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What a Beach

by Kaol

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© Copyright 2012 - Kaol - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; tape; bond; naked; buried; beach; public; tease; sex; climax; cons; X

Dave rolled over in bed, blinking uncertainly. It was dark in the room, and he looked about in confusion. Then he heard a sound again, and he realized it must have been what woke him. He couldn’t immediately figure out what the sound was, and glanced over at his clock. It was just past 3:30 in the morning. He started kicking off the sheets to use the bathroom as long as he was awake, when he heard the sound again. Alert enough to pinpoint the location, he climbed out of bed and moved to the window. It had sounded like something had just bounced off…

Peering down through the dark, he saw a familiar figure draw back her arm and toss something else at the window. Reflexively, Dave jerked back. What appeared to be a wood chip bounced off the glass inches from his nose. In spite of his weariness, a smile spread across his features. He grabbed the window and yanked it up, hoping to do so before she threw another chip and hit him in the face with it.

“Hey you,” he said in a voice somewhere between a whisper and a library voice.

An impish grin looked up at him, her cocked back hand dropping at her side before she could unleash the next missile. “Hey you,” she grinned back, a laugh hiding just behind her words. “I never thought you were going to wake up.”

A slight breeze blew in his window as he spoke with her, and the summer air was warm enough that it felt comfortable across his naked chest. He also felt warm at the image before him. Several years ago, he had once surprised this girl with a visit to her home in the middle of the night. She had been only a teenager then, and had shared that it had been a fantasy of hers to have a boy come in the middle of the night and wake her by throwing something at her window. He had listened, and he had made that fantasy a reality. Adolescence was now in their collective past, but he had no doubt she remembered that visit and had decided to repay him in kind these many years later.

“To what do I owe this pleasure, Ginny?” Dave asked. “And by pleasure I mean waking me up in the middle of the night on one of the few days of the week I could have slept in?”

“It’s a surprise,” she called up in a voice he found a little loud for the circumstances. Dave lived alone in his apartment, but he did have neighbors and thought they might like to continue sleeping this Saturday morning.

“You can say that again,” Dave said, suppressing a yawn. “Do you want to come up or should I come down?”

“Grab a bathing suit and get out here right away, mister!” she replied. “I have plans for you.”

Dave nodded, a weary grin crossing his features. She had him curious. Ginny was nothing if not full of surprises, but this was a bit unusual even for her. Still, his imagination began pushing away the cobwebs of sleep as he tried figuring out what she had in mind that required them being out at this time of night.

A few minutes later, dressed in a Ramones t-shirt, baggy blue swim trunks and with flip-flops on his feet, Dave emerged from his apartment. Ginny was sitting on his porch, and she stood up as she heard the door opening. Her smile matched his own as he pulled the door shut behind him, and in a moment her arms were around his waist and she was hugging him tightly, the side of her face against his chest. He reciprocated the hug, enjoying the feel of her body close to him. They had known one another for almost a decade, and had been back together for the past two years. Yet it felt as good to hold her as it did when he had first done so. He ran his hands down her long, light brunette hair and enjoyed the moment. It was worth getting up at 3:30 in the morning if for nothing more than this.

After several minutes had passed she pulled back from him slowly. “So,” Dave said. “This is a reversal. Us standing on my porch in the early morning.”

“I know,” she giggled. “Are you ready for an adventure?”

“I think I’ve been on an adventure since you first stopped to listen to my band rehearsing,” he said referring to the circumstances of their first encounter now years in the past.

Ginny laughed brightly, knowing that their shared past had certainly been anything but dull and predictable, for both good and bad. “I think you’ll like this one,” she said, a teasing tone in her voice.

“What have you got in mind?” Dave asked, suddenly suspicious.

“Not telling,” she responded, that knowing laugh hiding just behind her words once more. She took his hand. “Come on.”

She led him to her car. “Oh, I get it,” he said. “The adventure is you are going to drive us somewhere. With you driving, you’re right. This will be an adventure.”

“Shut up and get in the car,” Ginny said, paying him no mind.

He squeezed his lanky frame into passenger side of the car. “So, you going to give me a clue as to what you have in mind?”

Ginny started the car and looked over her shoulder as they pulled out. “Nope, I want you clueless for now.”

Dave nodded with a smirk. “I got it. The adventure is I get to live life like you do most of the time, without a clue.”

“Laugh it up, buster,” Ginny said, used to his smart comments by now. “We’ll see who is laughing later.”

Dave nodded, very intrigued at this point. He truly had no idea what she might have in mind that was worth getting him up this early. His imagination was pretty vivid, and being a guy, he was hoping that sex might end up being involved in some way. Yet he didn’t want to get his hopes up too much in case it was something as simple as wanting to watch the sun come up somewhere together. That would be nice too, granted, but he really was getting no indications from her what the plans were.

He knew better than to try to wheedle out of her what she had in store. It wasn’t that he couldn’t get it out of her. It was that he probably could, but that would end up making her feel sad and he didn’t want to do that. Instead, he made idle talk with her while she drove and tried gathering clues from watching where they were going. It was not long before he could surmise that they were heading towards the beach. He still wasn’t sure why they were heading there, but regardless, he was content. Dave loved the ocean, and hanging out at the beach, particularly in the morning and evening, was one of his favorite activities. As a fair-skinned blonde, he wasn’t quite as fond of the beach during the day. Too many sunburns had taught him about that. The smell of the ocean and the feel of the cool sand on your feet, however, was a combination that never got old. Back when they were both teens, they had gone to the beach on some of their very first dates. As much as he loved the ocean, he had grown to love it more as he had come to associate Ginny with that locale. As he glanced out at the window at the few cars going by them on the interstate, he smiled in remembering one of their first trips to the beach together. She had been flicking her sandy hand at him as they lay on their towels, and he had advised her to stop. Feisty, she had asked him what he planned to do about it. With a total deadpan expression, he had looked over at her and asked if she had ever tried eating sand? That had cracked her up then, and made him smile now.

