The Monster's Bride
by Daviddrb6
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© Copyright 2011 - Daviddrb6 - Used by permission
Storycodes: M/f; bond; naked; table; electro; bodymod; transform; climax; cons; X
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The Monster's Bride Daviddrb6 M/f; bond; naked; table; electro; bodymod; transform; climax; cons; X

Note: This story is inspired by the 1931 film version of "Frankenstein" which starred Boris Karloff as the Monster. One scene has the Monster encountering Maria, a little girl, who invites him to play with her by a lakeside. It also incorporates the creation scene from the 1935 sequel: "The Bride of Frankenstein."


Maria had never been afraid of Frankenstein's Monster. She'd been seven years old when she'd met him for the first time. She'd been playing by the lake near where she and her parents had lived when the Monster had emerged from the woods. His enormous size and scowling features had looked intimidating but when Maria taken his hand they'd softened into a smile. They'd played by the lake, throwing flowers into the water until the return of Maria's father caused the Monster to flee but not before she'd given him some flowers to take with him. After that the Monster had returned regularly: always waiting until Maria's parents were away before visiting her. Even when he could not he'd watched her from the woods and waved whenever he saw her.

Soon afterwards Maria and her family had moved away from the lake into the nearby town of Golstadt. Maria's parents had told her about the Monster that had been created by the mad Baron Frankenstein from dead bodies and brought to life by strange machinery he had in his castle in the mountains. The Monster had escaped and Frankenstein had died raving in the asylum; declaring himself to be God. The Monster lived in graveyards during the day and roamed the countryside at night. Armed parties regularly searched for him and burgomeisters had issued ransoms for the Monster's capture.

Maria only felt sorry for him.

She could sense he was lonely and wanted a friend. She had seen the kindness in his heavily lidded eyes and blacked mouth and that there was a beauty in his broad, hulking body and and strange, box like head. Maria had always been told to be kind and help people and she felt this was all the Monster wanted.

When she could Maria had returned to the lake, in the day time so as not to alarm her parents, and there she met the Monster again. He could now speak in a deep husky voice which he had learn't from reading Frankenstein's old books. Maria told him when she lived and the Monster said he would visit her.

"But why can't I stay with you?" she'd asked.

"You are too young," the Monster had replied. "But when you are of age I will come for you."

So Maria had grown up and every now and then the Monster would visit her; slinking through Golstadt's cobbled streets at night to leave her gifts of flowers and sometimes notes written at first in shaky capitals but eventually becoming more firm and legible. She felt that she and the Monster were growing up together. Her friends were curious as to why Maria never seemed interested in the boys around her.

"My love lives far away," Maria told them. "He will come for me when I'm older."

Maria's friends had laughed and she'd laughed with them. They'd always found her friendly but strange and had never known whether she was serious or teasing. They felt that maybe she'd decided to be an old maid but some did have the suspicion that maybe she was telling the truth.

Maria didn't care.

Eventually Maria reached her eighteenth birthday. She'd grown into a slim, graceful woman whose brown hair cascaded in brown tresses down her back. She had wide brown eyes and a firm but soft mouth. Soon afterwards her parents died leaving her alone. Maria arranged their funerals then later she went to the lake and left a note for the Monster. It read: "I am of age now. Please come for me. Maria". Then she went home.


Night came. Maria waited in the dark with the door unlocked. She and the Monster were would soon be together. If he went into the depths of the Earth or to the frozen poles she would follow him.

Outside she heard distant thunder heralding a storm. It died away leaving silence.

Maria waited. Then she heard a footstep outside, then another. Heavy and firm. Her heart lifted.

The door opened and the Monster came in. He had a bouquet in his hand.

Maria smiled as he gave her the bouquet. Then she let herself be picked up and carried by the Monster out of Golstadt and up the craggy mountain pass. Their path was lit by flashes of light from the approaching storm. Maria had been afraid of the thunder and lightning but the Monster had told her that it was a part of nature along with the sunshine and the rain which was not yet understood. At the top of the pass Maria saw the castle against the darkening sky. She saw on it's roof a metal lattice framework tower standing on four legs. Inside, they climbed a flight of crooked stairs to the top which contained Frankenstein's laboratory. The Monster had told her he'd maintained Frankenstein's old equipment over the years. He'd spoken of amps and currents and voltage which she didn't understand.

Maria had looked nervously around at the strange machinery that filled the large room. In the centre of the laboratory and reaching up to the high ceiling was a tall, skeletal metal structure in the shape of a cylinder with horizontal rings at intervals along it with sparks passing up and down between them. At the top of the structure was a sphere with an arrowhead attached to it. At the bottom was another sphere with thick rods running out from it's sides and with spheres at either end. The structure was suspended over an operating table. This, the Monster told Maria, was the Cosmic Transformer that had created him.

Maria heard another rumble of thunder. It was louder indicating the storm was closer. "The storm will be magnificent" the Monster told her.

