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by Carnaj

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Kelly Merrick closed her eyes and winced as Jill sprayed her hair into place, fluffing a bit.  She wrinkled her nose at the odd smell of the hairspray, trying not to sneeze as that would add more fussing to the whole process.  Finally though she felt Jill’s hands slip away and she tentatively opened her big blue eyes again.  Jill smiled.

“All done, Kelly,” the hairstylist- slash- make- up artist said as she reached in under Kelly’s light gray blouse and adjusted the tiny microphone clipped to the spaghetti strap of her tight, black tank top.  Jill’s fingers were cool, and Kelly felt a quick shiver before the plump woman was satisfied and checked the lead wire running to the box hooked onto the back of her hip-hugging leather belt.  “You look Mah-velous,” the woman said with a giggle, making certain that the receiver was securely affixed.  “As always.”

“Thanks, Jill,” Kelly said as she straightened the collar of her shirt, fluffing out her hair in the back again, force of habit, then tapping her ear piece as her producer read off the test.  Satisfied, she glanced down and shifted the buckle of her belt before smoothing down the material of her gray, knee-length skirt.  Finally she looked to her shoes, cocking her feet and twisting her ankles to make certain that the soft, kid leather black pumps were still relatively spotless and shining.  She had learned long ago that appearance was everything on television, and she sold way more when she was in her best-dressed mode than when she was dressed in sweats for the exercise equipment, or shorts and sandals for patio furniture or leaf blowers.

Satisfied she looked up as Jill walked away and the Floor Director stepped up.  As always, Mary was dressed in jeans and a tee shirt, sneakers and not a stitch of jewelry.  Her hair was pulled back into a tail to accommodate the mike draped over her head, and as always she was glancing at her clipboard and checking her watch.

“Three minutes, Kelly,” the director said with a tight, harried grin and Kelly nodded, fussing with her collar again.  She forced herself to stop as she strolled across the stage, the Hand waiting to point out her mark as though after three years she did not know.  He had a job to do though, she knew, so smiled and stepped into place.  She glanced around the set and saw that everyone was a flurry of activity, getting ready as the commercials ran through.  She saw Mary hold up two fingers and then touched her earpiece, pressing it closer as she spoke into her mike, looking at the monitor in front of her.

Kelly saw the cameras wheeling about, one rising up like some science fiction robot in the shadows of the rear of the floor.  She tried not to get distracted, but the activity and stress was always exciting to her and got her pumped up right before her spot.  She licked her lips, mentally cursing herself and hoping that she had not smeared her gloss.  She saw no one charging at her, so figured she was fine.

“Glasses, Kelly.”

Kelly Merrick blinked and withdrew her slim, wire-rimmed glasses from her breast pocket, sliding them on her nose.  They were simple glass, as she did not need them, but they all knew that when she was selling anything technical she did better when she wore her glasses.  It gave her a look of intelligence, which she supposed was a bit degrading, but she did not really care in the end.  Screw the public, it was all about the bonus.  Besides, she liked the way she looked with the glasses on.

She saw Mary give her the OK sign and then held up a single finger indicating one minute.  Kelly nodded and fished her notes from the pocket of her gray, tweed skirt.  She quickly thumbed through the 3x5 cards, noting the information and the yellow hi-lighted material that she should hit often, over and over; price, convenience, easy operation, no S&H, easy monthly payments.

She turned slightly, not leaving her first mark as she looked to the little hand-held device that she would be selling shortly.  It was sitting on the table, propped up in a cardboard display and surrounded by various attachments like a Charger and an AC Adapter.  The device itself was tiny, about the shape of a credit card, though a bit thicker.  It was silver with a tiny display screen and thin buttons with dials on the side.  Too, she could see a red LED on the top, not unlike a television remote control.

The ‘Minimizer’ it was called, and she vaguely remembered Shannon going on about the thing the day before after her spot.  It was apparently some device that actually shrank things, a smaller hand-held version of some larger government version that just came up for the public to buy.  Herself, she could not see the purpose, but Shannon had raved over the thing over coffee.

She had missed the pre-sale demo of course, having to take a call from her husband.  The bastard was held over in London for at least another day, which meant that she would have to cancel all the reservations for dinner and the play for that night and spend another evening alone at home and getting fat on ice cream while watching HBO.  Kelly sighed, thumbing through her notes and heard the snapping sound in the background.  She looked up.

