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A Balance Struck

by anonseven77

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Storycodes: M/m; captive; drug; bond; leather; sleepsack; electro; stimulation; edging; torment; denial; wrap; bandages; casting; cocoon; intubate; basement; grave; cement; encased; buried; concealed; sen-dep; climax; cons/nc; XX

You wake up as you feel the pleasant tingle of electricity stimulating your cock. You're already hard as the stimulation slowly builds. Waves of electrical pleasure flow through your member as they grow stronger and faster.

You don't try to fight it, because you can feel the tight leather holding you still. Your arms are held rigidly to your side and you can barely move them. Your legs are strapped down and you can't thrust to increase the stimulation. You can't even turn your head because it too is held perfectly still inside of the tight hood that surrounds it.

Your eyes are open, but you see only the same darkness that you've endured for so long you can't even remember what it was like to see anymore. Only a static buzz fills your ears and you don't even hear it anymore as it has become so familiar to you now.

All you know is the pleasure that is happening between your legs as it goes on and on, taking you closer and closer to that point of orgasm that you want and need with all of your being.

The intensity builds and the stimulation grows higher and higher and you are right on the edge of cumming. You can feel the pre-cum oozing out of your rigid cock now. It feels so very very good. Just a little more... a little more... just a bit more... and suddenly everything stops. The stimulation ends just before you can cum and you are left with nothing but frustration.

You try to thrust, to get a little bit of friction, just that little bit of friction that would allow you to go over the edge, but your bonds are too tight. Already you can feel yourself deflating. Already you can feel that the opportunity has passed and once again you are denied.

"Excellent!" you hear someone say. It's the first time you've heard anyone speak, heard any sound at all in what must be months. It's a man's voice. A familiar voice. Then it all comes back to you.

"We've made wonderful progress my boy! Simply wonderful. Do you realize that it's been three months since you've last had an ejaculation? That's truly remarkable when you take into account that I've been electro-stimulating you at least three times a day and pumping you full of drugs to keep you as horny as possible! Truly remarkable! You must be nearly out of your mind with frustration!"

He chuckled as you remembered the months of torture and agony that you've gone through.

"But that's really the point, isn't it my friend? I set out on this little experiment to see if I could take someone and keep them on the edge perpetually. I was certain that I could and it looks like I've succeeded. Now that I have, it's time to move on to the next phase of my little project."

You feel the prick of a needle in your neck then and within a few moments realized that you can't move.

"That should keep you nice and cooperative for the next couple of hours. It's a tranquilizer designed for large animals such as horses. It will suppress all of your voluntary movements. Too much and it would stop your heart, but I have some familiarity with this drug and will make sure that doesn't happen."

A mental shudder goes through you as you fear what he's going to do.

"Now, let's review while I prepare you for phase 3, shall we?"

As he talked, he began to remove you from the leather sleepsack in which you'd been bound for so long. It took him several minutes to undo all of the straps, buckles, zippers and ropes that he'd used to secure you.

"We started out a bit over six months ago," he said as he worked. "At least from your perspective. I began planning this many years ago, but that's neither here nor there. It was just over six months ago that I abducted you and brought you here.

"You were confused and angry at the time. I'm sure you remember. You didn't understand that you were to be the subject of my great experiment. You didn't understand the honor I was bestowing upon you. Be that as it may, I didn't let it deter me. I put you in the cage I had prepared for you.

"I must admit that it took several weeks for you to calm down and begin to accept your new situation in life. It wasn't until I put you in heavy shackles, hooded and muzzled you that you began to respond as I desired. I wanted you to get used to being confined and restrained after all."

As he reached this point in his speech, you were finally free of the sleepsack and feeling cool air on your skin. It felt wonderful, but try as you might, you couldn't move.

"I see that there has been some hair growth, and you are in need of a little hygiene. No bother. Now where was I?"

He began to wash you down with a sponge and then proceeded to shave you from head to toe.

"Oh yes. You didn't like the cage and the restraints, but after a time you grew used to them, not that I gave you any alternatives. After about three months of that, it was time to move on to Phase 2 of my four part plan.

"In Phase 2 I restrained you in the leather sleepsack from which you just emerged. I made sure that you were tied exceedingly tightly as I wanted you to get used to not being able to move at all. I knew that the leather would allow some give, but not very much. I did make sure to check for loss of circulation, and gave you blood thinning drugs so as to prevent any problems of that nature.