Maria said: "I'm ready now."

The Monster tore off her clothes, leaving Maria naked. She shivered, feeling the cold against her skin. The Monster laid her out on the table and fastened her to it with metal loops that went round her breasts, midriff, thighs, knees and ankles. The Monster referred to them as Transformer loops. Maria could move her toes and hands and nothing else. She watched the Monster attach wires to the loops, place metal plates against the sides of her head and attach the table to the Transformer with chains. He went over to a bank of switches and dials that was against one wall and pulled down several one after the other.

Lying on the table Maria looked round as the machinery started up with a whine that changed into a hum accompanied with the loud crackle of electrical currents. A fast revolving circular screen generated an image of blue and white lightning that twitched across to the Transformer. Another disc surrounded by metal circles spun fiercely; generating sparks. Overhead, Maria saw the spheres of the Transformer start to glow. She saw an overhead trap in the roof was open and guessed the Cosmic Transformer would rise through it. The laboratory became illuminated by bright blue, purple and white flashes of light as the power increased and feathery sparks shot out and drifted through the air. Maria now saw the machinery as magical.

Maria started breathing heavily. Her breasts pressing against the metal loop.

She glanced at the Monster illuminated by the blue and purple sparks. He pulled down a switch and Maria felt herself start to rise. The Cosmic Transformer was rising through the roof taking the table with it.

Overhead the lighting flashed and the thunder exploded. The storm was overhead now.


The Cosmic Transfomer rose into the stormy sky and into the lattice tower on the castle roof. Maria felt her body warmed by the spheres overhead that were glowing brighter and starting to get hot. The Transformer was now making a loud buzzing noise that sounded like a giant wasp. Maria was breathing frantically now. Her mouth was dry and sweat was starting to form on her brow.

The sky blazed with light. It was followed by a loud crash of thunder like a dozen heavy doors slaming.

Maria spasmed. She strained against the loops. Her head felt it was being squeezed by a giant fist and her body felt moist and sweaty. Maria saw lightning running up and down the whole of the Transformer and between the generator loops. Her body stung as though she had pins and needles. The thunder and lightning came again and each time Maria's body shook. The Transformer's spheres were glowing so bright now it was like looking directly into the sun. She couldn't turn her head away because of the metal plates that held it in place so she shut her eyes but the intense light penetrated her lids.

Maria opened her eyes and found herself surrounded by a huge dome of light. She spasmed again and barely heard the thunder which was drowned out by the buzzing from the Transformer which was now so loud that it bore into her skull. She saw the lightning turn black and arc over her body. The currents were not only playing over her skin but penetrating her body as well; particulary in her vagina. She felt it tense and twitch and the sensation left her excited. She wanted more and shook everytime the lightning struck "Oh it must be what it's like to make love", she thought. "I want it to go on and on and on."

Maria gasped as the energy of the storm processed and channelled through the Transformer pressed her against the restraining loops. Her whole body felt as though it were swelling out and shrinking before swelling out again. The buzzing from the Transformer and the stinging sensation now filled her head and she cried out as she felt it was going to burst. Her panting increased and she suddenly cried out as her body shook again from another burst of thunder and lightning.

Maria opened her eyes. The dome of light was gone and she saw she was still out in the open. She felt weak but relaxed. She heard the thunder again but it was quiter and when the next flash of lightning came it was fainter.

It was over.

The table began to descend back into the tower.


Maria's breathing was more relaxed now. The stinging sensation was still in her body but it was wearing off now. She felt she being stretched and elongated and that she was different. She looked at the machinery as the table settled on the floor. It clattered gently and pulsated a soft blue light while feathery sparks drifted across the laboratory before vanishing. Maria had always liked the colour blue as she found it relaxing.

The Monster unchained the table from the Transformer. He then disconnected the wires from the loops, removed the metal plates from the sides of her head and raised the Transformer. He tilted the table upwards and moved a full length mirror in front of the table so that Maria could look at herself.

She'd changed.

Her brown hair was now frizzed and standing on end, leaving her temples and forehead clear. White, jagged streaks ran through her hair on both sides. She still had her brown eyes but they were now even wider. The lips of her mouth were now a beestung shape and were a violent shade of red and black. Her body was now taller and while still slim seemed to have filled out and was pressing against the loops.

The Monster removed the loops from around her breasts and thighs and Maria gasped as her breasts popped out. They had swollen yet were firm and she saw the nipples had hardened. Her stomach was flatter and her thighs were broader; giving her whole body a curvaceous look. She also saw it was smooth like glass and hairless.

Maria knew she was no longer a little girl but a grown woman as the Monster wanted. She was now his bride for the rest of their lives however long they would live.

The Monster came and stood in front of Maria. He stroked her smooth face and then with his broad hands fondled her enlargened breasts, rubbing her firm nipples with his thumbs. He smiled at her.

"I love you," Maria said.


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