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Storycodes: F+/m; fantasy; store; process; naked; injection; shrink; discovery; giantess; mistake; cons; X

Laura began to talk me into it when she first heard that a Joy Mart franchise was openning in our city. 'Tim, it will be fun! I know that you've always had that fantasy... I'm ready to be your giantess...'

Laura could always have her way with me. I was memerized by her sexy good looks. She is a tall slender woman with a turned-up nose and gorgeous red hair. She dressed in a funky, sexy style and had moments of sexual wildness. Laura is an adventurous woman, but her proposal scared me at first. Joy Mart was a franchise of stores that catered to giantess fantasies. With the new shrinking technologies it became possible to shrink people to any size imaginable. It was soon discovered that a large percentage of people were interested in exploring these fantasies.

Joy Mart specifically catered to couples. In most cases the male part of the couple agreed to shrink and place himself under the care of the other. There was a small percentage of couples in which the female agreed to shrink. In some cities, of course, special arrangements were made for gay and lesbian couples. In addition to providing the shrinking technology, Joy Mart also rented special 'doll houses' in which the shrunken members lived while exploring their tiny size. There were also special 'toys' available for puchase to enhance the sexual experience.

Laura knew that I had these fantasies. She enjoyed playing the giantess in our sex play! I never thought that the opportunity to live out these fantasies would exist! Laura convinced me one evening as she drove me to ecstacy during our sexual activity. 'Just think,'d be the envy of everyone!' Then she invoked the usual shit about Gulliver and that whole trip.

Anyway, I soon found myself standing outside of our local Joy Mart. It looked like a big porno book store. I noticed that all of the windows were shuttered over. That made me wonder. Laura took me by the hand when she saw my ambivalence. ' C'mon honey. It'll be great. We deserve this vacation together! Remember.... I'm hot for you...!'

We stepped inside and immediately our senses were assaulted by the scent of incence and the blur of colored lights. I immediately noticed a beautiful young woman at the sales counter. I was shocked to see she was wearing only a thin white bikini. 'Hi, I'm Sandy! Welcome to Joy Mart! Can I shrink one of you today?'

I stammered hi in response to this very young woman. She was so goddam sexy that I almost forgot Laura. Laura noticed and yanked my hand. 'Hi, I'm Laura and this is Tim. Tim will be shrinking today.'

'Oh, that's great. Where did you hear about our program? Do you know anyone who'd used our service?'

'Well...I...' I still couldn't spit it out.

'Well, Sandy, Tim here has been checking out the GTS boards for years. That's where he found out about you' said the smirking Laura.

'Oh, well we get a lot of customers from there! A few are in the back rooms right now. They tend to become very small!' Sandy giggled at her last comment. 'we're running a special today. One week of shrinking, a deluxe doll house and your choice of toy for two thousand nine hundred and ninety nine fifty!'

'We'll take it' replied the impish Laura. 'When can we shrink him?'

Sandy smiled, 'Well, I can apply the shrinking technology right after you fill out these forms. After your done I'll take Tim in the back room and shrink him to whatever size you say. All you have to do Tim is take your clothes off and lie on the table.'

'T-take my clothes...?' I was imagining this young thing applying the 'technology' to my naked body.

'Well lets go' said Laura. 'I'll take care of all this honey. You just go back there with Sandy...'

Sandy grinned at me, 'Don't worry, I've done this lots of times! I'm REALLY good at it!'

Sandy led me to the back room to prepare me for my shrinking. I looked back at Laura who was blowing me a kiss: 'Bye bye Timmy... The next time I see you will be in the doll house that I picked out for you. Look honey, you're gonna be this small...' Laura held up her hand. In it was a model of a nude man. It was anatomically correct and Laura was groping the models's privates and winking at me. 'This will be you, Timmy. I'm gonna take real good care of you!'

Sandy laughed as she took my hand and led me down the hallway. 'I see she's found the practice doll. We use them to train the giant partner about safety. You know... how to pick up your little man without crushing him. And, you know... to help her get used to the various organ sizes of the shrinkee.' Sandy giggled at her remark.

I couldn't help but notice how cute Sandy was. She was only five feet tall at most. She had a great curvaceous figure with rather huge breasts. She also had very cute (and bare) feet. Sandy noticed me staring at her breasts. 'Oh, you're probably wondering why I wear a bathing suit. Well, it's for the customers. I'm usually the first person a shrinkee sees after the procedure. Research shows that the sight of a woman in a bathing suit has a calming effect. After all, you're only going to be a tiny speck and its kind of scary when you first see a normal sized person. Sometimes I even have to show a shrinkee my breasts to calm them down. That usually works.'

It will work for me, I thought. I began to get excited about the thought of being captured by this sexy young thing. This was going to be fun after all!

'My other job is massage therapy. I sometimes give the new shrinkee a full body massage to relax them. I've gotten real good at massaging tiny men. Its a bit of an extra charge, though.' I was glad that Laura was independently wealthy and that she was paying for this 'vacation'. We got to the room. It was a large, dark and mostly empty room. In the middle was a table that resembled a simple bed. Sandy began to move around some furniture. She lit several candles. This was getting to be sexier and sexier!

'What's in the other rooms down the hall?' I asked.

'Oh, those are our special fantasy rooms. They're designed with interiors that resemble famous giant fantasies'

'What do you mean?'

'Well one room is like a Western town. That's our 'Attack of the Fifty Foot Woman' room. It even comes with high tension electrical wires. Then there's the 'Queen Kong' room. Its a miniature jungle that a giant or giantess can rule over. We usually have a little hut that the shrinkee can hide in. That usually gets torn to pieces in the first hour!' That sounded promising. I envisioned the giant Sandy smashing my hut, picking me up and having her way with me.

'Then there's the Island Adventure suite. That's usually reserved for multiple parties. We've got four people in that one right now. I think the tiny guy in there has his hands full of giantesses.'

That's not very realistic, I thought.

Just then I heard a crash from the room next door. I heard a series of tiny screams and the moaning of a woman. She was obviously having a screaming orgasm. I shuddered.

'Don't mind the noise. That's Peg Burton in there. She's our best customer. She brings a different guy with her every week.... sometimes two or three times a week. Lots of times they come out pretty banged up. About a month ago we had to unshrink a guy and get him to the hospital. He had a broken collar bone. He lived though!'

THAT scared me! 'Uhhh, does that kind of thing happen a lot?!'

'Oh noooo! Well, maybe except for Peg Burton's men. I guess she likes to play a little rough. Men seem to like her though. Well are you ready to get small?'

There was no turning back! I had to try this. Besides, I didn't want Laura to think I was some weenie. 'Sure, but be gentle'

'Well, take your clothes off and get under this sheet. I'll give you this preparation injection.... 'there'... and then I'll be right back to finish the process.' Sandy padded out of the room. As soon as I took the shot I felt woozy. I stripped off my clothes and slid under the sheet. My body felt very strange... as if it were contracting. I felt almost drunk. The lights seemed to be dimming as I heard the door open.

'Oops, I must be in the wrong place....' The voice seemed strange.... 'Hi...I'm Peg Burton...You must be new here...Hmmm first time shrinking, doll???'


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