How I spent My Halloween
by Mikel
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© Copyright 2015 - Mikel - Used by permission
Storycodes: M/f; latex; catsuits; corsets; leather; hobble; armbinder; hood; gag; bond; susp; toys; insert; chast; public; club; display; tease; torment; denial; climax; cons; X
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How I spent My Halloween Mikel M/f; latex; catsuits; corsets; leather; hobble; armbinder; hood; gag; bond; susp; toys; insert; chast; public; club; display; tease; torment; denial; climax; cons; X

I received a package with Lori's return address on it about two weeks before Halloween. I opened the large box and found another box inside it with a note taped on top saying “DO NOT OPEN!” I laughed at her antics as I dug out her phone number and called her. I hadn’t even spoken to her for almost a year, the last time was when she came to visit just before Christmas. We both had been very busy and since the state she lived in was in a different time zone we played a lot of phone tag leaving suggestive messages for each other.

I knew from her last visit I was going to have an interesting Halloween especially since it was her favorite time of year to indulge her desires for public bondage and walking around for the week before in as risqué of clothing as possible. When she lived nearby she would spend the entire week wearing her collection of latex and skyscraper heels. Lori had always felt she was too short and had started wearing high heels in middle school and now wore towering heels at all times.

Her fetish for latex is what had brought us together, I had spotted her latex dress under her clothes several times at work and finally asked her about it. Our first “date” was a shopping trip to every fetish store we knew and after spending much more money than I should have we continued to share our passion for fetish and bondage for several years before fate forced her to move away. She visit’s sporadically sometimes three or four times a year sometimes twice a year. The interesting thing about her visits is she may stay a day or two or, like once, an entire month always under my control and dressed in her favorite items.

Lori returned my call and started with “You didn’t open the box did you?” I laughed again and said I had not and asked what was going on. Lori explained to me that she would be visiting for at least a week, if that was ok, knowing that of course it was and that she would explain more when she got there. I was surprised that she was not allowing me to plan for her visit but knowing her as well as I did I knew my gear would be getting a work out. I arranged to take three days of the week she would be here off from work and visited a few shops to see if any new ideas popped into my head. I found several new things that I had not seen before so I promptly bought them and waited for her arrival.

Friday the week before Halloween I got at call at midnight saying she was about to board her plane and how excited she was to be wearing the thick purple catsuit we had purchased on her last visit. She especially liked not being able to remove it once she had made it through security since she carried only a very small handbag and had checked her “Suitcase”. The thought of her trapped in her latex for hours in public even got me excited so I knew she would be very randy when she got here.

I had drifted off waiting for her and was awakened by someone banging on my front door. I opened it and found her standing in what could only be called the steepest high heels I had ever seen. They were held on her small feet with what looked like a hundred straps that disappeared up her legs under the long tight skirt that left only a hint of the purple catsuit poking out. Her ample breasts were heaving under the fitted blouse and the wide belt pulled tightly showing her diminutive waist. She squealed and jumped up into my arms kissing me and hugging me tight, I was in love with her all over again.

I stumbled back inside slamming the door with her still hanging from around my neck babbling about her adventure on the plane and with security. Apparently the suit showed up as a slightly blurry line around her body and she had submitted to a pat down and the security lady got quite a good feel of the suit. Lori was ecstatic as the lady backed off smiling but red faced and cleared her through the check point. She was also surprised no one said anything about the corset or vibrators she had under her clothes which as she told me the story she was removing as we stood in my living room.

I stood and watched her undress revealing not only the thick latex but a tightly laced under bust corset and the metal collar she had locked around her neck after the check point. The shoes did not have laces but were actually crotch high boots that gave the appearance of being laced up her legs. Lori explained that if you wore shoes that were open then security would not ask you to remove them. Lori gave me a twirl for me to tell her what I thought of her outfit so I made her do it a few more times so I could take it all in. It was now three thirty in the morning and she said she had put everything on around six the night before so she had been wearing it in public for over fourteen hours.

Lori was still too wound up to want to sit so we went out to find somewhere to get something to eat, Lori in her cat suit and corset and me still half awake. We drove around until the sun came up, Lori chatting at full speed only stopping briefly a few times to sit and breathe heavily for a few minutes before resuming her narrative. Lori explained that after her Christmas visit she had enjoyed the corset I had given her so much she started corset training and now wore them every day at seventeen inches over the corset and loved it when she could get someone to pull her down to fourteen.