Perhaps they were simply heading to the beach to see the sunrise. If so, he wished she had let him know, as he would have grabbed one of his acoustic guitars to bring with him, as he loved playing for her, especially at the location. Still, it would be nice to sit there on the beach with his arms wrapped around her and watch the sun come up. If that was her surprise, Dave thought, it might not be an adventure exactly, but it would be worth the early awakening.

She turned off a different exit than the one that would take them to the main strip of the beach, and he was aching to ask questions, but bit them back. Maybe they weren’t going to the beach after all? They were making their way towards the ocean, however, and Dave rolled down his car window partly. He could already barely smell the ocean in the distance. The air blew back his hair as they drove, and akin to a dog stick its head out a window, his eyes narrowed in the breeze as he angled his head towards the opening to better smell the salt air. They were in the less commercial part of the beach, away from the hotels, and she pulled off along a side road and turned the car off.

“Okay,” Dave said. “We are at the beach. I wish you’d told me this was your big surprise. I would have brought my guitar.”

The impish, closed-mouth grin was back on her face, her eyebrows dancing with a secret knowledge. “Who says you are going to be in any position to play guitar?”

Dave’s eyebrows pulled together, his forehead wrinkling in wary confusion. “What have you got in mind, Ginny?”

“That’s for me to know and you to find out.” She stepped out of the car and took a large wicker basket out of the back seat, as well as several large, brightly colored beach towels. Dave got out with her and offered to take the basket. “No, “ she said. “You can carry the towels.”

“Oookay,” Dave said, drawing out the word as if questioning this decision.

“Come on,” Ginny said, and in the moonlight her dark eyes seemed to spark with an inner energy. She was clearly anticipating her plans. Whatever she had in store, Dave suspected he would know her intentions very soon.

Dave followed alongside of her. She was dressed for the beach as well, wearing a bikini that appeared like a throwback to the sixties. It was bright green and orange, with circular shapes overlapping of different hues, though in the moonlight the colors were quite muted. As they walked alongside each other, he was able to glance down and get a nice glance at her cleavage as her breasts moved and shimmied with her steps. He licked his lips without even being aware he was doing so. Bless her heart, he didn’t even have to hide such glances anymore, as she was more than aware of his love of ‘the girls’, and at least where he was concerned, she loved having them stared at.

They passed through the last of the residential areas and Dave could hear the waves of the ocean ahead. It was about a half moon tonight, so it was still quite dark and the small dunes and wild grass were mostly seen as shadows. Her hand slid into his and she looked up at him, clearly very happy. “This way,” she said, and pulled him aside just past the dunes.

If she hadn’t held tightly to his hand when she stopped, he would have continued forward and stumbled into the hole before them. “Careful,” she admonished. “I can’t carry you back to the car with a twisted ankle.”

Narrowing his eyes, he could make out the hole better as his vision grew accustomed to the darkness. It was not that deep, maybe a foot more or less, but stretched out about six feet or so. Someone had been playing in the sand, it seemed. He looked sideways towards the ocean, a good fifty yards away. He couldn’t tell if it was low or high tide, but from the texture of the sand where they stood, the water never came up this far.

Ginny dropped the basket. “Here we are,” she said.

Dave glanced back at her and nodded. This would be a pretty place to watch the sunrise. The sky was still very dark, though perhaps he could detect just the very slightest lightening on the horizon.

Ginny bent over and began rummaging in the basket. She stood back up with what appeared to be a role of tape in her hands. “Turn around,” she said.


“Turn around,” she said, speaking more slowly as if addressing a child.


“Don’t make me get rough with you,” she said sternly. “Now turn around.”

Dave laughed and did as she commanded. “Oh, we wouldn’t want that now.”

“That’s right,” she replied. “Now arms behind you.”

Dave did as she commanded and felt her begin wrapping some type of tape around his wrists. He recognized it immediately on contact with his skin. It was a type of bondage tape they had discovered online. It didn’t stick to the skin but could do a nice job of holding a person, especially if you used enough. From the amount that Ginny was winding around and around his wrists and forearms, she was determined that he not have use of his hands until she wanted. His eyebrows drew together as he tried figuring out what she had planned for him. It was apparent a simple, romantic view of an ocean sunrise was not her main goal today. He was about to ask what she had planned, but decided that would be wasted breath. She would tell him when she was ready, and he had a hunch the time for revealing was fast approaching.

“Okay, turn back around,” she commanded, and he did so. Dave rather enjoyed when Ginny took control like this. He was hardly a submissive individual by nature, but with her it was rather fun to ‘give her the reins’ now and then and at least allow her the illusion of power.

“What now?” he asked.

“Excuse me?” she said sternly at him.

Dave frowned. “Um, yeah. What now?”

“What now, Mistress,” Ginny commanded.

“Are you kidding me?” Dave said.

She reached up and pinched one of his nipples through his flimsy t-shirt and gave it a quarter twist.

“Ow! Shit!” Dave cried out. “Fucking what now, Mistress!”

“Better,” she said, trying to look stern, but the twinkle in her eyes somewhat worked against that. “Now, you are going to be my toy for the next several hours. You are to do exactly what I say, without question. Do you understand me?”

