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Matter Transporter Mistake

by Lisa

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© Copyright 2010 - Lisa - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-M; shrink; transport; caught; F/m; toy; pet; insert; mast; climax; torment; cons/nc; XX

There was a faint popping sound as Mark materialised in his ex-wife’s house. It was hard to imagine that he had once lived here with her before she had a string of affairs and then kicked him out. He’d never quite worked out why she ended up with the house, the car, all the furniture when she’d been the one who’d been unfaithful. Still, that had been two years ago and now it was pay back time. Mark looked around the room but he couldn’t see a thing as it was pitch black. He double checked the co-ordinates on his hand held display unit.

"Well according to this I should be in the study," he muttered to himself. "The only thing is, it feels a lot bigger than the study." He sat down on the wooden floor and removed the rucksack from his back.

"Now where’s that damn torch?"

He placed the remote control to the matter transporter on the ground beside him as he fumbled in the bag for his torch.

"Marvellous," he sighed after a few minutes. "You can build a matter transporter in a year and a half but you can’t even remember to bring a torch with you."

That’s how long it had taken him to come up with the perfect revenge. For two years he’d spent his every waking hour perfecting the idea of a matter transporter and now it was a reality. Not that he’d built it to benefit humanity or ease congestion. Oh no. He’d built it to torment his ex-wife the same way she’d tormented him for five whole years. He knew she was away on vacation and the first thing he intended to do was to zap all her belongings away to place far away to see how she liked being possessionless.

He would probably spend quite a while doing this, convince her she was going crazy or worse her beautiful house was haunted and then perhaps after five years or so he’d zap her away to somewhere very cold and far away. Probably the North Pole he thought to himself. And then perhaps he’d zap her overbearing mother and spiteful sister with her to keep her company.

"At last," said Mark as he found the small pocket torch he’d packed away into one of the inside pockets of the rucksack.

Mark stood up and turned on the torch.

A feeling of nausea mixed with trepidation and a dash of complete shock suddenly hit him. The room was enormous. Not just quite big. Absolutely enormous. He looked up at a computer monitor that was now the size of a cinema screen and then back down at the wooden floor. Except it wasn’t a wooden floor. It was a desk.

Suddenly he felt very faint. He turned round and let out a shout as he looked over the edge of the desk. The floor looked so far away and a feeling of dizziness suddenly hit him. He had materialised only inches away from the edge of the desk that was now the equivalent of a precipice in the Himalayan mountains. Mark panicked and stepped back treading on the control pad as he did so.

"Shit!" he shouted as he stumbled backwards landing on his backside. There was the sound of plastic skidding across wood and then silence.

"Oh no," cursed Mark as he flicked the torch back and forth across the desk. But it was no good, his way back home had just disappeared over the side of the desk. Mark lay back and looked up at the ceiling. He fought to control his breathing and dispel the panic that was now rushing through his veins. A few seconds later he sat up with a slightly clearer head.

"Something must have gone wrong with the matter transporter," he muttered. "For some reason all my molecules didn’t re-materialise and now I’m…" He did a quick mental calculation by looking at a pen that lay on he desk.

"Four inches tall!"

Mark crawled to the edge of the desk and shone his torch down onto the floor but there was no sign of the hand unit. Well there was only one thing for it. He had to get the unit back, zap himself back home and hopefully all his molecules would reappear intact. Mark put his rucksack over one shoulder and then walked to the back of the computer that was the size of a small house. He grabbed the power lead and slowly lowered himself over the edge of the table. He tried not to look down as he slowly slid down the lead that looked like it was plugged into a four way socket on the floor. So much for small mercies, Mark thought to himself.

There was a click.

The study door was opened quickly and light flooded the room causing Mark to shut his eyes for a moment. From under the desk Mark watched a huge pair of long, black stockinged legs in stiletto heels walk over to the desk and sit down on the chair next to it. Dangling precariously from the computer lead, Mark stared directly at a pair of knees bigger than him. The legs disappeared into a medium well-cut pin stripe skirt, the type that a business woman might wear. There was a hum of electrical power as the computer was turned on.

"Now where was I," said a disembodied female voice.

"Oh bugger it’s Lindsay," whispered Mark to himself. It was his ex-mother in law’s legs he was hanging next to.

This was not good news. Mind you if it had been his ex-wife it would have been worse news. Lindsay, realising her daughter wasn’t overly faithful had spent the last year of his marriage trying to get him into bed. It seemed to be a family trait. She was suffering from some sort of mid-life crisis and felt the need to exercise her rights as a woman to ask for sex. And men being men she mostly got what she wanted. He had been flattered at the time, after all Lindsay certainly was quite an attractive woman, but he felt it would complicate matters, especially if her husband had found out. Still that had been nearly three years ago. He certainly hadn’t expected to be the size of a pencil the next time he saw Lindsay. Very slowly and deliberately Mark continued his climb down the cable. He could see the remote control unit under Lindsay’s chair. Just a few more feet and all being well he’d be home free.

