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Solid Revenge

by Unajet

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© Copyright 2018 - Unajet - Used by permission

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Frankie Massino was trying to figure out why he was lying on something pliable yet cold while his front side was warmer. He may have had a bit too much to drink last night but he’d never had a hangover like he was experiencing now. The pounding in his skull was almost nauseating.

Trying to lift his hands to his head to see if that would somehow help the throbbing pain to stop, Frankie found that he was unable to move them. His eyelids felt like they were made of lead as he tried to open them. Using all his energy to try and force them apart, Frankie began to understand what had happened to him.

Somehow last night he had been drugged. He had seen enough people waking up from having had it done to them to understand what he was currently feeling. There were numerous times he had ordered it done to many a lowlife, snitches, and backstabbers during his time as head of the Massino crime syndicate.

Once his eyes were open enough and adjusted from the brightness over him, Frankie’s next emotion was pure panic.

From both sides of him, he could see walls of dirt higher than his body, but only by about two to three foot. Trying to lift his arms again now that he felt more in control of his body, his arms still refused to obey his commands. When he went to lift his head to look around, he felt the cold, hard metal across his neck keeping him from doing so. Twisting every part of his body Frankie felt more just like them crossing over every section of his body. He was trapped with nowhere to go.

Folding his fingers back towards his wrist, he barely managed to touch the restraining item but it was enough for him to recognize the feel of cold metal rebar. He looked to his left and right, seeing that he was inside of a narrow dirt trench that was just about touching his shoulders on each side with inches to spare.

Frankie also recognized this type of location. He’d made enough people disappear into building and house concrete footers to know when he was trapped inside of one.

But who had done this to him and why?

There were a number of other mod bosses that had been trying to take over his territory for a while now, but his guys always managed to keep them off their turf. It seemed that somehow one of them had gotten through his private security.

Deciding he was not going to be a chicken-shit about this, Frankie called out, “Is anyone fucking there?”

He knew that if this location was anywhere near a public area where people would have heard his calls for help that his mouth would have been covered. That’s what he had always made sure of. After less than a minute, he heard the sound of footsteps coming his way.

As the shape of his captor appeared before him with the morning sun’s light silhouetted behind them, at first he couldn’t make out which asshole had gotten to him. Then they stepped to the side of the trench and Frankie’s eyes went wide.

“Hello, Frankie,” Marsha’s soft, calm voice greeted him as she glared down at him. Her long, bleach blond hair was pulled into two ponytails just behind her ears to hold it out of the way. She was wearing a tight white tank top with a black bra underneath, cut off jean shorts, and a pair of leather working boots. This outfit was very different than how he normally saw her, but he felt his dick still twitch at recognizing that tight body it craved underneath.

“Marsha? Get me the fuck out of here! Where’s Vito?” he demanded of the stripper he had been fucking on the side for a short time now.

“He’s only a trench away right over here,” she did a smooth hand gesture to the other side of her where he couldn’t see. “But he’s already dead. Just like you eventually will be.”

Frankie stared up at the bitch trying to figure out what was going on. Marsha had come into the strip club he owned less than a month ago trying to find work telling him she had just moved back to town after being gone for a few years. He’d made her give a short performance on stage letting him see that she could masterfully work a pole. Then he’d moved on to testing the goods personally back in his office and Frankie had eagerly hired her on afterwards. She’d sucked him dry like her life depended on it.

From her first night on, he’d made it a point to take Marsha with him at least twice a week to the off-the-books apartment he kept for his flings. His wife, Sofia, knew enough to keep her mouth shut if she even suspected his cheating ways. As far as he knew, Sofia was just as ignorant now of his affairs as she had been when they started before they were even married fifteen years ago.

Marsha was an incredible lay and gave head better than any of the other bitches that worked for him. So good in fact that Frankie had even made it a point so that his guys knew not only to lay off from her but to also make sure that none of the other bastards that came into the strip club got their hands on her. He wanted that piece of hot ass all for himself.

But last night, for the first time, Marsha had asked him to come back to her place for their rendezvous. Previous bitches would ask the same thing, hoping that he would take pity of their financial status at seeing their low-rent apartments and begin to shower them with gifts. It had worked many times as long as they kept him happy. A few had regretted it permanently when they stopped.

Frankie knew that had already been feeling the effects of the top-shelf whiskey he kept a personal bottle of in his office so he easily agreed. But after getting to her apartment, he couldn’t remember anything else after Marsha fixed him another glass wearing nothing but a hot pink feather boa and stiletto heels.

Now he was here. And the bitch standing over him was responsible.

“What the fuck do you mean dead?” Frankie angrily asked her as he began to struggle with the rebar that was holding him down.

“I figured you of all people would know the definition of the word dead,” she smirked down at him. “You’ve given it to so many other people as a new status. Or did you think that they would live forever inside of the concrete?”

He knew exactly what she was getting at.

“When I get out of here, you fucking bitch, you are going to find yourself in the exact same situation,” he leered up at her with a twisted smirk on his face. “I may even give that pussy of yours a good final thrashing before wasting you’re sorry ass.”

Shanking her heard in disappointment as his comments, Marsha told him, “I not sure if you actually believe that or are just too dumb to accept the fact of the situation you now find yourself in. You, Frankie Massino are never going to be seen alive again…just like Harold Green.”

Grinding his teeth and narrowing his eyes in recognition of that name, Frankie’s mind began to recall the events that had forced him to take action. Harold had been a piss-ant nobody clerk in the city’s building inspections office. A glorified paper pusher. But he must have had delusions of grandeur since he decided to try and take Frankie on.

Harold had been with the city long enough to start to recognize the discrepancies with the paperwork the inspectors he had bribed began to land on his desk. At first, he would reject them, making the inspectors come back to his guys about altering their own records to make them all jive. But then after a few months, Harold had taken too large of a step.

