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Bachelorette Party

by Unknown

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© Copyright 2012 - Unknown - Used by permission

Storycodes: F+/m+; shrink; cake; surprise; gift; club; nipple; mast; climax; soft; cons; X

"Surprise!" Paige's friends called out as she walked into her apartment. She was so startled that she dropped her briefcase as she spun around with a squeak. "Happy shower to you, happy shower to you, happy shower dear Paige.... happy shower to you!" they sang in delighted offkey. She gazed around at her apartment in shock, they had decorated it with balloons and a large banner that read...


Finally she got her composure back and laughed with pleasure at their trickery. "How the hell did you guys get in here?!" she demanded.

"That was ME!" Sandy admitted, giving her a big hug. "I convinced your landlord to let us in about an hour ago to set up. Plus, she's going out for the weekend so we can be as noisy as we want to!" she added gleefully. Missy, a tall black woman with large tits, grabbed her hand and pulled her into the living room. She then pushed Paige into the easy chair, which had been pulled up to the coffee table for the occasion and they all gathered around.

She smiled at her four friends from work and shook her head ruefully. She had known that they would do something to celebrate her marriage to Greg, but this had really caught her off guard. Brenda, a sultry redhead, poured her a glass of wine while Kim, a pert but bouncy oriental, started piling gifts in front of her. They all laughed and talked as she opened each present. They 'oohed' and 'aaahed' over the dishes and crystal... and giggled wickedly at the lingerie for the honeymoon.

Finally, when they were into the third bottle of wine, all of the gifts had been unwrapped and thanked for. Sandy, the obvious ringleader, scampered off to the kitchen to get something. The others perked up at this and smirked at Paige's puzzlement. Sandy walked back in slowly, with a two layer cake in her hands, several lit candles dancing on top. She carefully set it down on the table in front of Paige and sat down herself.

"Okay, you make wish and blow candles down." Kim told her with a smile.

"That's blow the candles OUT Kimmy," Missy told her oriental friend with a sigh.

"She blow candles, it not matter," Kim retorted.

They all giggled a bit more. Paige leaned forward and sighed, "I just wish the guys could have been here", then she took a quick breath and blew out the candles.

She blinked at the cake and frowned. "Hey! This isn't a real cake!" she exclaimed.

Suddenly the top popped away and five tiny people climbed out. Missy pulled out a tape player with speakers from under the coffee table as the tiny men got into line. Then she turned it on. Paige sat stunned as the tiny men danced to the music in front of her... and started stripping! Her eyes focused on the man in front and she gasped, it was Greg, her fiance!

Paige stared as the song ended and the men, now in only jockstraps, finished dancing. Part of her mind now recognized the other guys (the ones she had just wished for!). There was Tom, Sandy's boyfriend. Next to him was Andy, Missy's beau; and Carl and Kyle, Brenda's and Kim's boyfriends. They all stared at her as she stared at them. Then Greg walked over to her and touched her hand which was on the table. She gave a start and looked up at Sandy, who had also come over to her.

"What do you think of the strippers I got, huh?" she gently reached out one finger to tap Greg on top of the head. "I couldn't get a giant cake into the apartment, so I got an 'economy' size instead."

"But... How... What....?" Paige stammered. Sandy put a finger to her lips to silence her. She lifted Greg and gently set him into Paige's hands. Paige felt the tiny form, only about six inches tall, shift in her grasp as she reflexively cupped her hands protectively around him. She lifted him to her face and gazed in wonder at him. "Greg, are... are you alright?" she whispered.

"I'm fine darling, none of us are hurt. And I want you to know that I did this voluntarily. For us." he ended, carressing her thumb with one hand.

Sandy cleared her throat, causing Paige to look over at her.

"I was grilling Greg one day to try and find out what I could get you as a gift. Finally he mentioned something about 'Not unless you've got a shrinking ray handy' and that got my attention. After a while, I got him to admit that you were a microphile, someone who fantasizes about tiny guys, and that HE wouldn't mind being the guy in question."

