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by Boniboy

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© Copyright 2009 - Boniboy - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; shrink; potion; insert; mast; sex; crush; shoe; cons/reluct; X

She looked down at the little man between her long, tanned, silky smooth legs. She lay on her king size bed with her legs wide apart, her little lover, 2 inches high, stood before her gaping bush, dark and well trimmed.

She had a fantastic figure. She modelled part time but worked in a busy law office in town, frequently admired by the clients who took their business there. The 6 foot model had studied the art of witchcraft from her Russian grandmother, who had been a gypsy, and was skilled in the craft. She was 28, elegant and well spoken. Her figure was trim and she boasted ample breasts, which when exposed, hung firm and boasted darkened nipples, pointing slightly upwards. Her hair was jet black, her natural colour, which hung down over her shoulders to the top of her breasts. Her tanned body complimented her slim figure, much the envy of many women in the town.

She had met this man at a late night bar after competing some important documentation for a client. Flattered by his advances she agreed to spend some time with him and so they proceeded back to her apartment, where they discussed sexual fantasies, amongst other things, over a coffee and brandy.

Jack had told her how he fantasised about being a tiny man, satisfying a women, bringing her to orgasm with his tiny body, squirming inside her. This turned her on for she had the power and the knowledge to make this dream a reality. They were both a little drunk when she offered her proposal to him. He agreed joyfully, not having any idea what this woman was capable of, let alone truly believing in the fantasy.

She returned from the kitchen with a glass that contained a strange concoction of herbs and had froth oozing over the brim.

"Here," she said. "Drink this…you'll never regret it"

"You're kidding me", said Jack, but he took the drink. He smelt it cautiously but there appeared to be nothing wrong. It smelt similar to a herbal tea so he sipped first and when satisfied that she wasn't actually poisoning him, gulped the rest down. It wasn't long before he felt drowsy and drifted off to sleep, not aware of what was physically happening to him.

Anna watched the potion take effect with enormous eyes, stunned that the secret potion actually worked. Her grandmother wasn't lying. She did have magical powers. She sifted through the pile of clothing where Jack had been sitting and found his tiny naked body asleep in his clothes. She carefully picked him up in her hands and took him upstairs to her bedroom and placed him on the smooth satin sheets. She then removed her clothing, checked her long, tanned, smooth skinned body in the mirror, before brushing her hair and slipping into the sheets, next to the still sleeping Jack, one inch in length, lying next to her. She knew it wouldn't be long now so she patiently waited, reading through the latest edition of Cosmo.

She noticed movement out of the corner of her eye and saw that Jack was stirring. She smiled to herself as the blood flowed to her vagina and breasts in anticipation of what she hoped would happen. She gently eased his tiny form to the centre of the bed, across the cream satin sheets. She then eased her self across so that her gorgeous vagina and long, slim legs flowed either side of him. She gazed down at the little man, eager for him to wake and respond to her.

Jack awoke from slumber land with blurry eyes but was reassured by the warmth and softness of the vast amount of silk he was lying on. The surface was soft and slippery.

"What the fuck…?"

He looked upward to see Anna lying before him, two long embankments of tanned, smooth skin, leading to a central dark, bushy area and then upward to the circular orbs that formed her pert breasts and then to her beautiful, gypsy like face, smiling at him with pearl white teeth.

"Welcome", she said. "Your dream has come true".

Jack was already hard with excitement at the sight of this immense giantess but he was shit scared at the same time. He didn't know her that well and she could easily dispose of him without anyone having the slightest idea about where he was or what he had been doing. If she had this power she had the strength to finish him, either by eating him, crushing him under foot or simply lying on top of him…

"Don't be scared. I won't hurt you." She said, reassuringly. "Let's have some fun together. This has been one of my fantasies, too".

Jack grinned and felt more secure. He had to shout at the top of his voice to get her to hear him.

"What do you want me to do?" He squeaked.

