be able to come back until fairly late. What if something happens?”

“Nothing’s going to happen,” I replied, “The noose isn’t even attached to the main rope—it just looks like it is. The main rope ties into a harness under my clothes. The weather is good. I’ll have no problems ‘hanging around’ until you get back.”

My tree had a branch growing up at a roughly 45-degree angle from a few feet above the ground. When it reached a height of about 10 feet, it forked, which was perfect for my hanging. I threw the rope attached to my harness over the fork, then climbed up on a small stool. I took two pieces of rope out of my pockets and tied my ankles and my knees together. I then handed Marianne two more pieces of rope and turning my back to her, crossed my wrists behind my back.

“Tie my wrists together snuggly. I don’t want some loose loop that might fall off halfway through the evening,” I said. She just gave me an exasperated sigh and proceeded to do a pretty creditable job lashing my wrists together. “Now take the other piece, and tie my elbows together. I want this to look authentic.” Actually, I doubted that people being hanged had their elbows tied together, but I thought it sounded good, and Marianne didn’t question me, she just tied my elbows together. I’m far from flexible, so my elbows were nowhere near touching, but it ensured that my arms were going nowhere. It was at times like this that I thought Marianne might suspect my ulterior motives.

I then directed Marianne to wrap the rope around the tree trunk several times, pulling it snuggly to get rid of any slack, and then tie it off. There was no way that she could pull me off of my feet, but I did feel the harness tighten up around me. After she tied it off, I slowly lifted my feet until the harness took my whole weight, then I awkwardly kicked the stool over. I settled slightly, but my feet were still a few inches above the ground. The harness was comfortable enough, and I was tied securely. Things were perfect.

“This is your last chance,” Marianne said, “Are you really sure about this? After I leave, you’ll be stuck this way until I get back. If anything happens, you won’t be able to do anything about it.”

“Relax”, I said, “I’ll be fine. Besides, in a short time this place will be crawling with kids and their parents. If I did run into a problem, I can have one of them let me down.”

She just shook her head in amazement. “Well, I hope you have fun this evening. I know that I wouldn’t. In any event, I’ll be back to let you down around 11 or so.” She walked to her car, then turned to me with a mischievous grin. “Don’t go anywhere until I get back...” she offered the hackneyed joke. Then she got in her car and drove off.

I should explain that I live on the end of a cul-de-sac. There are no houses immediately near me, although there are some down by the other end of the street. So I have a fair amount of privacy, but I’m still not too far off the beaten path to get trick-or-treaters. I think my reputation for having different and interesting displays may help induce people to go down the street all the way to my house.

As the sun was going down, I just hung around, enjoying the feeling of being inescapably bound. I struggled a little, just to experience how well tied I was, and I quickly determined that as I had hoped, I had no chance of freeing myself. I was there for the duration, until Marianne came back.

Pretty soon, I heard the first group approaching. I slumped my head, and closed my eyes until they were slits, and tried to breathe as shallowly as I could.

As expected, this early in the night, the kids were very young. I didn’t want to frighten them, so I tried to stay in my role as a dummy. The kids gave me a fearful look and went to the door to collect their prizes. I overheard some of the parents commenting on how realistic I looked.

Later on, some older kids arrived, and I decided to have some fun. They came up to me, and from several feet away just stood there looking at me. I think they were trying to figure out whether I was alive or not. When they had decided that I was inanimate and the first one turned to go to my front step, I shouted, “BOO!” which resulted in a number of shrieks. I wished them a happy Halloween and admonished them to take just one piece of candy each.

This became a pattern for the next few hours. Sometimes I would remain motionless, as if I were a dummy. Sometimes I would shout at them as them went up to the step, and sometimes I would wait for them to get their candy and then surprise them as they left.

A few of the braver ones stopped and asked me what I was doing. I explained that I had been caught rustling cattle, and that I was being hanged for my transgressions.

I was having a blast. This was why I liked Halloween so much. Not only was I inescapably bound, but I was bound in public! How many other times can you get away with something like that and not be considered a total weirdo?

