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The Burial

by Tanyabound

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© Copyright 2017 - Tanyabound - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF/tg; cd; latex; outdoors; bond; gag; car-trunk; captive; boots; gag; hogtie; rope; hood; coffin; grave; cement; encase; buried; cons; X

Offering oneself to be buried alive takes a lot of courage, especially when the people who have offered to do it for you are happy to do it to you for their own pleasure.

Tanya met such a couple. It all started with a simple fantasy that continued to manifest into some wicked and devious idea, of being not only buried alive, but have caked in cement inside the burial box. This took some organising on both parties. Tanya had to decide what she was going to wear (latex wear was chosen as suitable), and the couple had to decide where, when, how deep, type of box etc... It had to be all planned down to the last detail.

So Tanya chose a knee length latex dress, her favourite one, elbow length rubber gloves (for which the hands would be taped into balls), latex stockings, PVC waist cincher/corset and ankle ballet boots (2 sizes too small so to squish the feet and cause extreme discomfort). Would also need some lube on the feet to get them inside the boot. An open face rubber hood and a large rubber penis gag. No underwear! And just her boobies. She also would take her blindfold.

The couple, Steve and Marion, were working on a suitable location, somewhere in the middle of nowhere. Australia has a lot of desolate locations and it wouldn't be hard to hide a grave/body. It's probably why some people are never found. Mind you they could also have been taken by Aliens, but that doesn't happen here ;). The couple chose a remote town in Victoria called Donald, and set the burial site near Lake Buloke (Google Map this and you'll find it). Tanya gave it the thumbs up.

On a Tuesday night, Tanya drained her bank account, and headed towards the town of Donald. It was a long drive, but instructions were that she was not to go all the way, she would meet up with Marion about 15 kilometres out of Avoca. Dump everything in her car, lock it and toss the car keys nearby. Upon meeting at the rendevous, Tanya's nerves really started to kick in. Especially when Marion arrived. It was quite a big car, looked a bit like a Chrysler 300C. Hard to see in the dark. Marion instructed Tanya to get dressed in her latex and put her clothes in a plastic bag provided. Marion said she would dump her clothes in one of those donation bins. Once Tanya was dressed, the remainder of her burial gear was placed in the car. Tanya was cuffed, gagged, blindfolded and guided to the boot (trunk) of the car and placed inside. What followed next was a 3 - 4 hour straight drive.

The car stopped, engine switched off. But no one came to get Tanya. She then heard voices. Doors opening, closing, the car starting again and moving. Where was she going??

The car drove for about another 90 minutes until the road became a bit bumpy. It stopped...

The boot (trunk) opened...

"I thought you'd like some fresh air" Steve mocked.

The two of them helped Tanya out of the car. All her restraints taken off only for rope to quickly replace it. The blindfold stayed on. Her hands were taped into balls, her arms tied tied behind her back, the elbows pulled behind as much as possible, then the laces of her corset used to tied her hands to her body. Tanya grunted. Her gag was replaced with a rubber penis gag and tightened around her mouth. Then to make sure it didn't come out, tape was wrapped around the head of the gag several times covering her mouth entirely and forcing the gag hard into her mouth. Tanya grunted through the gag as the pressure of the tape caused her jaw pain. An open face rubber hood was then placed on her head. All you could see from then on was her eyes and nose and a bit of her cheeks. One of the couple grabbed her arms and started to take her for a walk.

"Come Tanya, we are going to take you to your grave, are you excited?" Marion said.

Tanya just wimpered. Tanya was full of mixed emotions. She was scared, even shaking a bit, the adrenaline she was feeling was very high, she was also secretly aroused. 

Suddenly, stop. Motioned to sit on a log of some sort. Shoes taken off, feet lubed up and then the ballet boots forced onto her feet and tightly laced up. Oh God, this hurt Tanya's toes as they were squeezed hard into the boots, which were 2 sizes smaller than what she would normally wear. Feet were then tied, around her foot, ankle, above and below the knees. Then she was moved to the ground where her ankles were tied to her wrists. Totally hogtied and could not move, just a little wobble. Finally her blindfold was removed.

Tanya looked around. All she could see were trees and bushes and 2 people admiring their handy work. There was not much time to admire the view as Tanya's body was dragged to her coffin. With a bit of awkwardness and a thud, Tanya was in. They lifted her up a bit to put a bit of plastic over her upper body. 

"The cement is a little toxic on the skin, we don't want you to die too quickly, it's important for you to suffer for as long as possible..." Steve said, "So we are making sure no skin is exposed except your cheeks and eyes.

Tanya just grunted as the plastic bag was placed on her. Tanya was just left suddenly, lid opened and squirming in her bondage. She could hear rustling noises but that is all, suddenly from above Steve starts to pour from a bucket this thick cold creamy liquid onto her body. Tanya squeals in her gag as the cold cement is poured all over her body first. Her legs, thighs, waist, chest, and even a little on the back of her head.. Tanya starts crying, squealing uncontrollably. Steve just continues as the cement starts to encase Tanya. Marion comes down to comfort her.

"It's ok Tanya, we'll be finished soon. Here, let me rub some of the cement all over your face, embrace the feeling of it Tanya, it's now part of you." Marion gently caresses Tanya's face but layers it with the cement which starts to set very quickly. Tanya realises this and starts grunting through her gag loudly before she runs out of energy. With her body now submerged in the cement up to her waist, you can just see her chest and waist and her she-cock poking out a bit (Tanya is not wearing any panties folks). Despite her perilous situation, Tanya is humiliated by the fact she is massively turned on.

Marion continues to caress Tanya's head before holding her forehead down. "Tanya, I want you to bend your head down so your forehead (the bit covered in latex) is under the cement."
Marion only needs to hold it for about 5 minutes before Tanya's head is fixed in the position. 

"Seems the cement has set already. Now it just needs some drying time. We will leave the lid open Tanya for a few hours so your concrete can dry and harden a bit more before we close your lid and bury you." Says Steve.

Tanya just looks and grunts, closing her eyes from time to time as her body starts aching from her rope bindings, her foot arches start to cramp, knee joints ache, the rope on her neck from her hogtie pulling, the tape and gag on her mouth straining her jaw... and all this in the just for the first half an hour...

Tanya starts to think about what she just put herself through. All the people she has left behind, that probably wouldn't notice her missing for about 3 - 4 weeks. By then she will have rejoined the Earth and moved onto her next life (such were her beliefs), but she also thought about all the turmoil in her life and how fucked up it had become, she had escaped it. Lots for her to think about as the cement became very hard that she couldn't move anything.

Steve and Marion, returned, and looked down into Tanya. 

"There is a little pipe that is connected to your box, it will give you air from the surface. Better hope it doesn't rain or you may find water coming in as well. We are not going to plug your hole, you will stay cemented in your box alive for as long as possible. We won't be coming back to check on you either. You will be alone, forever, to die very slowly, just the way you wanted it. We thank you for choosing us to do this to you. It was fun, we might even do it to someone else. Maybe we'll bury them next to you."

With that, the lid was closed. Tanya squealed again. She heard the sound of drilling as screws were put in to seal the box. a few minutes later the thumping sound. Tanya did not know if it was cement or soil, but it was constant until it went quiet. Silent, alone, pitch dark, immobile, in pain... She did not know how long she was going to last, but considering how healthy and fit she is, sensed it could be a while for her body to die.

Secretly, this is just how she wanted it...

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