Dave fought not to laugh. It would ruin the game if he did, and besides, she had shown she wasn’t about using a little pain to get her point across, and he wasn’t interested in more of that if it could be avoided. “Yes, Mistress. Your wish is my command.”

“And don’t you forget it!” she said, then moved forward and put her mouth over the nipple she had tweaked a moment before. She breathed hard on it and then he could feel her tongue tracing over it and gradually the area became moist. Dave moaned and felt his own nipple get hard at her response. She laughed and pulled away then. “That’s a good slave,” she giggled. “Behave and you will receive your rewards.”

“Yes, Mistress,” Dave replied and then looked around to make sure that the beach was empty. Playing little games like this was one thing in the privacy of their home. He’d feel like a damn fool if someone came across him tied up and referring to his diminutive girlfriend as ‘mistress’.

“Now,” she said, taking him by the upper arm and leading him to the edge of the hole he had nearly stumbled into earlier. “You are going to get in there.”

Looking down at it more closely, he saw that there was more to it than he initially surmised. The end away from the ocean was actually deeper than the rest, around two feet deep. The middle section rose somewhat and then angled down again towards the ocean. Dave glanced over at Ginny, wanting to ask a series of questions, but knowing she was not in the mood to answer them in her current role. “Yes, Mistress,” he replied. It was all he could say. He moved to step down into the hole, but her grip held him back.

“Not so fast,” she said sharply. “You are overdressed.”

Dave looked around nervously. The beach was empty now, but would it be when they were done? “Ginny—“ he began.

“Hush!” she snapped, and her free hand clamped over the front of his swimsuit and grabbed hold of what was concealed there. Her grip tightened ever so slightly, and Dave’s teeth clicked as he shut his mouth.

Ginny’s hands slid to each side of his trunks. She knelt before him and then yanked down the trunks over his hips. Dave could feel the breeze coming off the ocean on his bare ass. Not a sensation he had ever had before. This was turning into a night/morning of surprises.

“Mmm,” she said, chuckling to herself. “How nice.” His junk was now right before her face. Her head moved forward as she placed a light kiss upon his member, which was already waking and twitched beneath her lips. She chuckled again. “I’ll take care of YOU later.”

Standing, she grabbed his left bicep and looked up at him eagerly. “Okay,” Ginny said. “Now, my little sex toy, you may step in. I want you to step in that middle part, then sit down and put your legs in that deeper part of the hole.”

Dave didn’t respond other than to follow her command. The sand was cooler where Ginny had apparently dug it out. It was somewhat awkward trying to have a seat without the use of his hands, but he managed to do so without falling. It felt unusual against his bare ass, but not bad. He slid his feet into the hole so that he was seated, facing away from the ocean.

“Very good,” Ginny nodded at him. “Now lie back.”

Dave did as commanded, lying back at a slight angle, with his hips at the highest point of the hill.

Ginny clapped her hands together eagerly but almost silently. “This is perfect!” she said. “It’s exactly what I pictured.”

Dave watched from his reclining position as she walked around him to the other side of the hole. He now noticed that there were piles of sand on that side, clearly from where she had dug out the hole. It seemed a good bet that those piles were going to make their way back into the hole shortly, and before he left it.

It was hard seeing much from his current position, but he could see her get down on her knees, and then the pile of sand by his feet moved forward. Thwump! A large pile of sand slid past his knees and into the bottom of the hole. In a second, the sand was up to his ankles. Ginny moved quickly, pushing in more and more of the sand, and it was probably less than a minute until the sand was up to his knees. He was amazed at how quickly it set about his legs, essentially immobilizing him. He tried wriggling his toes, but could barely move them at all.

“How’s that feel?” Ginny asked, pausing in her work. He liked seeing her on all fours like this. Gave him a nice view.

“It feels…different,” Dave admitted. “I like it.”

“Good! Because you are going to be in there awhile.”

And then she was back to work, pushing more sand into the hole. The deeper part over his feet was now level with the beach and the bottoms of his thighs were covered as well. Ginny stood up and brushed the sand off her knees. Dave closed his eyes to prevent the wind blown sand from getting in them. He then felt a pressure on his legs. When he opened his eyes, he saw Ginny doing something of a rain dance over the lower portion of the hole, stomping on the sand and packing it in. It did settle in as she did so and was lower than the beach once more. It also felt like concrete about his legs. Ginny disappeared over a small dune and returned with a shovel. She then used it to dig up some more sand and shovel it over his legs. She then repeated the process of dancing upon it, and Dave raised his head to watch. Her breasts bounced in a fascinating manner whenever she did that dance. He was getting his admission’s worth in this alone.

She caught him staring and stopped, faux-glaring down at him. “Excuse me? Did I give you permission to watch me?”

“No, Mistress,” he said around a grin, and then semi-successfully swallowed the grin as her eyes narrowed.

“Laugh it up,” she said. “We’ll see who is laughing soon.”

“Um, Ginny, not that this isn’t fun, but is there a reason you are burying me here?”

“Ah! Quiet! I didn’t give you permission to ask questions.”

“No, Mistress,” Dave responded and rested his head back in the sand. Glancing to each side was a slanting wall of sand. She didn’t plan to bury his head, did she?

“That’s right,” Ginny said, almost as if reading his mind, and then she walked over to the basket once more, seemed to find what she was looking for immediately, and then walked back over to him. She knelt over his pelvis and Dave angled his head to try to get a look at what she was doing. With a towel she wiped the sand off her hands, and then he felt her warm hands around his cock. “Mmm, you I must take care of!” she cooed at his penis and then leaned in and kissed the tip. It stiffened in an instant. “Oh, now YOU know how to obey your Mistress, not like your owner,” she added, pausing to glare at Dave again. Her head lowered over him and her lips swirled around the glans, nuzzling it and coating it lightly with saliva. Dave sucked in air between his teeth, relishing the sensation.