Lori decided she wanted pancakes and talked me into going into a pancake house with her to eat instead of the drive through we had been looking for. I was glad there were only a few tables of people and none seemed to care what she looked like and paid us no attention. While we were eating a group of guys came in being very loud showing just how drunk they were and I hoped they would be seated near the back and maybe allow us to slip out the side without any problems.

No such luck, as they were seated behind us a few tables back. Lori oblivious as usual sat humming for a few minutes then smiled and said she needed to go to the bathroom and jumped up. Lori trotted past the two tables of drunk guys, the men seemed shocked as she went by and they all stared at her wonderful figure and her bouncing ass under the tight rubber. As I sat there thinking “Ok, here we go again” they all turned to look at me and some smiled and others nodded in approval and continued their conversation.

Lori returned and we started to leave when the guys started whistling and smarting off but it wasn’t until one grabbed her by the arm that it got interesting. After the brief scuffle with the guys we ran to the car and took off, Lori laughing reminding me of the last time “I” had gotten us in trouble. I quickly reminded her that it was her stubbornness about wanting to go out dressed like she was that night that had gotten us in trouble. We laughed all the way home stopping only once so she could go buy me some cigarettes, I made her walk across the large parking lot and into a very popular grocery store where I knew she would have to stand in line.

Lori came out smiling telling me of all the distasteful looks she got from the “early birds” that were shopping. Arriving home Lori told me about the vibrators seated deep inside her and I put it together that they had been the cause of her pauses and moaning all night. Lori was going to relieve herself and remove them but I told her she would not remove them but replace the batteries and give me the remotes. Lori smiled and went to the bathroom while I waited and thought “She’s been having fun all night now it’s my turn”.

With Lori already wearing what she was combined with her previous begging to force her to wear the cat suit the entire time she was here worked well for one of my newest purchases for her. Lori came out grinning and handed me the remotes, I took her by the hand and led her to the bedroom and quickly cuffed her hands above her head to the chains I always keep hanging there. Lori was still grinning until I turned the vibrators off, she immediately started whining and tugging at the chains. I showed her the large gag she had always said she liked and she opened wide as I worked the ball behind her teeth and secured the straps around her head making sure not to trap any of her hair under them.

Now I stood back and looked at my captured beauty, her body covered in the latex that had been the thickest either of us had ever found making both of us agree she had to have it. The extreme heels of the crotch high boots making her stand almost on her toes, straining her ankles to keep her steady on top of the spiked heels. Her lovely breasts heaving even more over the snug corset that teased me with its slightly open back begging me to lace it closed. Lori’s hands twisted in the wide cuffs attached to the chains as she gasped for air around the large ball strapped tightly into her mouth.

I studied the collar and asked where the key was, Lori grunted shrugging her shoulders refusing to tell me even though I had no intentions of removing it. I explained that I thought her collar would go well with her Halloween present and left her to dangle and wonder what I was talking about. I went to my closet and quickly adjusted the new item to its smallest setting and returned to see Lori struggling and twisting wonderfully from the chains. I cleared my throat and she stopped and turned towards me and squealed behind the gag when she saw the steel chastity belt I had in my hands.

Lori had talked many times about wearing one and having me be her key holder but had never committed to it being afraid it would be too much for her not to be able to touch herself for weeks at a time. Now for the next week she would have no choice the excitement and a little fear showed in her eyes as I tried to wrap the belt around her corseted waist. “Damn!” as she tried to watch me close it, “It’s too small” I continued. “Maybe if I tightened the corset?” I said questionably looking into her lust filled eyes. Lori quickly nodded yes and turned her back to me and I started pulling on the laces.

Lori had said she liked to be laced down to fourteen but had never been able to make herself stay that way for long. I pulled the laces moving the loops to be tied together lower to make sure the waist band on the belt would cover them. Working her waist inwards until she hung gasping as I closed the corset then measured it at a little below fourteen inches. “There now let’s try the belt” I already knew it would fit very snuggly around her waist and pulled and tugged until I was able to close the belt. With the belt pulling into the corset she could feel the extra tension around her waist and moaned slightly as she tried to look over the steel around her throat holding her head straight due to her arms being pulled up over her head.