He had gone to the state’s licensing offices and put in numerous complaints about the faulty paperwork and irregularities in certified documents that had been created to get past building codes, safety regulations, and ethnics laws. Leave it to a pencil pusher to try and take down a multi-million dollar construction company owned and run by the mob.

“What the fuck does that little shit have to do with this? One of your nightly tricks that paid you well?” he laughed up at her.

Marsha’s expression changed to a coldness that he actually felt in his chest.

“No, you son of a bitch. He was my husband.”

Frankie knew that the confusion behind that statement was evident on his face. Her husband? He remembered Harold’s bitch of a wife, that tubby, mousy do-gooder that had confronted him on the sidewalk outside of his mother’s restaurant where he ate at every night.

He may not recall what the bitch’s name was but when she had slapped him across the face, it had left a memorable impression in his mind. The only reason he had let her get away with touching him was that he knew that he had indeed ordered her husband killed. Frankie figured she should get at least that one slap in…as long as the fat bitch backed off afterwards. And she had, moving out of town only a few months later.

But Harold’s wife had dirty brown hair that she had worn in a tight bun and was twice the size of Marsha. The outdated blouse and skirt with flat-soled shoes had given her the overall appearance as an out-of-shape librarian from the fifties. Too pathetic for him to have permanently taken out at that time.

Nothing like the hot bitch he had been fucking for the past month.

“There’s no fucking way,” he told her still in disbelief. “I remember what that cunt looked like. That’s not you.”

“It’s amazing what two years of working out, doing pole-dancing classes, and some hair dye can do. I lost over a hundred pounds thanks to my loathing of you,” she smiled down at him while running her red-tipped fingernails down the sides of her tight body. “You have no idea how nervous I was walking into the Slippery Kitty that first time for the job interview. I kept waiting for you to remember me from when I slapped your fucking face that day. After leaving there and giving you that blowjob to clench the deal, I vomited in the dumpster behind the place. Being with you made me physically nauseous.”

“Then why do it bitch?” he asked continuing to strain against the numerous pieces of rebar. Frankie figured that there had to be at least one that he could get loose.

“Because it was about time that someone took down a bastard like you. And I decided that nobody else should have to suffer with having their loved ones just go missing like I had. The police were fucking useless, claiming that the best they could do was a missing person’s report. They never even bothered to properly investigate his disappearance. One of them actually told me that maybe he had just left me considering the way that I looked. I figured out that he must have been one of your bribed cronies.”

“I had nothing to do with that pathetic husband of yours going missing. There’s no evidence for any court…”

“I don’t need fucking evidence!” Marsha then screamed down at him while kicking a bit of dirt onto him to stress her point. “I am not a fucking court of law. I am not some police official that you can bride with money or drugs. I am a fucking wife who loved her husband and that he actually loved back. That’s what you don’t understand you fucking cock-sucking bastard!”

Nobody talked to him like that! He was Frankie Massino, the biggest fucking mob boss around! This bitch should be quaking in her boots just for looking at him!

“When I get out of here you are just as dead as that worthless piece of shit husband!”

Marsha’s shoulders seemed to slacken a bit, as if hearing that eased some of the tension in her body. Frankie then realized what his mouth had yelled seconds too late. He had basically implicated himself with Harold’s disappearance, but it was not enough for any court to use against him.

“I am going to give you this one chance,” Marsha then told him with cold, dead eyes. “Tell me where Harold’s body is located and I’ll make your death quick. If you don’t, then know that I plan to draw out your death for days.”

Lifting his head as much as he could from the cold earth he was lying on till the rebar almost choked him, he sneered, “You don’t have the balls, cunt!”

“We’ll see how you feel about that in one hour once you are buried under a couple of feet of concrete,” she smiled down at him with a twisted satisfaction on her face.

“You wouldn’t dare?”

“I was brave enough to fuck and blow you for the past month. If I can overcome having to do that so I could get close to you to have my revenge, why the fuck would you think that I would stop now?”

Frankie had no answer for her. Some part of him knew that she was right. If Marsha was going to have chickened out from killing him, she would have done it long before now. She knew that if she let him up from down here that she was a dead woman. He would hunt her to the ends of the earth for payback.

“My guys are going to find you and kill you, cunt. I might be dead, but so are you.”

“I don’t think so,” she informed him with too cocky of a grin. “I’m just as sure as you have been all of this time with being able to get away with making someone just disappear. See, with just a bit of research on you, it didn’t take me long to find the perfect partner to help take you down. Maybe you remember him…Tony Costa.”

Frankie hated hearing that fucking name spoken. Tony Two-Face, as Frankie had started calling him, had been his second-in-command for years before heading out on his own in a nearby city. They had split on what he thought was amicable terms…until Tony had decided that he wanted to expand his new growing empire to include Frankie’s turf, his old stomping ground.

“He’s on the way here now with the concrete truck. So like I was saying, do you want it to end quickly or do you feel like suffering as you probably made all those others do?” she asked putting her hand on her hip. Marsha was extremely proud of herself.

“Fuck you, cunt!”

“Sorry. I’m not going to be doing that for you anymore. Maybe what you need is understanding of your situation for some incentive,” she smiled while looking over his body.

Pulling out her cellphone, he heard the camera take a couple of pictures of him. Marsha then maneuvered herself into the footing trench, carefully stepping around his trapped body until she was straddling over him. Turning the phone around in her hand, Frankie was able to get his first real understanding of how secured he actually was.

He had three straps of rebar on each arm, at the wrist and each side of his elbows. Similar had been down at his ankles and his knees. There was the piece he felt at his neck. Finally around his torso, there were four more pieces from his lower hips all the way up to his armpits. The final pieces went from under his arms over his shoulders to pin him down just a bit more. Frankie hadn’t even restrained one of his victims so well.

“Each of those pieces of rebar is U-shaped. They have been pounded into the soil for at least a foot, maybe more. They are spaced to make sure you can’t get any leverage to pull them up. Struggle all you want but you are never getting up from there again.”

