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The Birdcage

by Chelgi

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© Copyright 2015 - Chelgi - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; shrink; capture; bagged; cage; strip; toy; bodyplay; nipple; breasts; squish; insertion; pet; mast; climax; cons/reluct; X

Sunday morning so early that the sun is just barely up and no one else seems to be. I don't remember ever seeing the city so deserted, only a few early risers out to enjoy the morning. As I turned the corner just south of my building I stared at the woman coming toward me. In four inch spikes she was taller than my own six feet. Her long blond hair shimmered brightly in the morning sun, and her long luscious legs swelled into sleek muscular thighs that disappeared beneath a short blue mini-skirt that molded her voluptuous ass into a thing of heart-rending beauty, but the thing that really stopped me were the huge fleshy mountains thrusting out from her broad chest, and bulging from the top of her blouse, daring anyone to look at them.

She was looking down into her purse and coming on a collision course with me, and we were almost together when she drew something from the purse. I thought at first it was a gun, but it looked like a cross between a gun and a camera, some kind of toy. She looked up at me, and I was caught staring at her mammoth tits.

She pointed the toy at me, and there was a sudden flash. For half a second I thought it was a strobe, then the world spun about me, and I was dizzy. Then a huge object slammed down directly in front of me with a tremendous crash. I jerked back and nearly fell as I looked; instead of those enormous globes in front of me there was a woman's foot in a high heeled open toed shoe. A woman's foot the size of a truck! I reeled back and looked up at an enormous column; from an ankle higher than my head it swelled magnificently into an enormous, shapely, woman's leg, joining another fifty feet above my head beneath a vast swirling blue canopy.

Suddenly the entire Green Bay Packers line slammed into me. I was pinned helplessly, I couldn't breathe, my arms were crushed painfully to my sides and I was swept up, up... dizzily up, high into the air, up before a vast smiling face. A gorgeous woman's face the size of a billboard. I was totally disorientated, screaming with pain as she squeezed me like a child's toy in the gigantic fingers of one giant hand. I looked into great blue eyes, and at the plush red lips smiling at me. Lips more than a yard across with enormous foot long teeth, gleaming like a white stone fence, and a cavernous mouth that could swallow me whole. I screamed and fought, helpless as a tiny kitten in her titanic grip. She just grinned and brought me up against those mammoth red lips, engulfing my entire head and upper torso in the hot wetness of a giant kiss.

Laughing at my helpless struggles she looked around for a second, suddenly I was swung out and down, and stuffed unceremoniously into her giant purse. I felt her release my body, and then those gigantic fingers grabbed my legs, and easily as a woman with a child's rag doll simply folded me up, and closed the purse over my trapped body.

It was pitch dark in her enormous purse, and the huge things a woman normally carries in her purse were all around me, banging and smashing into me as she walked. I could feel her every step, long slow ponderous steps, still wondering what had happened to me. One second I was walking normally along, and then an enormous giantess was grabbing me, and stuffing me into her purse like a toy. It took a long while for me associate the beautiful woman I had been staring at moments before all this happened, and the object she had pulled from her purse, with the titanic giantess that had captured me. Slowly I realized, she was not a giantess, but somehow I was a tiny doll. It was probably that camera like object she had pointed at me, that had shrunk me down to a miniature doll.

I lay in her giant purse trapped, and trying to plan an escape when I realized. What would I do if I got out? I was probably no more than four inches tall, and totally unable to care for myself if I did escape. Realizing there wasn't anything I could do, I resigned myself, and at least she had kissed me before so hastily jamming me into her purse, maybe I had a chance. Besides, she was the only one I had ever heard of that could shrink a grown man till he was smaller than a Barbie doll, and was probably the only one that could grow him back again. So I'll have to stay with her; as if I had any choice.