"But what about our marriage?" Paige asked, both dreading and a bit turned on at the same time.

"Don't worry," Sandy reassured her. "It's easily reversible and just for fun. WE..." and here she pointed to the group of them, "are a club of sorts. The Shrinkers Club, and we would like you and Greg to join us. We don't hurt anyone, the process is magical, not scientific, and the shrinkees can't be harmed in any physical way. We just get together once a month or so... and have fun."

Paige looked down at Greg, who was nodding to her, "She had a rough time convincing me she was serious, finally she just shrank me to prove it! She asked me not to tell you and for it to be a surprise." Greg smiled up at her and squeezed her hand as best he could. "I think it's a good idea" he added. Paige felt his tiny form in her hand and could feel his cock rubbing against her palm. She felt her nippes harden as she thought about the fun they could have. Then she looked at her friends who were waiting for her to speak.

She took a deep breathe, "Count us in" she declared. The others yippeed and bounced while the other guys jumped up and down and clapped.

"In that case" Brenda declared, standing up. "Let's get down to some serious partying!" She grabbed her dress and pulled it apart, revealing a silky, red bra and panties. She stood there in matching red high heels and reached for her boyfriend, Carl. "Let's have some fun!"

The others watched as Brenda lifted Carl up gently and pulled away his remaining thong. She then started rubbing him across her chest. She slipped him between her tits so he dangled from the middle of her bra. She let go of him and ran her hands up into her hair in pleasure at the sensation of his squirmings. So entranced at the sight of her girlfriend's pleasure, Paige didn't notice the other women stripping off their own clothes. She noticed when Missy dropped Andy down the back of her blouse though.

With a squeak, she flipped Greg away from herself and jumped up. She danced around as Andy wriggled around against her back. The others laughed hysterically at the sight of her bouncing. She looked just like a schoolgirl who had gotten a frog dropped into her dress! Finally she pulled off her blouse, sending him tumbling to the floor. She dropped to her knees with a gasp and looked up at Missy darkly. The others started laughing again though, and she helplessly joined in. Then she remembered Greg.

With a cry she jumped up and looked around wildly for her fiance.

"Over here!" Kimmy called with a wave of her hand. Paige hurried over to find Greg and Kyle both sucking on Kim's tits. She was holding one man up to each nipple and the strained look on her face told of the pleasure this was causing. Seeing her man giving pleasure in front of her sent a strange sensation through herself. A sensation of ... heat. She knew without a doubt that Greg loved her, and that in THIS club she would probably be sharing him often. Of course, she would also be borrowing the other guys as well.

Kim took Greg away and held him out to Paige reluctantly. She smiled and returned him to his job at Kim's nipple. Suddenly hands were at her waist, pulling down her skirt and panties, she started and looked over her shoulder to see Sandy kneeling behind her. She turned and stepped out her clothes at the same time.

"Maybe you should try a different flavor of man right now, Paige." Sandy said huskily. Sandy grinned and lifted up Tom in her hand. "Okay lover" she whispered to him, "Show her what you got."

She lifted Tom up between Paige's legs, which she spread further obligingly. Although she couldn't see him, she could feel his hands start to rub her clit. The sensation was too much for her legs and she started to sink to the floor. Missy grabbed her trembling shoulders and helped her to sit with legs spread on the rug. From there she could look down and see Tom's tiny form at work between her legs. Missy knelt down behind her and unclasped her bra. She pulled it away and reached around to Paige's front.

Paige saw that Missy was cupping Andy in her hand and bringing the grinning negro up to one of Paige's swollen nipples. Kim and Brenda suddenly appeared at her sides with the rest of the tiny guys and brought them to various parts of her body. The sensations were soon too much for Paige and she climaxed again and again. A damp Gregory was lowered to her chest and she wearily gazed at his exultant face.

Only she heard his tiny voice call out, "Love you, honey." She smiled at him.

"Love you, honey." she whispered back.



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