The Gingerbread House: A Night to Remember

by Darkwolf

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© Copyright 2022 - Darkwolf - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f+; F+/f+; tg; M2f; bond; halloween; costume; public; club; rope; gag; oral; sex; buttplug; straitjacket; cuffs; switch; tease; denial; vampire; chastity; cons; XX

Author’s Note: This story is in the same continuity as Chains of Ink and its sequel Turnabout is Fair Play. While this is a standalone story, some elements may not make sense if you have not read the previous stories.

A television played in the background, illuminating the almost spartan living room with flickering splashes of color against the shadows. Some generic, by the numbers film was showing, the sound turned down to almost nothing, but she wasn’t really paying any attention to that. No, what Morgan Nahas was really paying attention to was the forms of her lovers curled up with her on the couch who were definitely far more interesting than anything she had ever seen on TV. It was late and she was dressed simply in little more than a pair of loose shorts and a tank top that hung rather unflatteringly from her lanky frame, a comfortable contrast to the more formal clothes she habitually wore to the office, bare feet curled into the carpet and very much glad to be free the of high heels she generally preferred. While she very much loved the way heels made her already long legs look, there were days in which it almost wasn’t worth it. Almost. In sharp contrast even to her almost casual appearance Alexis was completely naked, her bronzed skin and extensive tattoos on full display while a monoglove of polished black leather trapped her arms snugly behind her back and a large red ball gag filled her mouth, making her already full lips stand out even more as she lay casually on the couch, head perched in her mistress’s lap. It was a thrilling vision but even that paled in comparison to Zoe who, though technically wearing more, somehow cut an even more tantalizing figure. The artist half sat, half knelt on the cushions, lifting herself up just enough to rest her head on Morgan’s shoulder. She was not gagged, which was a pity because the brunette wore a gag better than almost anyone else she had ever met, but coils of rope circled her body, weaving around her torso and between her legs in an intricate web of knots while a snug harness of those same ropes embraced her full, firm breasts and pinned her arms behind her back in an inescapable box tie. Still, she was not naked. Rather, a bra of intricately woven black lace struggled mightily to contain her ample assets while a matching thong hugging her hips left virtually nothing to the imagination. Not that Morgan was complaining, not in the slightest.

It was honestly not uncommon for the three of them to spend an evening like this, curled up together, enjoying each other’s company, seemingly mundane activities like watching television spiced up with casual bondage games. It was, in her opinion, the best way to wind down after a long day. An escape from ordinary, everyday life into the little world they had built for themselves. Honestly, some weeks it seemed like Zoe spent more nights here than in her own home to the point where the artist had begun to keep several changes of clothes on hand and habitually packed an overnight bag into her car. She’d even joked that she ate breakfast in their kitchen more often than she ate at home. More than once Morgan had broached the subject of moving in together, of making whatever this was more official but each time Zoe had declined. It wasn’t for lack of desire, the coffee-colored woman could clearly see in those muddy brown eyes just how delighted the artist was at the offer, but at the end of the day as much as the pale woman loved her girlfriends she liked having her independence as well. It was understandable, of course, and Morgan had no intention of pushing the issue but she could not help but feel spoiled as well. She already spent most nights curled up between the buxom brunette and her equally curvy girlfriend anyway, it honestly felt greedy to ask for more. Not that it kept her from wanting.

It was funny in a way. As flirty and in control as she presented herself to the world Morgan had never really expected things to unfold the way they had. On that day, that felt so long ago now, when she had walked into Bound by Design and talked to the arrestingly beautiful woman behind the counter there had not had any deeper designs behind her original request. She’d never intended to get inside Zoe’s head and neither she nor Alexis had planned to seduce the artist; it had just sort of happened. As they’d spent weeks and months together getting to know each other, Alexis’ bound and naked body between them as her girlfriend had been slowly and intricately tattooed, the brunette’s attraction obvious in every furtive glance and faint blush, it had simply felt natural to tease the other woman, to weave herself a little deeper even as Zoe had wormed her own way into their hearts without even trying. At this point Morgan honestly could not imagine life without the artist at their side, the feisty switch completing their relationship in some inexplicable, intangible way.

Yes, it really was funny how life worked out sometimes.

Both her musings and what little attention she had been paying to the television were suddenly interrupted when Zoe shifted, pressed her breasts firmly against the coffee-colored woman’s arm and planted a series of soft kisses along the side of her neck. Shivering softly, the sensation of those full lips and the ring pierced through the lower one a delightful contrast, Morgan moaned softly and tilted her head to the side ever so slightly to grant her girlfriend better access. The artist was not slow to take advantage, running her pierced tongue along the smooth skin of her mistress’s throat and nipping at her pulse as she allowed her kisses to roam to the collar of the other woman’s shirt. Biting her own lip to suppress a moan, Morgan wove a hand into Alexis’ hair, stroking softly as she closed her eyes, struggling to find her voice as Zoe’s kisses grew more insistent.

“How are you always so horny?” the coffee-colored woman asked, voice breathy and yet with a clearly teasing note.

Pausing her own ministration for a moment, Zoe smirked and leaned back enough to look her mistress in the face, “Well, if you didn’t want that to happen maybe you shouldn’t have tied the crotch rope too tight.”

Scowling playfully, Morgan twisted her body just enough to take Zoe by the shoulders and pushed her against the back of the couch, pinning her in place. In one swift motion she practically ripped the cups of the tattooed woman’s bra down, exposing her full breasts to the world, hard and eager nipples standing proudly, the studs pierced through them flashing in the flickering light. Taking those breasts in hand, the coffee-colored woman squeezed, kneading the soft flesh of those marvelously full mounds hard enough to elicit a moan. Listening to that beautiful symphony for a long moment, she continued to massage her girlfriend’s tits until the tattooed woman’s eyes closed, clearly lost in pleasure, before pinching her nipples sharply. Gasping at the sensation, clearly caught by surprise even as her body shivered in delight, Morgan pounced, practically crushing their lips together and thrusting her tongue deep into Zoe’s defenseless mouth. For perhaps a moment or two the artist put up a fight, squirming and playfully trying to resist her mistress’s advances before at last surrendering, arching her back sharply to press her breasts into Morgan's eager hands and allowing that tongue to ravage her. Pressing her advantage, reveling in the feeling of the artists lip ring and pierced tongue, the coffee-colored woman felt a faint blush color her own dark cheeks as Zoe yielded to her, as always amazed by what an incredible kisser the woman was as well as a bit embarrassed as she felt herself grow hard.

As the pair continued to make out with increasing passion, Alexis rolled partially onto her side just enough to look up, her head still firmly planted in Morgan’s lap as she watched her lovers kiss deeply, their mistress’s clever hands teasing Zoe’s impressive bust all the while. Squirming a bit in her confinement, her own pierced nipples growing hard both at the arousing display before her and at the noticeable bulge in Morgan’s shorts, the tattooed redhead twisted her shoulders and called out into her gag to catch the coffee-colored woman’s attention, “Mnphphrmphph? Mnphphrmphph!?”

Breaking the kiss with some reluctance, Morgan pulled away from Zoe, who groaned in disappointment, and glanced down at the woman in her lap. Frowning ever so slightly, curious and annoyed at the same time, she reached down with one hand and deftly popped the ball from Alexis’ mouth, “Yes, pet? Do you need something?”

Whetting her lips instinctively, Alexis smiled and nodded almost shyly, “Yes, mistress. May I please suck your dick, mistress?”

The request honestly caught Morgan off guard, though it shouldn’t have given Alexis’ oral fixation, but her blush still deepened just a bit even as she smiled. At the same time, Zoe practically climbed over her shoulder to peer down at the bound redhead, voice a husky whisper, “Fuck, that would be so hot.”

Caught off guard she might have been, but Morgan Nahas was no fool and only a fool would turn down the chance to have Alexis’ lips locked around them in the most intimate of embraces. Without saying a word she cupped the tattooed redhead’s cheek, brushing those full lips with the pad of her thumb before opening her shorts enough to unlimber her throbbing erection. The coffee-colored woman then raised a brow, an almost challenging expression on her face, and Alexis smiled in response, not needing any further invitation. Eyes alight with desire as she went to work, the redhead leaned close and planted a kiss at the base of her mistress’s cock before tonguing the coffee-colored woman’s balls, teasing and sucking until she felt the woman shudder and moan. Only then did she slowly work her way up the shaft, kissing and licking and using her tongue stud to the fullest, almost smirking at each and every shuddering moan that followed. When she had finally reached the end of her journey after what felt like an eternity, Morgan moaned deeply, weaving her fingers into the redhead’s hair to urge her on even as her body fell back against the couch, hunched over as she struggled to contain herself. Obliging her mistress, Alexis took the head of the woman’s cock between her lips and sucked hard, even as she slowly swirled the tip with her tongue, flicking all of Morgan’s most sensitive places with her piercing in a series of maddeningly intense licks. Throwing her head back, eyes closed, the coffee-colored woman very nearly lost it then and there but Alexis was just getting started. Taking a deep breath through her nose the redhead relaxed her throat and quickly took the entirety of her mistress’s length into her mouth in one smooth motion.

Crying out in absolute ecstasy as her girlfriend’s head began to bounce up and down in an almost agonizingly slow rhythm, throat tightening in a wildly irregular pattern both to suppress her gag reflex and thoroughly massage her mistress’s cock, Morgan threw her head back and groaned beneath that ecstatic assault. Seizing the opportunity, Zoe pounced, kissing her mistress fiercely and taking advantage of the woman’s open mouth to shove her tongue between those parted lips and dominate the kiss. Distracted as she was, Morgan was in no position to resist, yielding almost instinctively to the tattooed brunette’s passion with a moan. Something about the idea of being dominated by a bound woman, of being under the control of someone who was under her control, spoke to her submissive side and the coffee-colored woman found herself incredibly turned on, her cock throbbing almost painfully as Alexis began to deep throat her in earnest. Within moments she and Zoe were making out fiercely, lips crushed together with almost bruising force and tongues dueling for control but for Morgan it was a losing battle from the start. While she had the wherewithal to throw an arm around the artist’s waist, pulling that perfect body tightly against her own, quickly enough she found herself lost in the myriad sensations assaulting her. Little more than an observer in her own body, an object to be pleasured and toyed with as her lovers saw fit. A delicious irony given the fact that she was the only one not bound.

Time seemed to fade as Morgan finally stopped struggling and gave herself over to the attentions of the bound women she was trapped under, reveling in the sensations as she slowly let go. Alexis knew her work well, altering her pace again and again as she bobbed up and down, fast then slow, shallow then deep, at some moments clenching her throat almost unbearably tight and at others going nearly slack and always, always using her tongue at every step to drive her mistress wild. Worst of all she knew how to draw the experience out as long as possible, bringing her lover to the cusp again and again before letting her down to start the process anew. It was an old game, and one they both liked to play, but as Morgan felt her body tremble under that pleasurable assault, her cries and moans silenced by Zoe’s hot mouth and probing tongue, she could not help but wish that her girlfriend would just get on with it. Although, given how much she enjoyed edging her lovers in turn she supposed that turnabout was fair play as Zoe liked to remind her on those nights she let the artist take control. Thankfully, after what felt like an eternity of that ecstatic torture Alexis went just deep enough to massage the head of her mistress’s cock with her throat, pierced tongue swirling around the shaft in an amazing display of dexterity. Having ridden the edge for so long Morgan was in no mood to try and hold back. Moaning loudly in the kiss still silencing her and feeling her balls go tight as she finally crossed the precipice, the coffee-colored woman felt herself spasm as she let go, crying out in blissful release as she poured herself into the redhead’s mouth prompting Zoe to kiss her even harder to stifle those cries.

Feeling utterly spent, Morgan’s body went slack, collapsing back against the soft padded cushions of the couch in a puddle as Alexis dutifully took her entire length deep into her throat to milk her mistress dry, dutifully swallowing every last drop. Shuddering in pleasure at the sensation of the redhead’s muscles massaging her still twitching cock, the coffee-colored woman whined softly as Zoe pulled back, finally breaking their kiss. Arching her neck to try and maintain contact, and pouting when she failed, Morgan finally opened her eyes to see the artist smirking at her, though the effect was somewhat ruined by the soft blush painting her cheekbones pink and the faint puffiness of her lips.

“Is that really all it’s going to take to put you down for the night, mistress?” Zoe teased, her attitude not at all phased by the ropes binding her or the way her tits were hanging out, “Or have you still got what it takes to satisfy us both?”

Morgan blinked once, momentarily unsure if she’d heard correctly before a tiny frown marred her features. However, she said nothing. Instead, she gently used the hand still woven into Alexis’ hair to encourage the bound woman to stop sucking, as much as she did not want to. Smiling softly in encouragement as the redhead looked up at her questioningly, she prompted her lover to crawl out of her lap and lay down next to her, but not before unbuckling the gag from around her neck. With surprising speed, Morgan then turned back and grabbed Zoe by the shoulders. Before the tattooed brunette could even think to react she was shoved down on the couch and awkwardly bent backwards over the armrest. Eyes wide and face still flushed, a sparkle of excitement burning in her eyes, the artist barely had time to open her mouth before the gag was shoved roughly inside, though buckling it down proved somewhat difficult given how much she was wigging. Still, given how much it made her breasts shake, hard and eager nipples betraying her excitement, Morgan certainly wasn’t complaining. Taking one of the woman’s tits in hand, squeezing and kneading that delicate mound roughly and feeling the implant within shift, she reached down between the artist’s legs and began to untie her crotch rope as Zoe squirmed and moaned beneath her touch. It was an awkward thing, but the rope came free after a moment or two of fumbling and, erection returning with a vengeance, Morgan roughly pulled the prone woman’s thong to one side to expose her wet and heated sex, numerous piercings glinting amid her curves and folds.

Knowing well what was about to happen Zoe moaned into her gag and, with a heavily lidded gaze, opened her thighs in silent invitation. An almost animalistic grin on her face, Morgan accepted in no uncertain terms as she thrust herself into the helpless body beneath hers to the hilt, biting her lip with a tiny shiver of pleasure as she felt the velvety heat of the other woman envelop her. A sensation that was only enhanced a moment later when Zoe tightened up, her vaginal muscles practically pulsing in one continuous wave, a display of self control unlike anything Morgan had ever experienced before and never failed to drive her wild. Gritting her teeth, and not bothering with anything fancy, the coffee-colored woman drew her hips back and thrust again, quickly working up to a steady rhythm, fucking the woman mercilessly as the artist arched her back, bucking her own hips in response and moaning into her gag. There was no trick to it, barely even any technique, just thrust after thrust, harder and faster as she did her best to pound her girlfriend into the couch. Eyes fluttering closed, Zoe responded enthusiastically, wrapping a leg around her mistress’s waist and urging her on as she arched her back even further, rocking her shoulders and making her ample breasts wobble invitingly. Taking hold of those full mounds with both hands, and never once breaking pace, Morgan roughly fondled the tattooed woman as she thrust with all her might, muscles clenched almost painfully in an attempt to control herself, determined to make the artist eat her words and cum first.