Taking the crotch piece with the single steel bar running between her firm ass cheeks I pulled it up forcing it tightly against her pussy and deep into her ass. Lori squealed again as she felt it push her plug in further and how tight it was pressing onto her pussy. I ignored her gagged pleas and grunted as I hoisted the cover over the locking pin and snapped it closed sealing her in rubber and steel. I stood back and watched her twist and turn on her toes as she desperately tried to see the steel I had locked so tightly around her waist. Lori continued trying to see over her breasts but the wide collar wouldn’t allow her to look far enough downwards to see how tight the corset and belt were.

I left her alone to struggle while I went to her hand bag and looked for the key to the collar, not finding it there I looked through her small suitcase finding no other “normal” clothes just more latex items and three pairs of shoes none of which had less than six inch heels and one of them being a pair of ballet boots. I smiled at her determination and wondered what was in the box she sent me as I searched for and finally found a small key ring with several keys on it. I listened to her rattling the chains and the rubber creaking as she fought to free herself and smiled again as I pictured her in my mind desperately wanting me to turn the vibrators on again.

I had to go into work for at least a few hours so I walked past her and showered leaving her still dangling from the ceiling while I cleaned up and got dressed. I walked up to her and said “I don’t want you to get any sleep while I’m gone since you kept me up all night so what should I do” she shrugged her shoulders and giggled and looked up at the chains. “I guess I could leave you like you are?” She giggled again. I went into the closet saying “I think you are still too comfortable” returning to her with a leather hood with no eyes but open lower face and a set of heavy legs irons.

I laced the hood tightly over her head and then locked the legs irons around her booted ankles. I then pulled her ankles close together and slipped a padlock between the last links of the chain between them. This would keep her from being able to separate her feet by more than a few inches. Satisfied I slapped her ass hard making a loud pop noise and said ‘I gotta go see you in a few”. Lori whined around the gag as I left the room, I know she was begging me to turn the vibrators on but I left them quiet and went to work dreaming of her for the next four hours chained in place helpless to do anything but stand in the increasingly uncomfortable boots.

Four hours later I returned home to find her just where I had left her moaning slightly as she slowly turned in place. Lori’s arms were now pulled much closer together and in her twisting she had pulled them much tighter almost lifting herself off the floor. “You still like it tight don’t you” I said startling her. Lori whined and began pulling at the chains as I changed clothes and told her I needed to get some sleep and if she thought she could be good I would let her take a nap beside me but if not she could stay where she was. Lori whined and pulled at the chains again finally grunting once for she wanted to lay with me.

I told her to turn the other way to free the chains but she moaned and yanked at the chains. I almost thought she wanted to stay there until I noticed that she had somehow twisted a knot in the chains and she couldn’t untwist them. I laughed and said “How did you do that?” she giggled around the gag and soon I had her untwisted lowering her hands then recuffing them again in front of her. I led her to the bed not removing anything else and helped her to lay back. Picking up her legs then lying next to her running my hands over the hot rubber skin before drifting off to a much needed nap.

I had to shake Lori awake, she was exhausted and opened her eyes and smiled realizing I had already removed the hood and gag. She grabbed me and pulled me down to her and kissed me deeply before saying “Thank you”. I smiled and kissed her back then pulled her up to her feet and led her to the dining room and we ate the food I had brought home. I watched her shift constantly in her chair, noticing her hand going to her steel covered crotch every few minutes. “How does it feel?” I asked. Lori smiled and said “Tight” “Well you’ll get used to that” she meekly smiled back and asked “How long are you going to make me wear this?”

I smiled back and just shrugged my shoulders, Lori giggled and slapped my arm then asked “So what’s on for tonight?” I cleaned the dishes off the table and asked “What’s in the box?” Lori laughed and said “You really didn’t open it?” Surprised that she thought I would have I just shook my head no. “Well go get it and we'll open it together”. I pointed to where the box sat and said “You go get it” Lori jumped up and shuffled quickly to the box bringing it back to the table.

I opened the box watching Lori gasping and squirming with excitement, as I pulled each item out she would giggle and take it from me laying it down and smoothing it out on the table. I removed two very long corsets from the box stopping to look at them then had Lori take them and hold them against her wonderful body showing me how each fit and pointing out the one for her costume. Lori had written a very specific list of things and positions she wanted to be secured in for the next week and we sat and went over it.

