Ghostly Encounter

by earlofnexus

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© Copyright 2022 - earlofnexus - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; cellar; ghosts; chastity; buttplug; toys; cuffs; chain; gag; trick; collar; enclosed; coffin; reluct; cons; XX

Sarah had recently inherited an old cottage after her auntie had passed away. It needed some work to fix it up but it was just the break she needed to get onto the property ladder. She hadn't known her auntie well, mainly that she lived a secluded life and apart from Christmas and birthday cards, she never really saw her.

Sarah was in her twenties and single. She was pretty with a sexy body but seemed unable to find her perfect man.

After all the paperwork on the house cleared she booked the week off work to go visit, and she was arriving right on Halloween.

After a few hours' drive she rolled up onto the driveway and in front of her was a well kept cottage with a thatched roof, it was straight out of an old English village, except it stood alone with nothing around for a mile or two.

Sarah hopped out of the car and headed to the front door, a large key in her hand, and unlocked the heavy wooden front door. With a loud creak it opened and inside she was greeted with the lounge. Very few modern items existed, other than an old radio, there didn't seem to be a TV. There wasn't even a telephone. She checked her mobile and it barely had 1 bar of reception. She closed the door behind her with a thud and that 1 bar became 0 bars. "Great, guess I'm having a digital detox whilst I sort this place out" she muttered to herself.

She explored the house and there was nothing remarkable. The house was a little dingy, a little chilly, but aside from its age it was well kept. Sarah thought a clear out and a good lick of paint would probably bring it into the 21st century.

She felt a draft near her and then she shivered.

"I'd best set the fire away before dark" she said out loud, thinking the weather tonight was meant to be stormy, and she wanted to be cosy for her first night staying here.

After an hour or so, she had unpacked her cases, switched on the lights, a fire was crackling away, and she'd made a cup of tea and was sitting on the sofa relaxing after her long trip. She was sleepy and nodded off.

She slowly woke and felt a draft near her. Moments later her phone beeped. She picked it out of her pocket and she still had no signal, but she had an unread message. "How strange," she remarked. She was one for talking to herself.

She opened the message and it was from a random set of numbers in a format she'd never seen before. The message just read "Hello. I'm Victoria. Nice to meet you." Sarah was perplexed. Another chill and a breeze and her message list updated. Still no signal. "I don't mean to scare you but I am a ghost and I live here too."

Sarah panicked and thought her friends must somehow be pranking her. But how? Another cool sensation and another beep. "Look in the mirror above the fireplace."

Sarah was freaking out but she also thought there was a reasonable explanation. She stood up from the sofa and looked in the mirror opposite. Another cool draft passed her and in shock she saw next to her a gorgeous young woman just behind her. She turned round and nothing was there, but again in the mirror she was. "How ... what ... are you?" Her phone beeped and she looked at the latest message.

"I am a ghost, I've been here many years. I won't hurt you. I spent many happy years here with your auntie keeping her company."

Sarah asked out loud "How did you talk to her?"

Another beep. "The radio. She would leave it on all the time and we would talk for hours."

Sarah went to the radio and switched it on. It made a slight crackle and then a voice came through. A sweet sounding voice of a young woman. "Finally we can talk," it said.

The two young women talked for hours. It turned out Victoria had died accidentally in the 1960s. By ghost standards she hadn't been around very long. She also seemed to have a kinky side, and the more they talked, the more apparent it became. Then the inevitable question was answered that had been on Sarah's mind. How did she die?

"Before I died I was really into bondage. Beneath here is a cellar your aunt never knew about. I can't imagine having this conversation with an older lady. I told her I fell down the stairs. Truth is my boyfriend and I were experimenting with more and more extreme forms of bondage to get our kicks and one day I went too far. I tied myself up and couldn't escape. When he found me I had died."

Sarah gave her condolences but was now intrigued about what lay beneath. "I'm quite kinky too," Sarah said. "Is there anything left in the cellar?"

Victoria said that everything lay untouched, even her body was still down there. "He couldn't bear what had happened so sealed the cellar shut and never looked back."

Victoria described where the cellar hatch was, and it required Sarah to roll back the carpet in the hallway. Sarah said she'd be back, and after twenty minutes of tugging at dusty old carpet she found it. She pulled the hatch back and peered down. There was a wooden staircase and a light switch just inside.

Sarah grabbed the radio, and flicking the light switch as she descended the staircase, the room was illuminated. Sarah jumped when Victoria's voice came out of the radio. "I've not seen this for 60 years. It was our paradise." Sarah looked around the cellar with her mouth open. All sorts of hand-made bondage gear littered the walls. There were stocks, tables, chairs, crosses, you name it. Sarah had no idea bondage was a thing back in those days. Gags, harnesses, plugs appeared on shelves.

Then what was in the corner made her jump. There was the skeleton of Victoria bound, gagged and chained to the wall with manacles. She had an eye mask on and also what looked like a chastity belt round her waist.

"I was really kinky. I loved denial. Little did I know I'd end up as a ghost. You should unlock me and take the equipment off my skeleton."