"Phase 2 was about more than just keeping you still. I also wanted you to get used to sensory deprivation. It was for that reason that I kept you blindfolded and put noise canceling headphones over your ears. I also plumbed you so that your food and waste would be taken care of through tubing and would not disturb you. All of this allowed you to focus on the heart of Phase 2, which was the ever increasing stimulation without release.

"I'm happy to say that my initial calculations were correct. Although there were a few instances where you achieved climax during the first week of Phase 2, since that time I have been able to successfully prevent you from achieving that state while at the same time more than tripling the stimulation."

He had now finished bathing and shaving you, but you still couldn't move. The drug hadn't yet worn off.

"And now here we are at the start of Phase 3. Like Phase 2, this will also last approximately 3 months. If you survive it, we will move directly into the fourth and final phase, which will last indefinitely."

You could only watch as he wheeled a small cart over near you. On the cart you could see a large pile of rolled bandages and a basin of water. He picked up one of the bandages and dipped it into the basin for a moment. Lifting it out he gave it a quick squeeze and then moved to your right foot and began to wrap the bandage around it.

"I can see that you're curious as to what I'm doing," he said as he went to pick up the next bandage. "It's really quite simple and it is the next step towards getting you used to increased immobilization and imprisonment. As you can see and feel, I'm wrapping these bandages around your body. In fact, I'm going to mummify you in them.

"Oh yes, I will wrap the bandages around you nice and tightly so that they cover you from head to toe. Each limb with be wrapped separately and individually, and then they will be wrapped together as a unit. Now if these were only ordinary cotton bandages, they would still hold you quite securely. I am, after all, planning on using at least 10 layers of them. They are not ordinary cotton bandages though. They are plaster bandages. The kind used to make casts."

"Once the bandages are wrapped tightly around you, they will set and harden. The initial drying time is only 10 to 15 minutes, so I have to work quickly. At that point they will be quite stiff and impossible to escape. Once they have fully set, however, over a period of a few days, they will become even stronger.

"The drug that I've given you will take 24 hours before it begins to wear off. Long before then the plaster will have set to the point where you will not be able to escape it. More than that though, because I am being exceedingly meticulous with how I apply them, making sure that there are no air gaps, and pulling them very tight against your skin, you will quickly discover that you can't move. I will leave enough room for you to breath, but that is all.

"This won't be like the leather sleepsack that I just removed you from. That had a bit of give. The plaster will not give at all. It will hold you perfectly still, at all times. This will be the start of Phase 3."

The horror of what he was saying to you was just starting to sink in as you watched him move up your leg with the bandages. Already your right leg had nearly disappeared underneath the white plaster coating. You could feel it as he wound more and more around you, but you could do absolutely nothing to stop him.

He became quiet as he continued his work. Your left leg soon disappeared and then he bound them together into a single unit. You could only watch as he mixed and poured a plaster paste into the crack between your legs to fill the space, and then rolled you over and repeated the process. Layer after layer of the bandages were applied until your legs started to lose their shape. Then he moved up your body.

He rested for a while when your finished my legs. To let the plaster set, he said. When he resumed he put a harness on your chest and used a ceiling lift to hoist you off the table into a standing position. As you hung there, your plaster encased feet resting on the floor and he wrapped your body.

He used larger bandages now and wrapped from your armpits down to your ankles and back up. He made sure to keep your tubing free, but he wrapped around it so that all of your skin was well encased. When he finished this he took another break for it to set.

He returned and removed the hoist. The plaster was now strong enough to hold your drugged form upright. He now wrapped your arms and then applied more layers to secure them to your body. Once again he filled in the crevice with plaster paste.

After a short break he returned you to the table. You had hoped that he would leave your head free, but that was not to be as once you were again laying down he started to wrap again.

"This is the part that I like best," he said as he wound the plaster bandages around your head. "By now you've realized that I am quite serious about what I said I was going to do. You're only moments away from being fully encased, and there's simply nothing you can do to stop me! I can see the fear in you eyes and I love it!"

The plaster was quite thick on your head now, and only your eyes were uncovered.

"Look at me," he said, pausing in his work a moment. "That's it. Take a long look at the last face you'll ever see. And now... it's gone."

He wrapped the bandage over your eyes just as you closed them tight. You felt more and more bandages being wrapped around yourself, and then he was done.

"There. I'm finished now and you are fully mummified in the plaster. You can rest assured that I will keep you well fed. Your tubing will allow you to eat, breath and take care of your toiletry needs. I do want you alive after all.

