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My Only Horror Film

by Jackie Rabbit

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© Copyright 2011 - Jackie Rabbit - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF+/f; capture; bond; gag; susp; bdsm; tormet; rack; machine; insert; punish; burial; coffin; oral; sex; climax; cons; XX

For the background to the characters in ths story you can read Ken's Brithday Gift and Bondage Barbie Deluxe

...Some time had gone by since my last experience in Don's toy room, and my duplicate dolls display in the Barbie Bondage Deluxe box Ken had made. Don's idea of passing her for me had worked out like he had planned, and to the best of my knowledge he kept her in that box on display. There was however one excited phone call from me to Don just before he showed off his new doll to "the two pain in the asses", all I said was "doll eyes". Don had noticed that if he displayed his new doll upright as I was, her weighted doll eyes would be open under the lone ranger mask, unlike mine had been. Don, mister attention to detail, had realized this before me and made the proper adjustments, and that made my excited call unnecessary...

...Ken had found a very beautiful girl he was interested in and all of us remained friends, but Ken and I weren't sleeping together anymore either. I knew this day would likely come, but it wasn't a welcome change for me, especially with loosing Don's special entertainment at the same time. I hate to say it was a low point in my life, because I still had hubby and I now had some challenging duties at work with "Uncle Don" watching out for me as well. The best one of those was Don's director friend, Levi, and his purchase of an entire castle in Europe. He bought the small castle's ruins, really a collection of large cut stones, and intended to have our company move them here and reassemble them, duplicating their previous glory. Our company handled "heavy hauling", and this complex project would help us make a name for ourselves overseas.

Several things went wrong with the project before I got involved with it, and all Levi's money spent to that point looked lost. This was the reason Don had been at the office so much before my "dollification" early last year. There was a cultural shock at prospect of moving the castle to another country, and for ethical and public relations reasons, we couldn't do it. I spoke with Levi several times on this subject and we had become closer friends. It was easy to do as Levi was a great guy, but I felt terrible that he wouldn't be able to achieve his goal of a real castle, a desire he had held since his first erotic horror movie. I tried to make light of the situation and suggested that since he had spent so much money identifying each cut stone, and their location in the structure, we could have the stones cut here and use the building plans he already owns. After a lengthy pause on the other end of the phone, he shocked me and said he would be fine with that! One call to Don, and Levi looked like he would get his castle, but made with domestic stones. We wouldn't make very much money, or get the public exposure with the project Don wanted, but it was a creative solution to our problem that I likely wouldn't have thought of without my "special training" class. I had to laugh at the thought of that!

Levi had finally contacted Ken about building a rack for him, and the details were a well kept secret. I assumed he would want one like in one of his early movies, but Ken wouldn't tell me anything... Levi and I had developed an email relationship as well, and he shocked me by asking me, on line, if he could use my ideas about the erotic horror movie we had talked about at his house over a year ago. I told him I would love to see that movie, and then never heard another word about it...

...More time passed, and I had been to the site of Levi's castle two times to see the progress the stone masons had made. It was easy to see where Levi intended to put his dungeon equipment, and he told me he intended to make the movie we had talked about in his new castle. His new place was remote enough, he had bought a whole wooded mountainside, and had parking for his and his visitors cars well away from the castle. The effect would be like being transported back in time, and Levi was unsure if he was even going to keep his old house. I was very happy to have been a small part of helping him achieve his dream, and he said he wanted to make a free commercial for Don, to be aired in the country we got the castle idea from. This way, Levi said, Don could maybe recover some of the publicity he lost with this project. I thought that was a wonderful idea, but wondered why Levi was telling me about it. Then he dropped the bomb on me and said he wanted me to star in the commercial! He explained his reasoning to me and it made sense, and I reluctantly agreed, IF Don would let me. Levi said he would give his old friend no choice in the matter!