I had felt the ponderously slow thudding of her great long strides for some little time when suddenly I felt her swing the purse out, and then I felt a falling sensation, like an elevator dropping too fast. Suddenly it slammed into something, and everything in that giant purse clobbered me at least once, a lot of them twice. I lay there for several moments with no movement, but I could hear heavy movements nearby. The noise of movement came near, and there was a jostling, then the purse sprang open. I stared up into that vast billboard size face again. She was grinning down at me, almost laughing as I lay huddled up in her purse, hugging a metal object as big as a scuba tank, I could now see was merely a tube of her lipstick.

"Ok little man, come on out." and she reached in and pinching one leg between her colossal thumb and forefinger plucked me casually from the purse.... and lay me on the palm of her other hand, a palm that was as wide was I was tall, a palm as big as a king sized bed, I was dwarfed in that enormous hand.

She turned me about for only a second or so, apparently examining me, and then casually dropped me back onto the giant bed.

"Get undressed!" Her voice was rolling thunder, as she grinned down at me. I didn't believe her, as easily as that, tossing me onto a gigantic bed like a child's toy soldier, and casually telling me to get undressed.

"What the hell's going on, anyway? What do you mean, 'Get undressed!' go to hell, and get undressed yourself!" Somehow, in spite of her gigantic size, and her handling me like a toy, my perilously small size just hadn't sunk in.

"Little man, you don't seem to understand! When I tell you to do something, the only thing I want to hear from you is "Yes mam!" Now I'll tell you one more time: Get undressed!"

I just lay there looking up at her, and said, "Ok, I don't mean to sound belligerent, it's just that I'm confused. One moment I'm walking down the street looking at a beautiful woman, and the next thing I know I'm four inches tall, and the beautiful woman is stuffing me into her purse like I'm some kind of a toy." I was getting worked up as I spoke,

"What the hell's the idea of kidnapping me like this, then casually telling me to "get undressed"? I'm not getting undressed or anything else until you tell me what in hell's going on!"

She stood there simply staring down at me for a minute, the smile slowly fading from her broad lips. Staring up at that vast, no-longer-smiling face, and her enormously gigantic body towering above me, I slowly began to realize that I might not be in a position to talk back to a hundred foot tall giantess. Her next move caught me completely by surprise. She reached out very leisurely toward me, and as casually as if she were brushing at a fly, flicked me with the back of her fingers. I didn't even have a chance to get my hands up to protect myself. It was like a truck had crashed into me. Her giant fingers slammed me half way across the enormous bed. I hit the rough covers sliding, and rolled several times before I came to rest.

I lay there stunned, with the breath knocked out of me. My nose and jaw felt broken, and my chest felt crushed, and she hadn't done anything but flick me with her gargantuan fingers. I was still lying there, pain over my entire body, and dazed from her titanic blow, when my leg was seized in a crushing vice, and I was yanked from where I lay with such force my hip felt like it was being wrenched from the socket. I was dangling head down before her great face, my leg squashed painfully between her thumb and forefinger, as her rumbling voice washed over me.

"Little man, I told you once, all I want to hear from you in response to my orders is "Yes mam", and never forget, anything I tell you to do, is an order! Now, I'll have to undress you myself. You'd have been better off doing it yourself, but I guess you need a little lesson."

Grabbing my coat and shirt between those gigantically powerful fingers, squashing half my chest along with the clothing, she simply ripped it off me. I was yanked helplessly about, my body twisted and pulled unmercifully, her long red fingernails raking my body like a gang of workmen slamming me with shovels as she tore my clothing from me like it was so much tissue paper. My shoes were yanked from my feet, and my suit ripped into useless chunks of rags. She was completely indifferent to my screams of pain, and cries for mercy as she stripped me with sadistic glee.

In moments I was naked, dangling by one leg from her giant crushing fingers, then she casually tossed me back onto the bed again. I looked up at her vast grinning face and moaned, I couldn't believe the pain I was in. My leg throbbed painfully where she had pinched it between her giant fingers. I had abrasions all over my body from where her giant fingernails had scrapped my clothes off, and huge bruises where she had indifferently pinched skin and muscle along with the clothing as she ripped my clothes off. Lying in the middle of that vast bed, completely naked, under her piercing gaze, I had never felt so embarrassed and helpless in my life. I tried to cover up but there was nothing to cover up with, all my clothing was gone, not even a shred of cloth to hide behind.

