My Wife Is a Real Witch
by 64Fordman
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Storycodes: FM; F/m; FM+; witch; majick; partyroom; transform; M2object; game; tease; denial; bond; cuffs; M2f; costumes; party; dogsuit; petplay; leash; collar; gag; cons/reluct; X
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My Wife Is a Real Witch 64Fordman FM; F/m; FM+; witch; majick; partyroom; transform; M2object; game; tease; denial; bond; cuffs; M2f; costumes; party; dogsuit; petplay; leash; collar; gag; cons/reluct; X

“Isn’t she beautiful? Of course she will look a lot better when she’s cleaned up.” I said.

“We should have been paid to get this dirty.” Dee said.

“The big breweries all had brew house maids, that’s why Jenny had to stand out. With her dark hair, low cut dress and choker she was ahead of her time and put a small New York beer on the map. Companies would give away mirrors like this to pub owners to advertise their beer. Before she ended up buried in this barn she likely spent decades on the wall of some neighborhood tavern, can you imagine the things she heard?” I said.

“Would you like me to ask her?” Dee said.

“Very funny, now she’ll have a new home in our home.” I said.

“Assuming we get it home.” Dee said.

“Lift your end. Tilt it. The other way. My hand is caught. Wait, wait. Put it down.” I said.

“I think it’s too big for the Jeep.” Dee said.

“It just takes coordination. Okay, lift. Push. Stop pushing. Put it down.” I said.

“You should have measured it first.” Dee said.

“It will fit.” I said.

“I could just send it home.” Dee said.

“No magic, we’ll do this the right way. Hand me the tape measure.” I said.

“We still have a long drive.” Dee said.

“I thought we’d see a nice motel along the way and, you know.” I said.

“Halloween is in 72 hours, we’re driving straight home.” Dee said.

“Okay! Don’t worry, we’ll get home in plenty of time to get ready for your party. Lift.” I said.

The next morning I wake and find Dee already up. And on a mission.

“What’s for breakfast?” I said.

“Coffee. Your picking excursion put us in a time crunch. I’ve divided the list of chores that need to be completed today. I’ll take care of food and everything up here, you take the downstairs and patio. In two hours we go to the mall for decorations.” Dee said.

“And lunch?” I said.

“I’ll buy you a pretzel.” Dee said.

I take my cup of breakfast downstairs. It’s our basement, our house is single story so it’s large. We finished it into a den with a bar, Foosball table and two seating areas. At Halloween it’s the party room, the rest of the year me and the guys watch a game on the big screen or just hang out. Two glass doors open onto a large patio with a barbeque and fire pit. My friend John is out there now, he’s going to help me mount the mirror above the bar.

“Hey buddy, come in. What do you think?” I said.

“Nice graphics, some minor scratches in the silver, you always find good stuff.” John said.

“Thanks, let’s get her on the wall.” I said.

“Thanks for squaring it with Dee. Lori is excited about the party.” John said.

“How did it go last night?” I said.

“You were spot on, I put together the hints she was dropping and it came up kidnapping. I tied her up and put her in the trunk of her car blindfolded, drove her around, went back to the house, stripped her and tied her to the bed. When I was done she wanted me to keep her tied up. I put her in the closet, we had sex two more times. She loved it, I did too. She’s already dropping more hints.” John said.

“You just have to give it a chance.” I said.

“There’s a thank you in your inbox.” John said.

“That’s the last bracket, looks perfect. Perfect timing too, Allan and Mark should be here soon. I asked them to come over to help christen Jenny. Let’s get some snacks” I said.

John and I go up to the kitchen.

“What are you doing? And why is he here?” Dee said.

“We just put up the mirror, the other guys are coming over.” I said.

“The mirror wasn’t on your list, and we still have to go shopping.” Dee said.

“There’s plenty of time. Get the door while I bring the food downstairs buddy.” I said.

“Sure thing.” John said.

“This is my house, I’ll answer the door.” Dee said.

 “Allan, Mark, come in.” Dee said.

“Where’s Steve?” Allan said.

“He’s downstairs.” John said.

“Steve had to run a quick errand.” Dee said.

“He didn’t say anything.” John said.

“I’m sure he’ll be right back, we’ll wait downstairs.” Dee said.

I hear Dee and the guys come down the stairs but I can’t see them. I know I’m in the den but I can’t move and my view has me confused.

“Who wants a beer?” Dee said.