"For the next week I'll just let this set nice and hard. I'll be giving you sedatives to keep you from even attempting to move so that you don't create any gaps. After that, I'll introduce you to the rest of Phase 3.

"I do hope that you survive this. I am so looking forward to taking you to Phase 4. That's where the real fun begins after all."

For the next week you laid there, for what else could you do? The drug had worn off, but still you couldn't move. You tried, oh how you tried, but no matter how hard you strained, no matter how much you pushed or pulled, nothing moved more than the slightest fraction of an inch that was your skin compressing against the plaster.

You couldn't even keep it up. If you tried to move more than a few seconds, your muscles cramped because of the resistance. Then you had to wait in agony as the cramps slowly subsided. It frustrated you to no end, but you quickly learned that it was better to not even try to move. It was better to just accept that you would never move again.

Then the stimulation started again. You felt it in your cock again as the once familiar electrical stimulation brought you to hardness. Your cock rose as the current rose, and you welcomed the sensation. It was the first sensation you'd felt in a long, long time.

The waves of pleasure grew higher and higher and felt better and better. You were approaching an orgasm. It built higher and faster and you were sure that you were going to cum... and then just like before, it stopped and you were left with nothing.

You were covered in sweat in your skin tight prison. You breathed heavily, overheated, and frustrated, and defeated. Then it began again.

Once again you were brought right to the edge... and once again you were denied. Your cock slowly deflated, only to have it start all over.

Again and again and again you are brought to near orgasm, but never allowed to go over the edge. Hour after hour this continues until you can't think. You need to cum more than you've ever needed to cum before, but your never allowed to do so.

Your heart races, your cock throbs with desire, you want to cum even when the stimulation isn't there, but there is nothing, nothing you can do except cry in frustration.

On and on it continues until you pass out, exhausted from the ordeal.

For a long time after that, nothing happens. Absolutely nothing. You just lay there in silence. You don't get hungry. You don't get thirsty. All that is taken care of by the tubing. You don't hear anything. You don't feel anything. You just lay there and drift.

At times you can't tell if you are awake or asleep. You dream in both states, or hallucinate anyway. Sometimes you don't even remember that you are mummified in plaster. As long as you don't try to move, it's easy to forget.

Then the pain starts. All of your limbs feel like they are burning. Your muscles try to contract all at once, and against your will. Of course they can't move. The plaster still holds your tightly and the pain only increases.

It builds and builds and holds at a level that is just short of maddening. On and on it continues. Hour after hour. You wish it would get a bit worse so that it would knock you out, but it stays just below that threshold.

You live in agony without end until you can't remember a time when you didn't feel the pain. Then, and only then, it stops.

Again there is a long period where nothing happens. You welcome it this time. Oblivion is better than pain after all, but it doesn't last. The pleasure cycle returns and this time it is immediately followed by the pain cycle.

Time passes and you are subjected to both pleasure and pain cycles randomly. Sometimes you get a rest cycle in between, sometimes you don't. All you know is that you are being tortured and you pray for the end of Phase 3 while at the same time fear what Phase 4 may bring.

As much as you fear Phase 4, you convince yourself that it can't be worse that this. How could it be worse than being mummified in plaster and subjected to never ending cycles of pain and unsatisfying pleasure? No matter what he does to you in Phase 4 it has to be better than this? Doesn't it?

Then another pleasure cycle starts and you can't think again for a long time.

You wake up to the sound of the man's voice. It is the first time you've heard him since you were wrapped in the plaster.

"Ah good. My instruments tell me that you're awake. I do hope so. I wanted to tell you something important today. You have finished Phase 3!

"I can't really express how happy that makes me. Do you realize that I have had to go through three previous trials in order to reach this point? My first subject expired in Phase 2. My next two subjects didn't make it through Phase 3. You are the first to come all the way. You should be proud of that!

"Yes, yes, I know that it was an ordeal. I had to monitor your condition quite closely. I had to determine just how much you could endure before your blood pressure and heart rate grew too high. How much pain was too much. How much pleasure would keep you on the edge.

"But I've done all of those measurements now and I'm quite confident that I fully understand what you are able to endure. Why I do believe that I can keep alternating you between pain and pleasure indefinitely for as long as I want and still keep you alive and reasonably healthy to enjoy my ministrations. That is the point of all of this after all."

As you listen to him talk, you begin to feel the electricity start to stimulate your cock. You've felt this many times before, but still your body responds even though you don't want it to anymore.

