A Touching Halloween Game

by SouperVan

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© Copyright 2022 - SouperVan - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; bond; gag; table; halloween; public; grope; pain; torment; reluct; XXX

"This seems like a weird set-up." I mused.

Said setup being a hollow wooden table with a ramp allowing my thighs and mound and tits to rest above the table. The top of the table had holes for them and the underside had foam in the shape of a body, I judged it'd press me rather tightly.

"It'll all make sense after it's finished, strip and get in."


Is he trying to scare me because it's Halloween?

Still, I liked bondage well enough compared to the other things he suggested to spice up our married life so I did as he asked, taking off my clothes and getting in the hollowed space.

"Open your mouth." The man said waving a dildo on straps.

Ah, a gag of course. One of the worst parts of bondage, my jaw was always sore for an hour or two after.

Still, it kept Doug from asking for anal.

I opened my mouth and without hesitation he shoved the dildo in making me choke and before I caught my breath back I was strapped in.

I gave him a glare he ignored in favor of feeding through the breathing and feeding tube that I recognized all too well along with nose-plugs.

Once done he said. "Try to scream." He said holding the tube to his ear and getting close to my mouth.


"Ahhh!" I sarcastically 'screamed'.


I didn't hear a thing.

It was disturbing, and a bit scary- not safe at all!

"Glad to see the noise canceler in it's working out." He mused then before I could get up he shoved the table down, the foam parting effortlessly away from my body only to expand and press against me from all sides but the bottom.

Then I felt like falling as I heard click after click of metal as he locked the tabletop down, then I felt fabric covering me, a tablecloth, really?

"You ever go to one of those haunted houses where kids stuck their hands inside containers to feel things described as human brains, goat hearts and stuff like that?" He asked clearly, not expecting an answer.

Shit, he wouldn't-

"This is sort of like that only I'm going to take you to a bar that's having a Halloween party."

He would.

I considered trying to escape but there was no way.

"Hey Frank, it's Doug. The table of horrors is ready, you almost here? I can't lift this thing on my own- oh why didn't you say so." Doug said then I heard the door opening.

"Jesus Doug, did you get an actual corpse or something?" An unfamiliar voice said shortly after I felt movement.

"Close enough but nothing as bad as a corpse- feel free to stick your arm under and-"

"No way I want to touch whatever gross shit you put under there. On three… Lift. One, two, lift!"

Doug, I'm going to get you for this, and your little friend too.

All the drive to the bar I worried about my future and worried about the cloth slipping off but apparently Doug had done something to keep the corners down. That was something at least.

Then the car stopped and I wished the cover had fallen off and some concerned citizen or cop saved me.

If only- I was roughly set down and a loud voice called out.

"Hey guys, entertainments here!"

"Is it a stripper?"

"Better, it's Halloween themed, guess what horrifying thing I put under here and feel free to play with it as much as you want- just don't spoil the surprise for others alright?"

"That's a five year old's game, no one wants to feel your cold ass spaghetti and your lumpy jello."

"I promise it's way better than spaghetti or jello, come on, if I'm wrong I'll buy you a beer."

"…Alright fine…. this… Well, when you're right you're right." A man said while a finger hesitantly poked my tit then started fondling and groping it hard making me grit my teeth, my eyes tearing.

"Move aside, I want to try- that beer thing open for me?"

"Sure but there's another one on that side and that."

I started crying harder as a finger harshly poked into me, the only saving grace was that it retracted fast- too fast it hurt like crazy.

"Oh god, that's nasty, did I just stick my finger up a turkey fresh out the oven?"

"No and I said before don't say what it is- you want to give up the game to others?"

"Let's switch, you might like this one more." A voice said with a final and far harder squeeze of my tit that made me scream soundlessly.

"Get me a pint of beer. Thanks!" Doug called out and I felt despair, just how long was he planning on this going on for?

Sure enough the other guy liked my tit more quickly figuring out what it was and pinching and pulling and twisting my nipple.

It was almost enough to ignore the other hand rubbing me harshly with a hand that felt like sandpaper.

Then I felt I couldn't breathe.


I choked as the beer hit.

Thankfully it was only a mouthful or I'd have been in trouble I thought as I swallowed the last bit.

More men and even the occasional woman judging from the nails and voices came, and my tits and pussy and legs were bruised and scratched to hell and back.

A beer bottle was dildoed into me for a minute which had been starting to feel good until it was remorselessly removed, even as another woman wrote who knows what on one of my tits with what I thought was lipstick.

Then I felt it.

Pain as I was torn open and more pain as someone was punching my uterus like he hated it.

Finally he tired of it slowly pulling out leaving me gaping open to the stinging air.

Things can't get worse than-

"I'm calling an uber, anyone that wants to feel free to take the table home; I'm done with it."

"I'll go, I've been needing a new table!" A voice instantly said.

"Now, now, this is the bar's table now! That way everyone can take advantage of it!"

"That's right, that's all our table thanks Doug, thanks bartender!"


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