Eventually, the groups got fewer and fewer, until there were none. There was just me hanging in the semi-dark, biding my time until Marianne’s return. One by one, I could see the houses at the end of the street turn their lights off, as the trick-or-treating ended. Soon, my house was the only one with a light on. After all, I really couldn’t go over and turn it off now, could I?

I enjoyed my solitude for a while. Then I noticed a car pull into one of the houses down the street. I saw two young women get out. I presumed one was Angela, the girl who lived there. I guessed the other was Heidi, her friend. I think of Angela as a girl, as I’ve known her in passing for years, but she’s been going to the community college for the past year, so she was really a young woman now.

The two of them started walking down the street towards my house, and when they got closer, I saw that my guesses were correct. They were wearing short dresses that verged on indecency, with silky scarves around their necks. Angela was wearing high-heeled knee boots, while Heidi had on some ankle boots.

I presumed that they were just returning from some sort of party, and apparently they were coming down to see what sort of display I had this year. I decided that I would have one last bit of fun.

I had had a lot of practice throughout the evening, but now I tried to out do myself in playing a dummy. I tried to take only the shallowest of breaths, and I had my eyes closed to the barest of slits, so that I could just barely see what the two of them were up to.

Angela and Heidi walked up to me, and as had many that evening, stood a few feet away studying me.

“Do you think it’s real?” Angela asked Heidi.

“Of course it’s not real,” Heidi answered. “Still, it give’s me the creeps. He did a really good job this year—it looks almost life-like.” She reached out and poked my hip. I still remained motionless, except for a slight rocking and twisting that the poke had caused.

Angela reached out and prod my leg as well. This started me spinning slowly, but I still remained limp. As I finished one revolution and was facing them again, I saw through my slitted eyes that Heidi was just turning away towards my front door. Angela reached out and grabbed my legs to stop me from spinning.

This was the moment I had waited for. Just as she touched my legs, I gave a slight jerk and said in a loud voice, “Aren’t you two a bit old to be trick or treating?”

Their reactions were priceless. Heidi shrieked. Angela jumped back, lost her balance in her heels, and fell to her rear. I had to chuckle at the sight.

“That was mean!” Heidi said. “How could you do that to us?” Angela added. All I said in reply was, “Happy Halloween!”

Angela glared at me, and the two walked off a short distance. This was followed by a whispered discussion, with several glances back in my direction. When they returned, they were all smiles and friendliness.

They examined me more closely. “That looks really tight. How did you do this to yourself?”

“I didn’t,” I explained. “I had a friend set this up for me.”

“Then how are you going to get out of this?”

“I can’t,” I said. “I’m here until she comes back and lets me down later tonight.”

“So you really can’t get loose by yourself?” Angela asked.

“Nope,” I replied, “These ropes are real.” I made a small show of struggling against the ropes. “I’m really stuck here until someone lets me down.”

I didn’t notice the look that went between the two as their grins got a bit wider.

Angela put the stool that I had kicked over earlier in front of me, and then stood on it. With the stool and her heels, she was just a bit taller than me. She peered closely into my face. “Now that I can see you a bit more clearly,” she said, “I can see that it really is you and not some mannequin”. She pulled her scarf from her neck, but I didn’t see her wad it into a ball out of my sight.

“Since you tricked us, now you have to treat us,” Angela said.

“I can’t treat you,” I said, “I’m a bit tied up at the moment. You can have a piece of candy, but I’m not sure how much that would interest you.”

“Well,” said Angela, as her smile got a bit broader, “Since you can’t treat us, we’ll have to treat you!”

I wasn’t expecting anything when I suddenly felt Heidi grab my legs from behind. At the same time, Angela forcefully grabbed my nose and pinched it shut. She also pulled up on my nose and pushed back against my forehead with the palm of her hand. This forced my head back.

I was taken off guard and opened my mouth to shout. But when I did so, Angela stuffed the wadded up scarf into my mouth.  I tried to shake my head as I sputtered my outrage, but that is hard to do with your head tipped back and with someone holding onto your nose. She finished stuffing the scarf in. She let go of my nose, but kept one hand against my forehead, while she moved her other hand to back of my neck. At the same instant, Heidi reached around from behind with her scarf, and quickly tied a cleave-gag around my mouth, holding the wadding in. By the time I thought to push it out with my tongue, it was too late—I no longer had the option.