The four of them move into my view. Of course, I’m one of the Foosball players.

“Want to play?” Dee said.

They take positions. Dee is playing me, John is her partner. She grabs my handle and I feel it like she’s holding me down there. The ball is served. The bar I’m attached to slams between the stops on both sides of the table as Dee tries to defend the goal. The sexual energy increases with each spin. Dee squeezes my handle and spins me fast as the ball flies by. I see stars.

A game is best five of nine, I don’t think I’ll last. The ball is served, Dee is playing with my bar more than she needs to and driving me wild. John sends the ball across the table but misses the goal. Allan returns it and Dee is ready. My feet strike the ball. Score! If I had a penis I would explode.

The guys end the game to get more beer.

Dee gets another round and they move to the seating area, I can see them in the mirror. Dee sits facing me. She slides her shoes off and puts her bare feet on the coffee table flexing her toes so I can see her red nails, then looks into the mirror with a smirk. She’s being evil, I love it.

“So, when will Steve be back?” Allan said.

“He probably found a garage sale.” Dee said.

“I told the wife I’d be back soon, I gotta take off.” Mark said.

“Me too, thanks for the beer Dee.” Allan said.

“Guess I’ll go too, I’ll see you tomorrow Dee.” John said.

The guys leave and Dee comes to the game table. She crosses her forearms, leans on the edge and suddenly my head is alive, just my head.

“Are you ready to go to the mall now?” Dee said.

“I’m ready for something else.” I said.

“Would it be this?” Dee said.

She reaches down and grabs my handle.

“YES, YES, that’s it, get me out of here.” I said.

“We’re pinched for time, how about a quickie?” Dee said pulling the rubber grip off the bar.


“How did that happen? I’ll take this with me and pick up some glue, you wait here.” Dee said.

“NO WAIT I’LL GO I’LL GO.” I said.

Dee drives, I’m a little sore. We get everything she needs and return home. Finally time to play.

“Are you kidding? We have less than 24 hours to get ready for this party. Get back to your list then start decorating.” Dee said.

I carry the decorations downstairs and look at the list. Clean and stock the bar. You can’t stock the bar until you unstock it. I pop open a cold one. I’d like to pop.

The computer!

I fire it up and open John’s email. There’s an attachment, I save it and start the video.

Two naked woman are in a dungeon. A blonde is on her back strapped to a table with brown leather belts, her legs raised and spread. A brunet is in the back tied spread to an x-frame. Both woman are ball gagged.

A hooded Dom enters and goes to the brunet. He grabs her breast with one hand and opens a clover clamp in front of her face. She screams into her gag as the jaws crush her nipple. He clamps the other nipple and walks away with the brunet struggling and moaning.

Now with the blonde he runs his hand over her body giving extra attention to squeezing her breasts and fingering her pussy. I’m rubbing myself. He picks up a crop and —

I’m gagged and tied to the x-frame. The Dom pulls the hood off. It’s Dee.

Dee doesn’t speak, she wraps her thumb and index finger around the blonde’s big toe and strikes the sole of her foot with the crop over and over as the blonde struggles, then attacks the blonde’s breasts turning her creamy flesh red and finally lands several blows to her pussy. My erection is mammoth.

Dee picks up a vibrating wand and teases the blonde’s nipples, then moves to her pussy and forces a violent orgasm. My organ is throbbing. Dee moves toward me with the crop.

She smacks the tip of my erection and I scream into my gag, then slaps the clamps with the crop and my smoldering nipples ignite.

“Do I have your attention? Good. You know how important Halloween is to me, and since I’ve conceded to let John and Lori come I think I deserve some extra consideration, but I understand if you have other things on your mind so if you want to stay here that’s fine with me, just remember how bad I am with computers. Well?” Dee said.

I shake my head and I’m back in the den with the list in my hand.

“I’ll be watching.” Dee said from the computer.

The screen goes black. I start working.

Hours later Dee comes downstairs.

“This looks great, I am so proud of you, thank you. Now let’s go to bed” Dee said.

“Finally!” I said.

“To sleep, it’s late and I’m tired.” Dee said.

“Look at the work I did, I deserve it, please, I’ll let you use magic.” I said.

“Really! Well, all right.” Dee said.

I’m in the guest room naked. Leather medical restraints pin me to the bed, my mouth is taped. Dee enters in her nightgown and uses her index finger to massage my erection.