As Lori knelt next to me pointing at the paper babbling about each item I watched her rubber covered breasts heaving as she gasped each word. For the next six days Lori spent the day tied tightly or chained securely in one of her requested positions, still locked in her steel chastity belt and thick rubber never being allowed to orgasm. In the evenings she was allowed to clean herself before being forced to reinstall the vibrators and thick rubber having them locked back inside her with steel cuffs, chastity belt and collar. Each day I could see her frustration building in her face and in her arguments about getting dressed. After getting her dressed we would go out, sometimes I would leave her only in her rubber and steel as we went to places where it was appropriate. Adding more restraints and gags as the situation allowed always keeping her aroused and teasing her with brief pulses from her vibrators.

The day before Halloween she cleaned herself early, I made her insert the largest vibrators she had brought with her along with the tens unit pads I had gotten before her arrival. I had introduced her to the tens unit several days ago experimenting with it and its multiple settings while she was bound spread eagle to the bed. During the experiments I had learned its capabilities and her limits and found out she enjoyed the sensations it could give her immensely. Lori had begged for me to use them every time I had left her ungagged for more than a few seconds and now smiled as I had her attach eight pads to her body in very specific places before forcing her to slip into the thick latex. The costume Lori had chosen was an intricate ensemble of the corset, leather spanking dress and other restrictive components that would keep her well restrained but able to walk.

The outer dress was shaped to look a lot like an Elvira dress mixed with a Morticia Adams dress. The thick leather followed her narrow waist and had a high firm collar but left her cleavage open with only thin laces criss crossing it. The skirt hugged her thighs tightly and flowed seamlessly down to her ankles hugging them tightly as well. Lori had asked me to lace the spanking skirt under the dress very tightly forcing her firm ass up and out and now under the tight leather it seemed to be bulging. After getting her dressed I helped her lay back on the bed since sitting was almost impossible and laced her ballet boots on her feet. While I was helping her up I stroked her body and could feel the leather over her ass was much thinner actually showing the tens pads under it.

Lori could tell I had noticed and smiled meekly and said “That’s for when I need to be punished”. I smiled broadly thinking she had no idea of what I had planned for tonight. We had two parties to go to then down to the main drag to walk around the clubs with the rest of the adult trick or treater’s and she would be forced to endure it all sealed in her corset and leather. I locked the steel collar around her throat and placed the wide steel cuffs around her wrists then watched her wobble around the room on her toes. Lori was gasping as she told me she had been practicing in her toe boots but had never been able to wear them very long.

It was starting to get dark when I told her to go to the garage and got a strange look from her then she asked “Are we going out already?” I smiled and said “It’s going to be a long night, well for some of us” Lori whined as she started walking slowly to the garage with me behind her enjoying her ass shifting under the tight leather. Lori was gasping when she looked at the car's seat and started to say something but I forced her arms behind her and clipped the cuffs together and then filled her mouth with her favorite gag.

I reached in and leaned the seat back and pushed her gently into the seat listening to her whine as she bent herself to fit in the door. I lifted her feet into the car and pulled the seat belt across her body latching it snugly around her waist. I climbed in the driver’s side and sat watching her rubber covered breasts heave under the leather as she whined and pleaded with her eyes for me to release her. Lori struggled with the cuffs and for air during the whole ride to our friend’s house, they had been friends of ours for years and also enjoyed the fetish scene and always planned wonderfully fetish holiday parties.

Arriving I freed her hands and let her remove the gag and for the rest of the evening at both parties teased her and shocked her with the vibrators and tens unit. At the second party I even tied her collar to a low bar and let the other patrons take turns whipping and playing with the tens unit. Lori was becoming more submissive as the evening wore on even asking if she could be gagged during our trip down the drag. I smiled and agreed knowing she was enjoying herself and wanted more so when we parked several blocks from the drag I helped her out and forced her arms into the armsleeve she had sent and had already worn for an entire day, and laced it tightly pulling her shoulders back and forcing her breasts further forward.

I set the tens unit to stimulate her softly in her pussy and shock her hard on her ass and tits immediately making Lori whine as I shoved the control box into the top of the arm sleeve and took a small pad lock and snicked it closed sealing the unit out of reach. I then took the remotes for her vibrators and turned both on low getting another loud whine from her gagged mouth and dropped them in the seat of the car and locked the door. Lori was pleading with me to turn them up but I ignored her moans and told her the key to the armbinder was at home, this got another loud moan from her gagged mouth as I tugged on her leash.

