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All in the Name of Science

by Anon

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© Copyright 2009 - Anon - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; chemical; shrink; bag; body adventure; insert; cons; X

Shane Smallidge was attending Carver College on an academic scholarship in science. He was majoring in animal biology and sometimes student taught for Professor Colton. Most of the classes in the science department were fairly large auditorium-sized, but his favorite class to attend was microbiology. In that class were most of the girls from Gamma House, the hottest sorority on campus. Many a man has tried his hand at dating one of the sisters of Gamma House, but few have come close. Some suspected these girls were all lesbians, but some of the top athletes had been inside and found out otherwise.

Shane just loved microbiology, for the class, and for the women that showed up. Professor Colton was usually held up with special projects for the college's partnership with the city's businesses, so Shane was left to teach these students. Shane was a graduate student and this class was a sophomore-level class. He taught not only the class, but the lab portions as well. That's where he really enjoyed his stay. He was able to get close to the women in their study groups and assist them however he could.

One particular day he was walking down the hall of the science building's third floor when he heard a Bunson burner still ignited on one of the lab tables. It was making a greenish liquid boil rapidly. No one was around for this lab station which made him sigh. As lovely as those sorority sisters were, they weren't too bright in the brain. Carelessness like this caused accidents. Shane shook his head and went over to the mess of liquids and bottles left by the Greek sisters to clean up after them.

That proved to be a mistake. Shane was in the path of the explosion that soon followed. The burning flame caused the green liquid to overheat and explode out the stopper. Shane was covered from head to toe in the gooey substance. Luckily he wasn't cut in the glass shards that flew everywhere. Now he was steaming mad. He had told those girls to shut off their experiments before they left time and time again. He turned and walked to the sink in the lab, but as he got there, he was too short to reach the knobs. His lab coat was like a tent on him as well.

"Good Lord," he said aloud, "I'm shrinking!"

By the time he made it back to the mess at the lab table, he was now only three feet tall. His clothing had fallen off his diminished body and he was scared. How could he get any help looking like this? He had to think of something quick. Just then, he heard footsteps. More like clicks from a set of high heels. The heels belonged to Kelly, the music major and fellow Gamma House sister. She had forgotten her flute in the lab room and had come back for it. She gasped as she saw the mess at their table. She scrambled to the mess with paper towels to try and hide her mistake. She didn't see Shane anywhere, as he was hiding out of view.

Kelly was cursing herself for being so irresponsible. After wiping up all the mess and sweeping up the broken glass, she walked over to her black flute case. Behind it was a cowering seven inch Shane. Again, Kelly gasped. Shane couldn't hide from her view now, since he was using her case to hide behind. There he was, in perfect detail, only seven inches high and completely nude. He looked up her long legs to her lycra skirt and flowing blouse. She was beautiful to him. She had long curly black hair that framed her young face with piercing eyes that now stared in disbelief at the little man.

"Shane???" she finally spoke. "Shane Smallidge, is that you?"

"Yes," he squeeked. "Please don't hurt me," he trembled, "I was caught up in your experiment's explosion, and now I seem to be very small. What were you guys making?"

"We were trying the effects of miniturizing lab rats to see if the possibility exists. After a bunch of failures, we were about to give up on it until this accident. Now look at you, I shrunk you to the size of my hand."

"You have to do something, I can't be seen like this and I'm getting cold on this tile floor." Shane held up his hands begging the giant Kelly to help him.

"I don't know what I can do, but I'll take you home with me. You can stay in my room until we can get this worked out."

She held out her hand and gripped the little Shane carefully. With dizzying speed, she raised him up to her face, now enormous but still just as beautiful. Shane could feel her hot breath on his naked skin. "I'll put you in my gym bag and keep you out of sight. Don't make a sound until I say it's ok, alright?"

He nodded and let her drop him into her duffel bag. Zipping it up, she bounced the bag as she walked out of the science building and back to the sorority house.

Shane was in heaven at this point. Inside Kelly's duffel bag were her gym clothes she had for her workout. She must have showered at the athletic center, because he was sitting on the sweaty silky thong G-string she must have worn while working out. It smelled of musk and perfume at the same time. Balled up to one side of the bag were her bobby socks. Underneath the panties were her workout sweats and running shoes. Shane lay back and savored the feel of her silk panties, knowing that not long ago her pussy was pushed against this same fabric. The heady scent made him fall asleep so he curled up in her underwear and drifted off.

