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Boys to Toys

by Jason Reed

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© Copyright 2014 - Jason Reed - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/mm; giantess; captives; majick; potion; shrink; boxed; reduced; inserted; vagina; stuck; foot; shoe; cons/nc; X

Part I

“What do you think she is going to do to us,” Marcus asked.

“I don’t know Marcus! I just don’t know! I still don’t know what the hell she put in our drinks and at that, how the hell did she get us in this dark ass room without any help? Besides answering those questions, what the fuck did she do to our clothes,” Chris asked.

Marcus and Chris had spent all of last night at a nearby house party held by one of their classmates. At the party was a woman name Crystal Lewis. Crystal wasn’t really known to socialize with her peers much. At the same time, she would keep to herself thanks to all that people had said about her. She would often be made fun of and excluded from many activities. Interesting enough, you would expect such treatment while on a high school campus – but this is college.

Crystal is Caucasian – about 5’9” and on the voluptuous side. Her shape isn’t bad at all. Her hair happens to be something that most of the women on campus dream of having – ending just at the small of her neck and brown in color. Her hair seemed always wavy and kept up like that of a Barbie doll. And there wasn’t a day that went by that Crystal would dress undesirably or even go without makeup. And all of this would beg the question as to why so many of her colleagues made fun of her.

Of all things, Crystal had a few things that were a little overbearing. Since birth, Crystal has had over reactive sweat glands. At 5’9”, she wears a women size 11 shoe. The campus would often call her “Bigfoot” since she had the biggest feet of all the women on campus. And the funny thing about it all, her extremities aren’t even the thing that they made fun of the most. It is her southern accent. The reason for this is because not only did she have the accent but she also had the ways of an old school southern belle. In this day and age, for anyone about their early twenties, this was something that was considered funny. Some of the men and women on campus felt she was nothing more than a “Brady Bunch” reject! She had other names like “Plain Jane” or even “JC Penny Cover Girl”.

Although she always dressed nice, you would think that she was one of those old school English teachers from the mid 80’s. Her clothing was often… cheap! Her shoes – Payless’s top of the line. Her sweat gland issues were brought forward by many of her ex-cheerleading squad teammates. They would often say that she reign supreme in having stinky tights and nylons… even stinky sneakers and other shoes. But thanks to at least two years of dealing with this in college and four years of this same thing in high school, Crystal has had all that she could take.

And this is especially with two of the culprits responsible for many of the names she had been called thus far in college. Those culprits are none other than Marcus and Chris – two classmates she poisoned just last night at the party they attended. What she poisoned them both with however… was something rather extraordinary.

The weekend before this party, Crystal had gone home to visit her mother for her birthday. Her mother had gone through similar things when she was in school – people poking fun at her for her “old fashioned-ness”. It was during her daughters visit that she had given her an antidote that eased much of her tension through college – a shrink solution. Crystal’s mother is a very powerful witch. She had only given Crystal enough for two people. She felt that her daughter needed some companionship in her life so rather than waiting around for it, her mother instructed her to take it.

In one respect, some would feel that this action is a bit rude and perhaps evil. Due to the religion that Crystal’s mother practices however, this action is more of a good deed than a bad one. The way she explained it to Crystal was that she had shrunk two men when she was in college – two men much like Marcus and Chris who made fun of people’s imperfections. It was imperative that she be the one to punish them to make them see the error of their ways in hopes that they would learn to respect people and their imperfections. In Crystal’s mom case, what she did to her two tiny servants actually worked for the best. She returned them back to normal in which both of those men have learned not to insult anyone as result.

It was really early in the morning. This wasn’t a scheduled school day for Crystal but rather a scheduled day for work. Crystal happened to get lucky once and ended up working as an office manager for a sales company in women’s apparel. It’s Wednesday and usually this day is the longest of the week. Hump day usually is for everyone but Crystal had something different in mind as it relates to hump day.

Marcus and Chris are being kept in a small see through jewelry box that came with a lock and key. Fortunately the box isn’t air tight and there is plenty of room for them both on the inside. Crystal kept the box in a dresser just next to her closet. Having already showered and eaten breakfast, Crystal had opened the door of this dresser causing the full light of the day to singe the eyes of her tiny captives.

“Dude, she’s here! Oh shit she’s coming for us,” Chris cried.

They looked on as Crystal reached for the key and began to unlock her jewelry box. And once the box was opened, Marcus didn’t hesitate to plead for their freedom and return to normalcy. “Crystal, please, stop this at once! We regret having said all those things to you. We are sorry! We are sorry! Now please – let us go and change us back to normal,” Marcus cried.


Both men did as they were told. And this was only because of how serious the naked giantess that stood before them looked. Then Crystal would point her finger at Marcus and then move it towards Chris. She then moved her index finger back where it pointed at Marcus and then back to where it was pointing at Chris again. As this gesture went on, Crystal engaged in a chant. “Eni, meanie, minie, moe,” Crystal said. That old famous chant when one is trying to make a selection. By the time she was finished with her rendition, her index finger would land on Chris. And without much warning after it all, she snatched Chris from the jewelry box, closed the lid and locked it yet again.

