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The Last Day of Her 29th Year

by Doctor Vader

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© Copyright 2013 - Doctor Vader - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; drug; kidnap; bond; straps; collar; gag; transport; cartrunk; crate; buried; cons/nc; X

It almost seemed like she was sleeping as I looked at her. She lay motionless, on the sofa as I sat in the armchair opposite her. She looked comfortable, but her eyes. Her eyes were wide open. She looked panic stricken as she stared back at me. I knew why of course, I had done this to her. She couldn’t move anything but her eyes. I had waited, hidden in her house for hours until the right moment to strike and before she’d even known I was there I had plunged the needle in and unloaded it’s contents into her blood stream. It was a fast acting serum. She had slumped almost immediately. Paralysed. I sat in the armchair, just looking at her for a few more minutes before I got up.

“You know I don’t want to do this Hazel…” I whispered as I approached her and lifted her into a sitting position on the sofa. I knelt before her, and took her hands in mine.

“But it’s my nature… I have to do this” I smiled warmly as I looked into her pretty eye’s. I was telling her the truth. I didn’t want to. She was my friend, but I had to do this. Tears began to roll down her cheeks. I smiled.

We had met just over six years ago and quickly became friends. I had trusted her with my secret and she hadn’t shied away from me. I had told Hazel who I was. I had showed her the deepest and darkest part of me and she had accepted me. I had even told her that I would eventually have to do this to her too, but I guess she never really believed me. I had hoped I it wouldn’t come to this. I had hoped that embracing her friendship would help me to kill the monster in me. But here I am. Looking into her sad eyes.

I gently tugged at her t-shirt, pulling it up over her head, slipping her arms through the sleeves. I discarded the top and began to ease her jeans from her legs. I continued to remove her clothes until she sat in her underwear. I had never seen Hazel like this before, semi naked as she was. She was slim and delicate, beautiful and almost looked fragile, like something precious. I wiped the tears from her face and left her, helpless, sat on the sofa for a few minutes while I went to fetch my things. I had brought my black canvas bag with me and hidden it in her wardrobe upstairs. Now I needed it and quickly fetched it, placing it in front of her as I returned. I knew she would be able to see inside as I unzipped it.

I pulled out several thick leather straps and laid them across her lap. I’m sure that she immediately knew what I was about to do. I took two of the straps from her lap and moved behind her. I slowly pushed her forward and drew her arms behind her back. I pulled the first strap around her wrists and secured it firmly into place. I positioned the second strap just above her elbows and tightened it cruelly. There was no need to bind her. The paralysis would last for hours yet, possibly the rest of her life. But it wasn’t about restraining her. It was about her discomfort, her suffering. I pulled her back up and knelt in front of her again to pull a strap around her ankles and another just above her knees. I showed her no mercy as I pulled the restraints tight.

Next came the collar, I stood and tilted her head forward for a moment as I buckled it firmly around her slender neck. I took a step back for a second. Admiring her tight bondage for a lingering moment and those desperate, sad eyes. She was trying to plead with me, to seek some mercy from me. But she must know, deep down at least. There is no mercy. I bent down and took her by the chin. We were face to face as I held her. Such a cute, dainty mouth.

“Now, just that sweet little mouth of yours” I smiled as I reached into my bag and drew out the gag. Her eyes grew wide again, she followed the big red ball as I presented it to her. I easily opened her mouth and pushed the ball firmly between her lips. I buckled the strap tight, behind her head, locking the large ball uncomfortably into her mouth and making the strap bite into her cheeks.

“Well Hazel” I sighed.

“It’s time to go” I smiled weakly. I held her face in my hands and looked deep into her tearful eyes. I wondered what was going through her mind. Perhaps she thought I was still going to stop at some point, or maybe she knew I had to do this. I wondered to myself for a moment, did I doubt myself. I thought I felt a shiver for a moment. Was it guilt? But then the feeling was gone.

I effortlessly lifted her from the sofa and up onto my shoulder. Her slender frame was light and she was easy to carry. With Hazel over one shoulder and my bag in my free hand, I carried her outside to my car, a rental of course. She would’ve noticed my car outside. I opened the boot and dropped the, mostly empty bag inside. Then I gently lowered Hazel into the boot too.

“You’re not an ordinary passenger this time” I smirked as I closed the boot, sealing her helplessly into the dark space inside. I quickly jumped into the drivers seat and started the engine. I was in no rush. It wasn’t far to where I needed to take her, so I drove leisurely out of town and into the countryside. I drove down the rough country lanes until I came to the dirt track I needed to take. It was a bumpy track, I imagined Hazel being jerked and knocked about in the boot. But I took my time as I drove down the track as it led into a slowly thickening wood.

Finally, the track came to and end and I stopped the car. I could drive no further and would have to carry her the rest of the way. I got out, walked slowly to the back of the car and leant against the boot, gazing into the forest. I loved this place and took a few moments to drink it in, the smells, the sounds and the majestic trees, older than I am. But still, I had come here with a purpose, and she was still in the back of my car. I opened the boot and looked down at my captive. She didn’t move, as I expected she wouldn’t. But I could see her eyes, flicking this way and that, trying to gather as much information as she could. I lifted her from the boot and back onto my shoulder. She bobbed and bounced on my shoulder as I marched deeper into the wood. I knew exactly where I was going, I had prepared the area earlier. Everything would be ready for her, waiting for her.

It was a short walk to the small clearing and it was all as I had left it. My shovel up against the tree, the open grave and the long, thin wooden crate at its bottom. I strode over to the open grave and lowered Hazel from my shoulder. I held her upright, so she wouldn’t fall and allowed her to see. I let her see it all for a few minutes, to take it in, to fully understand I was going to bury her here. Fresh tears ran down her face.

“I told you years ago this would happen” I whispered.

“The last day of your 29th year… I would come for you” I said.

“And I have” I said solemnly as I slowly laid her down, next to the open hole. I eased myself over the edge and climbed down into the open grave. All I had to do was lift Hazel from the edge and lower her into the crate. I had to stand on tiptoes to reach her. I struggled for a moment, but eventually managed to roll her and ease her over the edge, into my arms. I lowered her into the crate, that would ultimately serve as her casket. I laid her out and positioned her gently in place, and then just stood over her, looking at her. She looked back at me, I could see she was distraught.

“I’m sorry Hazel, I wish I could’ve made this quick and easy for you” I smiled.

“But I’m afraid you know what this is all about don’t you…” I paused for a moment. Her beautiful, sad eyes. She knew. I’m sure in some way she knew what this meant to me.

“You have to suffer, just like all those before you and all those that will come after you too” I told her as I bent down. I leant in and gave her a gentle kiss on the cheek.

“Goodbye my well spoken friend” I whispered and pulled the lid of the crate into position, closing her inside. I hauled myself up and out of the hole. I stood at the edge and gazed down at the crate at the bottom for sometime. I knew Hazel was inside, waiting for the first shovel of dirt to thunder down around her. Eventually I grabbed the shovel and delivered the first load of dirt. It thumped against the wooden crate and I wondered how it must sound to her inside it. I steadily and rhythmically began to heave the dirt into the open grave. The sound changing as the grave slowly filled. I began to throw dirt onto dirt as the crate was covered and disappeared into the evermore shallow hole. At last, the grave was filled in completely and I patted down and levelled the soil. After scattering some leaves and other forest floor debris over the fresh grave, it became invisible. No one but me would ever know it was there, or who was in it.

“I will miss you” I said. I turned and began to walk away, leaving Hazel in the darkness and silence of her grave. I stopped as I felt it again. That shiver, was it guilt, regret or perhaps even doubt…


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