ZZZZZZZIIIIIIPPPPPPPPPP! The duffel bag was opened and light quickly shined into the canvas dome. Above him was not just Kelly's face, but the faces of Eva, Chloe and Anita as well. He looked up to four amazed women staring down at him.

"See, I told you I wasn't kidding!" Kelly said.

"Un-fucking-believable!" Chloe exclaimed.

"That's incredible!" Eva chimed in.

"Can I pick him up?" Anita wanted to know.

"He's mine." Kelly announced, "If you want to hold him you have to ask me and make damn sure you don't hurt him. He's still a man, not a toy to play with. He's scared and probably hungry, so while I find him something to eat, one of you keep him warm and safe. I'll be right back."

Chloe was the first to pick him up. She was a freshman inductee to the sorority and her major was aviation. She was blonde with full round tits, but to Shane they were larger than anything he'd seen before. Chloe had a pouty face that melted men's hearts. She smiled and introduced herself while hugging Shane to her chest. Her hands were warm, but the angora sweater she had on kept him even warmer. Shane could feel her bulging breasts push against his tiny frame.

"He looks so cute in your cleavage," Anita said. "Let me hold him now."

Carefully they made the transition. Shane was now in the twin sister's embrace. Anita was Chloe's older sister by about 5 minutes, and this lovely blonde was majoring in athletic health sciences. Anita purred at the little man cowering in her massive tits. Chloe's were bigger, but Anita's were much more firm. Eva was about to hold him next when Kelly came back.

"I have a grape and some bread for him. I have no idea what a 7 inch doll-man can eat."

"Oh God, imagine that tiny face licking a pussy," Eva said dreamily. Her mind was always on sex.

"Hose yourself down, girl," Kelly chided, "his frail body might not be able to take your kind of lovemaking. Besides, if anyone gets to really play with him, I do. I found him."

"You better share Shane with us," Eva said, "I'd hate to see you lose him because word got back to the house mother." Her threat was serious. Kelly knew that the sisters kept no secrets among them.

Finally, "Alright, I'll share him, but NO ONE can hurt him, OK? He's tiny, remember, and could break easily. None of you are doctors, so the last thing we need is a tiny broken arm or leg. Agreed?" She looked about the room until she got three nods 'yes.' The other eight girls in the sorority would have to know as well. Kelly decided she would call a meeting that night. She shooed the other girls out and closed her door. Locking it, she went back to the hungry Shane.

"Here Shane, here is the food I promised. Sigh... what am I going to do? The other girls will want to know about you and eventually play with you. I'll have to do my best to make sure you're not harmed."

"It's OK," he said between gulps, "I trust you Kelly. I can't have your house mother calling the authorities. I trust you and enjoy you taking care of me while I'm tiny. I don't want to be in some cage at a laboratory. This is much more safe and comfortable. Thank you Kelly, for opening your room to me like this."

"You're welcome," she said, "and by the way, I noticed you enjoyed yourself in my panties."

Shane's face turned bright red. He stopped eating.

"It's OK, cutie, you did look adorable all covered up like that. Perhaps I'll have to keep you in my panty drawer for safe keeping." Shane imagined being on a large pile of soft silks and lace. He couldn't hide his erection when she said that.

"Oh, you like that idea, huh? How about this for an idea?" Kelly removed her top and let her tits hang free. Not a paricularly large breasted girl, but to a 7 inch man, that was way more than needed. She knelt at her desk where he sat, now finished with his meal. Shane walked to the edge of the desk and felt her warm breast and hardening nipple. The other one was about ten feet away to him, so he just concentrated on the tit in front of him. He dared falling off the desk and reached out to suck her tit. It was just enough for his mouth and tasted wonderful. Kelly sighed and moaned as he did so, so he bit down and nibbled as much as he could.