In her left hand Ginny held a plastic baggie, which she now slid over his erect cock. With a rubber band, she closed it near the beginning of his shaft. “This will keep you sand free,” she said.

“You know, they have better fitting condoms these days, Ginny.”

Ginny stood up quickly and walked to the end of the hole containing his head. His gaze traveled up her body. She looked delicious from this angle. Though normally not much over five feet in height, from this angle she looked like an amazon, and he could barely see her eyes peeking over the curve of her breasts. She shook her head over him, frowning. “I don’t think there is a need for your mouth at this point.”

At that, she turned and walked back to the basket, returning a moment later and kneeling beside him. “First things first. Let’s get you hydrated,” Ginny said and held a plastic bottle of water to his lips. “Get a good drink. It will be easier for you now than later.” Dave did as instructed and gulped down most of the small bottle of water, some dripping down his chin. Ginny removed the bottle from his lips, set it aside and turned back to him. “Open up,” she said, pinching his cheek none-too-gently with her right hand.

Dave responded by opening his mouth, wondering what she wanted him to swallow next. In her other hand, Ginny had a hard bit of plastic piping, about six inches in length. It was about an inch in diameter and she placed it into his mouth. She then grabbed the hair at the top of his head and pulled his head forward. He gave a muffled protest at this treatment, but she cut him off. “Even with your mouth full you can’t shut up. I am trying to do something to help you, so I’d suggest you quiet down.” She then took a pair of swimmer’s goggles and placed them over his head, pulling them over his eyes.

She dropped him back into the hole and he blinked up at her. She was harder to see through the lenses, but he had a hunch his earlier question about whether she planned to bury his head had been affirmatively answered.

“I think I have your attention now,” Ginny said, walking over to the pile of sand by his head. “As you will be momentarily helpless to do anything about it.”

She pushed the pile of sand towards his head, and Dave watched in a mix of fascination, arousal, and some fear as the wall of sand moved forward towards him. Ginny was in no hurry at this time, and seemed to enjoy the torture of slowly burying his head. In spite of the goggles, he couldn’t help closing his eyes as the first bit of the sand slid in on top of him. The right side of his head and face were buried in an instant, and he blinked anxiously, trying to see. His right eye was completely covered and he could hear his breathing rattling through the plastic tubing.

With his left eye, Dave could see Ginny crawl over the little rise and then lie down atop his chest. His arms were tied and trapped behind him, and his body was half buried in the sand. With his one good eye, he watched her spread out over him, enjoying the sensation of her atop him in spite of his predicament. “Isn’t this fun?” she asked. Dave, mouth full, did not respond.

“Okay, here’s the agenda,” she announced to him. “I know you have been dying to know my plans. In a moment, I will finish burying you in the sand. You will be helpless to do anything and will be completely unable to do anything to free yourself. With your legs buried and arms tied and the weight of the sand all over you, in spite of the relatively shallow hole you are in, you will be unable to rise up until I decide to dig you out,” Ginny said, then corrected herself. “If…I decide to dig you out.”

She took a moment to wiggle her shoulders back and forth, essentially massaging his chest with her boobs. “However, I won’t be completely burying you. I am being generous and will allow your breathing tube to be uncovered. I also imagine as the day wears on, you might get thirsty, so I may send a little water down there from time to time. I will tap on the tube twice, like this,” she demonstrated by flicking it twice with her fingernail. “That will tell you that fluid is coming so you need to swallow, not breathe at that time, understand?”

He nodded, but this made him nervous. What if he choked while under the sand? He hoped she didn’t pour down an entire bottle.

“I am also going to keep the most useful part of you uncovered,” Ginny continued, reaching down with one hand and squeezing his semi-rigid manhood. “I will be using this to amuse myself during the day. I earlier placed one of those ground level chairs behind a dune. I will slide off my bikini bottoms, and will have a thin towel with a hole cut through it which your cock will poke through. I will put another towel over me and then can slide you into me at my will.”

Dave’s breathing became more steady but fast as he heard her describe her plans, and he felt his cock getting hard at the thought. She laughed as she felt him stiffen beneath her hand, and she began to slowly slide her fingers up and down the plastic covered shaft, taking her time, as she clearly had no interest in giving him release this early.

“Yes,” she said. “I will bring you to attention as my need arises. You will be essentially buried alive, in sensory deprivation, the only thing you will be able to feel besides the sand pressing in on your body will be my wet and warm pussy surrounding you periodically. I am sure you will be desperate for release, but who knows how soon I will allow it? Your ability to move will be minimal. It will all be at my pace and control. I may let you come once today, or I may demand you do so repeatedly. I am not sure on that right now.

“Just think about it,” she continued, letting go of his erect cock. With one hand she began to shovel in more sand atop his head, casually, slowly. “As the day goes by, the beach will become crowded. It will grow hot, though the sand should insulate you some from that. Families will come and go, people will jog by, and none will know that you are there. I’ll be sitting here with a magazine, your hard cock nestled deep inside me, slowly, ever so slowly fucking you, and nobody will have any idea.”

Dave smiled inwardly at this, as he knew that one of Ginny’s turn-ons was the idea of sex in a public place. This would be a double whammy for her, being in total control of him as well as having sex not only in a public place, but with potentially hundreds of people naively looking on.

“Now,” Ginny said, her lips close to his unburied ear. “Get ready for lights out.”

