The Chocolate Woman
by daviddrb6
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Storycodes: Other/f; machine/f; FF/f; caramel; chocolate; encase; set; transform; F2confectionary; statue; display; shop; sold; cut-up; eaten; reluct/nc; X
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The Chocolate Woman daviddrb6 Other/f; machine/f; FF/f; caramel; chocolate; encase; set; transform; F2confectionary; statue; display; shop; sold; cut-up; eaten; reluct/nc; X

The story features the thirty something schoolteacher Sarah Laughton who appears in the stories "Five O' Clock", "Thanks, Miss Laughton" "Horror of The White Worm" and "The Beautiful Creature".


Sarah Laughton lay in the trough waiting for the caramel to be poured on her. She couldn't move. The giant nozzle was suspended above her and she could feel the cold air on her naked body.

The nozzle spat and drooled the caramel on her. Sarah gasped as it slapped on to her flat stomach. It felt heavy against her skin and yet also soft. The caramel oozed over and underneath her and Sarah moved her arms to smear it along her thighs before they splashed into the fluid and were sucked under. The caramel slid over her breasts and lapped against her chin. She felt it moving up over her mouth. She tried to keep it closed but was forced to open it to take a breath and the sweet fluid poured in.

Sarah licked her lips at the taste and then choked; raising her head to do so. It was now covered in the liquid; her hair slicked tightly back and hanging in thick, gluey strands with the caramel running off in rivulets from her ears and cheeks. It pulled her back down so that her whole body apart from her face, front and toes protruded out only to be eventually covered. Sarah breathed and it came out as a huge bubble which burst silently over her mouth.

Sarah felt herself being turned over on to her stomach but couldn't tell whether it was by machinery or human hands. It was odd that the caramel wasn't getting into her nostrils and that she could still breathe. Maybe it was a special type of fluid or maybe whoever was doing this wanted her kept alive. She felt the caramel ease down the hollows of her back and into the open cleft of her buttocks; filling them up until they overflowed. Sarah felt herself falling asleep as she was turned over onto her back and then taken out of the trough.


Sarah lay on her back beneath a lit ceiling. She heard a harsh roaring faintly through her partly deafened ears, and cold air around her. The light had a golden hue due to the film of caramel over her eyes and her arms and legs were heavy. Her heart was beating softly.

"It must be a freezer," she thought, "They're letting me set. Is that all they're going to do or are they going to do some more work to me?"

Sarah tried to guess what would happen next. Her mind eventually went blank and she lay looking up at the ceiling until she was taken out of the freezer.


The liquid chocolate was poured onto Sarah's body. She felt it was soft and soothing. She felt herself being moulded into a perfect chocolate figurine with a caramel undercoat to make her body even sweeter. Her arms were set by her sides with her outspread hands resting on her thighs. Her legs were parted slightly; her belly and breasts were moulded and highlighted and her hair slicked back and carefully set so that it flowed down her back. Finally the excess liquid was blown off her and she was put back in the freezer to be set permanently in her chocolate cocoon.

"Help me," Sarah thought.


Sarah was in the window of a confectioner. She had a red ribbon wound around her thighs and breasts. As long as people weren't offended by full frontal nudity then they weren't concerned by her half death.

She looked out on an enclosed arcade with wrought ironwork overhead and a clothes shop opposite. From the corner of her eye she could see a fountain and a cafe with chairs and tables outside. The confectioners shop had displays of chocolate boxes, bagged chocolates and chocolate dolls and teddy bears. Beside her, Sarah had seen two other life-size chocolate figurines. They were both women; naked like her with their slim bodies made to look more smooth by the chocolate and their hair was also neatly sculptured and arranged on their shoulders and down their backs. Sarah felt they looked young; probably in their late teens or early twenties.

"Who are you?" Sarah thought. "You were probably abducted like me. Are your families missing you? Will they be making appeals asking you to come home? Are the police scouring every inch of CCTV footage looking for you?"

"And what will they say about me," Sarah asked herself silently. "Poor Miss Laughton. She was a popular teacher. Everyone liked her. We can't understand what could have happened to her?"

"How long will people care? When the journalists go looking for another story? When the police give up and label it as another missing person’s case? A cold case they'll call it. This chocolate is cold. It's sealing me into my upright tomb!"

Two women stopped to look at her. One was blonde; the other a brunette.


Sarah screamed as the blonde woman inserted her fingers into her chocolate vagina but the cry came out as a tiny whimper in her throat. She felt numb to the pain and detached from her new chocolate form that the two women had purchased for £599.00, Sarah felt she was worth more than that after what she'd gone through!

"Mmmn, this is good," the blonde woman said. "Really creamy. Want to try some?"

She held out her fingers covered with Sarah's cream based semen and the brunette licked them. "You've never said that when you fucked me," she said, licking her lips.

"But then I've always found you soft and chewy," the blonde said; nodding at Sarah's prone form. "Just like her except you're not covered in chocolate. ”Shall we cut her up now and take her to work with us?" she asked.

"Good idea," said the brunette, "We'll share her around."

Sarah heard an electric meat saw being plugged in and tested. Then she saw the blonde woman lean over with the saw in her hand. "I'm sorry you think we're bitches," she told her; putting her hand on her brow, "But we thought you were so sweet and we couldn't resist you. We're going to keep your head because you really look gorgeous and we'll continue to taste you when the rest of you is gone."

Sarah said nothing. She felt no pain as the meat saw severed her head from her neck.



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