Levi said he wished it was that easy to cast OUR movie! He told me he liked the idea of an "over the top" movie, but it would be so over the top that it couldn't get any kind of rating to be shown publicly without cutting it up too badly. He said he intended to distribute it personally, for private use, for the cost of the production plus a fair profit. He said he would likely charge between five and twenty thousand dollars per copy, and had a long list of customers already waiting for the old movie he said was found in an unedited form. He told me he had a list of men who would take the parts for a simple percentage of the gross, and in reality would do it for free after reading the script. The lead woman's part was the problem, he told me. He said once they read the men's script, the lead woman didn't have many lines, as I knew, they ran away. I asked Levi if I could read the script he had in mind, and he reluctantly said I could, only if I kept it to myself. I agreed and took a copy he had with him to my hotel for a read through.

Back at my hotel I felt like a complete slut, I was half way through the script and I had my fingers inside my panties furiously rubbing myself to still another orgasm. Somehow Levi, or more likely his writers, had turned my most erotic daydream into a script! It felt dirtier to read it, than to just think it, but it was obviously inspired by my after dinner conversation with Levi. I had to stop reading and call Levi, but I didn't know what to say to him. I decided to order room service first, and started reading where I left off... My meal came before I did again, and the young man who brought up my steak dinner didn't know how lucky he was to escape with his virtue intact. I didn't like the ending of the script, and that was my excuse to call Levi. When I called he said he was waiting to heaqr from me, and asked me if I still thought of him as a friend. I laughed and said I was going to ask him the same thing, and the answer was yes. I told him I must have drank more than I realized that night, and I hated to admit it, but that he got most of it right. He told me to write in any changes I wanted on the margins of the pages, that's why they're left so big, he explained. I made the changes I wanted and scribbled notes in the margins as instructed, and I wrote two possible endings. Much of this movie would depend on the actress, the script I envisioned would be flexible, actually I envisioned no script at all. Levi was the director and knew there needed to be one, I was just a horny woman with a dark imagination, and I wanted to star in this movie! The thought just popped into my head on it's own.

I gave Levi back the script with the notes I made, and I asked him if I could have the part. Before he even thought about it he said no. I pretended I didn't hear him and explained why I would be perfect for the part, how I didn't want to play the part, but wanted to be filmed living the part. My fantasy, I told him, was even in black and white like the old rainy day horror classics I enjoyed. He thought about that for a moment and smiled, and then said he gets it, but the answer was still no.

I caught myself whining like a little kid," WHYYYY NNNNOT?"

"Because", he said, "I would likely loose my taste for such a rough experience ten seconds into it, and we will have tons of set up costs to spread out in a very short movie that nobody will want. He also told me he didn't want to see me hurt, that this wasn't "play time.""

"It is to me", I shot back. I told him I have done things like this before, and wanted to do it. I told him no actress would last past the second scene, and that even if he made the changes I suggested, I could do the movie to the ending credits.

I gave Levi a big hug, I knew I had crossed a line with him, friend or not. I told him I knew he only wanted what is best for me, but that if I did this movie, and it scared the hell out of me, I would not look back and regret it. If I didn't do this movie, I knew I would always wonder "what if". I told him I expected this would be a once and done kind of thing, that once I lived this fantasy of mine I would probably go back to my somewhat normal life without regrets. I asked Levi if he would consider giving me the part, with the changes I made, IF he couldn't find someone else. He paused a moment told me it was against his better judgment, but that he would sign me to the part conditionally, and handed me a contract out of his briefcase. When I looked at it, it was a sheet of paper where I could highlight what I wouldn't do in the film, with a huge list of unimaginable things to choose from, and a place to sign it on the bottom. I signed it and gave it back without any limits at all. If the terms of the contract were designed to shock me out of wanting to do the movie, it had the complete opposite effect on me... If I got the part, he told me, I would get a percentage of the gross like the other actors.

