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Be Careful What You Wish For...

by eatme please

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© Copyright 2013 - eatme please - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; F/m; shrink; tease; panties; insertion; mast; climax; swallow; disgest; eaten; whole; soft; cons/eluct; X

This is a short story about two people with the same desires, but only one will survive to tell the tale.

Adeline since her child hood had fantasies about shrinking her boy friends to enable her to tease and taunt them before swallowing them whole. She was unable to forget these feelings and grew up with these thoughts. As a result she conducted experiments with live prey such as gold fish and small birds to satisfy this urge to eat a human male, this helped her to experience the feeling of having something inside her throat whilst still alive and the intense sexual fulfillment as the hapless subject landed in her stomach ready to be consumed by her acidic digestive process.

Adeline found out through surfing the web that others shared in her fantasy mostly men, she found a forum that contained stories written by these other vore fans and decided to write a few of her own stories. It was a chance for her to write about her fantasies regarding eating a male subject, she found her past experiences very useful in describing the whole swallowing process and subsequent digestion of her chosen quarry. It was through this forum that she came into contact with another vore fan only he happened to be male. It started when she received a message through the forum asking her to write more stories, this intrigued her enough to make contact with Kevin.

Kevin was very forth coming with his requests and asked her some really personal questions; this made Adeline a little cautious with her replies although she had worked out that he lived in a different part of the world. She took her time answering his replies giving his questions a lot of thought before replying to his e-mails.

This frustrated Kevin as he needed to talk about his feelings with some one who felt the same sexual urges as he did, the only difference being that Kevin wanted to be eaten by a woman and Adeline seemed to be just the right girl for the job. Adeline sensed this and decided to try and find out where he lived, this being a totally alien subject to her she asked a close girlfriend who was really into this hacking scene if you could find some one through an e-mail address. Her friend got on the job straight away although she said it could take her a few weeks to trace Kevin’s location. Adeline decided to string Kevin along so that her friend would have more time to find him.

They continued to correspond via e-mail Kevin totally unaware of Adeline’s plans, as the weeks passed Adeline felt different; she couldn’t put her finger on what, but she knew that something had changed, she was very aware of her bodies daily cycles and monthly routines but this was a different kind of feeling she felt warm inside and she had started to get tingling feelings in her head, this worried her so she went to her surgery and got her self checked out thank fully she had the all clear. It was not long after this that her friend rang her about Kevin; she had tracked him down, this excited Adeline she hurried over to her apartment to collect the information. She thanked her friend and left for home not sure what she intended doing with this info, her head tingled at the thought of eating Kevin, this intrigued her.

Adeline got home and switched her computer on to check her messages, Kevin’s address appeared in her in box Adeline opened it up to read its contents, Kevin had asked her if she would eat him if given the opportunity, this appealed to her she rubbed the front of her panties working her sex, her head tingled and a warm feeling flowed through her body. She felt dizzy as she looked around her bedroom trying to focus on something. This feeling passed after about 30 seconds and her vision returned, she looked around the room, where was her cat? she was sure he was lying on her bed Adeline got up and walked to where he had been sat… to her amazement there lying in the same place was her cat only now he was no more than 4 inches in size. Adeline got excited realizing what had happened she teased herself with her fingers her orgasm washed over her… a damp patch appeared in her panties.

She picked up her cat and studied his form he seemed okay except for his size, she put him into one of her shoe boxes not sure what to do with him. She checked the time and made a note of it she needed to see if this was permanent. Her mind raced what if she could shrink Kevin down to size he could have his dream fulfilled and she could experience her childhood fantasy, this would make her a very happy woman she would certainly get the most from Kevin's demise, she wondered how he would feel at being chosen to be her first meal? She smiled to herself his well being was irrelevant only her feelings mattered he would not be given a choice. She needed to keep an eye on her cat to find out more information about his condition. She wrote a quick reply to Kevin telling him how she would tease him and put him in her panties before eating him alive. This satisfied her she knew he would get off on this thought and maintain contact with her, she looked forward to meeting her victim she was already salivating at the thought, her body already turned on at the prospect of sending him to his death.

