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Dumping Her

by Doctor Vader

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© Copyright 2011 - Doctor Vader - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; F+/f; bond; armbinder; straps; transported; captive; coffin; burial; entomb; cons/nc; XX

Georgia had been late home from work again but was still keen to play a game with her boyfriend, Kev.

“Keep your uniform on Georgia, I like the way your tits strain against your shirt with your arms behind your back” Kev said already pulling her arms behind her. So she stood there in her black skirt and light blue shirt, her bust swelling forward and shirt buttons straining as he slipped the single sleeve up her arms and began to buckle it in place.

“Oh tighter than usual” Georgia cooed at him as he finished securing the sleeve.

“Don’t want any escape attempts getting in the way of things honey” He smiled back.

“Now open up” Kev grinned as he selected a penis gag for her. Georgia opened as wide as she could her mouth ready to filled. The gag was quickly buckled in place. He was good at this and she loved it.

“There that’ll keep my worthless slut quiet, now sit” He barked as he gave her a slight shove. Georgia slumped back onto the sofa. She was getting hot. Georgia loved it when Kev got mean and called her names. He quickly got to work strapping her knees and ankles together. Another strap buckled tight around her waist, she was practically immobile and utterly helpless. He pulled out his mobile and looked like he was making a call.

“She’s ready” Was all he said. All a part of the game Georgia thought. Countless times before he’d pretended to make calls to have her sold or picked up something.

“Well my fat titted slut” He smiled at her as he rubbed her crotch and squeezed her ample bust. Georgia was getting very excited and groaned gently behind her gag.

“My new girlfriend and a couple of her friends are coming for you” He grinned.

“They’re going to get rid of you for me” He added. Georgia was really liking this game and she was getting wet. The doorbell went. Kev went to answer it. Georgia could hear him talking at the door, then the door closed.

“So no problems” A female voice was inside the house.

“Of course not, I even told her you were coming” Kev laughed with the woman as they entered the room where Georgia sat helpless.

“You must be the fat titted slut, I’m Tanya” She friendly introduced herself. Georgia just stared at her wide eyed, stunned, shocked.

“I’m the new girlfriend” Tanya added. Georgia was still wide eyed confused, looking at her looking to Kev.

“I’m here to take your worthless fat arse away… To make you disappear” Tanya smiled. Georgia was squirming and groaning into her gag, but she was helpless. The single sleeve alone made escape impossible. Two other girls entered the room.

“Any last words to her” Tanya asked. Georgia looked at Kev, eyes pleading.

“No, take her” He replied and gave Tanya a passionate kiss. Georgia did her best to resist, but was powerless as the three girls simply lifted her and carried her out. The van was backed up close to the house, doors open ready to receive her. Georgia was quickly and easily handled into the back of the van, the doors closed and locked quickly behind her. She squirmed and groaned in the back of the van for hours as she was driven away, but she couldn’t even loosen a single strap. The van stopped. Georgia had no idea where she was now. She heard the three girls getting out of the van, move about and then the back doors opened.

“Here we are” Tanya smiled at her helpless captive. She was quickly dragged out and hauled to her feet.

“This is my dads place” Tanya grinned coldly as she nodded towards the sign on the building. Georgia read the sign and a new wave of fear came over her. James and James Funeral Director, the sign read. She struggled, but was easily lifted off her feet again by the girls and quickly carried in through the back door. Inside an open coffin waited and Georgia was quickly lifted into it. Tanya expertly began pulling straps tight over Georgia, locking each in place with a small padlock. She was now tightly pinned inside the coffin. As the thick posture collar was positioned and locked into place, any movement became virtually impossible.

“Your funeral isn’t until morning, well not your’s really you’re replacing someone else who can’t be here for there own actually” Tanya smirked. Georgia tried to scream but barley a whimper escaped her.

“Closed casket service of course so no one will know you're in the coffin, not to mention that you’ll be alive too” Tanya

“But I’m going to give you the choice of what happens next, I’ll give you the key, but if you don’t unlock yourself by morning I’m going to presume that you really do think that you’re a worthless fat titted slut… and you‘ll have your funeral” Tanya grinned as she unbuttoned Georgia’s shirt and pushed a small key deep into her bra before buttoning her back up. Tanya winked before gently lowering the lid. Georgia tried to squirm and struggle, but her bonds were expertly tied tight she couldn‘t move anything. She really was utterly helpless. She had no chance of getting to the key she could feel in her bra and she knew that’s why Tanya put it there. The lid rose on the coffin.

“Looks like you made the right choice” Tanya smiled at Georgia. It was morning. She saw Tanya was dressed in black, ready for a funeral. Her funeral.

“Time for the service, but should be a short one, nobody came” Tanya smirked as she lowered the coffin lid again. This time Georgia could hear the locking screws being wound into place. She was sealed inside the coffin now. She felt some movement as her coffin was wheeled out for the service. Georgia heard the muffled sounds of a service being carried out, only Tanya and her two friends in attendance. She struggled and screamed into her gag, but not a movement or sound escaped her coffin. The service was over quickly as Tanya had said it would be. Georgia felt the sudden movement as the coffin was lifted. She was being carried out to the grave. This was it she thought as the coffin was manoeuvred into position. Georgia felt the coffin slowly and steadily lowered into the grave. Tanya watched. It stopped at the bottom with a gentle bump. It was quiet for a moment.

“Goodbye Georgia” Tanya whispered and threw in a handful of dirt. Georgia heard it hit the coffin, then she heard the sound of a mechanical digger. It was going to fill in the rest of the grave. Georgia was about to be buried alive. The sound of the earth pouring into her grave was like thunder at first but grew quieter and quieter until, silence. It was over. Georgia had been buried. Tanya smiled to herself looking at the freshly filled grave imagining Georgia down there helpless, useless and in the next few hours or so running out of air. Her phone rang.

“Hi honey… Yes I told you she wouldn’t suffer… I gave her the injection last night and she died instantly… That’s right no pain… Ok see you shortly” Tanya smiled as she hung up the phone.



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