It was a near thing, but when Morgan pinched the tattooed brunette’s nipples and began to play with her piercings Zoe lost what little control she had left, body trembling as a sudden rush of pleasure seemed to explode from between her legs and race up her spine, nerves alight with a riot of sensation. Stiffening, she howled into her gag and spasmed wildly as she came, back arched almost painfully as she thrust her breasts against her mistress’s hands and tightened her legs to practically crush that lanky body against her own. Shivering and shuddering, mewling softly as Morgan continued to thrust into her quaking flesh sending aftershocks rampaging throughout her quivering form, Zoe finally went limp, collapsing back onto the couch in a panting heap, moaning and spent.

With one final thrust, Morgan came as well, biting back a cry of her own as the tension within her finally broke in a flood of ecstasy. Breathing harshly, eyes clenched shut, tiny twitches of pleasure running up and down her lanky frame as she hunched over Zoe’s prone form. Taking a long moment to calm her breathing, the coffee-colored woman finally opened her eyes and glanced down at the flushed and panting form beneath her, a smirk blossoming on her lips as she asked, voice almost flippant, “Satisfied?”

That was enough to draw Zoe's attention back to the moment and, still breathing heavily through her nose, a noise somewhere between a moan and a laugh escaped her throat as she nodded, “Mmph, mnphphrmphph.”

Patting her on the cheek with a smile, Morgan leaned down just enough to kiss the ball protruding from the bound woman’s mouth, tugging playfully at her lip ring before finally pulling out. Biting her own lip to stifle a groan at the sensation of leaving that invitingly tight flesh behind, Zoe herself moaning in disappointment even as she shivered in pleasure, the sudden feeling of cold after being buried in the heat of the artist’s passion was almost shocking. Even so, the lanky woman could not help but smirk at the spent and disheveled state of the tattooed brunette as she settled back into the cushions, fixing her shorts as she did. It was only then that Morgan glanced over to check on her other girlfriend. Face flushed as red as her hair, squirming in her bonds and rubbing her thighs together, it was obvious that Alexis was more than a little hot under the collar.

Smiling warmly, Morgan reached out and ruffled her hair playfully, “Did you enjoy the show, pet?”

Blush deepening even as she twisted to lean into that touch, Alexis managed a tiny nod, “Yes, mistress.”

Pulling the woman into her lap without warning, the redhead gasped at the sudden motion only to moan when a long fingered hand began to fondle her breasts, pinching hard and eager nipples playfully before tugging on the rings pierced through them. Grinning at the way the bound woman squirmed in her lap, straining against her armbinder, and more than a little turned on by the sounds she was making, Morgan planted a kiss on the back of the redhead’s neck and allowed her free hand to glide between Alexis’ legs. Her lover’s thighs were slick with the proof of her arousal and the heat radiating from her pussy was like a furnace. Kissing her again, just behind the ear, Morgan allowed her fingers to trace the lips of the bound woman’s labia, relishing the way Alexis’ body seemed to twitch with each tiny touch, to say nothing of all the ways she moaned and gasped when those fingers trailed upwards to tease her aching clit and flick her piercing playfully.

“What do you say we put on a little show of our own?” Morgan asked, voice a husky whisper, “Would you like that, pet?”

Shivering at the feeling of her mistress's breath in her ear, Alexis bit her lip to stifle a moan, “Please, mistress. Please!”

“Shh, it's okay, pet.” Morgan soothed, "Just relax. I’ve got you.”

With that she rather unceremoniously slipped a pair of fingers into Alexis’ body, biting her lip as the woman instinctively tightened around the intrusion. Thrusting into that soft, velvety heat with a slow and steady rhythm, teasing the woman’s clit with the tip of her thumb at the same time, Morgan could not help but grin as she trailed more kisses down her girlfriend’s neck and across her shoulder. Alexis had always been so… sensitive and so easy to rile up. Case in point, moaning deep in her throat the redhead spread her legs as wide as she could to offer better access, shifting her hips forward as she silently begged for more. Morgan obliged, picking up the pace and inserting a third finger even as she pressed harder with her thumb, working the bound woman’s body with expert precision, guided all the while by the desperate gasps and deep moans that seemed to escape her with each thrust. Noting movement out of the corner of her eye, Morgan glanced at Zoe to see that the artist had managed to recover enough to sit up, lingerie still askew and face still flushed, but eyes fixed on the sight before her with fierce intensity. Smirking a bit at the brunette, and offering a wink, the coffee-colored woman redoubled her efforts, squeezing and fondling Alexis’ full breasts with abandon as she curled her fingers in order to hit all of the redhead’s most sensitive spots. After all, she’d promised a show and it seemed only fair to deliver.

Within moments the bound woman came under the intensity of the sensations assailing her, crying out as her body spamed, tightening hard around Morgan’s finger as the familiar rush of orgasm washed over her in an unstoppable wave, only to be silenced almost instantly when her mistress clamped a hand over her mouth. Thrusting once or twice more for good measure, making Alexis truly scream in delight, the coffee-colored woman quickly withdrew her fingers to wrap her arm around the redhead’s waist, holding her tight as she slowly came back down. As she held the trembling woman close, Zoe managed to lever herself upright from the disheveled heap she had been laying in and leaned against her mistress’s shoulder with a soft and contented sigh. Smiling softly, Morgan worked an arm around her waist as well and just held her lovers close, reveling in the heat of their bodies and the soft comfort of their presence.

Once she had finally recovered enough to speak, Alexis twisted slightly in her mistress’s grip and smiled, almost shyly, at her, “I love you.”

Returning that smile, Morgan kissed her on the lip, “I love you too.”

“Mmph!” Zoe protested, shifting in her bonds to get the lanky woman's attention.

“Both of you.” Morgan added, resisting the urge to roll her eyes even as removed the tattooed brunette’s gag and gave her a soft kiss, “I love both of you.”

Working her jaw a few times, Zoe’s answering smile was brilliant before she settled her chin down on Morgan’s shoulder while Alexis curled up in the coffee-colored woman’s lap, the three of them simply settling in to enjoy each other’s company. For what felt like an eternity they simply sat there, no one daring to speak, barely even daring to breathe and only half paying attention to the television playing in the background.

It was Zoe who eventually broke the silence, shifting a bit in her bonds as she suddenly pointed out, “Halloween’s coming up.”

“It is.” Morgan allowed, raising a curious brow at that non-sequitur as Alexis uncurled herself enough to look at the artist curiously, “Thinking of going trick or treating?”

“Tricks can be fun.” Zoe returned, not at all put off by her mistress’s teasing tone even as she flashed a lascivious grin, “And I'm always in the mood for treats.”

“Minx.” Morgan chuckled fondly as she reached up to ruffle the woman's hair, “What are you thinking, my dear?”

“I was wondering if the two of you would like to go to a party?” Zoe asked.

“A costume party?” Alexis wondered, interjecting for the first time.

“I guess not explicitly, no.” Zoe allowed after a moment of consideration before a sly smile curled her lips, “But that’s half the fun.”

Morgan nodded slightly after a moment of introspection, “I haven’t been to a Halloween party in a long time.”

“We’ll need costumes.” Alexis pointed out, though her curiosity has clearly been piqued, “And we don’t have a lot of time.”

Zoe snorted to suppress a laugh, “The two of you have a whole closet full of costumes.”

Morgan’s brows shot up as she looked at her girlfriend with something like disbelief at that stunningly casual suggestion, “I wouldn’t exactly call our fetish gear appropriate attire for a costume party.”

If anything Zoe’s smile turned mischievous, “Trust me, mistress. It’ll be perfect for this party.”

Morgan glanced down at Alexis who just offered a shrug before nodding ever so slightly, interest clearly written on her face. Returning that nod, the coffee-colored woman looked back at Zoe again, “Alright, my dear. You have my attention.”

Sitting up, a task made somewhat awkward by the ropes binding her arms tightly, Zoe began to explain, a grin slowly forming on her face, “One of my clients owns a club. I did a tattoo for her a while back, nothing fancy but she has a weird schedule and I agreed to meet her after hours for an appointment. She was so grateful she gave me a voucher for their VIP entrance.”

“Oh?” Morgan asked, the pieces beginning to come together and honestly feeling a bit flattered, “And you want to take us?”

Zoe nodded, “I never actually used the voucher, but I did visit the club a few times. It’s… it’s honestly indescribable. Drinks, dancing, live shows, and the people…” she trailed off again before flashing another mischievous grin, “Let’s just say I could wear nothing but one of my corsets and some tape and not be out of place on a regular night. For a Halloween party? I can’t even imagine what it’ll be like.”

Truth be told, Morgan was actually a little curious herself now, especially considering that she’d never heard of this place before, “What’s it called?”

“Delirium.” Zoe answered plainly, “And trust me, it fits.”

Morgan considered that for a moment before glancing at Alexis again, “And what do you think, pet?”

The redhead grinned, enthusiasm sparkling in her eyes and excitement clear in her voice, “Sounds like a lot of fun, mistress.”

Smiling almost indulgently at the woman, Morgan tightened her grip ever so slightly and pressed a kiss to her cheek before turning her attention back to Zoe, “It seems that you have Alexis on board, and I’ll admit to being more than a little bit intrigued myself. So, I leave the details to you.”

Shifting her body to press her bare breasts against the coffee-colored woman’s arm, and leaning forward until their lip were practically touching, Zoe’s grin widened even as her voice took on a breathy tone, “Then might I suggest we adjourn to the bedroom for further discussions?” her voice dropped into a low, seductive purr, “Long, hard discussions?”

Biting her lip to suppress a moan, and fighting down the urge to kiss those full lips, Morgan felt her erection return with a vengeance, despite how spent she had been just a few moments earlier. And, if the way Alexis wiggled her hips and grinned as she looked back over her shoulder was any indication, the redhead had definitely noticed. The coffee-colored woman had a feeling she wasn’t going to be getting any sleep tonight but, even so, she could not stop a smile from curling her lips. A good idea was a good idea after all and, as she idly stroked the sensitive skin of Alexis’ hip, making the heavily tattooed woman shiver, Morgan finally gave in and pressed a hard kiss to Zoe’s mouth, demanding that the brunette yield to her. With little more than cursory resistance, the artist surrendered, parting her lips just enough to allow her mistress’s tongue entry and moaning deep in her throat as she did.

Only breaking that kiss when she was absolutely certain that Zoe’s breath had been thoroughly taken away, Morgan grinned wickedly and snaked an arm around her waist to pull the pale brunette close, “That sounds like an excellent idea, my dear. But, do try and keep up this time, won’t you?”

At that, Zoe just grinned, a spark of defiance in her eyes as she took up that challenge, leaning forward to kiss her mistress again. In the end Morgan had been right, none of them got much sleep that night, but at the same time no one really complained either.

By and large Morgan Nahas would consider herself to be a fairly modest person, at least in her daily life. Certainly not prudish by any means, she liked wearing nice clothes and certainly didn’t mind showing off the shape of her body, but she also lacked the willingness to truly flaunt her appearance the way Zoe and Alexis did. Although, to be fair, if she had even half the curves her girlfriends did she’d probably want to show them off as well. No, for the most part Morgan preferred to hint rather than reveal, a trait that, when combined with the almost androgynous air she cultivated, created a certain sense of mystery when she walked into the room. Something that she had come to enjoy a great deal as a matter of fact. Which was why, as she adjusted the almost shoulder length gloves she was wearing and looked at her ‘costume’ in the mirror, what she saw was almost surprising. In sharp contrast to how she usually dressed, even when preparing for an evening on the town, the coffee-colored woman wore a sleeveless, legless bodysuit of sinfully soft black leather that clung to her lanky frame like a second skin, emphasizing her long legs and slender waist. A low cut neck and strategically placed cutouts drew the eye to her modest cleavage and flat stomach while the high cut hips terminating in a thong put the curves of her tight ass on display. When combined with the gloves, a studded choker and a pair of thigh-high boots with ‘fuck me’ heels the effect was devastating. It was an outfit she had worn more than once when playing dominatrix in the bedroom, but until tonight she would never have imagined herself wearing it outside the house. Then again, she could not help but smile at herself in the mirror as well and as she placed a hand on her hip Morgan could admit that she looked damned good. Even if part of her was still not sure how Zoe and Alexis had convinced her to wear it.

Speaking of the devil, Alexis silently stepped up and molded her body against the woman’s side then, “You look amazing, mistress.”

Glancing at the other woman’s reflection in the mirror Morgan rather thought her girlfriend had it the other way around. If her own outfit was revealing then Alexis’ was positively scandalous, little more than a collection of spandex straps wrapped around her body like a harness with nothing but bits of lace and scraps of cloth to cover the barest of bare essentials. The black material blended well with her bronzed skin and intricate tattoos, but at the same time left her body almost completely exposed, showing off her ample breasts and generous hips in an absolutely delicious way. When combined with a pair of high heeled sandals, the straps running up her calves in an intricate web, and the steel collar around her neck the effect was nothing short of incredible.

Feeling the familiar tingle of arousal in her loins, Morgan grinned at her girlfriend and wrapped an arm around her waist, allowing her hand to trail down and cup the redhead’s nearly naked ass, “Why thank you, pet. But I must say you look rather stunning yourself, in fact…” she trailed off and leaned down to whisper into the woman's ear, “I could just eat you up.”

Biting her lip, eyes heavily lidded as she moaned both at those words and at the hand kneading her ass, Alexis managed a tiny smile, voice quiet but thick with promises, “Anything you like, mistress. Anything at all.”

“Careful what you wish for, pet.” Morgan chided playfully before her voice dropped lower, “You might just get it.”

Alexis trembled at that tone and swallowed hard, “Yes, mistress.”

“Such a naughty girl.” Morgan mused, fondness clear in her voice, but as she opened her mouth to say something else her train of thought was interrupted as she noticed that the redhead was holding something, “What’s that you’ve got there, pet?”

Starting slightly at the question, clearly caught off guard, Alexis blinked a few times and glanced down at her hand, as if she had forgotten all about it. Blushing a bit in a combination of arousal and embarrassment, she slowly offered the taller woman the item, a thin headband with a pair of red plastic devil horns attached to it, “Something to complete the look, mistress.”

Taking the headband with a smile, Morgan kissed her girlfriend on the cheek in silent thanks before slipped the horns onto her head in one smooth motion, her short black hair doing little to hide its presence but even so, as she glanced in the mirror again and adjusted the toy she could not help but admit that they did indeed complete the look. Glancing at Alexis again, and noting that the redhead was wearing an almost identical set of horns, her smile widened as she held the woman closer. Between the fetish gear they were wearing and the matching horns they very much looked like a pair of sexy devils ready for a night on the town, which was exactly what they were going for after all.

“The two of you look incredible.” Zoe suddenly interjected, slipping up behind the pair and glancing over Alexis’ shoulder into the mirror, “But if you want to match, you really need to wear the tail too, mistress.”