Lori was in heaven as I tugged her along with her leash making her have to almost skip in her toe boots to keep up. Once we reached the drag she saw the large crowds and hesitated. I tugged on her leash and reminded her if we got split up to head back to the car and wait for me there. Lori’s eyes told me she was in her sub space right where she liked to be and I moved her in front as we eased into the crowd. I watched Lori’s struggle to keep up with the pace of the crowd loving the way her ass was shifting under the leather and the sound her shoes were making on the pavement.

It took over an hour to reach the far end of the drag and Lori was having problems breathing so I pulled her to one side and we stood while I watched her, mesmerized by her beauty. Her full red lips encircling the ball wedged deeply behind her teeth while her strawberry blond hair flowed around her face and neck. Lori’s heaving breasts were continuously drawing my attention while she stared into my eyes relishing my control over her. I looked at her and asked if she was alright and she shook her head yes and rubbed her body on mine. I told her I was proud of her for performing the way she had and tugged on her leash as we started our way back to the car.

It was now past two in the morning and the bars along the drag were closing and more people were on the street making it harder for us to walk without being bumped and pushed. After having to stop again so she could catch her breath we made it back to the car, this time she would be laid all the way back in the seat for the trip home. Lori was really struggling with the tight leather, the submissive look had given way to desperation as her breathing became more difficult but she never panicked and made it to the house. As soon as we arrived home she mumbled her safe word and I quickly removed the gag and started to remove the collar but she asked for me to wait as she stood next to the car panting. After several minutes she smiled again at my worried face and kissed me then said “I think I’m ready for bed”. Lori knew it was no use trying to coax me into letting her orgasm so after relieving herself she let me lock the belt on her over the latex and corset with no arguments.

Waking the next afternoon I looked over at my captive beauty sleeping so peacefully in the tight armsleeve, thin bit gag and the rest of her apparel. I was amazed at how far she had come with being able to wear not only her restraints for so long but the gag and crushing corset as well. I left her sleeping going about my morning rituals and fixing breakfast until she finally teetered into the kitchen whining. I teased her for a few minutes before removing her armsleeve and handing her the keys to the remaining restraints and saying “Ok, you have done so well I guess you have earned a few hours off” I smiled at her and continued “Just put the belt back on” in a firm tone getting a giggle from her gagged mouth as she bowed slightly and dashed off on her pointed toes.

Lori returned to me as I sat in the living room in just my robe, the steel shining around her waist and between her legs. I could see the belt digging into her waist, since she was wearing nothing else except her high heels, and wondered how she had gotten it closed by herself. Lori said nothing as she knelt between my legs and quickly took my swollen cock into her mouth and started sucking on it with determination. Even though she had serviced me several times this week this time she was working especially hard to make me cum. I knew it was an attempt to encourage me to let her orgasm as well but that wasn’t going to happen for many more hours and then she was going to wish it would stop once it started.

When I could walk again I raised Lori from between my legs and let her eat a small breakfast before we got her ready for the trick or treater’s. This time the vibrators were much bigger, I had to really work to get the plug into her firm ass listening to Lori moaning while I inserted it and its much larger cousin into her wet pussy. They also had chords so I would not have to worry about batteries and we added more tens pads all over her body. Lori looked a little nervous as I worked the transparent latex cat suit up her body. She had plans of her own but I wasn’t going to let it ruin my fun. Forcing the ballet boots back on and then locking the cuffs around her ankles just to make sure the boots didn’t “slip” off made her whine slightly. I filled her mouth with an inflatable gag and pumped it until she stopped whining leaving her with absurdly distended cheeks for the remainder of her prep time.

Lori was now sealed in the clear latex from her neck to her toes, both of us enjoying rubbing and stroking her body as we smoothed out any winkles. The vibrators were both much larger than the ones she had been getting frustrated with all week so I knew she was already excited by the growing clear spot under the latex around her pussy. I wrapped the long corset she had brought around her getting strange looks as I smiled and said “You’ll see” and started lacing in up. This corset had two half cups that would crush her breasts into large round rubber covered mounds and would hold her firmly from her armpits to almost her knees. I also didn’t know that it would crush her waist even further and continued pulling and yanking at the laces, having to chain her wrists to the ceiling again, until it was closed. Lori stood gasping and grunting as I stood back wiping the sweat from my face and admired her rigid and perfect figure.