Some time went by and Levi's castle was finally complete, and he asked me to block out two weeks at the end of the next month for shooting the commercial, all with Don's approval. Levi said he would take care of my accommodations on the shoot, and all I needed to do was show up at the airport and have Tony, Levi's driver, pick me up. Levi told me he couldn't find another actress to do the movie, and even some porn stars turned down the rough role! Levi said it in a way that would let me back out of my earlier commitment to star in the film, if I wanted. I told him I was looking forward to the movie, and he said in that case that we would shoot the movie right after the commercial was done. None of my coworkers, or even hubby would know how long it takes to shoot a commercial, and would assume my two week absence was work related. Don was another issue, but Levi said he had that handled.

From that phone call until the plane landed, I had no sex of any kind, with or without hubby. I was almost climbing the walls of the plane on the return trip with the realization of what I set myself up for, and with my earlier boasting to Levi, I couldn't chicken out now. There was a whole group of people who were depending on me not to! Tony picked me up at the airport and commented on my tan, Levi suggested I tan up at a salon because there would be no make up breaks for the movie, at least for me, and I asked Tony if he liked it. He said it did...

We shot the commercial in front of Levi's castle, and inside it as well, and the whole thing was done by mid morning. The commercial was shot with a separate film crew, and to the best of my knowledge, the select movie crew didn't know who I was. Levi had told me his use of black and white film would make the movie look old, and all the actors, including me would be hard to identify and sworn to secercy. His story line for the movie was that he had found this old movie someplace, and that made it interesting for high end movie enthusiast who wanted to own some vintage kink. And, he explained, it would be assumed that any of the actors would be long gone, or at least very old as his story said the movie was eighty years old.

Over lunch Levi asked one last time if I wanted to go through with this movie, and if I could hold out for as long as possible if I did. I told him yes to both, and he reminded me everybody on set would ignore any pleading or screaming I did, and my treatment would continue either until the other actors needed to rest, or I confessed. He also reminded me it was likely I would get marked up some, but that they wouldn't do any permanent physical harm to me, unless something went wrong. Levi had a last question for me, sex? I told him if anything got out of hand for me, I would confess. How could I tell my friend that I hoped they fucked the crap out of me. In my fantasy though, it was all about the helplessness and not necessarily the sex, but I would be just as unable to stop someone who wanted to use me in that way as well! The confession was my "safe word", until I used it, I would be at the mercy of my torturers.

I had a silent, personal bet with myself, if I needed to use the "safe word" confession, I wouldn't try something like this again. I knew the script went from capture to mild to rough to extreme, just like a real medieval torture session would go. And I knew the outline of the script, however the details were subject to change, much like filming a theatre stage production. "The show must go on" was the phrase I remembered most from the few plays I was in. The goal in medieval times was a confession, without horribly injuring the accused, me, as to make the process look fair. In truth it was barbaric, and would start for me before dinner!

I showered and got into my costume, a multi layered dress with the familiar cotton shift on under the layers. Medieval women apparently didn't wear bras, and I skipped some of the layers of clothing I could have worn, as they would only get ruined anyway. When I came out Levi was waiting, and he gave me a ride to the back side of the property in his golf cart. We were on a cart path and he instructed me to follow the path and everything would start from there. He also told me he made some changes to the script, only so that I would be surprised when things happened. Remember, he told me, the only thing that stops the action is your confession. I got it I told him, and I gave him a kiss on the cheek and thanked him before I started walking down the path. I expected him to be working one of the cameras, but I clearly saw him drive away.

I walked for a good ten minutes, long enough to think I was in the wrong spot when I spotted two men on horseback. They started chasing me, and I ran down the path right into the arms of another large man, who grabbed me and twisted my arms behind my back roughly. I started screaming and kicking, I wasn't acting either. My arms were roped in front of me and a length of rope was tied off to one of the horses before I noticed one of the two cameras filming my capture. In less than ten minutes I forgot I was making a movie, and decided I would continue to disregard the cameras as best as I could. With the help of the other two men, a strip of material was torn off the bottom of my long dress and several knots were tied into the middle of it. The men had fashioned a cleave gag and they tied it in place to keep me from screaming, even though it wasn't in my version of the script. Clearly the cast was able to improvise when necessary. It would make it hard to confess and use my safe word if they kept it in, but it did make me feel even more helpless and vulnerable.

