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All The Rage

by Jo

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© Copyright 2011 - Jo - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-M; MF/m; naked; boxed; wrapped; gift; giantess; breasts; cons; X

Barry stood before the inspector. He turned. The inspector peered closely. He even used a magnifying glass. Less than perfection was not an option. The inspector nodded. He opened the door to the cage. Barry climbed in. The inspector closed and locked the door.

The cage was lined with soft, plush velvet. There was a slit in the middle. Barry slid his feet in, then his legs until he was waist deep in the luxurious fabric. The cage was made of silver, its sides woven like a basket. He could see out well enough, but others would have trouble seeing in. Given his nakedness, he felt that was a good thing. On the other hand, he was a perfect specemin. He was meant to be enjoyed visually. And while feeling a bit modest, he had worked hard to achieve that level of perfection and had escaped the life of misery and squalor he had been born into.

The cage was lifted and set into a brightly colored box. As he was being lowered, Barry could see the lid, the strip of red ribbon, the gift tag.

The lid slid in place and Barry's world went dark. There was a bit of jostling, then an extended period of movement, the gentle sway of a vehicle making it's way he knew not where.

Everything came to an abrupt stop.

Barry could hear voices, although he couldn't understand what they were saying. Eventually smells made their way into the box. Smells of the holiday. Smells of burning logs, of meat cooking. Sweet smells. Barry's stomach growled. Perfection came at a price, he'd never be able to enjoy the feast. His food would be good, no doubt, but even then he would have to watch what he ate - unless his new owner wanted to fatten him up of course.

Time passed. The voices grew louder, guests arriving for a party no doubt. They drew closer and he could make out some of the words - a combination of thank yous, oh how lovely, you shouldn't have.

Barry's world rocked. There was the sound of a bow being pulled off, ribbon undone. Finally the lid came off.

"Oh Daren! It's beautiful!"

"Open it. There's a little something inside."

The cage settled. The door swung open. Barry pushed himself out of the hole, slid out onto the table. There was a collective gasp from the guests.

"Oh how exquisite. Oh, Daren, he must have cost a fortune."

"Oh, he did, did at that."

The woman held out her hand.

"Come here. Come here little man."

Barry climbed up and into the woman's palm. She brought him up to eye level. Barry managed to keep his balance.

"Oh, he is absolutely perfect, Daren. Thank you! I love you!"

She peered at Barry for a long moment, studying him. Other guests leaned close to get a look.

"Does he have a name?"

"Barrington, it says on the card."

"Well, Barrington. Welcome to your new home."

Barry made a small bow.

"I have a feeling you'll fit right in."

And so saying, she settled Barry in her cleavage. He wormed his way down until he was chest deep, wedged in by the warm, enormous mounds, arms spread, hands resting on the twin pillows. The couple embraced briefly.

"Thank you, my love."

"You'll be the hit of the party, my dear. I hear they're all the rage."



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