Adeline tried to get on with her normal routine but her thoughts kept drifting back to earlier she checked on her cat, he sat there unaware of his situation still only 4 inches in size Adeline checked her watch "Hmm its been 5 hours and he is still the same size". The day passed slowly for her she looked in on her cat to see if he had grown in size, 9 hours had passed and he still remained at 4 inches Adeline smiled to herself, "that should be enough time for me to digest Kevin or at least start to break his body down into paste ready for me to ingest his nutrients into my body." She rubbed her crotch gently teasing her sex at the thought. Adeline looked at the time and went up stairs her cat still in the same position she sighed and got ready for bed.

Adeline was awoken by her alarm she rubbed her eyes lazily and looked around the room, her cat meowed loudly she jumped out of bed and rushed to her shoe box, her pet was sat upright he was around 9 inches tall, this continued through out the day until he was his normal size, she was not sure how long he had been 9 inches but she was not unduly concerned, if he had been inside her she would probable have digested quite a lot of his mass by this time. Adeline checked her watch it had taken about 18 hours for her cat to return to normal size this would give her plenty of time to play with her little quarry before finally eating him alive. Adeline decided it was time for her to pay Kevin a surprise visit one he would never forget.

Kevin waited patiently for Adeline to reply to his last e-mail he would check every day for her reply, but unfortunately she never did. A week had passed and he had not received anything from Adeline he was getting very frustrated, he took his children to school and returned home his wife was leaving for work as he arrived. They had quick chat before she left. Kevin waved her off and closed the door, no sooner had he done so when the door bell rang. He opened the door a smartly dressed lady stood before him Kevin was immediately attracted to her; she had that look in her eyes… the look of a woman who would eat you if she got the chance too.

"Hello is your name Kevin." She inquired. Kevin nodded, "would it be possible to talk to you about your e-mails you sent to me."

Kevin looked at her a puzzled look on his face. "Please come in." Adeline smiled at him as she walked past; Kevin checked her out as she passed him and closed the door.

"I'll get straight to the point Kevin my name is Adeline." She could tell by his expression that what she had said shocked him, her head began to tingle.

"Adeline….. Are you the lady I have been communicating with by e-mail?"

Adeline nodded the tingling in her head getting stronger. "Yes I have come here for you Kevin; I felt it would be much better for you to experience being eaten by me in person rather than reading a story. So I have come here to collect you so that you get to go through the full swallowing and digestive process on your once in a life time trip inside my stomach, I must say I am very excited and aroused its going to be a very nice day for us especially me, after all I'll be getting the most fun from your body whilst I am turning you into my toilet waste….. "

Kevin stepped back a big grin on his face, "and how do you intend doing that Adeline?... I mean it’s a wonderful thought but as we both know its impossible."

Adeline felt the hot flush sweep through her body her thoughts only on capturing her prey, the tingling in head grew stronger and her vision became blurry. She was aware that Kevin's voice had grown quieter she held onto the radiator cover to balance herself. Once again the dizzy spell passed and her vision returned except this time only a pile of clothes remained beside her. She searched through the clothes until she found the 4 inch man, Kevin looked at her terror in his eyes.

Adeline smiled at him, "You look yummy Kevin! Do you believe me now, I am looking forward to eating you but first I intend playing with you for a few hours." With that Adeline pulled her skirt up and pulled her pink cotton panties to one side and carefully positioned Kevin's body into her gusset making sure he faced into her sticky labia, she smiled at him his body tucked neatly in between her legs. "I hope you are feeling comfortable I intend leaving you in my panties for quite a while, I am going to enjoy you whilst you are still here." She then readjusted her panties and tidied her skirt, she picked up his clothes and searched the rooms for his dirty laundry basket and then left.

Adeline found driving her hire car difficult Kevin moved about constantly in her crutch, his body slipping lower each time this felt nice her body reacting to his movements making her sticky lube leak out over his body, she could feel his legs wriggling in between the cheeks of her bum. She found this uncomfortable Kevin seemed to have knack for sticking his feet into the tight folds of her anus so she reached down and pushed him all the way inside her sex, this felt much more natural to her she was turned on by this point and needed something hard inside her to help quell her urges.