The three men mounted their horses and I had to walk behind them being pulled along by my bound wrists. They held a pace that made me walk faster than was comfortable, and I stumbled along as the cameras filmed me from their position. We were still a good distance from the castle, but I thought far enough from the cameras to slow down, and I made as much noise with the gag in my mouth as possible asking them to slow down. The rider whose horse I was attached to noticed, and sadistically told his buddies that we need to pick up the pace a little. I tried to keep up with the slow trot of the horses, and I did, but my tits were flopping all around, and with my arms pulling me along and pinching them, it looked anything but graceful. I was winded from a lack of air, breathing mostly through my nose, and when we stopped I started sweating profusely under my dress. I learned two things from that; don't ask for mercy, and these men weren't going to make this easy for me.

I was dragged into the long dinning room, and my wrist rope was tied off to an iron ring embedded into a stone block pillar high over my head. My chest heaved with each breath, and my hair stuck to my sweaty face in a very non-erotic manor, the cameras completely forgotten by me. The men retreated to the dinner tables, and to my horror I found myself displayed as I was at a dinner party. There were easily thirty people there, all staring at the strange creature displayed in front of them! I felt like a caught fish hanging on some kids fishing pole for the other kids to admire! Levi was the King, and his wife was at his side like his queen, and to the best of my knowledge the only two there who knew who I was. The others were the cast and crew, and their spouse's, all in costume. I had it in mind that my performance would be semi private, nobody told me it would be, but I assumed it. The three men who captured me told their King that they caught me lurking around the castle and were unsure if I was a spy or a witch. "That is why we gagged her", they said, "so she couldn't cast a spell on us while we eat."

The King said it looked like they ran me hard on the way in, and the men confirmed that they didn't want to miss dinner. "She looks thirsty", the King observed. Several of the crew's wifes' were tasked to help cool me off, giving them some camera time as a reward for doing this low budget film, I thought. Five of them came back out of the kitchen area with period accurate wooden buckets filled with ice water. I knew it was ice water because I saw the slush. My pleading eyes didn't work, and the ruthless bitches threw the water at me until I was soaked to the bone and shivering. I received no mercy, or attention as they ate their meals without utensils, and I watched. It seemed worse to me to be degraded by a woman, in front of other women, rather than a man. I thought that maybe they were upset that their husbands, or significant others would likely have their hands all over me later.

Dinner was finished, and I was to be the entertainment to distract the men while the dishes were cleared, and desert served. A new man stood up and suggested to the King that I may be hiding something on my body, and offered to search me. The King gave his permission and the large man walked up to me and put his hand into the neck of my multi layered dress to tear it off of me. I kicked out at him, two could play at this lets make this real game, and I connected with his upper thigh right where I was aiming with my pointed boot. I didn't want to crush his balls, I just wanted to make this more real for him as well. He laughed and told his King that "this one has some fight left in her", and another man handed him some rope. The first man grabbed both my legs in one powerful arm and I found myself swinging by my wrists as he tied my legs together and removed my pointed boots. He went to rip my dress off a second time, after he gave me a wink and silently said that it was a good kick. The dress must have been perforated, or short stitched, because it tore from my wet body easily. I lost my cotton shift in the same motion, and the man just went with it. Levi didn't want me nude so early in the movie, or for that matter in front of the crew's spouses. It couldn't be undone now, and I actually think it helped to warm me up!

