One Hot Witch's Brew
by Lobo De la Sombra
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© Copyright 2011 - Lobo De la Sombra - Used by permission
Storycodes: M/f; costume; display; gloves; mask; stuck; insert; toys; denial; sex; climax; cons; X
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One Hot Witch's Brew Lobo De la Sombra M/f; costume; display; gloves; mask; stuck; insert; toys; denial; sex; climax; cons; X

“Ok, I’m here. What do you want me to do?”

Jeremy glanced up from the prop he was adjusting. “Oh, hey Becky. Thanks for helping out.”

Becky grinned. "Why wouldn’t I? Your family’s had a haunted house every Halloween since I was a kid. I’m just helping keep the tradition alive. So what should I do?”

“Actually,” Jeremy said, “I was hoping you’d do more than just help set up. I was kind of hoping you’d be part of the house this year.”

“Really?” Becky beamed. “I’d love to.”

“Great.” Reaching into a nearby box, Jeremy handed Becky a wad of cloth. “Put this on.”

“What is it?”

“A witch’s dress. You’re gonna be the wicked witch this year.”

“Cool!” Becky turned toward the house to change.

“Um, Becky, nothing underneath please.”

Puzzled, Becky turned back. “Why not?”

“That dress is hot,” Jeremy explained. “So the less you have on underneath, the more comfortable you’ll be. After all, you’ll be wearing it for a couple hours at least.”

“If you say so.” Doubtfully, Becky entered the house and moved to the bathroom. She knew the haunted house was due to open soon, so the sooner she got ready, the better.

Once in the bathroom, Becky stripped to her underwear. After a brief glance at herself in the mirror, she shrugged. With a mutter of, “Oh, why not? It’s no like anybody’s going to see me.”, she slipped out of her bra and panties, then drew the dress over her head.

Glancing in the mirror, Becky muttered, “If this is what witches wear, I may have to become one.” From the flaring skirt that reached only mid thigh to the tight waist and plunging neckline, the dress advertised everything she had, without actually showing anything. With a final glance at the mirror, and a mental note not to bend too far forward, Becky headed back to the barn.

“You look great!” Jason’s sincere appreciation brought a slight blush to Becky’s face. “Now, let’s get you ready.”

Nodding, Becky followed him to an unoccupied stall. Inside, she could see a black cauldron, from which a thick shaft of wood protruded. Behind the cauldron, she saw a metal plate, on which rested a pair of old fashioned lady’s boots. Following Jeremy’s instructions, she struggled into the boots, relieved to find them not far enough form her size to be uncomfortable.

“Put these on next.” “These” turned out to be a pair of flesh tone gloves, complete with long, bright red nails. Once in place, and with the edges hidden under the long sleeves of the dress, it was impossible to tell it wasn’t her own hands visible.

“Now, stand on the plate and grab the ladle.” Again, Becky was relieved to discover that she could easily grasp the thick wooden shaft without bending very much at the waist. She glanced down a bit nervously as Jeremy knelt by her feet.

“No peeking,” she admonished, drawing a grin.

“Of course not,” he replied. “Just making sure everything’s right.” Rising, he took a rubber lump of something from the stall rail. “Last thing,” he said. “Your mask. Now hold still.”

Dutifully, Becky stayed motionless as Jeremy began rolling the mask over her head. She was amazed at how tight it was. It seemed to hug every inch of her head. Once the mask reached her nose, Jeremy paused.

“Any final words?”

Becky started to ask what he meant by that, only to feel something shoved into her mouth. Quickly, Jeremy snapped the lower edge of the mask under her chin, then pulled on a drawstring that pulled the bottom tight. Becky pushed with her tongue, but the thing in her mouth refused to move, holding her jaws open nearly as far as they would go.

Stunned, Becky tried to reach for the mask, only to realize that she couldn’t let go of the ladle. Her gloves, so tightly fitted, were stuck to the wood. With her fingers curled, there was no way she could slip her hands free.

Her feet, she quickly discovered, were also immobilized. Somehow, Jeremy had attached her boots to the metal plate, making it impossible to move her feet at all.

“Almost done,” Jeremy told her, ignoring her muffled shouts. Reaching behind her, he held up a curious looking device. Basically, it looked like a half circle of padded plastic, mounted to an extendable handle. Kneeling, Jeremy slipped the lower end into a socket on the plate between Becky’s feet. Loosening the adjusting nut, he extended the top end until the padded plastic rested snugly between Becky’s thighs.

“This will make it easier for you to stay in place,” he said, tightening the nut. “You can rest part of your weight on it Oh, and there’s one more thing to make your evening more enjoyable.” Carefully, he reached under her skirt.

