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The Graveyard

by TLC

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© Copyright 2007 - TLC - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF; buried; mortuary; necro; cons; XX

This story contains sex and necrophilia. If you are under eighteen or do not like these types of stories, do not read. This is fiction and should be read as such.

Sam walked along the tombstone lime cemetery. He loved to take walks at night among the graves. It was one of the most peaceful places he had found in the city. He also dreamed of one  night slipping into the graveyard and digging up a freshly buried young girl and fucking the corpse till he was caught.

Sam jumped as he saw something close by. He walked carefully to the object in white. He did not believe in ghost but still the fear was there. Sam got closer and could tell from the bright moonlight it was a young girl. Seeing a young girl wearing a wedding dress laying on a grave was the last thing he expected. Sam started to leave and not bother the girl but curiosity got the best of him. He walked over to the girl and asked, “Are you okay.”

Fear struck the young girl at being caught by someone in the graveyard dressed as she was. She finally managed to speak and replied, “I... I am all right.  I was not expecting anyone to be here.”

The girl pulled up her dress slightly and tried to stand. Sam held out a hand, she took it, and helped the girl to her feet. He could see for the first time she was very pretty. Her small breast spilled slightly out the top of her white lace dress.

The was girl walking away in a hurry when Sam said, “Please don’t go, I want to talk to you.”

The girl hesitated and turned to face Sam and said, “Why do you want to talk to me?”

Sam replied, “You are so beautiful. Seeing you lay on the bare earth was the most exciting thing I have ever seen?”

The girl shyly said, “You liked seeing me laying there, why?”

Now it was Sam’s time to be shy. He took a deep breath knowing his words might run her off but said, “You looked dead laying there in the moonlight. I wanted to climb on you and have mad sex with you.”

The girl shifted her weight as to turn but said, “You wanted to have sex with me because you thought I was dead. Would you have fucked me if I had been?”

Sam took another chance and said, “Yes.”

The girl walked closer to Sam and asked, “Would you have sex with me as I lay on the the grave now.”

Sam said nothing as he took the girl’s hand and eased her down onto the grave.  When she was laying flat he kissed her deeply. Sam’s hands trembled with anticipation as he  caressed her partially expose breast. The girl responded by spreading her legs. Sam lifted her white dress and rubbed her wet pussy.  Sam could wait no longer and stopped long enough to remove his pants. Sam took a moment to look at the graves around them and slid his throbbing cock in to the strange girl. it took only a matter of minutes for the two stranger to orgasm.

Sam helped the girl up off the bare soil of the grave and said, “Can we see each other again?”

The girl replied, “I would love to see you .”

The girl was walking off and Sam remembered he didn’t even know her name and shouted, “What is you name?”

The girl stopped and looked back at Sam and replied, “It is Sherry. Be here tomorrow night at midnight.”

At home Sam lay in bed thinking about Sherry. He had many fantasies about such a woman but never dreamed he would meet her. Even though the sex was great he was still horny. Sam stroked his cock under the covers thinking about seeing Sherry the next night.

Sherry lay in bed thinking about the strange man she had allowed to fuck her. Sherry did not even know his name but knew she would meet him the next night. She fell asleep thinking about the man fucking her dead body.

Sam woke up the next morning and did the few errands he had. The day dragged, he thought night would never come. Sam decided to go to the grave yard  to see what the place looked like in light. Maybe it was excitement and not being able to wait to be there.

Sam walked to the graveyard and looked for the grave upon wich he had fucked the beautiful young girl. It took Sam nearly an hour to find the spot. He wonder if it was this hard to find in the day, how would he find it in the dark. Sam found the grave and thought he could see a wet spot on the soil where they had fucked the night before.

Sam noticed a tent to his left and walked over to it. He saw a pile of dirt under it an knew there was a fresh grave there. He stepped over the rope protecting the area and looked into the dark hole. Sam wondered who would be laying in the bottom of the grave later that day. His mind drifted to thoughts of a young beautiful girl, much like Sherry, being lowered into the grave. His mind saw him in the casket with the young girl fucking her. Sam was about to pull out his cock and masturbate when a voice startled him, “Are you part of the family?”

Caught off guard Sam replied, “Yes I am.”

The man looked at Sam strangely and said, “ The service is not till four o’clock tomorrow evening.”

Sam thanked the man and walked back to his car. He felt embarrassed at being caught by the caretaker but did not leave the graveyard right away. He picked up the newspaper and looked through the obituaries, hoping to find out who would be in the grave. The second one Sam read, he knew it was the right one.  The obituary said it was a girl nineteen and would be buried the next day. Sam noted all of the information about the service and rushed home.

Sam found his funeral suit and quickly dressed. He figured he could go to the funeral home and see the girl and still have plenty of time to meet Sherry.  Sam had to see the young girl that would lay in the grave he had looked into earlier.

