The House of the Spider

by John Bannergram

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© Copyright 2022 - John Bannergram - Used by permission

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On All Hallow’s Eve come seek the spider, there to slay, or remain beside her.

Heed the words and know the signs, that you may escape her den alive.

“Evocative, isn’t it? Unfortunately, I only have the first few lines.”

Kristen Simms nodded. She was a grad student specializing in Arachnology, the study of spiders, and aside from the occasional digression into the study of insects, her interests didn’t extend beyond her own field. But she had a very specific reason for investigating the colonial folklore that Professor Bothal specialized in. A reason that she would rather the professor not know. 

“When and where do these stories originate?”

When is difficult to say. But the where, I’d say, is what is now the little town of Fernsmith. Now, in 1749…”

Kristen smiled politely as the professor droned on about cultural origins. She was dressed…not sluttily, exactly, but she was showing enough leg and cleavage to ingratiate herself with old Professor Bothal. She had a good figure, and brilliant red hair that contrasted nicely with her pale skin. All of which was holding her in good stead. Kristen’s efforts had not been in vain. She had managed to find out what she needed to know, and she’d done it without the professor even suspecting that Kristen Simms was a nut.

At least, that’s what he would think if he knew about Kristen’s secret passion. Many people had an interest in supernatural creatures. Some were into bigfoot. Others the Loch Ness monster, or the chupacabra. Kristen, perhaps not surprisingly given her field of study, was devoted to Araneida Regina - the queen spider.

Kristen was obsessed with the idea that the legends of giant spiders were true, and that some man-sized prehistoric holdover still existed in the present day. That they lurked unseen, spinning their webs within dark New England forests. Her belief was that folktales always had a kernel of truth, and that if she searched in the areas from which the old stories originated, one day she might find one of these Araneidae. 

Naturally, as Kristen prepared for her trip to Fernsmith, she took great care not to let anyone know where she was going or why she was going there. She’d be a laughing stock if people found out that Kristen Simms was out searching the countryside for giant spiders. But it was hard to contain her excitement. 

Fernsmith was it, she could feel it. It was an isolated town, surrounded by wilderness where a giant spider could hide and never be seen by human eyes. She’d found the right place, and it was almost Halloween, the time of year when the poem said the spider was most likely to be found. This time she would succeed where others had failed. She’d find an Araneida Regina and bring it back for study, winning herself fame and glory.

The night before the trip, after all her packing and planning was done, Kristen decided to celebrate in her own way. She smiled as she opened the drawer by her bed and pulled out her other little secret. A pair of handcuffs, and a leather collar. A key frozen within an ice cube ensured that she would remain a prisoner for the next two hours. Kristen stripped naked and put herself in bondage, then padlocked the collar around her neck. As she lay in bed and began to pleasure herself, she thought of the adventure to come. This was going to be a Halloween to remember.

Kristen began her drive early the next morning. After a long trip down windy roads through endless forests, she reached the town of Fernsmith. It wasn’t the most cheerful place in the world. The buildings were rundown, the people taciturn and untrusting of outsiders. But Kristen didn’t mind. She wasn’t going to be staying there, she had already arranged room and board at a house outside of town. She had done her research, and decided that the most likely place to find her spider would be in the forest just north of Fernsmith. Kristen had chosen the house that she would be staying at because it was in the middle of her search area, which would allow her to use it as a kind of basecamp. 

After she had left the town proper, she stopped to ask directions at a hog farm by the side of the road. The farmer was even more unpleasant than the townsfolk. 

He scowled at Kristen. “What do you want?”

“I…I’m going to be renting a room from Lycosa Collingsworth, could you tell me where she lives?”

The man gave a toothy smile. “Ah, you’ll be wanting the House of the Spider!”

“The what?”

“That’s what we all call it ‘round here. Always have, since time began. You’re almost there, turn left at the next fork in the road.”

As Kristen drove away, she saw the farmer staring after her with a strange look on his face. The man made a sign with his hand, so that his fingers looked like the legs of a spider. The experience left Kristen uneasy. She tried to tell herself that she was being silly. She was bound to run into some local superstitions. But all the same, when Kristen arrived at the clearing where Lycosa Collingsworth’s house was located, she still hadn’t recovered her good humor.

The house was grim and foreboding. The old stone mansion seemed to be in the process of being swallowed up by the forest that surrounded it. Part of the house was already in ruins, claimed by undergrowth. The sound of the door knocker echoed through the eerie silence that prevailed.


Kristen tried not to jump at the sight of the woman who loomed over her. Her face had a kind of cold, angular beauty about it, but she wore a stern, forbidding expression. She certainly wasn’t dressed for company. She wore baggy clothes, and had an oddly slouched posture. Her sole concession to vanity was the dark purple dye that had been applied to her long, flowing hair.

“I…um…you must be Lycosa Collingsworth. I’m Kristen Simms, I reserved a room?”

Lycosa gave her a polite smile. “Oh, I’m so sorry, I should have known. I hope I didn’t put you off, I’ve been getting a lot of traveling salespeople lately, and if you’re at all nice to them they just won’t leave you alone.”

“Uh, that’s ok,” Kristen stammered.

“Come this way, I’ve prepared your room.”

The inside of the house was no more cheerful than the outside. Of course, Kristen wouldn’t be spending much time there, she only needed a place to eat and sleep. However, when Lycosa led her up a narrow staircase to the second floor and showed her to her room, Kristen was pleasantly surprised. There was no television or Internet, but the old-fashioned four-post bed looked comfortable, the thick carpet was luxurious, and the room was clean and tidy, with its own bathroom and a small window that overlooked the forest. There was even an entire wall of books, both scholarly and light-reading, for Kristen to entertain herself with.

“Thanks, this is really nice.”

“I hope you’ll be comfortable here. Come down once you’ve freshened up. Dinner is ready and will be served in ten minutes.”

Kristen hesitated. “I had intended to do a little…hiking today.”

“You wouldn’t get very far. It’ll be dark soon. Besides, you must be exhausted after your drive.”

Kristen gave in. Lycosa…wasn’t the sort of person you could argue with. Besides, she was right, it was getting late. Going out would be pointless, and Kristen was tired and hungry. Her best move was to have a good meal, get a good night’s sleep, and start fresh in the morning.

The dinner was excellent, albeit with an unusual flavor born from a local seasoning that Lycosa liked to use in her cooking. Kristen’s host was a strange one. Perhaps it was because of her manner of living. With her home in the middle of nowhere, she was probably used to being alone. Kristen frowned at Lycosa’s gloved hands. Her face turned red as she realized that her host had caught her watching.

“Um, sorry, I didn’t mean to stare.”

“You have nothing to apologize for. In answer to the question that you’re too polite to ask, the gloves are to protect my hands. I have a rare health condition that, among other things, makes my skin very sensitive.”

That explained Lycosa’s clothes, too, and probably her bad posture. Kristen felt like a piece of shit. She had thought that her host was creepy and slovenly, when in fact she was dealing with a chronic illness.

“I’m so sorry. It must be hard on you.”

“Oh, I’m used to it. At least it’s only from the neck down, so I don’t have to keep my face covered. It’s only the visitors that stare. Everyone in town knows about my condition, and they’re used to my peculiarities. You’ve probably already discovered that the townsfolk are touchy with newcomers, but they’re loyal to their friends. I imagine you’re here for the Spider.”

“I-What?!?” Kristen was startled, both by the sudden change in topic, and the fact that her host knew her secret. “Who told you?”

Lycosa let out a laugh that was unsettling instead of jolly. “No one had to tell me. I knew you for what you were as soon as we met. You’re not the first person to come here looking for our local legend.”

“Do…you believe in it?”

“The Mistress of the Web? I believe she exists, and that she lives nearby, but I cannot help you beyond that.”

It occurred to Kristen that this was a rare opportunity. Unsettling as her host might be, Lycosa knew the countryside, and she probably knew all the local legends. She was an invaluable source of knowledge.

“If…you were trying to find it, where would you look?”

Unlike Kristen, Lycosa had made herself some pork that was so undercooked that it was almost raw. Kristen had wondered about it, but after learning about her host’s condition, she assumed that it was some sort of dietary thing. Lycosa frowned thoughtfully as she cut into her meat, producing a pool of blood.

“The Spider needs food, and a lot of it. Start looking in the thickest parts of the forest, where there’s more big game to hunt. There are some old trails that you should try, I’ll show you where they are in the morning. Start with them, then look for any signs of a large animal moving through the undergrowth. Something that big would leave tracks.”

“Thanks, Lycosa. That’s really helpful.”

“My pleasure. Who knows? You might be the one to find her. After all, it’s the right year.”

Kristen was intrigued. “Year? I never heard that part of the legend. How does it go?”

“Oh, there isn’t much to tell. Just that every so many years the Spider is supposed to be more active, engaged in some special purpose. Doing what, no man can say. But at any rate, this is the Year of the Spider. In fact, the townsfolk are holding a festival on Halloween to celebrate.”

Kristen was overjoyed. Everything was going her way. She wasn’t sure when or how she would do it, but this time, she’d finally find an Araneida Regina.

After dinner, Lycosa retired to bed. It was still a little early, but Kristen decided to follow her host’s example. There wasn’t much to do, and she was sleepy after her meal. Besides, she wanted to get an early start in the morning. Kristen wrote up a few notes on her search in the little book that she had brought with her, then went to bed. Her bed was every bit as comfortable as it looked, and in no time at all, she was fast asleep.

Kristen woke with the daylight streaming through her window. It looked like it was going to be a fine, crisp autumn day. She yawned and stretched, still groggy from her sound sleep. Kristen had had strange dreams that were only half-remembered. There’d been spiders…and Lycosa. Her host had towered over her in triumph. The tone of the dream hadn’t been one of terror, but…Kristen smiled as her hand crept beneath her pajama trousers. Her face went red. She really had enjoyed that dream. Her fingers, and her panties, were wet.

Kristen started to get out of bed, only to find that her ankles were stuck together. She pulled aside her blanket, and saw…spiderwebs. Sometime during the night, a spider had spun a web between her ankles that was about 6 inches long. Kristen tried to pull her legs apart, but she was only able to get her ankles about an inch farther before they snapped back together. She struggled against her webbing, harder and harder, but it was like wearing leg-irons. Plucking at it with her hands didn’t work either. 

Kristen wasn’t frightened. She had packed a utility knife in her bag, so freeing herself would be no problem. In fact, she was overjoyed. Kristen was sure now that she had come to the right place. 

Obviously, her web had not been made by Araneida Regina. Aside from the fact that her door had been closed and locked, it was unusually narrow. A giant spider wouldn’t have been able to get through it. There was only one possible answer: there had to be a smaller, related species of spider, call it ‘Araneida Regina Minor’. A group of them must have slipped under her bedroom door or through a crack in the wall while she was asleep. Even though they weren’t the spiders Kristen was looking for, her little friends were proof that she was on the right track.

But mixed with her sense of triumph was…arousal. Kristen was already horny as hell from her dreams, and her unexpected bondage was the icing on the cake. Her imagination was filled with little fantasies of being trapped. Of having her feet chained together and being unable to get free. Of being a helpless prisoner. Once more her hand slipped beneath her panties. She began to rub…

Afterwards, Kristen cut herself loose and took a quick shower. In spite of her jilling off session, it was still early, but she wanted to take full advantage of the daylight to start her search. When Kristen came downstairs, she found that Lycosa had heard her getting up, and had been thoughtful enough to prepare a hearty breakfast. The bacon and eggs were terrific. The eggs had a good sharp cheese mixed in, along with the same seasoning blend that Lycosa had used for dinner. Kristen didn’t mind, though, she liked the stuff. After breakfast, Lycosa showed her some of the trails that led into the forest. Kristen gave her backpack one final check and set out.

Kristen made her way deeper and deeper into the forest. The air grew colder, and the shadows seemed to move by themselves. But despite the foreboding atmosphere, it was an uneventful day. Kristen searched for hours and hours, stopping only to eat the lunch that Lycosa had packed for her. In the end, she returned with nothing to show for it.

She tried not to feel discouraged. After all, she could hardly expect to find an Araneida Regina on her first day. Lycosa could tell that her guest was disappointed, and tried to cheer her up. As before, she prepared a fine meal, this time a pork roast with bread and root vegetables. And, as with every meal, it had that wonderful seasoning in it.

“This is a great dinner, Lycosa.”

“Thank you, Kristen, I’m so glad you like it. As you can see,” Lycosa nodded down at her own pork, which was rare and without seasoning, “my diet is somewhat limited, so it’s nice to have someone to cook for.”

“Is the pork from the farm outside of town?”

“Yes, I used the meat for both of our meals. He always brings me the choicest cuts, bless him.”

“At least I’m eating well,” sighed Kristen, “even if I wasn’t very successful today.”

“Try not to let it get you down. You’ll find what you’re looking for in the end. Let’s talk about something else. When you do find the Spider, what do you plan to do with her?”