“Smiles, Kelly,” Mary mouthed as she held up her fingers… Three… two… one…

Kelly plastered a smile in place and looked to Camera Two as the red light went aglow on top-

“Hello,” she said with a cheery voice, “and welcome to the Home Shopping Channel.  I’m Kelly Merrick and I’ll be your host for the next two hours.  A little later we’ll be presenting a fabulous show of Birkenstock.  It’s their tenth anniversary here at HSC, and Barbara Simpson will be joining us to show off the latest fashion in footwear from that fantastic company that we’ve all come to know and trust and love.  We’ll have the traditional sandal… Number 876-085 in five colors for just $48.95, with two Easy monthly Payments of just twenty-five dollars.  Too…” Kelly paused, waiting for her cue as the monitor in front of her changed images to another sandal, “we’ll have the fabulous Birkenstock double-strap sandal with flower detail.  This is available in all sizes and in black, navy, scarlet and ochre, but supplies ARE limited ladies so start calling now.  That’s Order Number 876-099 at $59.98 and available in three monthly Easy Pays of just $19.99.  Use your own credit card, or your HSC Account for easy billing.  And remember that shipping and handling is free throughout my show today on all items, including this first up…”

Kelly moved from her first mark as indicated and stepped behind the table, careful not to turn her back on the camera.  She posed, resting her hands on the display before looking up and to Camera Three at Mary’s indication.

“The Minimizer…” she said, splaying her hand before the display to show the tiny device on the cardboard.  “I have it under good authority that this is a fantastic bit of new technology, only recently made available to the public from a similar version used by the government.  It’s small and compact, just a little bigger than a credit card, but packs a whole lot of power even though it can easily fit into your purse, pocket or briefcase.  Now we’re bringing you the Minimizer for the introductory price of just $359.98, and remember there’s no Shipping and Handling fees today, throughout my show, which makes this item a real steal.  You can charge this to your HSC account and get even a better reduction…” Kelly grinned, “and take off an additional twenty dollars with your Platinum Account.  Or, charge it to a simple Credit Card OR make nine Easy Pay, monthly payments for just $39.99 a month if you so choose.  Whatever the payment method, however, I just know you won’t be disappointed with this.  It’s Item Number 1008-605, and the phone lines are open for any of you that purchased this a couple days ago on Shannon’s show with Express Delivery- Free I might add.  If you’ve bought the Minimizer, give me a call.  I’d love to hear your testimonials.

“Right now though I’d like to welcome Janet Van Dyne from Van Dyne Corp., the developers and producers of the original Minimizer and the people that have developed this smaller version now available to the public to buy and use..."

Kelly looked up and over, still smiling and extending her hand in greeting as a woman stepped onto the stage.  She was short, and really beautiful with her hair coifed just so and her make-up perfect.  She wore a long white lab coat over an original outfit; skirt and blouse in shades of lavender as well as a pair of high-heeled pumps that were of a rich, purple leather.  Kelly saw a wedding ring, a simple silver band with a tiny stone that matched her silver hoop earrings, but that was it, surprisingly.  She knew that Janet Van Dyne was a fashion designer, but like her, she had apparently dressed the part, dressing up for the presentation.  Kelly noted too that she was carrying a small case in her left hand, like a pet carrier, which she set on the table as she took Kelly’s hand and shook it, both leaning in to air kiss.

“Janet,” Kelly said, “welcome to HSC!”

“Thanks, Kelly,” Janet replied, stepping back and to her mark, obviously a pro as she smiled for the camera.  “It’s wonderful to be back, and I’m thrilled to be here.”  Janet grinned widely and warmly, and Kelly could not help liking the other woman automatically.  Despite her wealth, and the controversy that popped up in the tabloids, Janet seemed just normal and natural.

“So tell us a bit about the Minimizer, Janet,” Kelly said as she grinned to the camera.  “Your own invention?”

“No Kelly,” Janet said with a smile.  “It was invented by my husband actually, some years ago.  Doctor Henry Pym invented the Pym Particle, which was a little unstable at first, but he eventually developed it for the government.  He refined the original chemical sprays into a pill and then into an actual process that was directly imbedded into the subject’s DNA.  There was some trial and error of course, and some subjects- Hank included- suffered some stress with the size altering over a long-term exposure.  The Minimizer’s Beta Version eliminated that, bathing the subject in a spectrum that acts not unlike the original chemicals but without the long-term side effects.