She reached out toward me with one giant hand, and I didn't know what to do. I didn't know what punishment she was going to inflict this time. I cringed back, but there was no escape from those long giant arms and massive hands. As her hand neared, she slowly extended her index finger and almost gently slid it between my legs pushing them apart as nothing. Her bright red platter sized nail probed up into my crotch, and I shook with fear as she lifted. my shrunken prick on the back of her nail. My poor prick looked like a shriveled little hot dog on a huge red plate as she examined it carefully. I didn't dare move for fear of retaliation.

"Now do you believe me little man? When I tell you to do something what's the correct answer?"

Trembling in fear I moaned, "Yes mam!"

"That's better! Don't forget it! Look at me! To you I'm a hundred foot tall giant, and to me, you're just a tiny little four inch toy; I can do anything I want with you, my little man. And, YOU ARE MY little man! Remember all those stories of giants, and what they do with the little men they catch? They eat them!" and she began laughing.

I looked at those great white teeth gleaming in her cavernous mouth, and knew in an instant she could easily do just that. And at just that moment her tongue, wet with saliva, emerged, moistened her glistening red lips, then immediately drew back, as if she were mentally savoring something.... Me! I cowered back and closed my eyes. I could see those enormous red lips yawning open, and my helpless little body sliding into the gaping maw of her mouth. I could almost feel her tongue lift me against the roof of her mouth, enfold me in saliva, then thrust me under those great grinding teeth. The sensation of her teeth crunching into my flesh was almost real. I could imagine my poor shrunken little body crushed and torn in her cavernous mouth, ground to juicy mush between her giant teeth as she leisurely chewed.

"Poor helpless little man..."

She closed that giant hand about me and picked me up between her thumb and forefinger, as though I was nothing more than a tiny toy soldier, laughing at my screaming and struggling, as she lifted me up before her cavernous mouth. I felt her hot breath wash over me, and I beat futilely at her great red lips as she brought me up to her gaping mouth. She puckered those massive red lips, and gave me a huge wet kiss, licking me roughly with the soft velvety rasp of her enormous writhing tongue.

".... I swallow men all right, nice firm little men like you, but not that way. Do you know what a dildo is?" and her gigantic laughter rolled over me like thunder. "First you had better recover though, in your present condition you might not survive, and that wouldn't be nice, now would it?"

Even engulfed in that terrifying giant hand I felt a huge sigh of relief with her last words, she had to be kidding all along. Or was she? Why else would she shrink a man down to doll size? She certainly couldn't get any ransom for me. Maybe I had been mistaken for someone else, although I didn't think so.

She turned away from the bed and raised me up above the level of her head. As she lifted me higher I saw the bird cage. It hung from the ceiling near the head of her bed, but it wasn't a normal bird cage, it had doll house furniture in it. Holding me easily in the fingers of one enormous hand she opened the door to the cage with her other hand and thrust me inside, dropping me to the floor of the cage and closing the door behind me.

"Ok, little lover, there's your new home. Like it? Better get used to it, you'll be living there for some time to come." and she began laughing again, a sadistic kind of a laugh, "Maybe even for the rest of your life. Few of my men ever get to where I can let them go out into the world again. But take heart, some of them do take to their new lives and like it enough that I can even trust them to return. Maybe you'll be one of these. For now though, you can just stay there in the cage and watch. I have another little man for tonight." and she turned and left me hanging a hundred feet in the air with the door wired shut.

The door to the bedroom closed and I tried the wire on the door. It was only a clothes hanger wire, but to me it was an inch thick iron bar twisted like a pretzel by that gargantuan woman. There was no chance of my bending it and escaping, and I quickly found that all the openings in the cage were sealed so that I couldn't get out. I explored the cage. It was somewhat unsteady swinging slightly as I walked about in it. It was a fairly large cage, in the shape of a house, well furnished for holding little men like me. It had a bed, a chair, a sofa, a toilet and a wash stand. At first I couldn't figure how she had gotten working plumbing in a bird cage, then I realized that men probably weren't the only things she could shrink. The furniture wasn't doll house furniture as I had first thought, but real furniture shrunken down to toy size.