Mark froze as he saw the pen that had been on the desk suddenly bounce onto the carpet only to land right under where he was currently hanging. His worse realisation was soon realised as he saw Lindsay’s huge face appear under the table to find the pen. He braced himself for the scream that was sure to follow when she spotted him. Hopefully the shock of seeing him would give him the few seconds he needed to get to the remote control device under the desk. He let go of the cable and dropped neatly to the floor slightly winding himself. A huge shadow loomed over Mark and he looked up to see Lindsay’s huge frame towering over him as she got down onto her hands and knees. She seemed as tall as a small block of flats even crouched down and to make matters worse there was no look of shock or horror on her huge face. Instead it was fixed in a huge grin as she looked down at him.

Dipping his shoulders Mark slung his rucksack over one shoulder and sprinted towards the remote control unit. He only got a few feet before he felt himself being lifted up off the floor by the scruff of his shirt. He looked up to see Lindsay’s huge grinning face looking down at him. Mark kicked his legs helplessly in mid air as Lindsay dangled him just inches from her enormous face. She hadn’t changed much in two years. There were small streaks of grey in her long brown hair that she wore up, a few more lines beyond the eyes that looked at him with interest from behind her designer glasses and the slight hint of some weight gain.

Lindsay stared at Mark wriggling helplessly for a few moments before saying anything.

"You’re looking well Mark," she said. "For someone who’s small enough to put in my pocket."

"Put me down," squeaked Mark.

"Oh I don’t think so," replied Lindsay. "You look soooo cute at this size. Now the question is not how did you get to be so small, but more importantly what am I going to do with you?"

"What do you mean, "what am I going to do with you?". You’re going to let me go that’s what you’re going to do," said Mark forcefully.

Lindsay just laughed at him. She stood up quickly, causing Mark to nearly lose his stomach as he dangled high above the floor below. Lindsay lowered him onto her other hand that she closed around him tightly, pinning his arms to his side.

"Okay, I’ll do you a deal. If you can escape from my hand within the next minute I’ll help you get back to normal size," said Lindsay. "But if you can’t, then I’m afraid you’re all mine."

Mark kicked and squirmed furiously, trying desperately to escape from Lindsay’s iron grip but it was completely futile.

"Well that’s your minute up," said Lindsay matter of factly. "I guess I’ve got myself a toy boy, except you’re definitely more toy than boy."

Lindsay sat down at the desk and placed Mark on it near the computer. She rested her arms on the desk top and leaned forward, watching Mark looking up at her.

"Now then my little man, " she said. "What’s the secret of your size loss."

Mark took a step back. He needed time to think. As long as Lindsay didn’t find out about the hand held remote control unit he still had a chance to escape. He folded his arms in a gesture of defiance.

"I have no idea what you’re talking about, " he said stubbornly.

Lindsay grinned at him and leant even further forward so her breasts threatened to engulf him. She picked him up roughly pinching his leg between two fingers and dangled him upside down in front of her chest.

"I was hoping you were going to say that," she said, opening the desk drawer and removing a roll of sticky tape. She placed Mark on the desk and then holding him down with her index finger as he struggled uselessly she taped his hands and feet to the desk so he lay spreadeagled before her. She looked down at him with a mock expression of concern on her face.

"Aaww the poor ‘ickle man is totally helpless," she cooed.

Lindsay removed a scalpel from the drawer and began to wave it back and forth over Mark’s tiny prone body. Mark watched the blade flash as it caught the overhead lamp. His throat was numb with terror, and he could only just muster the will not to scream aloud. The blade got to within a quarter of an inch of Mark’s crotch before he cracked.

"Okay I’ll tell you," he shouted. "It’s a shrinking potion I developed. It makes things tiny."

"Really," said Lindsay. "And how does it work. Do you have to drink it or sprinkle it on yourself."

Mark answered without thinking to try and be as convincing as possible.

"You have to drink it," he lied.

"But surely you’d be naked if you shrunk from drinking a potion."

There was a stunned silence as Mark tried to think of a rational explanation. The scalpel blade reappeared just above his chest. Mark watched it move down towards his waist and then slide under his shirt. Mark closed his eyes trying to think of something to say. There was only one thing for it, he would have to tell Lindsay the truth. Before he could say anything Lindsay slid the scalpel blade up through Mark’s shirt severing it in half. She pulled away the two halves of the shirt and gently caressed Mark’s naked chest with her little finger. He could feel his breathing quicken as she worked her way all over his upper torso. Then Lindsay tugged gently at his shoes and socks, carefully pulling them off his feet.