“This, the Alpha Version,” Janet held up the tiny device like a model for the camera, “was refined by Van Dyne and Stark for public consumption.”  Janet smirked.  “That’s the PR people’s terminology, not mine.”

“Ha-Hah!” Kelly laughed, intrigued.  She had thought that this would just be another boring spot, but she was starting to get into it.  She remembered when Pym had come forward with his discoveries years before, but just as quickly he had vanished from the public eye as he started working for the government and the military.  She remembered the Iraq War, and the invasion of thousands of tiny soldiers dropped into the desert and enlarged, a sweeping maneuver that had had conquered the country in a matter of days.  And now the tech was apparently available for every day use…

“Can you show us how it works, Janet?”

“Of course,”  the heiress said, turning from her first mark and casually strolling to the set that had been put up for the actual presentation.  Kelly followed, shifting through her prompt cards while the cameras were on Van Dyne, stepping to the taped ‘X’ on the floor before glancing at the three pieces of furniture set up for the presentation.  There was a simple wooden ladder-back chair, a small table made of glass and wrought iron and a stone pedestal that stood about three feet high and had taken a stage hand and dolly to wheel into place on the small pad rolled out on the floor.

“It’s simple, really,” Janet continued once they were both in place and cued.  She withdrew her own Minimizer from the huge pocket of her white lab coat and gestured at the chair.  “The instructions are plain, and for a simple structure like this rather straight forward.  Simply point and click, holding down the Process Button until the desired height is reached.”

Janet Van Dyne pointed her hand-held at the chair and pressed the obvious button.  A beam of red light flickered from the LED and bathed the chair in its glow.  Kelly’s eyes widened as she watched the chair seemingly waver and melt, then slowly start to shrink right before her eyes.  Janet held the device on until the chair reached a tiny size of about four inches, then released the button.  The chair seemed to shimmer again, but as the glow faded it seemed none the worse for wear, only smaller.

“That’s incredible…” Kelly said, her voice almost breathless.  She mentally cursed herself for missing the demo as she now sounded the total rube.  She heard Mary in her ear…

“Pick it up, Kelly.  Get with it girl!”

Kelly stepped up to the mat and crouched down.  Gingerly she picked up the now tiny chair and held it up for the camera and inspection.  It was fantastic.

“It’s perfect,” she said, licking her lips again and cursing herself in her head.

“And perfectly fine,” Janet added, stepping up.  “No molecular discorporation at all.  It’s as sturdy as it ever was.”

“How long does it last?” Kelly asked, trying to remember her notes and get her act together.

“On non-organic structures,” Janet replied, “as long as you like.  I’ve set the Minimizer to indefinite.  Meaning that tiny chair will remain thus until I decide to enlarge it.  There’s no problem on any level with inanimate objects.”

To make her point, Janet stepped back again and after Kelly followed suit the heiress reduced both the table and the small pedestal without hesitation.  Kelly watched, speechless as the furniture dwindled right in front of her, and Janet continued as she picked up the now, tiny pieces.  The stone pillar was weightless in her hand, and the tiny table seemed delicate and fragile between her fingers.  Kelly held both up for the camera before setting them on the table and going into her price spiel again at Mary’s urging in her ear.

“And what about organics, Janet?” Kelly asked as Mary urged her to continue.  She glanced at the monitor and saw the wide-angled shot, both she and Janet with the purchasing info scrolling beneath their image.  “How does this work on people compared to the government version that we’ve heard so much about lately?”

Janet grinned, holding up the device for the camera again.  “It’s almost exactly the same, Kelly.  The military works on a larger scale, but the principal and affects are the same.  Organics; people, pets, vermin, whatever suffer no long-term ill effects.  I DO recommend that everyone read the enclosed pamphlets and be thoroughly sure that everything is understood however before actually trying the process on the animate.”

“But even on the inanimate, just think of the money you could save on storage, reducing all the junk that you accumulate but just don’t want to throw away.  I know I do.  I can’t imagine the space that I’d save, Janet.”

“Exactly Kelly.  I have a huge home, and still it seemed that I had no space.  With the Minimizer I now have entire rooms freed up, with all my storage simply reduced and out of the way on a shelf in one closet.”

“Gawd, that sounds like a dream, Janet.  But what about people?  What ARE the benefits?”