I spent the rest of the day sleeping and recovering in the bed, and just sitting in the big overstuffed chair looking at the room, and trying to figure how to escape. Even if I had gotten out of the cage it was a hundred feet to the floor, or so it seemed, a fatal drop for a man my size. If I got to the floor where to then, I couldn't open the door, or the window, and where to go from there. It was totally hopeless, I was her prisoner for as long as she liked.

It was just turning dark when the door opened and she returned. She came over to the cage and looked in at me. Her face was vast, her great blue eyes were twinkling, and she seemed much more friendly than she had earlier. She even had a friendly smile on her enormous red lips for me as she checked the cage to make sure I hadn't made any progress in escaping. She stood there talking soothingly to me for a few minutes like she was talking to a pet bird in the cage. Her soft voice and sweet breath washed over me as she spoke. I watched her giant lips writhe and twist as she spoke, and couldn't believe how erotic they looked as I stared at them from so close up. She was really a beautiful woman, with twinkling blue eyes, lusciously heavy, plush red lips, high cheekbones and long thin nose.

It was several minutes before I noticed a man, a tiny toy sized man, like me, nearly hidden beneath her hair, sitting calmly on her broad shoulder clinging to her hair. He was completely naked, and simply sitting quietly on her shoulder just looking.

She satisfied herself that I was still securely locked up, then turned away. I watched as she unbuttoned her blouse and slowly stripped it off. I couldn't believe she was undressing in front of me. That's when it really hit me, and I realized that that really was all that I was to her, a pet in a cage. Maybe I wasn't a bird, but I was nothing more than her pet. Then I remembered the other little man sitting on her shoulder. I looked and saw him clinging to her hair as she moved about the room. She unzipped her skirt, and sliding it sensually down over her gorgeous ass, hung it over the back of a chair. Then turning back to me, and walking over close to the cage smiled again at me.

"Here little one, you were staring at these when I caught you. How'd you like a really good look?" and she reached behind herself and undid that huge bra, slowly letting it slip from her gigantic body.

She thrust those mammoth breasts out toward me, and rubbed them sensually with her enormous hands. They were positively titanic, even if I hadn't been doll sized were probably the most gorgeous, and biggest tits I had ever seen. As it was, each one seemed like a huge hot air balloon suspended from her massive chest. I could have walked around on them, climbed them like mountains. Each nipple was as large as my head. I positively drooled at them, I wanted to beg her to let me touch them, to lick and suck on those giant nipples. I could no more have gotten one of them in my mouth than I could swallow a watermelon whole, but I sure wanted to try.

"I see that look, little man. Be a good little man, and maybe, I'll let you play on them. You'd like that, wouldn't you? Maybe later, now it's Clark's turn, he likes playing with me, and what I do with him. I'll leave the lights on so you can watch, and see what your future holds for you."

I stared in awe as she slowly slid those tiny bikini panties from her gigantic hips and ass, down over those goddess's shapely legs and off across her toes. I stared at a brobdingnagian goddess of love as she reached up and lifted the little man from her shoulder. She turned the sheets down on the bed, then tossed him up to the ceiling, catching him deftly in one hand as he fell, and then casually tossed him onto the bed following him immediately.

Climbing over him on her hands and knees, she hovered over him with those gigantic tits hanging down like enormous hot air balloons, trapping poor little Clark between them. She swung her body so that those giant tits swung ponderously back and forth knocking the tiny man down as they hit him. They were both laughing as she picked him up and rolled over on the bed with his little body grasped in one gigantic hand like a doll. She lay back, placed his tiny little body in the canyon between those titanic tits, and squeezed them together over him. I gasped as he lay under those mountains of hot soft flesh, they must have weighed over a ton apiece, they had to be crushing him, but I could hear his screams, and it was not pain but pleasure. He was buried under the tons of hot flesh for only a short time when she let them fall apart and left him lying on his back in the valley between them.

