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Cindy's Mud Bath Weekend 2

by Underdog

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© Copyright 2010 - Underdog - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF/f; bond; buried; mud; encase; tease; torment; toys; urine; mast; sex; climax; cons; X

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Chapter Two

Cindy was in pretty good shape the next morning.... I had checked on her the night before but she was pleasantly sleeping, buried in mud up to her neck.

I stood there still looking at her at 8AM, and decied to hit her with all the vibrators at once. Her head rolled back and she struggled to open her eyes, still caked shut with my cum from yesterday.

She hummed out a long, mournfull moan as the sensations in and around her startled her back to her senses. I removed her bit gag and watched her lick her lips a moment, and left her to a nice morning orgasm!!

"Good morning sweetheart" I said softly.

"Would you...... like to fucking know... what my mouth tastes like?!" she grumbled.

"Would you like some more of the same?" I replied!

"NNNOOOOOOO.... please... could I ... uh... have some..... coffee?"

Suddenly from behind me, a familiar, although not exactly welcome voice broke the softness of the morning.

"Cream and sugar?........ sugar?!"

Behind me suddenly was Pat, Cindys 2 years older sister!!!

"OH!.... FUCK NO!!..... Honey, what did you do?!!" Cindy complained!

"Don't blame him" Pat giggled.....

"When you left a message on my machine and said you were going to be "tied up" this weekend..... I just knew this was going to be too good to miss!!!"

I washed Cindy's face and allowed her to open her eyes, then left Cindy and her sister to chat a few minutes, Later I returned to ask if Cindy wanted to continue this. Pat was playing with the vibrator remotes, enjoying Cindy's reaction to each one, while I prepared Cindy for her second day.

"DAMMIT PAT!..... will you turn that off... fuck!... I gotta PEE!!" Cindy growled!!

We both watched as Cindy squinted her eyes, and actually had to force her full bladder to empty into the thick mud.

"Come to think of it" Pat giggled...

"So do I...... Cin' sweetie, remember that weekend at the lake?....."

Cindy's eyes got real big and the look of fear on her face had me dying of curiousity!!

"PAT!.... NO!... PAT!.... don't you even THINK of it!.... OH FUCK!.... OH NO!!!"

Pat climbed up onto the top of the cardboard form and squatted over her sisters head! Even with her back to me and her crotch right over Cindys face, I could see Pat wore no underwear under her short skirt!!

As I watched, Pat started to pee right on her sister head and face!!!

"She loved this when she was 15!" Pat giggled!!

"PAT!.... NO!.... pfffttt... gulp... uhh... ummfff...... gulp....pfffttt... UGH!...gulp.....PAT!...'re drowning me!!!" was all Cindy could scream between spitting out her sisters pee... and drinking it!!

I was horribly turned on and almost whipped out my cock, but held myself back and just watched the show!!! When Pat was done, she climbed down and stared at Cindy's head poking up from a sea of piss!!!

"First thing we gotta do" Pat calmly said....

"Is fill this tube up"

That's when I noticed the mud had settled several inches overnight and was now far below Cindys chin. Pat started mixing more mud while I went to get what I needed for day two.

First I covered Cindy's entire head with a stocking cap, like you wear in cold weater. In her nostils were two glass marbles, meaning she would be breathing thru her mouth for the next part. I taped a length of PVC about 2" wide over her left ear, sticking straight outwards. Next I put a 2" length of PVC drain pipe, curved at the bottom in her mouth thru a hole in the front of the mask, and taped it in place to keep it sealed. The pipe came out of her mouth and curved about 3 feet straight up.

"Muds ready!" Pat informed me.

Now I lowered a 5 gallon plastic bucket over Cindy's head and lined up the pipe over her ear so it came out the side of the bucket.

"Can you hear me OK?" I asked...

Cindy grunted once, indicating yes.

"Scared?" I asked.....

Again she grunted once.

"Wanna stop?"

Cindy grunted twice and shook her head, shaking the whole empty bucket !!

Pat and I packed the cardboard tube full again, then just looked at each other and smiled!! Pat scooped the bucket over her sisters head full of fresh thick mud until it reached the top of the hollow bucket, and Cindy's head was completely out of sight!!!

The only thing we could see, was the ear pipe sticking out of the side of the bucket, and about 2 inches of the PVC pipe coming out of Cindy's mouth sticking up above the mud!!

"Thats it BITCH!...... you're fuckin' buried!!" Pat teased!!

I rinsed my hands off and handed the hose to Pat.... she laughed and stuck it in Cindy's mouth tube... filling it up to the top!!

Cindy was gulping furiously, while Pat watched and chuckled.

"Thirsty baby?!"

I grabbed the hose and watched the water level drop, filling up Cindy's belly! Cindy let out a long angry growl through the open tube. Pat ignored it and started playing with the vibrator remotes again!!!

I should have recorder the sounds coming out of that tube in Cindy's mouth... it was like an acient warriors war cry as Cindy grunted thru a long intense orgasm forced upon her by her own sister!!

"Tell me THAT doesn't make your cock hard!!" Pat whispered....

Looking down, the bulge in my pants answered that!!

"Who you gonna fuck?" Pat asked, "Her?........ or ME!?"

Pat and me fucked our brains out on the back patio while Cindy was left with all the vibrators on full power... screaming, grunting, howling, begging, and practically dying from countless orgasms, every one stronger than the last!!!

From the patio we went to the kitchen counter, then the living roon, the dining room table, every bed in the house, and back to the back yard!!!

Four hours later, we were as drained as Cindy was, lucky for her the remotes batteries died before she did!! Pat insisted we use condoms, so that after every one of my 4 or 5 loads, she could empty them into her sisters mouth!! This was followed by both of us pissing into the tube... Cindy had no choice but to gulp it down and wonder what in the hell was going on!!!

Sunday aftrnoon the sun was just setting and Pat and I were exhausted after more sex than either one of us has had in years, naked and drunk on the patio staring at that big cardboard tube sticking out of the ground with my wife grunting for attention inside!! She'd been buried in there almost 36 hours... almost 10 of them with her head buried!!

"So" Pat sighed.... "How do you plan on getting her... out?"

For the next hour, we tried wiggling the huge tube, prying on it, cutting it and lifting it.... but full of my wife, and the mud, it probbly weighed 4 or 500 pounds!!

"It's full of MUD-CRETE now" Pat laughed....

"That mud has settled down, the waters drained out into the ground below it... she can't move a muscle... and unless you want to call the fire department... and channel 8 news..... she ain't coming out of there!!

We pondred the situation, drank a couple more beers, Pat played with the remotes some more and Cindy just kept cumming and cumming and cumming!! Pat poured a couple of beers down Cindy's throat, we laughed and followed it, alternating back and forth with our combined piss... then spent the rest of the night fucking like bunnies inside where Cindy couldn't hear us!!

That was last sunday, lets see, two days ago,!.... how time flies when you're fucking your wife's sister!! Cindys been in there for four now.... living on soup, spit, garbage, piss and cum... we figure if she can pee enough, in another week or two maybe she'll soften the mud inside enough to pull her out!!!

In the meantime, I've been back to that construction site, and have 2 more tubes in the garage!! Just in case I have to cut Cindy out of that thing... next week..... It's good to have a spare.. for next time!!


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