His anger was starting to boil, especially with Marsha now being so close that her legs were grazing the side of his chest as she loomed threatening over him.

“You are nothing but a fucking whore which I’m going to…” was as far as he got before her booted foot stomped down onto his throat. The rebar took most of the impact but the sides of her shoe hit his Adam’s apple, sending a shocking, painful jolt through him.

“My, my, how the strong have fallen,” she told him with a hard twist of her foot to drive the point home. “As I was saying before you rudely interrupted me…fast or slow death? All it takes is Harold’s body’s location.”

Frankie was gasping and choking as the sole of her shoe continued rest on his neck, pressing in on the soft tissue and bone. It was another move that he had done many times without ever having felt the other side of it before. He could see why others had finally yielded, but he wasn’t a pathetic weakling like them.

“Fuck’in…cunt,” he managed to spit out at her.

Hearing that, Marsha moved her foot before taking a hard swing at his jaw, impacting it from the underside, causing his teeth to rattle together. Screaming out in pain, Frankie felt a part of a chipped tooth fall into the back of his throat. His body was racked with a coughing fit as the piece of tooth stayed lodged where it had landed. Eventually the sound of laughter reached his ears as it tried to gag him.

“You can dish it out but you can’t take it. What a pussy!” Marsha mocked him as he finally managed to turn his head and expel the items after numerous tries. “So, since you seem set on not telling me what I want to know,” she reached behind her to pull something from her back pocket, “I guess it’s time to move on to the next step.”

With that, Frankie was able to recognize the small item in Marsha’s hand as a folded pocket knife. A simple flick of her thumb extended the blade for him to see shine it in the morning sunlight.

“If you fucking kill me…” he was again interrupted with her foot stomping down onto his chest.

“I already told you that you’re dead. But you must be pretty stupid if you think I’m going to slit your throat after going through all of this.”

Marsha then reached down and began to run the knife’s blade through the opening of his button down shirt, slicing through the threads holding the buttons on. Once they were out of her way, she pulled his shirt open to expose his bare chest.

Placing the knife carefully between her teeth, she began to unbuckle his belt. Yanking it harshly free of the loops, Marsha tossed it further down the trench before undoing his fly. With a hard pull to the sides, she managed to pull his pants partially down so that his crotch area was exposed.

“Wanting to get one last look at what you’re going to miss?” he darkly joked as Marsha stepped backwards so that she was now straddling his legs.

Taking the knife into her hands, she told him, “Nope. Only a conceded asshole like you would think that. I’m just getting you ready for when Tony gets here.”

“Ready for what?” he asked as Marsha crouched over his thighs, slightly sitting on them as she carefully ran the tip of the knife blade over his white briefs. He may be about to die, but Frankie wanted to at least do it with his dick still attached. And having her working her fingers so close to it, his dick seemed to want a final farewell too as it tried to arise to the occasion.

With a sinister smile, Marsha grabbed the elastic waist of his underwear and pulled it off his body. Slipping the knife into the open area at the leg hole, she sliced it upwards to cut the material. Seconds later, she did the same with the other side. He was now essentially wearing a strip of fabric.

“I’m readying your worthless cock for its concrete bath,” she told him while taking a hold of the end of the briefs. With a firm heave, Frankie felt the material under his ass and in his crotch being pulled across the sensitive skin giving him a slight burning sensation. His partially hardened cock and balls were now drooping between his legs fully exposed for anyone to see.

“What the fuck!” he screamed at her as Marsha dangled the removed white item over his head in a cruel display of her power over him. She then tossed it to join his belt.

“You see, concrete is caustic to the skin if it is exposed for too long thanks to the lime formed in it. I would hope that you would at least know that since it seems to have been your favorite way to dispose of people and evidence.”

Unfortunately, Frankie knew exactly what Marsha was getting at. Many years ago after the first time he had personally helped to fill in a ‘problem’s’ hole with concrete, he had gotten simple burns from the lime that was chemically produced. He’d had to wear gloves to conceal the evidence until the redness had gone away. But when it came to sealing a person inside of the concrete, he hadn’t cared too much about what they felt since they usually drowned in the wet cement before they had a chance for the burning to start. It seemed that Marsha was not going to be that quick when it came to his death, just like she threatened.

A strong male voice reached Frankie’s ears stating, “That has to be one of the most fucked up things I have seen in a while.”

Someone else had shown up. He was saved.

“Help me! Get this crazy bitch away from me! I’m down here!” he began to scream as Marsha turned around to face the direction the voice had come from. But he didn’t see her body tense up as he would expect at being caught.

“How long have you been there?” she then asked the other person who he could hear walking towards them.

“Long enough to be afraid of ever pissing you off,” the smiling form of Tony said as he walked into Frankie’s limited view to stand over the trench which the two of them were inside of. “Having some fun without me?”

“This isn’t fun, it’s payback,” she coldly told Tony before glancing back down at him. “He’s lucky I don’t cut it off but that would only make him bleed out too quick.”

Tony widely grinned, obviously amused with the present situation.

“You know, Frankie, when Jan came to me two years ago and proposed this revenge plot of hers, I sincerely doubted that she would actually go through with it. But a few months later when she approached me again after already having lost a lot of weight, I began to understand exactly how serious she was taking this,” Tony told him.

“Jan! That’s your real fucking name! I knew it was something pathetic!” Frankie spat out at her.

“Really? That’s what you want to think about at a time like this?” she was once again shaking her head in disappointment. “I knew I needed change my name. And after all, it was Marsha Brady all the guys lusted after, not Jan.”

That’s when the understanding of her name came to him. She had been using Marsha as a stage name for her little stunt.

“Where’s the truck?” Jan asked looking in a direction that Frankie figured was the street. “I didn’t hear you arrive.”

“I drove my car here. The trucks only a few minutes behind me. I don’t actually do the work myself, sweetheart. That’s why my guys are for,” he told her and Frankie could see the lust in his eyes as they swept over the body he had been enjoying all this time.