Sam got to the funeral home just as the door was unlocked. A kind looking old man pointed in the direction of the casket. Sam walked slowly, not trying to show his excitement, to the casket at the back of the room.

Sam reached the casket and looked down at the beautiful young girl. He wanted to take off his clothes and climb in with her but resisted the urge. Sam reached in the casket and took the girl’s slim cold hand. He felt his cock harden at the feel of the corpse. Sam then stroked her long brown hair and her slightly freckled face.

Sam looked at her medium sized breast bulging from the thin black dress she wore. He wanted to stoke her cold breast but did not dare. Sam looked around and he was the only one in the room. Sam gathered his nerve and touched her breast. He then slid his hand down the top of her dress and felt the coldness of her breast. Sam began to massage the the medium sized breast when a voice startled him as it said, “I did the same thing before you got here. She feels real good, don’t she.”

Sam turned in shock and saw the old man that had let him in. Sam nervously said as he jerked his hand away, “What are you talking about. I don’t know what you mean.”

The old man continued, “I saw you playing with her breast. Don’t worry, I do it all of the time. I even fuck them when no one is around.”

Sam relaxed a little at the admissions of the old man and asked, “Was it as good as it looks?”

The old man laughed and replied, “You bet it is. If you want to give it a try and have enough money, give me me a call.”

The old man handed Sam a piece of paper with a phone number. He cradled it in his hand and hurriedly left the funeral home. His heart raced from being caught and the offer of the old man.

Instead of going home Sam went back to the graveyard. He walked to the open grave he had been to earlier. The darkness covered him and he felt more at ease. Sam sat on the pile of dirt till late that night.

Sam was startled when a hand touched his shoulder. He turned to see who the hand belonged to and was pleased to see Sherry. She wore the same white dress as the night before. She walked around the pile of dirt and sat next to Sam.  Sherry leaned close to him and said, “That is where I want to be. I want the to be in a hole with the dirt covering me. You already know I am strange but I am at the point of not caring.”

Sam put his arm around Sherry and said, “I don’t think you are strange. I am the one that is strange. You were great last night but I would rather fuck your dead body.”

Sherry looked at Sam in the darkness and said, “ You could kill me, fuck me, and bury me in the bottom of this grave.”

Sam said sheepishly, “I am not a killer. I could never hurt you.”

Sherry was happy with his answer and asked, as she jumped into the open grave, “Would you fuck me here?”

Sam did not hesitate as he took of his pants and jumped into the grave. He pawed at her breast and pussy as they sank to the ground. Sam was about to slide his cock into her wanting pussy when a voice sounded from above, “I had a feeling I might find you here.”

Sam and Sherry pulled at their clothes and looked up. They could see no one and wondered who could be there. Sam nervously stood first and saw and old man. It took a few seconds for his eyes to adjust and recognized the old man from the funeral home. Sam asked with anger, “What are you doing here in the middle of the night?”

The old man replied, “I came to help you out and maybe make a little money.”

Sherry lay in the grave listening to the conversation wondering what was going to happen.

The old man continued, “if you want to fuck the young girl you saw today, it has to be now.”

Sam, unsure of what to say, said, “Why does it have to be now?”

The old man stood and said, “If the you and the girl in there want to have your fantasies it is now or never.”

Sherry was surprised the old man even knew she was in the grave but jumped out and shouted, “Will you help me?”

The old man replied, “I would do anything for a pretty lady like you. I can can arrange for you to buried if that is what you want.”

Sherry scrambled out of the grave, knocking dirt on to Sam and said, “I am with you. If you can bury me I will do anything you want.”

Sam wiped the dirt from his face and climbed out of the grave, not thinking about being naked from the waist down. He thought about fucking the young girl he had seen earlier and Sherry after she was dead. Sam said to the old man, “I will go with you.”


Sam took Sherry by the hand and walked to his car. The two waited till they saw the headlights of  a car coming over the hill. Sam started the car and followed the hearse till they were at the funeral home he had been to earlier.

Sam parked behind the hearse. As the two got out the old man motioned for them to follow. Inside Sam, recognized the smell of death immediately. His mind drifted to the young girl that he had seen earlier and wondered where she was. The old man seemed to read Sam’s mind and pointed toward an open casket. The old man took Sherry by the hand and lead her to a back room.

Sam walked to the open casket and saw the dead girl he desired. This time without fear, he put his hand on her breast and massaged them. He pulled down her dress to expose her cold stiff breast. Sam took off his clothes and stood naked before the corpse. He pulled up the girl’s dress and was pleased there were no panties. He guessed they did not put anything on the bodies that was not necessary, besides who would know. Sam played with her clit and then stuck a finger into her dry pussy. Sam wished he had some lubricant as he tried to force his fingers in her. He brought his hand his face and spat on it. Sam then put his fingers back into the dead girl’s pussy. This time they slid in her easily.

