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Island of No Escape

by Walledup

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© Copyright 2016 - Walledup - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-M; map; treasure; island; M/m; captive; bond; gag; trick; rope; quicksand; sink; stuck; mast; cons/nc; XX

The overcast night made it harder to make out the shape of the island in the distance. Ray kept rowing the boat in the direction of the island until he could finally just make it out. He had been closer than he thought. It wouldn’t be long before he could beach the boat and begin his search.

As he approached the beach, he glanced at his watch. It was almost 11 pm, which would give him plenty of time before he had to leave and return the boat so it wouldn’t be missed. He guided the boat up on the beach, jumped out and pulled it up so it wouldn’t get washed out with the tide. He grabbed a flashlight out of the boat, pulled the paper out of his shirt pocket, and headed toward a hidden, narrow path leading into the dense growth that covered the island. His search had begun.

Ray walked up the path a short distance, then knelt down to study the paper he had brought with him. He clicked the flashlight on and glanced over the markings written there. It was supposed to be the map to some long forgotten pirate’s treasure. Everyone in town knew the legend, and that’s what Ray thought it was also, until he found this paper folded up in a book about local myths and legends. It was old, the ink faded, but the island was clearly recognizable by its shape. He was in the antique bookstore when he found it and surreptitiously slipped it in his pocket till he could get home and study it better. What he learned convinced him the treasure was real and he was going to find it.

He studied the map, and it looked like he was on the right path. He just needed to head up about half a mile and then look for a marker on a tree indicating the next path. He put the map in his pocket and used the flashlight to light his way. The sky seemed to disappear the further he went into the dense, jungle like growth surrounding the path. He was glad he had the light with him.

After walking a bit, he slowed and moved the light around, checking all the trees for the specific mark he needed to find to continue. As he approached a dense clumping of trees, he thought he heard something in the undergrowth. He stopped and listened, but didn’t hear anything else. Probably some night hunting animal. He moved toward the trees and began shining the light over the trunks, checking for his clue. He found it on the fourth tree he checked, and noticed it was right by a barely visible path leading off to the left. He pulled the map out, checked it again, and started down the path. The growth was getting thicker, making it seem darker, even with the flashlight. He was walking slowly so not to trip over anything, when suddenly his head exploded and everything went dark.

Ray’s head pounded like the worst hangover he had ever had. He couldn’t remember what he had been drinking, or where for that matter. He tried opening his eyes, but everything was a little blurry. He noticed a light a little distance away, and could feel heat on his face. He tried to focus on the light and moved to sit up, but found he couldn’t move his arms. He shook his head to clear it, and looked down. He was laying on his side, and there was thick rope wrapped around his chest, pinning his arms to his sides. He moved his hands, but they were tied with the same type of rope tightly behind his back. He knees and ankles were also tied. He went to ask what was going on, and that’s when he noticed a thick rag was stuffed in his mouth held in place with duct tape. What the hell is going on, he thought.

He started struggling to see if he could free himself, but it was useless. Whoever tied him made sure he wasn’t getting loose. He tried yelling through the gag, but it was so muffled, he doubted anyone could hear him. He looked around and saw he was in a small clearing, the light and heat from a small campfire about 10 feet away from him. He got an idea. He began squirming towards the fire, hoping he could maybe burn the ropes enough to help him get loose.

Just as he reached the fire, he heard a crashing in the jungle and a large, well built, dark haired man came into the clearing. Ray looked at him and felt a twinge of fear. He was huge. He wouldn’t be able to fight his way out of this with him, even if he wasn’t tied up. Ray started moving away from the fire.

“Good choice,” the man said. “I wouldn’t want to have to hurt you yet.” He smiled as he looked down at Ray, and Ray felt goosebumps all over his body. He looked the man over, and even though he was in the position he was, his body betrayed his feelings. The man was attractive, standing there in the firelight, with no shirt on, his dark, hairy chest attracting Ray’s attention. He saw a glint of light on the man’s wrist, and noticed he had stolen Ray’s watch. He wondered what else he was planning to do.

The man moved toward Ray and bent toward him. He raised him up and sat him up against a tree. “I’m going to remove your gag. You don’t make a sound, you understand. No one is around to hear you anyway, and it would just make me mad.” Ray nodded his understanding, and the gag was removed.

Ray greedily breathed in air as the man looked at him. “What are doing on my island at this time of night?” the man asked. “Your island, what do you mean by that,” Ray asked. “I mean, this is my island and no one who comes here ever leaves.” Ray got a look of fear on his face. The man smiled at him again. “I don’t like visitors, which is why I live here. So, I ask again, why are you here?”