"I need to tell you a story to make you understand. When I was a much younger man I was out for a walk in my neighborhood. I happened upon the scene of a house that was on fire. There was a young woman standing on the sidewalk crying. Her baby was inside the house. She begged me to go inside and rescue it.

"Now there was no one else around, so I was the only one that could do it. Without really thinking about it, I went inside and brought the baby out. There was more smoke then fire, and I found the whole thing rather easy. The woman called me a hero.

"I went home that day and thought about what I had done. I didn't really feel much of anything, but then again I'd never felt much of anything. All I knew was that the woman had felt that I'd done a great act of good."

The stimulation increases, but you listen to his story intensely.

"As I thought about that over the years I saw a movie called 'The Vanishing'. The main character in the movie had a similar event happen in his life where he saved someone, and he realized that in order to balance the scales he had to commit an act of evil. The most evil act he could think of.

"This movie influenced me greatly, but I realized that his act of evil wasn't what I needed. I needed more. It took me many years to devise what I ultimately came up with, and many more to put it into effect, but now here we are."

Your beliefs that he is insane are confirmed, but you can barely think about it as the waves of pleasure build and build.

"You have probably wondered why I chose you as my subject. The simple answer is that I chose you at random. As I was preparing for this I happened upon your profile on the web. After that it was easy to lure you to a place where I could abduct you and bring you here.

"Now, after all of these months of tests and preparations, we can finally move to the fourth and final phase of my act of evil. I needed to put you through all of what must have seemed like torture to you, to ensure that I could keep you alive for many, many, many years to come. You must understand by now that it is very important to me that you do remain alive.

"In the movie that I saw, the main character simply buried his chosen victim alive. She died a short time later. While this was no doubt an evil act, I wanted, no, needed, something far more evil."

The current reached higher and higher levels, and your need to cum rose and rose, but you knew that he wouldn't allow it.

"It occurred to me that I wanted to keep my subject alive. I wanted him to suffer in different ways. I eventually devised a plan where I could do that. I would learn his limits. Test him so that I knew just how much his body could take without killing him. In this way I could torture him for a long, long time.

"Once I knew my subject's limits, I had to have a way to keep him where I wanted him. A way to ensure that he never escaped my grasp. A way that he would know and understand that he had no chance to ever be free. A way to crush his spirit so that he'd come to accept his punishment as just and right."

He stops talking for a moment as the waves of electrical stimulation increase in frequency and intensity, building... building...

"I find as we reach the final phase that I'm having trouble going through with it." He said haltingly. "Maybe I do have a conscience after all." He paused again for a longer time.

"I'll tell you want we'll do. I'll tell you what Phase 4 is all about. Explain it to you in detail so that you understand. Then, I'll leave it up to you if we should move forward. I do believe that what I am proposing is only just and right, a way of balancing good and evil. If you agree, we'll go ahead with it. If not, I'll set you free."

Still the current rose and rose, but already you see a glimmer of hope. Of course you weren't going to agree with him. Maybe, just maybe you'd get out of this.

"Phase 4 is actually quite simple," he continued. "Now that I know your limits, I would continue to torture you for the rest of your life. I would make sure that you stayed alive as long as possible, and from all of my tests, I believe that I can keep you alive for years, if not decades.

"From my testing, I also believe that I can increase the amount of punishment that you can take. In time, I think we can reach a point where you are continually in either a state of pain or pleasure. I also believe that I can combine the two so that you experience both perpetually.

"That is my ultimate goal. To make you suffer endlessly. To feel never ending pain as every fiber of youf being yearns to cum, but being forever denied any form of release."

The excitement in his voice rose as he continued to describe the horrible fate he had planned for you. At the same time, the pleasure rose in your cock as your drew nearer and neared that orgasm you knew would never be permitted.

"Of course in order to do this I would need to make sure that you are very well restrained. Even more well restrained than this plaster cocoon which encases you now. No, it would have to be a more permanent restraint, and I came up with a solution for that. It is all ready and waiting for you even now.

"What I have prepared for you, but only if you agree that this is a fit and just fate, is to entomb you inside a block of concrete. There is a grave waiting for you just a few feet away. It is ten feet deep and the walls and floor are lined with foot thick, reinforced concrete.

"The plan is to lower you into the bottom of the grave. Once there I will hook up your tubing and wires. I will then pour a very strong concrete mix over you, covering and encasing you inside of it. You will be entombed inside of a block of concrete that is four feet thick, and then buried under six feet of packed earth.