I was in a total state of shock. I really didn’t know how to respond. I tried to ask what they thought they were doing and to demand that they stop this at once, but nothing intelligible came out of my mouth. I could make a little bit of noise, but I couldn’t get out actual words.

“Who’s laughing now, Mr. Funny Guy,” Heidi asked, smirking. Angela walked over to the base of the tree. The rope holding me up was rather longer than it needed to be, so there was a pile of it lying under the knot holding me up.

Angela took the free end, fed it through the loops around my ankles, looped it over the tree limb, and the two of them pulled the rope tight. This pulled my feet backwards and up, until they came up against the tree limb. They then took the free end of the rope and wrapped it around my legs and the limb all of the way up to my thighs. The result was that I was plastered against the tree branch, and I could move basically not at all.

It suddenly dawned on me that things were beginning to get way out of control, but as I struggled in earnest, I realized that I was no longer able to change the outcome.

I have to admit that as much as I wanted out of this situation, my nether regions had other ideas. Having been tied for most of the evening, and then being further bound by two fairly attractive young women caused a noticeable bulge in my pants—an event that they did not fail to notice, comment on, and giggle about.

“Hey Heidi,” Angela said, as she unbuttoned my flannel shirt, “I think he likes this!” She turned to me. “Since you tricked us earlier, I thought it was only fair that we should trick you back.” She smiled mischievously at me. “What was it that you said earlier? Oh yeah...Happy Halloween!”

Personally, I was rather conflicted. On one hand, my head was telling me that this was wrong. On the other, having such attention from two such young women was definitely a turn on. Finally, having no idea what these two were planning, and realizing that I was pretty much in their hands to do with whatever they wanted was scary and at the same time, perversely enough, also erotic.

But the reality was that I didn’t need to worry about whether this was OK or whether I wanted to receive their attention. I really had no say in the matter. I squirmed in by bonds and made mumbling noises through my gag, but I think this only encouraged them further.

Angela started running her fingernails idly up and down my chest and along my sides. “You know,” Angela remarked to Heidi, “that party we left was pretty boring. Maybe we should have our own party right here?”

About this time, she happened to drag her fingernails over my nipples, and I jerked like I had been electrocuted. “Oh ho! What do we have here?” she asked. She reached over and flicked both nipples at the same time. Once again I jerked as if shocked.

“This could be interesting,” she said, and proceeded to start rubbing just the tips of my nipples, which were standing very proud at this moment, with her thumbs.

The effect on me was maddening. I was getting these electric jolts from the center of my chest, and they just would not stop. I was squirming around and panting rapidly, but I could not escape. She just kept the same, slow, maddening teasing without rest. Occasionally (I suppose to keep me from getting too bored) she would drag her fingernails over my nipples, which would inevitably cause me to stiffen and groan. I quickly gave up any thought of trying to utter intelligible speech, and resigned myself to making inarticulate moans.

This torture seemed to go on for a long time, although it was probably not as long as it seemed. Angela stepped back, held a whispered conversation with Heidi, and then the two approached me together. I watched in amazement as each of them closed their mouths on a nipple and proceeded to flick and play with it with their tongues.

I had never had this done to me before, and I found tongues to be much more delicate than fingers, and the effect on me to be that much magnified. I was immediately thrashing in my bonds as much as they allowed, which was not much. When they started sucking on them and gently biting them, I screamed into my gag. My senses were on overload, but I was powerless to stop them.

When they finally stopped, I just hung there, panting like a steam engine. As enjoyable as the sensations were, I hoped that this marked the end of their fun, and that they would release me.

Instead Angela, who I was learning was the ring-leader of the two, unbuttoned my jeans, pulled them down over my hips, and then pulled down my underwear down as well. My shaft, of course, sprang to attention.

Angela ran a fingernail up the bottom of my shaft, which caused me to jerk as my eyes opened wide. It was as engorged and stiff as it has ever been, and it was just aching to see some action.

At this point, I again started struggling in earnest, but I accomplished nothing.