Janet smiled, and Kelly saw the woman scroll the dial on her device.  “Well, imagine a city like Manhattan Kelly, or Chicago.  Living space is at an all time high, cost wise and a premium.  Now imagine an apartment building that once housed sixty apartments.  Introduce a Minimizer and that same building- with modifications- could easily house six hundred, or six million.  One single apartment could hold dozens of families, with a Minimizer.  And the congestion of the city streets…”

“Oh I know that,” Kelly agreed.

“Well, imagine the population reduced to inches.  How many people could fit on just ONE city bus?  Imagine a twenty-lane street, with thousands of tiny cars.  Oh, there’s have to be new laws of course to accommodate, but the congestion, the pollution, or lack of both would all be worth it in the end.”

“That’s simply incredible, Janet.  And let me tell you, I’ve been riding up Sixth Avenue in Rush Hour.  It’s ridiculous!”

“That it is Kelly.  The Minimizer would eliminate that.  Rush Hour would be a thing of the past.”

“So, show us how it works on people Janet.  No ill effects you said?”

“There is a bit of disorientation the first few reductions, Kelly.  As you can imagine, it’s a bit of a shock when the world suddenly seems to expand- and I’m speaking from first hand experience.  As long as protocols are followed however, there is no danger.”

“And all of those Protocols are explained simply and in short order on the enclosed information,” Kelly said as she looked to the camera.  Out of sight, Janet went to the case that she had carried in before and peered inside with a grin.  Kelly was hard-pressed not to be distracted as the other woman reached into the carry case and produced a tiny wriggling form, which she then carried to the mat and set down on the floor.  “Like any technical gadget, read all the instructions,” Kelly said as she watched the little creature staggering about at the feet of the heiress.

“Go…” Mary said in her ear, and Kelly quickly stepped back to Janet’s side.  Looking down she stared in awe at the tiny form that stared back up at them.  It was a woman, barely six inches tall with dark skin and wearing just a bathing suit by the look of it.  More, she recognized the little woman.

“Michelle?” she asked and suddenly heard the tiny model’s voice in her ear, barely a whispering squeak.  Michelle was one of the models on the station, and apparently she had volunteered to be ‘Minimized’ in the earlier demo that Kelly had skipped.  Looking at the tiny woman, she wished that she hadn’t.

“Yeah, it’s me, Kelly,” the tiny woman said, craning her neck as she staggered back to take in the towering giantess.  “Can we get on with this?”

“…As you can see.”  Kelly blinked, looking up and just then realizing that Janet was speaking.  Kelly nodded as though she had been paying attention.  “Michelle, our volunteer has been reduced for just about an hour, so it’s perfectly safe to enlarge her again.  As I said, premature enlargement might prove detrimental, or might not take hold even.  There are many safeguards worked into the Minimizer.  Simply follow the Protocols.”

Janet stepped back a bit and pointed her device at Michelle, depressing the button and smiling as the red glow washed over the tiny woman.  Kelly saw Michelle’s body waver a bit, then ever so slowly it started to grow.  Kelly’s eyes grew huge as she watched the beautiful woman enlarge right before her, finally stopping once she reached her original height of five-nine or so, as she recalled.  Michelle seemed to sway a bit as she looked around and took in her surroundings, but after a few moments she seemed fine, striking a pose and smiling for the camera.

“How do you feel, Michelle?” Janet asked as she looked to the device in her hand, adjusting the settings again for the next demo no doubt.

“Fine,” Michelle said with a huge grin.  She shifted position, posing as a model might.  “It was fun.  A little disorienting at first, but exciting.”

Janet nodded, smiling.  “Like I said.  Follow the directions and no ill effects.  I reduced Michelle for a preset hour, but you can adjust the time as needed.  An hour is the recommended minimum, but you can increase duration indefinitely.”

“That’s Item Number 1008-605!” Kelly interjected, trying to keep her voice calm.  “call in now as supplies are limited.  $359.98, which can be divided up into nine easy payments of forty dollars a month.  We want to hear from you too.  If you’ve purchased the Minimizer, call us now at HSC.  Oh… Let’s go to the phones, with a call from Millie in Atlanta, Georgia…”


“Hello, Kelly!” the staticky voice replied, and Kelly could hear just a tiny bit of feedback in her ear.  “Love your show…”

“Well, thank you, Millie and thanks for the call.  You’ve bought the Minimizer?”

“Yes… Yes I have and I wanna tell y’all it’s jus’ fabulous!”

