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Home Invasion 5: Reunion

by Carnaj

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© Copyright 2014 - Carnaj - Used by permission

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Part Five: Reunion

10 Reunion

It was Monday morning Jennifer realized as she lay on her belly sipping water through the bendable straw from the plastic container that the Tinies had set within reach. In just a few minutes her co-workers would no doubt be wondering where she was as it was almost 9 AM. She wondered just how long they would wait before one of them might call to find out if anything was wrong. If she was sick, stuck in traffic or held up by train delays, maybe not coming in at all.

The eight surviving Tinies were fairly quiet as they watched the morning news, Darlene Rodriguez again on screen and announcing an Amber Alert for a little girl named Gina that had gone missing on her way to school earlier that morning. Traffic was going to be a mess on the East Side as the UN General Assembly got into session, but the weather promised to be nice; no rain in the forecast and in the low 80’s. Life went on with or without Jennifer Monroe it seemed.

It was just after 9:30 when Jennifer heard the faint scrabbling noises coming from somewhere behind her. She turned towards the stove, the source of the sounds, praying silently that it was not another rat. She could barely see the subtle shift of shadows moving in the dim and finally let out a long, slow breath that she had not even realized she had been holding. Linda crawled from beneath the stove, eight others eventually following behind her.

Only eight…

They all looked haggard and withdrawn as they trudged across the carpeting towards the pillows. Jennifer saw that they were filthy, probably from climbing through the walls and through the dust and grime under her stove. Linda gave her a casual glance as she passed, then raised an eyebrow as she realized that Jennifer was not gagged. She said nothing though, walking on with the rest of her group following behind. Jennifer saw Frank holding his ribs as he went by, and Jason was limping, favoring his left leg, but the rest seemed unhurt; at least physically. She did not see Johnny, Bill, Stacy or Robert and others whose names she did not know. Linda’s sword was coated with dried blood she noticed as the clan leader stopped before the pillows and Claire.

“It’s done,” Linda said sounding tired, defeated almost, leaning on her sword. Jennifer watched as the others plopped down on the pillow lost in thought except for Frank who stood looking about, probably for his girlfriend, Dani. Claire looked about as well, watching those that had returned, scrutinizing each before her gaze fell on Linda once again.

“And was it worth it?” Claire finally asked after a long, tense silence, her body language mimicking Linda’s as she leaned on her cane. Linda was silent for a long time before she finally looked Claire in the eye.

“Not in the end. No. The bastard had to pay though, and he did. And his whore. But we lost so many. Too much.”

“Where’s Dani?” Frank asked abruptly, his voice wavering and fear in his dark eyes.

“And Matt?” another of the clan asked looking over the pillow for his miniscule friend.

“We lost here too,” Claire said, sadness in her voice. “There was a rat.”

“Oh my God!” one of the returnees gasped looking about frantically as though expecting to see the vermin still lurking in the apartment. Her hands went to her mouth as she saw the fresh bloodstains on the floor where Dani had died and the rat had been slain. Others started to talk wildly, some jumping to their feet again until Linda shouted for quiet.

“What happened?” the tiny redhead asked. Claire frowned and shrugged.

“It came from under the stove I figure. Just like we did. Attracted by the blood maybe, or the trash.” She waved a hand towards the accumulated garbage of uneaten food packed in plastic bags near the cabinet under the sink. She shrugged again, then raised her cane to point at the spots where Dani and the rat had died, large splotches of dried blood. “It swallowed Matt whole in one bite, then ripped Dani’s throat out as we were trying to fight it.”

“No!” Frank wailed his voice choked as another screamed Matt’s name. Claire waited a moment before continuing, letting Linda hear the anguish in her friends; remorse and crying, not only for Matthew and Dani but for those lost on their murderous mission of vengeance.

“We all had a hand in killing the thing,” Claire said as she directed her cane to point at Jennifer. “Her too. In fact, if not for her we’d probably all be dead now. She woke us up. Grabbed the thing finally and held it so we could kill it.”

