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Kate & the Quicksand

by Closetslave

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© Copyright 2008 - Closetslave - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; quicksand; stuck; sinking; nc; X

How I came to be here now, in this position is really neither here nor there, I am however stuck fast, sinking in quicksand & unable to extricate myself from it`s thick, sucking blackness.

Kate, my girlfriend of ten years is standing within inches of where I am slowly disappearing, her black suede ankle boots are just out of reach of my hands as I desperately reach for them in an attempt to pull myself free. She however has a look upon her face that is filling me with dread, she actually appears to be contemplating NOT helping me, in fact it`s looking like she actually will just let me go further into the mud!

"Kate!", I cry forlornly, "for christs sakes Kate, help me will you", I say as I reach again for her boot only to find it pulled even further from my grasp. How could she, the heartless bitch! The Mud has me up to my waist now though & I can feel it sucking me even further into it`s cold, clammy wetness. In a mixture of shock & surprise, I look up into her face as she stares ominously down at me, why the hell did we have to argue yet again, of all times why now...

We had actually been walking along the moor & we had been argueing yet again, a common occurence these days & one which I was now beginning to regret most assuredly. When I had first stepped into the stuff & lost my footing, she had seemed helpful enough & had reacted by trying to pull me free as I slowly began to sink. As my slow inexorable slide further went on though, she had suddenly begun to take on a more cold & clinical attitude to what was happening to me. Now however, she was being downright sadistic!

"I should let you drown in there, let it suck you right under", she said in a cold voice as I again grabbed for her boot unsuccesfully, "It would be so perfect, I could just go home & say that you`d walked off someplace & not come back", she added, "even if they found you, which I doubt, they would assume you had slipped into the quicksand & gone under", said Kate, "more importantly though, I`d finally be rid of you & your pathetic, selfish ways", she added.

Her words were cutting, I couldn`t believe she really meant them. Would she really just leave me here like this to die!

"You don`t mean that", I said hopefully, "Surely you don`t". Kate however simply watched as I slipped even further into the mire that was slowly & inexorably taking me. By then it had risen to half way up my chest & after putting one arm into the muck in an attempt to push myself out, I soon became aware that it too had become wedged firmly into the heavy compressing black sludge.

"Oh shit", I cried, "damn you Kate, now I`m stuck even further you insensitive bitch", I added becoming more & more worried by the passing of every minute. By this time however, Kate had ventured forwards & was now standing about a foot or so from where the top half of my body now lay. Again I reached for her boot, this time I took hold of it & attempted feebly to pull myself to safety, it was quite useless of course for my hand was covered in muck which made my grip far too slippery to even gain any purchase.

"Now look what you`ve done", said Kate angrilly, "You`ve got mud all over my fucking boot", she cried stepping back & away from me once again to reach into her shoulder bag nearby for a wipe to cleanse the mud from upon it. I couldn`t believe what I was hearing, she was more concerned about her boot than she was me!! In an instance of rage however, she was back again, only this time she placed her boot into my face & pushed hard to make me go even further into the quicksand.

"Wh-whaadya doin, Noooo!, nooo please", I cried in surprise as I tried desperately to grab the boot once again.

"Let go of my boot you fucking piece of shit", cried Kate, "I can`t believe you, I really can`t, these boots cost me nearly fifty quid", she added indignently. "Do you know how difficult it is to get this crap off of suede", she hollered as she gave yet another hefty push into my face to embed me into the mire up to my shoulders.

At this point of course I was really begining to worry & I was becoming rather desperate to say the very least.

"Kate, please Kate, for fucks sake you gotta get me out of here, you`ve just got to, I - I can`t move, please Kate help me, for gods sake help me will you!!", I cried as I sank ever further into the muck.

"Why", said Kate, "Give me one good reason, all you ever do is argue with me, all you ever do is moan about everything I do & question me about my every move, why the fuck should I help you", she added. "Give me one good fucking reason"

I was completely flabbergasted of course…..