She smiled again to him and brought her gigantic hand toward him. It was massive. She cupped it around him and nudged him forward towards her dark, bushy area. Jack stood up on the silk and plodded towards her sex, his footsteps sinking into the material each time he moved forward. Anna felt so dominant over him. Her large breasts now filled with blood and her nipples started to harden, pointing skyward like two huge, thick, dark red, rubber poles. She felt her pussy get warm and the moistness began to flow inside her. She wanted him. She wanted to engulf the little man within her and consume him whole, his little movements to cause her to orgasm.

As Jack neared the huge, dark haired opening, he started to panic, suddenly becoming aware of the reality of the situation. The vagina was huge to him.

It could easily swallow him whole. She had a beautifully formed, model vagina, perfectly trimmed for her modelling but to him it was a moist, sexy smelling cave that he was completely scared of.

He felt a large, red, manicured, finger nail in his back forcing him forwards with a force he could not overcome.

"Don't be shy", she said. "I want you. I want all of you. Give yourself to me."

Jack's cock was rock hard both through excitement and fear. The smell was incredible from her, so much more powerful than normal. He approached the entrance to her moist opening. It was relatively dark with her gargantuan legs either side of him. He could no longer see her face but he could see the bulging clitoris than now stood proud from its resting place, a little above his head. He felt the warmth from within her and noticed the small trickle of body fluid oozing out of the base of her cave. He touched the small stream with his hand and rubbed her vaginal walls with it. Her cum felt viscous, yet pleasant to touch. He felt adventurous and tasted her. She was sweet. With cum soaked hands he reached up and fondled the beach ball sized clitoris, doing his best to move the huge organ around. Anna felt him working her and moaned a little, closing her eyes and allowing her right hand to fondle her left breast.

As she did so her huge left hand came down and rubbed over her bush, three fingers of which slipped over her clitoris hood and knocked Jack backward into the puddle of cum that had formed on the sheet below. He watched, fascinated as she masturbated herself, her giant hand skilfully massaging her clit. Jack moved toward the cave, eased the giant lips apart as best he could and climbed in the base. No sooner had he done so her body moved slightly (an earthquake for him) and his legs slipped on the cum drenched nethers, causing him to wallow up to his waist within her. He could hear her making noises and so presumed he was doing right. He loved it, too, his cock and lower half enveloped in the sticky, hot cave, which moved around him. He looked up to see three fingertips rhythmically moving over the cum soaked clitoris, sometimes faster, sometimes slower. He had each arm either side of her sex, holding onto her vaginal lips.

Anna loved what he was doing and she adored the feeling of having a man completely inside of her. She closed her eyes and felt the building pressure within her. Her orgasm was fast approaching. She could not take it any longer. Her right hand came off her left breast in an instant and went straight down to her vagina. She forgot about the little man in the build up to her orgasm and she was losing control. Her huge hand came over her left and plunged into her wetness. Jack was engulfed in the shadow of her right hand as her index and middle finger thrust him all the way inside her with an almighty "SQUELTCH!" He screamed as he felt his entire body move forwards into the hot darkness within her. He slipped easily on her cum soaked insides, just like a tiny cock. Her fingers eased him right inside, his legs forcing the soft flesh to part. It was boiling inside her and he gasped for air but she was going to come and her juices flowed over him like a river. Her fingers pumped in and out, causing a horrendous squelching noise but thankfully bringing with them wafts of cooler air.

Suddenly he felt the walls all around him start to contract. He could hear her heart building faster and faster. Still the fingers pumped. He could hear faint screams outside the cavern and the pressure rhythmically increased. When she contracted he could not breath and the contractions were getting longer and longer. The pressure was unbearable within the vagina for him. He heard something within him crack, probably a rib as he squeezed unbelievably. He thought he was going to die.

Just when he thought he was going to black out the rhythms instantly stopped and he felt himself go upside down. The pressure instantly released him as he felt the whole vagina moving and shaking all over the place.

"Thank God for that" Jack thought. He could hear Anna talking outside his warm prison but was totally confused about what was going on. He felt his body slip downwards towards the vaginal entrance. Just as he thought he would plunge a hundred feet to his death from her standing form, his head popped out of her and hit some damp silky fabric.