"What’re you doing?" Asked Mark nervously.

"You do ask the silliest questions," said Lindsay carefully slicing away Mark’s trousers. Mark felt a chill run through his body as she pulled off his tiny jeans. It was a mixture of excitement and pure terror. He struggled hard against his bonds as Lindsay leant over him. Her face was now just inches from his body, casting a shadow over him that blocked out the light from the overhead lamp. Her minty breath brought goosebumps to his naked skin as she softly breathed on him.

"So my little man, let’s see how little you really are?" whispered Lindsay.

Mark began to protest about how this wasn’t at all ethical and perhaps she should reconsider after all she was married and….

A gasp escaped Mark’s mouth. Lindsay slowly slid his underpants off and then traced her finger along the naked contours of his body. He looked into her huge green eyes that widened with excitement as she took his tiny member between her thumb and forefinger and gently rubbed it back and forth. She expertly brought him to the point of climax and then stopped, leaving him kicking with frustration. Mark watched her stand upright and smile down at him. He tried to take his eyes off her breasts but he couldn’t. Her nipples were hard under the silky fabric of her low cut top and the flush of her cheeks suggested that he was in big trouble. Lindsay saw Mark looking at her chest and deliberately bent over him so her breasts were just inches from his tiny writhing body.

"So my little toy, do you want a closer look?" she asked softly.

Before Mark could answer Lindsay tore away the tape from his hands and feet and lifted him up in her hand. She allowed him to stand on her palm and then held him up to her breasts. Mark tried not to stare at Lindsay’s chest but he couldn’t help it. She was a well-endowed woman and even when he’d been seeing her daughter he’d often taken a sneaky glance at her breasts. Suddenly Lindsay tilted her hand causing Mark to fall. He yelled and grabbed the material of Lindsay’s top.

"Help, I’m falling," cried Mark as he hung onto Lindsay’s blouse. Lindsay laughed as she watched Mark dangling from her left breast.

"Looks like you’d better start climbing little man," giggled Lindsay. "Or you can tell me the secret of your size. It’s entirely up to you."

Mark pulled himself up onto Lindsay’s breast. He hauled himself up using Lindsay’s nipple as a hand hold. A soft moan escaped from Lindsay’s lips as Mark accidentally brushed her nipple harder in an attempt to climb to safety. He climbed over the top of Lindsay’s top and looked down at her huge cleavage that sprawled like the grand canyon below him. He tried to balance on the edge of Lindsay’s top but a quick nudge of her fingers and he was falling down inside her clothing. He landed softly inside her deep cleavage. Lindsay’s fingers reached down and repositioned Mark so he was lying back between her breasts. He looked right and left at Lindsay’s colossal boobs that were snugly wrapped in a silky black bra.

Looking up Mark could see Lindsay’s face smiling down at him.

"I think my little man is ready for some fun," she smiled. "Then you will finally tell me your little secret or I’ll squash you like a bug."

Lindsay stood up causing a huge earthquake type lurch. A plan began to form in Mark’s mind. He wriggled and squirmed his way down between Lindsay’s breasts trying to ignore her moans of pleasure as he moved lower. Slowly he squeezed between the bottom of her bra and the bottom of her breasts. He let himself go and tumbled down Lindsay’s vast stomach landing softly at the point where her top was tucked into the waistband of her skirt.

Lindsay’s breathing quickened as Mark crawled into the top of her skirt. He looked down at Lindsay’s huge legs that seemed to stretch up for miles from a floor that was definitely a long way down.

"Blimey, self supporting stockings," muttered Mark who was now hanging by his hands from Lindsay’s panty waistband.

Suddenly Lindsay went silent and her legs stopped moving. Mark grabbed onto the waistband of her panties and lowered himself down so he was dangling against her crotch. He rubbed his leg against the cotton fabric of her knickers making sure he tickled her soft spot.

"Oooh you naughty toyboy," she sighed.

He continued this for a minute or so and then just when Lindsay was getting to the point of no return he half scrambled, half fell down Lindsay’s left leg and landed heavily onto the floor.

Without looking up, Mark sprung to his feet and sprinted headlong towards the remote control unit under the chair. He was just seven inches away from it when Lindsay’s foot, which was the size of a car came crashing down in front of him. He looked up at Lindsay standing astride him with her hands on her hips. She smiled at him and then kicked off her shoes.