Linda looked at Jennifer; huge Jennifer naked, bound and shackled to the desk. She afforded the captive giantess a tight smile before returning her attention to Claire. The two women stared tensely at one another for a long moment and Jennifer realized that their friendship would never be the same. A rift had been driven between them. Claire obviously felt that the deaths were Linda’s fault because of her desire to get revenge for Anne’s death. Jennifer thought that Linda might agree, but was too stubborn to admit that she had made the wrong decision. It was Claire that finally broke the silence.

“So, your turn. What happened?”

Linda sighed as she turned and finally sat on the pillow, setting her bloody sword aside. It took her a moment to compose her thoughts, then she leaned forward, arms crossed and resting on her knees, sweaty reddish-brown hair hanging down.

“It took us awhile to climb up to the sixth floor, but when we finally got there and into the bastard’s apartment he was asleep. Passed out drunk by the look of all the empty beer cans on the floor, the lights on, TV playing way too loud. It was easy enough to get right up on him once we got up onto the bed. We all got into position; Johnny with a nail at his right ear, Robert likewise on the left. I was at his throat ready to drive it into his carotid artery while the others waited to back us up. On my signal we all struck together.

“He screamed as we all stabbed him, sitting up wildly clutching at his throat, blood spurting through his fingers and his ear drums pierced. I went flying in the process, ripping my sword free and widening the wound. Luckily I just managed to stay on the bed. He saw us all scrambling to get away, sliding down the ropes and bedspread. Gail jumped and broke her legs and back hitting the floor wrong. The Giant got some composure finally and lashed out. He backhanded Robert just as he was about to jump and sent him flying across the room where he smashed against the far wall. Then he slammed his fist down on Johnny, crushing him flat while he was trying to help Gail get away. He turned on me then, but his loss of blood made him weak and he collapsed while he was reaching for me. He tried to get up again but couldn’t. He finally rolled off of the bed and onto the floor still frantically holding his throat.

“We slowly got our courage back as he got weaker and everyone took a bite out of him; stabbing and slicing with our weapons. He was a long time dying.

“That was when his bitch came home. She staggered into the apartment as drunk as he’d been and screamed when she saw us, and what we’d done. The shock of the sight of us around her dead lover’s body sobered her up real quick, I guess. She waded into us as we tried to get back under the stove; stepping on us, smashing her feet down.

“She crushed Stacy… Bill… Tommy…” Linda paused, sobbing and shaking her head. “It was horrible,” she said when she was finally able to continue. “The rest of us were able to get back under the stove and escape. She was on her stomach trying to grab us, but it was too tight for her arm to fit.” Linda looked to Frank and frowned. “She managed to hit Frank with her fingers and break a couple ribs but we made it out and back into the walls. Took us forever to get back down here.”

There was silence between the two women again, as Linda seemed to sag and hang her head with exhaustion while Claire just stared coldly. Jennifer heard Frank crying in the background and saw someone hugging him, trying to ease the pain of his loss. Others were huddled in pairs or groups, sobbing, trying to cope.

“So,” Claire began, thumping her cane to the floor once more. “Now I suppose you’re going to go avenge the ones that died tonight, right?” Linda looked up and weakly shook her head.

“No. It’s over,” she said, then added, “At least as far as I’m concerned. I’m done.”

“What?” Claire asked suddenly with concern and a look of surprise on her face. Jennifer saw a few of the other Tinies look up as well, suddenly interested.

“I’ve had enough. Leading…” Linda said, her voice laced with emotion and exhaustion. “I fucked up. Let my emotions get the better of me and got too many of us killed. Time for me to retire. Let someone else lead the clan. What’s left of it.”

Immediately there were voices of protest, Tinies rising to their feet and beseeching Linda to stay on as their leader. Linda listened for awhile, never taking her eyes off of Claire. Finally though she waved their protests away.