Well aware of what the artist was talking about, and having until this point ignored the toy tail attached to Alexis’ butt plug, Morgan raised a brow as she glanced over her shoulder, “You know, my dear, have an unhealthy fascination with sticking things in my ass.”

“That brings to mind a saying about pots and kettles.” Zoe teased as she stepped a bit closer, a mischievous smile growing on her full lips, “Besides, you can’t tell me you don’t like it. In fact, I remember when I used a vibrating plug and the sounding rods at the same time you blew your load practically instant…”

A finger being pressed to her ruby red lips silenced the artist, even as a faint blush grew across the dark skin of Morgan’s cheeks, “That’s enough out of you, I think.”

Grinning triumphantly despite that, Zoe kissed the finger silencing her before leaning back just enough to speak again, “If it makes you feel better, mistress, I’ll wear a plug too.”

Not answering immediately, Morgan instead allowed her eyes to roam over the brunette’s form and take in the costume she was wearing. The final piece to complete the theme of the trio. The artist was clad in a straitjacket made of the same skintight black leather as her mistress’s outfit, easily revealing she was not wearing anything underneath it and showing off at least some of her extensive tattoos. Her arms were trapped in a helpless self-embrace while the chest was cut out to expose her firm and ample breasts to the world, pasties protecting what was left of her modesty but doing nothing to hide how hard her nipples were or the presence of the studs pierced through them. The jacket also had high cut hips that, when combined with the crotch strap pulled tight between her legs, was just enough to cover her smoothly shaved sex and put the entirety of her well-curved ass on display. A simple pair of open-toed high heels and a heavy leather collar completed the outfit, but what truly completed the look was a pair of small feathery wings pinned to the back of her jacket and a headband with a halo perched on her head. A naughty angel helplessly enslaved by a pair of horny devils. After weeks of debate Alexis had come up with the idea, much to Zoe’s enthusiasm, and despite some trepidation on her part, seeing the final results now and feeling her cock stiffen in response Morgan could admit that she was glad she had agreed.

Clearly noticing the reaction, Zoe grinned almost triumphantly and arched her back ever so slightly as she struck a pose, “Happy to see me, mistress?”

As amusing as it was to see Zoe try to dominate the conversation, especially when she was bound so tightly, Morgan decided it was time to reassert control, especially seeing Alexis struggling to hold back a grin out of the corner of her eye. Reaching out to loop a finger through the ring at the base of Zoe’s collar, the coffee-colored woman drew her plaything close until they were practically nose to nose. Grinning sharply, she leaned in to practically whisper in the artist’s ear, “Always my dear, especially when you’re looking so… delectable. But, you’d best watch your mouth unless you want me to stuff it with something.”

Shivering a little, Zoe drew a shaky breath, “Is that a promise, mistress?”

“Minx.” Morgan whispered, a sort of fond exasperation in her voice before she glanced over at Alexis, “Fetch a gag, a big one.”

Alexis smiled and nodded her head, “Right away, mistress.”

As the redhead stepped away, Morgan spent a moment just admiring the taut lines and generous curves of her body before finally turning her attention back to Zoe and raising a hand to her face, “Big mouth aside, you do look stunning my dear.”

Zoe smiled brilliantly, and yet impishly at the same time, “Thank you, mistress, but I don’t recall you ever complaining about my mouth before.”

“So incorrigible.” Morgan groused even as her lips twitched into a grin and she began to caress the brunette’s cheek, “What do you say we make a deal?”

Pressing her cheek against the soft palm of her mistress’s hand, Zoe practically purred, “What sort of deal, mistress?”

“I’ll wear the tail,” Morgan offered, “if you’ll wear a plug and one other toy of my choosing.”

Zoe seemed to weigh that statement for a moment, worrying the edge of her lip before flashing another grin and nodding, “Deal.”

Letting her fingers trail down the bound woman’s jaw, eliciting a tiny shiver, Morgan smiled, “Bold. I almost didn’t expect you to agree.”

“I trust you, mistress.” Zoe said, simply, as she returned that smile.

Blinking a few times, eyes suddenly watery, Morgan withdrew her hand and leaned in to kiss the artist softly, “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.” Zoe practically whispered as she leaned in to that kiss before pausing, a tiny frown on her face as she noticed something in her mistress’s eyes, something that worried her, “Is something wrong?”

Morgan was caught just a bit off guard, at times forgetting how perceptive Zoe could be, or just how well they had come to know each other. For a brief moment she contemplated keeping her silence, brushing off her girlfriend’s concern, but just as quickly she rejected the notion. Biting her lip, the coffee-colored woman almost looked away, “I’m just a little nervous, I suppose. I’ve never been one to show myself off quite so much.”

Stepping closer to nuzzle against the woman’s side, Zoe’s voice was soft and thick with concern, “You don’t have to if you don’t want.” she paused briefly, pursing her lips softly, “I mean, I don’t want to think that we pressured you…”

“No, no nothing like that.” Morgan assured as she snaked her arms around the curvy brunette, “I’m not shy, and it is exciting, but I’ve never really been so brazen about it and,” she paused for a moment before putting on an almost self-deprecating grin, “I’ve never been to a party like this before.”

“Still,” Zoe insisted, “You can wear something else if you want.”

Giving her girlfriend another kiss on the cheek, Morgan smiled, “Thank you, my dear, but no. I’m proud of who I am, who I’ve become, and I don’t want to hide.” pulling the woman close, she rested her chin on Zoe’s shoulder, “You know, I’ve always admired the pride you and Alexis have in your bodies, how unembarrassed you are to show them off. I want that for myself.”

A look briefly passed over Zoe’s face, almost as if she could not believe that her mistress, the woman who seemed so in control, so put together, so commanding when she put her mind to it would have such hang ups, but she quickly shook it off and put on a reassuring smile. Sometimes, in the heart of their games it was easy to forget that Morgan was as human as any of them and needed reassurance like anyone else, “You are the most beautiful woman in the world, mistress, and have absolutely nothing to be ashamed of. Anyone who says otherwise needs their eyes checked, or a punch in the mouth.” she flashed a grin, “Or both.”

Touched by the fierceness of that sentiment, and fighting back tears, Morgan hugged the bound woman tightly before whispering in her ear, “Thank you.”

“Anytime, mistress.” Zoe assured, voice warm and comforting

For a long moment Morgan just allowed herself to hold her lover close, reveling in the feeling of those soft breasts pressed against her chest and those slender hips beneath her hands. It was only when Zoe began to squirm a little in her grip, softly grinding their bodies together, that the coffee-colored woman felt her cheeks heat up as another potential concern suddenly made itself known.

Sensing her mistress tense up, Zoe pulled back in her grip just enough to look the lanky woman in the eye, “Are you okay?”

Biting her lip, Morgan nodded, blush deepening, “I’m fine, it’s just… Well, between you and Alexis and how tight this outfit is? I don’t think I'm going to be able to hide my… well, my cock. The usual tricks just aren’t going to work."

Glancing down at the slight, but noticeable bulge in the tight material understanding dawned in Zoe’s eyes and she put on a reassuring smile, “I doubt anyone will notice. And if they do?” the artist shrugged, “I hear demon dick-girls are in this year.”

The absolute absurdity of that statement was enough to break the tension immediately and Morgan found herself laughing out loud as she hugged Zoe close. She was still laughing a moment later when Alexis returned, carrying a ball gag, the black rubber matching the tattooed brunette’s bonds and the ball easily large enough to both push her limits and keep her quiet at the same time. Glancing back and forth between the two, a curious frown on her face, Zoe just smiled easily at the redhead.

“Our mistress needs a hug.” she instructed simply before tugging on the sleeves of her straitjacket for emphasis, “And I’m in no position to do it.”

Although still clearly a bit confused, Alexis nevertheless nodded immediately and wrapped the lanky woman up in her arms, “Yes, ma’am.”

Morgan just adjusted her grip to embrace both of her lovers, holding them close even as a smile threatened to split her lips, “Thank you.”

“Anytime, mistress.” Alexis assured, obviously still lost.

Taking pity, Zoe explained, “I’m trying to reassure our mistress that she’s the most beautiful woman in the world. I think she might need a second opinion though.”

If anything Alexis looked taken aback, then almost angry, “You’re incredibly beautiful, mistress. Who told you otherwise?”

Chuckling under her breath, Morgan shook her head, “Nothing like that, pet. Just a bit of… stage fright I suppose. But enough of that,” she glanced back at Zoe, “we need to get moving if we’re going to make this party of yours at a decent hour.”

Zoe had the good graces to look at least somewhat abashed, “Yes, mistress.”

Nodding once, Morgan straightened her posture, once more adopting the powerful and domineering pose that marked her as the mistress of these two wonderful women who had given themselves to her. Glancing at Alexis, she smirked just a bit and tilted her head in Zoe’s direction, “Gag her.”

In truth, the redhead didn't have a dominant bone in her body but the one thing Alexis Delise loved was being told what to do and so, upon hearing that command, the heavily tattooed woman nodded enthusiastically, “Yes, mistress!”

For whatever reason Zoe decided not to put up a fight, as she often did, and instead just opened her mouth obediently. If that surprised Alexis she didn’t show it, just stepping up to the other woman and pressing the large rubber ball she was holding between the brunette’s lips. It was a difficult task regardless, the redhead having taken her mistress’s instructions to heart and fetching one of the larger gags in their collection. And while Zoe had proven both enthusiastic and capable when it came to bondage, even with her cooperation it still took more than a little work to push the gag behind her teeth. Even so, Alexis did manage her task, gagging the brunette and buckling the straps over her cheeks almost painfully tight. Moaning deep in her throat as her lips were stretched into a wide ‘O’ of surprise and the straps cut into her skin ensuring that she could not work it loose no matter how hard she tried, Zoe’s eyes fluttered closed as she squirmed within the confinement of her straitjacket, exploring the range of motion she had left and reveling in the sensations.

As the artist was lost in her own little world, Morgan used the opportunity to slip behind her and unbuckle her crotch strap. Gasping into her gag as the strip of leather between her legs came loose, Zoe barely had time to react before the tiny g-string she was wearing underneath was pulled aside and a modest butt plug was inserted into her. The stainless steel felt cold, almost unbearably so, a sensation only amplified by the generous amount of lubricant applied to its surface. Nevertheless, despite the instinct to clench up, she forced herself to relax, moaning even deeper as the plug slid into place, filling her in a way that felt absolutely marvelous. Not that her mistress was finished yet. With the plug inserted, and Zoe exploring those sensations, Morgan quickly followed up by inserting a pair of sizable ben wa balls into the brunette’s body, slick and eager flesh practically swallowing the toys and forcing Zoe to clench tight to hold them in place. Idly stroking the artist's pussy as she slipped the woman’s thong back into place, Morgan could not help but grin at the way her lover seemed to shudder beneath her touch, practically whimpering into her gag. Lost in the sensations assaulting her, Zoe was thus completely unprepared when the straitjacket’s crotch strap was fastened again and pulled tight, so tight that she was forced to bend over sharply to relieve some of the tension as the buckles were secured, groaning into her gag as the toys were pushed deep into her body.

Patting the tattooed brunette on the back, and leaving her to regain control over herself, Morgan crossed back to the dresser and grabbed the one last thing she would need, a rubber butt plug with a red devil tail attached. A deal was a deal after all. Lubing up the toy, she glanced at Alexis who stood silently, watching the display with a smile on her full lips.

“I might need a bit of help, pet.” the coffee-colored woman offered as she gestured with the toy, “If you would come over here?”

With a soft smile, Alexis nodded in agreement and stepped around Zoe’s bound and squirming form, before taking the tail silently. With a nod, Morgan braced one hand on the dresser and bent over ever so slightly, shifting her bodysuit aside with her free hand just enough to allow her lover to insert the toy. Biting her lip to stifle a moan of her own, a blush painted her cheeks as she felt the first stirrings of an erection and clamping down hard on the feeling. Even if it wasn’t exactly a secret that she liked anal, something she had only really explored thanks to allowing Zoe to top her actually, Morgan still found it more than a bit embarrassing how her body reacted. Though, in a way, that only made it better. Just one more reason to relish the artist’s presence in their lives, even if she’d never actually say it out loud. Forcing herself to relax just enough to allow the plug to slide into place, Morgan could not stop herself from gasping softly at the sensation and, taking a breath to steady herself, the coffee-colored woman somewhat awkwardly fixed her outfit around the tail before straightening up.

Offering a faint smile, an equally faint blush barely visible on her dark cheeks, Morgan reached out to wrap an arm around her girlfriend’s waist, “Thank you, pet.”

Returning the smile, Alexis snuggled into her touch before answering, “You’re very welcome, mistress.”

Glancing over to where Zoe had managed to regain control of herself, Morgan wrapped an arm around the tattooed woman with her free arm, slotting the brunette against her other side. Holding both of her lovers close, the coffee-colored woman asked, almost conversationally, “Shall we be off then, my dears?”

“Yes, mistress.” Alexis agreed, softly, still relishing the lanky woman’s embrace.

Resting her head on her mistress’s shoulder in contrast, Zoe let out a soft sigh before practically moaning into her gag, “Mmph, mnphphrmphph.”

Favoring the pair with a tiny, half smile, Morgan nodded once and proceeded to lead them out of the bedroom and toward the coat closet, quickly adapting to the presence of the plug in a few steps and, as always, impressed by how easily Zoe managed to walk without difficulty despite being stuffed full. Just one more sign of how delightfully kinky the brunette really was. Putting those thoughts aside, Morgan opened the closet and took stock of the contents. Thankfully the weather had yet to turn cold enough to need proper winter coats, but between the chill of the night air and their own abbreviated attire something would be necessary. Without much thought she grabbed a long cashmere coat and handed it to Alexis, a birthday gift that the redhead absolutely adored both for its sinfully soft material and steady warmth. Equally thoughtless, the coffee-colored woman fished out a long coat of dark leather and threw it on, buttoning up the front and tying the sash around the waist as Alexis dressed beside her. However, there was the issue of Zoe. The leather jacket the brunette preferred to wear in the fall was far too short to provide adequate coverage, especially with her legs and ass basically bare. And so, sorting through the hangers as the gagged woman waited patiently beside her, Morgan eventually settled on an old raincoat, the dull brown material thickly padded but rather unflattering. Still, it would serve its purpose as she pulled the coat down from the closet and carefully slipped behind the artist to drape it over her shoulders, fastening the buttons one after the other and fixing the collar, both to cover her body and allow the woman to hide her gag if she wished, the lanky woman could not help but smile at her girlfriend. With the sleeves hanging empty at her sides she was certainly a sight. Zoe seemingly agreed, twisting her shoulders side to side once or twice to set the sleeves spinning, grinning around her gag at the display the whole time.

Finally ready, the trio at last departed, walking out the front door and pausing only long enough to allow Morgan to lock the house up before making their way to the car sitting in the driveway. Leading the pack, the coffee-colored woman opened one of the back doors and moved to help Zoe inside. A task made somewhat more awkward by the fact that the woman had no use of her hands. Still, with a bit of assistance from Alexis they managed it and, as the artist settled in, Morgan turned to the redhead and smiled.

