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Goddess Jane; Queen of Egypt

by Carnaj & Goddess Jane

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© Copyright 2010 - Carnaj & Goddess Jane - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; shrunk; capture; drug; bond; wrap; bandages; cloth; cocoon; crate; burial; cons/nc; X

Following is a story derived from an online R/P session with my Goddess Jane.  It is set in ancient Egypt and it shifts between pov and has the slaves pov in Italic.  Please give co-credit to my Goddess Jane as she wrote half…


It is the time of pharaohs and pyramids, an age of glory and grandeur.  I see myself as a queen, the ruler of all of Egypt and you are my special unique little tiny slave and pet at only 6-inches long. You are my favored pet. We are going to celebrate the one-year anniversary of you coming into my ownership. It will be a special day. But right now my special thing is to bathe and oil you. I don't let anyone else do this.

Slave Cee:
I love being your little pet, Goddess, your favored toy. It does not seem possible that a year has almost passed and I look forward to our special day, just as I look forward to the attention you give when you bathe and oil me…


The attendant places the long white Egyptian cloth around me to keep me dry. I dismiss him. They have filled a hammered bronze basin with warm water and you are laying in my hand while my other hand gently cups the water and drizzles it over your body. "You will look beautiful today running beside my sedan chair, little toy. The people are anxiously awaiting our appearance."

"Yes, Goddess," I say. "I will run hard for you and make you proud." I luxuriate in the warmth of the water, resting on the soft flesh of your palm. The water pouring over me feels so good in the desert’s heat. I squirm in your hand as the water trickles about me. Does any slave or pet have such a grand life?

I wiggle your penis with my finger and it makes me smile. You obediently put your hands on your head. I take your cock between my fingers and stroke you. "You must stay hard for me when we are out in the procession, my tiny pet," I say softly.

"I will Goddess," I say, trying not to moan in ecstasy as you stroke my growing member between your huge fingers. "Simply thinking of your beauty keeps me hard all day."

I lift you out and lay you on a cloth and dab you dry. I look lovingly down at you. "You are one treasure that no one will ever take from me, little pet," I whisper. I take the scented oil on my fingers and rub it all over your body, paying particular attention to your cock and balls again. "We must stay hard." I smile and coo at you.

I wriggle and laugh as your finger slides between my legs, caressing my cock and balls as you dab me with oil. "It tickles," I giggle, trying to close my legs, but you easily flick them back open with a casual swipe of your fingers. You press a finger into my chest to hold me in place as your long, lacquered nail slides along my balls, grinning as you watch my cock get bigger and bigger.

"You like that don't you, little pet?" I giggle. I stroke your cock more vigorously and reach for some gold thread and quickly wrap it around your cock and balls. I tie a knot and let the ends dangle. "The gold looks beautiful against your tanned body, little pet."

I moan as you deftly wrap the golden cord about my shaft, up and back down so that it stretches in erection. Laughing you then wrap the remainder about my ball sac, making it bulge as you knot it off, ensuring that I will remain erect for you through your procession. I groan and reach for my bound member, feeling the cord biting as my penis continues to grow from your attention. You bat my hands away with your pinky, giggling at my futile efforts and the tears in my eyes from the pain.

"It's for your own good, my little pet. And you know only I am allowed to touch your penis. It belongs to your Queen. Never try that again or I will punish you.”  I turn you over and you are lying across my hand. I reach for a tiny golden spike and dip it in the scented oil.  I put you on the table and tell you to go on all fours and spread your knees wide and arch your back. "Raise your ass nice and high for me, little pet." You obey and I quickly slip the golden plug into your ass.

"Gah..." I whimper. Even though I know what is coming it is still shocking to feel your golden plug sliding up into my ass. You are kind, and it is well oiled though the perfume burns slightly, keeping me aroused and hot. I feel your fingers of one hand on my shoulders holding me in place as you shove the spike in as deeply as it will go. It brushes something deep inside that makes me moan even louder and I hear your soft giggles again. I feel your finger turn so that your long nail is pressing now, slipping up the crack of my ass, sliding it even further until I am gasping for air and quivering with excitement. "Please... Goddess..." I whine, my butt pushing against your finger as you jam my ass until the plug is swallowed and disappears. Playfully you swat my upraised butt with your fingernail making me yelp and jerk forward with the sharp, sudden pain. "Thank you Goddess," I whimper, and you laugh again.

