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by John Fitzbe

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Storycodes: FF; quicksand; mast; sink; cons; X

"It's always been at the top of my bucket list of fantasies." Marge told Sue. "And now that I've found the perfect place to do it, I'm going to."

Sue had never understood Marge's desire to be swallowed by the earth. To deliberately step into the grip of quicksand and to molest herself as she sank below the surface. Sue thought it was an insane desire.

In an effort to explain her desire, Marge told Sue about one of her quicksand experiences. How standing in the quicksand with her feet side by side caused the quicksand to crush her legs together as it pulled her body down. First her shins and then her thighs and the erotic thrill that ran through her body as her pussy touched the muddy surface and the quicksand lapped at her pussy lips. How the deeper she sank the stronger it's grip got and she would play with herself as she sank, and of achieving orgasm as her belly button disappeared into the gritty mire. One hand at her pussy, fingers rapidly pumping in and out and the other hand squeezing her tits and pinching her nipples Marge told of uncounted orgasms. Whether from orgasmic pleasure or the quicksand's crushing grip Marge explained how her breathing would become more shallow and she would get light-headed. Marge spoke of her helplessness and how relaxing it was to just be held by the earth. Marge told of her surrender, as she felt her now submerged tits being crushed by the weight of the quicksand and how closing her eyes she felt the mud claim her shoulders as it circled her neck. Then at last she would reach equilibrium and stop sinking, held fast by the quicksand's cement-like grip.

Sue asked Marge how she got free of the quicksand's embrace? Marge explained that when the last tingling of every fiber in her body faded she would begin the arduous process of escaping from the mud. First bringing her arms to the surface and then taking as big of breath as she could she inflated her lungs as much as possible. Then she would push down on the surface of the quicksand with her arms and hands causing her body to rise up as much as a full three inches. She would then repeat the process with various levels of success. Eventually her breasts were floating above the surface.

Marge confessed at this point she would be exhausted and she would take a break and reward herself. Slipping one hand down to her crotch she would finger her clit while she took a five-minute break from the extraction process. Once rested she would take a deep breath and lean backwards, which had the effect of moving her a little closer to the edge of the quicksand pool and her legs pulled slightly out of the quicksand's grip. She now did a backstroke. Her arms scooped mud from behind her and flung it forward which propelled her slowly but surely backwards towards the safety of the quicksand's shoreline.

"So what are you working on?" asked Sue.

"How to sink in quicksand past the point of equilibrium," said Marge while tapping a piece of paper with the eraser end of a pencil.

"What's the problem? Just add more weight."

"I don't want to sink too fast."

"What about not making yourself so aerodynamic? Instead of jumping in with your legs together, what happens when you spread your legs apart?"

"Every boy in the county shows up."

"Ha ha! very funny. So what does happen?"

"If one goes into quicksand with their legs apart then the quicksand pulls their legs further apart, like a wishbone. And as they sink they are torn in half and the quicksand slugs sensing an opportunity invade the open pussy. Hundreds of slugs fill the uterus until it bursts and the quicksand sinker dies in horrible pain!"

"You are so twisted. Now what really happens?"

"Well the quicksand really does pull your legs apart if you let it. But it stops if it meets any kind of resistance. Your legs however will remain apart until you're free of the quicksand. The mud is thick and you haven't any sort of leverage to work with to squeeze them back together. Then there are the slugs. They are real but more likely to feed on your legs, not your pussy. If you're worried about slugs just wear a tight-fitting pair of panties."

"So what do you think? asked Sue.

"I think if I wear a ten-pound ankle weight on each of my ankles and then enter the quicksand with my legs parted, I should sink past the point of equilibrium and become fully submerged."

"And then you drown."

"No -- and then you extract me from the quicksand using block, tackle and rope."

"And to what do I attach this block and tackle and rope too?"

I told you I've found the perfect spot. A beautiful tree with a strong thick branch jutting over the center of the quicksand pit. Using the block and tackle you'll be able to control my sinking. Fast or slow I'll be your plaything

"You'll need to apply your bondage skills to the situation and secure me in a rope harness. That would then be attached to a rope which would be threaded through the block and tackle which would be attached to a nearby tree."

"You know once I get you in a rope harness I'm going to have to tie up your titles too."

"I wouldn't have it any other way."

"We are going to tape this event, right?"

"We'll need a camera person. Know of any kinkster filmmakers we can trust?"

"Just wannabees. There's Beth, but she's crazy and I don't trust her."

"You've heard the rumors that she's made a snuff film and is looking to make more."

"I know a person who knows a person who claims to have seen her snuff film."

"I've seen her personal ad seeking victims for her next production."

"I heard she gets her victims from the mob. People the mob wants rubbed out."

"So we're on our own for taping. We'll need at least 3 cameras, the more the better."

"I can get you cameras. Mixed formats, VHS, Betamax, Digital, Quicktime, WMV. Tripods are harder to come by."

"Well load up what you can, I will do the same and we'll make due with whatever we got."

"So how long can you hold your breath?" asked Sue. "I know you brag six minutes, but this is a real-world situation you're going to be in."

"Three minutes or air bubbles whatever comes first."




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