Desert was done and I was roughly moved down to the dungeon by two of the men. I was finished with the easiest part of my ordeal, and the torture part would start for real next... I was chained and cuffed to a iron rectangular frame that laid on the cold stone floor. I didn't even give much thought to being naked in front of these men, not that it would have mattered. I recognized the frame I was chained to from one of my favorite black and white horror movies, only the heroine in that movie was partially dressed and rescued before she was treated too badly. I held no such hope, and only wanted to hold out as long as possible to prove I could. Only when the men were sure I was not going anywhere did they remove my gag. The camera panned the rest of the dungeon and I was given a drink that I greedily drank down. The big guy I kicked asked me if I was still OK, and I told him I was, far more bravely than I felt. He said good, because the crew all took bets on how long you would last, and he said I think some of them have already lost. The frame I was chained to was hoisted up toward the heavy roof beams by two chains mid way up the side of the frame. There were two pins at the top, and two more at the bottom of the frame to be placed into the chain links to hold the frame either upright or inverted. I was hoisted upright for now, and my wrists and ankles were nowhere near the frame's edge. There were more men in the dungeon now and they obviously liked what they saw. The camera guys took turns changing their film, and I just as quickly forgot about them.

Two of the guys who caught me took their turn interrogating me, and as rough as they were I thought they bet I would quit with their treatment, and they would win whatever they bet each other. One got behind me and pushed on my ass with his gloved fingers on my opening until I swung the three feet to his buddy. His buddy grabbed my nipples with his gloved hands and tried to hold me near him. My tits stretched out obscenely, like two funnels, and snapped back painfully when he lost his grip. Each time I swung toward his friend, he pushed me back. I was asked each time if I was a witch or a spy, and each time I refused to answer. I did yelp in pain, but also felt my sex getting wet and ready. I hoped these two didn't notice, but on the next swing tit man put his first finger inside my wet pussy and made to hold me near him with his curled finger. He was right on my "g" spot and I wiggled like a caught fish and slipped away from him. The damage was done though, and he showed his friend and the camera his wet glove.

I didn't necessarily want to have sex with either one of these guys, but I wasn't going to confess to them either. I was panting like a dog and asked him quietly who the girls were who dumped the ice water on me. He told me the red head was his wife, and that's all I needed to hear. I reached out with my mouth and kissed him hard, and told him if he rocked my world I would confess to him. The red head was sexy, without a doubt, but I was here and as helpless as I could be, and she wasn't. He dropped his pants to his boots and pulled me onto his hard cock in one swift swoop. I clamped down on him hard and he was so excited he came off moments after he entered me. "Bet she never did that for ya", I taunted him as he zipped up. I would have entertained his friend next, but he came off in his shorts just watching me with his friend. The men just left me hanging there in the frame. The cameras were rolling and I wondered what would happen next.

I was getting tired, but not tired enough to quit. A new group of men came down and just looked at my stretched out body like they just won the lottery. "Are you a spy or a witch" I was asked. I wouldn't answer and he looked like that made him angry. I was whipped by all three men all over my body with soft leather nine tails. It sounded scary swishing through the air, and I'm sure the camera caught how my softer skin deformed when they hit me. Unknown to them, this was like foreplay for me, and the men finally noticed the cum they had managed to shake out of me. I would have fucked all three of them if they asked, but they didn't.

Groups of men came down in twos and threes to try to break me, but none succeeded. I ended up full of welts and scratches, and my arms were sore from hanging as long as I was. I thought there would be more sex in this for me, but the beatings were almost as good. The King, Levi, came down to see how I was doing, he said he was surprised by my performance. He told me he was going to send down another group to try to break me, and that he was going to bed. I knew there was only one thing left in the script, the rack! I thought it likely they might break me with it, but ever since I saw my first horror movie, I wanted to be racked!

The King asked me if I wanted to confess now, to him, and spare the ordeal. I shook my head no, and he smiled. Just remember, he told me silently, witches get burned at the stake, and spy's get hanged. Before the King left, he released the top of the frame from the chains and inverted me, repining my frame with my head hanging down. I thought he was being kind by letting my arms rest before the rack. The King just stood there and looked at my helpless body with my tits now being pulled toward my shoulders, and looking extra full. He motioned to the camera guys to go take a break, and we were alone. He looked at my scratches and welts before I asked him if there was ANY way I could thank him for this wonderful experience. "Something the queen is reluctant to do", I taunted. "Something you will likely never have a chance to do with somebody like me again", I added.