Ginny rolled off him then, moving back to the big pile of sand beside his head. He could hear her more than see her now, and he could also see his surroundings slightly better, suggesting that the sunrise was likely approaching. She would want to have him buried by then, so that her handiwork would be hidden before the morning joggers hit the sand.

Dave flinched as the sand was pushed over his face. He was not particularly claustrophobic by nature, but it was a different experience to have all sight, vision, and most sound abruptly cut off. He focused on breathing through his mouth, not his nose, and the sound of his breathing was loud in his ears. The sand was decidedly cool, but did not feel at all abrasive. It was heavy, and there was a momentary wave of fear as he did think on how he was truly being buried alive. She was right. He would not be able to sit up and free himself on his own, especially when his torso was covered as well.

Dave pushed those fears back, however. He trusted Ginny. There was nothing to fear. He was safe, and it was amazing to feel so powerless and trapped.

It was a fascinating experience to be cut off from most of his senses in this manner. He could feel pressure on his face and he imagined she was patting and compacting the sand over him. It wasn’t heavy enough to be her standing on his head, and he was grateful for that. There was a definite weight pressing on his face and it got heavier in a moment. He assumed she was pushing more sand over him, yet he could still breathe. Dave tried shifting his head, but there was no moment. He was sealed like a fly in amber.

A few moments later he could feel sand being pushed over his chest. His t-shirt kept it from touching him directly, but the weight was curious. Although he knew it was just grains of sand being pushed over him, it felt much more solid than that. Sand was such a tiny, insignificant thing, but get a few million grains of them together and they could become an inescapable trap. It didn’t take her very long to cover his chest, as it wasn’t more than a few inches deep. It did restrict his breathing but only slightly.

Sand covered his bare thighs a moment later, and he then felt his cock being handled again. It had lost some of its girth in the burying process, but Ginny’s hands began working on the plastic covered body part and it rose to attention once more. He could feel sand being shoveled around it, and felt his hips and pelvis being covered. She obviously wanted to make sure the part she wanted to play with was not buried as well, and one hand worked on him in an unhurried manner while he assumed the other was shoveling the sand over him. Dave could imagine it looked like a fleshy flagpole was now sticking out of the sand.

Dave could feel a heavier pressure travel over various parts of his body, starting at his thighs, and then moving steadily upwards over his pelvis, waist, abdomen, chest. That would be Ginny tamping down the sand, encasing him further. Moments passed and he could hear nothing but his breathing and what sounded like her moving around above him. More sand probably being pushed over him, although at this point he couldn’t know for sure. However, he felt the heavier pressure again a few moments later, suggesting that he was correct. She had covered him with more sand and was now compacting it further. His breathing was slightly shallower now, as the sand on his chest encased him and limited how much his lungs could easily expand.

Laying there, his body encased, Dave closed his eyes. Seemed pointless to keep them open in the darkness, and waited and wondered what would happen next.

* * *

Ginny looked down with a smile of satisfaction at her morning’s work. The sun was just now peaking over the watery horizon, and she still had some work to do before the beach began getting busy here. If anyone came by now, it would take a second look for them to notice a semi-erect cock sticking out the level beach, along with a couple inches of white plastic piping. She had rolled over the sand and stomped up and down on various parts, trying to pack Dave in as tightly as she could without hurting him.

Grabbing the picnic basket, she walked over and placed it alongside the pipe, so that it was resting against it. This would help protect it from sand being blown into it, and would also make it less noticeable, as well as make it less likely that someone might walk by and accidentally kick it. She knelt beside it and listened for his breathing. It couldn’t easily be heard over the crashing of the waves in the distance, but it was still there nice and strong. She had thought that the sand might rise and fall over his chest, given as she had not buried him that deeply there. However, it appeared deep enough, and compacted enough, that there was no evidence of someone buried beneath the sand.

Except for the part she had left unburied and which remained encased in a baggy. Her grin grew wider as she looked at that part poking out of the sand. It almost looked sad there, all alone. She resolved immediately that she would have to find a body part, oh, perhaps on her body, which could make it feel less neglected.

Ginny grabbed the long beach towel with the precut slit in the center and placed it over Dave’s buried body, sliding his erect member through the narrow opening, so that it now emerged from brightly striped cloth. Taking a pair of cuticle scissors from the basket, she knelt beside Dave’s shaft and cut a thin slit on the top of the baggie. With both hands, she slid his once again erect shaft through the center hole. Leaning down, she placed her lips over it and gave a gentle suckle. She wondered how it must feel for him now, to have that sudden sensation when most of his body could feel only the cool sand pressing in on him from all sides. She only gave him a moment’s attention, however, just enough to keep him wanting more.

She took the scissors and then cut the band that held it at the bottom. She next sliced both sides of the baggie so that it would fold out into a sheet. She slid it down his shaft so that it lay level with the blankets. With it placed that way she hoped it would help prevent sand from getting into her sensitive areas when she put him to the use she intended.

Next Ginny went and pulled her beach chair over and positioned it right in front of his cock. She wasn’t entirely sure how easily this was going to work, but she was determined that it would. She sat down in front of him, and grabbed his dick with her hands and rubbed it against the front of bathing suit. It was almost instantaneous for her to feel her own body respond and begin feeling aroused. Arising and taking another towel, she wiped off her body, which had developed a slight sheen of sweat from the warming air as well as her physical exertions. She looked around. The sound of seagulls could be heard though she had a hard time seeing any in the still dim light. No sight of any other ‘early birds’ on the beach either.