“Wonderful Millie!” Janet said, nodding as Kelly grinned widely for the camera.

“And just what did you reduce, Millie?  How did it work for you?”

“It worked great…” Millie said, her voice fading in and out.  “It took about an hour an’ a half ta charge up, but after that I went ta town, let me tell you.  I had a whole room full’a boxes that I reduced right off, an’ now those boxes are sittin’ in the bottom of my draws.  Barely took five minutes ta clean out all my junk, an’ my husbands’.”

“And did your husband try it out too, Millie?  What did he think?  A real space saver, hunh?”

“Ha-Hah…” Millie laughed.  “Well, I can’t say as he enjoyed it as much as me.  Soon as we got the place cleaned up I turned it on him.”

“You didn’t?” Kelly asked, her eyes going wide in mock astonishment as she placed a hand over her breast.

“Ha-Hah!” Janet laughed, nodding.  “What did he think of that, Millie?”

“Well, he was a little confused I guess, at first.  He looked kinda scared too, an’ after a minute he tried to run an’ hide.  I was too quick fer him though.  I scooped him right up an’ now he’s sittin’ on the end table in a fish bowl.”

“Empty of water I hope,” Kelly grinned and the three women laughed.

“Oh, yeah,” Millie said with a snigger.  He’s watchin’ the show right now, pressed right up on the glass.”

“How long have you reduced him for, Millie?” Janet asked, holding her device up for the camera like a pro.

“Six hours I think…” Millie said with a pause.  “The thing says 317 minutes an’ it’s flickerin’.”

“That’s right, Millie,” Janet said as the camera shifted to pan back and show Michelle posing again.  Kelly leaned on the table, smiling.  She was really getting into this.  She could feel the dampness under her arms.

“The read out is in minutes, then shifts to seconds when below an hour.  Do make certain that he’s not in the fish bowl when the counter gets close to zero.  Read the directions.”

“Well, what if I want ta shrink him again?”

“Let him grow back, Millie.  But as soon as he’s settled at his regular size and the red glow fades you can zap him again.  No worries.”

“An’ how long can I keep him shrunk?”

“That’s in the directions, Millie.  Just set the Minimizer to the final setting- ‘indefinite’- and you can keep him tiny to your heart’s content.”

“Well, thank you for your call, Millie,” Kelly said as she heard Mary’s voice in her ear, urging her to move on.  “We’re so glad that you enjoy your Minimizer, and thanks for shopping with HSC.”

“Thank you, Kelly.  Love ya…”

The phone buzzed, cut off in Kelly’s ear as she turned back to Janet.

“So, Janet,” she said as she stepped to the table again and motioned fluidly to the display.  “We’ve seen the enlargement process, but I’m sure that our viewers are dying to see the actual shrinking.  I know I am.”

“Any time you’re ready, Kelly,” Janet said with a grin and a shrug.  Kelly heard a bit of chatter in her ear and saw the monitor shift to show another model walk out on stage.  She recognized Michael, a stuck up and snobbish young man that thought way too much of himself.  Kelly smiled as he strolled to his mark and struck a pose, flexing slightly.  He was trim and handsome, all the more so as he was dressed in a slick red Speedo and flip-flops for the demo, with a mike and ear piece affixed about his head and neck.  He grinned widely, showing off a mouthful of straight, white teeth.

“This is Michael,” Kelly said, stepping up beside the model and putting a hand on his shoulder.  “Our volunteer.  Any particular reason for the apparel, Janet?”

Janet shook her head.  “All for the camera, Kelly.  Less clothes to distract.  You ready, Michael?” she asked, raising the Minimizer and pointing it in the model’s direction.

“Sure,” he said, flexing, “Fire…”

Janet did not wait for him to finish as she pressed the button on her device.  Kelly watched, looking on as Michael was bathed in a red glow.  His well-cut body seemed to shimmer for a moment, then simply started to melt away.  Kelly gasped as her eyes went wide, watching as Michael’s body dwindled to half size… a foot… six inches… four…

The reddish glow faded as Janet released the button.  Both women watched, interested and intrigued, staring at the tiny, shrunken man that swayed and staggered in the middle of the white mat that had been his mark.  Finally, Janet stepped forward as she slipped the Minimizer into the pocket of her jacket.  Kelly stepped up as well.