"She's standing up with knickers on", he thought. "What the fuck's going to happen next?"

Anna heard her apartment door open and she jumped up from the bed and slipped on a pair of silk briefs and a dressing gown before investigating the intrusion.

"What are you doing home?" she exclaimed. "You're not due back for at least two months"

"I got two weeks liberty" said Jon. "The boat needed a refit after the exercise and the whole crew received two weeks' leave".

Anna was shocked. Jon, her boyfriend of two years was a Naval Officer and had just turned up on the spur of the moment, just as she was in the throws of one of her strongest orgasms. She came to terms with what was happening and then threw her arms around him, embracing him strongly, forgetting her small passenger within her.

"God I've missed you", he said. "You look more fabulous than ever. You look so God damn sexy! Come over here and kiss me."

They kissed sexily for some length of time. Jack didn't have a clue about what was going on apart from the fact that he could hear voices and he was bounced around in upside position, cum still oozing over his body and face, spilling onto the fabric below him. His chest ached from the crushing power of her vaginal muscles, which now relaxed after her build up. His body swayed from side to side as her sleek, tall body strided around. He heard the steady thump and thud of her footsteps as he was transported around, within this gorgeous woman. Jack's heart beat hard with anticipation.

"What the hell is going on?" He thought. "Who the hell is she talking to and why is she taking so long?" He just lay there as the talking continued.

Movement again now. Her legs moved quickly, causing her vaginal muscles to flex slightly and squeeze the injured, bedraggled man within her. Jack felt her stop walking. She spoke again and Jack understood that the other person's voice was male. He presupposed what may happen if Anna had a sudden case of amnesia. He managed to work his arms free and thrashed at her vaginal walls, not being able to reach her clitoris. Anna Could not feel him, she had, in fact, forgotten him now that her boyfriend had returned from sea.

Jon was looking forward to taking his girlfriend after being away for three months. She looked fantastic in her cream satin robe and seductive underwear. Her breasts looked fantastic surrounded by the material and her nipples stood proud beneath. He followed Anna to the bedroom. He took her in her arms and they started to kiss. Her smooth breasts pushed against him and he ran him hands over the sleek curvature of her ass, drawing her groin closer into him. He rubbed himself against her, his 9 inch, thick cock swelling with arousal.

Jack felt enormous pressure against him from some external mass movement. He heard moans from his host and deeper groans from the visitor. He started to shake with fear as his naked legs felt once again more fluid with her warm cum.

"Oh no. Oh Shit. What is she doing? I've got to get out of here. Oh fuck. Anna, help me. I don't want to go like this."

Anna could not hear him. She kissed Jon hard and deep, exploring him with her tongue. She quickly undressed him and went down on his semi hard cock. It quickly responded and was soon standing hard and proud. Jack felt her squat, the fabric of her knickers forcing him again inside her, folding his arms back and over his head. Her vagina again started to swell up again, swallowing the inch high man. He was ready for her but he lay her down on the bed, running his hands over her damp, tight knickers. He slipped his hand inside, massaging her pubis and vaginal area, kissing her neck and breasts, taking her hard nipple into his mouth, sucking it, rolling his tongue around the areola and nibbling the tip. Anna gasped as he eased his middle finger into her wetness, easily forcing the tiny, wet figure inside her deeper than he had ever been before. He started to pump his finger in and out, continuing to suck on the stiff nipples. His huge, stiff cock was eager to get inside her so her withdrew his finger and rubbed her sweet cum down his throbbing shaft.

Jack let out a muffled shriek as a huge male finger slipped over her satin covered black bush and made contact with his head. Jack's body slipped easily inside his host at rapid speed, his body swishing over the slippery surface within. The finger pumped in and out, again allowing air into the vaginal tunnel. A pause was then felt before distinct side to side movements.

Jon kissed his beautiful, dark girlfriend down to her naval and skilfully removed her panties with his teeth. Anna giggled and wriggled side to side to facilitate the effective removal of the garment. Once free, Jon eased her long legs wide apart and moved up her gorgeous body, kissing her skin all the way. He sucked on her clitoris, causing her to squeal slightly before working his way further up her body to her breasts and neck.