“I’m done,” she said sadly, but firmly, her voice full of conviction. “Hell I never wanted the job in the first place, but someone had to do it. This debacle that I caused just proves that we need a new leader. Someone with a clearer head than mine.”

Jennifer saw the tiny Linda look at her for a long moment, smiling slightly as the clan voiced their opinions, all of them against her stepping down. Finally she waved them to silence again and addressed them.

“We’ll vote later on a new leader. Right now, I’m tired and need to sleep, and so does the rest of us that went out. Anne’s avenged, and that counts for something. I’m sorry that we lost others… Friends… But we all went willingly, expecting the worst.

“And that’s what we got.”

Linda said no more, simply lying back on the huge pillow and closing her eyes. Within moments, she was fast asleep…


“I’m going off the rails of a crazy train!”

Jennifer stared at her Galaxy III as the screen lit up, Ozzy Osborne’s ‘Crazy Train’ blaring as her cell phone vibrated along the carpet. The Tinies were up and on their feet with the noise, all staring as the cell phone seemed to dance a jig as it bounced across the floor. Linda ran forward at last and slapped her foot down on the edge of the phone to hold it still. Jennifer saw the tiny woman read the number, then repeat it outloud as it finally stopped ringing.

“It’s Lori,” Jennifer said when the Tiny turned towards her. “One of my co-workers.” Linda did not look happy, but she had voiced before that she knew someone would eventually call to find out what was wrong with the captive giantess. The Tiny glanced at the clock above the bed and saw that it was not even ten-thirty yet.

“They’ll call again,” she said dejectedly. “Sooner probably than later. And I’m quite sure that the whore upstairs has the cops there by now. They’ll be going door to door looking for us as soon as they believe her story and that won’t take long. We left enough of our dead behind. Time to go, people. Don’t forget to grab the ropes that we can, and anything else we might be able to use. Leave one on the bed for me.”

Jennifer watched silently as, one by one the Tinies started to make their way down off of the pillows. They all looked weary as they trudged past Jennifer’s bound form, spreading out about the apartment one final time. Some looked up to her and a few nodded as they passed, actually smiling wanly. Jennifer watched as they gathered the ropes that they had hooked to the furniture, more nails and screws and pins from the pile they had gathered; all that they could manage to carry. One by one then they all headed for the stove and disappeared underneath, back into the darkness. Finally though only Linda and Claire remained in sight, the rest behind Jennifer and crawling under the stove to the hole in they wall behind.

Both of the small women stopped near her head, looking up at Jennifer’s billboard sized face looming over them. Linda stood with her sword resting over her right shoulder as Claire; leaning on her cane looked her way. Jennifer could feel the tension in the air, between all three of them. A tension that lingered until Claire finally broke the silence.

“And what do we do with her?” the older woman asked. “Leave her for the police to find? Do we set her free? Either way as soon as she’s loose she’ll tell the police everything. Including where we’re holed up in the basement.” Jennifer shook her head from side to side causing Claire to stumble back a few steps with the sudden motion. Jennifer looked pleadingly at the two women noting that Linda had stood her ground, her gaze intent on the gigantic woman’s face.

“Please,” Jennifer whispered trying to keep a pleading tone out of her voice and not succeeding. “I won’t say anything. I swear I won’t. Don’t leave me here for the cops to find. Please… Let me go. Or at least leave the keys where I can get to them.” There were tears in her eyes as she looked at the two women; Claire frowning and Linda lost in thought.

Without a word Linda set her sword aside and headed back towards the bottom corner of the bed. Jennifer and Claire watched as she easily climbed the knotted rope of twine that still hung from the top sheet, left at her request. Once atop Linda removed the rope and paperclip grappling hook and let it drop to the floor before running along the edge of the mattress and then veering off out of sight. A moment later Jennifer saw her approach the edge again, dropping the keys to her handcuffs and padlock onto the floor. Linda then stepped off of the top of the bed to land lightly on the pillows far below. The tiny woman hurried over and coiled up the rope, looping it over her shoulder. She then trotted back to the pillows and scooped up the keyring before strolling back to stop beside Claire once again.