Suddenly, Becky felt something touching her where nothing should be. There must, she realized, be a hole in the plastic pressed against her. Through this hole, Jeremy now slowly pushed what felt like a fairly good sized dildo. The cool, slightly slimy feel told Becky he’d at least been considerate enough to lubricate it. There was no pain at all as he slid the dildo completely inside her. When it finally stopped pushing into her, Becky felt as filled as she could ever remember being.


“Yes, Todd?”

“Everything else is ready. You done there? We have people lined up already.”

“Ready here.” Rising, Jeremy moved toward the stall’s gate. As he left, he flipped a switch mounted on the top rail. The ladle in Becky’s hands began to move, rotating a slow circle around the cauldron.

Stunned, and more than a little angry over this deception, Becky struggled to pull free, but soon gave up in defeat. She was here, she knew, until Jeremy saw fit to release her.

Slowly, the ladle made its circuit around the inside of the cauldron. With each revolution, it pulled her forward slightly, then let her relax back. Becky quickly realized that this artificial rocking motion was causing the dildo to shift within her. In spite of herself, Becky felt her arousal start to build.

Quickly, the first group approached her position, stopping and staring at the provocatively dressed witch stirring her cauldron. They had no idea, she thought, that, inside the tight dress and mask, a helplessly bound woman was growing more aroused with each slow circle of the ladle.

By the fourth group, Becky had reached the point where she no longer wanted out so she could kill Jeremy. Now she wanted out so she could cum! After that, she gradually lost track of the people passing in front of her. Instead of resisting the gentle pull of the ladle, she now went with it, pushing and pulling as if trying to get it to move faster. To those watching, she looked for all the world like a witch struggling to drag her heavy ladle through the thick liquid filling the cauldron.

Eventually, she saw Jeremy enter the stall. Urgently, she grunted at him, trying desperately to let him know how badly she needed to cum. Without answering her muffled pleas, he knelt at her feet, loosening the nut and pushing up on the stand, pressing it more firmly against her. This also served to drive the dildo just a bit deeper. Jeremy tightened the nut and left without a word.

Slowly, the cauldron, the stall, the staring groups of people, all receded from Becky’s awareness. All that mattered was the thing filling her, and her increasingly desperate need to cum. When the groups stopped passing, she didn’t even notice, so caught up was she in her own need.

The next thing she actually noticed was when the pad dropped from between her thighs, pulling the dildo out of her. Moaning, she tried to bend her knees in an attempt to lower herself back onto it, stopping only when she felt hands drawing the hem of her skirt up over her hips.

Craning her head, she tried looking over her shoulder, but she couldn’t tell who it was behind her. Uncaring by this point, she moaned and grunted her need, her moans only growing stronger as she felt something push against, and then inside, her.

Slowly, whoever it was behind her began thrusting in a steady rhythm. Closing her eyes, Becky gave herself to the sensations that had been building for so long. Bending her knees as much as she could, she dropped her hips to meet each thrust. After so much stimulation, it seemed to take only a very few thrusts to drive her into her first orgasm.

Several additional thrusts, and three orgasms later, she felt the cock inside her swell, then begin pulsing. The realization that whoever it was behind her was cumming inside her sent her into her fifth orgasm.

Now totally spent, she watched as a clear fluid was poured over her hands. After a moment, someone gently tugged her fingers free of the cauldron. Those same gentle hands drew her from behind the cauldron, laying her on the straw floor beside it. Vaguely, she realize she no longer wore her boots, wondering when they’d been removed.

Next, the drawstring on her mask was loosened, allowing the mask to be rolled up and off her head, pulling the gag from her mouth. For a moment, Becky lay quietly, then opened her eyes to see Jeremy squatting beside her.

“Damn you,” she said weakly. “Do you do this to the witch every year?”

Jeremy grinned. “Actually,” he replied, “no. I made this up especially for you. I got the idea when the company dad works for developed what they call binary glue. It comes in two parts, and only starts working when the two parts are put together. One part was on the ladle, the other on your gloves.” He shrugged. “The rest, I kind of made up by myself.”

“Jeremy,” Becky said sternly, “if you wanted a fuck, why didn’t you say so? It’s not like I’ve ever said no to you.”

“I wanted it to be a surprise,” Jeremy said. “I was hoping you’d enjoy it. I’m sorry, Becky. I’ll do anything you say to make it up to you.”


“Anything. You know how much I hate making you mad.”

“Fine,” Becky said. “In that case, before tomorrow night, I expect you to have that dildo replaced with a decent vibrator.” She grinned wickedly. “Oh, and make the ladle stir a bit faster, too.”


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