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The Incredible Shrinking Man

by Unknown

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© Copyright 2009 - Unknown - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF; shrink; giantess; oral; climax; cons; X

Greetings dear reader!

You probably already know all about me, Scott Carey, "The Incredible Shrinking Man", the strange circus attraction who had to sell his story to the tabloids, the publishing houses, eventually to Hollywood.

You know that I was exposed to a radioactive cloud that put my metabolism in reverse gear.

Literally! From that fateful day on, I was shrinking! I was losing height at a rate of an inch per week!

Nine months later I had lost 3' in height, making me under 3' tall. I had lost all the respect of my 6 year old daughter who was taller than me. I had lost my wife who no longer was sexually interested in me. But I had gained the attention of Terry!

I think now is the time to tell you more about Terry: Terry (Therese actually) is the wife of my brother Marty. She's a very small woman (only 5'), delicately built, with a exceptionally beautiful face framed by short, deeply black hair. Her husband, my brother, is the exact opposite, tall (6'3"), fat (300 lb), his mere presence and demeanor literally suffocating her. I think this is where the reason for her being attracted to me can be found.

Now, dear reader, as you have the characters I can begin the story.

In the weeks and months after my encounter with the cloud, I had continued working in my brother's company. After all, I had to earn money for my family after all and I was not yet willing to publish my story to become a publicly known freak.

My office at the company actually was a room in Marty's house, so I had taken part in my brother's family life for years but in all that time I'd never really taken notice of Terry. We sometimes talked about the family or the company but that was it.

All this changed about the time I was down to a little over 3'.

The first thing I noticed was that she had adopted the habit of staring at me when she tought I wouldn't notice. She also became overly helpful and protective. She insisted on carrying folders and books to and from my desk which she thought were too heavy for me (they WERE too heavy for me but I was too proud to admit it to myself).

One day, when Marty was out of town meeting customers, I was about to climb on my chair (not an easy task at my size), she grabbed me lifted me and placed me on the chair as if I was a toddler. I became furious at her shouting at her, insulting her, forbidding her to treat me like a child but when she started crying and begging me not to complain to Marty I backed off, and thought for a moment.

I had noticed her arousal when she had held me. When she had pressed me against her titatinic (from my perspective) breasts and only reluctantly put me on the chair. At that moment I was only too aware of my sexual life, or the lack thereof during the past months. I had tried to approach my wife, to seduce her but she had not responded. A 'man' who barely came up to her waist just couldn't provide the sexual stimulus she needed. So by that time I was what you'd call 'sex starved'. This is the only excuse I can give to You, dear reader, for doing what I did.

There she stood leaning a against the door sobbing heavily. She was wearing a knee long grey skirt, white blouse, stockings with a black pattern and high heeled black shoes.

At that moment I ceased to think consciously. I approached her. I came closer and closer. My eyes were at the same height as her crotch.

Her loud sobbing had stopped, she was totally silent, but I didn't notice. With both my hands I lifted her skirt revealing her soaked wet white panties. Terry took her skirt from me, still holding it up. I could see her trembling softly, hear her breathing heavily, slightly moaning with each shallow breath. When she whispered "Eat me!", it was barely audible, but for me it was the command to lose all my inhibitions.

I grabbed her gigantic panties, violently pulled them down revealing her swollen red labia surrounded by black cunt hair and deeply soaked in her juices.

I thrust myself at grabbing her gigantic thighs, pressing my face on her fantasctic crotch. I buried myself in her flesh barely able to breathe, immersed in that fantastic female odour that I had missed for so long.

My tongue first explored the cavernous depths of her huge vagina. Then I slowly moved my attention upward to her clit which appeared impossibly huge to me.

As I started taking it in to my mouth which it nearly filled I felt she was nearing an orgasm. She no longer stood still but violently thrust her hips back against the door and forth against me until she climaxed with a loud scream, her last thrust being too powerful for me, sending me to the floor.

I remained lying on my back on the floor for a couple of moments, eyes closed trying to gain breath. I didn't open my eyes until I heard Terry's heavy steps, approaching me.

She squatted on her heels, smiling, reached for my waist, lifted me when she stood up and held me, my eyes on level with hers, her arms streched out. Without saying a single word she slowly drew me closer to her...

Her kiss was incredibly intense. Her mouth nearly covered my nose, making it nearly impossible to breathe.

The tip of her tongue filled my whole mouth, nearly suffocating me with it's explorations.

Her love hug pressed my crotch hard at her titanic breasts. I was close to losing consciousness when she released me and put me back on the floor.

Looking up at her our eyes met.

She smiled at me. "Let's go to the bedroom and have some more fun", she suggested...



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