Adeline pulled on his body just as she would if he were a penis, she pulled into a secluded lay-by and continued until she reached her climax, a damp patch appearing in her panties from her spunk, satisfied she continued on her journey back to her hotel. Kevin had calmed down now which suited Adeline he being there felt more natural to her now, she was used to having a tampon inserted inside her during her periods. Adeline was still having small orgasms and her panties were rather wet by the time she arrived at her hotel. She parked her car and went inside to collect her room key, she smiled at the porter she wondered what he would do if he knew what was wriggling inside her panties, she enjoyed feeling this hard lump moving deep inside her woman hood it made her feel sexy, the lift door opened and she stepped into the empty chamber as the door closed she pressed her hand against her skirt and gently rubbed herself, her orgasm rippled through her being .

The journey was brief she walked into the hall her wet underwear clung to her pubic hairs she found her room, she needed to pee aware of her guest she decided to hold on a little longer, she knew from his stories that he liked the smell of a woman’s privates after she had worn her panties all day, this would be his treat before she sent him on his way.

Adeline was concerned about swallowing Kevin at his present size a four inch man could easily get stuck in her throat and choke her… although the urge to carry out the deed turned her on, so she dismissed her concerns and decided to concentrate on the swallowing process instead. Adeline removed her blouse and skirt and folded them neatly ready to be packed, her bladder felt full now so she decided it was time for her to pee. She positioned herself in front of the toilet bowl and rolled her pink panties down her legs and sat down, her urine flowed from her in a steady stream into the clear water below, as she pushed down Kevin's body slid out his face washed over with her urine.

Adeline laughed, "Enjoying your drink Kevin it will be your last, soon it will be your bodily fluids I will be peeing out."

She finished her toilet and stood her swollen labia closing around Kevin's head as she pulled up her panties covering her victim in the pink cotton of her underwear. The smell and taste of her urine filled Kevin's senses, her urine mixed with her sticky discharge adding more stains to the white gusset below his body, Kevin’s mind was racing he found himself enjoying being abused by this woman and yet he also knew that at some point he was going to end up inside her, his sole purpose to feed her child hood lust for a human victim. He felt his fear rising up inside, he struggled to escape his cotton prison this only made Adeline get more aroused, she pushed him deeper inside her and worked her muscles squeezing his body tightly in her muscular tunnel to gain satisfaction from her live quarry.

She was enjoying pleasuring herself at his expense he was providing her with all her needs.

Kevin seemed to be getting tired and Adeline was starting to get bored with Kevin, she felt a little sore between her legs from all the activity, he had spent the last 2 hours in her panties and decided it was time he went on his way. She lay on her bed and pulled him from within her sticky vagina, she held him in front of her face and smiled at him. "I think its time you were leaving KEV, I need to get you inside me so that I can enjoy the feeling of you struggling as you make your final journey down my throat into my tummy, this is a one way ticket for you."

Kevin looked at her face her eyes staring at him hungrily, no sign of compassion within, her red lips looked huge she smiled her white teeth stood out against the deep red of her lipstick. She opened her mouth wide so that he could see where he was going next, he peered in at the wet interior of her mouth, the entrance to her throat undulating revealing the dark passage to her stomach he could hear the guttural sounds from her hungry body emanating up through her open mouth, her hot breath felt like a warm breeze.

"Are you going to climb in Kevin just like in your story, after all you did ask me if I would eat you. I am about to get my child hood dream fulfilled."

Kevin looked at her he lowered his head he knew she would swallow him even if he refused. Adeline reached over onto her dressing table and picked up a bottle of olive oil and proceeded to cover his body in it. She sat him down on her hand and grinned at him in triumph.

"You look really scared! Are you ready to go inside me Kevin because I am so looking forward to eating you?"

Kevin stood up his body glistened from the slippery oil Adeline smiled as she lifted her hand up to her mouth, her breathing was erratic and her hand shook he could sense her excitement. "Come along then Kevin climb inside its time for you to feed me."