Sam climbed in the casket and stradled the young corpse. Sam replaced his hand on the dead girl’s pussy with his cock and fucked her. If there is a heaven, Sam knew he was in it. He fucked the girl for several hours, not wanting to ever stop.

As the old man and Sherry reached the back room and he asked, “Do you want to be buried alive?”

Sherry excitedly replied, “I do, more than anything.”

The old man said, “You will have to take whatever comes with the it. This will mean a lot of pain.”

Sherry excitedly said, “I don’t care about the pain, all I want is to be buried.”

The old man told Sherry to lay down on the table. She did as he said  without hesitation.  The old man said as he pulled a tray next to Sherry, “I am going to replace your body with that of the young girl your friend is with. I have to make you look as much like her as I can.”

The old man proceeded to fix Sherry’s hair land makeup like the dead girl’s. He then sutured her eyes closed and then her lips. Sherry winced at the pain from the needle but did not make a sound.

With her eyes sutured close she could only see the light that filtered through her eyelids. She knew her fantasy was about to come true. The thought of being lowered into the cold earth made her pussy wet. Sherry was about to put her hand to her pussy when she was reminded of the old man as he said, “You must lay absolutely still until you are buried. If anyone finds out you are not the young girl we both might end up in jail.”

The old man left Sherry laying on the table and walked to where Sam was fucking the corpse. Sam, wrapped up in the pleasure of the dead girl did not realize the old man was there till he said, “You must stop now, time is short.  You can take the young corpse home with you if you have enough money.”

Sam stepped out of the casket, slightly embarrassed at being seen fucking the girl, and pulled up his pants. Sam asked the old man, “How much is it going to cost me?”

The old man calmly said, “Two thousand dollars.”

This was a lot of money to Sam. He looked at the pretty young corpse and felt his cock rise in his pants. Sam knew he had no choice and said, “I will pay you the money.”

The old man left the room as Sam pulled at the corpse trying to lift it out of the casket. The old man returned pushing a gurney. Sam stopped pulling at the corpse when he saw the girl he had fucked at the graveyard on the gurney. Sam knew right away what was going to happen. He was amazed at her likeness of the dead girl.

The old man helped Sam pull the young corpse out of the casket and lay her on the floor. Sam then helped Sherry off the gurney, into the casket. Sam thought she looked even more beautiful laying in the casket. He was slightly saddened at losing Sherry after knowing her such a short time. Sam leaned over Sherry and kissed her on the lips and said, “I will miss you. I hope you find the happiness you seek.”

Sherry could say nothing through her sutured lips but did manage a small smile.  Sam used the gurney to carry the young corpse to his car. He put her in the trunk and headed home.

Sam struggled with the corpse but managed to get it in the house without being seen. Near exhaustion Sam collapsed on the floor beside the dead young girl.  Sam reached over and rubbed her breast once more. He wanted to fuck her one more time but was too tired. Sam went to the refrigerator and pulled everything out, even the shelves. He dragged the corpse to the refrigerator and stuffed her inside.  Sam had to hold the girl’s foot to get the door closed. He then went to bed and fell asleep quickly, thinking about his prize in the refrigerator and Sherry.

Sherry lay in the darkness of the funeral home. The old man had left and turned out all the lights but one. Sherry wished she could open her eyes to look at the other dead people around her.  Sherry thought about getting up and walking around but without her eyes she would fall. Instead she felt the soft material lining the hard casket. In her mind she could see the pink ruffles that surrounded her body. Sherry reached up and felt the lid. She thought about pulling the lid closed but was afraid she would not be able to breath. Sherry soon fell asleep.

Sam woke up and walked sleepily to the refrigerator. He opened the door to get a drink of water and jumped when he felt a cold hand on his. He looked down and remembered the dead girl from the funeral home. Sam was startled full awake and pull the girl from the refrigerator. He carried her to the bed room and lay her on the bed. He stripped the clothes off the corpse and admired her perfect blue body. With his cock throbbing Sam dropped to the bed and fucked the corpse for several hours.

Sherry woke up to sounds around her. She could tell there were people moving around the funeral home. Not wanting to get caught she lay perfectly still.  Sherry almost jumped when she felt a hand on her left breast. The hand moved around, gently stroking her breast. She then heard a strange voice say, “She is very pretty. We might have to make a stop on the way to the graveyard and play with this one for a while.”

Sherry heard another man laugh as the hand left her breast. She heard steps as the two men walked away. Sherry then heard someone else approach and  the old man said, “It will be time shortly. The funeral has been moved up a few hours.”

Sherry nodded her head in agreement and drifted off to sleep once more.

Sherry woke up as the lid of the casket was being closed. The little light that filtered through her eyelids disappeared. Sherry felt the casket move and knew she was being taken to the graveyard.