Levi went over to the heavy wheel on the wall and cranked my chains until my mouth was crotch level. I closed my eyes and thought it was the least I could do for him... and screamed in shock when he paddled my ass with a long wooden paddle. It sounded terrible and I swung on the chains as Levi turned my whipped ass a bright shade of pink. I yelped and twitched until he stopped, and he told me he had wanted to do that to me ever since I pushed myself into this picture. I told him that I deserved it, but I silently wished my hands were free to rub my sore ass. I asked him if there was anything else I could do for him, as I licked my lips. He said his queen would kill him, and he turned to leave. Before the camera guys were sent back in I asked him if we were still friends. "Closer than ever", was his answer.

My last torturers were sent down after the camera guys got started back up, and I was horrified to see it was the five sadistic women with the same buckets from earlier. They looked at my position, and the cum now running down my belly, and demanded to know who fucked me. I wouldn't tell and the red head picked up the paddle the King left laying on the floor and smacked my pink ass hard. She had an excellent swing with an up angle right before she contacted my ass. I was reminded of my time playing tennis in college, and I thought she must play also! I was begging and pleading for her to stop, but she said she would keep it up until either I talked or the paddle broke. She looked like she could do this far longer than I could, and her friends laughing at me didn't help. My ass was no doubt a bright red by the time I spat out "your husband"! For the first time during this whole ordeal, I was afraid!

The women went over to the wheel that controlled the chains I was suspended from, and dropped me roughly on the stone floor. I was removed from the iron frame that I spent the last few hours in, and manhandled to the other side of the dungeon, and the king's new rack. I knew Ken had made this thing by his obvious craftsmanship, and I wondered what he would think if he knew I was going to be tortured on his creation! I had never seen a rack like this one, and the red head must have seen my look because she told me it was custom designed for the King, and sadistic as hell. I had been abused, albeit with my consent, for hours, and I was tired. I was no match for those five women under any conditions, let alone then. They easily dumped me onto the thick ropes that made up the bed of the thing, on my back. Each woman had an arm or a leg, and they placed each into one half of a stock like frame at each end of the box frame, spread wide. Leather was wrapped around my thin ankles and wrists to make the thick frame fit tight enough that I wouldn't slip out of it after it was closed. My wrists were captured in the fixed top, and all motion appeared it would be downward. For me, at that point, there were no cameras, and it was as real as it could be.

I wasn't stretched, yet, but I had only seen some of what Ken's machine could do. I wasn't going anywhere without help either, and it was unlikely the ruthless women would! A long staff was pulled off of the wall and mounted to the lower part of the rack. It was no ordinary pole, it's end was made to look like a solid piece of wood, but it was softer, like a really large tapered dong. It started out the size of a large cock, and eight inches up the shaft it was larger than a soda can. One women stepped on a trough like box hanging from the heavy rope that were attached to the piece holding my ankles. I was pulled toward the bottom of the rack by her foot, and the red head laid the large staff on my belly, and positioned the evil device's tip at my belly button. Once she had me sized up, the pole was lubed and marked and the red head aligned it with my pussy and tried to start it into me. The woman with her foot on the trough stepped off, and I pulled as hard as possible with my arms to get away from the impaling monster, as she had anticipated. The staff went into a mount, and was just inside my pussy as I pulled with my arms until my ankles were pulled tight to keep it from penetrating me further. I was beyond humiliation at having another woman, actually five, do this to me.

The red head apparently had the most lines in the whole picture, this was a surprise for me, but I didn't read her script, only the guys, and even that one was different than the one I saw. For all I know, she was ad libbing this whole thing for revenge. One thing was for sure, she knew exactly how Ken's rack worked, and that meant she was either trained, or it's victim before I was. She told me, and the cameras, that I was attached to an automated rack, a kind of medieval confession machine, and it was designed to give the interrogators some rest from the screams and agony of their victim's. She said many interrogators went mad, and this relentless machine was designed to prevent that. And she went on, in keeping with that tradition, once we have you set up here, we're going to bed! I discovered this was a cruel torture machine that used sexual impalement to extract a confession. I may have confessed by then and saved myself the experience, but the girls had fashioned a bit gag with some of the extra leather from my wrists and ankles. I was not to be gagged, and assumed somebody would put a stop to this. I was wrong! She said, with gritted teeth, that I fucked her husband, and now she was going to fuck me!