"Fuck me, baby", she said. "Put that big cock inside me and fuck me hard. I want you. I need you."

Jack lay there, soaked in her cum, hot with only musky air and fluid to breathe. He felt movement from behind his head once again and a rush of air covered him from his position, deep inside her. He was held hard by her tight muscles but then the walls started to open and then they closed up again. A few seconds. The walls opened up again. Wider this time, before closing up again. Now the walls flew open revealing, through the darkness the massive silhouette of the biggest penis he had ever seen. The glans smashed into his head, driving him even deeper within her. The hard, yet spongy tip of the monstrous cock retracted for a moment and then drove inside her once more, hitting him with such force that totally winded him, leaving him coughing and gulping her body fluid. The huge cock continued the thrust into her, causing more flow of her juices. Jack howled within her, begging her to stop this torture but Anna started to buck against her well hung boyfriend, meeting his thrusts with skilful timing.

Jon put Anna's legs up onto his shoulders, allowing him to penetrate deeper within her. He sensed her building up to her orgasm as she tensed up and gripped his big, thick, cock tighter. "Christ he feels big", she thought as his movements continued to raise her arousal. It had been a while for Jon, a long time since he had fucked his girlfriend and he could not hold back against her perfect movements and her smooth, wet, vagina, enveloping his manhood. Jon rammed her hard as he felt his cum burst inside her, five or six huge bursts, allowing his full sack to empty into her. She felt his hot cum inside her, tightened hard on his cock and gasped for air as her contractions hit, gripping his cock, vicelike, hardly allowing him any movement. Their almost simultaneous orgasms were perfect for the moment.

Jon collapsed on top of his girlfriend and his limping cock slowly eased out of her soaking wet hole. He rolled off her, allowing their cum to flow out of her and onto the sheets. He kissed her again, promising her a sleepless night.

Jack was being thrown about all over the place as the mammoth beast of a cock thrust in and out like a well oiled piston. The heat was incredible.

The cock, 20 times the thickness of him, occasionally rammed him knocking him deeper until he was pushed right up against her cervix. There was no where else to go. A pause now. Then the beast entered again coming ever closer and closer as the giant man achieved greater penetration. The movements were getting quicker, her cum more thicker and much faster. He heard loud groans from outside and was hit by a blast of hot fluid. Jack coughed at the salty taste before being completely blasted by the full force of his huge orgasm. Bursts of thick, warm goo covered his body, mixing with her sweet cum. The creamy liquid was viscous and stuck to his body. Jack could not breathe. He swallowed mouthfuls of the gluey fluid before getting a small amount of air and then he was hit again and again. Then her walls contracted around his weak form, Tighter now. Relaxing. Tighter again, gripping him like in a vice, unable to breathe, covered in their juices as her orgasm hit, crushing him from all sides. Jack felt his bones crack as she came, screaming from her orgasm. He threw up her boyfriends cum only to swallow mouthfuls of hers as the hot fluid flowed over his body.

He lay there, limp, within her as the massive cock started to ease out of her. Jack, caught up in the river of their cum and broken from abuse, slipped downwards, towards the exit of her vaginal tunnel, the hole well stretched by the previous presence of the huge beast.

Jack exited her vagina as she lay, resting from her activity. He dropped with a "plop" into the little pool of fluid on the sheet below. The two giants were still kissing as she turned over on her side. Jack's broken body, aching from broken ribs and a broken leg, crawled over the damp bedclothes to the edge of the bed. It was a mammoth task but after 30 minutes he made it. By that time the giants had stirred once more and started to make love again. Not risking a fall, Jack crawled to the corner of the bed for safety and lay there, bouncing up and down for most of the night as they continued to make up for weeks of sexual inactivity.

