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Lost at Sea

by Doctor Vader

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© Copyright 2013 - Doctor Vader - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; captive; drug; bond; gag; boxed; torment; toys; insert; burial; encase; revenge; cons/nc; XX

Georgia woke to a gentle swaying motion. She was still a little dazed confused, and dreadfully uncomfortable. She could smell sea water! She tried to stretch and flex her arms. She couldn’t. She was immediately awake and aware. She was very tightly strapped in place, couldn’t move a muscle. Her arms tightly pinned behind her back, a strap around her neck, another around her waist and her ankles strapped slightly apart. She tried to call out but was rather firmly gagged too. A ring gag she wondered as she worked her tongue around it. She was upright and struggled to look to her sides, the strap around her neck made it hard. Georgia could see water stretching to the horizon ahead of her. Was she on a boat? How had she gotten here? Who had done this? Her mind raced.

“At last my slut is awake” Melissa laughed as she came into Georgia’s view.

“I guess you’re wondering what’s going on right?” She smiled wryly, leaning close.

“Well, it’s pretty simple really, you’re very securely strapped into this special box I’ve designed just for you” Melissa cooed.

“It’s made of six inch reinforced steel, has a very large and again reinforced viewing window in the door, depth proof to several thousand meters, it has lighting, a managed air supply, and a nutrient delivery system… of sorts” Melissa laughed wickedly. Georgia tried struggled franticly, but she was so securely strapped into place it proved to be a futile effort. She was utterly helpless.

“Now just a few last bits of set up and then you’re ready to go” Melissa smiled as she produced what looked like a large penis gag.

“This is the nutrient delivery system” Melissa chuckled as she pushed the penis part easily through the ring gag, despite Georgia’s best attempt to resist, and then buckled it firmly into place.

“Now, this tube is connected to a Fifty litre container of various animal semen, which once activated will be periodically pumped though the penis gag and straight into your mouth… Now it’s set to go off randomly, so it can pump anything from just a few millilitres to half a litre at any time, so you’d best be ready to swallow… But I’ve heard you’re pretty good at that anyway” Melissa grinned wickedly.

“Nearly there… But I wonder if you’ve noticed your special knickers yet” She laughed as she pressed a small button inside Georgia’s metal container. Melissa let out a giggle of joy as Georgia’s eyes were suddenly wide. She could feel her arse and pussy being filled rapidly, and keep filling uncomfortably.

“Inflatable double dildo knickers… They’ll inflate and deflate slightly… Then inflate again over and over again quite regularly” Melissa explained as Georgia felt the slight deflation inside her.

“I chose the extra large ones for you, I thought you’d like them” Melissa whispered cruelly.

“Now before I do seal the door, just a couple of things, we’re in the middle of nowhere, I haven’t used the navigation system in hours so even I don’t know where we are, and I won’t be using it for a few hours after I’ve sailed on either, so I wouldn‘t be able to find you again… even if I wanted to!” She smiled.

“Oh have I not explained properly yet!” Melissa said sarcastically.

“You’re going overboard!” She spat.

“I’m burying you at sea, in you’re special box, you’ll sink straight down to the bottom and that’s where you’ll stay” She continued maliciously.

“Now you’ll have about seventy two hours worth of air, if you don’t breath too hard of course, heavy breathing will obviously reduce that quite a lot” Melissa was smiling wickedly as Georgia’s terror grew.

“Now once that air is gone… well I‘m sure even you can guess what happens then” She said coldly.

“But at least you’ll die how you lived… A fat titted slut, full of cock and a mouth full of spunk!” She spat as she swung the door closed on the box, sealing Georgia inside.

She could only stare in disbelief as Melissa secured the door. Immediately the box was moving, being slowly winched off the deck. Georgia was helpless as it was quickly swung over the edge of the boat and dangled there for a few moments, twisting gently. Georgia could see Melissa smiling at her from the deck, the winch controls in her hands. The box dropped suddenly, hitting the water hard and then it was sinking rapidly.

Georgia had no idea how long she was sinking, it felt like an age. She hit the sea bed with a thump, the box remaining upright. She could only see the seabed for a few feet in front of her due to the box’s light, and she wondered how deep she was. Then her torment’s began, as suddenly her mouth was full of semen, a lot of semen. She struggled to gulp and swallow it all down.

Moments later she felt her dildo’s inflating rapidly to a huge size, invading her arse and pussy uncomfortably, but they didn’t deflate they remained huge for what seemed to be hours, eventually deflating for just a few seconds before becoming huge inside her again and another huge load of semen pumped into her mouth simultaneously. She struggled again to gulp it down. Georgia was utterly helpless. She sobbed as she was relentlessly tormented and tortured. Her dildo’s inflated to an enormous size inside her and deflated rarely and for only moments, her mouth pumped full of semen in huge doses and her air… Georgia’s air was slowly running out.


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