“Well, spiders tend to stay in one spot, so once I know where its nest is, I can hire a crew with nets and other equipment and come back. I specialize in the study of spiders, and if I’m able to capture an Araneida Regina alive, it will revolutionize the field. Not to mention its agricultural potential. Can you imagine how society would benefit from spiders that can produce their silk in large quantities? Spider’s silk has properties that no other material can match. It’s stronger than steel.”

“The Spider might object, though.”

“Oh, when I come back with a team we’ll have plenty of protective equipment in case it gets violent.” 

There was an awkward silence. Kristen suddenly realized that that wasn’t at all what Lycosa had meant. She had a feeling that she might have offended her host. “I...uh, I won’t hurt it, of course. I just want to study a live specimen. I’ll take good care of it.”

“I’m sure you will. But if you’ll excuse me, I’m a bit tired. I suspect you are too…”

Once again, Kristen went to bed early. But although she was tired after her hike, this time she didn’t fall asleep right away. As she lay in bed, she heard…moaning. Somewhere, there were women moaning in despair, their voices echoing through the walls. Kristen got up to see what was the matter, but just as she was about to leave her room, the noises stopped. 

Kristen debated with herself about what to do. Should she search the house? That wasn’t a good idea, she’d get lost. Besides, without the sounds to guide her, she wouldn’t know where to look. Should she wake her host? Definitely not. For one thing, if there was something going on, Lycosa might be part of it. Besides, Kristen wasn’t at all sure whether it really had been moaning. There was probably a perfectly logical explanation for the whole thing. 

She sighed as she stared at her bed. Kristen was wide awake now, and she had wanted to get an early start. She felt hot, too, almost feverish. Kristen took off her pajamas and lay down. She tried to steady her nerves. 

Deep breaths. In, out. Hear that outside? The branches are scraping against the house. That’s all it was. 

But it was a very long time before Kristen fell asleep.

More dreams. Bound and trapped, ecstasy and enslavement. Lycosa…

Kristen woke up wearing nothing but her panties. Where were her pajamas? Oh, that’s right, she’d taken them off. Kristen’s face flushed. It had been another night of erotic dreams. Her panties were soaked. She began to get out of bed, only to find that the impossible had happened. The spiders had been back, and they’d done it again.

Instead of just sticking her ankles together, they had woven a cocoon around her lower body that stopped just below her crotch. Kristen struggled against the webbing. This time there was no give. She couldn’t even bend one of her knees without bending the other. It was like her legs had been replaced with a mermaid’s tail.

Kristen glanced across the room at the bag with her knife in it. She couldn’t walk, she would have to hop there. But as soon as she got up, Kristen’s feet, which were covered in spider’s silk, slid out from under her. She lost her balance and toppled onto the soft carpeting. 

Kristen tried to get up, only to fall over again. She was going to have to inch her way across the floor. Then she could fish out the knife from her bag and cut herself loose. At least, the plan was that she was going to cut herself loose.

But as Kristen made her way across the room, she soon became distracted. She felt a submissive thrill as she realized just how helpless she had become. She couldn’t walk. She couldn’t get up. All she could do was crawl. Kristen looked up at the door to her room. From her position on the floor, the bolt was impossibly high up, far beyond her reach. She couldn’t open the door to her room. Nor could she stand and look out of the barred window with its view of the forest. As she stared up at the bars, Kristen felt like an animal at the zoo, confined to a cage by her keeper.

Yes, that’s all she was. An exhibit at the zoo. She’d been caught in a trap, and now she would spend the rest of her life in a cage, being stared at by her betters. Kristen began to crawl about the room, savoring the feel of her bondage. Perhaps it was a half-remembered fragment of her dream, or perhaps it was something new from her imagination, but Kristen could envision Lycosa standing above her. Lycosa, her master. Lycosa, her keeper. Lycosa, her jailor. Kristen could practically hear her voice, mocking her.

“Look at you. You thought you’d catch a spider, but you’re the one who belongs in a cage! You’re nothing more than a cow. Crawl, little cow, crawl before your mistress!”

Kristen’s hand made its way beneath her panties. As she came, she could still hear Lycosa’s laughter.

When Kristen came downstairs, she found that Lycosa had prepared another excellent breakfast for her. As Kristen ate her pancakes, she debated with herself all over again whether or not to ask her host about the strange noises she had heard the night before. But she had a hard time figuring out how to bring it up. She couldn’t very well ask, “Did you hear the moaning of the damned last night? They were a bit loud.”

“I’m glad you’re enjoying the pancakes,” said Lycosa.

“They’re amazing. The syrup has that seasoning of yours in it, doesn’t it?” Kristen asked as she poured a little more of it onto her plate.

“Mmm. I make it myself, it’s an old family recipe.”

Her spirits buoyed by her hearty meal, Kristen finally decided to broach the subject of the night before. “Er...did you hear anything last night?”

“You mean the Fernsmith coven?”

“The what?”

Lycosa shrugged, tossing her long, purple hair. “The house has cracks in the walls. At this time of year, the wind echoes through them and sounds like voices. In olden times the villagers used to say it was a coven of witches luring travelers to their doom. Some of the stories were quite lurid. You know, pagan orgies, naked women dancing about, captive maidens being dragged off in chains to a life of sexual servitude, that sort of thing.”

Kristen tried to keep a neutral expression on her face as she pictured herself naked and in shackles, being led around on a leash by a coven of sexy witches. But Lycosa’s story made her embarrassed for another reason. She’d gotten herself so worked up last night, and it had all been over nothing. Still, Kristen was glad to have an explanation. This house was the sort of place that fed the darker side of her imagination. After collecting a packed lunch from her host, Kristen set out into the forest.

Her outing wasn’t a pleasant one. It was colder than it had been the day before. The trees, darkened by the clouds and last night’s rain, seemed to press in on her. Kristen saw no wildlife of any kind, not so much as a squirrel. But at the same time, she had the strangest feeling that she was being watched.

Kristen searched all day, apart from a brief stop for lunch. But her day ended in failure. Kristen found no giant spiders, or any sign that there were any. But while there were no spiders to be found by day, there was plenty of conversation about spiders over dinner.

“The spider,” Lycosa said thoughtfully as she cut into her pork, “is the perfection of nature.”

“As an arachnologist,” said Kristen, “I agree that spiders are amazing creatures. But wouldn’t you say that humanity is the perfection of nature, given its intelligence and tool-use?”

Lycosa shrugged. “A spider’s web is a kind of tool, isn’t it? As for intellect, when you find the Spider, you may find that there is a difference in intelligence between her and her lesser cousins. After all, a lemur and a man are both primates, but their intellectual capacities are by no means the same.”

That’s a valid point,” said Kristen. “I can’t very well judge the intelligence of an animal I’ve never seen. But still, consider all that humans have produced. Civilization, technology...”

“Only means to an end. A spider knows that what really matters is the result. Nourishment and pleasure. Modesty? Just something that gets in the way of desire. Morality? Pity? Mere illusions.”

“But…but…without society, without rules, people would go off the rails,” Kristen protested.

“My point precisely. A spider doesn’t need rules. She disciplines herself. She can sit for as long as she wishes in her web, without succumbing to her desires. She waits for what she wants to come to her. A human female, by contrast, is weak of mind. She has no discipline at all. It must be imposed upon her, either by law, by imagined morality, or by force. Would you like to masturbate?” asked Lycosa.

What?” Kristen’s face went red. Her embarrassment was made all the worse by the fact that she did want to masturbate; she had jilled off last night after dinner before she went to bed, and she had been thinking of doing it again.

“You see? You can’t even give a yes-or-no answer. That is the result of the culture that has been imposed upon you. Take that away, and your hand would be down your pants right now. That is your true nature. Gorging yourself on pleasure until you can no longer stand. You need a firm hand to keep you from being able to do whatever you want. And now, I think it’s time for bed.”

It was a dismissal, and Kristen was so cowed that she obeyed without a word. She fled to her room, masturbated, and went to sleep.

The next few days brought nothing new. Kristen went out, she hunted, she found nothing. Every night she had an excellent dinner combined with some disquieting conversations about spiders with Lycosa, then went to bed. Correction. She masturbated, then went to bed. Her sex drive was stronger than ever. And each morning, Kristen would find that the little spiders in her room had put her in bondage.

Now that she knew what to expect, Kristen always took the precaution of keeping her knife by her bedside so that it would be easier to cut herself loose. As a result, she could go to sleep secure in the knowledge that there was nothing to worry about, and that she could look forward to seeing what her spider friends had in store for her. The little bondage games that they came up with were the highlight of her day.

They never did the same thing twice. On one occasion they tied her wrists and ankles together, so that she had to crawl on all fours like a dog. Another time they created a long cord of spider’s silk that wrapped around her neck, forming a collar and leash that left Kristen chained to the bedpost. Kristen enjoyed that one, her mind was full of fantasies about being a sexy slavegirl who was confined to her master’s bed. But one day, Kristen’s morning adventure took a turn that she hadn’t counted on.

Kristen woke from her erotic dreams and smiled as she discovered the spiders’ latest creation. This time, webbing had been strung from the bedposts to her wrists and ankles, so that she was forced to remain on her belly in a spread-eagle position. Still half asleep, Kristen savored the sensation of her own helplessness. There were a number of decorative pillows on her bed, and somehow in her sleep one of them had ended up slightly below her waist, between her and the mattress. Kristen imagined what a visitor to her room might see. 

Once again Kristen had felt feverish, and had worn nothing but her panties. But she must have taken them off during the night, because now she was completely naked. The webbing kept her limbs stretched out, preventing her from doing anything to cover herself. The pillow forced her to arch her back slightly, as if she was offering up her sex, presenting herself in a silent plea to be mounted. Kristen shifted slightly, causing the pillow to rub against her crotch. 


She began to grind against the cushion. Kristen’s mind was filled with fantasies. She was trapped in a spider’s web. She was a slave to pleasure. Man or woman, anybody could come and enjoy themselves with her, use her as their living toy.

Kristen came, her voice muffled as she screamed into a pillow. But then, as her head began to clear, she realized that she had overlooked something. She had left her knife in its usual position by the bedside so that she could free herself. But with her limbs tied to the bedposts, Kristen couldn’t reach it. This was no fantasy, she really was trapped. 

In her panic, Kristen began to struggle against her bonds. She couldn’t move so much as an inch. The only thing she could do was wiggle her ass, presenting a sexy little show as she pressed her body against the still-wet cushion. Kristen had no choice. She was going to have to call for help.

Help. Kristen’s face turned red as she realized what calling for help would mean. She was stark naked, and the smell of sex filled the room. The pillow that lay beneath her hips was soaked with her juices. The minute Lycosa entered the room she would know exactly what Kristen had been doing.

Kristen tried a few more times to pull free from her bonds before finally giving up. Humiliating or not, she was going to have to call Lycosa. Kristen began to cry for help. 

She heard the sounds of someone at the door. “Kristen? What’s wrong?”

“I…It’s a long story, but I’m…stuck. It’s locked from the inside.”

Kristen heard someone banging on the door, then the sound of breaking metal. She hung her head in shame. Kristen wasn’t facing the door, but she knew what kind of a scene her host had walked in on. Lycosa had a perfect view of Kristen’s pussy, and the puddle that she had undoubtedly left on the bed.

Lycosa walked to the nightstand and smiled down at Kristen. She made no attempt to free her. 

“Well, well. It seems my guest has been enjoying herself.”


“Don’t be ashamed, Kristen. There’s no reason to expect any better from someone like you. You’re an animal, and like any animal, you crave pleasure. Look at yourself. Grinding against the bed, so intent on cumming that you forget all else, that is what you are. That is your true nature. All else is self-deception.”

Kristen didn’t know what to say. To her horror, she realized what Lycosa was talking about. In her excitement at her bondage and humiliation, Kristen had, without knowing it, begun to press herself against the pillow again, rubbing her crotch against the fabric. She was close, very close…

Lycosa leaned down and plucked the cushion out from under her. “No, you’ve had enough. You need to get started on your day.”

Against her will, Kristen let out a low whining noise as her source of ecstasy was denied her.

“You see? It’s so much better when someone else imposes control upon you. You don’t need to worry about right or wrong. You can give in to pleasure, because you know you won’t be allowed to have more than you should take…

It’s obvious that you need my help. In the future, I’ll come and get you when it’s time for breakfast. That way you won’t pleasure yourself for too long and miss out on your search. Until then, you may masturbate as much as you want. And you mustn’t feel guilty. Desire is never wrong, in the House of the Spider…”

Lycosa cut Kristen loose and left without another word. 

Kristen took a cold shower and tried to clear her head. She was mortified by how she had behaved in front of Lycosa. The worst part was that her host was absolutely right. If Lycosa hadn’t stepped in, Kristen might have wasted valuable time that she should be using to search for the spider. What was wrong with her?