“Why don’t you join her, pet?” the woman offered, her smile turning sly, “I’m sure she could use some company on the trip.”

Returning that smile, Alexis nodded, “Yes, mistress.”

Leaning in, Morgan pressed a soft kiss to the other woman’s lips before whispering in her ear, “Be sure to put on a good show for me though, won’t you pet?”

Shivering a little, Alexis managed another nod, “Yes, mistress.”

With a parting smile, and one last kiss, Morgan circled around the car, fishing her keys out of her purse at the same time. As she settled into the driver’s seat, pausing only long enough to fasten her seat belt, she glanced in the rear view mirror just in time to see Alexis buckling Zoe in. Flashing another smile, Morgan started the car and began to back out of the drive, keeping half an eye on the backseat as they traveled. Alexis was certainly making good on her promise, wrapping Zoe up in a hug almost immediately and opening the front of her coast enough to expose her mostly barely breasts to the cool night air, fondling those delicate mounds with long fingers while she pressed kisses to the woman’s cheek and jaw, occasionally nipping at her lip or nuzzling the ball in her mouth. For her part the brunette certainly seemed to appreciate her affections, blushing fiercely as she squirmed and moaned, the actions pulling her crotch strap tight and making the toys within her dance, body shivering in pleasure with each and every movement.

Thankfully it was a short drive, one of the many things that Morgan enjoyed about their neighborhood. It was quiet and well kept, while also being close enough to the center of town to make it convenient to get just about anywhere. As such, it only took perhaps ten or fifteen minutes before they reached their destination despite the traffic, the residential neighborhoods slowly giving way to storefronts, restaurants and the neon faces of clubs. She’d certainly been to this part of town before but as she wove through through the streets, following the directions Zoe had given her, pulled along by the flow of traffic, Morgan realized that she had never actually been to this particular neighborhood. She was no stranger to the club scene, of course, but she’d always preferred smaller, more intimate venues. Or at least places with good music to dance to. Still, as she drove she could not stop her mind from wandering, not even the tantalizing display in the backseat able to fully hold her attention. As said, she had never been to Delirium before, never even heard of it until Zoe’s invitation, indeed all she had to work with was a picture she’d found online of its exterior. A simple, boxy structure that looked utterly mundane on the outside with its steel siding and flat roof, little more than a large sign in red neon differentiating it from dozens of similar structures. And yet… and yet, the way her girlfriend had spoken of the place, the way she described it was truly fascinating and in the weeks since Morgan’s imagination had gone wild, allure and trepidation both growing as she wondered what she might find inside. Part of her couldn't wait to find out.

The moment of truth was upon them soon enough when as, with one last turn, Morgan found herself staring at the gray bulk of Delirium, the harsh light of street lamps and the red glow of its sigh banishing the shadows to reveal a long line of people standing at the entrance, bundled up against the cold as they awaited their turn inside. Whetting her lips, and glancing in the mirror one last time to see Alexis still enthusiastically teasing the bound brunette in her arms, Morgan pulled past the building and into one of the dozens of little parking lots tucked away along the block. Letting out a soft breath to steady her nerves, butterflies swirling in her stomach, the coffee-colored woman parked and checked her coat one last time before climbing out of the car. The sudden, cool breeze was almost a shock but, steeling herself against it, she quickly crossed to the back door and opened it, smiling at the scene she found.

“Having fun, my dears?”

Startled at the sudden intrusion, too wrapped up in teasing the bound brunette in her arms to notice the door opening, Alexis almost jumped in place, freezing mid kiss before blushing and loosened her embrace just enough to offer an embarrassed smile, “Yes, mistress. Did you enjoy the show?”

Taking in Zoe’s flushed face, her rock hard nipples clearly visible through her pasties, still moaning softly and clearly worked up, Morgan nodded, “Very much so, pet. Very much so.” extending a hand she smiled again, “What do you say we go inside?”

Alexis nodded and, with a bit of work, the two of them managed to maneuver Zoe out of the car, Morgan taking a moment to fix the bound brunette’s coat and hair before they set off down the sidewalk, heels clicking on concrete with each step. Bundled up as they were, the three garnered remarkably little attention from passers by, especially with Zoe tucking her chin into the collar of her coat to hide her gag, save for the sorts of appreciative glances that any group of pretty girls out on the town would get. It was nice, in a way, and sure to be a sharp contrast to what was about to happen. Skirting around the edge of the building and past a corner, the trio quickly approached a little used side entry where a man in a coat, clearly some sort of guard, held vigil. Reaching into her purse, Morgan deftly withdrew the VIP voucher that Zoe had given her and wordlessly handed it to the man. Hidden behind dark glasses his expression was unreadable but, after studying the small piece of paper for a moment, he simply nodded and opened the door for them. Returning that nod with a grateful smile, the coffee-colored woman led her lovers inside.

In sharp contrast to the cool, biting breeze of the exterior, the entry hall was almost unbearably warm. With plush red carpeting beneath their feet, polished hardwood paneling along the walls and stamped tin tiles on the roof the whole place almost felt like stepping into an antique theater. A feeling only amplified by the large, intricately carved double doors across the way, the words VIP Entrance emblazoned above them in gold, and the coat check counter that almost resembled a ticket booth. Glancing at her girlfriends briefly, Morgan made her way up to the counter, noting the presence of a pretty blonde girl standing behind it. Her eyes were a brilliant blue with a dusting of freckles across her face even as the approach of winter had begun to leech the tan from her skin. She was wearing something resembling a bellhop uniform, high-collared and made of rich crimson cloth with brass buttons, though her jacket had a window cut out to display a generous amount of her ample cleavage, while a small cap sat atop her head, set at a jaunty angle, while her hair had been coiled up in a tight bun.

Smiling at the trio, the woman greeted them, “Good evening, and welcome to Delirium. May I take your coats?”

Briefly glancing at the name tag on the woman’s chest, Morgan returned that smile, “Thank you, Jennifer. That would be lovely.”

Without ceremony, Morgan began to remove her coat, Alexis soon following, quickly revealing what they were wearing beneath. The blonde girl’s smile widened ever so slightly at the sight, taking in the tight material sheathing Morgan’s body and the intricate tattoos that seemed to cover every inch of Alexis’ skin. However, her breath caught in her throat and her eyes went wide for the briefest of seconds when the two of them helped Zoe out of her jacket, revealing both her intricate bondage and her large breasts almost completely on display, a hint of her own tattoos just visible around the edges. Regaining control of herself with remarkable aplomb, Jennifer took the offered coats without comment and carried them to the back, emerging a moment later with a small metal token.

Handing the disk over, the blonde girl smiled again, “Please enjoy your evening.”

Smile shifting ever so slightly into a smirk at the girl’s reaction, more than a bit buoyed by that obvious attraction, Morgan took the token and allowed her fingers to brush ever so briefly against the blonde’s hand, her voice soft and teasing, “Why thank you, Jennifer. I’m certain it will be a… memorable night.”

The faintest hint of a blush on her cheeks, the girl smiled, “You’re very welcome, ma’am. And might I say, your costumes are very… striking.”

Very well aware that she was being a little mean, Morgan glanced at Alexis who had an amused smile on her face before turning her attention back to the coat check girl and letting her voice drop just a bit, adopting the almost husky tone she she knew drove her girlfriends wild, “Thank you again. And do enjoy your own evening, won’t you?”

The girl nodded, biting her lip to keep quiet and with one final smile, Morgan took Alexis in hand and, as a final touch, clipped a leash to Zoe’s collar before leading them toward the door. Behind them she could practically feel Jennifer’s eyes on their backs and it was a surprisingly pleasant feeling. Enough so that Morgan intentionally swayed her hips as they walked, taking full advantage of her high heeled boots.

Molded up against her side, Alexis leaned in to practically whisper, “That was mean, mistress.”

Morgan’s lips twitched into a tiny smile, “All in good fun, pet. All in good fun.” Pausing just in front of the double doors, the coffee-colored woman looked to each of her girlfriends in turn before asking, “Shall we?”

Alexis just smiled and nodded while Zoe grinned around the edges of her gag, enthusiasm shining in her eyes, “Mmph!”

With that, hesitancy and anticipation building within her chest as she realized that this was the point of no return, Morgan pushed the doors open and stepped through before she could second guess herself. In that instant the rush of noise and heat that washed over her brought any and all thoughts to a screeching halt. Indeed, before the doors could even fully close behind them the coffee-colored woman felt herself freeze in place, almost overwhelmed by what she saw stretched out before her. The place was cavernous, that was really the only way to describe it, even packed with people, easily two stories tall and open save for a few strategically placed pillars. The same motif of red carpet, paneled walls and tin tiled ceilings dominated but in the subdued lighting that was hard to see. Tables were scattered about, with booths lining the walls, but most of the space was open, separated only by a slightly sunken dance floor in the center of the room, softly flashing lights just barely visible under its frosted glass floor despite the rush of people packed onto it. More than that, however, someone had obviously and carefully themed the entire club for the season. A thin fog was being pumped in from somewhere, clinging to the floor like a wispy shroud, almost as if they were stepping onto some forgotten moor or misty mountain-top. Fake cobwebs had been strewn about, stretching across the ceiling and between the pillars, gossamer threads just faintly visible in the soft light, and here and there shapes could be seen in the shadows like ghosts. Foam jack o' lanterns and electronic candles had been set on every table and piled on the bar, joined by even more candles along the dance floor’s handrails, their eerie flickering lights adding to the overall atmosphere and glinting off every polished surface.

But that was just ambiance, background atmosphere and all of it paled in comparison to the people. Despite the open space it felt crowded, the din of a thousand conversations and the music playing in the background creating an overwhelming haze of noise. Beyond the dance floor, packed as it was with swaying and thrashing bodies, groups large and small roamed through the fog like schools of fish; laughing, drinking, kissing and a thousand other things. Try though she might Morgan could see no common theme among the party goers, though that was perhaps not too surprising given the holiday. Fancy suits and ball gowns fit for a masquerade ball stood side by side with fishnet and body stockings that would not have been out of place at a rave. Beyond that the costumes themselves ran a huge gamut, everything from women in bikinis and cat ears to gentlemen in intricately crafted sets of armor, store bought sexy nurses and witches alongside elaborate body paint and almost stunningly realistic zombies and a thousand other things that Morgan could not even begin to name. Any yet, above and beyond it all were the multitude of kinks on display, fetish gear and bondage both obvious and subtle worn with pride, varying degrees of nudity a common feature among the gathered. Zoe had been right, they didn’t stand out in the slightest in this crowd and as overwhelming an assault on senses as it all was, Morgan could not help but feel a little more secure at that fact.

Her train of thought was again interrupted though, when Alexis wrapped her arms around her mistress’s waist and molded her body against the lanky woman’s back while Zoe practically curled up against her side. A bit startled, Morgan bit her lip at the familiar feeling of the redhead’s breasts pressed against her spine, to say nothing of the artist’s lush curves on her hip, and glanced over her shoulder with a curious look.

Smiling softly, voice barely audible over the din, Alexis asked, “Would you like to dance, mistress?”

It was a simple question, and honest enough, but what made Morgan smile were the words she could hear hidden underneath it. ‘Are you alright?’  Slipping an arm around Zoe’s waist to hold the woman close, stroking the bare skin of her hip idly and eliciting a soft moan in the process, the coffee-colored woman reached down to set her free hand atop Alexis’ before lifting the redhead’s knuckles to her lips. Planting a kiss on those fingers, trying to convey silently the depth of gratitude she felt, Morgan’s smile grew softer, more genuine. She didn’t need to be strong all of the time and it felt good to know that even now, when submitting to her, deferring to her, her lovers could read her so easily and would not hesitate to offer their support, and their love.

“That sounds wonderful,” she said simply after a long moment of just enjoying their presence, answering both questions at once, “but I think I’d like to explore just a bit first.”

And with that, Morgan straightened her posture and pulled Alexis close, smiling at the way the redhead’s lush body practically molded against her side, and gave Zoe’s leash a playful tug before stepping, almost casually, into the fog. Lips twitching into a smirk as Zoe began to struggle against her straitjacket, playfully resisting the leash as she was pulled along, the coffee-colored woman found herself slipping into character easily, idly stroking Alexis’ side as they moved deeper into the crowd. A show for all to see, the Demon Queen and her slaves, willing and unwilling alike on display. She had no particular destination in mind and they just wandered for a time, weaving between groups and tables taking in the sights and sounds and drawing more than a few looks themselves. A hint of her earlier nervousness remained, of course, but as she took in the appreciative smiles and open stares Morgan felt the last of her anxiety drain away, a new confidence building as the other patrons openly checked them out and clearly liked what they saw. Feeling incredibly sexy beneath those appraising eyes, Morgan leaned into the character even further, adopting a much more lascivious smile as she began to tease Alexis a bit more, letting her fingers trail over the sensitive skin of the other woman’s hip and down a generous thigh, tracing the outlines of her many tattoos before moving to squeeze her ass. Shivering beneath that touch, Alexis moaned softly and, perhaps feeling emboldened herself, allowed her own hands to roam just a bit, tightening her embrace and allowing a palm to rest on her mistress’s bare stomach while the other caressed her backside gently.

Purring gently beneath that touch, Morgan glanced back over her shoulder to see Zoe watching them intently, a faint blush on her face and nipples clearly rock hard. Smiling mischievously at the bound woman, not wanting her to feel left out, she suddenly tugged the leash hard, making the artist’s eyes go wide as she stumbled forward, trying to keep her balance. Dropping the leash for a moment, Morgan quickly used her free hand to pull Zoe’s helpless body close and pressed a soft, teasing kiss to her gag. For a moment the brunette managed to keep up the act, resisting those advances and straining against her straitjacket, but when she found herself suddenly turned around, her mistress’s body pressed against her back and a clever, long-fingered hand began to fondle her ample tits any such considerations evaporated like morning mist. Moaning helplessly into her gag, Zoe began to squirm in a decidedly different way, rolling her hips against the leather strap pulled tightly between her legs, the ben wa balls rattling around in her pussy and the butt plug shifting in her ass driving her absolutely wild.

Biting her own lip against the sensation of the brunette’s generously curved ass grinding against her cock, Morgan nonetheless managed to keep her voice steady, “Having fun, my dear?”

Through the fog of pleasure, Zoe managed to moan out a reply, “Mmph, mnphphrmphph.”

Squeezing one of the woman’s breasts, making her shudder and cry out in pleasure, Morgan kissed just behind the artist’s ear, “Such a naughty little angel.”

Zoe tried to reply again, but before she could a new voice called out, breaking the spell of the moment, “Excuse me?”