When Jack awoke the next day his body was in agony, having had time to fight the injuries he has sustained. There was no sight of anybody, the giants presumably having left for the day. Jack did not know whether the effect were permanent but whatever the outcome, he wanted to get out of this apartment. As he lay there, thinking, the door opened and Anna walked in, dressed in a dark blue business suit, complete with pantyhose and black, high heeled pumps. She looked really hot with her thick, dark hair tied up in a bun and wearing her business spectacles. She started to remove the bed sheets for cleaning. Jack screamed as he was hauled and then thrown mid air before landing with a painful thud on the mattress below. His movement caught Anna's eye and she moved closer to investigate. She then remembered what she had being experimenting with before Jon had come home.

"Oh my God, Jack!" She exclaimed. "My God, what happened to you? Jesus, you must have been caught up in our…"

Anna realised what must have happened to the little man and really felt sorry that he actually survived the ordeal. Jack tried to explain his innocence and begged her to change him back to normal but Anna screwed up her face and responded.

"I'm sorry, Jack, but you weren't supposed to survive our encounter. You see, I can't allow anyone to know about my witchcraft skills. I presumed that you wanted to give yourself to me and I knew that if I cam with you inside me, my vaginal muscles would simply crush you to death. So you see, you weren't meant to survive, my dear. I'm surprised you actually survived this ordeal with Jon."

Jack broke down and cried. He begged her to let him go or at least try to change him back.

"Jack, sweetie, the fact is I can't change you back. The effects are permanent and as I said I can't allow anyone to know about my skills. The knowledge is for us only. Nobody else on this Earth knows about this and they must not. You have to go, Jack. I have to get rid of all the evidence."

With that she picked him up between her thumb and forefinger of her right hand and brought him, screaming and crying to her face.

"Don't cry, Jack. You were fantastic. Your memory will live with me for, say, two days?"

Anna giggled a little and brought him to her large red lips. She pouted and kissed his body before giving his nakedness a big lick with her large, rough tongue. She walked out onto her third floor balcony, carrying the naked Jack with her. His saliva covered body felt cold in the morning air. Her high heels clicked nicely on the concrete floor of the balcony as she set him down on the floor. He rolled over and looked up at the towering form over his inch high body. Her massive black pumps towered above his miniscule frame. She peered down at him from over her large breasts. He turned over and tried to crawl away from her but she raised her right foot and placed it down in front of his path with a noisome "Stomp", causing a rush of air over his body and the new leather on the shoes creaking loudly as her foot flexed.

"Tut, tut, Jacky, baby. You already know the ending so why delay it?"

Anna squatted and pouted her lips, allowing a huge globule of spit to fall onto him. It hit him with incredible force, covering him in the gooey substance, warm but quickly turning cold. He looked at her. She smiled beautifully, though wickedly at him. She winked and stood up to full height. She looked so incredibly sexy to Jack, despite knowing that he was about to die under the foot of this beautiful woman. She looked down at him, shaking her head.

"I'm sorry, Jack. I can't have you running off now, can I? I can't leave any evidence. You were so sweet."

Anna raised her right foot again and brought it over the crippled form of Jack, covered in her spit. He could only weep and splutter as the shadow of her perfect 2 inch black heel smothered him. He caught a glimpse of her pantyhose clad white briefs before the worn sole came over his whole body. He lay there. It was pointless to struggle. The sole came down on him, making contact for a second, cold against his skin, and then the weight came upon him, forcing him down into the tiny cracks in the concrete. He felt his body collapse under this 6 foot, dark haired, model. Load cracks with the most incredible pain, before gurgling on his own blood and innards.

"Snap! Crackle! Crack! Squish!" Jack blacked out.

Anna felt the tiny man underneath her foot. She held it there momentarily and then pushed down slowly. She heard the crunching noises beneath her foot, until there was no more and the sole was in firm contact with the ground. She twisted her foot left and right a few times before dragging it back towards her, leaving a smear of red blood on the concrete below. She sighed, satisfied, turned on the crushing heel and walked smartly back into the apartment, her heels clicking loudly on the bare concrete surface.

She switched on the TV. The weather channel stated that rain was imminent. She smiled, knowing that the rain would soon wash the little stain away. The evidence would be gone.

Boniboy – The one and only.



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