It had not escaped Kristen’s notice that her host hadn’t been surprised that she was covered in spiderwebs. However, she couldn’t bring herself to ask Lycosa about it. In fact, when she came downstairs, Kristen was so embarrassed that she could barely look her host in the face.

Lycosa, on the other hand, acted as if nothing had happened. After breakfast, she gave Kristen her usual advice about what trail to try. But somehow it didn’t sound like a piece of advice. It sounded like a command. 

Lycosa had always had a forceful personality, and from the beginning Kristen had found it hard to say no to her. But in the days that followed the incident in the bedroom, Lycosa seemed to take over. There was no one incident where Kristen wanted to do something and Lycosa said no. It was a lot of little things, a hundred suggestions that were perfectly ordinary, but that when put together caused the balance of power to shift inexorably towards Kristen’s host.

Lycosa decided when Kristen would eat. She decided when Kristen would go into the forest, and where she would go. And now, she decided how long Kristen was allowed to masturbate.

Every morning at 7:30, Lycosa would arrive to tell Kristen that breakfast was ready. She didn’t bother to ask for permission before coming in anymore. She just knocked and entered, whether Kristen wanted her to or not. Lycosa always gave a little sniff when she looked at Kristen, a silent commentary on the smell of sex that filled the room. Kristen knew that she was a grown woman who had every right to do what she wanted with her own body. But beneath Lycosa’s gaze, she felt like her host had judged her and found her wanting. Kristen was quickly losing all control of her body and her life, and she wasn’t sure how it had happened.

She’ll trap you in secrets, she’ll trap you in lies, be not deceived, no matter her guise.

Kristen was no fool. Her suspicions about Lycosa were growing. But Kristen didn’t know what she suspected Lycosa of doing. If her host had planned to hurt her, she would have done it already. Nor had Lycosa done anything to hamper her search. On the contrary, she had been quite helpful in showing Kristen all of the trails, and how Kristen could reach the unexplored portions of her map.

Even so, something was very, very wrong. Oddly enough, what made Kristen the most uneasy was how reasonable Lycosa was. No matter what happened or how weird things got, or what she wanted Kristen to do, Lycosa always had a perfectly logical explanation ready. It was…unsettling. Lycosa always seemed to know what Kristen was going to ask before she asked it, and exactly what to say to quiet her fears. She was too good at it.

Then there was the incident with the farmer. One morning, before Kristen had set out for the forest, the pig farmer came with fresh meat for Lycosa’s larder. Kristen, who was still polishing off her breakfast, saw the whole thing through a crack in the door.

The man had his daughter with him. She was a young woman with long blonde hair who was dressed in her Sunday best. After the farmer had brought in the pork, he presented his daughter to Lycosa.

“This is my girl Anna, just come of age yesterday, Ma’am.”

Anna had a nervous expression on her face as she gave Lycosa a curtsy. “Ma’am.”

Father and daughter knelt. Lycosa stretched up to her full height and laid a hand on the girl’s head. “The Spider passes over, and gives you your life. The web shall not hold. May you be fertile and prosperous in all that you do.”

Father and daughter bowed their heads, “Blessed be the Spider.”

Needless to say, that gave Kristen a lot to think about during her hike. It was clear that there was a relationship between Lycosa and the Spider. But what was it? A keeper? A worshiper? A priestess? A priestess…maybe that was it. The farmer and his daughter acted like Lycosa was somebody important, and her home was located close to where the Spider should be. Even her name was suggestive; Lycosa was the scientific term for a kind of spider. Perhaps it was a title, instead of her real name. Could Lycosa be the leader of some bizarre, spider-worshiping cult?

Kristen told herself that that was a ridiculous idea. Christopher Lee and his army of hippies weren’t going to show up and sing folk songs while sacrificing her in a wicker spider. But all the same, something was going on, and Lycosa was clearly involved.

Kristen did nothing about her suspicions. What could she do? She couldn’t leave; this hunt meant too much to her. She couldn’t call the cops, either. What was she going to do, call the police and say, “I think my creepy host worships a giant spider?” 

At the same time, something else was happening that Kristen wasn’t so eager to think about. Perhaps it was her nervous desperation to find her prize. Perhaps it was the bondage that she regularly found herself in every morning. But either way, Kristen’s sex drive was still growing. It was starting to become a problem. Her constant arousal was beginning to interfere with her searches; Kristen wasn’t able to cover as much ground because she kept taking time out to masturbate. She even started bringing perfume with her on her hikes so that she could disguise the scent of her arousal when she returned from the forest. 

Eventually, Kristen was forced to acknowledge that there really was something wrong with her. Her appetites were insatiable. She never seemed to get sore, oddly enough. But at the same time, her pussy was far more sensitive, so much so that she found it difficult to concentrate.

That was the part that bothered Kristen the most. She was a scientist, and she placed a high value on logic and the triumph of intellectual thought over her baser instincts. But her own mental discipline was failing. No matter how hard she tried to master her desires, her hand still inevitably found itself between her legs. More and more, she needed Lycosa’s little knock at the door every morning. Without it, she would have spent most of the day jilling off. Which made it even harder for Kristen to stand up to her host.

Kristen didn’t know what to do about herself any more than she knew what to do about Lycosa. The only thing to do was to stay sharp and keep looking for her prize. There wasn’t much time left; she was due to leave after Halloween. Lycosa, and her own issues, would have to wait.

Before Kristen knew it, it was October 31st. Halloween. Her last day. Kristen stared down miserably at her breakfast. Her trip was going to be a failure. Even her little spider friends had abandoned her; she had woken up with no webbing on her body. Her panties had been drenched nonetheless, but that was nothing new.

“Kristen,” Lycosa said, “do you really want to find the Spider?”

Kristen looked up at her host. “Of course! It means everything to me. Why?”

“Are you willing to try something…different?

“Different? Different how?”

“You’ve used the scientific method, and gotten nowhere. You must look to tradition.”

“What kind of tradition?”

“There are other ways to gain an audience with the Mistress of the Web,” Lycosa said quietly.

Kristen hesitated. Given the strange activities of Lycosa and the townsfolk, she suspected that she knew where this was going. No doubt Lycosa wanted her to do some weird cult ritual. There was a time when Kristen would have dismissed the idea out of hand. But by now, she was desperate. Kristen had tried everything, and she was on the verge of defeat. Did she really have anything to lose?

Besides, what if Lycosa’s ritual had some hidden clue buried within it? Local legends often had a grain of truth, that was why she had come to Fernsmith in the first place. For that matter, if Lycosa really was in a cult, maybe this was some kind of an initiation. If Kristen followed her host’s instructions, Lycosa might consider her to be a member and let her in on her secrets.

“What do I need to do?” asked Kristen.

Lycosa smiled. “The key to communing with the Spider is that you must follow her ways. A spider does not hunt. It does not search. It waits, and lets what it desires enter into its domain of its own free will. You must do likewise. You must present yourself to the Spider, and let her come in her own time.”

Kristen didn’t like that idea. Sneaking up on the Spider was one thing, but if she let the Spider sneak up on her, there might be real danger involved. “If…I lure it, won’t it eat me?”

“Not if you follow the ritual.”

Kristen would have liked more reassurance than that. On the other hand, Lycosa had lived here for years, and the Spider hadn’t eaten her. She must be doing something right. 

“Ok…so…what’s the ritual?”

“First, finish that breakfast. Have seconds, you won’t be having lunch today. After you’ve eaten, go to your room and take another shower. Wash off your makeup, deodorant, everything. The Spider loves the scent of a maiden, so you must apply nothing unnatural that would interfere with her pleasure. And don’t put on panties or a bra. While you shower, I’ll lay out what you must wear on your bed.”

Kristen obeyed her host and went upstairs to wash up. Superstitious or not, Lycosa’s advice made a kind of sense. Some spiders had a very keen sense of smell. That might explain why Kristen’s searches had ended in failure. Maybe the Spider was repelled by the scent of her cosmetics. But Kristen wasn’t happy about what she was supposed to wear. After she had dressed herself, she stared into the mirror. Lycosa had given her a white peasant-style dress with puffy sleeves. However, it wasn’t the sleeves that were the problem. 

The dress was ridiculously short, so short that her pussy was on display. Even worse, as was usually the case, Kristen was horny as hell, and a quick look at her glistening crotch would make that clear to anyone who saw her. Kristen tried to cover herself as she heard Lycosa enter the room. Lycosa slapped her hands.

“No. Don’t hide it, girl,” Lycosa said sternly. “Hands behind your back.”

Kristen blushed as she revealed her crotch. “Do I really have to wear this?”

“Yes. You must display your womanhood to the Spider, submitting to her with meekness and humility, if you want her to take you as her own.”

Kristen sighed. She supposed that if she was going to do this, she might as well go all the way. “Ok, what’s next?”

“There is a path I haven’t shown you. A very old path. It leads deep into the forest. You won’t need shoes for it, nor should you wear them. When you reach the sacred stone, lie down and pleasure yourself.”

“What?!?” Kristen had been masturbating on her daily trips into the forest for some time, but having someone tell her to do it was another thing entirely.

“Lay on the stone, close your eyes, and pleasure yourself to exhaustion, that your scent might be pleasing to the Mistress of the Web. I’ll tell you what you should say when you present yourself to her. Once you are done, return to the house where you began. By the end of your journey, the Spider will have revealed herself to you.”

Lycosa showed Kristen to a path hidden by the trees that engulfed the house. As she set off, Kristen wished that she could have worn shoes. Or a different dress. Having her pussy on display made her feel like a slut. But after she had been walking for a few minutes, her misgivings began to fade.

It was an unusually nice day. The sun was out, and the temperature was unseasonably warm. Even the depths of the forest were green and pleasant. The fact that Kristen was barefoot presented no difficulties. Unlike the other paths that she had explored, this one was smooth and covered with thick grass that felt like soft carpeting under her feet. 

Kristen’s excitement began to grow. There was something unspeakably erotic about what she was about to do. At about noon, Kristen reached a clearing containing what could only be the sacred stone. It was a large disk with a spider carved on the surface. Kristen lay on the disk and began to rub herself. As she did, she recited what Lycosa had told her to say.

“Queen Spider, claim my womanhood. Queen Spider, bind me to your web. Queen Spider, claim my womanhood. Queen Spider, bind me to your web…”

The words only increased Kristen’s arousal. Her imagination overcame her disbelief, turning her into a supplicant before a pagan god, pleading to be dominated and reduced to slavery. Kristen’s head was full of visions of being kept naked and in chains as a temple slave, there to offer the pleasures of her body to the followers of the Spider. Her orgasm came quickly. But her arousal soon returned. Well, Lycosa did tell her to masturbate to exhaustion…

“Queen Spider…”

At some point, Kristen did become exhausted, so much so that, helped by the warm sun, she fell asleep. It was late afternoon when she awakened. Her thighs were slick, and so was the stone. Despite her marathon jilling-off session, Kristen still wasn’t sore. In fact, she thought to herself, why not have a little more fun? Her sleep, combined with the erotic dreams she had had, had renewed her appetites. Kristen’s fingers wandered to her crotch, only to slide over something smooth.

“What the fuck?”

Kristen looked down to see that she was wearing a pair of panties. But they were no ordinary panties. The cloth was formed out of finely woven spiderwebs. The panties clung to Kristen’s skin, following the curves of her body, as tight as spandex and as soft as silk. The little spiders from her bedroom must have another nest near the stone. 

Kristen had already been horny, and knowing that she had been toyed with yet again left her eager. But when she tried to pull down her new panties, she discovered that she couldn’t take them off. They were glued to her body, as inescapable as a pair of handcuffs. Kristen tried to masturbate through the material, only to find that the webbing was thicker in the area over her pussy, locking her sex away as effectively as a chastity belt. The touch of her hand was enough to arouse her, but she couldn’t bring herself to orgasm.

Kristen tried once more to remove her panties, clawing at them with her fingernails and tugging on them with all of her might until she was rolling around on the stone. The scent of her last orgasm still lingered, reminding her of what she could no longer have. Her pussy had been sealed away, putting the pleasures of her own body beyond her reach.

Kristen knew that there was nothing mystical about what had happened to her. A spider colony had spun a web on her body. There was nothing supernatural about that. But in spite of her logic, Kristen couldn’t help feeling that the ritual had worked. That she had been…marked. That the Queen Spider had locked away her pussy, claiming it as her eternal property. It was a thought as hot as it was irrational.

Kristen finally gave up on trying to cum and decided to begin the long hike back to Lycosa’s house. She rose from the stone circle. Kristen let out a gasp, followed by a mewling noise of pure need as she pawed at her chastity belt. Within her silken panties were fine strands of webbing strung over her crotch. When she stood up, they had rubbed against her pussy, as soft and inviting as a lover’s hand.

The walk home was pure torture. With every step she took, Kristen’s spider-made chastity belt teased and edged her, over and over. Occasionally, Kristen rubbed herself in a futile attempt to cum that only served to worsen her agony. The rubbing of her panties seemed to mock her, telling her that she had had her fill of pleasure, and would be allowed no more.