She glanced at the monitor and saw that the camera was focused on poor, tiny Michael, His Minimized body shaken and out of sorts, staggering as he tried to get his bearings.  She saw her own feet, her black pumps as she shifted her stance and Janet’s purple heels flanking the little man in the rear.  He craned his neck and stared at the gigantic feet that surrounded him, backing away a bit before realizing that there was nowhere to run.  Kelly stifled a giggle to see the snotty little man look up, and up…

And up…

“You can see that he’s a bit confused,” Janet said, her feet shifting on the monitor as Michael tried to run past her.  She simply turned her foot and he thumped into her shoe, sprawling on the ground at her feet.  “It takes a couple minutes for the new dimensions to sink in, but he- as anyone- will be fine in a few moments.”

“It’s incredible,” Kelly whispered as she watched Michael staggering about at their feet.  He got up then, and after a moment actually ran right up to Janet’s purple pump and started beating on the leather toe with his fist.

“Change me back, you bi…”

Kelly checked her earpiece at the sudden, tiny voice before she saw Mary making a slashing motion across her throat.  She had killed Michael’s mike.

Kelly grinned and glanced at the monitor again, watching as Michael continued to pound on Janet’s shoe.  Finally he must have realized that he was getting nowhere with his little fit and stepped back.  He stared up at the two huge women towering over him and Kelly suppressed a giggle.  He looked so pale and afraid, frail almost.  She bent at the waist, leaning over and placing her hands on her knees as she stared down at the tiny, helpless man.

“How do you feel, Michael?” she asked at Mary’s prompt.  Michael stared up at her, shaking a fist in the air but even screaming as he appeared to be, Kelly could barely hear him.  She caught a few words however, and none of them were pretty.

“Pick him up!” she heard in her ear and Kelly looked over to the side to see Mary making pinching motions with her fingers.  She stood straight and looked to Janet first.

“Is it safe to hold him?” she asked, both women watching him at their feet.  Janet smiled.

“Of course,” she said, looking up again and smiling for the camera.  “Be gentle, but it’s fine.  He’s simply shrunk, and he- or anyone will break, though the Minimized do seem to be more resilient.  Just be careful.”

Kelly smiled and looked to the monitor again.  Michael was still shouting up at them, flanked by both their feet.  He was barely taller than the top of her shoes, Kelly noted as he cupped his hands about his mouth and stepped closer to her feet.

Still watching the ‘On-screen’ view she saw Janet’s purple pumps blur in the background as her hand slipped into frame.  Her fingernails sparkled with the light, a pretty pink that she had painted on the day before, along with her toes.  She slowly eased her hand forward, splaying her fingers and splitting her attention between Michael and the monitor.  He was starting to back away, realizing what was happening, what was about to occur.  He started screaming as she shifted forward, watching as her toes scrunched within her shoes on the monitor.

“Shhh…” she cooed as her hand swept forward and her fingers swiftly wrapped about his tiny body.  She was surprised to feel his warmth as she closed her fist lightly about his struggling form, trapping him within.  She could feel his struggles against her fingers and palm as she picked him up, trying to be gentle.  He was barely four inches tall, and within her fist his head was all but gone, his voice muffled against the flesh of her palm while his tiny legs kicked furiously under her fist.  She stood, enjoying the moment.

“He’s light, no?” Janet asked, stepping closer and Kelly saw the view on screen shift to their upper halves.

“Hold him up!” Mary was shouting, holding up her hand and Kelly nodded, adjusting her grip.

She held up her hand, shifting tiny Michael until she held him for a good shot between her thumb and forefinger.  He was squirming in her grip, thumping his little fists against the nail of her thumb.  The idiot!  If she just released him now, he would fall to his death.

“He’s light,” Kelly answered, giving Michael a little squeeze until he stopped his struggles and moaned in pain.  The microphones would not pick that up.  “Like a… roll of dimes maybe.  Hardly nothing.”  She was enjoying this.

Janet reached in and prodded the helpless little man with a perfectly lacquered purple nail.  He squirmed.

“Ahhh!” he shouted until Kelly squeezed again.  Both women giggled slightly as the camera focused on Michael.

“How long,” Kelly asked, fascinated, watching poor Michael writhe in her grip.

“I set the Minimizer for indefinite, Kelly,” Janet replied as she held up the device again, getting back into sales mode as she ran her thumb about the controls.  “He could stay shrunk until I decide to enlarge him, theoretically,” Janet grinned, “But technically I can enlarge him again after an hour.  The body- the organic body- has to settle into the new size, which takes roughly sixty minutes, but after that it’s fine.  I set Michael to indefinite, figuring to enlarge him again when I’m back on air later.”