She opened her mouth wide Kevin accepting his fate stepped off of her hand and started to pull himself over her red lips, the oil coating them as he grabbed hold of her teeth to pull himself in, Adeline used her tongue to lift him gently inside, she could feel his pulsating body as Kevin slid further towards her throat, he felt huge his chest rising and falling his fear rising up inside. She closed her lips and began sucking on his warm body, she turned him over in her mouth tasting his salty body, all her fears of choking were gone she had her prize in her mouth. She felt no remorse for what she was about to do only pure adrenalin filled excitement about what was coming next, her whole being longed for this moment, her fingers rubbed the cotton of her panties her orgasm starting to rise up within her, soon she would feel his helpless body slide into her throat on a one way trip into her stomach below.

Kevin's legs stuck out between her deep red lips, he thrashed them about the fear and panic of his violent end had kicked in, this excited Adeline even more she could taste his fear as he struggled within her mouth, her lube seeped from her she had never felt so hyped up in her entire life, his every movement sending ripples of pleasure to her erect clitoris. Her panties were soaked through she slipped her fingers inside the cotton and rubbed her sex, her spunk running between her swollen labia.

Adeline lifted her head up allowing gravity to assist in Kevin's descent into her throat, he slid effortlessly into her she felt him enter her throat and immediately swallowed, her body’s reflex action taking care of this new food source he went down easily giving her no trouble at all. She felt him slide down stretching the muscular tube to his death, her orgasm washed over her as the squirming lump of flesh and bones started its journey down the tight tube into her stomach, he was large and Adeline at times felt sharp pains as his body was being moved deeper inside her by the muscular ripples leading to his death. She felt every part of his decent into her body, this only heightened her pleasure it seemed like minutes before she felt him enter her stomach. A sharp pain signaling his arrival as he stretched the opening to his final resting place, her fingers were buried inside her vagina.

Adeline was getting orgasms one after another she thrashed about on the bed unable to come down from her sexual trance, she was in a heavenly place that only swallowing a man could take her to. This continued off and on for the next 5 hours, her stomach had swollen due to the squirming lump within, she could feel his every movement as Kevin struggled inside her trying to resist her digestive juices, in his confined prison his muffled screams just audible to her. Adeline taunted him telling him how much fun she was having at his expense and that soon he would be no more than a dirty stain in her panties, this excited her even more she was feeling so many different emotions her body was out of control every part of her being was tuned into getting as much pleasure from Kevin’s body as possible before he succumbed to her digestive process.

She was unable to leave her hotel room that day due to her body’s permanent state of sexual arousal, by night time she was exhausted her body covered in perspiration from her sexual workout, Kevin was still very active, he was still alive and fighting for his survival Adeline took great pleasure from this... For she knew he was being digested alive inside her and she was enjoying every piece of him.

Adeline found that she needed to make regular visits to the toilet Kevin’s body it seemed was making her urinate a lot, Adeline liked this though after all he was still alive inside her and here she was peeing him out into her urinal, her pink panties smelt of her toilet visits, her gusset sticky from her climaxes, but then this was part of his fantasy. The only thing troubling her was the fact that her stomach was more swollen it appeared to be larger? This worried her it was now bigger than when she first ate him. Kevin was still moving about quite a lot for someone who was partially digested, Adeline’s thoughts drifted back to her cat maybe Kevin being larger was growing bigger inside her. It certainly felt like he was bigger, her stomach protruding outwards Adeline did not feel at all hungry even though she had not eaten since 9.30 am that morning, Kevin it seemed was providing her with all the nutrients she needed, her bodies normal functions were totally screwed up. She tried to watch some TV but Kevin's constant movements made her uncomfortable and kept distracting her Adeline felt exhausted and decided to try and get some sleep.