Before long, Kristen had been edged so much that she was barely able to think straight. Logic abandoned her as she sunk into a kind of lust-fueled delirium. She wasn’t a grad student, or a biologist. She was a slave in a chastity belt. That was it. A slave. The Spider’s slave. The Spider had marked Kristen with her webs, stamping her sign over her crotch. From now on, Kristen’s orgasms would be gifts from the Spider, to be given or withheld on a whim. In her mind she silently begged for release.

Please, Queen Spider let me cum. Please, Queen Spider let me cum. Please, Queen Spider let me cum…

As Kristen caught sight of the house, her senses returned to her. She dashed to her room, slammed the door, and cut off her panties. As she lay on the floor, her body spasming again and again, she didn’t know if Lycosa could hear her orgasms, and she didn’t care.

Her webs are of silk, her webs are of steel, her webs you must flee or remain as her meal.

Taking a shower did Kristen good. The cool water running over her body made her feel like her old self again. But the day hadn’t gone as she’d hoped. The incident at the stone had been just another case of those little spiders playing tricks on her. She had done everything that Lycosa had told her to do, and Araneida Regina still hadn’t made an appearance. 

Kristen dried herself off, stepped out of the shower, and went to change. The white dress that Lycosa had given her was still on the floor where she had left it. But the clothes that Kristen had put out on the bed weren’t there anymore.

What the hell?

Her bags, her clothes, the notebook that she used to write her log, everything was gone. Kristen glanced at the sound of a branch hitting the window. The weather had turned gray, and the wind was howling past the house. It gave her a sense of foreboding. She had an ugly thought. Kristen looked out the window…

Her car was gone.

A chill ran through Kristen’s bones. She was in the middle of nowhere, with no way to leave or call for help. Kristen donned the white dress that she had worn on her trip to the forest. It was the only thing she had left to wear. Her exposed pussy didn’t make her feel sexy now. It made her feel exposed. Vulnerable. Then Kristen saw it.

The bookcase in her room was slightly ajar. She pulled it open to reveal…

A secret passage.

It was more than large enough for the Queen Spider to creep into her room. So, there hadn’t been an Araneida Regina Minor after all. Just a hidden door, so that Lycosa could let the Spider into her room. Kristen shuddered. She liked spiders, and she had thought it was hot, having her cute little friends put her in bondage. But that wasn’t what had happened at all. An enormous monster had stood over her, night after night, fondling her with its mandibles while she slept.

Kristen crept through the passage, down a flight of stone steps. At the bottom was a long, stone corridor. The light cast by the lamps mounted on the wall was dim, but she could see that at the far end of the hall was another set of stairs, leading up to the wing of the house where her host slept. Maybe Lycosa had a cage down here where she kept the Spider. 

On one side of the corridor was a large door that had been barred. On the other side was a series of small, dark alcoves. Each of them was separated from the hallway by a low wooden gate that came to Kristen’s waist. They reminded Kristen of the stalls that horses were kept in. The light was on in the stall nearest her. Kristen pushed aside the gate and peered inside. There wasn’t much to see, it was just a stone cell. In the center was a rectangular depression with a grate at the bottom. Even with the ceiling light on it was dim inside.

As Kristen stepped into the cell, a bit of dust caught in her nose. She let out a loud sneeze. In response, the moaning that Kristen had heard from her bedroom began once more. It was coming from the other stalls, and it wasn’t the wind. It was women, women moaning in despair at their fate. Kristen whirled around in terror. She lost her balance and fell backwards only to be caught in mid-air…by a spider web.

Kristen hadn’t seen the giant web that had been strung within the cell, it had been hidden in the shadows. She landed on it in the middle of her fall, so that her arms and legs were splayed out, with her feet a few inches above the floor. Surrounded by the sounds of Lycosa’s victims, Kristen began to panic. She struggled against her web, harder and harder, but she was stuck fast. Eventually the moaning stopped. The silence was deafening. From time to time Kristen pulled against her bondage, with no success. There was nothing to do but wait. Wait, and learn what was to be done with her.

Her mind was filled with nightmarish thoughts. As an arachnologist, Kristen was fully aware of what spiders did to their prey, and how they fed. Was that what her host intended for her? To be the Spider’s next meal? Glued to the web in her short white dress with her pussy exposed, Kristen felt like a sacrifice, a human lamb bound on the altar before Lycosa’s god.

Kristen heard the sound of footsteps. At least it was the sound of a person, rather than a giant spider coming to eat her. Kristen looked up, and saw Lycosa standing before her. Lycosa wasn’t slouching now. She was drawn up to her full height, revealing herself to be at least two feet taller than Kristen. Lycosa was unburdened by the shapeless clothes that she usually wore. In fact, she wore nothing at all.

Kristen gasped at the sight of Lycosa’s naked body. To her horror, she realized that she had been entirely wrong in her suspicions. Lycosa wasn’t part of some outlandish cult that worshiped the spider. Lycosa was the spider.

Convergent Evolution. Ever the good biologist, Kristen thought of sharks and dolphins. They weren’t related; one was a fish, the other a mammal. But they had roughly the same shape because they had adapted themselves to the same environment. In the same way, Kristen saw now that Lycosa was no human. She was an entirely different species that had evolved a human shape.

It was obvious now that she was unclothed. The muscles on her body were harder and firmer, and the proportions weren’t right. Her limbs were the legs of a spider. Kristen understood now why Lycosa had always worn gloves. In place of nails, her fingers and toes were tipped with dark purple claws that were curved and sharp.

Lycosa’s pussy and nipples had a purple cast to them as well. The nipples puzzled Kristen. Spiders weren’t mammals. What possible purpose could breasts serve for a creature that didn’t produce milk for its young? But Kristen quickly forgot about that. For although Lycosa’s features might have looked human enough, there was nothing even remotely human about the expression on her face.

It was the face of a predator. Something that showed no mercy, or even understood what mercy was. It triggered a primal fear in Kristen, a half-remembered terror from her prehistoric ancestors. As the spider woman came closer and closer, Kristen once more began to struggle in her web in a vain attempt to free herself.

Lycosa loomed over her and gave a wide smile that showed off a carnivore’s teeth. “I see you found your room.”

She slashed out with her talons. To Kristen’s surprise and relief, when it was all over she was unharmed. Her dress lay in tatters, so that her breasts were exposed as well as her pussy. Lycosa plucked the bits of cloth from the web until Kristen was stark naked. She looked down at her captive thoughtfully, then gave Kristen’s pussy a caress that made her gasp.

“You’’ll never get away with this!” 

It was a cliche, and judging from the slight smile on her face, Lycosa knew it too. “I’ve been ‘getting away with this’ since before your great grandmother was born.”

The moaning from the other stalls began once more. Kristen suddenly realized what the sound of those women meant. “Your victims…you keep them alive?”

Lycosa laughed. “You thought we still ate people? Don’t be silly. I’m not averse to the occasional snack, but do you realize the number of humans I would have to spirit away to sustain myself? I’d have to turn the whole town into an abattoir. I’d never be able to keep something like that a secret. No, we’ve found more practical substitutes.”

The pork. Lycosa had eaten that rare pork of hers at every meal. Kristen remembered reading somewhere that pork was supposed to taste a lot like…she didn’t want to think about that. But there was still something that confused her. “That doesn’t make any sense. If you don’t eat people, why lure me here? Why keep women prisoner in your basement?”

“Prisoner? Such a harsh word. Taken care of sounds better. As for the why, the answer is perfectly simple. You see, my species has dietary requirements other than meat. There are certain nutrients that I need, and they can only be found in one place…”

Then Lycosa did the last thing that Kristen would have expected. In one inhumanly fluid motion she dropped to her knees and began to lick Kristen’s crotch.

“Lycosa, what are you…uhh...look...I…” As Kristen’s thoughts became more incoherent, she realized that the moaning of the other women hadn’t been from fear. They had been moans of desire. Just like hers.

Mixed with Kristen’s arousal was a sense that this was part of her capture. That Lycosa was claiming Kristen as her own and that when she came, her fate would be sealed. Kristen tried to resist, tried to keep from giving in, but Lycosa used her unnaturally long tongue with expert precision, edging and teasing her over and over again until every part of her begged for relief. Finally, Lycosa sent Kristen over the edge with an orgasm that exploded through her whole body.

When Kristen was able to think again, she realized what Lycosa had done, and was still doing. She was lapping up Kristen’s juices. Lycosa didn’t act like she was getting off on it. She had a calm, relaxed attitude about her, as if she was sipping a rare vintage of wine. When she had gotten every last drop, she stood up and smiled. 

“A fine aroma, especially for a first milking. You’re going to be a wonderful addition to my little herd.” 

“Herd? What are you talking about?”

“Is it really so strange? Your kind keep cattle for their milk. We keep women for their juices. It’s a positive, symbiotic relationship. I milk your vagina for its nectar, and in exchange I provide you with food, pleasure, and safety. Everything that a human girl needs. It’s better for everybody. Domesticated women are healthier and live much longer than those left out in the wild.”

Kristen strained against her web. “Domesticated? You can’t treat me like an animal, I-stop!”

Lycosa began to move her fingers around the tips of Kristen’s toes. As she did, a fine sticky thread came from under her talons. Her hands moved deftly, spiraling up Kristen’s feet and legs. Before Kristen knew it the cocoon had reached her knees. Lycosa talked as she worked, with a tone of amusement mixed with mild condescension. 

“Of course you’re an animal. Nothing more than a milk-cow that learned to walk on two legs. What else could you be? So weak of mind. So easily tamed.”

Kristen’s webbing reached to her waist now, apart from a triangular hole that allowed access to her pussy. She struggled against her cocoon, but it was as if her legs had been fused together. “I...I’m not tame!”

Lycosa gave a smile that showed her teeth. “Not yet.” 

The webbing reached Kristen’s shoulders now. Her arms and hands had been freed from the web only to be buried within her cocoon, pressed tight against her sides. Inch by inch her freedom was taken from her, as she was bound in webs as soft as silk and as strong as steel. Kristen could do nothing but wiggle. The web, and Lycosa, were inescapable. The spider woman was putting the finishing touches now, weaving the silk around Kristen’s head. Then, she started all over again. Lycosa added layer after layer of webbing until finally she stopped with a nod of satisfaction.

“There we go. All done.”

Kristen’s body was almost totally covered in webbing. The only parts of her that were still visible was the hole for her crotch and a small oval for her face. Kristen cowered in terror within her cocoon as she stared up at Lycosa. The Queen Spider gave a little sniff.

“Hmm. You smell a little frightened, but that’s to be expected. You’ll calm down soon enough. You’re too sensible to be afraid for long. After all, the sounds from the rest of my herd are proof that I don’t hurt my livestock. Are you hungry, little cow?”

“I…I’m not a cow! I–”

Lycosa loomed above her, a flash of inhuman anger in her eyes. “Are you hungry?”

Kristen stared at the floor.


“Call me Mistress, cow!”

Kristen squealed as Lycosa pinched her breast. “Yes, Mistress!”

“That’s better.”

“But I…Mmmmph!”

Before Kristen could say another word, Lycosa stuffed her breast into her mouth. The spider woman held onto the back of her head and forced her to drink. But after a few moments, Lycosa no longer had to force her. The syrup had an unusual flavor. A wonderful, heavenly flavor. Kristen knew that taste. It had been the seasoning in the meals that Lycosa had fed her.

“There…that’s it…keep on drinking. You see? As long as you don’t make Mistress angry, everything will be fine…”

Kristen had been right about the nipples. This wasn’t milk, or anything like milk. She had read about ants that kept aphids as livestock, feeding them and protecting them from predators. The ants were farmers, collecting the honeydew that the aphids secreted from their bodies. New studies indicated that the ants controlled the aphids using hormones that made them docile and, some said, more productive. Lycosa was doing the same thing to Kristen.

Kristen knew now why she was horny all the time, and why her pussy was always moist. Obviously, in addition to providing nourishment, this fluid contained pheromones that increased Kristen’s arousal, ensuring that there would be enough juices for her captor to drink. It was just like the ants-only this time Kristen was the aphid. She was being turned into Lycosa’s cow, an animal that existed only to produce nourishing fluids for its keeper.

Kristen knew all of this, and yet she drank, sucking eagerly at Lycosa’s breast. It tasted so good…and it felt so good. It was as if pure warmth was pouring down her throat, only to spread throughout her body, until it sank into her crotch. 


After her feeding, Kristen hung motionless in her web. The syrup combined with her orgasm had left her dazed and groggy.

Kristen struggled to speak. “I…please, Lycosa, you can’t keep me here…”

“Of course I can. Why do you look so unhappy? I gave you what you wanted. You wanted to find a queen spider, and now you have. You’ll get to spend your whole life here with me! Well, my other cows have already been fed and milked, so I think I’ll have an early night in.”