Slowly and gently she reached up with one hand, engulfing him in her titanic fingers and lifting him tenderly, like a child's toy. Bringing him up onto one massive tit she lay him in the soft warm flesh, and pressed his body on the nipple. Her fingers grasped his hips and pressed him deeply into the yielding softness, slowly and sensuously rubbing his hips in a circle over the enormous nipple. As she rubbed him on the the giant nipple it slowly grew and hardened between his legs as he slid across it. Moving slightly he caught the now aroused nipple between his thighs and squeezed.

I could see a massive shudder run through her gigantic body, her fingers tightened, and squashed him deep into the massive softness of her gigantic breast as she lay shivering and writhing on the bed. Clark licked, kissed and sucked, and licked some more. He was thrusting and rubbing against the massive softness of the gigantic tit while he rubbed and nuzzled his face on the immense nipple. Her giant fingers were pressing and squeezing on his body, her great long nails prodding sensuously on him, spearing between his legs, and caressing him erotically as she played with him like a little toy.

I like big girls and big tits ....and God, these were the biggest ever. Massive mountains, greater than poor tiny little Clark's arms could span, so huge he lay like a toy soldier on one of them, grasping the giant nipple in both hands as he licked and sucked at it. Seeing the sexy way she was playing with that tiny little man, I wanted to jump out of my cage and run to her. My cock had quickly responded, rising in amorous salute to that fantastically beautiful giantess.

I was completely over my fear of this titanic giantess, and fondling my stiff prick eagerly as I watched her play with him, wishing it was me playing on those prodigious tits. I could hear her voice murmuring to him like soft rolling thunder as I watched the erotic scene below.

"Oh, God... you wonderful little doll.... you're great... but now it's time to make love to me. God... I'm hungry for that sweet little body of yours."

Her titanic fingers suddenly closed on him, and lifted him from her gigantic breast. Drawing up her knees she spread her enormous legs, and slid one giant hand enticingly through the dark tangled garden of hair, caressing herself with those long slender fingers. She spun him about, and lowered him into her great hairy crotch.

She poised him over the awesome chasm and spread her gigantic vulva with the fingers of her other hand. I could hear the soft rumble of her voice.

"Oh..... little man, you'll like it in there, it's so warm and soft, nice and hot... and wet.... and oh.... so soft a soft, a nice warm, wet tunnel of love just made for you."

Her voice was teasing laughter as she held poor little Clark in one hand. She held him face down across the fingertips of her hand with her giant thumb pressing down on his back holding him in place as she pointed his head directly at the cavernous slit between her gigantic vulva.

She looked up at me as I watched that erotic spectacle, "What's the matter little one? Doesn't it look like fun? Watch me, my little doll, watch what I do with this cute little man. I'm going to take his precious little body and push him up into my pussy like a prick.... Watch closely now, because you're next."

Laughing she lowered him into the heat of her crotch, and brought him up against the vast soft flesh of her prodigious loins.

"Sweet helpless little Clark....... I love it!"

I watched in awe and disbelief, in her giant hand he was like a little toy. Very carefully spreading her giant vulva and adjusting him to herself she used him for a dildo.

She inserted his head, and moved his body toward her great hairy crotch, squeezing him up into her cunt like a prick. He just simply disappeared. I couldn't believe how easily he slipped into her giant vagina. In seconds only his feet were sticking out between the massive fleshy folds of her inner labia, and waving about as she removed her hand and looked up at me.

"See, it's easy, and.... does he feel good in there. And when he wiggles and squirms around. WOW..!"

Then she seemed to forget about me watching, and closed her eyes as she again grasped his legs between her gigantic telephone pole sized fingers. In and out his tiny body went, slowly at first, then faster and faster. She would ram him all the way into herself, wiggle him around for long moments then pull him out. Push him in slightly, and roll him about for a few seconds, before jamming him back deep into that gigantic cunt. To me the most amazing thing was that he seemed to be having the time of his life, eager to get back into her whenever she took him out.