Ray tried to think fast, but it was difficult with this hulk threatening him. He had a quick thought. “I came to find the treasure. I didn’t know anyone lived here. If you let me go, we can find and share the treasure. I’d be mo-” Ray started to say as the man clamped his huge hand over Ray’s mouth. He used his other to grab the map out of Ray’s pocket.

“I’ve heard enough. There is no treasure. I place maps like these around, hoping someone like you would find one. I know the legend and it works to help me fulfil some of my many fantasies, especially with someone as good looking as you.” Ray’s eyes widened as the man laughed. He quickly shoved the rag back in Ray’s mouth, and added more tape to keep him quiet. “I have a special fantasy I’d like to show you. It’s always been one of my most erotic ones. I love the way it makes me feel. I hope you will enjoy it too, it will be so much better for me.”

The man stood and lifted Ray up and threw him over his shoulder. Ray was struggling and yelling into his gag, but the man paid no attention. “Keep struggling, I like it when they do that.” Ray froze when he heard that. How many others have been lured out here because of this crazy psycho? The man laughed again and began carrying Ray into the jungle.

They walked for almost an hour, Ray trying uselessly to struggle free. They arrived at another clearing and Ray was sat down up against a tree. The man knelt in front of him. “Don’t get any ideas, you’re already in enough trouble, you don’t want more, and believe me, I can make things much worse.” He started untying Ray’s knees, then his ankles. Ray was too scared to move. The man took the rope from his ankles and tied one end to his right ankle. He spread Ray’s legs about a foot and a half apart and tied the other end of the rope to his left ankle. He stood and pulled Ray up with him.

“You are going to do as I say,” he said as he stepped behind Ray, “or I will end your life here and now,” as Ray felt the barrel of a gun in his back. “You understand?” Ray shakily nodded his head. “Good. Now, begin walking forward toward the other side of the clearing.” Ray hesitated, wondering if he was being fooled into being shot. “NOW!” the man said, shoving the gun barrel harder into Ray’s back. Ray jumped and began moving slowly forward. He could see a small, narrow path on the other side of the clearing, and wondered if he could make a break for it, hobbled as he was. He was probably going to die anyway, why not while trying to escape?

As Ray thought about trying to run, he felt the ground begin to get softer and his feet were slightly sinking with each step. He looked down and saw it was a muddy piece of ground and didn’t think anything of it, concentrating on running. He took another step and thought he would give it a try when his foot sank to slightly above his ankle. He moved his other foot forward to brace himself to pull it out when that one also sank into the ground. As he tried to pull them out by lifting them, it only caused him to sink up to his shins. He had a sudden, horrible realization.

He heard the man laugh and turned to look over his shoulder at him. He had an almost orgasmic look on his face as his hand rubbed his crotch slowly. “I told you I had one of my favorite fantasies for you. Man trapped in quicksand! Will he escape or not? Unfortunately, he won’t.” The man watched as Ray’s face showed his desperation and fear, his hand moving a little faster over his crotch. Ray began struggling in the quicksand, but it only caused him to sink up to his knees. The man moaned and closed his eyes as he massaged his crotch, opening his eyes to see Ray furiously trying to work his hands free from the ropes holding him helpless as his struggles caused him to sink almost to his waist.

“You thought you’d strike it rich here, only to meet your demise at my hands. You have no idea the pleasure this pit of quicksand has brought me.” He moaned slightly as Ray struggled more, sinking to his stomach. “Someone like you makes it even more exciting, seeing your handsome face wearing a mask of fear as you desperately try to extricate yourself from your impending doom. There is no escape for you, just as there was no escape for some of the others who foolishly believed my little ruse of buried treasure. You will be my buried treasure soon!” He closed his eyes and groaned as Ray sank up to his chest, the man’s cock bulging in his jeans now, his hand rubbing intimately over his crotch.

Ray was panicking as the quicksand slowly crawled up his chest. He could feel it pressing against him, causing him to breathe faster through his nose. He tried not to struggle, hoping it would slow his sinking, but he couldn’t stop himself. He had to escape, he couldn’t die like this. The quicksand was up to his neck now, caressing him in its tight grip. He looked over at the man, whose body was convulsing in spasms of ecstasy as the quicksand worked its way up the tape covering Ray’s mouth.

“As much as I enjoyed this, I’m afraid I’m going to have to leave. You did provide me a most enjoyable evening. I need to sink the boat you came in so no one will discover it on the beach. Too bad your greed got the better of you. Next time, maybe you’ll think twice. But there won’t be a next time for you, will there?” the man said as he turned to leave. The last thing Ray heard was the brush crackling as the man headed back into the jungle, and the quicksand slowly closed over Ray’s head.

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