Pointing an accusing finger towards Tony’s chest, she firmly informed him, “If they go to the cops with this all because you were too lazy to do a bit of work yourself…”

Tony held up his hands to placate her, saying, “Easy, there now. Don’t take the good nature you’ve seen from me to mean that you can talk to me like that. I know what the fuck I am doing. My guys can be trusted.”

“Bullshit!” Frankie loudly stated, getting both of theirs attention. “If they are anything like you, they don’t know the meaning of the word. You betrayed me, and the same thing will happen to you!”

“That’s where you are wrong, Frankie,” Tony told him. “You still haven’t figured out why I got out from working under you, tried to take over your area, and then agreed to help Jan, have you?”

“Because you’re a backstabbing son of a bitch, that’s why!” Frankie informed him still struggling with the rebar holding him down firmly. He didn’t feel it give a single bit.

“Nope. It’s all because of Brandi.”

Frankie heard a name for the third time today that haunted his past. And this one drug up the worst memories.

Brandi had been another stripper at the Slippery Kitty years ago, well before Tony had left. She’d been another one of the girls that he had decided to keep to himself, just like Marsha…Jan, whatever the bitch called herself. Nobody was to get close to her either. In fact, back then he’d put Tony on her as a personal guard for a long time to insure she stayed celibate except for him.

But after almost a year of fucking her, she wanted out of their relationship saying that since he was married that nothing would come of it and therefore she wanted to move on. He didn’t like sharing his toys and he made damn sure that nobody ever played with that toy again.

Frankie had not told anyone that Brandi had refused him but instead let out that he had tired of her. He had pulled Tony from watching her and less than two weeks later, Brandi had mysteriously disappeared just like so many others that pissed him off. All thanks to the personal ‘cleaner’ from out of state that he used to take care of people that were too close to him. He would never trust his own guys to take out someone they might consider family.

“What the fuck does that bitch have to do with this?” Frankie asked while starting to guess.

Frankie noticed that Jan had turned to Tony to listen to his answer as if she didn’t know either. A cool breeze swept over his dick reminding him of how exposed he was. Thanks to all the new information he’d been dealing with, it was no longer suffering from looking at Jan’s hard body.

“Brandi was having an affair behind your back for almost the entire time she was with you,” Tony told him.

“Why the fuck didn’t you tell me?” he angrily demanded his hands forming fist that wanted to punch Tony in the face.

“Why would I inform you that I was fucking your mistress?”

Frankie ferociously screamed out in rage at hearing that. The entire time that Tony was supposed to be preventing her from sleeping with anyone else, he had been doing that exact thing.

“You fucking betrayed me? You were supposed to keep that bitch faithful to me! Fuck you and that dead whore!”

“I find your attitude amusing since you’ve never been faithful to Sofia since the two of you started dating. Does she know about the hotel maid you fucked on your honeymoon?” Tony sincerely asked him. “How about all the strippers and waitresses from the clubs? Does she know about Jan?” Tony gestured over to where she was watching their exchange.

Frankie could only glare for a moment at him with hatred at what he’d done before Jan spoke.

“She does now.”

Both of the men then turned to look at her with the comment.

“How?” Tony asked before he had a chance to.

“I videotaped our last encounter the other day at his secret apartment. He was drunk enough to not notice the cellphone recording the blowjob he got before fucking me on the floor. When I heard him call out after waking up a few minutes ago, I uploaded it in a message and sent it to her from the burner phone I was using. I figured she was already wondering why he never came home last night, so all I did was let her know why.”

“You fucking cunt! How dare you?” he screamed up at her while thrashing his body as hard as he could against all of the rebar tightly holding him down.

“Don’t worry. I told her that since you wouldn’t be coming home anymore that she would have access to all of your joint personal accounts, so Sofia will be handsomely taken care of with your disappearance…unlike I was with Harold’s.”

Frankie was panting hard after all the struggling that had gotten him nowhere even a fraction free.

“You see, because he disappeared without a trace, the insurance company would not pay up on his life insurance policy. Because of that, I lost the house that we had bought to start our family in. After confront you on the street knowing that you were getting away with killing Harold, I fell into a deep depression. The only thing that brought me back was when I started working on my plan. The plan on how to get back at you for ruining my life.”

That was when they all heard the sound of a heavy motorized vehicle’s squealing brakes coming to a stop nearby.

“You’re not going to get away with this!” he yelled at her knowing that his time was almost up.

“Tony, be a dear and hand me those items,” Jan requested pointing to an area on top of the trench. Tony then handed her a 3’ long 1.5” diameter PVC pipe and a roll of duct tape.

Holding them for him to see, Jan requested, “Last time, murdering cocksucker…Harold’s location or a long time suffering?”

“I’d rather go to my grave ecstatic while knowing that you’ll never really know what happened to him or where his fucking body is dumped like the trash it was,” Frankie gave her as his final answer.

For some reason, Jan didn’t look the least bit upset at that.

“I would say it’s been nice knowing you, but it hasn’t,” she said falling onto her knees and landing on his chest. They pressed hard into his ribs as they jabbed him painfully.

Without any hesitation at what she was doing, Jan used the end of the PVC pipe to try and pry his mouth open. Grinding his teeth together, Jan lifted her lower right leg just enough so that when she brought it down on his cock Frankie screamed out in agony. Giving a forceful push against his now open jaw, he felt her shove the end of the wide hollow tube into his mouth a few inches, barely stopping before he began to gag on it.

With a bit of showmanship, Jan pulled the end of the duct tape from the roll, holding it out for him to see. He didn’t have time to dislodge the pipe with his tongue as she stuck the first piece around it and to his cheeks. So many times through the years he’d heard the sound of tape being pulled off the roll, but this was the first time he was scared of it. Over the next few minutes as he muffledly protested, she carefully worked at taping the pipe to his mouth so that he was unable to dislodge it. With a final strip, she pressed it up against his nasal passages to force him to breathe through the tube.