I smile at my slave. "It was designed just for you, little pet. My one year gift to you." I cover my mouth and laugh. "You are so tight. I had them make it thick and long. Now one more thing and you are ready.” I reach for the gold encrusted dog collar… It’s gone! I ring the bell and the attending slave runs in and bows. "Where is his collar?" He tells me it was there.

"I have it!" I hear a singsong voice. It is my hated half-sister, Princess Suephrates. I look at her questioningly. "I cleaned and oiled it for your little pet," she says brightly with a big smile. Something very unusual for her.

"But you hate him... and me." She just shrugs her shoulders.

“It is a special day and I want to help. May I put it on him... please?" she begs mockingly. I acquiesce. She walks over and sees him on all fours. "Oooo, look at his ass!"

I swallow hard as I look up at your half-sister, Princess Suephrates as she towers over me. She hates me I know; is jealous maybe of your attention and your status? I don't know, but I see her flash that familiar wicked grin, that evil gleam in her eye and I am suddenly afraid.

"Stand up, little pet and let my sister put the collar on you." I call for the attending slave to remove my apron and for the moment I am not watching. You see Suephrates come to you with the collar and smile a smile that doesn't reach her eyes. As she slips it on you her pinky finger brushes under your nose. You inhale something.

"All done, my queen." I turn and look at my magnificent beauty standing there in the gold collar. I attach the leash and put you on the floor. The attending slave takes the leash and you are attached to the sedan chair outside to wait while I get ready for the procession.

I stand in the blazing sun, sweat glistening down my body even more so than usual. My collar seems unusually tight, no doubt thanks to the Princess, and the attendant has clasped it to the sedan chair exceptionally high, forcing me to stand at attention as I wait. All around me slaves hustle about under the supervision of handlers getting ready for the big parade. Dust churns about me and I cough as gigantic sandaled feet come crashing down quite near, ignoring me. I see your bearers driven out at last; four huge Nubian slaves that will hold your chair high overhead as you proceed through the streets of your royal city, waving to the populace that Loves you and showing that you Love them by being in their midst. I swallow as the huge bearer nearest me stares down and grins. I hope that someone will lengthen my leash before we start...

I come out of the palace and wave to the people before descending the steps to the waiting sedan chair. The whole city has come out to see me, and my unique little pet man. I reach down pick you up and hold you high over my head. I flick your cock and the throng cheers. I turn you over and spread your ass and the golden plug glistens in the sun. The crowd goes mad! I put you on the ground. "Make me proud, tiny pet." I get on the chair and my slaves carry me through the main street of the city. I look down and see you running hard and your cock bouncing. I am so proud of you.

I run hard at the side of Goddess' chair, her hand lazily holding the end of my leash, occasionally flicking it to the cheers of the adoring crowd. I am sweating, positively glowing with a sheen in the bright sunlight. I am breathing hard too, after so short a time, though I cannot understand why. You keep me fit and trim, not letting me get fat and pampered. I bite my lip and look up and see your arm protruding from the shady sedan compartment, gossamer curtains blowing as your slaves jog along at a trot. You flick your wrist and I realize I am lagging, and hurry to get back in rhythm, panting for breath...

I smile and wave and suddenly I hear screams and my chair suddenly stops. I look around. The slaves are standing still as my attending slave rushes up and opens the curtains. "My Queen... something is wrong with your pet."

"Stand back!" I yell. I pull the leash up and you are hanging limply from it. I am horrified! "Home! At once! Get my physicians here immediately! Hurry!" I hold my pet in my lap but you are motionless. I shake you but nothing happens. "Please don't die," I whisper, my lip trembling. We are both quickly taken back to the palace…


"He's dead." The words went round and round my head as I approached the burial chamber surrounded by my attendants and physicians. This would be my first glimpse of my little pet since yesterday when it happened. "He's dead." Would that I could purge those words from my brain.

As I was about to enter the chamber I order my attendants to remain outside. These moments would be for my slave and me alone. I would bind him myself, as a final homage to our year together and his devotion to me.  As I entered I saw the huge stone slab meant for a man but now holding only a 6-inch man. Dead. My eyes filled with tears as I looked down and saw that his eyes were still open.

'Goddess!!' I scream as I see your towering form come into view and hover over me.  I scream but nothing comes out!  I don't know what has happened, and my memories are a swirling blur of images after falling in the dirt and getting dragged along by your leash in the procession.  I can't move, and my gaze is fixed but I can see, and hear and feel.  The cold slab hurts beneath me, and my paralyzed body aches.  I remember the attendants and physicians bringing me back to the palace, then trying to heal me for hours, yet eventually they gave up and I was brought here and left alone in the cool darkness.  And I see you now, Goddess, and there are tears in your eyes...