I knew I was missing something, and didn't have to wait long for it. The women started pouring their buckets of water into the trough connected to my ankles, and the weight started to put a strain on my sore arms. My arms were still bent as far as they could be, keeping the staff from further penetrating me. The more water they added to the trough, the greater the strain on my weakened arms. Sweat was running out of me in a very unladylike way, and nearly impossible to fake under these conditions. They weren't done yet either! Three ropes were laced through holes in the the box frame right under my tits, and full water buckets hung on the rough hemp ropes, pulling them taunt. They were spaced about three inches apart and didn't seem to be doing anything at the moment other than preventing me from sitting up. I couldn't anyway as long as my arms were trapped in the upper stock like portion of the rack. Another half full water bucket was hung on the other end of the exposed staff, forcing the dong on the end of the staff to try to lift my ass off of the rope bed I was on. This upward pressure was directly on my clitoris and felt like an electric shock, and I concentrated as hard as I could at not cumming for the women. To me, that would be the ultimate degradation.

I was straining, and sweating, but so far not loosing ground to the relentless pressure on my body. Other than the women being the ones to administer my first racking, it was better than the nearly fifteen years of wet day dreams that lead me here. The bit gag was giving me something to bear down, and I actually liked the helplessness of it. I was committed, whether I liked it or not. The women walked out of my limited field of view, and the red head said she would see what's left of me in the morning. I had no real sense of time, but thought morning couldn't be that far away. I was set to endure my torture when I was startled by the entire head end of the rack rising in a shaky manor. If I could have seen them, I would have seen the red head and her friends cranking a wheel on the wall just like the one they used to lower me earlier. The rack and me were raised until we were at a thirty degree angle, and the pressure increased on my numb arms. The pressure did lessen on my clitoris some in an unequal trade off. The girls were gone from my view and I believed I was alone, the cameras and production people forgotten. If I could have seen past the camera lights, I would have seen every member of the entire crew living vicariously through my tortured body, and some of them discretely playing with themselves.

I knew I couldn't hold out indefinitely now, and I relaxed my arms ever so slightly. I was rewarded with the staff burying itself deeper into my stretched pussy, and a loud CLICK, both felt and heard. I tried to pull back in fright like I did as the red head was impaling me at first, but they must have engaged the heavy iron toothed rack and pawl mechanism on the lower part of the machine I saw earlier. The click set the bucket on the end of the staff swinging about. The water was moving in the trough as well, and the result was an uneven pressure on my stretched body, and a pulsating on my clit. Every twitch I made was multiplied by the swinging bucket on the staff, and I was quickly loosing control of my body. I had no choice this time, and I felt the massive ratchet go CLICK, CLICK, as I was further impaled by the staff in my stretched pussy.

It felt like the first time Ken fucked me in front of hubby, and ironically Ken was now responsible for stretching me out a second time. I would say I was being ruined for life, but I knew from past experience that I would eventually return to my previous size. However, the staff mounted dong was far larger at the top than any man I had ever seen. I found the purpose of the hemp rope across my chest now. Every time I slid down, the rough rope dragged across my abused nipples, and now they were trapped up between the first and second rope. The swinging bucket on the staff was driving me wild and I started to slip into one long uncontrolled orgasm. I felt the ratchet go CLICK, CLICK, CLICK until I was bottomed on the frame, and the staff felt like it was near my belly button, but on the inside. My pussy was stretched obscenely around the staff, and the wrenching of the swinging bucket made me black out. I remembered my fists balled up, and my toes pointing at the floor, and every muscle stretching as hard as they could. Without the bit gag I likely would have bit my lip hard enough to do damage.