Marcus jumped up and looked on from the inside – his hands on the glass of the box as he stood there curious to know what Crystal was about to do with Chris. But his curiosity would soon be blocked as Crystal just closed the dresser doors, placing Marcus’s world back in the darkness that he had been forced to sleep in. After this was done, Crystal walked over to her bed with Chris held firmly in her right hand. Chris looked behind him to see just where they were heading. It appeared that they were heading for her bed. He could see that she was obviously getting ready for what looked like work. All he could see is a pair of coffee colored pantyhose (a pair that didn’t look so new), granny panties and what looked like a brown business suit with a cream colored blouse – all at the foot of the bed. And once they had reached this bed, Crystal sat down to where the only thing that Chris could do at this point was to look the giantess in the face. She had much to say and bring to Chris’s attention.

“I’m going to make myself clear now Chris for I have no interest in trying to explain myself later. It’s Hump day so that only means one thing for you my dear [Crystal then brings Chris closer to her face]! YOU WILL SPEND THE DAY INSIDE MY PANTIES! I WILL ALLOW YOU A SLIGHT BREAK DURING LUNCH TIME BUT THAT ONLY MEANS TIME SPENT OUTSIDE MY PANTIES. ONE PEEP OUT OF YOU CHRIS AND YOU WILL GET HEAVILY ACQUAINTED WITH MY ASSHOLE – UNDERSTOOD,” Crystal said.

Chris nodded his head in fear. That southern belle accent – the words spoken well with an authoritative like twist! The sight of the giantess was overwhelming to him. He couldn’t do anything but take what she had to dish out. Apparently though, Crystal wasn’t quite done with her antics. She immediately got up from the bed and began walking towards her bathroom. Once she had gotten to the sink, Chris couldn’t help but notice a plastic like syringe – one often used when cooking. He also noticed a plastic bowl of some purple substance that had a slight flowery scent to it. It was here that the hellcat went on to explain her intentions.

“Once I place you in this substance, you will more than likely shrink even smaller. You will actually be small enough to be sucked into the syringe there on the counter. Now, you’re not really going to feel a thing only because the substance there is not just going to make you smaller but it’s also going to knock you out into a temporal sleep state. Once you’re in la la land, I am going to suck you up in the syringe and inject you into my pussy. You won’t die so don’t worry about that. I would have killed you last night if I wanted you dead but trust me I could now if I really wanted to. The substance wears off after about three minutes, but by that time you will be swimming around in my pussy. You will grow back to the size that you are at now, hopefully causing me to orgasm in the process. Now be still,” Crystal said.

Chris began putting up a fight and even holding onto Crystal’s fingers as she began lowering him toward the substance. It was simply no use. Once Chris was dropped into the substance, he passed out and shrunk immediately! It was then that Crystal proceeded to do exactly what she said she was going to do. She took the syringe, stuck it in the substance just over Chris’s floating body and pulled the lever back. Chris along with a bit of the substance would be sucked into the syringe… and then moments later injected into Crystal’s vagina like nothing was wrong at all.

Ten minutes had past. Chris was wide awake and found himself trying to swim inside Crystal’s love cave. His movements brought her pleasure. It was just dark and slimy and it wasn’t like Chris could find any hope of escape from this cave at all. Crystal knew however that he wouldn’t start growing back until after about an hour or so at least. She, at this moment, was already fully dressed and ready for work. She walked over to her dresser and opened the door where she could clearly see Marcus sitting inside of the see through jewelry box. She reached for the key and opened the box. Marcus didn’t hesitate at all to start investigating the disappearance of his friend.

“What the hell? What the fuck did you do to him,” Marcus asked.

“I…think you should be more concerned about what I am about to do to you,” Crystal said.

Crystal pulled Marcus from the jewelry box, walked into the bathroom, and placed him into the plastic bowl much like she did Chris. It knocked Marcus out as well. She also sucked Marcus up into the syringe but this time, she did something a little different. There was another bowl filled with a red substance. This substance would keep anyone in Marcus’s position at the same shrunken state that he ended up in (the same size that Chris is now).

She placed the syringe into the red substance and injected some of it – simply having two substances mixed into the syringe. She immediately began shaking the mix and poor Marcus with it. Once this was done, she squirted Marcus and the substance into the sink. She pulled Marcus out of the sink, removed her right stocking clad foot from her cream colored high heeled pump, and immediately began lowering Marcus towards the pump in his unconsciousness.

“Since you like to talk about feet so much Marcus, it’s only fitting that you serve me as my personal foot and shoe slave. And I am quite sure that these shoes reek almost as bad as any of my other pairs….have fun,” Crystal said.

Once Marcus was placed on the insole, his body just rolled on down to the toe section of the shoe. Without any concern or compassion for him, Crystal shoved her foot back into the shoe and began heading out of her apartment to her car. Poor Marcus and Chris… their lives as slaves to this sick southern belle… had just begun…

To Be Continued

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