Is this death?

The tears stream down my face as I take my fingertip and wash your face with them. "Why?" I whisper as I take more of my tears on my fingers and wash your body. "Why now? Why you? You never hurt anyone." My fingers map the contours of your body one last time. I reach your bound cock and see the gold thread. I untie your flaccid cock and kiss the cord and wrap it around my finger. I bend down and kiss your cock and lick it - one last time. I gently turn you over and lick your body with my tongue feeling the warmth still remaining, fading. Feeling the soft smooth skin. I spread your ass and lick then remove the golden plug... for the last time.

I can't even blink as your huge finger brushes my face with your tears.  A sadness wells within me as I hear your words and I hurt for you, for the pain you are in.  I am dead then!  Somehow... some disease has taken me from you.  I can hear it in your voice, see it in the tears streaming down your beautiful face.  But I feel your finger as you trace my still form, the warmth and softness and even the light scratch of your long, painted nail, now black for mourning.  I feel your hands as you tug at the golden cord that you bound my cock with for your procession.  Just yesterday?  We were so happy and you were so proud of me.  My cock is still engorged as you remove the cord, but swiftly becomes flaccid as you remove the binding, kissing it as you wrap it about your finger in memory.  Your sad face looms as you bend down and kiss my penis, your hot, moist tongue licking it and I feel a stirring in my loins, yet it does not grow.  And even if it did you would most likely ignore it, as the physicians said, I recall, that certain body functions might present themselves as the last of the soul leaves the body.  But I can feel the heat of your hand, the softness and your tongue as you scoop me up from the cold stone slab and lick me all over.  The feel of your tongue on my skin sets me ablaze with lust, and my cock stirs!  I can't be dead to feel such passion!  I feel your fingernails as you hold me tenderly, spreading my ass cheeks and slowly sliding out the golden plug.  I feel it, and my heart flutters!

'I'm not dead, Goddess' I scream and shout, but you don't hear...

What has happened to me?!

I cradle my pet to my bosom not willing to part with him just yet. I hold the very tiny speck of gold that filled his ass so! It was amusing at the time... now it only brings more tears. I make a slice with my finger in my forearm and slip it under my skin, not willing to part with just yet.

I cup my bosom and rub my nipple against your lips. "Please... please...little pet… drink...please...I beg you," I hoarsely rasp out. In a feeble attempt to revive him I feverishly rub my nipple against his lips but nothing happens. I look down into his eyes pleading with him. "Please... please... please…"

'Don't!' I shout and gasp as I see you slice your forearm, blood welling in the cut that mars your beautiful skin.  I want to cry with you as I see you slip the golden plug into the cut and I understand.  My emotions are churning as you hold me to your soft breast, cradling me like a child, the babe that I was for you so often.  I long to suckle your nipple again as you rub it against my lips, and though my mouth opens I cannot do anything but feel.  It's torture what you are putting me through and you do not even know.  I hear your pleading words and want to comply, to end your misery, but I cannot.  I lie limply in your tender grasp, a broken rag doll...

I hold you up and lay you on my breast as my pleading turns to anger and I begin swatting your ass with my hand. "Why won't you drink!?" I yell. I slap you over and over repeatedly as I yell at you. "Drink! Drink! Curse you!"

I finally stop hitting him as a sickening realization finally sets in. "What have I done?!" I cry out. "Osiris forgive me. My pet, forgive me!!"

I silently wail as your grip tightens into a fist and you start to spank me.  Pain shoots through my very being as I hear you curse, spittle dotting me as the ferocity of your blows increases.  It's agony, as you strike me harder than ever before and there is not a thing that I can do but endure.  I can feel the heat rising in your skin, perspiration glistening and still the tears stream down your cheeks... And then suddenly the rage passes and you cradle me close again, begging forgiveness of the Gods... and me!

'Don't cry, Goddess' my mind screams.  'I understand,' and know that your own emotions are in turmoil as are mine.  My mind races, trying to think of some way to end this nightmare, to make you see that I yet live!  I cannot understand why the Gods have abandoned us, to put us both through this hell.  How has this happened?  Why?