I awoke being held up by two men in front of the King, and I apparently had somehow confessed during my orgasm. My pussy lips felt like they were hanging open for all the world to see, and I was still gagged, but my shoulders and neck felt heavy. I remembered that the weight on my shoulders and neck were significant, but I couldn't remember why. I let myself be lead, with my arms bound behind my back, to the same spot where I was originally captured. It was dark out yet, but not for much longer, and the walk helped me to clear my head. The whole crew was following me and my captors, and I wish I remembered if I was to be burnt alive, or hanged like a spy.

I was lead to a large tree with a real noose hanging from the stout limb, and that meant I was a spy. I was walked under the noose and it was placed around my neck with the knot in the center of my back, although I could hardly feel it. One of the guys got on his knees and tied my ankles together and then did the same for my knees. His face was inched from my hanging outer lips, and I wonder what he thought about that. Even in this darkness, the abuse my body took was obvious. The red head came up and saw my confusion, and whispered in my ear that we all discussed it, and we weren't going to use any special effect on this next shot like we planned, to make this look really real. She said Levi always wanted to do a snuff film, and this was the perfect cover for it. My eyes bugged out and I feebly fought for my life with little result, bound as I was. She told me that's why Levi didn't want to use you, but you insisted. She said she would fuck her husband on top of my grave before I was even cold to celebrate! I'm sure the camera caught my pleading eyes, and heard my muffled pleas for help.

Now, the red head thought to herself, this will be real fun!

There was a man I didn't remember checking my noose, and when he said "haul her up", three men hauled on the other end of the one inch rope until only the tips of my toes were touching. The man in charge of the hanging said to the spectators that this was an especially cruel way to hang a female spy, making her reach for the ground to save her life, and only succeeding in looking even sexier in death. I fought and twitched as I spun on the rope with my toes tracing an irregular pattern on the dirt below me. I never really choked like I expected, and I was observed by the crowd until I gave up and stopped twitching. I was let down from my historically accurate short drop hanging and laid into a small coffin, face down. I heard the men earlier say that that was the only way to bury a spy. The red head loosened my noose and position it between my tits and under me before pulling it up between my legs. She pulled the thing savagely until the rope pulled between my stretched lips, and up between my ass cheeks. She then took a turn around the rope trapping my wrists, and threaded it under my knee ropes, and she tied it off tight to my ankles.

The lid was nailed down onto my coffin, and I was placed into a shallow grave. I didn't see it, but there was an air hose in there with me and a mini camera along with it. The men started to bury me and the sound of the dirt on the lid made me think this was really my last few minutes on earth. When the noise stopped I pulled on the noose rope and felt that familiar tension on my clit, and I started sawing the crotch rope into my abused pussy. I wanted one more good orgasm before I was done! At the same time, the red head was fucking her husband senseless directly over top of me like she said she would... I was kept in the ground until the sun rose and the two lusty lovers were sated.

I was dug up and got a standing ovation from the crew, and each agreed it was the most erotic thing they had ever seen. They all agreed Levi was a master story teller, and I was driven up to the house to rest, after the ropes and neck harness were removed. The harness was a flesh colored hard plastic mount that went under my arm pits and around my neck. The noose went around it and explained why I survived my hanging, but not why I forgot it was on. For that I can only say I was totally into character and very tired, and the red headed bitch was very convincing That harness and the soft end on the staff were the only special effects in the whole movie.

I needed the next two weeks to recover, and Levi had a discrete doctor look at me, and a physical trainer work with me as well. I found out that Levi told the crew that I was somebody that got off on heavy abuse, and to show me no mercy of any kind. I realized he may have been more right than he knew, but with actually living out this crazy fantasy, I decided I was done with this extreme scene stuff. I thought to myself that I might want to do the trapped in the box thing again, if the right circumstance presented itself.

I didn't sit in with the crew's preview of the film, but was told that it was a big hit. Levi did sell hundreds of copies of his film, and the crew, including me made some money. He made a lot more, but he took all the risks. The commercial I filmed was never shown, it's a long story why, but it had nothing to do with anything we did.



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