“I’ll leave these behind you, by your hands where you can reach them,” Linda said as she bent to pick up her letter opener sword again. She seemed almost sad as she looked around the studio apartment. There were still bits of string dangling from the desk and dresser, the sink and refrigerator. Half-empty containers of water still littered the floor, the shock collar and vibrator lying by the dresser, nubs of melted candles. “Sorry about the mess,” Linda said with a shrug and a tiny smile. “Sorry about… everything.

“We’ll be gone by the time you get free, but I trust you. You helped us out when we needed it… Helped my friends with the rat even after all we did to you.” The tiny woman sighed, staring at the floor for a moment. “I –…”


Everyone gasped as a heavy handed knocking rattled the apartment door, followed by a man’s booming voice.

“Police! Open up!”

The three women looked to the door, staring hard, then turned to face each other again when the knocking resumed. All were silent as the cop called out again, but after awhile the knocking sounded from the apartment next door. The three women sighed in unison with relief.

Claire hobbled forward and reached up to touch Jennifer’s cheek, the larger woman lowering her head so that she could. Claire smiled finally, nodding, realizing that Jennifer could have cried out right then and given them away, but didn’t. “Thank you.” Jennifer smiled and nodded as Claire patted her cheek, then turned to Linda. “I’ll start towards the stove and wait for you.” Linda nodded.

Jennifer watched as Claire shuffled along and away, finally moving behind her and out of her line of sight. When she turned back to Linda she found the little red head gazing at her intently again, seemingly lost in thought for a long, quiet moment. Finally she shrugged and stepped closer.

“I wish…” Linda started and Jennifer could hear something odd in her voice. The tiny woman’s cheeks were flushed, her eyes watery. “I wish things could be different,” she continued, draping the keyring over her shoulder to stroke Jennifer’s cheek as Claire had done, reaching up. “Thanks… Thank you for… for everything.”

Jennifer was biting her lip as the Tiny gazed into her eyes for a long moment. Then Linda lowered her hand and walked away. She heard the sound of the keys hitting the floor behind her, listening for any other noise. There was a faint shuffling sound as Jennifer assumed that the tiny Linda was crawling underneath the stove once again.

Then silence.

Jennifer heaved a rasping sigh, then began to grope with her fingers for the keys and freedom…



It was dark in the courtyard behind her building. Even darker deeper in the shadows where Jennifer Monroe silently watched and waited, away from the solemn ceremony that she knew she had to be present for. It was a pleasantly warm night, and oddly the usual noise of the city seemed dull and far, far away.

She had freed herself easily enough, once the keys to her bonds were within reach. She had smelled her stench as she finally sat up, weary as she rubbed her sore and raw wrists and ankles. The handcuffs had tightened considerably over the weekend, the days that she had been held captive by the Tinies. She wanted a nice, long, hot bath, or a shower at least after her ordeal. She wanted food, but she knew there were other things to take care of first.

Finally she stood on shaky legs, holding onto the desk as feeling returned to her limbs, a wave of dizziness washing over her and away. It took some time to withstand the pain in the soles of her bare feet, the slashed and burned wounds that the Tinies had inflicted aching tremendously. When she could she started to move about her apartment wincing with every step, still naked and grimy, cleaning up all signs that she could find of the home invasion. The dangling threads and strings still attached to furniture and her sink, the containers scattered about, candle stubs, her toys, garbage; everything that she could find.

She knew that the police would be back eventually, either later that day or the next and she wanted to be ready. When she was satisfied, she went to the refrigerator and removed the pushpin that the Tinies had used to keep the heavy door open a bit, and looked inside. There was not much left. Some condiments and a small carton of expired and sour milk, a couple beers, a half-eaten loaf of bread and processed cheese slices. Jennifer grabbed the remainder of the loaf and cheese as well as a beer and went to her bed, flopping down with a sigh.