Lycosa turned off the light in Kristen’s cell, leaving her alone in the dark, trapped in her cocoon and unable to move.

“Wait,” Kristen called out weakly. In the distance she could hear fireworks from Fernsmith. The townspeople were celebrating. Their mistress had found a new addition for her herd.

Lycosa’s laughter echoed down the hall. “Happy Halloween!”

The morning after, Kristen woke in the dark. She felt so groggy. Where was she? She was wrapped in some kind of a sleepsack. It was wonderful, the best bondage equipment that Kristen had ever tried. It was soft and warm, but at the same time kept her limbs pinned together, leaving her in a state of utter helplessness. She couldn’t even wiggle her fingers.

Mmm. This feels nice. My spiders must have…

The Spider. Fully awake now, Kristen remembered everything. Lycosa. Her web. Her bondage and enslavement were real. Kristen’s struggles grew more and more frantic, but the result was the same. Her cocoon was a soft, inescapable prison, and Lycosa intended for her to wear it for the rest of her life.

Kristen tried to hold onto the idea that help would come. Surely someone would come looking for her. The situation wasn’t hopeless. When she was reported missing, maybe Professor Bothel would tell the cops about Kristen’s interest in Fernsmith. It was a long shot, but at least it was a chance.

Eventually Kristen had to pee, and discovered what the bars in the floor beneath her cocoon were for. Her face turned scarlet as she pissed down the grate like an animal. Then again, to Lycosa, that’s all she was. Just cattle. 

But her embarrassment was soon forgotten. Kristen’s pussy was aching, demanding attention. She was used to masturbating in the morning when she woke up, but wrapped in her cocoon, she could do nothing to relieve her lust.

After what seemed like an eternity, Kristen heard the sound of her new mistress. The other women began to bleat eagerly, no doubt pleading for their orgasms. Lycosa walked straight to Kristen’s stall and pushed her breast into her mouth. Kristen tried not to drink, but once that liquid was spurting down her throat, her resistance crumbled. When Kristen was finished, Lycosa knelt down and inspected her captive’s pussy. She did it not as a lover would, but in a business-like, methodical way. A farmer examining a new piece of livestock.

“How did the latest addition to my herd sleep?”

“I…I’m not an animal! I’m not just something for you to drink from, or to store away for my…my…pussy juice!”

“We refer to the harvest of a woman’s juices as milking. And it’s not just about me. Counting yourself, I have four cows, and I certainly don’t need that many for my own needs.”

Kristen was interested, in spite of fears. “Then…what are we for?”

“Not all of my people keep herds. The males of our species, for example, serve a different role. They find and lure women like you into my territory. In return, my herd provides nectar for them. Did you really think it was chance that Professor Bothel told you about Fernsmith? Silly cow.”

Kristen’s eyes widened. “The professor’s a spider?”

“Yes…our males have always been better at playing human.”

“I’ll find a way…to…to…”

Lycosa raised her eyebrows. “To do what? Escape?”

Kristen stared down at the floor, her spirit crushed by the weight of truth. She hadn’t told anyone where she was going, and other than the professor, no one knew that she had an interest in Fernsmith. Nobody was going to come looking for her.

Lycosa putting the possibility of escape out into the open forced Kristen to realize just how laughable an idea that was. She was in the middle of nowhere, locked in a dungeon, and wrapped in a cocoon as strong as the heaviest of chains. For the first time, Kristen really understood, deep in her bones, that she was never getting out of here. She was going to spend the rest of her life as livestock, fed and kept in a stable so that her owner could milk her pussy for its juices.

Lycosa gave her breast a friendly squeeze. “There, there. You’ll feel better soon. All I have to do is to tame you, to take away all those silly delusions that you’ve had about being a person.”

Why bother?” asked Kristen bitterly. “What does it matter whether I’m tame or not? You can do whatever you want with me anyway.”

“The reason why I call my girls cows is that you have so much in common with them. Herding women is like herding cattle. You’ve undoubtedly heard that cows produce better milk when they’re not under stress. It’s the same with a girl. The more peaceful your mind is, the better your nectar is. Misery spoils the harvest. Your juices are already quite good, but they won’t be at their best until you settle in. Once you’ve accepted your natural state, and are producing enough nectar, I’ll begin bottling your juices for my brethren to enjoy.”

“You’re keeping me in a dungeon, you can’t make me be happy about it!”

“Of course I can. First I’ll break you into nothing. Then I’ll tame you until I’m all you care about. One day, you’ll love me with all of your heart. And on that day, you’ll produce the finest nectar.”

“Never!” Kristen said with one last burst of defiance. 

Lycosa gave a chilling smile. “Never? Never is a long time, little cow.”

She leaned down and began to stroke Kristen’s crotch. After being fed another dose of pure, undiluted syrup, Kristen was already wet, and before long, she began to respond to her mistress’s treatment. She had flinched at the sight of Lycosa’s clawed hands reaching for her crotch, but her captor was as good with her hands as she was with her tongue. Lycosa’s long fingers teased at Kristen’s pussy with amazing skill, dancing over her crotch, stimulating her just enough to keep her at the edge of orgasm. Then…it stopped.

“I’ll see you at your next feeding.”

Kristen stared at her mistress in horror. “You…I…wait!”

But Lycosa had already picked up a metal pail and moved on to the next stall to see to another of her cattle. Kristen couldn’t see what Lycosa was doing, but she could hear everything.

“Hello, Fatty! How’s my special girl doing today? Oh, have you got an itch on that belly of yours?”


“And naturally, you’re hungry. There we go.” Fatty slurped as she sucked on Lycosa’s breast.

“That’s enough for today. Time for your milking.”

Fatty began to moan in delight. “Ehh…ehh…ehh…ehh…ehhh…ehhhhhhhh!”

The noises of Fatty’s orgasm were soon replaced with the sound of her juices hitting the bottom of the pail. Lycosa poured the contents into a container. Then, she went to the next stall.

“Hello, Duchess…”

It was sheer agony. Kristen, her whole body aching with need, had to listen while all the other women received the orgasms that she so desperately wanted. When it was all over, Lycosa turned off the lights, leaving Kristen miserable and alone as she hung in the darkness.

In the days that followed, Lycosa came to Kristen’s stall three times a day and fed her from her body, just like the rest of her cattle. Afterwards, Kristen was left to hang in her web. Lycosa did nothing to harm her. In fact, she didn’t even speak to her, unless Kristen asked her a question. There was just one problem.

Kristen still wasn’t allowed to cum.

During her stay with Lycosa, Kristen had become a compulsive masturbator. The combination of the liquid that Lycosa had been secretly feeding her and her daily bondage had left her in a continuous state of arousal. 

But when she had been staying in Lycosa’s house, the spider woman had had to slip the liquid in her food without Kristen knowing it. It had been diluted, watered down. There was no longer any need for trickery. Kristen drank the syrup pure and fresh from Lycosa’s breast every day. As a result, the effects were far stronger. Kristen was an addict. An addict not to heroin or cocaine, but to the pleasures of her own body.

With her hands buried within her cocoon, Kristen had no way to masturbate. No way of getting relief. Her imprisonment only made it worse. There was nothing for Kristen to do. Nothing for her to see or to read. She couldn’t even move. All of which meant that Kristen had no way of distracting herself.

No matter how hard she tried, Kristen couldn’t stop thinking about how badly she wanted to cum. By the morning of the third day, she couldn’t stand it any longer. Dignity no longer mattered. She began to beg. But each day, Lycosa ignored her pleas. Kristen’s desperation continued without any sign of relief until it had been seven days since Kristen had been caught in Lycosa’s web.

“Please, Lycosa…Mistress, I need to cum. Please…just let me cum.”

“I only help my animals cum. Are you my animal?”

Kristen stared down at the floor. 

“Yes,” she whispered.

She cowered as Lycosa reached out with her claws and plucked her cocoon from the web. Lycosa lifted her with one hand and tossed her across the room.

“Make me believe it.”

Kristen lay huddled on the floor, unsure of what she was supposed to do, or what she was supposed to say. “I…I…I’m an animal. Just…an animal…”

Then it happened. Kristen was weak, weak from fear, and weak from day after day of unsatisfied lust. She stared across the room at Lycosa. Lycosa had always been taller than her, but from Kristen’s position on the floor, she was a giant. 

For the first time, a part of Kristen genuinely believed that she was nothing more than an animal. Lycosa seemed like a dark, inhuman goddess, tall and strong. Compared to her, Kristen felt like nothing. A limbless, worthless creature who pissed in a grate. Unable to use her arms or legs, she crawled like a worm towards her captor. 

As she lay at her mistress’s feet, Kristen began to plead once more for an orgasm. “Please let me cum, mistress. Treat me like a cow if you want, put a ring through my nose, milk me for my juices…”

Kristen got an idea. Maybe if she wanted pleasure, she had to give pleasure. She leaned against Lycosa’s leg and began to inch her way up towards her mistress’s pussy. Lycosa gave her a look of total disgust and smacked her on the nose.

Bad girl! You little slut. Why would I want a filthy animal like you at my crotch? That’s all you think about, isn’t it?”

Kristen slid to the floor in despair. There was no hope of her getting an orgasm now. All she had done was humiliate herself. Even worse, she had proven Lycosa right in the process. She was willing to do anything, no matter how degrading, in exchange for a moment of pleasure. 

She burst into tears. “I…I’m sorry mistress. You’re right. I’m just a worthless…stupid…dirty little cow…” 

Lycosa picked her up by the scruff of the neck and stared thoughtfully at her. “That’s better. That’s much better. You’re finally starting to be honest with yourself. That’s the important thing. I’m a kind mistress, you see. I don’t demand that you be more than what you are. I accept you for yourself. Now, let’s put you back in your web so that I can give my cow what she needs.”

As Kristen looked up at Lycosa, she felt like a great weight had been lifted from her. “You…you mean I can cum? Thank you mistress! Thank you!”

After she had had an orgasm, Kristen lay in her web, finally at peace. She looked up at Lycosa while her mistress examined her cocoon. As Kristen watched Lycosa leave her stall, she couldn’t decide whether she feared what might happen on her return, or was anxious for the pleasures to come. Exhausted, Kristen fell asleep, still unsure of the answer.

As time went on, Kristen’s confusion continued unabated. She certainly didn’t want to be Lycosa’s prisoner. But Kristen’s body was glad to see Lycosa, even if Kristen herself wasn’t. Every time that her mistress arrived, she brought ecstasy with her. The wonderful syrup that fed her, the orgasms that she received, it all came from Lycosa, and her whole body begged for those delights.

Her cocoon wasn’t helping. Kristen had always been turned on by bondage, and although she knew that this was no game, someone forgot to tell her pussy, because she was still horny from her predicament. She was trapped in unbreakable bondage gear forged of silk, and kept in a dungeon where she was dominated by a cruel mistress who toyed with her body. It was the stuff of fantasy, and Kristen had a lot of time for fantasies.

The truth was that life in her stall was very dull. As a result, her mind tended to wander into daydreams, or thoughts of what would happen when Lycosa returned for her…milking. Her captor’s visits were the only interesting thing about her day. Kristen couldn’t move a muscle, and other than Lycosa, there was no one to talk to. On occasion, Kristen tried talking to the women in the other stalls, but they only responded with incoherent noises. Kristen wasn’t sure if she wanted to know why they didn’t talk. But she found out all the same.

“Hey…you in the next stall…Fatty? Can you hear me?” Kristen whispered.


“And what do you think you’re doing?”

Kristen’s mistress stood before her, and she looked angry.

Kristen froze. “I…I was just saying hello to…”

“You’re disturbing the herd. Your speech is to be used for talking to me, not for confusing the other cows. Open your mouth.”

“What are you going to do to me?”

Lycosa’s eyes narrowed. “Open. Your. Mouth.”

Kristen obeyed. She didn’t have the courage to do anything else. Lycosa’s hands reached out like lightning. She pulled on Kristen’s tongue until it was hanging out of her mouth, then fixed it to her lower lip with some webbing.

“Ehhh! Mahhhwaaag…ehhhhg!”

Kristen tried to talk, but most of her words came out as garbled nonsense. She couldn’t even put her tongue back in her mouth. Kristen had heard the noises that the other women made, but hearing them come from her own lips was horrible. The mere act of listening to herself made Kristen feel dumb. She sounded like an idiot. Or an animal.

“I’m not going to forbid you from talking altogether. I will free your tongue during your feedings so that you can tell me whatever is running through that tiny cow brain of yours. The rest of the time, your gag will remain, to keep everyone from having to listen to your foolishness. However, just to show you that I’m not angry, I’ll let you roam about your stall until I come back for your lunch feeding,” The spider woman pulled Kristen from the web and placed her on the floor. “Now, what do you say when Mistress does something nice for you?”

