The Real Story of Hansel and Gretal
by Jackie Rabbit
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© Copyright 2011 - Jackie Rabbit - Used by permission
Storycodes: MF; F/mf; outdoors; naked; drug; bond; majick; witch; transform; cook; eat; vore; oral; sex; cons/nc; X
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The Real Story of Hansel and Gretal Jackie Rabbit MF; F/mf; outdoors; naked; drug; bond; majick; witch; transform; cook; eat; vore; oral; sex; cons/nc; X

The real story of Hansel and Gretal starts in a little forest in Germany in the middle 1800's. The two weren't children, and most certainly weren't brother and sister either. Hans had not been called Hansel either for a good ten years or more before that fateful day. Hans was the hansom captain of the track and field team, and all the girls were after him, but they were good girls, and Hans didn't want one of those, at least not yet!

Gretta was easy, there is no other way to say it. She had been thrown off of the cheerleading squad for "unnatural acts" with several of the other cheerleaders, and horny Hans wanted to get her alone in the dark forest to see what her other talents were. The forest was rumored to have a witch, but was also littered with several abandoned cottages that the previous owners were frightened away from. Hans was a poor boy, and a free cottage to explore the depths of depravity Gretta was willing to expose him to sounded perfect. He looked forward to hearing her scream in passion at the top of her lungs with nobody near enough to care.

The two horny teenagers left early for their adventure, but Gretta was frightened that they would get lost, so she decided to leave a trail of discarded clothing as a way to get back out of the forest. Hans told her that was a good idea with a big grin on his face, and his schlong stood at attention for the entire hike as her very sexy body was revealed to him one piece at a time. Gretta made Hans leave a piece of clothing for every one of hers, and Hans was naked long before Gretta as the women of the day dressed in many layers. She had started with her bonnet, and several miles into the forest she was only left with her little shoes!

Hans didn't want to spoil the mood, but he had the feeling the two soon to be lovers were being followed. At first he just thought it was one of his horny friends following them and possibly looking for seconds from Gretta, after he had his fill of course. Hans had made no secret of his intentions with his buddies regarding Gretta, and he looked forward to boasting of his conquest when he returned to school. The feeling of being watched persisted until Hans saw the cottage he was looking for, and the sudden sound of a huge hound baying at their heels made them run to the cottage and burst through door to safety.

The naked teens came face to face with a young woman wearing a long black cape and black high heeled pointed boots. She was not surprised to see the teens as she had been watching their approach in her crystal ball since they entered her forest. The teens realized they just broke into somebodies house, and made their apologies and moved back to the door. The young woman told them they were welcome to stay, and in a very seductive voice that cut to the core of the two. The woman offered the two some tea, and with the hound still wandering around, it looked like their best option. Hans and Gretta sat their bare asses on the cold chairs, and graciously accepted their hosts hospitality.

The young woman introduced herself as Erika, and asked how the two came to be wandering in the forest without a stitch of clothing on. Neither wanted to admit their real reason for their walk in the woods, and the two made up a story about washing their clothing and having them blown away as they dried. As they drank their tea with Erika, Hans saw her eyes all over the both of them, but he could hardly blame the young woman in light of the odd way the three had just met. Had he been in her position, he would likely have thrown his intruders out to the hounds.

Hans and Gretta soon found themselves yawning in a most rude way that they had to repeatedly apologize to Erika for. She said it was fine as they looked sleepy to her, and the two were soon sleeping comfortably at her table. The tea and the suggestion of sleep were all that were needed to push the two trespassers over the edge.

Erika had her work cut out for her, but at least this time she didn't have to undress them. She removed her long cape and decided to work in her skimpy black dress, and boots that came up past her knees. She was easily the sexiest witch in the forest, and she was hungry!

Hans woke first, soon followed by Gretta, and the two found themselves bound on their backs in giant cake pans shaped like gingerbread men. They were bound to the bottom of the pan in several places, and quite helpless. Hans noticed Erika's appearance first, gone was the overdressed young woman, and here was a very sexy witch dressed all in black. In his estimation she was way better looking than Gretta, and apparently in complete control of them. Gretta noticed their sexy captor as well, and couldn't look away from her creamy upper thighs where her boots ended and her short dress had yet to start. Erika hadn't seen that look from another woman for a long time, and it interested her. On closer inspection Erika's stomach was not only flat, but actually concave, like she was starving here in the woods.