"Well my naughty little man I guess I’ll have to punish you for trying to escape. I’m going to enjoy having you squirm under my foot."

Lindsay pushed him to the floor with her foot and then placed it on top of him. Mark gasped for breath as Lindsay’s stocking covered foot pushed down on him, squeezing the air from his body. As he struggled to free himself from under her foot he saw her reach down and pick up the remote control device between her fingers.

"So this is what you were after," she said. Mark desperately tried to look up between Lindsay’s toes so he could see what she was doing with the remote control device.

"Well I’ve got the secret now so I guess it’s squishing time," laughed Lindsay applying more pressure to Mark’s squirming naked body. Mark could no longer breathe. He could feel himself blacking out as Lindsay’s foot pushed down on him and then….

Suddenly Lindsay’s foot was gone. Mark rolled over onto his hands and knees and drew in a huge gulp of air. He turned and looked up at Lindsay who was still holding the remote control device between her finger and thumb. He watched her place it on the desk and then look back down at him.

"We’ll talk about this later," she smiled. "but first I believe you have some unfinished business."

Mark let out a yell as Lindsay bent down and once again picked him up in her hand. She sat down on the chair and pulled up her top and then uncupped her left breast from her bra. Mark stared in disbelief at Lindsay’s huge tit that was fast heading his way. She slouched back, setting Mark on her breast and pushing him so he sat astride her nipple. He squeezed his legs together, squeezing hard which caused Lindsay to sigh sweetly. Lindsay allowed him to arouse her for several minutes before taking him in her hand and placing him on the chair between her thighs. Mark watched Lindsay hitch up her skirt. He looked left and then right at the inside of Lindsay’s thighs that towered over him, there was no escaping this wall of black nylon clad soft skin.

"You’ve got to be kidding," wheezed Mark as Lindsay pulled down her knickers slightly.

Lindsay nudged Mark forward gently with her hand. He looked up into her huge grinning face. Her breath was now coming in short small pants.

"You are kidding right?" he said weakly.

"In you go my tiny little toyboy," cooed Lindsay picking up Mark and sliding him into her knickers. "Oooh keep wriggling my tiny lover, that feels good."

Lindsay pulled her knickers and skirt back into place and then stood up.

"Now if you’re good I’ll pull you out in a few hours. But first I’m going to take a trip over to your house, and then we’re going to have that little chat about your shrinking machine."

And with that Lindsay picked up her car keys and hit the open road.

Slimy and squashed. That’s how Mark felt at the moment. Slimy and squashed.

He walked slowly up and down on the table where Lindsay had put him. The car journey over to his house had been quite an ordeal. Lindsay had climaxed twice whilst he’d struggled to make himself comfortable in her knickers and on the second occasion she’d nearly crashed the car. On arriving at his house Lindsay had removed him from her underwear and locked him in the glove compartment of her car. He assumed she’d successfully broken into his house because ten minutes later she’d returned and carried him into his garage placing him on his work table which is where he stood now. Mark watched Lindsay looking at the strange device that sat in the middle of his garage.

"This is it?" Lindsay asked incredulously. "This is the gizmo that can shrink things?"

Mark reckoned it was time for a bit of bargaining. If he gave Lindsay the information she needed then maybe, just maybe she could help him return to his normal size.

"Yup, this is it," he replied sitting down on a stapler. He picked up a small piece of rag from the table and wrapped it around himself.

Lindsay walked around the matter transporter device a few times and then looked back at Mark.

"But it’s just a shower cubicle."

"Well I think you’ll find it’s more than a shower cubicle," said Mark.

Lindsay walked over to the table and sat on the edge of it. She looked down at Mark who was now edging nervously away from her.

"So how does it shrink things?" asked Lindsay directly.

"Well I’m not sure it does," replied Mark.

"What do you mean?"

Mark took a deep breath. It was make or break time.

"It’s not actually a shrinking machine," he said. "It’s a matter transporter. Something must have gone wrong when I used it to transport into Debbie’s house."

Lindsay looked at him suspiciously.

"And if you help me, perhaps I can find out what it is that went wrong and return me to normal size," added Mark.

Lindsay let out a little chuckle. She reached down and picked Mark up in her hand forcing him to let go of the rag that was wrapped around his body. She slowly stroked his naked body with her little finger, making him squirm with pleasure.

"But I like you this size. It’s fun to have you completely helpless and in my power," purred Lindsay. "This is the best fun I’ve had with a man ever."

"We can still do that," gasped Mark as Lindsay stroked his hardening erection. "But I need to find out what went wrong."

"Okay. Talk," said Lindsay who continued to stroke Mark.

"Well I think what happened was this…"

"Mmmmmh," moaned Lindsay, " and I need some more of what you gave me in the car on the way over."