“Think you used enough?” Tony joked with her as she finally stood up satisfied that she was finished.

“I wanted to make sure that none of the concrete gets into his mouth or nose. Don’t want it to end too quickly. Besides, I gave him numerous occasions to answer me so I’m making sure to keep my promise of a slow death,” she told Tony tossing the tape up to him.

Jan stepped over so that she was standing over his right one, looking down to appraise her work. Tiling her head to the side, Frankie glared at her with hatred in his eyes and she must not have liked what she saw.

A moment later, he could barely make out her change in stance before Jan’s booted foot came crushing down onto his exposed cock.

Frankie let out the loudest howl that he could through the pipe at the pain that cascaded through his entire body. He tried to involuntarily curl up into the small ball his body want to be in but the rebar firmly held him stretched out.

“Ouch. That’s just not right,” but Tony’s voice sounded amused with the comment.

“I’ve had to suck on that pathetic thing and pretend that he knew how to use it for a month. I’ve fucking earned that,” she informed Tony. “He’s lucky. If I thought I could without too much trouble, I’d shove a piece of rebar up his ass to keep him company.”

That was the only time that Frankie was glad for the position he was being held in.

“Boss?” Frankie heard from someone else he couldn’t see. “Here’s the concrete’s pipe line.”

“Thanks, Mike. I’ll give you the signal when to start,” Tony told him.

“Tony, hand me the rebar form,” Jan requested of him. Tony then passed over a large pre-wired section of rebar supports that would normally be right where he was. They would help structurally improve the concrete overall. But he was lying in the trench where it normally went. Jan didn’t seem to care as she moved out of the way to stand against the dirt wall so she could place it over his body. She carefully threaded his breathing tube through one of the formed holes. With another grin aimed at him, she informed Frankie, “I don’t want to compromise the integrity of the footing where someone would have to do repairs to it in the future.”

“Has anyone ever told you what a deviously evil mind you have?” Tony asked as he offered his hand to Jan when she went climb out of the hole before jumping over the ditch to the other side where the hose was located.

“I’ve been planning this for two years. I’ve thought of a lot worse, but I felt that given his history, the bastard deserved this.”

After disappearing for only a long minute or two, she reappeared with the end of a large rubber line that they used to pump concrete to an area that trucks couldn’t get into. She had also put on a disposable white Tyvek suit to protect her skin from the concrete along with thick leather gloves.

“Since this is the path you chose, Frankie, it is time for my monologue so you understand exactly what to expect. Obviously, you will be buried in the concrete. Unlike the others you have done this to, you will remain alive. You will be able to breathe through the pipe in your mouth for as long as I will it. As the concrete hardens around you, you’ll have plenty of time to consider what your victims went through. After a few hours, your body, especially the exposed skin areas, will start burning. And as time goes on, blisters will probably start to form if I let you live that long. On top of that will be the itching sensation that you just can’t scratch.”

Frankie once again began to struggle as he watched her drag the end of the line to hang over where his feet were. Tony wasn’t close to her and didn’t move to help either, seeming to be enjoying watching the show that was the end of his life. He tried digging his fingers into the dirt under him to see if he could get his wrist free but it wasn’t enough. Once the line was in place, she held it up to make sure he had a good view of it before she spoke.

“In a few days, maybe a week, I’ll be coming back out here for the final farewell. When I’ve decided you’ve suffered enough, I’m going to pour thin, wet concrete down the tube, straight into your throat and stomach, giving your grave a final hard seal.”

Knowing by the seriousness of the look on Jan’s face, Frankie felt his eyes watering up from fear. He had always wondered what it felt like to die in the gray substance as he watched so many others do just that. This bitch was combining his entombment with eventual drowning. And she looked pleased while telling him of such. Frankie didn’t think that he could have done much better.

“Tony, give the signal,” Jan then requested as she held the end of the line over the trench.

“Jan, there’s something that I want to tell you first because I want Frankie to know this too,” Tony told her as he stood on the opposite side of the trench from her. “Since he never would tell you, and I figured he wouldn’t, I had a contact of mine still in his organization find out where he had Harold placed. I’ve already sent an anonymous tip to an honest detective that Frankie could never bribe. He’ll make sure that Harold is recovered to give you that closure since he’s already paying for that crime.”

Tony had once again betrayed him. Frankie tried to curse at him for stealing that last bit from him - the satisfaction of dying content with knowledge that the bitch would never know what happened to her husband. He screamed his hatred as much as he could into the pipe, but only distorted sounds emerged from it.

“Thank you, Tony,” she cunt stood with tears of joy in her eyes. But when she looked down on him, that sadness turned to hatred. “I have what I wanted and you’re still getting what I know you deserve. By the way, I’d keep your eyes closed. I’m sure having your retinas burned out with lime would hurt a bit.”

Tony raised his arm over his head, looked down at Frankie with a final smile and dropped his arm.

With that, he heard the sound of the large motor begin to pump the concrete, another sound he was very familiar with. After a couple of long agonizing seconds of him struggling one last time to free himself, Frankie saw and felt the first expulsion of concrete. The cold, wet slurry had a gravelly sound as it exited the wide pipeline to pour onto his trapped feet. Screaming as loudly as he could for help, Frankie felt the weight of the mixture move from his feet to his legs. He tried every twist and jerk with his body that he could think of to try and loosen the rebar but it was pointless.

His grave was being filled in by a devil in an angel’s body.

Frankie could barely keep his wits together as he watched Tony walk on the raised trench so that he was closer to his head. A moment later he jumped down into the trench so that he was right next to his head.

Bending down, Tony was intently watching the cunt work the distribution line back and forth to cover his entire legs. It was as she move upwards to let the fast moving, gravel rock fill the next area that brought out the howl from him, this time from pain. The mixture impacted on his exposed dick with a crushingly painful force that had him wailing and finally brought tears to his eyes. It felt like the stuff was trying to drag the skin from his cock as she poured it right on top of his crotch. Eventually it reached high enough that it eased up just enough but thanks to the overstimulation, his one-mind dick had started to harden again. It may feel like a woman harshly grinding up against him but his mind knew better. So how could his body be turned on by this?