Sarah wasn't sure about this though the body was literally now just dust and bones. Mice and spiders had picked her clean.

She removed the gag and Victoria's jaw fell off. "Shit" Sarah remarked. She undid the manacles and the bones just dropped into a pile. Reaching the chastity belt she noted it wasn't locked. Victoria said "I was playing by myself. Once I was manacled I didn't need to lock it, I just liked the feel."

Sarah opened the chastity belt and pulled it off the hips of the skeleton. It had plugs included and the whole thing was a shiny polished silver.

Sarah had a kinky thought. "Would you mind if ... I tried this on?" Victoria crackled through the radio "Really? I'd love that. It meant a lot to me in life."

Sarah inspected the belt and gag and they were in good condition. She dropped her jeans and panties and stepped out of them. She then stepped into the chastity belt which was a full Florentine style belt. She felt her pussy drip as she pulled it up her legs. As it got to higher the tip of the plugs touched her intimate areas. She spat on her hand a few times and lubricated the plugs. She knew it wasn't ideal but it was better than going in dry.

She started at the rear and it was a plug that was ribbed. She started to insert it into her butt hole and each notch on the plug made her grimace with pleasure and pain as it slipped past her ring-piece. She heard Victoria moan through the speaker. "Hey Victoria what's up?" She replied "I don't know what's happening. I'm feeling your pleasure somehow. I've never felt like this for 6 decades. Don't stop."

Sarah kept going and notch by notch the intruder sunk into her butt hole until it was fully lodged. She sighed as her ring-piece tightened around it. "Oh my god" she muttered, and out of the speaker she heard Victoria panting.

Next she guided the huge dildo attachment into her pussy. She was soaking wet and whilst she was feeling a little stretched it slid in deep. Sarah had to steady herself and Victoria screamed in pleasure over the radio.

Sarah asked if Victoria was okay and she said she'd never felt anything like it. She surmised because she died in that chastity belt that it somehow was linking up their senses. "Come on, click it shut Sarah, take it all the way" Victoria encouraged. Sarah grabbed the waistband of the belt and clicked it shut round her waist. It was tight but fitted. She then grabbed the front shield and pulled it up further lodging the dildo and butt plug into her holes and clicked it into the waistband. Damn it felt good. Victoria again made breathy noises through the radio.

There was a full length mirror in the cellar and Sarah wandered over to it. Behind her she could see Victoria smiling. "It suits you.." Sarah nodded. "So, my ghost friend, do you have a lock for it?" Victoria gave a wicked smile. "You mean you want to be chaste as I was? Only I know where the key is" she teased. Sarah said "I'm counting on that else this a one way lock!"

Victoria pointed at a lock hanging from a hook near some gags. Sarah took it and fed the hasp through the front of the chastity belt. She stood in the mirror with Victoria's ghostly face inches from the belt.

"Here goes!" and Sarah forced the hasp of the lock together and with a very solid sounding click her new belt was locked in place. She felt weak at her knees and almost orgasmed on the spot. Victoria seemed to be mirroring her in the reflection.

Sarah looked at the gag Victoria had perished with and grabbed it. It was a mixture of a bit gag and a ball gag. She showed it to Victoria who smiled. "You know you want to...." Sarah asked what else she should try in the cellar once she was gagged. Victoria said "One thing at a time! We've plenty of time to play."

Sarah parted her lips and opened wide. She placed the gag into her mouth and closed her moist lips around it. She buckled it tightly behind her head. "Mrmmmphhhh" was all she could manage as drool started to drip from her mouth. Sarah then began to feel an orgasm building and Victoria did too. But still not quite enough.

Victoria crackled through the radio "Maybe you should kick my bones out of the way and just try the manacles. You don't have to lock them."

Sarah was horny as fuck by now and did as she was told. As she wanted to do. She kicked the bones aside and noticed a pentagram on the floor. She didn't think anything of it though.

"That's right. If you spread your legs you should be able to fit your ankles into those manacles." Sarah did them up and clicked them shut round her ankles.

The manacles were such that they held the captive against the wall in an X shape. She raised her left hand above her head and clicked the left manacle shut. She would just 'try' the right manacle. She reached up to it and placed her wrist in. She didn't attempt to click it shut.

As she hung there she saw a mirror opposite and again Victoria was beside her. "You look amazing," she cooed.

Sarah was heating up and she felt another orgasm brewing. She concentrated on it this time. It wasn't long until she was on the edge.

Victoria smiled at her as she reached orgasm, as she would reach orgasm too.

As Sarah hung from her chains in gagged ecstasy she noticed Victoria glowing. She seemed to be moving toward her. She got closer as her orgasm got closer. As she was starting to peak Victoria's ghost intersected with Sarah and with a huge cry of satisfaction they both screamed in ecstasy. Sarah's eyes were tightly closed at this point.

As the afterglow of the orgasm dipped, Sarah felt lightheaded. She opened her eyes to see Victoria hanging limp from the manacles..

Then she realised something was wrong. The image of Victoria in front of her began unshackling herself starting with her free hand. She looked down at herself and she was no longer in chastity. She was no longer gagged.