Lindsay stood up and carried Mark out of the garage and upstairs into the bathroom. She placed him on the edge of the bath, put in the plug and then turned on both taps.

"Let’s just have a few bubbles," giggles Lindsay adding some bubble bath to the rising bath water.

Mark looked down into the bath. It was gigantic, and the roar from the taps deafened his delicate hearing.

"Look Lindsay," shouted Mark. "We need to look at the matter transporter. I think I know what’s wrong with it, and if I’m right we can still use it as a shrinking device. Besides I didn’t realise Tony as cheating on you. I mean….."

Mark’s words were cut off in mid sentence as he looked up from the bath to Lindsay. She had removed all of her clothes apart from her knickers. Lindsay smiled at Mark and then removed her glasses and placed them on the bathroom shelf. Her hair cascaded down over shoulders as she removed the clip that held it in place and then with a sigh she slipped out of her. Lindsay gave a little twirl and then leant forwards over Mark so her huge breasts hung invitingly just a few inches in front of him.

"So what do you think," she whispered. "Not bad for a woman in her early forties eh?"

Mark gulped as he looked from one breast to the other and then finally up into Lindsay’s eyes.

"In you go," said Lindsay nudging Mark over the edge of the bath and into the mass of foamy bubbles beneath him.

Mark held his breath as he hit the water backwards. He floundered in the water for a few seconds before he was able to swim to the surface coughing and spluttering. All he could see was foam all around him as he broke the surface of the water. He looked up to see the underside of Lindsay’s huge foot descending down upon him. Mark let out a loud shout as Lindsay’s foot splashed heavily into the water next to him, causing a small wave to wash over him. He spat out a mouthful of water and then let out a cry as Lindsay sat down in the bath causing a huge tidal wave to drag him under the water yet again. It seemed like an eternity before Mark was able to swim back up to the surface. He blinked his eyes to clear the soapy water from them to find himself treading water between Lindsay’s colossal thighs.

"Aaah there you are," smiled Lindsay. "I was beginning to worry that I might have sat on you."

"Are you mad. You could’ve killed me," shouted Mark angrily.

"Aaaww my poor little man’s angry, " cooed Lindsay. "let me make it up to you."

Lindsay picked Mark up in her left index finger and thumb placing him in the palm of her her other hand and began to soap him down with her left. Her whole hand caressed every part of his body simultaneously, slipping over him effortlessly as he started to squirm with pleasure. She licked her lips as she rubbed gently between his legs bringing him to erection almost immediately. With an evil twinkle in her eye Lindsay again brought him to the point of no return and then leant forward and held him under the cold tap which she turned on with great delight. Mark let out a shout to lift the roof as a torrent of freezing cold water hit him releasing him from his ecstatic encounter. Lindsay giggled uncontrollably.

"Oh I am sorry. I couldn’t resist it," she said.. "I’ve been horrible to you and it’s time to make it up to you."

"What’re you doing?" asked Mark with a worried look as Lindsay held him right to her lips and kissed him. She opened her mouth and slipped Mark into it feet first. She sucked him in up to his armpits and then lay back in the bath.

"Oh my God!" screamed Mark as he struggled helplessly. "Don’t eat me!"

Lindsay opened her mouth slightly.

"Relax," she said, and then she started to suck and work the whole of Mark’s tiny naked body with her tongue.

"Oh my God," said Mark again, but this time it came out as a gasp as the gorgeous feel of Lindsay’s tongue brought him to climax. His body spasmed as he came and then Lindsay was lifting him from her mouth and placing him on her breast.

"Good?" asked Lindsay.

"Oh yeah," panted Mark.

"Good. Now it’s my turn."

Lindsay sat up suddenly sending Mark sliding headlong down between her breasts, through the water on her stomach and finishing up in the water between her legs again. Mark looked up in awe as Lindsay raised herself out of the bath and then knelt down in the water. She looked down at Mark splashing about and slowly reached down and plucked him from the water in her fingers. She held Mark to her enormous breast, her moans becoming gasps as she rubbed Mark against her hardening nipple. There was a hunger in her eyes as she looked down at Mark.

"I want you inside me," she whispered softly.

Parting her legs, Lindsay slid Mark feet first up between her thighs and inside her. She gasped as Mark’s frightened struggles became more frantic.

"Hold your breath," she sighed as she slid Mark all the way in.

Lindsay swayed back and forth, her huge buttocks moving rhythmically to Mark’s squirming. Her gasps turned to laboured panting and then she was there. Even before the last of her sigh had died in her mouth she quickly pulled Mark out and gently held him. Mark had a look on his face that said it all. He took in a deep breath and then collapsed helplessly back onto Lindsay’s palm.