She looked at the spots of blood that still stained the carpets near the desk and radiator, the pillows, she would have to change the cases. She thought about the Tinies – the people that had died, one that she had inadvertently killed - as she folded slices of bread over slices of cheese and ate ravenously. She drank her beer, staring regrettably at the splotches of dried blood where she had crushed Ed against the leg of her heavy desk.

She would have to clean up the blood, but first she had to call her job and tell them that she was sick and would be out for a couple of days. Then a shower, and then sleep. Real sleep.

And after that there was one more thing that she had to do…

Jennifer watched as the clan gathered about the small hole that she had dug. She had come out to the courtyard well after midnight and headed directly for the small patch of dirt where the Super’s wife tended a small garden. She had knelt down with the small trowel that she used to work the soil of her own potted plant that sat outside her window on the fire escape most of the year. Quickly she looked about a final time before digging a small hole. Small to her but large enough for a mass grave for those that had died. Once she was done, Jennifer shoved the tiny hand shovel into the dirt before standing and wiping her hands and pants clean.

She stepped away, far back in the corner where her building butted up against its neighbor. She could see the garden from her position and figured that if they looked, any of the clan could make her out in the shadows despite the dark jeans and long sleeved tee shirt she had worn.

She knew that they would come, and a little over an hour later they did. As expected Linda was the first to appear, scampering out into the courtyard and up to the garden. The tiny woman inspected the freshly dug hole, then, sword in hand she slowly turned about in a circle scanning the area.

Jennifer saw Linda pause as her gaze fell on the dark corner where she was standing. The woman stared for a long moment and Jennifer thought she saw her nod. She raised her sword arm then as she turned back towards the way she had come, and waved.

Cautiously the clan started to emerge. Jennifer watched as the fifteen remaining made their way to the garden carrying the wrapped plastic bundles that contained the remains of their friends. Claire was the last in the line, hobbling slowly along trailing behind the others. By the time she joined the group, Linda had dropped into the grave and the others were gently lowering their dead down to her.

The ceremony did not last long, and Jennifer was too far away to hear what anyone said. She heard the occasional sob though as Linda stood before the open grave and spoke. She was followed by Claire, who talked for a far shorter time. One by one then the remaining members of the clan stepped to the edge of the hole for a moment. Jennifer saw one of them toss something inside. Frank, she thought.

Then as solemnly as they had emerged, they all filed back the way they had come, fairly much in the same order, Claire once again bringing up the rear. Only Linda remained, her gaze once more locked on the corner where Jennifer stood.

After a minute she raised her hand and waved, then scurried off again to join the others. Jennifer waited a bit to be certain that they were all inside and safe. Then she returned to the garden and knelt, looking into the grave.

After a while she reached for her trowel and started scooping the dirt back into the earth…


Jennifer Monroe moaned in ecstasy…

She tried not to writhe about too much, but the feelings of electricity shocking through her pussy were just too intense to deny. She screamed into the soiled panties wadded up in her mouth, the damp cotton doing little to muffle her enraged shrieks of passion.

Her sweaty body arched up off of her bound wrists as she shuddered with unbound passion, the ropes binding her ankles to the opposing legs of the radiator thankfully keeping her legs splayed wide as she strained in her bondage. Her breasts heaved as she gasped for oxygen, settling back to the floor as another scream wrenched from her throat.

She was cumming harder than she had in years; not since Erica. And still the tiny hands worked her clit, milking her of every drop, magically driving her higher and higher.



It had been a week since the funeral. A week since the clan had left her apartment allowing Jennifer to get her life sorted and back into the dull, mundane of boring normalcy.