The last thing Kristen wanted was to hear her own voice, but she didn’t dare disobey Lycosa. Kristen stared down at the floor. “Annnk oooo, eestrees…”

Lycosa smiled down at her. “Of course you need some punishment, so I think we’ll skip your morning orgasm. I’ll see you at lunch.”

After Lycosa left, Kristen wandered about her stall. Being on the floor didn’t offer her much more freedom than her web. Unable to stand or use her hands, the low wooden door was enough to keep her in her pen. Kristen stared at the floor as she got herself into position and pissed down the grate. Lycosa always treated her like a farm animal, and right now Kristen felt like one. Her tongue hung out of her mouth, reducing her to idiotic noises. She had started to drool, and she couldn’t seem to stop. Kristen felt even worse when she realized that she had been rubbing her crotch against the grate in a vain attempt to cum.

Hours spent crawling around on the floor and trying to masturbate left what little self-esteem Kristen still had in tatters. By the time Lycosa returned for her lunchtime feeding, she felt about two inches tall. Her mistress loomed above her, strong and dominant, while Kristen lay huddled on the ground, trying not to drool. Lycosa picked her up with one hand and hung her back in her web. She removed Kristen’s gag and fed her.

“You see? Not being able to talk wasn’t so bad, was it?”

“...No, Mistress.”

“Exactly. It’s not as if anyone wants to hear what you have to say. Now open wide.” 

Kristen obeyed and was promptly gagged again. If anything, her webbing was stricter; she had less control over her tongue. To Kristen’s horror, Lycosa began to leave. It wasn’t fair! Her mistress had said that she’d be allowed to cum. She’d promised! Kristen let out a wail.

Lycosa turned to look at her. “What’s wrong, girl?”

“Ehhh! Ehh!!! Et eee uuumnn!”

“Aww…does my little milk-cow want to cum?”

Kristen pushed her hips forward, presenting her mistress with her pussy, while she pled with her eyes. “Eeeh!”

Lycosa smiled. “Well…I did say that you could…”

Before long, Kristen was convulsing in her web as her mistress used her tongue on her. She enjoyed it so much that it never occurred to her that she was more interested in being allowed to cum than she was in being allowed to talk.

Being gagged most of the time was frustrating, but it also began to have a serious effect on Kristen’s mindset. Lycosa seemed to delight in making Kristen beg to cum, using the only sounds that her gagged mouth could produce. Every time that Kristen heard herself, she heard a dumb animal lowing to its keeper. It became harder and harder to believe in her own intelligence. Then the whispers started.

Lycosa had just gagged Kristen for the night, when she leaned over and whispered in her ear, “If you’re so smart, how did a spider like me catch you?”

Kristen’s eyes went wide. “Ehhhh?”

“Just something to think about. Good night, little cow.”

Then Lycosa turned out the light, leaving Kristen alone with her thoughts.

That was just the beginning. Every night, Lycosa would whisper something in Kristen’s ear.

“This is what you were made for. Do you really think a normal girl would have pleasured herself on the stone?”

“I thought you’d be more feisty. But you’re as timid as a rabbit, aren’t you? You’re lucky that I’m here to take care of you. Without me, you’d be lost.”

“If I offered to let you go, but you’d have to wear those chastity panties for the rest of your life, what would you choose? Freedom, or pleasure?”

Somehow Lycosa always knew just the right thing to say, or rather, just the wrong thing to say. Every night she would gag her cow, and whisper something in Kristen’s ear that made her uncertain of who and what she was. But while Kristen might have become unsure of her place, she quickly learned what Lycosa expected of her.

Kristen had noticed that from time to time, Lycosa would take one of her cows upstairs with her for the night. She always turned the lights out first, but Kristen could hear her pick up one of the other women and carry her up the stairs. Kristen often wondered what went on up in Lycosa’s bedroom. Obviously it was nothing bad; the next morning Kristen could hear that her fellow prisoner was back in her stall, safe and sound. Still, Kristen was curious, and one evening, her curiosity was satisfied.

There wasn’t any warning or explanation. After Kristen had had her dinner, Lycosa gagged her, plucked her from her web, and slung her over her shoulder. Kristen peered about as they went up the stairs. Lycosa used the far staircase, taking her into a wing of the house that Kristen had never seen before. They went through dusty, forgotten corridors until they reached Lycosa’s bedroom.

It wasn’t a bedroom in any conventional sense. In fact, there wasn’t even a bed. It would be best described as a lair. Lycosa’s domain was a large, round room with stone walls dotted with bookcases. There was no other furniture, or even a floor. Just a dark, gaping pit. Over the pit was a great web. It was huge, stretching across the room. 

Lycosa made her way to the center of her web, put Kristen down beside her, and began to read a scroll that she had taken from one of the bookcases. She paid no attention to Kristen. Lycosa didn’t speak, or even look at her. Then, after a few minutes, she picked up Kristen with one hand, and licked at her pussy while she read. 

Kristen moaned as she felt her mistress’s tongue. Lycosa teased her with the skill of an expert, producing juices to drink without letting her prisoner cum. After she had had her fill, she put Kristen back beside her.

Every so often Lycosa would do exactly the same thing. She picked up Kristen, lapped up her juices, then put her back into place.

Kristen squirmed in arousal and humiliation as she began to understand what this was. What she was. Kristen wasn’t a person, or even an animal. Kristen was a glass of wine. Something pleasing for her mistress to sip on after a busy day as she relaxed in her web. It was a kind of objectification beyond anything that Kristen had ever dreamed of. 

Eventually, Lycosa laid down her scroll and hung Kristen’s cocoon from a strand of webbing that was attached to the ceiling. The bottle of wine had been corked and put away. As she saw Lycosa settle into her web for the night, Kristen let out a moan of despair. Mistress was going to go to sleep now, and she still hadn’t gotten to cum. Lycosa’s eyes locked with hers.

“Hmm. I suppose if I don’t give you an orgasm you’ll keep me up all night. Besides, your nectar was the highlight of my evening. I think I can be generous…”

Afterwards, Kristen hung from the ceiling, groggy and content. As she looked at her sleeping mistress, she felt a curious kind of pride. Lycosa liked her juices. Mistress had had a nice evening, and it was all because of her…

Kristen woke up back in her stall the next morning with a sense of shame. She had actually been proud of being Lycosa’s cow. What was wrong with her? She had to get out of here. She just had to, before her mind was gone. But that was a fool’s hope. There was no escape from the House of the Spider. However, to Kristen’s surprise, she got her chance right after lunch.

As Kristen sat on the floor, rubbing her crotch against the grate, she noticed something. The door to her stall was slightly ajar. Not by much. But if she used her nose, maybe…just maybe…

A few moments later, Kristen was crawling down the hall. She had noticed last night that on the way to Lycosa’s lair they had passed some corridors that looked like they led to the front of the house. If she could sneak upstairs, maybe she could find a way out.

Kristen crept up the stairs, inching her way from step to step. She had almost reached the top when she saw a pair of feet before her. Kristen squealed in terror. She found herself lifted from the ground, and brought face to face with Lycosa. 

“Eeyohhhaah! A mthey!”

Kristen tried to talk, tried to say she was sorry, tried to beg for mercy, but she couldn’t say one word in her own defense. Kristen shook with fear. Then Lycosa said the last thing that Kristen would have expected.

“Very well, if you want to leave my house, I won’t stop you. You may go.”

Kristen was so shocked that even if she could have spoken she wouldn’t have known what to say. Lycosa picked her up, carried her outside, and threw Kristen onto the driveway next to her car. Lycosa tossed some keys onto the ground. 

“You can borrow my car. I would advise you to leave before dark. There are wolves in the forest at night.”

Then she went back into the house and closed the door behind her.

Kristen looked down at the car keys. Lycosa had left them right by her nose. They were nothing more than a cruel joke. Bound within her cocoon, she couldn’t possibly drive a car, or even pick up the keys. 

She stared out at the forest that surrounded her. It had always been a foreboding place, but it was far worse now. The leaves had fallen from the trees, and the weather had turned cold. From her position on the ground, Kristen felt small and vulnerable, a timid prey animal doomed to live in fear.

Kristen peered down the long winding road that led away from Lycosa’s house. But she quickly realized that, just like with the car, Lycosa’s offer of freedom was a joke. The house was in the middle of nowhere. Even if Kristen had been able to walk it would have taken her hours to get to the highway, and without the use of her legs she’d never make it.

She shivered as a cold wind blew across her. Kristen froze in terror at the sound of a wolf howling in the distance. If a wolf came, she could neither run nor fight nor hide. There was only one logical course of action. Only one safe place that she could reach before nightfall. Lycosa’s house. The House of the Spider.

Kristen began to inch her way back to the house. But even the short distance from her car to the front door seemed impossibly far. As she crawled back to her mistress’s house, Kristen had never felt more worthless, more like an animal.

An animal. That’s all she was. Her tongue hung out of her mouth, and in her exertion she had begun to pant like a dog. Throughout her ordeal, she couldn’t stop thinking about what she looked like. What people would see. In her mind, she could envision them, staring at her and laughing at the drooling, panting thing that crawled slowly across the driveway back to its owner’s house.

Kristen had wanted so much to escape, and now she had literally come crawling back. It wasn’t just a flight to safety, it was an act of submission. Every inch of progress that Kristen made was another inch closer to her cell. Another inch closer to sentencing herself to a life as Lycosa’s cow.

After more than an hour, Kristen reached the front door. She barely made it. After her stay with Lycosa, she was weak, both physically and mentally. But when she got to the door, she realized that she didn’t have any way to ask Lycosa to open it. She couldn’t reach the knocker, and she couldn’t speak to tell her mistress that she wanted in.

Kristen began to whimper. Her world was misery. It was cold, and it was getting dark. She was hungry, and tired, and afraid. Something inside Kristen crumbled. She didn’t just want to be indoors, away from the cold and the wolves. She wanted to be back in her stall.

Her stall was safe, and warm. She had her regular feeding times, and Lycosa let her cum. Out here she was cold and hungry and the pebbles made her vagina sore and she hadn’t had an orgasm in hours. Kristen began to howl for her mistress with a plea made from the garbled words and the idiotic noises that her stuck tongue had reduced her to.

“Eeyohaah! Meewegh! Ehh! Mleeee! Mllee et ernn!”

The door opened. Kristen tried to look up at Lycosa, but she couldn’t twist her neck far enough. All she could see of her mistress was her feet. Kristen was possessed by one fear. What if Lycosa turned her away? What if she wouldn't take her back?

Kristen felt even worse when she saw that she was leaving a puddle of drool on her mistress’s feet. Her feet. That was it. She had to show Mistress how sorry she was. Kristen began to worship Lycosa’s feet. She paid homage to each toe, giving each a sloppy, dog-like kiss, over and over, slobbering over them like an animal presented with a treat.

Finally, Lycosa knelt down and used her claws to remove the webbing from Kristen’s mouth. “Have you learned your lesson?”

“Yes,” Kristen said frantically. “I have, mistress, I promise!”

“Then you accept that you are one of my cattle, and that your purpose in life is to produce the nectar of your body?”

“Yes, mistress, please, just let me in.”

“Well,” said Lycosa. “I never forget an insult from a person. But I think I can forgive a mistake from a foolish milk-cow.”

Kristen slumped in relief. “Thank you mistress! You won’t be sorry.”

Lycosa picked Kristen up and carried her back to her stall. She used a bucket and sponge to wash the gravel off of her cocoon, then hung her back in her web. After she had fed Kristen, Lycosa ran a finger over her pussy. Kristen’s whole body shuddered. Now that she was safe and well fed, she was beginning to calm down, and her arousal was growing.

“Hmm. I suppose you’d like to be licked.”

“If…if that’s ok, mistress…”

“I doubt your juices will be at their best, given your day. You certainly don’t deserve to cum. But after your time away from me, I think you need something…”

After Kristen had had her orgasm, she lay in her web, finally at peace. She’d had a full meal, and she’d been allowed to cum. In contrast to the outside, the dungeon was kept at just the right temperature to make it pleasantly warm within Kristen’s cocoon. Even the web itself was wonderful. It kept her here, in a place where she was safe.

“What do you say when you’ve been allowed to cum?”

“Thank you, Mistress. Thank you for letting me be your cow.”

Later, Kristen would tell herself that she hadn’t meant it. But then and there, half-asleep in her web, being her mistress’s cow seemed like the best thing in the world.

Claws are sharp, but words cut deeper. Your only thoughts are from your keeper.

By morning, Kristen’s relief had changed to fear. She knew that there would be consequences from her escape attempt. She knew that something bad was going to happen. And she was right. That morning was the beginning of hell.

Lycosa didn’t turn on the light when she came downstairs. She fed and milked Kristen in the dark, then replaced her gag, prolonging the uncertainty. 

“I had hoped,” Lycosa said, “That this wouldn’t be necessary. But you clearly need a lesson. Just remember, you brought this all on yourself.”

Lycosa turned on the light. Kristen’s eyes went wide as she saw that her mistress had equipped her stall with the most terrible implements of torture imaginable.