Sam fucked the young corpse all day. Even though it was cool in his house the corpse was beginning to smell. He didn’t notice the smell through his excitement. Sam was startled when the door bell rang. He slipped on his pants and walked to the door. A man in a telephone workman’s uniform stood there.  The man said, “We have found a short in your telephone and need to repair it.”

Sam, remembering the corpse said, “Can you come back another day?”

The repairman replied, “I have to fix it now. It has all the other phones down in your area.”

Sam hesitantly stepped to the side, allowing the repairman in. Once inside the repairman wrinkled his nose and said, “something sure stinks in here. You must have a dead rat somewhere.”

Sam nervously replied, “Yes there is, I have been hunting it all morning.”

The repairman quickly fixed the phone and left. The man was in a hurry to get away from the stench. Sam noticed the smell for the first time and knew it was going to be a problem. He went to the bedroom and took the corpse back to the refrigerator. Sam sat on the couch trying to decide what to do about the corpse. He knew he would not be able to keep it in the house.

Sherry felt the casket being removed from the hearse. She replayed the scene of the grave in her mind. She saw the grave with the dirt piled to one side.  Sherry knew the dirt pile was now covered with fake grass and flowers.

The casket bumped slightly as it was placed over the grave. Sherry lay in the darkness only hearing a muffled sound as the funeral proceeded around her. She wished she could hear the words but knew they were for someone else and not her.

At last Sherry felt movement as the casket was lowered into the grave. The casket touched the bottom of the grave with only a slight thud. Laying in the darkness it seem to take forever before she heard  the sound of dirt hitting the top of her casket.

Sherry lay in the grave thinking her time on earth would soon be over. She remembered the good things that had happen in her life. One of those things was meeting Sam. If she had met him sooner in life she might not be about to die.  Darkness clouded Sherry’s thought and she slept.

Sam was still sitting on the couch when darkness fell. He would occasionally open the refrigerator and look at the corpse. Each time the smell seemed to be worse.

Sam’s mind repeatedly drifted to Sherry. He knew she was in the grave by now.

Sam could not get the thought of fucking her, in the grave, out of his mind.

Sam wondered if Sherry was still alive.

Sam came to a decision, he had to get rid of the corpse. Sam decided to take the corpse to the graveyard and dig Sherry up. If Sherry was dead he would drop the corpse in the grave with her. He knew  at least he would be rid of the foul smelling corpse.

Sam loaded the smelly corpse and a shovel into the car. He drove carefully, not wanting to get stopped by the police, to the graveyard. The moon was still full so Sam was able to find Sherry’s grave easily.  He left the corpse in the car and walked to the grave with the shovel.

Sam’s heart raced from fear as he started digging. The soil was still soft but he tired quickly. Sam rested frequently but kept digging. Sam heard a thump as the shovel struck the casket. He dropped to his knees and scraped the dirt away with his hands. He cleared the dirt from the edges, looking for the latches. He managed to get the latches released and nervously opened the lid.

Sam could barely see the outline of Sherry’s face in the darkness. He thought that if she was dead he would fuck her one more time. Sam touched her neck with the tips of his fingers and almost shouted when he felt her heart beat.  He kissed her lightly on the lips and then began to blow fresh air into her lungs.

Sherry woke up feeling something on her face. She let out a muffled scream through her sutured lips. Sam placed his hand over Sherry’s mouth to quiet her. He then said, “It’s Sam, you remember me?”

Sherry tried to answer but the sutures held her mouth closed. Sam scrambled out of the grave and ran back to his car. He opened the door and the stench almost knocked him backwards. Sam fumbled around in the darkness and found a pair of scissors. He ran back to the grave and jumped in the grave. As Sam cut the sutures out of her mouth he said, “I hope you are not mad at me for digging you up. I had hoped you would still be alive.”

With her mouth free of the sutures Sherry said, “I have thought about you every since I was buried. If I had met you sooner in life I would not be here. I have looked for a man like you all of my life”

Sam excitedly replied, “I have always wanted a woman that had the same desires. I am glad I wasn’t too late and lost you.”

Sam helped Sherry out of the grave. The two got the rotting corpse out of the car and placed it in the grave for which it was intended. As Sam covered the grave the old man appeared behind him and said, “I have been expecting you. I thought, for a while, you were going to be too late.”

Sam startled by the voice stuttered as he said, “How... how did you know I would be here.”

The old man smiled and said, “This is the way I intended things to happen. I knew you would return for Sherry. I am in the business of making peoples fantasies come true. If you ever need my services again, give me a call.”

Before Sam could speak the old man vanished in the darkness. Sam and Sherry stood staring at each other for several minutes. Sam then finished covering the grave and the two  went back to his car. The smell of the corpse still filled the car but Sam knew it would go away in time. The only thing he could think about was getting home and fucking Sherry the rest of the night.

The end



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