I had never witnessed such an erotic spectacle. I had never seen a woman fuck herself by playing with something in her pussy, much less watch a woman use a full grown man's entire body to fuck herself with, like he was nothing more than a toy for her to satisfy her carnal desires. I watched in awe at her massive hands cupping, caressing and squeezing her colossal tits, her naked body heaving and writhing with poor little Clark's entire body swallowed up so completely by her cunt that she seemed to be alone with her passion.

After nearly an hour of heaving, thrashing and writhing about her gigantic sweaty body rolled and thrashed violently, shuddering and heaving her giant hips into the air in obvious climax, as she moaned and squealed, her massive thighs slammed together over his trapped body again and again while she shook and shuddered, until I was sure she had to have squashed him to jelly.

Then she lay still, her giant legs squeezed together, and her hand slowly pumping his limp body in and out. Finally she dragged him out of that cavernous vagina so that only his head was left between her massive vulva as she rolled to her side and fell asleep.

I spent the night gazing at her beautiful gigantic body lying naked in that vast bed, barely thinking of how to escape, or if I really wanted to. Finally I dozed off. In the early morning hours I woke up as she moved ponderously about the room. She was standing naked, and poor little Clark was no where to be seen. I wondered what had happened to him. Had he been crushed, squashed to jelly in her massive orgasmic spasms, ground to a pulp and killed, or had she simply put him back in his cage while I slept. Or was he possibly still inside that beautiful gigantic body, swallowed up completely by her giant cunt?

I watched, awed by the titanic beauty of her as she walked to my cage.

"Well little one, did you like what you saw? Think you'd like to try it?" She was positively purring now, I couldn't help but love the giant beauty before me.

"That was some show. It looked like both of you enjoyed it."

"Oh.... Yesss...! OH, God, yesss... Are YOU ready for me now?"

"I don't know; what happened to Clark? He looked like he was having the time of his life, but he was completely out, or dead, the last time I saw him."

"Oh, he's resting in his cage. I always let my toys rest for a couple of days after a good session like that. I really like to do it with my little toy men, but you poor little guys can't take much of me, that's why I keep several little men handy. Men are so easy to capture. I can take a man from a crowd of people, and they don't even see me capture him. You remember how easily I caught you, nobody saw you disappear; did they? I never had so much fun in my life. I just spot a man I like, and zap he's mine."

"Oh, God.... You couldn't do that to someone."

"Sure I can! I did it to you; didn't I? You're mine now. You're my little toy whether you like it or not, but I think, you'll learn to like being my toy. Just look at all of the benefits, you don't have to work anymore, I'll take care of you, and feed you from now on. The only thing you have to do is be my little toy a couple times a week. Don't you think that'll be fun?"

"You're weird, but so beautiful, and Clark sure looked happy when you were playing with him. You just might be fun to be with. In a weird way, I think I'm beginning to fall for you, crazy as it seems."

I couldn't believe I was saying such things to her, but it was true, I was beginning to feel an odd attraction toward this gargantuan woman. Talking about using men for toys was beginning to have an effect on me. My prick was no longer limp but was beginning to respond to this titanic giantess. I stared at her huge naked body standing so near the cage.

I looked down at those titanic tits and wanted to play with them in the worst way. With them? Hell, I wanted to play on them, climb around on them like they were mountains.

She saw me looking at them and cupped hands under them lifting them toward me. They were unbelievably huge, even her giant hands disappeared beneath those gigantic globes.

"Like them? Most men do. Want to play on them?"

I couldn't believe my automatic response. "Oh, do I!"

She grinned,"I kind of like your eagerness."

"You didn't have to kidnap me! I'd have gladly gone anywhere with you, if you ask. I'm extremely partial to big women, and was admiring how tall and beautiful you were when you zapped me."

"Think you'd like to try me now?"

Laughing easily she reached up to the door of the cage with one enormous hand, bending that heavy iron bar easily with her giant fingers. I found myself caressing one enormous finger while she opened the door. I eagerly stepped right into her hand as she reached through the door, and hugged a finger as big as I was as she lifted me from the cage.

