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Giantess Beverly

by Crow

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© Copyright 2013 - Crow - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; giantess; outdoors; breasts; body adventure; tease; cons/reluct; X

Chapter 1. Beverly heads out.

It was a nice warm morning in the month of May, I had gotten up and it was only 7:30 am. I was getting ready to go on vacation with Beverly, we decided to go to California to see the large redwood forests. It was now 7:45 am and Beverly was only a few minutes away, and as she got closer the ground began to tremble. My house was on the outskirts of a town about 32 miles from the city. I heard people outside screaming as Beverly got closer, she stoped right outside the town. I ran outside and looked up at her. She was a giant at least 300 feet tall. She was wearing a tight light pink low cut tang top with cleavage showing. On top she had on a light white open shirt and she was wearing tight light pantyhose spandex and open sandles on her feet.

Beverly surveyed the town and located my home, I looked up and waved to her. I ran back in and got my back pack and ran back out. She lowered her hand down and I got on, she took my back pack and put it into her pocket on her white shirt. She then lifted me up and held her hand next to her breasts and I went from her palm to her breasts. I snuggled down inbetween her breasts. Her Breasts were huge compaired to me. They stuck out 13 1/2 feet out from her chest. Each breast was 25 1/2 feet high and 22 feet wide. Her cleavage was over 20 feet deep to me. To me her breast cleavage was a huge valley that was waiting to be explored.

She looked down and smiled at me, "Ok then are you all set? Cause here we go." thundered Beverly's voice. Beverly then turned and began her walk to California. I wanted to see down so I moved forward to the edge of her breasts and looked out and down, evertything down below looked so small. Beverly then began to increase her walking speed and I began to feel the aircurrent so I moved back towards her chest and moved deeper inbetween her breasts. I snuggled deep into her breast cleavage and felt safe. As Beverly walked her boobs jiggled and bounced up and down making it very exciting for me. There I was in Cleavage valley.

Beverly was a awesome sight to see as she walked across the country side. A giant 300 foot tall woman walking across the country was a awesome sight to see. As Beverly walked people came out of their homes to see the giantess walking, and as she walked the ground under her feet just trembled and the trembling was felt for up to 7 miles. Beverly was walking across the country side on her way to California with me.

Meanwhile 3 people that both Beverly and I knew were also going to California they were Sarah-Jane, Jennifer and Nicole, and their boyfriends. They were also going to see the redwood forests and had decided to go on a 4 day hike. Their plane landed in Palm Springs and from there they headed out to the RedWood National park. When they arrived at the park they drove in and headed for the hike trails.

Beverly had entered California and was now on her way to the redwood forest and she could see it in the distance and soon she had reached it and walked right up to it. I then climbed out of her breast cleavage and moved forward and looked out and around. I made myself comfortable, half my body was in between her breasts and the other half was sticking out, and each of my arms rested comfortable on each massive boob. Beverly looked down at me, "Ok then ---- you all set cause here we go." thundered Beverly's voice. Beverly then entered the forest.

The tops of the trees came up to her eyes, and some trees were taller then she was and some were shorter then she was. The shorter ones came up to her shoulders. As Beverly entered the redwood forest she was moving branches over as she was walking slowly through the forest. As she walked she was also moving trees and the trees she moved just swayed as she pushed them aside. The top of Beverly's head could be seen over the tops of the trees. As Beverly walked through the forest some large branches just snaped as she pushed her way through. Seeing the redwood forest from her breasts was such a neat experience. I was at least 220 to 230 feet off the ground.

The 6 Sarah-Jane and her friends were on a hiking trail and were about 45 minutes off the road. As they were hiking they came upon a trail that had been abandoned several years ago. They had all decided to go down this trail. As Beverly was walking through the forest she came upon a clearing that was big enough for her to sit down and even lie down. Beverly stopped and looked around and decided to take a little rest. So Beverly decided to lie down for a little rest and she kept me close to her. Beverly fell asleep and as she fell asleep I decided to get some rest too. Beverly was lying on her side and I was in her palm.

The 6 of them as they were hiking were coming upon Beverly they were approaching her feet, Beverly had removed her sandles. As they got closer they noticed something large huge and they just frooze. They slowly came closer and saw that it was a giantess. They approached Beverly's feet and saw her masssive toes and one of them Sarah-Jane ran off to the side to get a good look at her. In a few minutes Sarah-Jane returned and spoke frantically pointing. "That giant is Beverly, look at the size of her she is larger then a redwood. Beverly is a giant."