“And when will that be, Janet?” Kelly asked, listening as Mary read off the Sales Stats in her ear for the segment.

“I’m back at midnight tonight, with Mary Beth I believe.  I’ll enlarge Michael then as I did Michelle before.”

Both women glanced at the little man in Kelly’s grip as he screamed and kicked wildly.  Apparently he did the math and realized that he was due for six hours of shrinkage.  Kelly smiled widely, blushing as she tried not to outright laugh at the little man.

“Well, Janet, with over 1200 sold, you’re off to a great start.  I just hope there’s some Minimizer’s left for tonight’s segment.”

“Van Dyne Corp allotted 10,000 for tonight,” Janet said with a confident smile.  “We’ll be fine, and have more ready if need be.”

“Well, I can only imagine how great the demand must be.  I know I want one.  This is fantastic!”

Kelly stared at the tiny, squirming man in her hand.  It was not such a far stretch to imagine that Michael was her husband, Jack.  Jack’s hair was a bit softer and light, but their bodies were similar.  Michael was better stocked however, she mused as she pressed into the little man’s ribs and watched him writhe.

She glanced at the monitor and saw that they were showing her and Janet from a distance.  Janet was holding up her device, which looked almost larger than Michael was from the distance.  Mary was good at her job…

“One minute…”

Kelly smiled for the camera, holding Michael still as she ran through the ordering Stats once again; Item number, cost, Easy payments, and stressing once again to read the directions before use.  She turned to Janet.

“Anything to add, Janet?”

Janet Van Dyne shook her head, grinning.  “Just have fun, and enjoy.  Play safe and please READ THE DIRECTIONS before use.”

“Good advice,” Kelly agreed, looking to Mary who was counting down at ten.  “It was wonderful to have you Janet.  Hope you’ll be back with me soon.”

“I will, Kelly…” Janet said, leaning in as the two air kissed and…

“Break!  Commercial!”

Kelly sighed as the stagehands ran forward and started to change the set.  Michelle had stepped off unobserved already, so it was just she and Janet, backing up and out of the way with the sudden flurry of activity.  Kelly held Michael up, cupping him in the palm of her hand and holding him down with her thumb.

“Guess you need him back,” she said, holding out the little man for the other woman to take.  Janet glanced at her hand and shrugged with a smile.

“Not for awhile.  I’m gonna catch a quick nap for the midnight show.  You want to keep him ‘til then, feel free.”

“Really?” Kelly asked, excited.  She looked down at Michael and smirked to see his eyes bulging in terror as he glanced between the two towering giantesses.

“Sure,” Janet said as she gathered her things.  She picked up the carry case, closing the lid.  “He’s getting paid a good bonus for participating, far as I’ve heard.  No reason at all for him to complain.  Just don’t bruise him, I guess.”  Janet smiled, poking poor Michael again with her nail.  “Otherwise have fun.”

Kelly laughed and nodded as Janet turned on her heel and strode off stage.  She would find one of the off-set rooms and catch a nap for awhile before her next presentation.  That gave Kelly six hours…

“Thirty, Kelly!” Mary screeched in her ear.  Kelly glanced at the director and saw her making a fist.  Kelly looked down and saw Michael still in hand.  She blew the terrified little man a kiss, then closed a fist about his squirming, tiny body before slipping him into the deep pocket of her skirt.  She released him, sure that he was far too tiny to get out on his own, and way too small to attract attention on camera.  She looked to the set, ready to go and saw Barbara Simpson settling into her chair as Jill fussed with the Birkenstock woman’s hair.


Kelly strolled across the stage to her chair and patted her pocket, perhaps a little too hard before sitting beside Barbara and crossing her legs.  She fluffed her hair out of her collar again as Jill frowned, but there was no time.


“Hi Barbara,” Kelly said as she exchanged a new set of note cards with the old from a stagehand.  She thumbed through the cards, feeling Michael squirming in her pocket.  She was getting hot.

An hour and a half to go before the real fun could start.

“Live!” Mary shouted, and Kelly smiled for the camera, looking up.

“Hi everyone.  I’m Kelly Merrick and welcome back to the Home Shopping Channel…”


Story © Carnaj 2006

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