More than a little startled, Morgan quickly turned, Alexis pressed against her side and still with a handful of Zoe’s tits to see a pair of young women standing just a few feet away, barely illuminated by the flickering lights of a nearby cluster of candles. The girl who had spoken was interesting enough, her hair, half silvery white and half inky black, pushed up under a tri-cornered hat with a long coat thrown on over a ruffled shirt and short skirt, brown leather boots laced all the way up her thighs. An intricately decorated patch resting over her left eye and various brass accouterments on her clothing left her looking for all the world like some sort of steampunk pirate, an impression only helped by the elaborate toy gun tucked into her belt. Her companion, however, was even more interesting. Clad in a long dress of a similar, ruffled style with a patterned corset of brown leather snugly fitted around her waist, her brilliant green hair hung loose in far more deliberate curls. All of her accessories, from her earrings to the various necklaces around her neck to her choker and the clasps of her corset had a matching theme of brass and gears. However, what truly stood out beyond all that was that her hands were bound behind her back with a pair of brass handcuffs and a ball gag, in a similarly gold color, was pressed deep in her mouth and held in place by a thin strap of white leather.

Realizing that they were still waiting for a reply, Morgan quickly cleared her throat, “Yes? May I help you?”

“I’m sorry to intrude, but we were just wondering.” the first girl continued, a clearly nervous smile on her lips as she asked, “But we were just wondering if we could have a picture?”

That caught Morgan off guard and while her first reaction was to refuse, the more she thought about it the more she realized that she didn’t really mind, in fact was actually more than a little flattered by the request. Glancing over at Alexis, who smiled encouragingly, and then to Zoe who just shrugged in her confinement, the coffee-colored woman smiled and regarded the pair of younger girls with a smile, “What are your names?”

Perhaps feeling a bit more comfortable now that the ice had been broken, the first girl bowed, pulling off her hat and pressing it over her heart in what must have been a well practiced gesture, “I am the dread pirate Victoria, and this lovely is my companion on the high seas, Lillian.”

The green-haired girl, Lillian, squawked indignantly into her gag and shot her companion a glare, but even so managed a remarkably deep curtsy, an especially impressive feat given her bound hands.

“She prefers Lily.” Victoria provided, with a smile as she straightened up and donned her hat once more, clearly much more comfortable now that she had slipped into character, “And might I ask your names in turn?”

“Nice to meet you.” Morgan returned with an easy smile of her own, “The name’s Morgan and this vision,” she nodded to the redhead curled against her side, “is Alexis while this little minx,” she gave the bound brunette's breast another squeeze, eliciting a soft moan and a blush, “is Zoe.”

“A pleasure.” Victoria managed, a blush darkening her own cheeks at the display while Lily shifted in place, unconsciously crossing her legs, “Now about the picture?”

"Persistent, aren’t you?" Morgan asked, almost rhetorically as she chuckled softly under her breath before smiling and drawing herself up, “Alright, I don’t see any harm in it.”

Fishing a phone out from under her coat, Victoria returned that smile, “Thank you so much, I really appreciate it.”

“It’s no trouble.” Morgan assured, dropping the act, “Do you want us to…?”

“No, no.” Victoria assured, “Just stay right like that.”

Arching her back ever so slightly, and adjusting her stance, Morgan did her best to project the sort of effortlessly sensual aura that she’d managed when looking at herself in the mirror earlier, even as she idly stroked Alexis’ side and continued to fondle Zoe’s chest, enjoying the way the redhead purred and the brunette moaned beneath her affections. Her audience clearly enjoyed the performance, given the sheer number of pictures that Victoria took in short order and the way Lily’s eyes were glued to them. They even managed a group picture at the end, the five of them squeezing together almost awkwardly as Victoria struggled to find an angle to capture all of them.

Slipping the phone back under her coat as they separated, Victoria practically beamed, “Thank you again for this. Your costumes really are amazing.”

“You’re very welcome.” Morgan answered, relaxing her stance ever so slightly and returning that smile, “And give yourself more credit. Most of this is off the shelf, I imagine the two of you had to make your outfits.”

“I guess those theater classes had to be good for something." Victoria allowed before Lily leaned close and whispered something into the other girl’s ear through her gag. Nodding, clearly understanding her companion, Victoria turned her attention to Alexis, “She really likes your tattoos by the way. I’ve ever seen someone with so many, how long did they take to finish?”

“About six months.” Alexis answered with a pleased smile, “And thank you, it took a lot of pain and suffering but the end result was worth it.” her smile turned almost sly as her eyes slid to the bound woman still in Morgan’s arms, “Zoe did them, actually.”

“Really?” Victoria wondered, almost awed, both she and Lily turning their attention to the brunette when the redhead nodded, “You’re very talented.”

Under different circumstances Zoe would probably have enjoyed the compliment, maybe even angled for some business, but in her current state all she could do was moan helplessly as she squirmed in her mistress’s grip, unconsciously grinding her hips against her crotch strap, desperate for relief from the toys teasing her.

“I’m sure she appreciates it.” Morgan supplied.

“We were thinking of dancing for a bit.” Alexis added, changing the subject suddenly, “Would you like to join us?”

Victoria bit her lip, clearly torn but shook her head after glancing at Lily, “A tempting offer, but I’m afraid these really aren’t dance clothes.”

“A pity.” Alexis lamented before smiling suddenly, “Maybe you can watch instead, I’m sure it will be quite the show.”

Smirking now, and shaking her head at how flustered the two girls looked, even if they tried to hide it, Morgan began to guide her girlfriends toward the dance floor, “It was a pleasure. Perhaps we’ll meet again sometime?”

“Maybe.” Victoria allowed, swallowing hard as she got a clear view of the trio’s backsides while Lily let out a tiny murmur of agreement.

Slipping back into the crowd, Morgan raised a brow as she regarded Alexis with a look, “Now who’s being cruel, pet?”

It was Alexis’ turn to smile disarmingly, though the glint in her blue-gray eyes suggested she knew exactly what the coffee-colored woman was talking about, “Just being friendly, mistress. Besides, you saw the way they were fucking us with their eyes, didn’t you?”

“Jealous?” Morgan wondered, doubting that was the case but curious nonetheless.

Alexis just shook her head, “Excited.”

“I think Zoe’s rubbing off on you.” Morgan teased, eliciting an indignant groan from the brunette as Alexis laughed.

Morgan just chuckled under her breath and shook her head as they finally stepped past the railing and down onto the dance floor itself, swallowed up by the sea of bodies swaying to music that was more felt than heard. Even more so than slipping into character, slipping into the rhythm felt natural and, when they finally found a space big enough for the three of them, Morgan shifted her grip and wrapped both hands around Zoe’s waist, pulling the artist close even as she let Alexis go. Understanding well what her mistress was doing, the redhead molded herself against Zoe’s helpless form, pressing their breasts together and grinding against those captive hips even as she moved to embrace both her fellow slave and their mistress in her arms. Sandwiched between her lovers, Zoe gave herself over to those sensations, letting her eyes flutter closed even as she moaned helplessly into her gag and writhed in time with the forms imprisoning her. Everything else seemed to fade in the midst of that sensuous rhythm, Morgan’s entire world reduced to nothing but the bodies in her arms, flashes of sensation here and there as they moved with and against each other but nothing else. Hips swaying beneath her hands, fingers running down her spine, soft breasts giving way beneath her grip and an ample ass grinding against her throbbing cock. There was nothing to do but surrender to that riot of feelings as they simply moved in a rhythm as old as time. Morgan eventually craned her neck over Zoe’s shoulder to kiss Alexis deeply on her full and eager lips, plundering that mouth with her tongue even as the brunette trapped between them shuddered beneath their touch. It was an instant. It was an eternity. And it was all too much and not enough at the same time when the music finally came to a stop.

Flushed and short of breath, both from her exertions and from excitement, Morgan finally risked opening her eyes and she felt herself blush. It would be a lie to say that all eyes were on them, there were simply far too many people pressed onto the dance for that, but a ring seemed to have opened up around them as those nearby gave way to watch their little performance, more sex with clothes on that actual dancing as they had lost themselves within each other as they so often did when the music began to flow. Short of breath and rock hard, the coffee-colored woman was suddenly glad that she hadn’t tried to tuck herself away earlier. That probably would have been quite… uncomfortable given how incredible turned on she felt. Torn between embarrassment and thrill, and excited beyond all measure, Morgan slowly disentangled herself from her lovers and led them back out into the club proper. In truth the coffee-colored woman was no stranger to putting on a show, that had honestly been the plan after all, but this felt different somehow. Wild, unrestrained, almost primal compared to other nights but whatever it was it also felt… nice. Shaking her head, Morgan turned her attention to her girlfriends, noting the faint sheen of sweat on Alexis’ brow, the redhead’s nipples proudly standing out through the thin patches of material covering them, while Zoe was flushed almost as red as her lips, desire burning in her eyes.

As they stepped back out into the fog-shrouded main floor of the club, Morgan craned her neck slightly to scan the crowds, the mist and the dim lighting making it difficult to pick out individual details. Nevertheless, her perseverance was rewarded a moment later when she spotted a pair of familiar figures sitting at one of the tables lining the dance floor, following their movement. Smiling, the coffee-colored woman raised an arm and waved before quickly losing sight of their newfound friends amid the crowds.

Noticing her mistress wave, but not able to see who she was signaling in her current position, Alexis hazarded a question, “Where are we going, mistress?”

Morgan just shrugged and tightened her grip on her girlfriends, “I don’t know about you, pet, but after that I need a drink.”

Understanding dawning in her eyes, Alexis nodded with a smile of her own, “A drink would be nice, mistress.”

Although still clearly hot under the collar, Zoe managed to make a tiny noise of agreement into her gag as she practically burrowed into Morgan’s side.

Thankfully, with the central position of the dance floor, finding the bar was relatively easy. Even with the fog and dim lighting the large slab of polished hardwood set against the far wall practically glowed from the clusters of candles set upon it and the jack o’ lanterns that capped each corner. Beyond that, shelves of bottles set into the wall were back lit by subdued lights like a thousand tiny lighthouses in a storm. Deftly weaving their way through the crowds at a relatively sedate pace, the one thing that Morgan did note was how strangely empty the bar was. Oh, there were patrons clustered around as a half dozen bartenders, all women dressed in a variety of scanty costumes, waited on them but there were plenty of empty spaces as well. Glancing back over her shoulder she could see that the dance floor was packed again as a new song began to play but that alone should not have been enough to explain the thin crowds. Shrugging and putting it out of her mind for the moment, the coffee-colored woman simply stepped up to one of those empty spaces and patiently waited to be served. Looking back and forth between her own girlfriends, Morgan suddenly pressed a kiss to Alexis’ cheek and another to the corner of Zoe’s mouth, just above the strap of her ball gag, and held them close, simply enjoying their company. In fact, she was so caught up in the moment that she did not immediately notice when a bartender walked up to the group.

“What’s your pleasure, stranger?”

Eyes snapping forward at the sound, Morgan was momentarily taken aback by the sight of the figure before her. She was certainly striking, with a slender yet shapely body and brilliant green eyes, but her appearance was odd as well, a mix of contrasts. Her curly red hair, pulled back into a loose tail, gave way to dreadlocks at the nape of her neck before falling down her back and her skin was pale, deathly pale with trickles of what looked like blood running down her chin from equally pale lips. Like her appearance, her outfit was a strange contrast of styles, a clearly Gothic inspired gown in black, accented with splashes of deep purple and dark red, with an angled knee length skirt and a tight corset around her slender waist and patterned stockings on her legs. The top of the dress above the corset, and the elbow length sleeves, were made of a fine mesh that left her chest and shoulders exposed, X’s of black tape atop her modest yet shapely breasts protecting her modesty and standing in sharp contrast to her almost porcelain skin. Finally, a lace band too large to be a choker but too small to be a neck corset circled her throat with an ornate silver crucifix dangling from it. But beyond her striking looks there was something about this woman, something intangible, an almost regal grace in her bearing that demanded attention, no that commanded it, that announced her as the master of all she surveyed like a queen surveying her court.

A warm but amused grin twisted the woman’s lips, showing off just a hint of fangs as she put a hand on her hip and arched her back, “I’m not normally on the menu, but I might be willing to make an exception in your case.”

Startled by those words, and blushing as she realized she’d been staring, Morgan cleared her throat, “My apologies. You’re a very striking woman.”

“I bet you say that to all the girls.” the pale woman teased, her smile widening ever so slightly as she did.

“Only the pretty ones.” Morgan offered, playing along.

The woman laughed out loud, voice like silver bells, before smiling warmly, a look that seemed so incongruous with the sharp teeth and fake blood, “You must be new here.”

“What makes you say that?” Morgan wondered, getting the distinct impression that the bartender was flirting with her and wondering if there was something in the air tonight given how much attention they’d attracted.

“Well, I’d never forget a pretty face like yours.” the pale woman countered, “And you have no idea who I am, do you?”

Morgan blushed ever so slightly, though it wasn’t really visible with her dark completion, and wondered, “Should I?”

“Ask your girlfriend.” the pale redhead suggested, gesturing at Zoe before addressing the bound brunette with a wry, fanged grin, “I suppose I can forgive you for not introducing me though, your mouth is rather full.”

Curious now, Morgan cocked her head slightly and moved to loosen Zoe’s gag, letting the ball dangle around her throat like some sort of makeshift necklace. Raising a curious brow as Alexis leaned around her, Zoe blushed faintly as she worked her jaw a few times before answering, “Hi, Murial.”

“You can do better than that.” the pale woman, Murial, chided.

Rolling her eyes, the artist turned to address her girlfriends, “This is Murial du Sange, the owner of the club I told you about.”

The pieces finally clicking in her mind, Morgan considered the pale woman behind the bar. Honestly, she hadn’t really given much thought to the mysterious club owner that Zoe had mentioned when all this began, and she’d certainly had no expectations that they would ever actually meet. Now that they had, though, somehow this Murial du Sange both met all of her exceptions and wildly defied them at the same time. She looked far too young for the position she claimed, and it was a bit strange to find her working behind the counter, but at the same time the woman seemed to have an air about her that drew you in, an almost irresistible lure that screamed beauty and danger all at the same time. It was the sort of thing the coffee-colored woman imagined was quite handy in this line of work.

Shaking her head and putting on an easy smile, Morgan addressed their host, “It’s a pleasure to meet you then, Ms. du Sange.”

“The pleasure is all mine.” Murial assured, before tilting her head slightly in greeting, “So, about that drink?”

Glancing back and forth between her lovers again, Morgan shrugged, “Do you have any specials tonight?”

“Beer if you’re feeling vanilla.” Murial offered with a teasing grin, “On the other hand, if you’re in the mood for something different, Black Sangria has been popular tonight.”

Morgan’s brow furrowed, “Black Sangria?”

“I could tell you.” Murial offered before leaning against the counter, thrusting out her modest bust, “But where’s your sense of adventure?”

Zoe shrugged, clearly feeling adventurous, “What the hell, I’ll give it a try.”

“That’s the spirit.” Murial said with a grin as she leaned back and turned her head to Morgan, “And you?”

“Gin and tonic.” the coffee-colored woman answered before turning her attention to Alexis, “And you, pet?”

The intricately tattooed redhead considered the question for a heartbeat, “That sounds good, mistress.”

“Make it a double then.” Morgan interjected, “We can share.”