Lori’s plan had been to wear her rubber and corset under the very tight fitting dress she had worn out previously without all the added torments while she was handing out candy and to have me tease her with the vibrators the whole time. My idea was similar but with more restrictions and more torture. While I had her wrists still bound to the ceiling I pumped the gag up a little more and removed the pump and hose. After removing the hose I pulled a latex hood over her head making sure the small breathing tube exited the hole in the hood and lined up the tiny holes over her eyes. The hood was very thick so it compressed her head substantially once it was laced tightly. Lori whined as it smashed her face around the tight balloon in her mouth but could do nothing to stop or change what I was doing.

Having already forced her into the dress the night before and would now wear for the rest of the night I knew it was able to be laced all the way down to her ankles. I struggled to work the heavy leather dress up her body having to stop and uncuff one wrist at a time and feed it through the straps on the top of it. Once it was sitting on her shoulders I began the long chore of lacing it from her neck to her ankles. I sat on a stool behind Lori resting and began stroking my wiggling captive and really began to enjoy feeling her wonderful body wiggling under the thick leather. As I sat dreaming about having her encased like this forever I almost exploded in my pants from the day dream I was having. When I opened my eyes I looked up and could see Lori stretching her neck over the loose tall collar looking down at me, apparently I had turned her around several times forcing her to wobble in small circles in the toe boots while I was lost in my day dream. I could barely hear her but definitely could feel her giggling under the latex hood as I sat looking up into the tiny holes over her wonderful green eyes.

I spun her quickly around and continued the task of lacing her into the leather dress, crushing her thighs together and making it so her ankles were almost touching before moving up to lace the bodice. Lori was no longer whining, instead she was humming, I call it purring, something she had always done when she is enjoying herself. I tightened the bodice noting how as the tension around her chest increased the opening in the leather above her breasts became filled with her breasts and was glad the latex covered them or it might have been too racy for young trick or treaters. I was now at the reinforced collar of the dress, the collar was very thick and not only would it cover the bottom of the hood trapping it under the thick leather it would hold her thin neck firmly from her chin down making it impossible for her to bend or flex her neck at all.

I laced the collar until Lori whined then adjusted it so it pulled evenly from her shoulders to her chin then took the laces covers and closed them over all the laces making the dress appear to have no openings at all. Lowering her arms I removed the cuffs and pulled on the leather gloves that went with the dress. She had not worn these previously so I struggled to get the tight leather pulled up her arms. Lori could do nothing but stand staring straight ahead and giggle as she felt me fighting the leather. The gloves had lacing above the elbows but the forearms almost seemed too small but after thirty minutes I had them pulled up and laced tightly around both arms. The tops of the gloves had the same fake feathered trim as the collar and hem of the dress making it look almost like it was part of her body not a costume.

As Lori stood on her pointed toes humming again holding onto the bed post with both hands I placed the final piece to her costume on her. The long black wig would cover most of her face and hung down almost to her well defined waist line, after some fussing with it I found I could make it almost cover her bulging cleavage so maybe I wouldn’t offend any parents that might walk to the door. Now that I was finished I stepped back and told Lori she should practice walking since she was going to be moving the rest of the night and suggesting she should go and have a look at her costume. Lori struggled to move her feet in the tight leather dress finding her rhythm and moving slowly to the large mirror across the room.

Lori stood staring at herself, she had been unaware that the hood was actually a female mask with dark painted lips pressed together concealing the small breathing tube and dark painted green eyes making her look like a much paler Morticia Adams. She stroked her encased body and head humming as I began to set up the control units for the vibrators and stim units. I started hooking the units to the wires hanging by her feet then hung the controls from the back of the tight hem line and when I stood up she turned and hugged me while she wiggled under my grasp. I knew she was enjoying herself and wondered how long that would last. I explained that each time someone walked onto the porch the tens units would turn on and when the doorbell rang the vibrators would be activated. The tens units could only be turned on and off but the vibrators could be set for random so each time the bell rang it would be a surprise for her. Lori giggled and clapped her hands as I explained she would be forced to stand by the door handing out candy until no more trick or treaters came by.