“You know, Frankie,” Tony spoke in a voice so Frankie could hear him over the sound of the sloshing concrete, “I used to think that you were pretty mean. But seeing Jan go at it…she’s in an impressive category all on her own. She’s putting you to shame.”

Frankie angrily glared up as Tony smiled while watching her slowly burying him alive.

“Actually, seeing her like this is starting to turn me on. And thanks to her hatred of you, she had a killer body to go with that killer instinct of hers. I just wanted to let you know that once she is done here, that I intend to see about getting to know her much better…hopefully cardinally,” Tony then informed him before standing back up and adjusting himself very prominently

Frankie couldn’t believe what he was hearing. Tony was getting off on watching him being murdered! And he was once again going after a woman Frankie considered his! Frankie screamed out in anger as Tony hopped out of the trench which was steadily filling up.

Jan moved the line even further up his body to his lower chest and he began to feel the little splashes of the concrete mix sprinkle on his face. Thanks to the pipe taped to his mouth running through a small hole in the rebar situation above him, Frankie couldn’t move his head to the sides anymore. His range of motion was now cut to only a few inches all the way around.

Feeling the cold mixture running over his bare chest, his body began to shiver at the sensation. His shirt was pushed further down so his entire torso was exposed. The cunt made sure that most of his skin would be unprotected for the maximum painful effect. More of the splashes began to land on him and Frankie knew it was his time. Closing his eyes to protect them as the impact pressure continued on his chest to fall over his neck, Frankie knew that it was the last time he’d ever see daylight.

Cascading off of his shoulders, the stuff spilled to the ground so it could slowly began to build in height. Seconds later, he felt the rising concrete rise at the sides of his head.

During the next long agonizing seconds, the wetness grew constantly higher as the cunt happily continued her job. Feeling it slowly seeping into his ear canals was the worst…or at least for that moment. It left a feeling similar to water being in there but he would be experience that discomfort for days now. The sound of her working was now drowned out as he laughed through the pipe at his situation so that he wouldn’t cry anymore.

As the slurry coldly rose up the sides of his cheeks, Frankie began to panic even more, starting to almost hyperventilate. It was something else he’d seen many times. Without any warning, he could no longer feel any of the sunlight touching his skin…and he knew he never would again.

The cold thick feeling encasing him didn’t stop and Frankie knew it wouldn’t.

For the next few minutes, Frankie alternated between screaming and pleading through the tube for her to stop to the other end of the spectrum of cursing her out while threatening her and Tony’s lives. But nothing worked. They would never consider releasing him. He had done horrible things to the ones they cared about and his death was their way of getting over their grief.

The pressure on his body slowly increasing as she moved the line back and forth to fill in the entire footing cavity gave Frankie her final answer. As the weight on his trapped limbs increased, the sound of the concrete pouring into his grave began to grow weaker and weaker. With each couple of inches, his tomb grew a little more quite.

Eventually all of the other sounds stopped to leave only the pulsing of his racing heart in his ears and his own pitiful moans for Frankie to listen to.


Tony stood at the top of the mostly filled-in trench while continuing to silently watch Jan work. Never once did she say anything. She never complained that it was taking too long, never asked for help with moving the heavy hose where she needed it, never tried to justify her actions…not that she needed to. Letting his mind wander back to Brandi, he understood her mentality perfectly.

Solid wood forms had been positioned only a few feet at both ends of the trench so that only the section containing Frankie needed to be filled in immediately. Without any hesitation that he could see from her, Jan continued letting the concrete rise to the top of the two foot trench. In fact, there were times when she had a very pleased smile on her face.

Yes. This was definitely a woman that he wanted to get to know better.

Seeing the concrete at the correct level, he raised his hand into the air to signal Mike to cut the pump off. Seconds later it slowly died in her arms as she watched the final chunks drip to the gray surface only disturbed by the white pipe extending another foot higher. Without the sound of the pump covering it up, they were able to listen to what Tony suspected was the sound of Frankie crying. It was not a manly sound by any stretch of the word.

“Done having your fun?” he asked as Jan tossed the line down to the ground while staring at the rough surface.

“Don’t fucking patronize me, Tony,” she stated with a tone in her voice that almost chilled him.

Sweeping his arm over the wet surface to indicate it, “I wouldn’t dare. Let Mike take it from here. He’ll smooth out the surface before filling in the other trench with Vito’s body. That’s grunt work that you don’t need to be doing, my lady.”

“I’m not your lady,” she said as he motioned for Mike to come on over. He had already instructed him earlier in the day as to what was happening. But he was the only one of Tony’s crew to know exactly who was going inside the foundation of his new vacation home. Everyone else would just have to assume.

“I know that up until yesterday, we had a precarious agreement. But I think that we’ve both shown to each other that we can be trusted,” he told her as Mike arrived with the damping device.

They stood there for a few moments on opposite sides of the trench as Mike began to ready the concrete vibrator. It would remove any air bubbles or pockets from the material so that it formed a solid block…minus the body inside.

When Mike left to go get more items from the truck, Jan softly told him, “I’m sorry to hear about Brandi. I had no idea.”

“Nobody did,” he told her. “Even now, you are the only one else that does.”

“That’s the only reason you agreed to help me, isn’t it?” she looked up at him.

“Yes. At first, I thought that Frankie had sent you, but when I check into your background, I knew that you were experiencing the same thing that I had gone through. You would be the perfect partner for my own revenge…if I could trust you do go through with it.”

“I hope I met your expectations,” she coyly smiled at him and he couldn’t help but laugh out loud.

“You are the most fascinating woman I’ve met in a very long time. And I would like the chance to get to know you better, if you would allow it,” he simply requested.