Ginny lay down on the blanket and rested herself on her elbows so that her breasts were hovering just over Dave’s penis. She lowered her chest down over it and using her hands placed his erect member between them. Cupping her breasts in her palms, she squeezed them together, trapping him there. Her skin remained slightly damp there from her sweat, and she began kneading her tits together, moving back and forth in a slight rhythm. She could feel herself getting damp between her legs at the sensation of feeling his hard cock between her tits like this. A low moan escaped her throat and her eyes fluttered shut as she lost herself in the physical sensation. What must this feel like for him as well? She wondered if he could tell what she was doing, and knew that of course he would. He loved it when she did this at home. What must it be like for him now, when it was the only thing he really could feel at the moment. She suspected it amplified the sensation tremendously.

Ginny shivered and stopped her motion, looking around somewhat self-consciously. She truly believed if she kept at it she would be able to achieve orgasm simply by continuing that action. Her breasts were very sensitive, and on top of that, she had found that there was something special when she came into contact with his body. No one else had ever come close to have the same effect on her. But she didn’t want either of them coming just yet. Still, what was the fun if she couldn’t tease him a little? With a wide grin and looking around quickly, she slid back and dove down on his cock, engulfing the majority of it within her mouth. She moaned around it, loving the feel of it there, and then slid off again, knowing he must be dying to have that pleasure so briefly given then terminated.

Ginny sat on her chair, threw a long beach towel over her lap and legs. She reached under the towel and grabbed his penis in her right hand. Giving it a gentle squeeze, she began rubbing it against her bikini bottoms. She closed her eyes and slid down further in her chair, increasing the pressure of him against her. Jesus, she thought, how am I going to maintain my calm and pretend as if I’m just getting a tan once the beach gets full?

She slid off her bottoms as she lay there and then grabbed his cock once more and began sliding it up and down her moist slit, letting the engorged tip just begin parting her. Ginny’s breathing became heavy as she did so and her lids grew heavy. The wide tip pushed against her clit and she moved it back and forth against her.

As she did so, she heard a sound and her eyes widened as she saw someone running along the beach, just where the water was coming in and the sand was more packed down. It was the first of the morning joggers. With her free hand, she waved at the person off in the distance. It was a woman, she could see as she got closer, and Ginny stifled a giggle as her hand continued playing with Dave’s cock, feeling herself growing wetter by the moment. The jogger saw her and gave a brief wave back, and Ginny bit her lip, feeling delightfully naughty. The woman thought she saw an early morning beach lover getting ready for a day of sun, and had no idea what was truly going on under the blanket. This made her heart rate beat faster and she slid her hips forward, letting Dave penetrate her slightly, taking in his first inch. It took great willpower on her part to stop there, but she mostly wanted to see if she was positioned in a manner so that such a coupling would be possible. She had to pull his cock down and forward, but it would work. Focusing on slowing her breathing, she moved it in a small circle in her opening and then pulled it back out and let go of it. It popped back up like one of those inflatable punching bags, still at attention, and it lay against her thigh.

Grabbing a tube of sunscreen, she began applying it to her face, breasts, shoulders and arms. The lotion came out in a spurt of thick white goo, and Ginny giggled again, thinking it reminded her at the moment of something else that would splattering her later in the morning.

Putting on a pair of wide shades, Ginny settled back in the chair and closed her eyes. She was feeling quite tired, having been up most of the night and then having spent time digging and filling this hole. She thought it wouldn’t hurt to close her eyes for a few moments. There was no hurry to get through her plans for the day. She hoped Dave would take this time to sleep as well. She considered getting up and yelling into the sand by her feet, hoping he might hear her. But she was really comfortable right now and she would just rest for a…

* * *

Ginny opened her eyes and looked around in surprise. The sun was beating down on her and the little noise that had been present had been replaced by a much wider and louder variety of sounds. As she blinked her eyes through the sunglasses, she could look out and see the beach was already quite full. It was going to be a busy day here, and towels, beach chairs, umbrellas, coolers and more filled the vista in front of her. She reached down between her legs, feeling guilty, and felt Dave’s dick lying limp in the sand. How long had she been asleep? A wave of guilt swept over her for a moment before she relaxed and told herself it was fine. It had been the plan to keep him at her mercy and trapped through most of the day. She began to stand up to get some water to pour down his air tube, when she quickly realized she was still not wearing any bottoms.

Settling back down again, she reached beneath the towels, found her bottoms, and pulled them on in as casual a manner as she could. She had placed Dave far enough from the ocean that there were no other beachgoers closer than 25 yards away. Still, she didn’t want to draw attention to them. The point was for them to be carrying on their activities covertly.

Dressed in her bikini once more, she stood up, dropping the towel back over Dave’s member, and moved to the basket. Inside the roomy basket was a smaller cooler, and she unzipped it and pulled out another plastic bottle of water. She tapped against the breathing tube, lying down next to it so that the tube and her actions could not be viewed by anyone on the beach. She tapped it again and then took it and wiggled it slightly as she wanted to make sure he was awake. Wouldn’t be good to pour water down there if he had fallen asleep. She heard a muffled sound of inquiry or protest come out of the opening and she nodded. Tapping twice more to remind him of what was coming, she trickled down only a few drops of water. A moment passed and there was no sound of gasping or choking, so it seemed he had managed to take that in adequately. She tapped twice more and poured down a little more. She did this several times. She didn’t think he would be too famished down there, as it would take longer for him to get warm than her, as the sand would insulate him for a while before it heated up as well.

Ginny grabbed a magazine from the basket and then stood and stretched. She smiled contentedly as she looked around her. This was all as she had imagined it and more. It was time, she thought. She was rested, and she was feeling very horny. Her lover was trapped in the sand beneath her feet, the beach was swarming with clueless beachgoers, and she was about to get fucked while all of them looked on, unaware. She felt herself responding to the mere thought of this, and had to force herself to calmly walk back to seat rather than leap there. In a way, she would have to behave as an actress for the time being, showing the world one face while her own feelings would be quite different.