While Lori struggled to the front door I went and checked my controls for her tortures, the controls were simple relay units hooked to the door bell and to a motion sensor on the front of the porch. I had used these on her a few times when we would have parties making her squirm all night. Tonight the sensor would be set to turn on then off each time it picked someone up making the tens unit come on and stay on until it was tripped again. The door bell switch would turn her vibrators on and would only run a maximum of three minutes or until the door bell was pressed again so she, theoretically, shouldn’t be able to be stimulated enough to orgasm. Next to the front door was a small table where a large bucket of candy sat and attached by a thick eye bolt screwed deep into the door frame was a thick chain. At the end of the chain was a steel collar that was currently open waiting to be placed around her thin neck.

The collar and chain would keep her near the door with the key to it placed at the bottom of the large bucket under a pressure plate that wouldn’t release until most of the candy was gone. The bucket was screwed to a table so it couldn’t be turned over forcing her to reach into the bucket to get the candy. Another way to keep her from cheating and handing out too much candy to each visitor was I had cut a hole just big enough for her balled up hand to slip through. The hole would force her to only be able to grab a few pieces of candy at a time so she wouldn’t just dump a bunch into the children’s bags shortening her ordeal.

Lori finally made it to the front door, I explained the set up as I hooked up and tested her torture devices making her squeal and hum before shutting both down. When I closed the collar around her neck I told her about where the key was for the collar she slowly turned and bent forwards to see the large bucket and made a noise that I could only assume was from surprise at the size of it. I turned on the porch light even though I figured it would be at least two more hours before anyone showed up and went to get into my costume for the evening leaving Lori to ponder her fate and try to figure out away to escape it. As I walked away I told Lori that I had registered with the city to be one of the “Giving” houses this Halloween which she knew meant that a lot more children would be coming to visit tonight than ever before.

I spent the rest of the evening in my Gomez Adams costume, it was really just a three piece suit, with my hair slicked and since I already had a mustache that was pretty much it except for the large cigar I carried around. Lori stood occasionally yanking on the chain for the next two hours waiting for the first child to arrive. Finally she squealed as the tens unit turned on and then felt the vibrators kick on as the door bell rang and she pulled the door open and saw two friends of ours I had invited over. She waved them in as both studied her outfit saying how wonderful she looked and came in leaving her to close the door and wait. I chatted with them for several minutes explaining our costumes and her predicament making both laugh and congratulate us on our creativity and showing me the restraints the woman was wearing under her costume as well.

After about ten minutes I noticed Lori wiggling and twisting and could hear a slight whining coming from her gagged mouth so I went to her and asked if she was ok? She nodded she was but continued to wiggle and fight the leather covering her even squealing every few seconds. I finally dawned on me since our guests hadn’t walked past the sensor again the e-stim unit was remaining on, I checked the control unit seeing the small LED that said it was on and laughed as I hit the reset button getting a gasp of relief from Lori.

Later Lori would tell me that when the e-stim was on by itself the shocks to her nipples and on each side of her pussy would become very intense especially later when I had turned them up several notches making it fell like she was getting whipped by a thin cane, something she enjoyed very much. Lori performed very well only begging to sit and getting a stool that allowed her to rest her pointed toes, entertaining me and our guests by her constant wiggling and whining as the door bell seemed to ring continuously for the next several hours. Lori was very frustrated by her situation, she knew she could only free herself from the door frame by empting the bucket. With her gloved hands she could only grab an few pieces of candy at a time forcing her to go back and forth from the door way to the bucket several times for each group of kids. The tight corset made it difficult to bend so she could see the kid’s bags through the tiny eye openings in the mask and also made it extremely difficult to breathe forcing her to exhale each time she bent forward.

A few more guests arrived, twice I was busy doing something and hadn’t realized they had come in for several minutes leaving Lori to get shocked savagely by the tens unit, both times it was children crossing the sensor that turned the units off but also resetting the unit so now when the kids left the porch the e-stim unit would turn on instead of turning off. I could not set time limits on the sensors so there were many times Lori would be electrically whipped for what seemed like a very long time before the sensor would give her a brief respite.