“Is that how you would keep an eye on me to make sure that I don’t do something stupid like turn myself over to the police?” she seriously asked him.

“That’s not who you are. I don’t believe today is going to haunt you like that. You loved Harold just like I loved Brandi. I would like to think that they would find it fitting for us to be together…as long as we’re compatible.”

“I don’t think that we are compatible,” she told him as Mike arrived back at where they were.

Jan turned towards the road where their vehicles were and hopped over the other trench which Vito was lying in. Tony began to follow her to continue their conversation.

“Why not? Really, we barely know each other,” he offered up as he looked at her. For some reason, especially while dressed in the concrete-splashed white disposable suit, he found her even more appealing.

“Don’t try to act like you are any better than Frankie. If given the exact same situation, you would make whomever you needed to disappear. That’s not someone I want to be around,” she told him starting to strip the thin material suit off from her upper body.

Taking a few large steps forward to catch up with her, he grabbed her bare arm to stop her from leaving. She turned a cold eye to face him.

“That’s not who I am. Granted, I may have helped Frankie with a few problems during my time with him but once I set out on my own, I made damn sure to keep my businesses legitimate. That includes making sure that nobody disappears because of me. I understand now what the other half feels like,” he sternly informed her. He took the fact that Jan didn’t pull away from him as a good sign. Giving her one of his best honest smiles, and fully meaning it, “At least let me buy you lunch. I know that you probably worked up an appetite with all of that hard labor.”

Jan seemed to think it over before a gentle smile warmed her face and his chest. Yes, this was someone he wanted to get to know.

“Alright. One meal to give you a chance to impress me. But if I say it’s a no-go on a relationship, then I expect for you to respect my wishes.”

“Impress you? How do you know that you don’t have to impress me too?” he asked.

With that, Jan reached down between his legs to grab a hold of his semi-hard cock with her hand, giving a firm rubbing tug to it.

“I’d say that that this hard boy right here proves that you’ve been impressed by me enough today.”

Tony couldn’t help but grin at the feeling of her fingers grasping him. Offering up his arm for her, Jan glanced back a final time towards where Frankie lay buried before intertwining her smooth arm with his.

“Let’s go have a chat,” she told him as he began to escort her to his car.


Frankie knew that those two assholes were probably standing over his grave hysterically laughing at his fate. He’d done it enough times.

It didn’t take long for the sound of his beating heart to finally regulate back into a slower steady beat once he stopped his initial outburst of crying. He was pressing his eyes so tightly closed to protect them that no tears managed to seep through. Now, the only sound he heard was his heart.

And then it started.

A loud buzzing vibration began to reverberate through the concrete. Someone was removing the air bubbles from it to help it form. They wouldn’t do that unless they truly intended to leave him down here. Up until that moment, Frankie had a sliver of hope that one of the two assholes would cave in and release him. That single sound of the machine starting it work ripped it away from him.

The side of his body closest to the vibrating tool felt the pulses as the person steadily worked above him…up in the air…in the sun…where he would never be again. For the next few minutes, his only entertainment was trying to guess how close the rod was to his body and how many more times it would be moved to perform its job. When it finally finished after however long it took, the silence of his surroundings brought back that panicked feeling of his new small world to Frankie.

His entire body was cold at first as the concrete had started to cover him. But then slowly as time began to pass, Frankie felt the warming of the substance as the chemical reaction of curing began. At first it was something new and therefore interesting. But then he began to comprehend what it meant. The tight embracing warmness changed to the start of the itching sensation that the cunt had mentioned. In no time, Frankie was once again struggling to try and free his arms so that he could scratch the overall itch that covered his body.

The worst was his crotch area that the bitch had left exposed just for this very purpose. The first warming sensation from the cold concrete had been a pleasant change, to the point where his mind and body reacted as if a moist mouth was encompassing his cock. Rising to the new sensation, his cock was standing at attention just enough in the wet material that had not set up yet. This gave the concrete ample opportunity to spread to the few protected spots in his taint. Frankie knew that he was going to regret that later.

For the next few short hours, Frankie lay in the warming material as it began to cure. The best sample of it doing so was at his fingers. Every few minutes he would move them around, judging how much wiggle room he was left with. Then came the time when he was scratching at the concrete more than pushing through it.

Right then Frankie began to panic yet again as the true evilness of Jan plan came to him. A quick death meant that he would have already been put out of his misery. But instead, he was trapped in a timeless darkness that was slowly beginning to firmly encase him with each beating of his pounding heart. Five minutes would feel like five hours with no more stimulation beyond the itching torture that was starting to overcome him.

Frankie accepted that it was his own arrogance and stupidity that had put him into this position. Why the hell hadn’t he considered this and just told the cunt where her husband was dumped? He would have already been put out of his misery.

Out of all the people that he had killed, Frankie could only think about the two which had brought him here.

Harold had not suffered…much. He had been bound and then put into the large industrial drum alive. But he had then been given a quick death by drowning in the concrete that had been poured onto his head as he cried out for his wife. Frankie understood now that he had indeed loved her very much…even with her being a fatty back then. The satisfying popping sound of his air bubbles had eventually taken over for his horrifying screams.

Harold had been buried in the protected woodlands site just outside of the city, meaning that nobody would be excavating or building on the land. Nobody would have ever have found him.

Brandi on the other hand…she had tried to leave him and he made her regret that decision.

Per his wicked instructions, Frankie’s private cleaner had put her into a plain pine box supplied from an out of town funeral home. Knowing that there was a new interstate ramp about to be formed, and therefore not likely to ever be worked on again in his lifetime and risk discovery, Frankie had told him to bury her alive under it. His cleaner had taken numerous videos of her resting place under the off-ramp as loads of dirt were being dumped on top of her the next day.