A set of mirrors.

They were attached to the walls, and to the stall door, so that instead of seeing stone, Kristen saw herself, repeated into infinity. Kristen stared at her reflection in horror.

Lycosa laughed. “Look at yourself. Tell me that the thing you see in the mirror should be allowed its freedom. Tell me that anyone would want to listen to something like you. Tell me that you belong anywhere but exactly where you are.”

Kristen couldn’t take her eyes off of what she saw. Her face and pussy were the only parts of her body that were still visible. Kristen was mortified to see that the webbing around her crotch was visibly damp from her constant orgasms. Her pussy wasn’t as she remembered it. The lips had become large and puffy. Combined with their slickness, it gave her a whorish appearance.

Her face only made it worse. Kristen’s addiction to pleasure had left a hungry, needy look in her eyes. Then there was her mouth. You couldn’t see the webbing beneath Kristen’s tongue. It just looked like she had stuck out her tongue and forgotten to put it back.


Kristen wailed as she stared at herself. A little drool hung off her tongue. Mistress was right. Kristen couldn’t see anything worthy of respect in that face. She looked completely, utterly, stupid. She cowered from the idiocy in her face, and the obscenity that was her crotch. 

Then Lycosa cut Kristen down from her web and left her huddled within her prison of mirrors.

That was the beginning of Kristen’s suffering. Every time Kristen opened her eyes, she saw what she had become. A grub. A worm. A lewd, pathetic thing that crawled on the floor. It went on and on, day after day, until the torture of having to see herself began to take its toll on her mind. 

One night, Kristen had a dream where she was rescued from Lycosa’s lair. Afterwards, she was taken to a hospital to have the spider’s silk cut off of her. Like her stall, the operating room had mirrored walls. The surgeons used their scalpels and cut the webbing away, so that Kristen emerged like a butterfly from its chrysalis. But when they were done, the doctors didn’t say a word. They just stared at her in silence. Kristen turned and saw herself in the mirror. Her fingers, her hands, her toes, her arms and legs were all fused together, turning her into a limbless freak for all time. Kristen woke up screaming.

That nightmare was an exaggeration. But one thing was certain. Kristen wasn’t the woman she had once been. She realized one day that ever since she had been wrapped in her webbing, she hadn’t had to take a shit. Not once. The combination of her cocoon and Lycosa’s syrup was changing her, altering her body in ways that she couldn’t even guess at. Then there was the cocoon itself. 

At the beginning, the outside of her cocoon had been shaped much like a caterpillar’s. But over time, it had shrunk, molding itself around her body, exaggerating her hips and breasts so that Kristen was reminded of an ancient fertility idol. It wasn’t uncomfortable. On the contrary, her cocoon was ridiculously comfortable, so much so that she could lie on the stone floor in perfect comfort. The layers of webbing were soft and warm, like a pile of blankets on Sunday morning.

Kristen’s ability to detect pressure against her cocoon had improved too. When Lycosa rubbed her cocoon, Kristen could feel her touch. The biologist in her wondered how the webbing worked, speculating that it had attached itself to her skin in some symbiotic relationship. She could have asked Lycosa, but she wasn’t sure if she wanted to know the answer. As with her digestion, her cocoon was a sign that beneath her webbing, she was becoming something that was less than human. 

It wasn’t just the mirrors that tormented Kristen. Lycosa’s whispers turned darker and more terrible. The queen spider seemed to reach into her soul, divining what would horrify her the most.

“You’re not really a person, you know that. You were just pretending. Everyone knew there was something wrong with you, even if they didn’t know why. Everyone knew you’d never be anything but a slut. They were just being polite. Behind your back, they were all laughing…”

“Remember how I bound you in your sleep? I’ll let you in on a little secret. If you hadn’t responded…if you hadn’t got off on how I trapped you every night…I would have let you go. So really, it’s your own fault you’re here…”

“You should be thankful that I’m milking your nectar. What other purpose could a thing like you have? Without me, you’d be useless…”

There was no way out for Kristen, either from her misery or from her imprisonment. She was hopelessly trapped, and even if she wasn’t, she wasn’t normal anymore. If she was freed, where would she go? She was nothing. She was a monster, a thing. Who would take her? Who would want her? Her despair grew and grew, until…

A squad of state troopers burst into Kristen’s stall. Kristen looked up at them in delight from her position on the floor. She’d been rescued. It had really happened! She had held out, resisted Lycosa’s brainwashing, and in the end, she had triumphed. But Kristen’s rescuers didn’t look glad to see her. Maybe she should thank them.

“Aannn ooo!” Kristen dribbled on the floor and began to lick one of the men’s boots.

The policeman stared down at Kristen. “What is that?”

“Eeese! Eeeep eee!”

“Hell if I know. It sure is disgusting.”


“Oh well. You know where to take her.”

Kristen wasn’t taken to a police station, or to a hospital. They took her to a research lab at the college she went to. Her professors and the other grad students were all there. They poked and prodded at her, and gave Kristen intelligence tests. They were simple, but somehow Kristen just couldn’t understand them. Her friends laughed as she failed every single one.

In the end, the researchers concluded that she wasn’t human after all. When they were done, Kristen was put in a cage in the center of the lab, so that they could stare at her while they worked and amuse themselves. The men and women that surrounded her cage were all people she knew. People that she had thought liked and respected her. 

A grad student named Carmen that Kristen had once had a crush on smiled at her. Kristen looked up hopefully at her crush. But Carmen made no attempt to free her. Instead, she reached her hand into Kristen’s cage, and began to rub her pussy.

“Wait…please stop…just let me out…Carmen, don’t make me cum in a cage in front of everybody,” Kristen pled.

But Carmen didn’t listen. Soon, Kristen was moaning like a whore as the other grad students watched her cum over and over again. Her body altered by Lycosa’s treatment, the juices poured out of her.

Afterwards, Carmen took out something that had been placed under Kristen’s cage, beneath her crotch. A notebook. Kristen felt a surge of hope. She recognized that book, it was the one that she had used to record her search for the Spider. When they read it, they’d understand. It wasn’t just notes, it was proof that she wasn’t an animal, she was a sane, intelligent woman who didn’t belong in a cage.

“Please, just read my book. It’ll explain everything…”

Carmen picked up the book and wrinkled her nose in disgust. Kristen was ashamed of herself. When she came, her notebook had been beneath her, and now it was soaked with her love-juice. Carmen opened the book to the first page.

To Kristen’s horror, the ink had been washed away. All of her words were gone. Carmen turned page after page after page, but they were all blank. Each time that Kristen had given herself over to pleasure had erased another page in her book, and now she had nothing left…

Kristen woke in hysterics. It had been a terrible dream, but it didn’t really matter in the end, did it? Nightmare, reality, they were one and the same. Lycosa was already there, watching her with a satisfied expression. Kristen knew why. The Queen Spider had done what she had said that she would do. Kristen was utterly, completely broken.

Lycosa removed her gag, and spoke kindly to her. “There, there, little cow. The hard part is done.”

Kristen barely understood what her mistress was saying. “The…hard part?”

“Yes, it’s all over. You’ve made it past the worst of your taming.”

“I…I have?” In her current state, Kristen was so desperate for comfort that she would even accept it from her own tormentor.

“You couldn’t possibly think that I wanted to be cruel. I just had to get you to throw away all your foolishness. Your mind was full of false ideas about yourself and about your place in the world. I had to empty it. I can be nice to you now that you understand yourself. Let’s start with calming you down.”

“Calming?” Kristen said nervously.

“Certainly. As I’ve always told you, I don’t want you to be miserable. A calm, happy girl produces better nectar.”

Lycosa began to move her hands about Kristen’s face, adding to the webbing around her head. She spoke to Kristen in a calm, soothing voice, like a farmer talking to a cow that had been spooked by thunder. “Easy, girl. No need to be frightened. Remember, I’ve been domesticating women for centuries. I’ve discovered that you need to take steps before they really settle in.

The webbing covered Kristen’s face now, apart from her mouth and two tiny holes for her nostrils. “Wait, I...I can’t see!”

“That’s because I want you to be happy. When you let a human girl see, she gets distracted. She encounters all sorts of things that make her angry or upset. It’s like putting a cover over a bird cage. The bird calms down right away. It’s much kinder if I keep you from using those eyes of yours.”

“But what if I need to see to…”

“To do what? Why would you need to see? Eyes are so that you know where you’re going. But since you have me to lead you, seeing is no longer necessary.”


“Think of how much better it will be, being blind. You can’t try to escape, so I’ll never have to punish you. And you’ll never have to look at those terrible mirrors again. Now rest. You’re still too upset for your juices to be any good. But I’ll let you cum twice during your lunchtime feeding. No, three times. My cow deserves a little something extra.”

As Kristen hung in her web, she was surprisingly calm. Perhaps, a little voice inside her head said, her mistress was right. Not being able to see did make her feel better. Her stall, the mirrors, her body, none of the things that she had seen were things that she wanted to see. For one brief, nightmarish moment, Kristen envisioned how she would look during her feedings, now that her face had been covered. In her mind’s eye, she saw herself blindly and eagerly sucking at her mistress’ tit with her mouthhole. Kristen thrust that terrible thought from her mind. It was easy without the mirrors to remind her. The dark let her forget.

Lunch brought with it the welcome familiarity of syrup and milking. Dinner was much the same. Afterwards, Lycosa gagged her and inspected her new hood, but she didn’t engage in any lectures about how worthless Kristen was.

“That looks just fine. It’s already woven itself into the rest of your webbing. You didn’t struggle much at all, did you? You’re being a good girl, a very good girl. I’m proud of you.”

Kristen blushed within her cocoon. It had been a very long time since she had been given any encouragement. Her self-esteem was so low that being told she was a good girl made her feel warm and fuzzy all over.

“Yes, you’re a fine cow. I think you deserve a treat.”


“You’ll see in the morning. But you’ll like it. In fact, you’ll like everything,” Lycosa patted Kristen on the head. “From now on, my cow gets nothing but nice things.”

Defiance is pain, submission pleasure. Her honeyed speech you come to treasure.

For the first time in ages, Kristen woke up not just with feelings of lust, but with anticipation. Her mistress had promised her something special, and Kristen wanted very much to believe her. 

Kristen heard Lycosa enter her cell. “Good morning, little cow.”

“Ooo orninee Mithreeesss…”

Once Kristen had been fed and milked, Lycosa brought up the matter of her surprise. “Before we get started, I’m going to gag you again. Open your mouth.”

Kristen was wary. “Am I getting punished?”

“Of course not. Why would I punish such a fine little cow? Now open your mouth like a good girl. I have a treat in store for you, but I need to still that tongue of yours first. I can’t have you cows licking each other silly, now can I?”

“A…a…treat? Each other? What…eh…ehh!” 

Kristen twitched her tongue, exploring how her speech had been restricted. The webbing beneath her tongue allowed it far less movement than before. With her old gag, she used to be able to form a few simple words, although they were heavily garbled. Now, she couldn’t say anything at all. She was limited to the same noises that the women in the other stalls made.

“There we go. Let’s cut you down from the web. This is a big day. It’s time for you to meet the rest of your herd.”


“Come on, they’re all looking forward to meeting you.”

Lycosa gave Kristen a little tap on the ass with something that felt like a wooden staff. Kristen crawled out of her cell. She couldn’t see, but she had her mistress to guide her. Lycosa’s staff turned out to have a hook at the end, like a crook used by a medieval shepherdess. As Kristen crawled down the hall, Lycosa showed her which way to go, using gentle pushes with the staff, or turning Kristen’s body to one side with the hook.

It gave Kristen an odd sense of security, being led by Lycosa. She couldn’t get lost, or run away and be punished again. The little pushes of Lycosa’s staff ensured that she could only go exactly where her mistress wanted her to be. At last, they reached their destination. Lycosa unbarred the great door, and let Kristen out into the light.

Kristen couldn’t see, but the feel of the sun against her cocoon was glorious. It wasn’t cold enough for them to be outdoors. Kristen’s best guess was that she was in a greenhouse of some kind. The ground was covered with a layer of thick grass, so that it was like sitting on a soft, shaggy carpet.

“Fatty, Duchess, Buttercup, I have a new friend for you. Her nectar is quite sweet, so I’ve decided to call her Sugar. Sugar is going to be a part of your herd from now on.”

Kristen squirmed within her cocoon. She had a new name. A cow’s name. It wasn’t the worst thing to have happened to her, but it was one more way in which she had lost her humanity. Sugar wasn’t a name, it was a statement. It said that the only important thing about her was her juices. Her intelligence, her plans and dreams, none of it mattered any more. All that counted was that she was a productive farm animal. 

But then Kristen had other things to think about than her name. The other three women began to make themselves known, calling to her with the only noises that their mouths could produce. Kristen startled as she felt one of the other girls press against her.

“Ah, Duchess. First as always.”