By the time the trick or treaters stopped coming by Lori had been encased and tortured for over six hours and still had not reached the bottom of the bucket. Lori leaned on the stool trying to rest her aching feet, her body pulsating from the e-stim shocks she was still getting for almost an hour before I turned off the unit and unlocked the collar from the door frame. Lori was relieved thinking I would free her from her restraints but instead I laced her leather covered arms into her armsleeve and hung a bottle opener around her neck. For the next three hours she was forced to go to any of our guests that needed to open their beer bottles, shuffling slowly to and from each. Each guest could turn on her vibrators or the e-stim unit depending on how well they thought she had done serving them. Lori twisted and fought the arm sleeve giving everyone a great show as she tried to find someone to help her achieve an orgasm but no one knowing that the vibrators would only run a few minutes at a time.

By the time our last guest had left Lori was a mess, she had been shuffling around the house for hours, her body was exhausted and it was only the sheer sexual frustration that kept her moving. She had not been allowed to orgasm for the entire week, which was much longer than she had ever gone before and now had been teased into sexual submission. She stood on her pointed toes waiting for her next command no longer thinking about how uncomfortable the puddles of sweat were under her rubber skin of how little she could move. Lori just wanted to serve me well enough that I would allow her to cum. I ordered her to the bed room, while she shuffled slowly I turned on her vibrators and the e-stim units leaving both running until I turned them off. As Lori struggled to force her exhausted body to move she felt the vibrations and shocks and even as her arousal continued to grow she was sure the stimulation would stop long before she could climax so she tried to ignore them.

I cleaned up for about ten minutes before joining a gasping Lori in the bedroom. I turned off the vibrators leaving her with only the shocks making her whine louder than I had heard all night. The loud whine told me she had been close to an orgasm making me smile as I watched her struggles increase as she desperately tried to force herself to orgasm. I turned up the stim unit for her nipples getting a loud squeal from her gagged mouth. I left the unit turned up while I positioned the metal bar from the ceiling chains under her encased arms before attaching a leather strap to the end of the arm sleeve. Wrapping the strap extremely tight around her leather covered thighs pinning her arms to her back and trapping the bar under them. In her struggles she had not noticed the bar even though she had felt the strap being tightened around her thighs and knew she could no longer raise her arms so when I began to raise the bar under her trapped arms she squealed loudly again. I continued pulling on my make shift winch, basically a rope tied to the top of the chain with the other end run through a lower link and back up. I raised the bar until Lori was not quite supported but could use it for stabilizing herself then I strapped her ankles together crushing them with a wide leather strap over the cuffs I had locked on earlier.

Now Lori realized she was thoroughly bound and totally helpless to stop me from making her endure her punishment for as long as I wanted. At least when her hands had been free she could have resisted and maybe even freed herself but now she could no longer even think of a way to resist or free herself. Lori slipped back into subspace as she stood on her toes getting her breasts and nipples shocked while the e-stim whipped her ass trapped in her latex and leather prison. I watched Lori’s encased body dangling while it convulsed with each shock for a half an hour reaching out and stroking her, feeling her body twitching under the tight leather until I could no longer stop myself from exploding in my pants.

I was stunned at my body’s reaction never having ejaculated like that before, I quickly moved to the bathroom to clean myself up leaving Lori still struggling with the electricity and for air. Returning to her I turned the stim units down and asked her if she wanted to be free now without having an orgasm or if she wanted to stay bound and be stimulated to multiple orgasms. Lori hung gasping for air and I felt the need to remind her that if she chose orgasm’s that it would come at a price. Lori thought about it for a second, testing her restraints once more then moaned one long moan indicating she would remain bound. I smiled already knowing what her decision was going to be and said “Your wish is my command!”

Lori spent the rest of the night and into the next morning being tortured and teased with each session culminating in explosive orgasms. I knew her well and could tease her for as long as I wanted when she was like this and also knew how long to wait before she could not resist the oncoming climax. Lori was a strange one she would fight the devil to cum but then stand and argue with him when he gave it to her, I never could get her to tell me why but she seemed to enjoy fighting being forced to cum over and over again. After drifting off to sleep after the sun had risen I decided she had had enough and released her hands and helped her to the bed telling her she could release herself I was too tired. When I woke up that evening she was lying next to me wearing the chastity belt over a corset and smiled asking if she could stay with me a little longer? I kissed her and said “Your wish is my command” and took the key for the belt she had hanging around her neck as she slid down under the covers and took my already bulging cock into her mouth. Smiling as I laid back I thought “It might be a long time until she felt another orgasm”.


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