In seconds we were on the bed, she set me in the valley of her giant bosom as she had done with Clark, and squeezed those gorgeous mountains together over me. I was crushed between ponderously massive walls of hot soft titty-flesh. I had never felt anything so wonderful in all my life. No wonder Clark had seemed to enjoy it so much. Her warm soft titty-flesh was awesomely erotic as I rubbed my naked body all over the tremendous masses of her soft silky smooth bare flesh. She let those gigantic masses go and I found myself lying between two of the most titanic tits in the world.

Crawling on my hands and knees to one fleshy mountain, I literally climbed her gargantuan tit to the top, dropped to my face, and reached out with both hands to play with a nipple bigger than my head. When I tried to pull that colossal nipple to my mouth, I was the one that moved, I pulled myself to the nipple rather than the other way around as one might have expected. I licked, sucked and kissed the enormous mass of her giant nipple, and I felt her shudder and squirm as I did.

Grabbing my legs in her fingers she pulled them apart, turned me about, and sat me astride of the huge nipple. Her laughter rolled across me and she said in a near whisper,

"Did you ever read Gulliver's Travels? The place where the sweet playful girl of sixteen in Brobdingnag set him astride her nipple, with many other tricks? ....You're about to find out about those other tricks."

She plucked me from her massive tit, and lowered me to her tremendous hairy crotch. Juggling me about with her gigantic fingers she flipped me around so that I was face down across her fingertips staring straight into her gargantuan pussy, with her giant thumb pressed firmly on my back holding me tightly.

"Little man, you're about to be swallowed by a great big, man-eating pussy. You'll slip in me so easily, I'll have to squeeze my love muscles on you to even feel you."

I stared at the enormous rolls of damp flesh, and the gaping canyon between her colossal legs, and believed her completely. She brought my head closer and spread her gigantic labia, opening her cavernous vagina with the fingers of her other hand as I neared, revealing the dark red mountain of soft moist flesh inside her giant body. The huge hole of her giant vagina seemed to yawn open as she brought my body to it, and plunged me headfirst into her hot wet pussy. Her gigantic cunt was flowing with the juice of her passion and my face hit the deep softness of her writhing inner flesh with a splat engulfing my entire body in the warm thick cream of her giant cunt. With a tremendous sloshing slurp her awesome cunt swallowed me. I was so small in relation to her gigantic cunt I almost fell in as she swiftly pushed me into herself.

I slid head first through the hot, slippery, masses of moist pussy-flesh into her giant body, the colossal tunnel swallowing me as easily as she had said it would. I felt her huge cunt-lips engulf my chest, slide across my abdomen and squeeze gently on my hips. My legs were clamped together as the elastic pressure of her gargantuan cunt closed over me and squeezed my thighs. She held me engulfed for long moments in her enormous body then slowly eased me out a tiny bit, and then with a twisting thrust rammed me back deep inside herself. She pulled me out again, then plunged me quickly back in. Tenderly she brought me out until only my head remained buried in her hot wet flesh, and began rubbing my head up and down in the soft wet canyon of her pussy. This slow rubbing in the hot, moist, velvety, softness of her prodigious pussy soon had me wanting more of this majestic giantess.

If I wanted more, I soon got it, only a few moments of rubbing me on the tender parts of her giant pussy and she once again thrust me deep into her huge hungry cunt with a roaring sloshing slurp. My entire body was swallowed into the depths of her giant body like it was no more than a little phallic toy for her to satisfy her gigantic hunger with.

Hot wet darkness engulfed me, masses of hot wet flesh caressed me. Giant walls of soft, slippery, pussy-flesh squeezed me, immense muscles hugged me, squeezed me, and kneaded me about. I lay squirming around in her huge pussy with softness I never dreamed possible all about me, awesome masses of writhing wet flesh caressing me, hot wet pressure all about me. For long moments she held me deep in her cunt from head to knees while her powerful fingers held my lower legs and simply rocked me back and forth. Then she slowly began to increase tempo until she was driving me in and out frantically, pumping me in and out while her giant body writhed and heaved.