Duchess rooted under Kristen’s cocoon and made for her crotch. The other woman couldn’t lick her; like Kristen, her tongue was glued to her lip. Instead, Duchess gave Kristen’s pussy a sloppy, open-mouthed kiss. It felt…nice. Afterwards, Duchess gave Kristen a little nudge.

Oh…I’m supposed to do her.

Kristen found her way to Duchess’s crotch and gave it a kiss of her own. In response, Duchess let out a friendly cooing noise.

“Good girl, Sugar. Calm down Fatty, you can go next…”

As a means of introduction, it fit with the simple creatures that Kristen and the women had become. The other girls couldn’t see or speak to their new friend, so instead they were learning what she smelled like, while introducing her to their own individual scents. There would be no handshakes, no small talk, no exchanging of business cards. The four women just buried their faces in each other’s crotches like dogs. But in spite of how degrading the whole thing was, it made Kristen feel much better. 

Duchess, Buttercup, and Fatty were like her. Limbless and voiceless in their cocoons, the area around their pussies was slick from their most recent orgasms. Kristen wasn’t alone any more. Her transformation had made her feel like nothing. But her fellow cows were as lowly as she was. They were all herd animals that produced nectar for their mistress. Kristen didn’t have to feel ashamed of herself around them.

Like Kristen, her new friends had become sedentary from Lycosa’s syrup. They pressed tight against her until they were all cuddled together on the grass. One herd. One family. Then they all went to sleep. 

Kristen had known pleasure many times at Lycosa’s hands. But this was the first time since her capture that she had experienced happiness. She didn’t have to worry, or to hate what she had become. Kristen just lay in the warm sun with her herd. Every so often, she would get a nice tingle between her legs when one of them kissed her between the legs, only for her to return the favor. She liked the way it felt, to press her mouth to one of the other cows and taste them, and know that she was among friends.

Other than that, there was nothing to do but to just be. When Kristen was tired, she slept. When she wasn’t, she cuddled and kissed her herdmates. When she needed to pee, she crawled away from the others and went on the grass without shame. Her fellow cows would understand. After all, they were like her.

Lycosa, of course, was still there, keeping an eye on her livestock. As long as they didn’t make any serious attempts at making each other cum, she seemed content to stand in silence, thinking unknowable, spidery thoughts. 

To Kristen, Lycosa seemed like a benevolent presence. She watched over her, guiding Kristen back to her herd with gentle pushes from her staff when she went astray. Every so often she would feed the four cows, talking to them while inspecting their cocoons. Lycosa had even spun a web in the corner of their greenhouse, so that she could harvest their nectar one by one without their having to leave.

When nightfall came, Lycosa used her shepherd’s crook to lead her cows back to their stalls. After she had put Kristen back in her web, she freed her tongue for a moment.

“You see? That’s what happens to good cows. It was nice, wasn’t it?”

“I…yes, it was wonderful. Thank you mistress.”

“Now that you’ve come to your senses, you’ll find that I’m a kind owner. I take good care of my livestock.” With that, Lycosa gagged Kristen for the night and turned out the light.

The months that followed changed Kristen as much as her cocoon. Each day her herd was led into the greenhouse. Kristen got to know her fellow cows. Duchess was the most insistent, always wanting to kiss first. Buttercup was shy, her kiss was tentative and her garbled voice was soft. Fatty was boisterous, and loved to press her body against Kristen’s. Of course, Kristen also came to know them by smell. All of the cows, Kristen included, smelled of sex, and each of the four had her own unique scent.

As time went on, Kristen, without realizing it, became comfortable with the idea of being livestock. After the hell she had been through, the greenhouse was paradise. However, the greenhouse wasn’t just pleasure. It was an education. It taught Kristen that it was happier not to think. Happier not to be human. Happier to be a cow.

Humanity offered nothing but misery. As a human, Kristen was a freak locked away in a dungeon. As a cow, on the other hand, she had food, pleasure, and the companionship of her herd. A strong woman might have resisted. Might have acted out. Might have held onto her humanity. But Kristen hadn’t been strong in a long time. Her treatment at Lycosa’s hands had left her pliable. What Kristen wanted most was to lay in contentment with her herd, with her mistress there to feed and harvest them and to guide them as their kind shepherdess. 

Kristen and her fellow cows were, of course, invariably horny. But with their tongues glued to their lips, they couldn’t lick each other to orgasm, especially with Lycosa there to put a stop to things. All they could do was give each other teasing kisses. And that was a lesson too. Kristen was never able to forget that without the restraint that her mistress provided, she and her fellow cows would be making each other cum until their brains leaked out. Surely that was proof that Kristen needed Lycosa to restrain her and to take care of her. She’d be lost without Mistress.

The first rule of being a good con-artist is to make your victim want to believe you. And Kristen wanted to believe. Kristen wanted to believe that things would get better. She wanted to believe that everything, all the horrors, even losing her sight, was for her own good. She wanted to believe…in Lycosa.

That was the thing about being broken, it made Kristen clutch at anything, any sign of comfort. Lycosa controlled her whole life, and always would. Kristen desperately wanted, no, needed to believe that her captor was a benevolent one. Otherwise, what would there be to hope for?

The changes in Lycosa’s behavior only encouraged Kristen’s beliefs. Lycosa began to treat her new cow with more affection, stroking her cocoon and greeting her with a friendly hello when she entered Kristen’s stall, or rubbing her on the nose when she said good night. Even the whispers in Kristen’s ears changed.

“Hmm, your nectar is so nice...”

“I can tell how much your herd loves you. It’s so sweet, you belong together.”

“That pussy of yours has such a pretty shape. And that red hair of yours…you’re a pleasure to drink from.”

“Sugar, you are just so good at being a cow.”

More and more, Kristen was astonished that she had ever questioned her mistress’s intentions. After all, Lycosa gave her everything. Food, pleasure, her friends, it all came from Mistress. How could Kristen have ever doubted that Lycosa was only thinking of her when she had trapped her in her web? Mistress had been hard on her at first, but she had to be. It had all been for Kristen’s own good. Mistress had explained all that.

There weren’t any more dramatic events. No point at which Lycosa burst in and announced some new horror. Kristen’s descent from human to animal was a slow, easy road, lined with praise and pleasure. She barely noticed what she was losing.

Even her voice met its end without recognition or complaint. Lycosa had always kept Kristen’s tongue glued into place, except for when Kristen was having her feeding sessions. Then she began to keep Kristen gagged at lunch. Then breakfast. Then Kristen’s gag was removed only every other day. The times when Kristen was able to talk grew more and more scarce. Not being able to talk didn’t bother Kristen. With nothing to do but sit in her web or lay on the grass, she didn’t have very much to say. When Lycosa did finally start keeping her gagged full time, it never occurred to Kristen that the power of speech had been stolen from her once and for all.

In fact, not being able to talk had a silver lining to it. Because she never spoke, Kristen got to use her cow noises all the time. Now she sounded just like the rest of her herd. Kristen welcomed anything that made her more like Duchess, Fatty, and Buttercup. It made her feel like she was really one of them, and that was important to Kristen. The herd was her family. The herd was happiness.

Kristen’s transformation went even faster after she had lost her voice. A person's thoughts come from the things they do and the things that happen to them. But nothing ever happened to Kristen, and she never did anything. She couldn’t even have a conversation now. Kristen had already run out of things to talk about, and now she began to run out of things to think about.

At least, she ran out of human things to think about. She never read or talked or saw movies or was exposed to complicated ideas. Her life was simple, and so were her thoughts. Food, pleasure, the companionship of her herd, the benevolent presence of her mistress, these were the things that occupied Kristen’s mind. And so, in time, Kristen the biologist became Sugar the cow, whose only concern was when she would next feel the touch of her mistress’s tongue.

Mistress was everything. Mistress took care of her. Mistress was like the sun, a great presence above Kristen and her herd that brought warmth and life to them all. And one evening, Kristen’s mistress awarded her a singular honor.

It was Halloween night, one year since Kristen had fallen into Lycosa’s web. But this year, the Mistress of the Web wasn’t looking for a new victim. It was time to relax with her friends and enjoy the fruits of her labor. The guests were a select group, with one thing in common. None of them were human. On the other hand, their entertainment was human…if you were feeling generous in your definitions.

The spiders, male and female, sat comfortably on Lycosa’s web. They were all naked. Clothes were a human foible, and among friends there was no need for them to disguise their true nature. The animal that had once been Kristen lay before Lycosa, making noises of contentment as her owner stroked her cocoon.

“Sugar may not be very bright, but she’s a wonderful producer. Her nectar is simply delightful. And in such quantity! I’ve recently upped her daily orgasms, and I really think she could handle more.”

“When do you intend to begin bottling?”

“I just started. In fact, you’ll each get a bottle to take home with you.”

“How thoughtful of you. You’re always the perfect host.”

“Why, thank you, Carai.”

Sugar smiled at the thought of those bottles, all of them filled by her. They even had her name on them! Of course, Sugar couldn’t read. She was just a cow. But Mistress had told her all about it. The bottles had “Sugar’s Nectar” written on the label, so that everyone would know that she was responsible for the wonderful drink they were having.

Sugar gave a little moan as she felt Mistress’s hand caress her pussy. Mistress liked to do that, she said her juices tasted best if she was already a little wet before she was licked. Sugar was so proud. Out of all of the cows, Mistress had chosen her for tonight’s tasting. 

“I like the red hair. Is it natural?”

“Oh, yes, I never dye my girls. It’s quite soft, too, feels good on the tongue.”

Lycosa picked Kristen up as easily as a bottle of wine and passed her to one of the guests.

Sugar quivered as she felt a tongue against her pussy. She could tell that it wasn’t Mistress’s tongue. Still, it felt nice. The man who was licking her sounded familiar, but she just couldn’t place his voice.

“You were right, she has an exquisite bouquet,” said Professor Bothel. “It was so kind of you to allow me the first tasting.”

“Not at all. It’s only right that you should be the guest of honor,” Lycosa said. “After all, you found her. Without you, her lovely nectar would have gone to waste.”


“She’s very sensitive, Valense. Be careful not to let her cum,” said the professor as he passed Kristen to another guest.

“Oh, surely not. That is our host's prerogative, after all. I appreciate the warning, though, I’ll be sure to use a delicate tongue.”

“Nnnngggeee…” Sugar sighed from her mouthhole.

“I love the little noises she makes,” said Valense. “Does she have a musical background?”

“You know, I’m really not sure,” said Lycosa. “I don’t generally concern myself with how my cattle used to occupy themselves. Tomas, do you know if she used to sing?”

Professor Bothel laughed. “All I know is that she had a lovely scent when she came to my office. But I agree with Valense, she does make the most amusing sounds.”

After all the guests had had their tasting, Kristen was passed back to her mistress. 

Lycosa pounced on her cow and began to lick her crotch. She used her tongue masterfully, teasing Kristen, drawing out her ecstasy as long as possible. Then, at the last possible moment, Lycosa drove her over the edge, turning Kristen's body so that her crotch was above a crystal pitcher. Soon her juices filled it to the brim.

Kristen was attached to the web, her role in the evening’s festivities complete. Lycosa poured the contents of the pitcher into a set of silver goblets and handed them to her guests, reserving one for herself.

Lycosa raised her glass. “To All Hallow’s Eve, and to another successful harvest.”

“To the harvest, and All Hallow’s Eve!” her guests responded.

Sugar lay nestled in her cocoon in a state of total bliss. It was hard to imagine a more perfect life for herself. She got mistress’s syrup three times a day, she was part of a nice herd, and she got to cum all the time. And on top of that, she had the honor of being Mistress’s prize cow at the feast! Sugar smiled as Lycosa and her friends chatted and sipped on her nectar. She might just be a dumb animal, but she knew three things. She loved what she had become. She loved her herd. And most of all, Sugar loved Mistress.

Your limbs are lost, and so is your mind. Submission and pleasure you come to find.

To her you are bound, and bound you shall stay. For woman and milkcow are one and the same.


This was just a story, wasn’t it? Of course it was. Just a kinky Halloween tale to pass the time. It couldn’t really happen…could it? Of course not. That woman with the gloves eating her lunch…her hands are just cold. That’s all. And lots of people like rare meat. Why, she’s as human as you or I. But just in case, if you’re a woman traveling alone on All Hallow’s Eve, take heed. Take heed and know the signs…

On All Hallow’s Eve come seek the spider, there to slay, or remain beside her.

Heed the words and know the signs, that you may escape her den alive.

She’ll trap you in secrets, she’ll trap you in lies, be not deceived, no matter her guise.

Her webs are of silk, her webs are of steel, her webs you must flee or remain as her meal.

Claws are sharp, but words cut deeper. Your only thoughts are from your keeper.

Defiance is pain, submission pleasure. Her honeyed speech you come to treasure.

Your limbs are lost, and so is your mind. Submission and pleasure you come to find.

To her you are bound, and bound you shall stay. For woman and milkcow are one and the same.

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