"That was wonderful my little man," said Lindsay, a huge grin on her face.

"Thanks," said Mark. "It’s one of my better techniques trying not be squashed to a pulp as well as suffocated at the same time."

Lindsay wrapped Mark up in a huge white towel and softly dried him down.

"I hope you don’t mind me borrowing your dressing gown," said Lindsay slipping on a blue towelling robe that hung from the back of the bathroom door.

She picked Mark up and popped him into the pocket of the dressing gown.

"Sleep well my tiny man," grinned Lindsay.

Mark snuggled down into the folds of Lindsay’s robe and dreamt of giantesses.

Mark yawned and opened his eyes.

It hadn’t been a dream then.

He looked down at his makeshift bed which consisted of layers of cotton wool and what looked like one of his cotton handkerchiefs for a sheet. Getting out of bed he looked round at his prison. It was a huge glass aquarium from which there was definitely no escape. Mark grabbed the handkerchief and wrapped it around himself. It was still hard to believe that it was only twelve or so hours ago that he’d materialised in his ex-wife’s house only to discover he was now four inches tall.

A saucer stood in the middle of the aquarium with a chocolate biscuit on it that had been broken into tiny pieces. There was also some water in a small plastic container that he didn’t recognise but at least it was small enough for him to pick it up and drink from it.

"Hi," said a voice from above him.

"Shit," shouted Mark, dropping the container of water and spinning round to look up at Lindsay leaning over into the glass aquarium.

"I didn’t hear you," said Mark.

"I gather," said Lindsay looking at the spilt water. "Did you sleep well?"

Mark was taken aback by the sincerity of Lindsay’s question, especially after everything she’d subjected him to. He walked back over to his cotton wool bed and sat down on it.

"Yes, thanks," he said. "So this is to be my new home is it, kept like a pet for your amusement."


Mark stood up angrily and pointed at Lindsay.

"What do you mean ‘yup’," he shouted. "You’re meant to feel guilty and say no, and help me get back to my normal size. What kind of monster are you?"

Lindsay flinched slightly at Mark’s verbal barrage.

"And another thing," he demanded. "where the hell did you get this glass tank from so late last night?"

Lindsay half smiled at him, and a realisation suddenly hit Mark.

"Aaaww no. Not my fish. What’ve you done to my fish?"

"Well… I needed somewhere to keep you until morning, and this was the only place that seemed suitable. After all, you were in a complete deep sleep last night. You don’t stir once you crash out do you?"

"My fish," implored Mark.

"They didn’t suffer," said Lindsay. "They’ve gone to fish heaven, that’s all."

Mark folded his arms in anger.

"You mean you flushed them down the toilet."

Lindsay reached down and picked Mark up in her hand.

"Look I don’t have time for this," said Lindsay removing the handkerchief from Mark’s body.

"Hey what’re you doing?" shouted Mark, struggling feebly to escape. Lindsay removed a piece of string from her pocket and tied it around Mark’s torso with a firm slip knot. She dangled him in front of her face on the piece of string and bounced it up and down.

"I said what’re you doing? Turning me into a yo-yo?" shouted Mark.

Lindsay bounced Mark up and down for a few more seconds and then stopped.

"We’ve got to go back to Debbie’s house," said Lindsay. "I’ve just had a call on my mobile."

"Who from?" asked Mark with a hint of nervousness in his voice.

"From Debbie of course. She’s back off her holiday and needs collecting from the airport."

Mark went white. He took a deep breath and chose his next words very carefully.

"So you’re going to leave me here, pick her up, drop her off at her house and then come back here."

Lindsay let out a small laugh.

"No, you’re coming with me my tiny, pocket sized lover," smiled Lindsay. "I reckon you’re the most interesting necklace I’ve got in my collection."

Lindsay fastened the length of string around her neck letting Mark dangle against her breasts. She looked down at him struggling to free himself. She grabbed the string just above Mark’s head and lifted him up by it.

"Now don’t forget, feel free to squirm as much as you like. And don’t worry, I won’t let Debbie and Liz hurt you."

"Liz is with Debbie," gasped Mark in disbelief.

His desperate shouts became muffled as Lindsay pulled her top away from her chest and dropped Mark down between her cleavage. She adjusted herself and then picked up her car keys.

"I really don’t know what you’ve got against my two daughters," said Lindsay as she walked out of Mark’s front door and got into her car.