Slowly a calm comes over me and I lay you gently down on the smooth white clean cloth that will be your shroud. I can't bear to close your eyes yet. I know it is time now. I take a deep breath. I kiss each foot and ankle and then reach for thin strip of woven grasses from the shore and bind your ankles, making a tight knot. I reach for another strip and kiss each knee and tightly wrap them.

I then take some strips of white cloth and start to wrap your feet slowly and carefully as if I don't want to hurt you. The feet disappear under the cloth as I work my way up your calves to your knees and finally your thighs. I make sure to pull each revolution of strip tight and snug.

Panic washes over me as I see a strange calm come over your being.  Tears still flow down your cheeks as you lay me down again, onto a clean white cloth and I realize what is about to happen.  I try to scream again as you position me, but nothing happens.  You gently tilt my head as though to close my eyes, then pause, and with a sigh, move down to my feet.  And as you move, at the far edge of my peripheral vision I see a shadow, and a face eases from behind one of the massive stone columns.

A Priest, I think at first, as I know one should be present at the ritual you are about to perform... No!  She is behind you, and only I can see the cruel smile as the flickering torchlight illuminates her features, and suddenly I understand... 'No!  Goddess!  No!' I shriek.  'I'm not dead!  It was Suephrates!'

And I remember the day before, as you were dressing me for your procession.  Your half-sister had my golden collar; insisted on placing it tightly about my throat.  I remember the odd smell as the nail of her pinkie lingered beneath my nose but thought nothing of it at the time.  I had been expecting her treachery then- she hated me so- but she was more devious than I imagined.

I scream and scream as I feel you start the act of binding me; the sacred dried grasses from the banks of the Great River knotting tightly about my ankles after you tenderly kiss my feet.  'Please, Goddess!' I beg, as you kiss my knees.  'Just turn around!' But you do not hear my pleas as you tightly bind my knees and thighs.  I scream and scream and scream but you ignore me as you start to wrap the white strips up my legs, beginning the final act that will forever seal my fate... and me!

I leave your cock exposed. I kiss it...and (Gods of Egypt forgive me) I take his tiny cock in my mouth one last time and savor the warmth. (thinking that he is still warm) and glad of it. I lick his balls and swirl them in my mouth as he used to like me to do in our private moments. I don't want to let him go! Tears start up again as I remove my mouth.

I then kiss the palm of each of his tiny little hands and inhale for the last time his scent. My heart starts to break as I start to wrap each wrist and bind it around his little flat cobble-stoned torso that I made him keep in shape... something that seems so vain now. I almost smile at the thoughts that cross my mind. Slowly the binding goes up and around his arms and torso to his neck.

I am on fire again as your lips caress my penis.  My screams of panic turn to cries of lust as your tongue lavishes my tiny cock!  My emotions explode in an inner orgasm as you take my balls into your mouth, suckling them tenderly... licking... I feel the warmth of your tears as they fall on my stomach and chest.  It's torture to feel these things and NOT feel them!

'Please Goddess!' I beg, my mind and senses reeling.  And suddenly, as though you heard me you stop.  My heart soars thinking that it is over, that you DID hear me at last, but when I see the sadness and longing in your face it plummets to new depths again.  I see you take another strip as you gingerly hold my tiny arm and start to wrap again; the left and then the right.  You wrap up and about my torso, about my shoulders, under my arms and up to my neck, binding my arms to my sides so that my hands rest just below my ribs where the binding pins them in place.  All too soon I am immobilized, and I realize that even if I could move again by some miracle, that I would not be able to.  Only my tiny cock and head remain exposed as I see you staring down at me for what may be the final time...

I reach for another strip and sigh deeply. I bend down and kiss your lips and feel their warmth and softness again. I purse your cheeks and your lips part slightly as I slip my tongue inside your mouth and explore it with my tongue one last time. I taste and enjoy you one last time. I remove my tongue now and close your lips with another parting kiss.

I bind your jaw shut wrapping the cloth around your chin and over the top of your head many times before securing it. "I cannot believe this is taking place, my pet," I say with a quivering whisper. "Please wake up tell my I am dreaming." My eyes are overflowing again with tears.

I feel the warmth of your kiss and it drives me mad.  Your fingers on my face as you slide your tongue into my mouth, and the slight joy I get when my own touches yours.  My last kiss I know, and though I feel it, I am sad that you cannot.  I scream again as you close my jaws, a final short peck before I feel the cloth strip at my throat.  Your huge fingers flutter about my head as you wrap my head about, sealing my jaws in place top to bottom.  I hear your words and my heart breaks again.  I cannot believe this is happening either.  I am going to die, truly, and though it was your evil sister that set this all in motion, the hand that slays me will be yours!