Angela grinned and proceeded to wrap her hand around my shaft, and she started giving me a slow, steady hand job. The part of my brain that thought that this was wrong had long since given up. The animal part of me wanted me to just hang there and enjoy it (as if I had any choice).

She gradually got faster and faster, and my panting increased accordingly. Just when I was about to explode, she stopped and stepped back with a smirk on her face. It took me a moment to register this, but then I heard myself utter a long moan of frustration.

“Now now now,” Angela chided, “We wouldn’t want to do anything inappropriate here, would we?”

The two stepped back up to me and fastened their mouths upon my chest. Once again my nipples became play-things for their tongues. With them already sensitized, I was writhing immediately.

After driving me to further levels of incoherence, they stopped and Angela moved back to my cock. This time, she was only able to work on it a short time before I was about to cum, and she stopped. I suddenly realized the nature of the “trick” which they were visiting upon me.

They went through this cycle twice more, which left me a babbling cretin, trying to beg them through my gag to finish the job. But of course, nothing intelligible came out.

I guess they finally decided that their revenge was sufficient, because as I hung there, I was dimly aware of them loosening the rope that tied me to the limb, and finally I was hanging from the branch, vertical once more. Heidi buttoned up my shirt while Angela pulled up my shorts, tucked in my shirt, and buttoned up my jeans. “That’s your punishment for scaring us earlier. But it’s getting late; we should be heading home.”

They then sauntered up to my front step and helped themselves to some of my candy. Then they returned. Heidi spoke up for a change. “You’ve been a really good sport about this,” she said. I was thinking that I really didn’t have a choice in the matter. “So to show you that there are no hard feelings,” she continued, “we’re going to leave you with a little present.” She paused for effect. “Something to remember us by.”

I had no idea what they were talking about, but as they started to walk off, I suddenly realized that they were referring to their scarves! They were planning to leave and to leave me gagged!

I really didn’t want to have to explain to Marianne how I came to be gagged while hanging there. So I started “Hmmphing” for all I was worth. Heidi turned back, her face a mask of sweet innocence.

“What? You don’t like our scarves?” she asked, “But they look so good on you...” I was still shaking my head and trying to let them know that I didn’t care what they looked like; I wanted them off.

Heidi looked up into space as if she suddenly had a thought. “You know,” she said, “I just had an idea...Maybe there is something else we could leave with you instead.”

She dug around in her bag and finally pulled out some rubbery thing, with some straps and wires attached. “What the hell is that?” I wondered. She sorted it out a bit, and I realized it was a butterfly vibrator. “What is she doing with one of *those* in her bag?” I wondered.

I felt Angela grab my thighs from behind with a bear hug. I tried to struggle, but while I could shake her around a bit, I really couldn’t break free.

Heidi unbuttoned my jeans and pulled them down to my thighs. She placed the device over my still hard cock and hooked the top strap around my waist. She had more trouble with the straps that went between my legs, but she eventually got those in place as well. She buttoned up my jeans and stuck the control loosely in my pocket.

“OK, we’ll take our scarves back then.” Angela reached up, and unknotted the scarf around my head. Heidi reached up and caught the wadded up scarf as I pushed it out of my mouth. My mouth was a bit dry, and I had to work it around a bit before I could get it to work right.

“Things have gone far enough,” I said. “Now take that thing off me, and no one will hear about this.”

“No one’s going to hear about what?” Angela asked sweetly, walking around in front of me. “Nothing happened here.” She reached over and turned the vibrator to low. My body jerked at the sensation.

As the two started walking away, I got more desperate. “Wait!” I cried. “You can’t leave me like this...” The fires were beginning to build down below. The pair reached the edge of my yard. “How am I going to explain this?” I shouted. They just kept walking.

I was beginning to panic now. It would be bad enough trying to explain how I ended up with this vibrator to Marianne. It would be that much worse if my shorts were full of cum.

My breathing quickened, and I tried to think of ice water, dead fish, or anything else to distract myself. It was a loosing battle. Just then I noticed a car turn into my street, and I realized that it must be Marianne coming to let me down. That led to a horrific thought—what happens if I have an orgasm right in front of her?

I felt the pressure build as the car got closer. I wasn’t sure which would get to me first.


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