"B-because I`ll die here if you don`t, I answered half heartedly, "b-because you love me", I added in a desperate sounding voice. Kate just huffed, smiled heartlessly & then stepped back away from me.

"Is that what you think", she said, "is that what you really think, that I still love you", she added. "Well I`ve got news for you, I stopped loving you years ago, I don`t know why I ever stayed with you this long, my mother was right, you are a waste of fucking space & I would be a damn sight better off without you", said Kate.

Her words cut me like a knife, ok so I knew we were having problems but.......

"Kaaaate", I said soulfully, "I`m sorry ok, please help me, don`t leave me stuck here like this, please", I cried.

She however simply walked towards me once again to where only the very top of my chest, my head, neck & one of my arms now remained above the quicksand. She then stopped right before my face, the fluted hem of her long black skirt actually touching my face now as it blowed about slightly in the breeze as she did so. I strained my head back to look up at her & she casually took hold of her skirt to lift it & raise the hem just a little so that I was more or less peering up under it.

"You always did like this skirt didn`t you”, said Kate, “the silky lining of it always made you go hard didn`t it", she added, "well what do you think of it now then, are you hard down in that mud", she added, "do you still like to look at it when it`s threatening to end your life", she said, “is it still such a turn on to look at it when it might just be the last thing you ever see”, she added as she smiled down at me biting at her lower lip in contemplation of my helplessness.

I however said nothing as she continued to torment me further with references to her skirt, then her face suddenly took on a more cold & clinical expression.

“Kiss it”, she said suddenly

“What?”, I asked incredulously.

“Kiss my skirt hem, go on, kiss it now, you might even be able to get your lips onto that silky bit you like if you try hard enough”, she said coldly. “Kiss it & I might help you out”, she added as I struggled for my life now before her feet.

“Please Kate, just help me… for god sake pleeeease!”, I cried.

“Then do as I said, show me you're worth my effort, kiss the hem of my skirt”, she repeated whilst glancing around her to see if anyone was nearby. It was no use of course, I was still sinking & in my utter desperation I slowly moved my lips reluctantly towards the material of her skirt & then I kissed it before pulling back my head to look up at her again.

“Ok, I kissed it, now please will you help me, pleeease!”, I cried even more desperately than before.

Kate however simply smiled sadisticly down at me & said nothing so as to torment me further.

“Kiss it again”, she said cruelly.

“Kaaaaate!, please”, I cried, “please don`t do this, please help me you`ve got to, please don`t let me go under I beg of you!”, I cried as one of my shoulders began going under the mud.

Kate did nothing though & simply repeated her prior order for me to kiss the hem of her skirts once again. In my desperation, I immediately began planting kisses all over the material of her skirt, much to her cruel amusement, I began slaving at it with the utmost attention, kissing the material repeatedly & audibly as I began to cry, yes actually cry at her feet.

“Pleeease Kate, don`t let me die like this, I beg of you please!”, I cried.

But she just stepped back slightly to get a better view of my head at her feet, it was the only thing now apart from one arm above the mud & the sight of it obviously pleased her as she repeatedly bit at her bottom lip, her cheeks flushing as she closed her eyes slowly & began breathing slightly heavier. I couldn`t believe it, the bitch was arroused, she was actually becoming turned on by my suffering. All I could do though was sob at her feet & beg her to help me as she just stood there arrogantly before me.

“I don`t think I want to help you”, said Kate in calm collected tone of voice, “I`m actually finding this quite a turn on you know”, she added, “in fact I`m more turned on now than I think I`ve ever been whilst in bed with you”, said Kate, her hand slowly lowering to her crotch as she spoke. Then to my utter surprise, she very slowly pushed the palm heel of that hand firmly into contact with her pubic bone through the material of her skirt & closed her eyes again in obvious arrousal.

"Oh god please Kate, what are you doing, please don`t do this to me, I`m begging you", I cried, "you can`t baby pleeeeease, you can`t do this to me", I pleaded as I began crying again in utter desperation now at the realisation that she might actually mean to just let this happen now. Kate said nothing, she simply opened her eyes ever so slowly & then she ran the tip of her tongue gently across her lips whilst looking down onto the ground at my rapidly sinking body.