Kelly pushed him back to stand up. Her lycra skirt shimmied down her tree trunk legs where they draped around her high heels when she let go of them. Stepping out, she walked back to the table where her exposed pussy was now desk high and in his face. Kelly trimmed her huge bush to a slight strip of fur above her vagina. Shane stood next to it and figured that if he held himself firm in her grasp, he could be used as a human dildo if she so wanted. Turning around, he was greeted by her huge ass. Huge in the sense that to him she stood about 50 feet tall. In that view, her ass was about 9 feet wide. Kelly was beautiful and all that working out had paid off. Her ass was firm and tight, soft to the touch and meticulously shaven clean. Shane reached in and kissed her huge cheek.

Kelly giggled and spun around. Grabbing him about his chest, she walked him over to her queen-sized bed and lay on her back. Shane was suspended at arm's length as she studied him. She lowered him down to her chest and let him walk around her tits. They were large soft pillows to him. Topped with ice cream pail-sized nipples, they begged to be sucked. He climbed up her right tit and massaged her nipple. She let out a moan and rubbed her left tit with her giantess hand. Shane tried to study how she did it so he could mimick her way on the other tit. Soft sighs were coming from her pretty mouth as she closed her eyes and felt him move around. What a thrill to have a tiny man slave away at pleasing her.

The sultry coed felt tiny feet pad their way down her tummy to her trimmed landing pad. On hands and knees he crawled through her patch. She could have sworn she heard him sniffing at her bush for her scent. Giggling, she brought her legs up and offered him her pussy. Shane lay on her pubic hair and lapped at her clit. The tiny tongue was still enough to send electricity through her. She moaned and bucked in the air as he held onto pubic strands and kept up his licking. Biting down, he sent the large Kelly into her first orgasm. Shane witnessed a flow of cum like a waterfall escape her large pussy lips. Wanting a taste, he slipped off her pubic bone and found himself landing on her wet spot between her legs. Kelly rose with a startle, then smiled when she saw he was just fine. He brought handfuls of her cum up to his face like a prospector would to a mountain stream.

Turning around, Shane saw a large mouth parting its lips for him. On either side of him were enormous thighs with the power to crush him at an instant. The smell of her dewey cunt was overpowering, so he knelt at her opening and licked whatever he could of her pussy. It was like receiving a HUGE kiss as he pushed his head to her lips. Her giant hand came down behind him and ground his face into her hole. Heat and darkness overtook his field of vision and he was thrust headfirst into her womanhood.

Kelly then took his tiny body in her hand and positioned his feet to go into her first. She told him to lay stiff as he could so she could shove him in easier. Feet plunging in first, soon he was up to his waist in her sex. Her fingers caressed his body as she guided him in even deeper. Being only 7 inches tall allowed for her to shove Shane in up to his neck. Kelly looked into her full length mirror and saw his small head sticking out of her pussy. That made her pussy walls contract around his body.

"Oh God, a human dildo!" she screamed out. She panted and held her asscheeks apart so she could see the show going on between her legs. Like a fleshy turtle neck, those giant pussy lips swelled around his chin and massaged him with warm pussy oils. Shane moved his body around, but that only sent his giantess lover into another volley of orgasms. Kelly finally ejeculated the tiny Shane out of her pussy. He slid down her ass cheeks onto the mattress and bounced to her knees as she came crashing down from her last gushing orgasm.

Kelly turned onto her tummy and begged Shane to fuck her again. "Use your cock on my big puss," she hissed.

Shane walked up to that wall of dark pink flesh, then looked down at his cock. On a seven inch man, his erection only sprouted out three quarters of an inch. She knew what he was thinking. "I don't care, Shane, I want you to fuck me. Don't disobey your mistress."

Her hands held open her pussy lips and she waited for him. Shane gripped her ass as best he could and fell into her pussy. He was staring right into her anus as he gyrated and ground his puny cock into her massive hole. Kelly's fingers found his head and rammed his face into her ass. Breathing in her ass and fucking her pussy was too much for him, so he let loose what he could and blew hot cum into her pussy lips. They sprayed all over her wet lips, and the feel of his face in her ass sent her into one more rocket blast that coated his frame with juice.

Satiated, he staggered back up to Kelly's face and dropped to his knees. She smiled at him, gripped him gently, and nestled him under her chin to sleep. Quickly he drifted off and used her hair as a blanket. Later that night he would be in front of all those wanton women, but right now he was in heaven with his giantess lover.



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