"Once your grave is filled in, I will pour a new basement floor. There will be no sign that you were ever here. Only I will know that you exist, still alive, and suffering beneath my feet. There you will remain for the rest of eternity.

"My calculations show that I should be able to keep you alive and suffering for another 20 to 30 years in that state. A wonderfully evil act. The most evil act that I could think of, and I thought about this for a long time. An act to cancel out and balance any good that I have ever done.

"Now. It is time for your choice. You must accept this act, or reject it."

Finally, the moment you were waiting for. The moment when you could finally reject this madman's evil dream. All you had to do was reject his plan and hope that he would set you free. You scream "NO" as best you can, and the current rises, bringing you closer to that climax than ever before.

"What's that? You want to know how to accept or reject my proposal? It's simple really. If you cum, that means you accept my plan. So all you have to do is not cum to refuse me."

You are frantic now as the current rises and rises. Your heart pounds in your chest as you realize that your closer than you've been in months to cumming, and still the current increases. You need to cum. You body is screaming at you to cum, but now you desperately don't want to cum.

All you can think about is the months of horror and pain and torture that you've gone through. The endless immobility, the electric shocks, the endless yearning, and the thought of that going on forever with no end in sight. This madman wants to bury you in cement! He wants to keep you as his prisoner for the rest of your life! A life of never ending torture and pain and suffering.

You're in agony beyond belief as he taunts you. Telling you that he needs your answer now. The electro shocks grow higher and stronger as your mind begins to drift away.

You drift back to that web-site where you placed your profile. The profile where you said you were looking for a bondage top. The profile where you said that you wanted to be tied up and controlled.

You were tied up now, weren't you? You were controlled now. You had always been submissive and secretly dreamed of taking it further. At first you hadn't even minded when he chained you and put you in the cage. You kind of liked it when he tied you in the sleepsack and started to shock you.

The long months when you were first encased in the plaster were hard, but you grew to enjoy them as well, didn't you? You enjoyed being shocked and stimulated, but not being allowed to cum, even if you didn't want to admit it to yourself.

Well now you had to admit it. There was no where to go. The current was rising higher and higher and in a moment he'd shut it off and set you free.


Or... you could just give in.

You could just submit to him and let him keep you... forever.

The thought flashed through your head so quickly that you barely felt it. But it was there.

And in that moment, just like that, you came.

You could feel the waves of pleasure as for the first time in six months you spewed cum into the plastic tubing that ran up your dick.

The torturous waves of electricity turned into waves of intense pleasure as you emptied your balls. On and on you came, knowing that you would never do so again.

"Excellent my boy! Excellent. I knew that you'd make the right decision. I do hope that you enjoyed that, for as we both know it is the last time you shall ever ejaculate. It is time now to put you where you belong and set Phase 4 into motion once and for all."

Although you can see nothing, you can feel yourself being moved and you can see it all in your imagination.

He uses the ceiling hoist to lift your plaster encased form off of the table and to lower your body into the grave that he has prepared. You feel it as you sink lower and lower, and there is a thunk that goes through your body as you hit bottom.

You are moved gently side to side over the next few minutes and you imagine that he is attaching your various tubes and wires to more permanent connections. All is still then as you know he must be climbing out of the pit.

You can feel the vibrations of some heavy piece of machinery, a cement truck most likely, as it spins up. A few minutes later you can feel the impact of the gray sludge as it falls down onto your plaster cocoon and begins to fill your tomb.

The vibrations caused by the pouring cement tell you that the concrete is swiftly covering you. It doesn't take long at all before they grow silent and you realize that you have been buried alive. You feel the vibrations of the truck grow dim and then fade completely.

There is a long period of silence, but you are well used to that by now. It is finally broken by the sound of his voice in your ears.

"The concrete has now set and your tomb has been filled," he tells you. "The floor has been poured and is curing as I speak. Once that sets in a few days, no one will be able to tell that you were ever here. I've been very careful about that.

"I'm so glad that you decided to stay, even if I had to help you with your decision a bit. You see, I never could have let you go.

"I will be monitoring you, feeding you, and of course, torturing you regularly from now on. This is the last time I, or anyone else, with ever speak to you.

"I want you to remember one thing as you lay there in your tomb suffering for me. Maybe it was just for a moment, but you wanted this. Remember that above all else.

"Goodbye now. I would say rest in peace, but that doesn't seem appropriate."

The pain cycle started then, and continued for quite some time. He was right. For a moment, you did chose this. Now you'll have to live with that, for the rest of your very painful life.

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