Murial grinned and bowed her head slightly in acknowledgment, “One gin and tonic, double, and one Black Sangria coming right up.”

Whatever else she might be, it quickly became apparent that the pale woman was an excellent bartender. Producing a pair of glasses from beneath the counter, she tossed them into the air, one after the other, and caught them behind her back before slamming them down. Ice followed, small cubes tossed with the precision of an expert marksman before she finally produced a dark green bottle of wine with a flourish and filled one glass about half full, the color of the dark red liquid so deep that it looked almost purple. Corking the bottle again, she put it away and filled the second glass with a healthy measure of gin followed by a few drams of a thick, brownish liquid.

Fairly familiar with how to make gin and tonic, and having no idea what that ingredient was, Morgan asked, “What’s that?”

Looking up briefly, Murial explained while keeping her eyes on her work, “We make our own cinchona extract here. Most authentic tasting gin and tonic in the city.”

“I see.” Morgan returned, not really sure what the woman was talking about to be perfectly honest, but curious nonetheless.

“So, any of you lovely ladies thinking of participating in the costume contest we're having?” Murial asked as she topped off the concoction with club soda and a twist of lime, making conversation as she finished.

Looking at Zoe, who shook her head, Morgan raised a brow curious, “I wasn’t aware there was one.”

“Oh?” Murial wondered as she finished stirring the gin and tonic and slid the glass of brownish spirits across the bar, “I thought the fliers were just about everywhere.”

Taking a sip of her drink, more to buy time than anything else, and surprised by the strange herbal flavor of it, underlined by the sharp taste of gin and the bitterness of the lime, Morgan shrugged as she offered Alexis a drink, “Guess we must have missed them.”

“Pity, because I guarantee that every jaw would hit the floor if you three stepped out on stage.” Murial said as she produced a bottle of cola or all things, popping off the cap with her fingers before pouring it into the wine to completely fill the other glass, “Still, I do hope you’ll watch if nothing else. It’s always a good time, and tonight we have a special guest as our Mistress of Ceremonies.”

Truth be told, part of Morgan was definitely tempted by the offer, but at the same time as bold as she was being tonight, and as much as she had surprised herself, that was a bit more than she was comfortable with just yet. Glancing at Zoe, who seemed honestly curious about her answer, and then at Alexis whose smile plainly said that she would support any decision her lover made, Morgan finally shook her head. “I appreciate your confidence, but I’m afraid I’ll have to decline.”

Murial just shrugged, accepting that answer without much comment, “Your choice, of course but if you’re interested in watching we also have a special show planned for after the contest.”

Taking the obvious bait Morgan asked, “What’s so special about it?”

Pressing a hand to her heart, Murial grinned, smirked really, “Why tonight, I’ll be performing of course.”

“I take it that’s rare?” Morgan wondered.

“Very rare.” Murial answered with an almost mischievous smile as she produced a metal straw and proceeded to stir the witch’s brew she called Black Sangria and slid the glass in front of Zoe’s bound form, “I do hope to see you in attendance, and I do hope you enjoy the rest of your evening. If you need anything else, don’t hesitate to call.”

And with that she was gone, gliding almost effortlessly on her high heels to another part of the bar. Turning back to where Zoe was eyeing her drink suspiciously, Morgan could not help but smile as she took a drink of her own cocktail and watched as the brunette slowly bent down and took the straw between her lips, a surprised but pleased expression blooming on her face a moment later.

“I take it you approve then?” Morgan asked, eventually as she passed her glass back to Alexis, who accepted it with a grateful smile.

Straightening up, Zoe nodded, “I never would have thought to mix wine and Coca-Cola but,” she shrugged, “here we are. It's different, but not bad.”

“Rather like us then.” Morgan mused, pursing her lips in thought even as the artist grinned at her before she went back to drinking the strange, brownish-red concoction, “She’s something, isn’t she?”

“Murial?” Zoe asked, waiting for her mistress to nod before continuing, “Yeah, she really is. Can’t say I know her that well, but she’s different, that’s for sure.”

“Then we’re in good company, no?” Alexis asked with a tiny smile, handing the now nearly empty glass back to her mistress.

The coffee-colored woman could not help but chuckle as she wrapped the redhead up in a one armed hug, draining her glass in one swallow before practically slamming it down, “That we are, pet. That we are.”

Cuddling up against her mistress’s side as Zoe finished her own drink, Alexis looked up with curiosity and perhaps a hint of concern written on her face, worrying her lip for a moment before asking, “Are you having fun, mistress?”

A reassuring smile on her own face, Morgan tilted her head enough to plant a kiss on the redhead’s brow, “Very much so, pet. A night on the town, two beautiful women at my side and new friends to boot. What’s not to love?”

“I’m glad.” Alexis said honestly before letting out a tiny sign, “Though speaking of new friends I’m a little disappointed they didn’t join us.”

“The night’s still young.” Zoe offered as she finished the last of her sangria, “You never know what might happen.”

Morgan could only nod in agreement. Truth be told she had actually been looking forward to chatting with Victoria a bit more and perhaps even Lily as well assuming her companion deigned to remove the gag. If nothing else their outfits had been absolutely gorgeous and, as the only ones to approach directly she could not help but wonder if a photo had been the only thing they wanted. Alexis’ teasing aside, Morgan could admit that she found the idea very pleasant, and more than a little intriguing. And besides, she considered with a smile, glancing at Zoe out of the corner of her eye, it would hardly be the first time they’d brought someone else home with them. Ah well, hardly the end of the world. Briefly glancing over the length of the bar, spotting Murial shaking a cocktail at the far end, the motions making her shapely breasts bounce magnificently within the rather loose confined of her dress, the coffee-colored woman could not help but smile before tearing her attention away to survey the cavernous interior of the club one last time. The glowing pit of the dance floor stood out as one of the few brightly illuminated areas, the mist rolling in like some great glowing shroud while the multitude of bodies within stirred it up like a witch’s cauldron about to burst. Zoe certainly hadn't been exaggerating when she called this place out of this world.

Turning her attention back to her girlfriends after a moment lost in thought, Morgan smiled, “So, I’m curious about this show our esteemed host mentioned. Anyone else interested?”

“It does sound interesting, mistress.” Alexis agreed, “I’d love to see it with you.”

“Besides,” Zoe added, biting her lip, an expression of absolute longing briefly crossing her face as she shifted her hips, “a quiet place to… work out some tension sounds wonderful right about now.”

Favoring the brunette with a smirk, Morgan pulled her close and brushed a few strands of hair out of that grinning face, “If you're a good girl, my dear.”

Pouting playfully, Zoe arched her back and adopted a breathy tone, “Aren’t I always a good girl, mistress?”

Popping the gag back into the woman’s mouth, eliciting a muffled protest and a few shakes of the head as she tightened it back down, Morgan gave the artist a playful smack on the ass even as she wound the leash around her free hand, “Minx.”

Offering the bound woman a playful smile, Morgan reached out and intertwined her fingers with Alexis before setting off again. The Demon Queen, once more on the prowl with her lover at her side and her captive angel pulled along behind, struggling with her bonds even as the leash forced her to follow. They took their time, weaving through the crowds in no real hurry, once more drawing eyes as they passed and Morgan found herself unexpectedly reveling in the little show they were putting on. Wondering what the crowd was thinking, and what they dreamed of doing to her. Or maybe what they dreamed of her doing to them. Eventually, though, they reached the theater, a large set of double doors, identical to the entryway, set into the far wall. Glancing at her girlfriends one last time for confirmation, and seeing nothing but enthusiasm painted on their faces, Morgan pushed the doors open to reveal a far smaller but still cavernous space beyond, illuminated just enough to allow navigation but otherwise pitch black. As expected a stage dominated the center of the room, running back to a set of red curtains covering the wall behind it, while tables and booths had been arrayed around it in a large U shape. Doors could be seen along the side walls, faintly illuminated by sconces, and far above were the jutting shapes of balconies that, presumably, offered a more commanding view of the performances below, but otherwise the room was featureless and strangely quiet save for the faint din of conversation in the background. Stepping inside, Morgan glanced about, taking in everything she could, before slowly making her down the aisle.

As her eyes adjusted to the darkness more details revealed themselves. Similarly ornate panels on the walls, brass poles on the stage at regular intervals, and more electronic candles on each table, their light so dim that it revealed almost nothing and yet cast an eerie glow over the seated guests. It was, when combined with the faint din of conversation and the wisps of fog that managed to roll in from the main room under the doors, a legitimately spooky atmosphere. Pulling her lovers closer, almost like a talisman against the chill that suddenly seemed to prickle her skin, Morgan eventually spotted an unoccupied booth in the far corner of the room. And yet, as she was about to sit down a thought suddenly struck her. Freezing in place, the coffee-colored woman turned to Zoe with an almost wicked smile on her face before reached out and caressing the bound woman'’s cheek with the pad of her thumb, eliciting a tiny shiver before tracing the brunette’s lower lip and flicking her piercing playfully. Even in the dim light she could see the confusion and lust written on the other woman’s face, her smile widening ever so slightly as she pulled the gag from that lush and inviting mouth in one smooth motion.

Licking her lips with the tip of her tongue, Zoe looked up at her mistress, “Wha…”

That was as far as she got before Morgan captured those lips in a kiss, thrusting her tongue into that unsuspecting mouth to silence the bound woman utterly. Moaning deep in her throat, Zoe surrendered to her mistress almost immediately, her body going slack in its bonds as she closed her eyes and gave herself over to the lanky woman's passion. And passionate she was. Perhaps it was the excitement that had been building all evening, perhaps it was the atmosphere, perhaps it was throb in her loins every time she saw Zoe’s helpless bound and almost completely exposed form, but whatever it was Morgan put everything she had into that kiss, throwing an arm around the artist’s shoulders to crush their bodies together and taking a generous handful of the woman’s firm ass at the same time, fingers kneading softly as she explored the tattooed woman’s mouth and thrust her tongue into that deep and willing throat. Indeed, when she finally came up for air after what felt like an eternity later, Zoe was left panting and flushed, flickering candlelight reflected in those glazed eyes.

Smirking at the sight, Morgan offered a soft, almost chaste kiss on the lips before withdrawing her hands, “Now, my dear, why don’t we…”

It was Morgan’s turn to be surprised when Zoe, recovering much more quickly than she would have expected, glanced at Alexis with a smirk of her own, “Now.”

At that point Alexis struck, using a pair of handcuffs she had hidden in her purse to quickly bind Morgan’s hands behind her back. Shocked at this turn of events, the coffee-colored woman could do nothing but idly test her bonds, a stunned expression on her face, as the redhead gently guided her to sit down at the empty booth, mindful all the while of the tail the woman was wearing. Tossing her hair, Zoe smirked down at her mistress briefly before favoring Alexis with a much more genuine smile.

“Excellent work.”

Alexis returned that smile, bowing her head slightly, “Thank you, ma’am.”

Chuckling under her breath, Zoe tugged at the sleeves of her jacket, “Now, if you would be so kind…?”

“Of course, ma’am."” Alexis agreed almost immediately as she moved to begin unbuckling the various straps that held her fellow slave in her bonds.

“Have you been planning this the whole time?” Morgan demanded, finding her voice at last and testing her bonds again.

“Yep.” Zoe answered simply with an impish grin, “I wasn’t exactly sure when I was going to flip the script, but this really was the perfect opportunity.”

Alexis had the good grace to look abashed, “Sorry, mistress.”

Miffed, and yet also intrigued and perhaps a little bit impressed, Morgan could not keep a tiny smile off of her face as she shook her head and sat quietly, watching the scene unfold before her. It was the work of no more than a moment, perhaps two, before Zoe was completely free of her straitjacket, leaving her almost completely naked save for the tiny g-string about her hips and the pasties on her breasts, nearly the entirety of her tattooed skin now on display. Stretching her arms high over her head and arching her back, Zoe bit her lip and moaned sensually as she popped her spine and worked her shoulders, making her tits jiggle invitingly as she moved.

“It feels good to stretch.” the brunette muttered softly, smirking at the now much more prominent bulge between her mistress’s thighs as she dropped her hands to cup her breasts, squeezing softly, “And it’s always nice to let the girls free. Although,” Zoe began as she locked eyes with the coffee-colored woman and rolled her hips slightly, “I think I’ll leave the toys in for now, save something special for later.”

That faux innocent tone, combined with the absolute vision in front of her, made Morgan moan as she clamped her thighs together and squirmed unconsciously, part of her demanding to be set free, while the rest of her was far too turned on by the excitement of this reversal to think to ask.

Turning to Alexis, Zoe smiled again and took the straitjacket from her, “Now, are you ready my dear?”

“Yes, ma’am.” Alexis answered with a firm nod and a smile as she raised her arms and allowed herself to be strapped in.

Within moments she was tightly and inescapably bound, the jacket draped across her torso and tightly buckled in the back, her arms crossed under her ample breasts and the crotch strap pulled snugly between her legs to press invitingly against her eager sex and push the plug deeper into her ass. Moaning at the sensation as her eyes fluttered closed, the redhead bit her lip sharply and tested her confinement, blushing softly as she found herself completely helpless. A sight that only sent another spike of arousal straight into Morgan’s brain and between her legs. Offering no resistance, the redhead was gently guided over to the table as well, and pushed down into the seat at their mistress’s side. Instinctively snuggling up against the lanky woman, Alexis smiled softly and Morgan could not help but return it, the tattooed redhead looking absolutely adorable in her bonds and the soft warmth of her body always welcome. The devil horns and tail she was wearing combined with the wings still pinned to the back of the jacket making her look like some sort of fallen angel. An apt description really. Unable to help herself, the coffee-colored woman leaned down and gave her lover a kiss on the cheek, catching Alexis’ attention enough to press a second, far deeper, kiss to her lips. As they began to explore each other, Zoe slipped into the booth on her far side, taking off her halo as she did and grinned at the sight before reaching up to remove her collar. Waiting patiently for her girlfriends to stop making out, even if every fiber of her being wanted to dive in and join them, the brunette used the distraction to carefully remove Morgan’s choker and slip it around her own throat. When the coffee-colored woman did not react Zoe’s grin widened a little more as she then buckled the collar around her mistress’s neck instead. That seemed to get her attention but before she could say anything, the artist ran her hand through the lanky woman’s short, feather soft hair and took a kiss for her own, returning her mistress’s passions from earlier with interest.

Breathless and dazed and yet so clearly excited when the kiss broke, Zoe just grinned at the other woman and continued to stroke her hair, “Let the games begin, mistress.”

It was almost certainly a coincidence, but no sooner had she spoken those words than what little light was left in the theater dimmed to nearly nothing until only the flickering glow of candles remained. For a long moment nothing seemed to happen, but just as murmurs began, those gathered wondering if something was wrong, a series of spotlights flashed to life, illuminating the stage to reveal a woman standing there. She was tall, made taller by her high heels and the top hat perched on her head over long, red-tinted hair. Clad in a red coat with a log tail like a ringmaster of old, a black bodysuit and a brilliant white vest that showed off an ample amount of cleavage beneath it, the woman was certainly striking with her dusky brown skin and long, powerful legs sheathed in fishnet tights. For a long moment the woman just stood there quietly, head down just enough to obscure her face with a microphone in hand. Suddenly she looked up, hair falling away from an attractive face, lips quirking into a grin as golden-brown eyes flashing amber in the bright lights.