“Your right, you do deserve it.” Dee said.

She kisses me on the forehead, turns out the light and closes the door behind her.

I lay there with thoughts of ecstasy, of Dee returning to use me, to mount me and pump me dry with her warm wet tunnel. If I could only reach, the slightest touch would burst the dam holding back my need, but the wait will be worth every excruciating moment.

The first rays of light pierce the darkness as sunrise begins a new day. My precious wife knows me well, soon she will return to tease and torment me until I beg for satisfaction.

Still waiting. It’s going on eleven. I have to pee, kind of ruins the moment.

Dee enters the room and the restraints disappear.

“It’s magic what a good night’s sleep does. I was very productive this morning, all you have left are a few errands. I have a meal ready and you can get started.” Dee said.

I return home by late afternoon and have just enough time to get ready, meaning shower, shave and get in costume, apparently a rule for outsiders. When I first met Dee I thought her family was in costume, but discovered they always look like that. I wanted to be a pirate but Dee chose an English butler.

Guests are arriving. My guests, hers just pop in without warning. John is wearing work overalls with his first name and ‘Animal Control’ lettered on. He is holding a leash attached to a collar around Lori’s neck. The rest of Lori is covered in a black head-to-toe skin tight dog costume complete with ears, tail and facial make-up, and it’s very sexy. I can’t take my eyes off her.

Dee reminds me of my job at the bar. Her family order drinks by calling me Belvedere. Dee is working the room like a politician. She said once about running for queen or something. Nah.

Usually my friends and I are ignored by Dee’s family, except when I call her Dee in front of her mother, then I hear ‘her name is Deirdre.’ But John and Lori are drawing attention. Dee is giving me dirty looks, not in a good way. I meet her in the bathroom.

“Your friends are not behaving.” Dee said.

“They’re just playing.” I said.

“I don’t mind indulging your kink, in fact I rather enjoy it, and what your friends do is none of my business, but I don’t want them doing it around my family.” Dee said.

 “Nobody wants to be around your family.” I said.

“I want you to tell John to stop.” Dee said.

“I won’t do it.” I said.

“We’ll see about that.” Dee said.

“What did you . . . what’s wrong with my voice?” I said.

“Look in the mirror.” Dee said.

“I’m Lori!” I said.

“Your tag says Pepper.” Dee said.

“Change me back right now.” I said.

“I can’t.” Dee said.

“You mean won’t.” I said.

“The spell ends at sunrise, if I end it early you could become a toad, or maybe a goat.” Dee said.

“Find Lori, I’ll hide.” I said.

“She’s enjoying her own adventure. Besides, I’m dying to hear what you say to John.” Dee said.

“I’m not saying anything to John.” I said.

“Suit yourself.” Dee said.

My hands are tied behind my back and I’m gagged with a plastic dog bone. The bathroom door hits me in the back.

“There you are, what’s going on?” John said.

“You’re puppy got off her leash.” Dee said.

“She is a handful.” John said.

“We’ve had a fascinating conversation and Pepper is ready to go back to the pound.” Dee said.

“Dee, I didn’t know you were this cool.” John said.

“Oh, I’m cool.” Dee said.

“Come on puppy.” John said and tries to snap the leash to my collar. I pull away.

“Pepper is a naughty puppy John, she needs more control than that.” Dee said.

John lifts me by the hips and throws me over his shoulder.

“Have fun.” Dee said.

Dee wakes up feeling refreshed and satisfied with another successful Halloween party and goes to the kitchen to make coffee. She hears a knock at the back door.

“Good morning, how was your night?” Dee said.

“He locked me in a kennel in the back of his truck for the ride, then left me in the garage until he was ready. Fortunately he had to untie me to get the costume off, he chased me around the house until I was exhausted. John stripped me, tied me across a table and taped a pair of Lori’s panties in my mouth, then gloated over me as he slowly removed his clothes. I stopped screaming through the gag and accepted I was about to be taken doggie style by my best friend, then the sun broke and I found myself back to normal outside John’s house. It’s ten blocks, I walked eight before a cop picked me up. And why am I back in this dog suit?” I said.

“I couldn’t leave you naked and you look so adorable in that, I couldn’t resist. Why don’t you take a long hot shower while I make you breakfast, then you can clean up the den.” Dee said.

“Can’t you just use your magic?” I said.

“I wouldn’t dream of it.” Dee said.



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