Sitting down, she pulled the towel over herself and then took a moment to slowly and gradually remove her bikini bottoms once more. Holding her magazine in her left hand, she held it before her and pretended to read it. Her right hand remained under the blanket, and with her forefinger she gently began to run it along the surface of Dave’s deflated manhood. Like a wakening animal, it began to slowly respond to her touch. She could feel it twitch beneath her fingertips, and then like a balloon inflating, it began to straighten, lengthen, come alive. Ginny fought back a smile, keeping her face impassive as she looked at the magazine. As Dave began responding, she encircled his cock with her finger and thumb, sliding it slowly back and forth over its length. She was slow and gentle with this, as she was not interested in giving him a hand job particularly. This was only to get his attention and get him useful for her.

Wrapping her hand around his now erect shaft, she began to play with it as she had before, using him as the toy she had told him he would be for her. She slid it back and forth across her moistening pussy lips, using just the swollen tip to push her outer lips apart. Pushing the firm but spongy flesh against her own fleshy nub, Ginny fought to retain composure and a placid expression. Sweat began beading at her hairline, and she knew it wasn’t simply a result of the summer sun.

As Ginny felt her own need and arousal build, she realized she was not going to be able to play the tease for as long as she wanted. This fantasy had been played out in her head for months now, and to have it actually coming true now, well, it was a bit like asking a famine victim to show restraint at a buffet. Looking around to see if she was being observed, it didn’t appear that anyone was turned with her as a focus. With a slight and secret smile, she set her magazine down for a moment and slid her hips forward, pushing Dave into her soft folds as she did so. Ginny had to shift her hips slightly, and grabbed the towel with her other hand to make sure it didn’t slide off. He filled her so completely. It was a bit of a tight fit at times. It was lovely. She never had to wonder if he was in. God, she knew.

Ginny fought back her immediate impulse to begin sliding him in and out of her. Biting her lip, eyes closed, she simply rested for a moment, purely allowing herself to feel him stretching her. Feeling herself surrounding him completely. Using her muscles to give him a slight squeeze, she focused on the feeling of her own moist flesh pressing upon him. In spite of her attempts to maintain a vapid expression, her lower jaw dropped slightly and a low moan came from between her lips. It felt so good to have him there. It’s not like they didn’t make love often. She was somewhat amazed that they had continued to do so with the frequency they had after their time together. But this was different today. They had done their share of somewhat kinky things before, though she suspected their version of kinky varied from that of the average couple. This was special, though. For both of them it was a unique sensory experience. The circumstances for both of them essentially required them to put their focus only on their genitals. There were no kisses, no groping, no words, harsh or soft. Dave could not move at all. He was incapable of so much as thrusting at her. He was in a sandy womb, or tomb, depending on your choice, and was left at her mercy.

At the same time, she was in a bondage of her own. While she was free to move about physically, decorum and societal mores prevented her from behaving as she normally would as well. Ginny was not known as a quiet lover. However, if she were to start bouncing up and down on his cock and making the noises that came naturally to her, she would soon have an audience circling about her. While there was a part of her that would probably get off on that, particularly while lost in the moment, it would be embarrassing once she came, particularly if one of those in the crowd happened to be one of the local law establishment. Thus, she had to appear to be just another young woman by herself catching a few rays on this weekend morning. Yet she was making love at this very moment, had a hard cock inside her, and it was like having an incredible itch that she could not scratch vigorously, but could only gently rub.

Ginny shifted her hips slightly and felt her heart rate increase at only that slight change. It was amazing. She wasn’t sure if it would be less arousing, particularly for him, without the constant thrusting. Thus far, however, his erection appeared as solid as ever and gave no hint of departing. Ginny shifted her weight from one ass cheek to another as if trying to find a comfortable position, pushing off with her toes against the blanket beneath her to slide him slightly back and forth within her. "Fuck,” she murmured, licking her lips. This was astonishing. Without thinking, her hand came to one of her breasts, and as soon as she felt her fingertips on the cloth there, she realized what she was doing and slid the hand up to her neck as if she meant to wipe some of the sweat off there. She would hardly remain inconspicuous if she began fondling herself in front of everyone. It was rather hard, all the same to keep her hands away from her breasts right now. Her nipples were hard, and looking down she could see them pushing up the fabric of her bikini top like tiny volcanoes seeking to erupt. They screamed to be tweaked, licked. Yet neither she nor Dave was in any position to do so, and this only drove her need and heat higher still.

Reaching over she picked up her magazine again and held it up as if reading it, though she could no more focus on the text before her at this moment than she could sing an Italian aria. It was camouflage, no more or less. There was no way anything could hold her attention right now other than the warm and pulsing flesh sliding in and out of her body. Her legs were in constant but unhurried motion beneath the blanket as she did what she could to keep their lovemaking going at a slow but unnoticeable pace.

Time was hard to track at the best of times while at the beach, and with her current circumstances, she had no way of gauging how long he had been inside her. Was it one minute? Thirty? It was a sweet and exquisite torture, and Ginny felt fairly certain that they had been at it far longer than was their norm.

As involved as she was in focusing on the erotic sensations radiating through her body, Ginny couldn’t fail to notice when a shadow fell across her magazine. “You look like you’ve got ants in your pants,” a male voice said from over her shoulder, and she couldn’t help but start in surprise. Her initial reaction was to pull away guiltily and Dave’s cock slid more than half way out of her, before she stopped herself and eased her position back, taking him within completely once more. Whoever this was, he wasn’t going to interrupt her pleasure.