“Is everyone having a good time?” the woman asked, abruptly, her rich voice amplified by the microphone until it seemed to bounce off the walls.

After a split second of hesitation, as if it took a moment for the audience to catch up, a cheer rose from the crowd.

The dusky woman scoffed, “I can’t hear you!”

This time the cheer was loud, almost deafeningly so and seemed to echo off the four walls like a peal of thunder. The woman seemed pleased, smirking again to show off a hint of brilliantly white canine teeth, “That’s better. I hope you’re ready, because we have a very special treat prepared for all of you on this night of tricks.” Letting that sit for a moment, the woman raised a hand to her chest and continued, “My name is Kiera, your host for the evening, but all of you can call me Mistress tonight.”

That elicited more than a few nervous laughs, as if those watching could not decide if the woman was serious or not, but watching her stalk across the stage with all the grace of a predator Morgan was fairly convinced it was not just an act. Seemed that tonight was filled with interesting women, now if only she weren’t handcuffed…

Stem expression dropping back into an easy smile, Kiera began to pace along the front of the stage, “Some of you may know me, I’m something of a regular here after all, and you’re probably asking yourself, ‘How did she get invited up on stage?’ Well, that's easy,” Leaning forward slightly, as if sharing some deep secret, the woman lifted a hand to the side of her face and stage-whispered, “I’m sleeping with the owner.”

Laughter seemed to fill the hall then, but the way that Kiera smirked at that reaction, as if it was all some sort of private joke that only she understood made Morgan wonder. Glancing to her left where Zoe sat leaning against her side and idly drawing patterns on her thigh with a finger, she raised a questioning brow. Interpreting that look easily enough, the artist just nodded, lips twitching into a tiny grin herself as she leaned closer to be heard.

“That’s Murial’s girlfriend all right.” she whispered, “First time I’ve seen her in person though.”

“An interesting woman.” Morgan allowed.

“Very.” Zoe agreed.

“But enough about me.” Kiera continued as she straightened up, once more taking center stage, “You came here for a show, and a show you will have.” With a grand gesture she spun around, the tails of her coat fluttering in the artificial breeze, and motioned to the curtains at the back of the stage, “So please put your hands together for the most daring, the most talented and sexiest that we could muster for your approval!”

At that signal the curtains parted ever so slightly, light spilling from backstage as the contestants began to stream out in ones and twos to take up a semi-circle behind Kiera. The angle wasn’t the best, especially with the distraction Zoe’s fingers provided, but as she watched a few particularly creative choices stood out to Morgan’s eye. A dark-skinned woman with her hair done up in an elaborate set of braids with an oversized witch's hat on her head, a gossamer cloak woven to look like spider webs cast over her shoulders and the lush curves of her body clad in leather and lace like a dominatrix. A young man with a lean and muscular body wearing nothing but a kilt and sandals, bracers on his wrists and the headdress of a pharaoh on his brow while a woman wrapped up in just enough gauze to cover the bare essentials followed behind, the bandages trapping her arms to her chest and her hands over her breasts while more bandages covered her mouth, gagging her. A pair of blondes who must have been twins dressed up as stereotypical sexy nurses, standing very close together and affectionately touching each other to play up the image. More elaborate fair followed. A woman dressed up as if it were Día de los Muertos, her face intricately painted into a skull mask, the flower in her hair and the bright trim on her mourning dress standing in stark contrast to her inky black skin. A couple dressed up like a gangster and his flapper girlfriend, the blood on their clothes and the wounds painstakingly applied to their skin making it seem as if they had been riddled with bullets. But what truly caught her eye was when Victoria of all people stepped out, a grin on her face and an arm wrapped around Lily’s waist. The pirate queen practically swaggered across the stage, dragging her captive with her and, after they had taken their places, playfully reached up to pull down the top of the bound girl’s dress just enough to expose a breast, an elaborate brass and silver nipple shield held in place by a ring pierced through that delicate nub exposed to the world. Given the look of shock on her face Morgan had a feeling that hadn't exactly been planned, though the blush that quickly covered Lily’s face seemed to her eye to be one of excitement rather than mortification.

Smiling softly at the sight, Morgan’s attention was suddenly pulled from the stage by the feeling of a hand caressing her cheek. Quickly turning to the left she caught sight of Zoe’s grinning face, just in time for the tattooed brunette to practically lunge forward and catch her lips in a kiss. It wasn’t a particularly passionate kiss, more playful than anything else, soft and sweet and oh so perfect and as the coffee-colored woman leaned into it she moaned softly, opening her mouth to allow her girlfriend’s pierced tongue entry. As much as she enjoyed taking charge, moments like this were thrilling, yielding to Zoe’s talented lips and reveling in the feeling of that tongue exploring her thoroughly. A feeling only amplified by the handcuffs binding her wrists behind her back, underlining her helplessness and preventing her from embracing the other woman like every instinct she had wanted. However, in the midst of that kiss, Morgan felt the fingers that had been teasing her thigh slowly begin to drift upwards, caressing her throbbing member through the thin leather of her bodysuit before taking hold of the zipper at her crotch. For a moment nothing seemed to happen, when Zoe began to slowly pull the slide down. Gasping at the sensation and startled by the action, Morgan broke the kiss and practically stared at her lover, wondering if she was actually planning to do what the coffee-colored woman thought she was about to do.

If anything, though, Zoe seemed thoughtful, voice pitched low as she asked with honest concern, “Too much?”

Heart hammering in her chest, Morgan considered the situation for a moment, biting her lip as she swallowed, hard. Part of her was terrified, the thought of being exposed in public a daunting one, and yet… And yet it was an exciting thought as well. Besides, hidden behind the table in the dark no one would really be able to see, and if some of the sights and sounds she’d witnessed earlier were any indication they would hardly be the only ones to indulge in a little intimacy here as Delirium. Taking a breath, Morgan just shook her head slightly and favored her girlfriend with a smile.

Smiling brilliantly in response, even if something wicked flashed in those muddy brown eyes in the candlelight, Zoe leaned in and kissed her again, far more insistently than before. Once more allowing her lover’s tongue into her mouth, Morgan moaned softly as she felt more than heard her zipper open bit by bit until the brunette was able to push the leather aside and unlimber her achingly hard cock. The feeling of cool air on her erection was almost shocking, but it was nothing compared to the almost electric sense of excitement that tingled her skin. For a long moment, Zoe just fondled her balls teasingly, the action only making her harder somehow, and Morgan actually whimpered when her girlfriend finally broke the kiss. Whetting her lips, she tried to form words, to protest, to beg, something, but before she could find her voice Zoe interjected again.

Glancing over at Alexis, who was watching the scene intently, lust written on her face, the brunette smirked, “Take over for me, would you? Our mistress can get loud when I really start to cut loose.”

Grinning, Alexis nodded and turned her lusty, blue-gray eyes on Morgan, the look making the coffee-colored woman shiver in anticipation, “With pleasure, ma’am.”

With that, it was now Alexis’ full lips that silenced her in a kiss that was far more give and take, yet all the more perfect for it. As she kissed the heavily tattooed redhead with ever increasing passion, Morgan could just see the stage out of the corner of her eyes, where Kiera was interviewing the various contestants and calling out to the audience to cheer for their favorites, but all of that was washed away when she felt Zoe’s hand grip her cock tightly and begin to slide up and down the shaft achingly slowly. Moaning, and losing control of the kiss in the process, the coffee-colored woman strained against her cuffs as jolts of pleasure assaulted her. The brunette’s hands were amazingly soft, yet with the faintest of callouses from long hours of wielding a tattoo gun, and her technique was wonderful. A steady rhythm, faster then slower and then faster again, her fingers tightening and loosening in an uneven and yet achingly wonderful pattern as she worked the shaft while the pad of her thumb teased the sensitive tip again and again. And yet, as the audience cheered and Morgan felt herself taken to the edge, Zoe suddenly stopped, letting go for a moment to allow the sensations to fade before beginning again. The coffee-colored woman cried out into the lips silencing her, and squirmed in her seat, tugging against the handcuffs but it was to no avail. With a cruel smile etched onto her lips, Zoe edged her again and again with an almost preternatural ability to sense when her mistress was just about to cum, always letting go at the perfect moment to ruin her orgasm. It was bliss, it was torture, it felt so good and part of Morgan wondered if she might actually die if this delectable torment continued for much longer.

It seemed that she did not have to find out. After what felt like an eternity of that agonizing pleasure, Zoe stopped all together, letting her hand drop down to again fondle the coffee-colored woman’s balls while her twitching cock was left begging for more. At the brunette’s signal, Alexis pulled back from the kiss as well and for a long moment the three of them said nothing. Morgan simply breathing heavily as she tried to get herself back under control, torn between relief and frustration. Part of her wanting to demand that her girlfriends finish her off, and another hoping that they wouldn’t. Looking up into Zoe’s smirking face, amusement written in her eyes, it was her turn to pounce, lunging forward despite her bonds to catch the brunette in a kiss. The artist was clearly caught by surprise, offering not the slightest bit of resistance as her mistress’s tongue slid past her lips to duel with her own pierced tongue fiercely, pressing deep as she tried to push the advantage.

“Guess you really are having fun, eh mistress?” Zoe teased when the kiss ended a heartbeat later, her skin a bit flushed from the intensity but a smile still on her face.

Whetting her lips, and panting softly, Morgan practically growled, “Shut up and kiss me again.”

“I’ve got a better idea.” Zoe answered before removing the ball gag she had been wearing from around her own neck and shoving it into her mistress’s mouth, “There. That should keep your mouth busy.”

“Mmph!” Morgan protested, trying to pull back as the straps were fastened tightly over her cheeks and buckled behind her head. Although, given the faint blush that colored her cheeks as she felt the ball stretch her jaws side, and the tiny moan that escaped her when Zoe planted a kiss on the gag once she had finished snugging it down, she didn’t mind that much.

“The crowd has spoken.” Kiera’s voice suddenly called out, shattering the moment, “And we have a winner!”

Looking up quickly, Morgan saw the dusky skinned woman step over to stand with the blonde twins, taking one of their hands and holding it high in triumph. The pair were grinning widely, clearly pleased with the results, as they took a bow, eliciting an ever more frenzied applause as the motion both showed off an ample amount of cleavage and made their skirts ride up enough to expose the garters holding up their stockings. Reaching under her coat Kiera withdrew a pair of blue ribbons and pinned them to the sisters’ lapels one at a time before joining in the applause herself along with most of the other contestants. At least those with their hands free. While the pair were certainly cute, and those nurse outfits definitely showed off their best assets, part of Morgan could not help but be disappointed by the results. Given the tiny frown curling Alexis’ lips it would seem that the redhead agreed with that sentiment. Of course, part of her had hoped their newfound friends might win, but beyond that she had been far more impressed by many of the other costumes. Then again, it was all in good fun and no doubt playing up the sexy twins angle had contributed to the victory. Especially given the rather enthusiastic response of the crowd.

“Of course, I want to thank all of our participants.” Kiera added as she stepped forward to address the audience again, sweeping back with her free hand at the people gathered behind her, “Please give everyone a big round of applause, you’re all amazingly talented and we hope to see you again next year.” The audience obliged, cheering loudly and as the other contestants began to filter off the stage Kiera smiled at them all before continuing, “But, that was just the warm-up, we have a very special show planned for after the intermission and I do hope that all of you will stay to see it.”

On that cue the stage lights cut out, plunging the platform back into darkness, and the theater lights rose ever so slightly. Not enough to banish the gloom, but enough to allow the audience to navigate the aisles again if need be while also allowing those gathered any privacy they might desire. Zoe certainly took advantage of it, twisting her body just enough to plant a series of kisses along Morgan’s jaw while snaking a hand between her legs to cup her balls again. Squirming, the coffee-colored woman moaned beneath the other woman’s touch, begging to be touched more and shivering when she felt fingers brush against the sensitive skin of her dick. Any yet, Zoe paused in her ministrations almost immediately, a smirk curling her lips as she leaned in to whisper into her mistress’s ear.

“It seems we have an audience.”

That was enough to startle Morgan and, looking up almost wide-eyed, she was both surprised and not to see Victoria on the far side of the booth, just out of the line of normal traffic, with her girlfriend at her side, Lily’s dress now askew enough to reveal both of her breasts, each capped with ornate nipple shields. The bound girl was blushing fiercely, as was Victoria who had a very apologetic look on her face even if her eyes were absolutely glued to Zoe’s almost completely bare chest.

“I’m sorry.” she said, quickly, almost tripping over her words as she tried to explain, “We saw the three of you when we were on stage, and thought we’d say hello, but I didn’t realize you were having a moment, we can go…”

“It’s okay.” Zoe interrupted, stopping the sudden onslaught of words before smiling reassuringly at the pair. Glancing at Morgan, the brunette’s smile shifted into something almost roguish as she added, “In fact, why don’t you join us?”

Realizing that her girlfriend was giving her a chance to object, Morgan quickly considered the offer. While this wasn’t exactly what she’d had in mind when hoping that they might meet these young lovers again, she couldn’t say the situation didn’t excite her just a bit. Glancing over to Alexis, the redhead had a faint but eager smile on her own face, her body perched forward in her bonds as if hanging on every word. They really had created a monster with that one, hadn’t they? Fighting down the urge to laugh, the coffee-colored woman gave the slightest of nods prompting Zoe to kiss her on the cheek again.

Unaware of that byplay, yet clearly tempted, Victoria hesitated, “Are you sure?”

Leaning back a bit, a mischievous smile on her face, Zoe nodded, “Absolutely. In fact, I think Alexis is getting a bit lonely. Why don’t you keep her company? And if you’re willing, maybe your girlfriend can give me a hand with Morgan?”

Victoria swallowed hard, and glanced at Lily’s who’s blush now seemed practically a permanent part of her features. Nevertheless, the green-haired girl nodded ever so slightly and murmured an affirmative through her gag, prompting Victoria to smile, clearly trying to draw herself up, “It would be our pleasure.”

“Thanks.” Zoe offered with a teasing smile of her own before stroking Morgan’s hair idly, “She’s a wonderful mistress, but when you push her buttons she’s such a needy sub.”

“Hmnph!” Morgan protested, shooting her girlfriend a glare, but Zoe just laughed it off and prompted her to scoot over a make room.