"What's going on?" she asked and her voice came out of the radio in crackly static. The image of Victoria in front of her was now unshackled and was removing the gag. She licked her lips.

"I have to say thank you. I had no idea you'd move this quickly or be so amenable. You've just completed a ritual on the witches mark on the floor, the pentagram. By adorning the clothing I died in and orgasming within the pentagram, we've now switched places. You're now stuck somewhere between life and death as I was."

Sarah felt herself and realised she had no form. Her own touches just passed through things. She couldn't touch anything. She could touch her own form but it didn't feel like anything, she couldn't sense pleasurable or painful feelings from pinching herself or poking her intimate area.

"I just need to grab the key to this belt and I'll leave you to the rest of your existence."

With the sound of falling bones she grabbed the key and unlocked the belt. The plugs slid out and she dropped the belt on the floor.

"If you'd like the belt and gag I've left them in the pentagram. You should be able to bring them into your plane of existence. It might be fun for you to be eternally chaste and gagged."

"I will help you take another body but it can only be done on Halloween when evil magic is at its strongest. So right now ... I just want to enjoy living again. To amuse me though I'd like to see you chaste and bound until I decide to help you. And you are one kinky bitch and I'd like to see you back on the plane of the living so we could have some real fun together..."

Sarah went to the pentagram and as she touched the belt it phased into her existence, as did the gag. They were both still wet with Victoria's pussy juice and saliva.

Victoria watched in the mirror.

Sarah had nothing to lose, she couldn't even touch herself or anything else. She slipped into the chastity belt for the second time today, pulling it up, and the plugs, still warm, slid into her holes. She clicked the belt shut and clicked the lock shut.

Victoria held the key in her hand "This is on my plane of existence still." She threaded it through her necklace and it hung between her breasts.

"I'm going to claim this cottage as my own now and you can keep me company. But I don't want you talking to me all the time. Put that gag on." Sarah picked it up and put the still wet gag into her mouth. She tied it off behind her neck. "Mmmmmmph" she said, the noise coming over the radio.

Next Victoria dragged a coffin from a dark corner of the room into the pentagram, opened the catch on the side, and lifted the lid up. She removed a key and added that, too, to the necklace she wore.

"Lastly I want you to climb in this coffin ..." following which she tossed some leg irons, handcuffs and a thick collar into the pentagram that were linked by chains .".. and to wear these."

Sarah looked at Victoria pityingly and moaned through her gag. "Do it or forget ever being flesh and blood again."

Sarah wanted to cry but did as she was told. She stood in the coffin, and clicked the thick collar round her neck. It locked in place. She then shackled her hands and locked those into place. Finally she locked her ankles. Short pieces of chain kept her cuffed hands around her middle unable to extend far.

"Lie down." Sarah was scared now. She was placing herself in a coffin. "NOW" Victoria screamed. Sarah did as she was told. She was now horizontal in a silk lined coffin. Bizarrely whilst she couldn't touch anything in her own realm, she was bound to things that came through the pentagram.

"Now this is it. You'll have to pray I come back for you one day. You'll live forever as a ghost in bondage otherwise. Pull the cord on the lid and it will slam shut and lock. Thank you for swapping places with me."

Sarah grabbed the cord and with some effort pulled and the lid came crashing down. Her world was now dark. Silent. She tried to holler but her gag prevented it and the thick wood of the box meant no sound escaped. She was alone. On her own plane of existence. Nobody would be opening this box.

Sarah wondered what she'd done. She was now a ghost, only Victoria knew about her, doubly hidden. She couldn't leave the coffin. She couldn't communicate on the radio.

She could only hope that Victoria would stay true to her word and that she knew the magic required to get her out ... When she'd shut the lid she was aware of chimes of midnight from the grandfather clock upstairs. Halloween had passed for this year. If Victoria were true to her word it would now be a whole year in here until she was free again.

She shuffled in the coffin and the metal jingled.

She moaned into her gag.

Her fingers touched her smooth chastity belt.

Other than her own breathing which as a ghost she wasn't sure was real, this was it.

She cried a little. Then it overwhelmed her and she screamed into her gag and banged on the coffin.

Victoria was just leaving the basement, seeing in the mirror the reflection of the coffin. Over the radio was just static, then a muffled cry and the sound of banging. "Good girl. You'll never ache or tire. Enjoy the perpetual torment."

With that Victoria turned off the radio, and ascended the stairs, flicking off the light. She covered the trapdoor with the carpet again and went about enjoying her new life. She couldn't believe how gullible Sarah had been. She did everything she had been told to do ...

Sarah lay in her coffin. As good as buried and literally dead. She'd assured that she'd never leave this place unless Victoria facilitated it. At least it was comfortable in here. But how would she pass the time? The boredom…

She cried herself to sleep, perpetually awaking into a nightmare of her own doing.

In the cellar near the coffin, the bones of Victoria had taken on a new composition. They had become Sarah's bones. Her physical form was nothing more than a dusty skeleton.


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