And now the moment I have been dreading the most…

I lean over and look into your eyes. The eyes that have remained fixed since this happened. "I'm sorry, my precious little pet," I cry hoarsely as I take my fingers and slowly pull the lids down. I place a kiss on each lid  and on each cheek as my sorrow overwhelms me. I gingerly lay my head lightly on your little wrapped body sobbing uncontrollably...

Finally I raise my head and start to take the shroud and fold it over your feet and legs.

I stare unblinking as you lean close to look into my eyes.  I can smell your perfume, see the tears still welling in your eyes, tears that I cannot even share.  I hear your words and I uselessly scream again as you daintily close each eyelid.  And suddenly the terror washes over me again as I am now in darkness.  I feel your lips on my face and then the final wrapping is in place leaving only my eyes uncovered, and my useless cock.  I feel the weight as you lay your head on my little body and sob.  I can feel the warmth through the wrapping, but cannot feel the softness of your skin or hair.

I feel you rise up then, and to my final horror feel you start to enfold me within my death shroud...

It is done.

He is wrapped and bound in strips to hold him together.

I open the lid of the same gilded gold and jewel encrusted box that he was given to me in and gently place him into it. I take the royal purple cloth in which he is laying and fold it lightly over his white shroud. I close the lid and click it shut.  I slowly carry the box to the large sarcophagus that was meant for me someday. I place a kiss on the lid and place the box in it.

I collapse in front of it crying and place another kiss on the cold stone side of the sarcophagus. Finally I take a deep breath, stand and turn and call for the four large Nubian slaves outside the door.

"You may now pull the stone cover over his tomb." 

My senses are dull now, wrapped in the cloth strips and shroud.  I can barely feel you as you lift me up, placing me on something soft.  I can barely hear an occasional muffled sob as I feel your fingers drape something over me yet again.  There is a moment's silence, and then the soft glow seeping through my eyelids goes dark and I hear a resounding click that will echo in my mind for eternity...

All is silent and still now, though I sense a sensation of flying briefly.  I can imagine what is happening as I saw your own sarcophagus open in the background.  I will soon be locked away, never to see you again, or feel your gentle, loving touch.  I scream and scream for this nightmare to end, but I know in my tortured heart that it is only begun...

Just before I exit the chamber I turn and bow my head at the sarcophagus holding your remains. My final homage to my precious pet. Something no one else understood but us.

I remove the pendant of Isis from around my neck and hang it outside the tomb door. I order guards posted at the entrance and also at my sister's sleeping chambers. A sudden unexplained death in these times can also mean something more sinister than usual.  I walk to my own chambers and leave orders that I am not to be disturbed. I will visit him later.

I lay on the bed and cry myself to sleep.


the direction of the eye
so misleading
the defection of the soul
nauseously quick

I don't question
our existence
I just question
our modern needs

I will walk...with my hands bound
I will walk...with my face blood
I will walk...with my shadow flag
into your garden
garden of stone

after all is done
we're still alone
I won't be taken
yet I'll go...

I will walk...with my hands bound
I will walk...with my face blood
I will walk...with my shadow flag
into your garden
garden of stone

I don't show...
I don't share...
I don't need
what you have to give...



I think of you lying here in the darkness of the sarcophagus.  I cannot move.  I can barely think, but all my thoughts are of you.  Time has no meaning here, and it is endless misery.  My heart is shattered thinking that my last sight was of the sorrow in your eyes.  How many years has it been since I 'died'?  I have no idea.  The minutes tick by so slowly, and it seems forever.  I have stopped screaming, knowing that no one will hear.  'I'm alive!', but no one cares.  I am trapped and doomed, consigned to this Hell, away from you...

If someone were looking at a distance they would see a cloud of dust moving across the desert floor in the Valley of Kings. I was in my chariot, whipping my two fastest horses unmercifully. There were six chariots behind me each one carrying my strongest slaves. The horse’s backs were bleeding, my arm was sore and still I whipped them to go faster.

The temple priest, fearing what would happen to him in the afterlife confessed, incriminating my stepsister and claiming he had no knowledge what she would use the deadly drug for. The temple priest was now laying in an oubliette and my stepsister was in chains in a cell. Finally I see the dark opening to the burial chamber.