It was a bit awkward with the table in the way, and with the girl’s wrists bound, but eventually they created enough of a space for Lily to sit down on her right, sandwiched between Morgan’s lanky form and Alexis’ lush figure. Sliding into the end of the booth and instinctively taking off her hat in the process, Victoria sat down next to the bound redhead, smoothing out her skirt nervously and clearly not sure what to do with her hands. However, almost immediately Alexis twisted her body to mold herself against Victoria’s form, head tilted back as she silently asked for a kiss. It was an invitation that could not be ignored, and as if some dam broke the girl practically snatched the heavily tattooed redhead into her arms and pulled that helplessly bound body into her lap, capturing her lips in the process. And yet, despite her dominant disposition the younger girl was no match for Alexis’ pent up frustrations, to say nothing of her greater experience. Indeed, even as she opened her mouth to allow Victoria’s tongue entry it looked more as if the redhead was smothering the girl beneath her with sheer passion as she squirmed and moaned and urged the girl on, Victoria clearly struggling to hold on and maintain control and just as clearly failing despite her best efforts. Smiling at the display, even as she saw Morgan squirm a bit, Zoe leaned across her mistress’s body and reached out her hands to gently remove Lily’s gag and set it on the table, the indentations on her cheeks revealing just how long she had been wearing it.

Working her jaw a few times, Lily wet her lips then smiled shyly, “Thank you.”

“You’re very welcome.” Zoe answered with a grin, “Ready to get to work.”

Eyes practically glued to Morgan’s bound and gagged form, gaze running down the sleek form of her body to her now fully exposed erection, the green-haired girl nodded eagerly only for an almost impossibly bright blush to suddenly overtake her. Biting her lip, embarrassment clearly written on her face, Lily seemed to draw back into herself for the briefest of moments before swallowing hard and answering in a soft, almost shaky voice, “Ready.”

Tilting her head slightly, realizing that this was probably a bit much for a girl clearly just beginning to break out of her shell, Zoe reached out and cupped the girl’s cheek, forcing their eyes to meet, “It’s okay, you don’t have to.”

Leaning into that touch almost unconsciously, Lily shook her head vigorously, setting her curls to shake wildly as she answered much more firmly even if a trace of that earlier trepidation was still audible, “No, I want to.”

“Okay.” Zoe answered softly, a grin blooming on her face as she moved to push the top of her mistress’s bodysuit aside, just enough to make her modest but shapely breasts pop out into the night air, dark nipples rock hard and eager, “Her breasts are very sensitive. Use your mouth, and don’t stop until I tell you otherwise.”

Pursing her lips and drawing herself up, Lily nodded and leaned down, Morgan only now noticing that the girl had a gold ring that resembled braided wire through her septum and several bars in her ears mostly hidden by her hair. Not that there was much time to admire her piercings as the girl planted a series of kisses on her sensitive breasts before slowly taking a nipple into her mouth and sucking gently. Moaning helplessly into her gag at the feeling of those soft lips and an equally delicate tongue teasing her chest, Morgan arched her back into the sensation, urging the girl on even as her hips buckled suddenly when she felt Zoe once again begin to give her an achingly slow handjob. It was in the midst of that absolute blitz of pleasure, the sight of Victoria and Alexis making out in the corner of her eye only adding fuel to the flames, that the stage lights illuminated once again as the theater dimmed for a second time. However, this time only a single beam of light cut through the darkness to reveal a familiar figure on stage, standing amid a thin rolling sheet of fog about her ankles. It took a moment in her pleasure-clouded state, but Morgan eventually realized that the woman on stage was the same one who had taken their coats earlier. Jennifer, now free of her bellhop costume and instead dressed in what almost looked like a peasant gown, though one with a very short skirt and a very low neck. Her hair flowed free, but the shape of her face and the dusting of freckles on her skin was unmistakable.

Holding out what looked like a lantern of some sort, its own flickering light adding to the ambiance, the woman began to move slowly and almost shakily around the stage, as if she were exploring some deep and dark woods, afraid that she might lose her footing. As the spotlight followed her, and the ring of illumination cast by her lantern grew, it became apparent that during the intermission someone had gone to the trouble of wrapping the brass poles with artificial vines, the occasional silk flower blooming admit the greenery, and strewn more of those fake cobwebs about in an impressive display of preparation. Combined with the strange, low-pitched music in the background the atmosphere was almost eerie but with an underlying primal rhythm that suggested something… more in the wings. For several long moments Jennifer just wandered around the stage, amid that forest of poles, at times holding up her lantern to get a better look at something and at others drawing back as if afraid to proceed. Eventually, however, as she began to push towards the back of the stage something happened. A shape emerged out of the shadows, a large vertical box that could only be a coffin. Shaking now, and biting her lip in hesitation, Jennifer took several tentative steps forward and reached out to touch the ornate box. Running her fingers along the wooden trim and metal fittings she took a breath, making her chest shake and confirming that she was not wearing a bra beneath that dress, and tried to open it. And yet, no matter how hard she struggled, the coffin would not open. Confused now she took a step back and slowly began to circle the box, as if looking for some clue or hidden mechanism.

Even distracted as she was by Lily’s lips and Zoe’s agonizingly soft hand, Morgan noticed when the coffin suddenly opened from the inside, a pale hand appearing before the unmistakable form of Murial du Sange emerged still wearing the same dark dress and tight corset from earlier. With a roar that made nearly the entire audience sit up in their seats, Murial pounced, grabbing Jennifer by the shoulders and making the girl scream as she dropped her lantern and tried to fight back, but it was to no avail. Within moments the vampire had forced her victim down onto her knees and twisted her arms behind her back. Jennifer continued to struggle, though with a more sensuous rhythm than a frightened one, as Murial took a hidden coil of rope and began to bind the kneeling blonde. Within moments a harness of rope had been tied around the girl’s chest, making her already ample breasts stand out, her nipples just visible through the thin material of her dress, before her arms were secured behind her back in a loose but inescapable reverse prayer tie. As a final act, Murial drew the loose ends of the rope between Jennifer’s legs and pulled them tight, making her already short skirt rise up dangerously high and exposing tanned thighs. Finishing binding the girl, the vampire grinned, drawing attention to the rivulets of blood running down her chin and the tips of her fangs, before taking a handful of Jennifer’s hair and pulling her head back sharply. The blonde cried out and Murial took that opportunity to gag her, pressing a leather panel over her lips and forcing a plug deep into her mouth before fastening a web of straps around the blonde’s head.

As Jennifer was rendered utterly helpless on stage, Zoe decided to step up her game. Ceasing her hand’s ministrations, the brunette slipped under the table and onto her knees before forcing her mistress’s legs wide apart and leaning forward to capture the coffee-colored woman’s cock between her breasts. Moaning deep in her throat, Morgan’s whole body twitched, only the force of the artist’s hands pressing down on her thighs and the weight of Lily’s body against her chest holding her still as she felt the silky soft skin of those delicate mounds begin to massage her shaft only to cry out into her gag when Zoe began to tease the head of her dick with that wickedly pierced tongue. On stage, Murial forced her captive to her feet and tied the end of a rope dangling from the ceiling to the cluster of knots securing the blonde’s hands behind her back, forcing her into a loose strappado. Sliding up to the helpless woman’s side, the redheaded vampire began to tease her, running those slender hands over her bound body and teasing those captive breasts, squeezing and massaging and pinching her hard and eager nipples through the material of her dress. At that moment Zoe shifted her shoulders back and dropped her head, easily taking the entirety of her mistress’s cock into her mouth and down her throat. For a moment Morgan thought she was going to lose it when she felt the muscles of the brunette’s throat tighten and then pulse as she began to bob up and down, but her girlfriend knew her well and knew how stretch out even the most intense experiences when she wanted and right now it seemed that she very much wanted, wildly varying the speed of her strokes and the tightness of her throat to control her mistress’s reactions, gently squeezing her balls and tightly gripping the base of her member whenever it seemed the woman was at the cusp of orgasm, forcing her back while holding her on the edge.

Whimpering into her gag, Morgan could do nothing but endure the sweet torment of Zoe’s mouth, only amplified by the continued assault of Lily’s lips upon her breasts, writhing in her bonds, begging to cum. As if in response, Murial stepped up her own teasing on stage, slipping her fingers underneath Jennifer’s skirt and shifting her crotch rope aside to begin fingering the bound blonde while peppering the girl’s neck and shoulder with kisses, nipping at her pulse and making her captive whimper into her gag, every tiny noises she made picked up by a hidden microphone for all the world to hear. It was then, as her mistress reached the very cusp of orgasm once more, that Zoe stopped completely pulling back and leaving the coffee-colored woman unfulfilled. Blinking as she realized what her girlfriend was doing, Morgan howled into her gag, shaking her head back and forth as she struggled and tried to scream, to beg, to do something, anything but, still perched on the floor between her legs, Zoe just smiled at her. Worse, the tattooed brunette reached up and prodded Lily, motioning for the green-haired girl to stop as well before she gripped the coffee-colored woman’s cock tightly and began to squeeze. So hard in fact that her erection actually began to go down. Whimpering into her gag as she bucked her hips, silently pleading with her girlfriend to let her cum, Morgan was caught by surprise one last time when Zoe, still holding her tightly, proceeded to slip a chastity cage onto her cock and lock her up tightly with a small brass padlock.

Eyes wide, she could do nothing but stare, looking down at the rather ornately decorated tube of stainless steel imprisoning her, the solid metal completely sealing her away save for a few slits on the sides to allow her to wash and a slightly wider slit in the front so that she could relieve herself. It was not the first time she had worn such a cage, remembering well the cheap but effective plastic device that Zoe had used on her from time to time during some of their more intense games, but this was so much more elaborate, almost elegant in its clean lines and engraved decoration. More than that it fit her perfectly, suggesting that it had been custom made which only left her even more curious about her girlfriend’s plans. Climbing back up into the seat, Zoe winked at her mistress before leaning across her body to cup Lily’s face with both hands and kiss the girl deeply on the lips. Eyes fluttering closed as she moaned, the green-haired girl gave herself over to that kiss without hesitation and Morgan felt herself squirm a bit in response, the cage she was wearing growing even tighter as she watched.

“Good girl.” Zoe whispered as she pulled back and curled up against her mistress’s side, idly stroking the coffee-colored woman’s hair as if seeking to calm her, though her attentions only elicited a glare.

Still a bit dazed from the kiss, Lily licked her lips with the tip of her tongue and smiled as she settled down on Morgan’s opposite side, her face still flushed and yet with a new confidence just beginning to show, “Thank you.”

Chuckling to herself, Zoe glanced over to the corner of the booth where Alexis, now wearing the gag that had been in Lily’s mouth just a few moments earlier, was eagerly bouncing up and down in Victoria’s lap, the girl having finally managed to assert some kind of control it seemed as one of her hands eagerly fondled the redhead’s impressive bosom while another had trailed between her legs to rub her pussy through the thin material covering it, the tightly bound woman looking for all the world as if she were about to burst at any moment. It was much the same on stage where Murial drew back and seemed to bite into Jennifer’s lightly tanned flesh, sucking on her neck almost luridly even as she thrust her fingers wildly into the blonde’s eager body. It was almost unnervingly realistic but so hot, especially the way Jennifer quaked within the ropes, screaming into her gag as she came again and again beneath the pale woman’s attentions. It was enough to make the chastity cage almost unbearably tight and as Morgan shifted her shoulders she tried to get Zoe’s attention.

“Pmmnphm!” she begged as best she could through the rubber ball filling her mouth, Pmmnphm mmph mm cnm!”

Understanding her easily enough, Zoe smiled then adjusted her grip to embrace the lanky woman, “Now, now mistress, you know the rules. If you want to cum, you have to be a good girl.” for a brief instant her smile turned almost cruel before she leaned close to practically whisper, “And if not? Well, No Nut November does start tomorrow.”

Staring at the brunette in stunned silence, Morgan was honestly not certain if her girlfriend was serious. Yes, they had played chastity games in the past but those had been the work of an evening, a night if Zoe was feeling particularly cruel, but an entire month? To be honest Morgan had never even dreamed of such a thing, and yet… And yet she found she did not completely hate the idea. The orgasms that followed a stint in chastity were always so intense, so much so that she could scarcely imagine what an entire month might feel like. There was also a certain delicious irony in the thought of dominating her girlfriends, teasing them, edging them, perhaps even pleasuring them without being able to receive such pleasures herself. To say nothing of the idea of being used with her cock sealed away and denied release. Even so, she held her tongue, taking careful note of Zoe’s satisfied smile as she settled back into the seat, already contemplating her revenge for this little trick.

As they watched, the show on stage seemed to wind down, Jennifer hanging limply in her bonds as Murial lapped at her neck before giving her a kiss on the cheek and freeing her from the ropes that held her in strappado. Still helplessly bound and tightly gagged, the pale redhead began to drag her captive across the stage, pulling the girl close to her chest and slipping back into the coffin. Flashing the audience a satisfied grin, the woman raised a finger to her lips, commanding their silence before closing the lid, as if nothing had happened. At the exact instance the sound of the coffin closing echoed through the room the lights fell one last time, shrouding the entire scene in darkness with naught but a few wisps of fog still visible. For a brief moment there was silence, as if everyone watching expected something else to happen, wondering if this was truly the end, before wild applause filled the air. Zoe joined in with a smile before leaning forward in her seat, glancing over to where Alexis had collapsed, flushed and spent against Victoria’s chest, and grinned.

“So,” the brunette began, addressing both her lovers and their newfound companions for the evening, “what do you say we take this back to our place?”

The offer was both surprising, and yet not and despite everything that had already happened Morgan found herself wondering what the answer would be. Lily straightened up in her seat and glanced over her shoulder to look at her girlfriend, who seemed pensive and yet curious at the same time. A silent conversation seemed to pass between them in an instant, Victoria biting her lip for a moment before a smile bloomed on her face and she nodded ever so slightly. Lily returned that grin, almost shyly, but the quiver of excitement in her shoulders and the look of lust reflected in her eyes told the whole story. There was no direct answer, there didn’t need to be one, as Victoria picked up her hat and set it back on her head at a jaunty angle, before easing Alexis off her lap and standing. Circling around the other side, Zoe joined her and between the two of them they managed to help their three bound companions out of the booth and onto their feet. They quickly fell into a rhythm then, Victoria’s arm once again around Alexis’ waist as she escorted the tattooed redhead, eagerly groping her curves and eliciting soft moans and tiny whimpers as she began to explore the bound woman’s sensitive places. Taking hold of the leash still dangling from the collar around Morgan’s throat, Zoe shot her mistress a grin and fixed the front of her bodysuit to cover her breasts once more before giving the leash a playful tug while Lily curled herself against the coffee-colored woman’s side as the five of them began to walk out of the theater.

Between the thought of crossing back through the main room bound, gagged and with her chastity cage exposed, to say nothing of the way Zoe was shaking her hips, ensuring that her mistress got a good view of her naked back and generously curved ass, Morgan once more felt the cage grow almost unbearably tight as her cock stirred within its confinement. A fact not at all helped by the way Lily was staring at the device, excitement clear in her face as it was obvious that she had never before seen such a thing and found the discovery exhilarating, the blush on her cheeks and the visible hardness of her nipples betraying her arousal. As they finally reached the door, the sounds and scents of the club washing over them again, Morgan found that she could not help but smile around her gag. Perhaps the night was no longer young, but she had a feeling that it was only now getting started.


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