Suddenly she shivered and heaved nearly drowning me in the sudden gush of cum as she exploded again and again. She was swashing me all around inside herself, withdrawing me only to ram me back into herself harder and deeper. I was wrung out like a wet dishrag as the gargantuan muscles in her cavernous vagina writhed and heaved about my body in one gigantic climax after another. Had I been any larger those titanic muscles would have crushed me completely, as it was I was so small in that gargantuan cunt that the deep softness of her inner flesh protected me completely, and I only received the most erotic huggs and squeezes of my life over my entire body.

I was completely exhausted, but ecstatically happy, as she slowly dragged my limp body from the depths of her cavernous cunt. I had experienced the greatest climaxes of my life in the passionate depths of her giant vagina. I loved her, and would gladly be her toy forever.

It has been weeks since that fantastic night. I still live in a birdcage, but now it's different. My cage is not hung from the ceiling a hundred feet in the air anymore, but sits on the night table next to her huge bed, with my own little ramp between the cage and the bed. These days the cage is for my protection, rather than a jail for me. The doors are never locked, I can leave at any time. But with the cage next to her bed I love to just sit and gaze at her magnificent giantess's body. I'm no more than a play-thing, a little man-toy for her to play with, and I don't mind at all. I love being her little pet. Pets are allowed fabulous freedoms with their mistresses. As a creature of no consequences, I'm allowed complete freedom of her beautiful brobdingnagian body. I can climb her legs, crawl all over her, into her clothes, squeeze into her bra, anything I want. She seems to love my attention and devotion to her.

She has made a little silk bag, so that I may be with her when she goes out. It is nearly as tall as I am, so that I may ride in it with my head out. She sewed a seat in it so that I can sit down in it while I ride. My little bag is built so that it attaches to the inside of her bra in such a way that I ride right between her colossal tits. Those massive mountains of titty-flesh squeeze me and rub me erotically between the great masses of her soft warm, silky smooth, flesh for hours on end as she walks about attending to her business. I sit just low enough that I can't be seen, but I can see out whenever I want to.

But my wildest fantasies come true when we're home alone, and I can explore the giant mountain of her body. I'm allowed total freedom and can climb anywhere I want to on her enormous body. In the evenings when she gets undressed I climb up onto the warm soft hills of her bare tits, licking and sucking nipples bigger than my head until she responds and those nipples swell and rise under my attention. She loves my sexual attention and enjoys my miniature body as much as I enjoy her giant one.

Nearly every night my most erotic fantasies come true as she uses me for a sex toy. I crawl up between her sequoia like legs, kneel before that prodigious pagan alter to womanhood, and play in her giant cunt. For the first couple of weeks I tried to pry her mighty labia apart, so that I might play in her gargantuan cunt, but it was hopeless, the heavy lips of her vulva are much bigger than I am. Push, and heave, pry and squeeze, I couldn't get between those massive rolls of warm soft pussy-flesh. She'd lie there and laugh as I tried, finally she'd say,

"You're tickling me. Poor little man. You realize that you're just like any other man. You can look and long for pussy, but you can't get it unless we women let you." Then laughing at me, she reaches down and spreads the enormous lips of her pussy.

"There, that better? Be careful, now don't get in over your head, so you can't get out." She laughs and caresses her enormous cunt. "Why don't you come up and see me sometime, big boy." and laughs as I crawl up on her hot wet pussy and grab her clit with both hands. That massive nubbin of nerves swells and her delicious ambrosia begins to flow. Moments later I feel her giant fingers begin to caress me. Then I am crushed in her tree like fingers, adjusted to the most fantastically luscious tunnel of love in the world and squeezed up inside my lovely mistress's luxurious body. I love it! Because nearly every time she starts to play with me, I end up being played with in her giant pussy. And when her giant cunt plays with a man, squeezing and hugging him in its embrace, it's a thrill he'll never forget.


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