She had gone back to the daily grind of her 9 to 5 two days later. She was still tired so it was not hard to fake the after-effects of the 24-hour flu that was going around. Her friends at work had welcomed her back and sympathized with her condition. After an hour or so it was like she had never left.

The police had been back on Saturday morning, sweeping the building again and hoping to catch anyone that they had missed during the weekdays. They had not been forthcoming with many details of course, though Jennifer figured that she probably knew more than they did. They asked the usual questions; name, how long she had lived there, where she worked. Taking down her personal information.

They had asked if she had seen anything strange in the building.

“Strange?” Jennifer had asked, playing dumb.

“Anything gone missing lately?” Detective Brown asked deadpan.

“I lost a sock in the laundry the other day,” Jennifer replied with a smile. Brown grinned and jotted something in his notepad. He had seemed bored, and Jennifer half suspected that he was simply scribbling with the stubby bit of pencil in his fat fingers rather than actually writing anything.

“Had any mice recently?” he pressed on.

“I had a rat, actually.” Jennifer pointed to the light stain still set in her carpet. She had scrubbed at all the spots, but still a bit of faded red lingered. “Scared the shit outta me. I beat it to death with my shoe. I called the Super about it, and he said he’d check into it.” Jennifer shrugged. Not too big a lie.

“Brave of you,” Brown said sounding impressed. “Not too many women I know would take on a rat.”

“Desperate times call for desperate measures, right? Didn’t want the ugly thing creepin’ around my apartment, now did I? Look, what is this all about?”

Detective Brown folded his notepad and put that and his pencil into the pocket of his damp, rain-spattered trenchcoat. The man was in his fifties, pudgy and balding and Jennifer could see red rimming his eyes from too much alcohol, the nicotine stains on his fingers. Definitely a career man who had seen way too much over the years.

He looked Jennifer squarely in the eyes and she had the strange feeling that he was seeing right through her act and lies. Finally he sighed and dipped his hand into his suit jacket pocket producing a cigarette and lighter, which he lit without a care of Manhattan’s latest non-smoking laws. He took a long drag and she saw him relax as he considerately blew the smoke off to the side.

“We’re investigating a murder in the building. A man on the sixth floor was killed. His girlfriend said that it was Tinies.”

“Tinies?” Jennifer gasped dramatically, feigning shock. “How could Tinies possibly kill a grown man? And why?”

“I can’t say more than that, but all the evidence corroborates the girl friend’s story. We’re checking with everyone in the building, looking for any sign of the little… people.” Jennifer had heard what he was about to say: ‘Freaks’ or something worse. She shrugged and shook her head.

“Sorry,” she said trying to hold his gaze. “I’ve never seen a Tiny in my life.” The detective sighed.

“Yeah,” he returned as his hand dipped into the suit pocket again producing a business card, which he handed to Jennifer. “That’s what I figured. If you remember anything, please give me a call anytime.”

“I will,” Jennifer said with a smile, setting the card beside her laptop on the computer table. Brown nodded, smiling weakly, bored.

“Thank you, Miss Monroe, for your help and your time.”

Jennifer followed him to the door. He paused and turned towards her, nodding a final time then left. She had watched him turn and walk down the stairs, then closed and locked her door.


The following Monday Jennifer had come home weary in body and mind after another day’s drudgery. The subway had stalled between stations and sat for over an hour on her way home from work. The garbled message over the speakers was barely legible but she made out ‘Police Action’ at West Fourth, just a stop away from home. She had dropped her purse and briefcase by the door and hung up her jacket before trudging into the main room of her studio with a bag containing beer and a sandwich from the deli across the street. She had clicked on the light and put her food away, turned with a beer in hand and gasped…

The shrunken woman was sitting on the pillows on her bed, wearing a scrap of supple black leather that had been cut to resemble a dress bound at the waist with a bit of string. Her sword sat beside her, cleaned and shining since the last time Jennifer had seen it. Linda looked up at her and smiled.