She eventually drifted of to sleep although Kevin did manage to wake her three or four times during the night to pee. The morning came too quickly for Adeline her body ached she had her fingers between her legs all night extracting as much pleasure from her meal as possible, she was sore from all the activity from her restless night and the day before she felt Kevin moving inside her pressing down, her bladder felt like it was going to burst. She rushed to the loo and sat down a powerful stream of warm urine poured from her into the toilet bowl she sat there waiting for the stream to subside; she examined her tummy the large lump still visible. She felt the undulating movement as yesterdays meal shifted inside her she could not understand how he had managed to stay alive this long, she was beginning to regret swallowing him.

Adeline felt the urge to push down and without any effort she started to fill the toilet with her excrement this seemed to go on for ever, her stomach groaned she felt uncomfortable her stomach was really bloated she sat patiently as her waste piled up in the toilet bowl. She wiped herself clean and turned to flush away the remains from Kevin's partially digested body, she was shocked by the amount. She smiled to herself, "Here I am doing my toilet and he’s still alive inside me this is unreal girl." She tapped her stomach, "How are you doing in there KEV I am just about to flush part of your body away, I tend not to need a poop this early in the day you have made a real mess in my toilet." She laughed before pulling the flush to empty the toilet of the smelly contents and had a hot refreshing shower.

Adeline felt lighter after her toilet her meal had shifted inside her she seemed to have made a bit more room for the already digested bits of body parts to move further down into her system, Kevin was not so active now and her stomach was returning to normal Adeline disregarded him, after all his body was gone he meant no more to her than her breakfast did the day before and besides she felt after she had had made another visit to the bathroom her body would be rid of the last remnants of her conquest. She put on a clean pair of panties and bra dressed herself in some smart clothes and went sightseeing, later that morning she visited the toilet again and after nearly blocking it with her poo, she stood up and checked to see if anything remained of her pen-pal, but as she suspected there was no sign of any skin or even bones just a lot of loose stools piled up no one would guess by looking at her excrement that this was ever a mans body.

She examined her stomach it had returned to normal, Adeline wiped the last of his body of with toilet paper she examined the paper and smiled a satisfied grin on her face. She had achieved her child hood dream thanks to her unfortunate pen pal there was nothing left of him now but at least he had his dream fulfilled, the difference being she would be able to enjoy her experience again unlike Kevin who could only get his dream fulfilled once, she adjusted her stained underwear and skirt pulled the flush and left.

Her appetite had returned so she found a nice pub and ate a meal after which she carried on enjoying her short visit, Kevin no longer in her thoughts she slept better that night. Adeline awoke bright and early her bodies routine back to normal she showered and dressed for her breakfast and then packed her suitcase ready to leave, Adeline rubbed her stomach her mind drifting back to the moment when Kevin's body slipped down her throat into the empty space below ready for her to digest him, she wished she could do it over again and experience his struggle for life deep inside her body once again.

She wondered what his family were doing right now after all she had taken away a husband and father from them, she sighed they were the unfortunate casualties in her quest for sexual fulfillment, whilst she felt sadness for what she had done to them it made no difference to her if given the chance she would do it all over again, he was expendable, a one use item to help her fulfill her dream, if another opportunity presents itself she would without remorse dispatch her next victim in the same callous manner as she did with Kevin. Besides she would be thousands of miles away by the time any police were involved, her conscious was clear satisfied she picked up her suit case and went to the foyer to order a taxi. The receptionist asked her if she had enjoyed her short break. Adeline replied, "Yes I have had wonderful first visit, the meal I ate on the first morning was so big that I did not eat for the rest of the day, it was a very satisfying dinner." The receptionist smiled and wished her safe trip home. Adeline left to catch her taxi to the airport for her flight back home.

A few weeks had passed, Kevin was only a memory now just like all the other unfortunate creatures she had consumed to gain sexual satisfaction from, Adeline logged onto the forum and found the stories he had wrote she read them again and wrote some reviews on them. She felt that a story about his visit from her would be appropriate so she changed the names and decided to post it on to the giantess forum in memory of her first live meal, maybe she could attract another willing participant for her to visit?... after all they were all on the forum for her to entice it made a good menu with plenty of foolish men for her to select from to be her next meal and she was getting the urge to taste another mans fear and enjoy digesting his body.

The story is pure fiction but you never can be to surewhere fiction ends and reallity starts.

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