Mark hung between Lindsay’s huge breasts. It was extremely hot inside her top and very bumpy. The headiness of her perfumed body spray seemed to keep him in a constant state of arousal which made it very difficult to think straight. More than once he’d been nearly squashed flat in her cleavage, and to add to his current run of luck he was now sharing a car with his ex-wife and his ex-sister in law. Mark could just make out the muffled conversations that were going on between the three women. It was mainly chit chat about the holiday and Lindsay certainly hadn’t mentioned her close encounter with him. If either Debbie or Liz found out about him he was in big, big trouble.

The animosity that he held towards Debbie was fairly obvious. She was a complete cow. After they’d got married he was fairly sure that the only bloke she hadn’t slept with was her own father. He’d looked the other way for the first couple of years because he was so besotted with her. After a while her indiscretions had worn him down to the point of confrontation. A confrontation that had left him homeless, possessionless and totally broke. She’d kicked him out of the house, divorced him and kept everything and on the way managed to convince the whole world that he was the bad guy.

Five years of married hell and two years of bitterly plotting revenge added up quite nicely to seven years of his life wasted. Well, almost. The first six months of marriage had been great because in all honesty sex with Debbie was fan-bloody-tastic. He knew why now. It was because she’d got so much practice in.

Debbie’s younger sister, Liz was a different matter all together. She was just plain nasty. Okay, it was three years since Mark had seen Liz, and she was perhaps a little older and wiser, but somehow he doubted it. He’d married Debbie when she was eighteen. At that time Liz was eleven years old which would make her eighteen now. That would’ve made her fifteen the last time he’d seen her.

He’d never seen a fifteen year old girl burning ants under a magnifying glass before. It wasn’t what she had been doing that had disturbed him so much, it was the look on her face. A look that he’d seen on Debbie’s face after a serious bout of lovemaking.

Complete satisfaction.

Mark shuddered at the thought of meeting either of them whilst he was only four inches tall. Lindsay was bad enough as it was, but he was convinced life could certainly get a lot worse with those two. He felt the car draw to a halt and then Lindsay was on the move again. The click of a key in the door told him they were at Debbie’s and everyone was going inside. There was a few moments of general chatter and then Mark felt Lindsay go upstairs. Within seconds of going into her bedroom, Mark felt a tug on the string that was tied to him and he was pulled free of Lindsay’s chest. Once again Mark found himself dangling in front of Lindsay’s huge grinning face. She took him in her hand and gently untied the piece of string.

"How long do we have to stay here?" Asked Mark.

"Not long," answered Lindsay. "Then we can go back to your place and take a closer look at the Matter Transporter."

"Thank God," sighed Mark. "I can’t wait to get back to normal size."

Lindsay smiled and stood up. She walked over to a chest of drawers beside the bed and opened up the top drawer.

"In the meantime, you can stay in there," said Lindsay, placing Mark in her underwear drawer. "Sweet dreams."

Mark was consumed by darkness once the drawer was shut. He lay back on a mixture of soft cotton and sensual silk, taking in the fresh smell around him.

Mark woke with a start. There was a sound coming from the room. It was the sound of someone talking to themselves and it certainly didn’t sound like Lindsay. Mark burrowed under the huge pile of knickers just as the drawer was wrenched open. He crawled his way to the very back of the drawer and huddled himself into a ball. He could feel somebody rummaging through the drawer all around him.

The pair of knickers he had inadvertently crawled into were wrenched from the drawer, with Mark desperately hanging onto them for dear life. He looked up into a huge pair of brown eyes that were wide open with hysteria. The scream that followed nearly shattered his eardrums. There came a second scream and then Mark was propelled across the room still clinging for dear life onto the giant piece of underwear. He landed on the bed and immediately the sensation of being heavily winded hit his body. Rolling into a ball he gasped for air all the time aware that the owner of the pair of eyes was surely about to do something else to him. There was a huge thud on the bed beside him and Mark swore out loud. He rolled sidewards out from the cover of Lindsay’s knickers and looked up to see the underside of a huge shoe coming down towards him.

"Shit!" Screamed Mark rolling backwards narrowly avoiding the huge shoe which hit the bed with a resounding dull smack. He looked up to see Liz staring down at him. Her eyes were frightened but there was a hint of excitement behind the pupils. The love of danger. Of cruelty. Liz frowned and leaned closer to Mark. A look of recognition hit her face and she leant down onto the bed, a huge grin on her face.

"Oh my God," she squealed, "it’s you Mark. But you’re so…"

"Tiny?" Said Mark finishing the sentence for her.

Liz smiled, looking Mark’s body up and down which subconsciously made him cover his genitals with his hands.

"Oh my God," said Liz again. "I thought you were a mouse. This can’t be real. I must be hallucinating."