“I let myself in,” the little red head grinned. “Hope you don’t mind.” Jennifer stuttered.

“N-no… Of course not,” Jennifer had said trying to compose herself. She was shocked to see the woman, but also… happy. “What are you doing here?” she said as she cautiously sat on the edge of the bed and took a long sip of her beer then poured a small portion into one of thimbles forgotten and left behind by the Tinies. She handed it to Linda who accepted graciously and took a long swallow before answering.

“Your Super found our hiding place in the old storage room yesterday. Found our stash,” Linda said looking glum. “We heard him coming though and got into the walls. All of us, thankfully. We listened to him ripping the place apart and he found our Holt, finally. He smashed up our makeshift beds and the Sterno set-up we had to cook and keep warm. Took our radio…

“He took everything.” Linda shrugged. “Everything we took from you, he took from us. All we had was what each of us could grab and carry on the fly, which wasn’t much. We huddled there in the walls for about an hour before he found the hole we used and plugged it up. Frank decided then that it was time to move on.”


“Yeah. We voted him leader. I was adamant that I was done. Claire’s smarter, but he was all around the better choice. Long as it wasn’t me, I don’t care. They made their way back into the sewers and tunnels last night, hoping to find a new Holt somewhere else. I stayed behind.”

Jennifer stared at the tiny, six-inch woman on her pillow, knowing the answer even before she asked the question. “Why?”

“Because I’m tired of running,” Linda said with a sigh. She stood and walked across the top of the bed until she stood beside Jennifer’s thigh. She touched Jennifer’s smooth skin and craned her neck to look up at the giantess. “I’m tired of seeing people I care about die. Tired of feeling like a rat in a maze running from cheese to cheese trying to escape. Tired of living in filth, half the time starving, dirty and stinking. Tired of pretending that I’m still a person…”

Jennifer was shocked at the sound of defeat in Linda’s voice. Tentatively she reached out and touched a huge finger to Linda’s arm, rubbing softly. Linda closed her eyes but did not flinch away.

“But you are a person,” Jennifer soothed, “A good person. But that doesn’t explain why you’re here.” Jennifer swallowed and licked her lips, hoping for the answer that she wanted to hear. Linda was silent for a long time, her own eyes closed as Jennifer gently stroked her tiny arm with her finger. Finally she spoke.

“I was hoping… Maybe…” Linda bit her lower lip then took a deep breath. “I was hoping maybe I could stay here.” She looked up at Jennifer expectantly. Jennifer smiled within a heartbeat.

“God, yes!”


Jennifer was breathing heavily as she felt the tiny footfalls as Linda climbed up onto her and padded up her body. A tingling went through her at the sensation, making her shiver again as Linda pushed her breasts aside, shoving through her cleavage and finally stopping on Jennifer’s gigantic chest. Dreamily Jennifer opened her eyes and peered at her tiny lover. Linda, just as naked as Jennifer grinned.

“Did you like that?” the little woman said with a chuckle, already knowing the answer. Jennifer grunted into her gag.


Linda laughed as she strode forward right up to Jennifer’s chin. “Open,” she commanded and when Jennifer parted her lips she reached in and tugged the sodden wad of panties from her lover’s mouth. Jennifer breathed deeply, working her jaw and licking her lips as her tiny partner tossed the panties to the floor. “It was fantastic…” Jennifer finally whispered, resting her head against the carpeting again. “Like always.”

“Of course it was.” Linda laughed as she moved closer. She stretched up and leaned in, kissing Jennifer’s lower lip. The tiny woman then climbed up onto the giant woman’s face, settling onto her lips and finally looking into her eyes. Jennifer saw nothing but love as she stared back, but then felt the little woman slapped her nose.

“My turn…”

Jennifer immediately slipped her tongue between her lips and started to lap at her tiny lover’s pussy. She closed her eyes as she heard Linda moan and lost herself to the moment.

Finally happy again…

And they lived happily ever after.




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