Halloween Snacks
by Max Roper
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© Copyright 2011 - Max Roper - Used by permission
Storycodes: MF; other/mf; web; spider; wrap; cocoon; store; sting; stuck; vore; nc; X
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Halloween Snacks Max Roper MF; other/mf; web; spider; wrap; cocoon; store; sting; stuck; vore; nc; X

Youʼre walking home with Kate after the Halloween party, both of you still in costume. She is dressed as a delectable schoolgirl - short pleated skirt, white blouse, necktie, white knee socks, saddle shoes. You are dressed as a Roman gladiator - lace-up sandals, short tunic, helmet, rubber sword. You turn the corner onto her street and start up the path. You walk through something. Feels like a spider web, but the strands donʼt break. You start pulling at whatever it is thatʼs wrapped around you, wishing your toy sword was real.

“What is it?” asks Kate.

Then she walks into it too.

Youʼre both pulling uselessly at the strands that encircle you. You feel strands wrapping around your waist, your legs, your arms. Some of them break but more appear faster than you can break them.

You look over at Kate and see strands wrapped around her, pinning her arms to her sides. She tries to scream but the webbing is now wrapped around her mouth.

You continue to struggle, watching in amazement as she begins to rise from the ground, slowly disappearing into the tree above, her lovely legs still kicking. Then you also start to rise as the strands continue wrapping around you, pinning your arms, covering your face.

You lose consciousness.

You awake. Everything is hazy and you canʼt move an inch.

You realize thereʼs webbing wrapped all around your head but you can still see and breathe. Youʼre wrapped from head to toe and pinned to a huge spider web. A large blob of webbing across from you is moving slightly and you realize it must be Kate.

Youʼve been captured by some sort of super spider. You know what spiders do with their prey and redouble your efforts to escape. Youʼre totally unsuccessful. You look around some more and see that youʼre at least a hundred feet off the ground and that there are no spiders visible.

Meanwhile, Kate has made a discovery.

“This stuff melts if you spit on it,” she says.

You try it. Sure enough, every place you touch with your tongue melts away. You try spitting down your front but the webs are so tight and thick youʼd need to drink a gallon to come up with enough spit.

“Ow!” says Kate.

“What?” you ask.

“Somethingʼs stinging me,” she replies.

You look over at her. Sure enough, thereʼs a large spider on her. A very large spider. About a foot long.

“Kate!” you scream. She doesnʼt answer.

Then you feel something crawling on you followed by a sharp sting. Your sight starts to fade.


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