“Shall I help you”, she asked.

“Oh yes, Kate please yes”, I cried in desperation.

“Ok”, she said, “I`ll help you…….. I`ll help you under”, she added as she very casually placed the sole of her suede ankle boot onto the top of my head.

“Noooo, no please!”, I cried, but she simply responded with a slight downwards push with her boot, smiling as she did. "Noooo, Noooooo Kate, you can`t do this!", I cried as a second push then sent my chin into contact with the cold mire & brought the back of my upturned head into contact with the cruel unforgiving mud. Then she slowly stepped away to stand hands on hips & legs slightly akimbo looking down at me with my face framed in the mud at her feet. She was actually laughing now, the cruel heartless bitch was actually enjoying my predicament & suffering.

"You look so funny down there you know that", said Kate, "Just a pathetic face in the ground I walk on", she added vindictively. "Shall I step on that face & push it under, shall I end your miserable existence right here & now", she added as she slowly stepped closer again to hover her boot directly above my now horrified gaze. By this time of course I was absolutely terrified & I began begging for my very life now with real urgency.

"Please, no Kate, please I beg of you….. I…. I`ll kiss it, I`ll kiss your boot, I`ll kiss your skirt, please I`ll do anything you want, don`t step on my face, oh god Kate please!!!!", I cried as I began desperately kissing at the dirty sole & heel of her ankle boot as it threatened to end my life right there & then. “I`ll do anything you want Kate, just don`t push me under, please!”, I cried.

Then all of a sudden & seeing that I was doomed if I did`nt, I began to shout out for help. I actually began crying out at the top of my voice for someone to come & stop her.

"Help!", I shouted, "Please someone help me, please she`s going to kill me!", I cried. Kate however simply laughed again at my pleas which were of course falling only upon deaf ears for there was nobody within a three mile radius of where we now were.

"Nobody`s going to help you", said Kate, "cry & beg all you like, there`s nobody around for miles", she added as she continued to hold her boot directly above my panicking face.

"Still like my silky skirt lining then do we uh", said Kate in a cold tormenting tone of voice, "Still a turn on to you is it you piece of shit", she added as she very slowly brought the sole of her boot down onto my upturned face once again. Imediately, my mouth became filled with muck as the dirt on the bottom of it was pressed uncerimoniously onto my lips.

"Nooo, noeeeagh, help me someone, please help me!", I cried as she pressed down a little more forcibly to begin my final decent.

Her cruelly positioned ankle boot pushed me down again & then slowly withdrew until I was gazing up at her through a tunnel of black mud that was now rising high on either side of my face, my remaining arm desperately clawing for something, anything to halt my demise as she just stared down at me gloating at my obvious misfortune.

"Oh well", she said in a calm collected tone of voice, "can`t get you out now, couldn`t even do that if I wanted to", she added, "IF I wanted to...", she repeated to clearly imply that she didn`t. All I could now do though was lie there completely submerged in the sucking mire as parts of the tunnel began to gloop in around me & onto my gasping face whilst Kate continued to look on with a cruel, sadistic glint in her eye..

"Almost gone now", she said, "Gone & out of my life forever, poor baby", she chided as the tears flowed to add to the rapidly falling slime on my face. “I`m so turned on you know, I think I`m going to have to masturbate to the sight of you going under”, she added cruelly as I gazed up to see her hand once again going to her crotch as she stared down into my pleading eyes.

I couldn`t believe it, as I looked up from what was now to be my grave, she smiled cruelly down at me as she closed her knees together & pressed her palm once again onto her pubis, then, all of a sudden the hole in the quicksand collapsed in & she slowly disappeared from view. The last thing I saw of the world I had just left was the inside lining of her long skirt as she moved briefly forwards to allow it to sway above the hole in which I had just disappeared.

Then I was gone......


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