As the 6 of them appproached they just stared at her, just then Beverly moved and they all ran back, Beverly turned a bit onto her side and brought her legs up a bit. Beverly's short mini skirt moved up a bit and the 6 of them were looking up and at Beverly's bum. Beverly's bum was close to a redwood tree. The 6 of them decided to climb up to get a better look and as they were climbing Beverly moved again she rolled onto her stomach, and her mini skirt was still riding above her bum. The 6 of them climbed up higher and higher until they were at least 160 feet off the ground. They then looked down at Beverly and saw her lying there.

Being up 160 feet Beverly just lying there was huge to them. They just looked and stared at Beverly. Sarah-Jane wanted a better look so she decided to move out on a branch and as she moved out, her boyfriend yell to her, "Be careful don't fall."

The tree that they had climbed on was right next to Beverly's bum and as they looked down they were looking down at her butt. Since Beverly's mini skirt had ridden up as they looked down they saw her tight underwear and the pantyhose on her butt. Sara-Jane moved out and lost her balance and fell, she however managed to catch a branch before she fell and held on. Her boyfriend moved out fast to help her and as he was helping her up he lost his footing and also fell. He was holding onto Sarah-Jane with one arm and with the other he was holdong onto the branch.

Immediately the others moved out to help and as the others were helping they too lost their footing and they all fell down. They fell all the way down and landed onto Beverly's left bum cheek and as they landed they bounced on her left bum cheek. Beverly's bum cheek saved their lives. Only Nicole and Jennifer's boyfriend remained in the trees. Just then Beverly moved and Jennifer yelled up, "Jump we have to get out of here I think she is waking up." Nicole and Jennifer's boyfriend jumped and landed onto Beverly's left cheek. They all looked so small there on her left cheek. Sarah-Jane looked around and said, "Just look at the size of Beverly, she probably could crush a truck with these cheeks."

Just then Beverly moved and they all started to run towards her thighs, Beverly was rolling onto her side and as she did, she brought her knees closer to her chest. The 6 of them just rolled across Beverly's cheek as she turned and when Beverly finished turning they also came to a stop. They had landed right on her thigh right in a space right between her legs and right under her bum cleavage. There was enough room for them to walk around. They looked around and Nicole let out a scream, "Oh my God. Lookhere we are right under her butt right between her legs on her thighs close to her bum."

Sarah-Janes boyfriend and Jennifer's boyfriend ran up and began to hit and pound on the area right under Beverly's bum cheeks with all their might shouting. They did this for a few minutes and Beverly didn't notice them there. Nicole asked, "Can we climb down?" Jennifer shook her head and her boyfriend replied, "No, its too far and right under us are rocks and we would surely get hurt and the pack with the climbing gear is on the ground over there. We have to wait till she moves, hopefully she'll turn onto her stomach."

The 6 of them were just walking around on Beverly's thigh and then they heard a noise. Beverly had woken up and they heard her moving her arm. Beverly had lifted her head up and she saw me there lying in her palm. Beverly moved her legs below her knees and she stretched out her legs a bit, the 6 of them began to panic as Beverly did this. Just then Beverly let out a fart, it was loud and sounded like a rolling clash of thunder, it lasted for 3 seconds. The fart thundered and resonated throughout the forest to a range of 6 miles. Every animal ran for cover and hid, and anyone hiking also ran for cover. The 6 of them just screamed at the top of their lungs and they all began to hit and punch Beverly right there between her legs right under her bum cheeks with all their might.

I had gotten up and looked up at Beverly and shouted, "Wow I bet that anyone who heard that probably thinks that there is a major thunder storm coming."

Beverly laughed a little, "Well here is anouther one." thundered Beverly's voice. Beverly then let out anouther fart it was a bit louder then the last one, it just thundered and resonated throughout the forest. As the 6 of them screamed at the top of their lungs Beverly's fart totally silenced their screams. To them Beverly's fart was much louder then a rock concert. They were hitting and punching Beverly on the thigh on her cheek and anywhere they could.
They 6 of them got the full dose of it and they began to pass out one by one.

Beverly then slowly rolled onto her stomach and the 6 of them gently slid down to the ground right between her thighs and Beverly stood up. She didn't notice then lying there on the ground, She held her hand next to her breasts and I went out of her palm right into her breast cleavage. As Beverly stood up the 6 of them were there right next to her right foot right close to her big toe. Beverly slipped her sandles on and then began her walk through the redwood forest.

Then the 6 of them began to wake up and were coming to, and Nicole shouted, "She must of rolled onto her stomach and we probably slid to the ground right between her thighs." They looked up and saw Beverly walking away and the ground just trembled.

to be continued...



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