By the end of the work day, she had almost twenty feet of earth covering her before they would even start applying the asphalt. Not wanting it to end quickly for her betrayal, Frankie had ordered a small oxygen tank to be buried with her. He had assurance from the cleaner that because of the low flow rate it was set at, Brandi’s oxygen would not run out after only a few hours but would keep her alive and suffering for over three days.

Every time that he passed that spot of interstate, Frankie had smiled at knowing she was still his and always would be.

Frankie now realized how easy the two of them had it. A quick drowning in concrete…slowly being put to sleep due to eventual loss of oxygen and carbon dioxide build up…yes, they had it easy. Not like he was going to suffer. He couldn’t even do anything to kill himself. The tube shoved painfully in his mouth prevented him from even trying to not breathe.

Every so often he would give a loud scream through the tube hoping that there was someone passing by that would hear him. Maybe one of Tony’s guys who would take pity on him. But as the tightness of his chest’s space for expanding grew smaller and tighter, he began to understand that there was no hope for him. At some time much later in the day…maybe it was night by now…Frankie eventually cried himself to sleep as his body continued to itch and now burn.


Tony walked around the car to open the door for Jan, like the gentleman his mother had raised. As she stepped out at the construction site for his vacation home, she accepted his hand to rise up. The smile that she gave him warmed his chest. It was a feeling that he’d had many times over the past few days.

This was the first time they had been back to this place since that morning…and he was looking forward to it.

Four days had gone by. Ten meals had been eaten together. Two nights of passionate sex had taken place.

And Tony was sure that he never wanted to let Jan out of his embrace.

She had once again dress in the scantily clad white tank top, shorts, and boots. His dick had been twitching since she had come down the stairs of his house dressed this morning. Jan had informed him last night as she rode him hard that this morning would be Frankie’s final day alive. His dick had trembled firmly inside of her at hearing that. She had smiled at feeling how turned on he was by her twisted words while fucking.

Not able to take his eyes from her smooth bare legs as she stepped to the foyer floor, he asked, “You sure you don’t want to make him suffer for a few more days?”

“No. I want to make sure that he’s still alive when I pour the concrete down the tube,” she knowingly smile at him.

Grabbing her around the waist, he pulled her to him for a hard, demanding kiss.

“That’s vicious,” he growled in her ear, turned on immensely from the comment.

“I know,” she moaned seductively to him as she then picked up his car keys from the foyer table and tossed them to him.

During their first meal together, Jan had asked him if he had been able to find Brandi’s location like he had done for Harold’s. With a sadness in his chest, he explained that after a large bribe to the private cleaner now that Frankie had gone ‘missing’, he had relented and told him. But due to the location she was buried, there was no chance of any official granting approval for her excavation. He saw her actually grieve with him at never having that closure like she would. She truly was a special woman.

Now, he had Mike get here not long before them so that he could mix up the single small batch of concrete that Jan needed to complete her revenge. He’d told him to make it a bit soupy so that it would slide easily down the pipe.

Walking and stepping on all of the now hard concrete filled trench footers that would be getting cinder blocks stacked on them next week, the two of them made it easily over to the correct trench. The foot-long exposed PVC pipe was a dead giveaway as to Frankie’s location. Mike gave them both respectful nods of his head and didn’t say a word as he stood there.

Kneeling down next to the pipe, Tony placed his ear at it and listened carefully for a few moments.

Turning to look up at her, he smiled, “He’s still alive. His breathing is shallow and very steady. He might be asleep.”

With that same evil grin that he’d seen and come to enjoy, Jan told him, “Then let’s wake him up.”

Reaching over to where the wheelbarrow stood with Mike slowly moving a trowel to keep the mixture soft, she picked up the funnel and plastic cup that Mike had provided. He had been told exactly what to expect today. After Mike questioning if she was really going to be able to go through with it, Tony had told him that he should be fairly impressed with the lady he had gotten to know. Mike said that he hoped so. There was no mistaking the worry that she would chicken out and then become a problem for them. Tony just smiled knowing that she would not disappoint either of them.

Watching Jan kneeling down, Tony couldn’t help but admire the ends of her ass that poked out of the cut-off jean shorts from the positon she was in. Placing the funnel into the end of the tube, she scooped up only a very small bit of concrete. Without hesitating at all, Jan began to pour it in.

It took about two seconds for it to reach Frankie’s mouth. After that, the panicking screams began to emanate from the pipe again.

“He’d definitely awake now,” she said scooping up more of the thin wet mixture. “I wonder how much he will swallow before he gives up.”

Tony stood off to the side with Mike beside him as they both silently watched Jan work for the next few minutes. Each turn of the cup would only allow just enough concrete to enter so that Frankie was able to swallow it…if he wanted. She made sure to listen between pours to hear if he had given up. From the mostly audible cursing coming from the pipe, it sounded like Frankie was not letting go easily.

Leaning over close so that she couldn’t hear, Mike whispered to him, “That’s quite a woman you found there. I’m going to make sure to never piss her off.”

“You and me both,” he whispered back listening to the choking sounds from Frankie.

A few more pours later, Jan waited a couple of long seconds for the next of Frankie’s screams…but none ever came.

“I think his belly is finally full,” she smiled while scooping up a large filled cup this time. They both silently watched as Jan steadily began pouring it in.

Lifting the funnel off of the tube, they watched the overflow pour down the sides. A final coughing fit must have happened as the concrete back-flowed for a moment before settling down into the tube a few inches. The final open cavities of Frankie’s stomach, throat, and mouth were now on their way to solidifying.

Tony felt his dick already start to twitch at wanting to get at her wicked body yet again.

Once this vacation home of his was finished, he hoped that Jan was still with him so they could fuck in the guest room that was to eventually be located over Frankie’s body. Just the thought of them happy together while fucking knowing that Frankie had suffered and paid for hurting them was already turning him on.

Standing back up, Jan removed the disposable gloves and tossed them into the waiting trash bag that Mike had supplied.

Turning to face Tony with a satisfied smile on her lovely face, Jan asked him, “So, where should we go for lunch today?”

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