Using the magazine as a visor, she held it over her forehead as she turned and looked up and over her shoulder slightly. There was a young, dark-skinned man standing there with a buddy of his standing a few feet off behind him. His wingman, Ginny thought. At first glance, he was an attractive enough guy, though maybe not someone she would have taken notice of on her own. “Sorry?” she asked.

“Me and my friend saw you as we were walking up here and saw the towel over your legs was moving like you couldn’t settle down. Do you have a cramp or something? Maybe I could give you a massage and help you out somehow. Word is I’m pretty good at massages,” he responded.

Ginny had to fight back a smile and shifted her weight again, moving her legs like before, resuming her love making to Dave. It was a delightful thrill to have her lover inside her, fucking her, while this stranger tried hitting on her. She wondered what this guy’s reaction would be if she flung the towel aside and told him to go ahead and massage her. A part of her got off on the idea of this stranger massaging her legs while she continued working at the cock inside her, working towards a climax. At that, she couldn’t contain her smile and it spread across her face.

Her would be suitor took that as a good sign and knelt down beside her. “So what do you say? Can I give you that massage? You want us to join you here? You seem awful lonely.”

Ginny thought of how Dave would react if he were able to see this scene right now. It was lucky for Mr. Massage that Dave was currently oblivious and immobile. She wasn’t sure his reaction would be quite as undisturbed as hers was. It was flattering, really. At the same time, she wasn’t truly tempted in the slightest, her momentary fantasy aside. “Thanks,” Ginny replied. “But no thanks. I am not as lonely as I might look. As for the legs, just a bit of restless leg syndrome. Sort of a nervous habit anyway. You guys have a nice day,” she concluded dismissing them.

The guy stood up, clearly unperturbed. She had an idea he took a lot of shots in the dark, and his style worked enough that he was not in the least put off by her rebuff. “Fair enough,” he said. “Come on,” he gestured to his friend, and they moved on their way towards the ocean and potentially more receptive prey.

As they moved off, Ginny set her magazine down and slid both hands under the towel, raising it slightly so that it was not resting on her hips or legs. She was then able to begin wriggling her hips and pushing up and down towards the sand with greater urgency and speed. Her loins were on fire now, her libido stoked even higher by having been caught in mid-fuck by strangers who were not even aware she had a cock inside her while they chatted her up. She had no idea how strong the desire was in Dave at the moment, but desperately needed to feel him shoot inside her now. There was no putting this off any longer. She had to feel him cum in her, and hopefully join him in doing so.

Ginny watched the two young men walking off towards a pair of unescorted young women and smiled at herself as she used her vaginal muscles to squeeze Dave inside her. It was all she could do not to start panting. Making as discreet movements as she could manage she shifted her weight, moving from side to side, sliding Dave in and out of her. She slid both hands under the towel and lifted it slightly off her hips, using her fists like tent poles. This allowed her slightly more movement without causing the blanket to reflect her every twitch and twist.

Her eyes took in the scene around her. A trio of children down and to her left were digging their own hole in the sand, and she suspected they planned to bury someone in it. She had a hunch, however, that they weren’t going to enjoy the experience nearly as much as she and Dave currently were. Looking over past them were an older couple, sitting and holding hands as they walked towards the ocean. Another group of young teens were running out of the water and she could see their faces, happy, excited as they ran for their towels. They could see her as well, she knew, though doubted they noticed her at all. She corrected that. Dave, if he could speak, would no doubt assured her that the guys at least would have noticed her cleavage at some point, and probably would be sneaking glances as long as they were there.

This was all she needed. She watched that group as they made their way across the sand, dripping, bumping into one another, and thought how it would blow their minds to know that lady with the nice tits back off by herself was getting fucked right in front of them. Ginny could hear the air whistling in and out of her nostrils as she clamped her jaws together, trying to swallow the cries she so desperately wanted to voice.

Within her she could feel Dave respond, could feel him seem to swell within her. He was about to explode, she could…

And then he did. In spite of herself, Ginny gave a tiny cry at the feeling of him releasing in her. One hand dropped the towel, and while he continued to twitch within her, began running her thumb over her engorged clit. That little extra bit of stimulation was all she needed, and she joined Dave, erupting just as he was winding down. Her muscles clamped around him, and she could almost imagine his look of erotic surprise beneath the sand. Her toes curled in the sand by his head, digging furrows as she slightly arched her back. Ginny fought to maintain some degree of composure, but in the moment was not sure how well she had done.

As she became aware of her surroundings once more, she looked around somewhat furtively, expecting to see everyone on the beach with their heads turns around and staring at her. Yet nothing had changed. Everything was still the same, everyone was doing what they had been a moment before. The only change was that Ginny could feel gravity leading to Dave’s juices starting to slowly drip out of her, and she felt like another nap would really hit the spot right now.

Although she could feel Dave losing his firmness within her, he was not able to slide out of her as he normally did at about this time. She would have to slide back for him to pull out completely, and she decided she wasn’t in the mood to do that right yet. Easing back in her chair, she actually let her hips slide forward slightly, pushing him in further. He didn’t fill her quite so much as he lost his erection, but it still felt nice to have him in there. She gave a quick kegel hug to him and smiled to herself. Ginny knew he had to be wondering how much longer she planned to keep him buried there. A tiny giggle escaped her as she realized he was currently buried in two different places with his release from both dependent on her whims. The truth was, she wasn’t entirely sure.

Ginny closed her eyes and sighed dreamily. After a brief nap she would decide whether she would release him, or bring him to release once more first.

It was a good day.

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