I pull hard on the reins. The horses rear up and jump off in a run toward the opening. I realized I was in my bare feet and only wearing what I was sleeping in; a small white loin cloth. As I ran through the opening I told the guards to follow me. I saw the pendant on the wall and ran inside.

"Help me move the lid!" I screamed. My nails scratched the stone as I again screamed for them to move as if their lives depended on it!

I hear the grinding of stone somewhere far and away, far removed from the darkness of my 'death'.  I cannot imagine what it might be, but I listen none the less.  I have nothing else to do...

I hear more voices and footsteps. Soon many hands are moving the stone lid. It slowly slides away enough for me to look inside. I can just get my arm down.

"More! Move it more!" Again the lid inches farther away. I reach in and lift the gold box and quickly walk to the table. "Send someone back now and have the physicians at the ready!"

I unlatch the box and throw the lid back. I lay open the purple cloth and reach in and remove the still white mummified body of my pet. "A knife!" I scream as I start to tear at the covering on his face. I look up briefly. "Please, Osiris... make him live."

I quickly cut away the wrapping at his nose and cut the ties holding his jaw closed.  Finally I see his lips and nose. I put my head to his nose to feel some breathing.

"Please" I whisper close to his mouth. I open his mouth and puff some air into it as others cut away his leg coverings. *puff* Again I puff some air into his mouth. Tears well up as I stare down at his face.

I feel my body rising and think that this must be the end.  I do not know how long it has been, and I cannot comprehend the frantic words I hear beyond the darkness that envelopes me.

I think that I hear your voice Goddess, but I must be mistaken.  I hear angels instead... But then I feel a blade slicing at my bindings, cutting away at the cloth wraps that hold my head stiff and still.  I feel a warmth beyond the darkness, and then your voice overwhelms... "Please...".

I feel your breath surging into me as my bindings are slit and pulled away about my face... my legs... my arms... My chest heaves with the breath of your life that you have given me.  I cough and my eyelids flutter and I suddenly see you staring down at me.  My heart melts...

"G- G- Goddess..." I whimper and tears burst from my eyes...

"My pet!" I scream and cry at the same time.  I frantically tear away all the bindings. I can hardly see him for the tears in my eyes, but finally he is naked and looking up at me. I gingerly pick him up and cradle him to my bosom.

"You live! You live. My precious one lives," I coo at you as I cry uncontrollably and rock you.    

I am taken aback, shocked at what is happening and overwhelmed when you scoop me up and take me to your bosom.  I still cannot move as you hold me tight, cradling me, but I can feel your warmth as the wrappings fall away.  I can feel your tears and hear the anguish in your voice.  I want to hold you, but my arms still fall limp.  But I am so happy.  I am alive, and you know it!  I start to cry...

"Suephrates..." I say, my voice a hoarse whisper.  "Your sister..." I hack, coughing and you hold me tighter.

"Don't talk, little pet. She is in irons and will be put to death by her own poison. The temple priest will rot in the oubliette. We will talk later. I must get you back to the palace.

"In my haste I forgot water for you. We must hasten now. I will lay you in the gold box but leave the lid off. You must be cared for. It will be a bumpy ride back, my pet." I pick you up and lay you in the golden box and carefully carry it out of the burial chamber.  

I stare upward watching as the world passes by.  Slowly I feel a tingling returning to my limbs as sensation invades me and gives me feeling once more.  I hear shouts and suddenly a jarring sensation as blue sky and wispy clouds pass overhead, and I realize I am in your chariot.  I crane my neck, whimpering with the effort but I finally see you towering over me, your arms taut as you guide your horses, looking magnificent as you crack the whip, driving them and I feel my cock starting to stir once again...

I placed the box on the floor of the chariot but in order to keep it in place I put one bare foot on the box and over the body of my slave. It was the only way to ensure his safety. I realize at that moment that I am barefoot and that must be very dirty.  I didn't feel very queenly right now.

I cracked the whip again and had the horses trot at a reasonable speed to avoid too much bumpiness. I couldn't get to the palace fast enough. I looked down at my pet and saw him looking up at me and I smiled and winked at him. "I love you," I mouthed.

"I... Love you... Goddess..." I say, and I strain up to lick at the dirt on the bottom of your foot that covers the top of my little box.  It is dirty, but I do not care.

I am so happy to be alive and back with my Goddess.  That is all that matters.  That is all that I want...

To be with her forever...


Story © Carnaj and Goddess Jane 2010




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