When Hans heard Gretta plead for her life, he at least thought she was smart enough to realize their apparent fate. The witch Erika told Gretta not to worry, for as long as she lives so will they! To Hans it didn't sound comforting, it sounded more like a curse! Erika told them both that they were trespassers in her forest, and she was starving! She said she could only eat one of them, and needed their help to decide which one she would cook up. Gretta spoke up first and said she bet she could please her better than any man alive! Erika looked at Gretta with a playful look that said she would like to give her a chance to prove that. Hans realized he might be able to survive this after all, despite Gretta's treachery, and said simply "I have a penis"!

Erika walked back over to her tea cup and then returned to the helpless Hans, and she studied his hansom body and muscles. His schlong was stirring under her gaze, and she took a long noisy sip of her tea, and then blew on his schlong from inches away. Instantly Hans' member swelled to twice the size it had ever achieved on it's own and Erika said in a wry tone,"now you have a real schlong!" Hans felt like an island with a lone tree growing on it, one that he couldn't reach despite his desperate need to do so.

The witch Erika stripped out of the skimpy dress she was wearing to reveal she wore nothing underneath it. Her ribs were there to count and she looked like she was in fact starving. Her breasts were still full, but the rest of her was thin. Erika climbed up on her baking table and straddled Gretta's face with her neatly trimmed box, and gave Gretta a chance to win her earlier "bet". Erika thought Gretta had been practicing earlier, because she was very good. Erika really wanted to taste Gretta as well, and bent over in her present position to help herself. Hans was bound, and had the hardest "time" in the world watching and hearing the show happening just a few feet away from him. The girls were nosily slurping up each others juices and each appeared to orgasm in a very violent way. Erika had worked up a sweat with Gretta and was licking her lips when she dismounted her. Things didn't look good for Hans.

Erika walked over to Hans and put both her little hands around his newly impressive manhood one on top of the other, and there would have been room for another hand if Erika had one. She licked and sucked on him, and teased him to the brink several times in his first ever blow job. Erika was clearly an expert, and when she finally let him cum she swallowed it all. Hans' eyes rolled into the back of his head, and he only opened them in time to see Erika with a sour look on her pretty face, like a child that was forced to eat some vegetable she hated.

Erika went to Gretta and gave her a peck on the cheek, and said she was far better tasting than Hans, and proceeded to fill her cake pan with batter until it was near her face. She then put two clear candy "eyes" over Gretta's real ones, and put a breathing tube in her mouth that looked like another candy. Gretta's pan was filled the rest of the way with batter, and the little witch maneuvered the giant cake pan into the preheated oven. Gretta voiced her protests, but all that came out was an unintelligible garble of syllables.

Hans was horrified that Gretta was going to be cooked alive, but elated that it wasn't him. With Hans still on the baking table, and strapped in the cake pan, Erika came to him. She blew on his schlong again and the thing was again instantly hard, despite the noises escaping the oven. Erika mounted Hans and impaled herself on his unnaturally hard self with some obvious difficulty. She had to grunt some before she got down on top of him like she wanted, but was eventually riding him in a very vocal way. Hans did well, but eventually came off when the witch dug her fingernails into his shoulders. The horny witch blew on his schlong and repeated the process for hours as the oven cooked. Hans' body was performing independent of his own desires, and the witch just kept using him until her meal was done.

The witch, with Hans' help, took the huge gingerbread woman out of the oven that was all golden brown and perfect. The witch decorated her nipples and sex with icing, making her look even more like a giant female cookie. Gretta was removed from the pan and set in the middle of the table and Erika the witch removed the candy from over her eyes, and to Hans' horror she was still alive and moving them inside the cake. Erika had waited long enough and she broke off one of Gretta's feet and started eating the cake like food. Hans just stared in disbelief, overwhelmed at everything that had happened so far that day. There were no bones and it looked like all cake! Gretta looked unaware she was being eaten, and Hans' curiosity made him break off a piece and take a taste. Erika just looked at him with a bemused look and returned to eating.

Gretta was delicious! Hans couldn't believe something so horrible could be so good, and he started eating along with Erika. They started at the bottom, and worked their way to the top. They stopped multiple times to make love as Gretta was forced to watch, and then resume the eating orgy with both of them gaining belly fat as they consumed the cake...

...The two cannibals were finally sated after three days, and all that was left of Gretta was her still living head, magically kept alive by the witches batter. Her eyes were darting around and took in the distended bodies of both Erika and Hans, and she realized how they got that way. Erika walked over to her door and called out to some huge animal named Gandolph, and in an instant a great grey wolf bounded through the door and to the table. The animal gave Hans a curious look, but sat down as if waiting for a treat. Erika gave Gandolph the head part of the cookie and told him to bury it with the others.

Happy Halloween!



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