Liz closed her eyes and then opened them again. Mark was still standing on the bed looking up at her. She reached out tentatively and enclosed her right hand around Mark’s body.

"Careful," said Mark as Liz lifted him up off the bed and held him in front of her face. Her eyes were huge with excitement now, something that worried Mark tremendously. She opened her hand, pinning Mark’s arms to his side as she did so. Mark wriggled furiously, watching Liz’s forefinger trace down his chest and onto his penis. She took his now growing erection between her finger and thumb and squeezed gently. Mark gasped first with pleasure then with pain as Liz increased her grip.

"Now tell me you little worm, how’d you get to be so small, and what are you doing in my mother’s underwear drawer?"

Liz increased her grip on his erection and his body causing Mark to cry out.

"Okay, okay, I’ll tell you," cried Mark. "Please you’re hurting me."

His plea did not quite get the reaction Mark was hoping for. He watched Liz’s grin become wider and wider with every increase of pressure she applied to his body. He could no longer breathe. Short gasps wheezed from his lungs and he looked up into Liz’s eyes. His legs kicked frantically in mid air which made Liz laugh wildly. She released her grip on his penis but her grip around his body was still as severe. She squeezed him harder and now Mark couldn’t even cry out. He looked into Liz’s face, imploring with her to let him go but her breathe was coming in short gasps now. She was focusing on him with an intense concentration.

Again she squeezed him harder. A blackness began to fill Mark’s vision. He was on the verge of unconsciousness and he was sure that any moment his ribs were going to splinter into tiny fragments under the force of Liz’s fingers. His head slumped forward and he looked down in disbelief. Liz was masturbating furiously. Her other hand was exploring deep between her thighs whilst he died. Her breathing were coming shorter and shorter now. Any minute she’d be there and he’d be gone.

Liz’s grip relaxed suddenly and Mark sucked in a huge lung full of air which brought immediate pain to his chest. She rammed him down into her knickers and pulled him tight against her sopping wet vagina. Mark was battered up and down as she rubbed him against her crotch more furiously. He gagged for breath as her juices flowed over his head and into his mouth. Then he was pushed head first into Liz. He kicked and screamed but his cries were muffled inside her. An almighty shuddering vibrated through Liz’s body and his and then she stopped. Mark felt himself being pulled roughly from Liz’s sopping knickers. She held him up to her face laughed and then threw him onto the bed. He lay there bruised, exhausted and very scared. Liz grinned at him and then reached down to pick him up again.

"No!" Screamed Mark, his left leg now firmly between Liz’s finger and thumb. She lifted him up, dangling him upside down in front of her face.

"So my little worm, was it good for you too," she giggled.

"You nearly killed me!" Screamed Mark. "For God’s sake put me down Liz!"

Liz ignored Mark, got up from the bed and carried Mark by his leg out of the room. She walked into the bathroom and dangled Mark over the toilet. She laughed and dropped Mark into the toilet.

"You’re all slimy," said Liz looking down at him. "Clean yourself up you tiny maggot."

Mark desperately tried to tread water but his crushed ribs were causing him too much pain. He felt himself sinking below the water. He looked up at Liz who was bent over the toilet bowel looking down at him. She took a packet of cigarettes from her pocket and removed a single cigarette. Then, slowly and deliberately she lit the cigarette, inhaled deeply and then exhaled the smoke into the toilet bowl. Mark coughed furiously as he inhaled the smoke and then gasped as he sank beneath the water. He struggled back to the surface and then was immediately sick into the water around him. The water round him hissed as Liz flicked ash from her cigarette into the toilet bowl.

"Right then little man," grinned Liz. "You’d better start talking."

Mark recounted everything that had happened to him not leaving out a single detail apart from having sex with Liz’s mother. He felt his survival chances would be marginally higher if Liz remained ignorant about that one fact. Treading water in the toilet bowl was beginning to tire Mark out. Once again he felt himself slipping beneath the ash covered water.

"Please, get me out of here," said Mark. "I’m going to drown if you don’t."

Liz grinned menacingly.

"Now that would be a shame, after all, I’ve got so many things lined up for us to do this afternoon."

Liz reached for the toilet brush and placed it in the toilet.

"Hang on," she cried lifting the toilet brush out of the water with Mark clinging to the bristles. She placed Mark and the brush in the bath and then hosed him down with the shower head. He felt completely battered and bruised and could barely walk. Before he could even get to his feet Liz had him in her hand once more. She dried him roughly with a hand towel and then carried him from the bathroom and into her bedroom. Things were about to get a lot worse.

Mark opened his eyes and winced. His ribs felt sore from the effects of Liz’s grip. It was fairly obvious were he was. The steel bars clearly told him he was in some kind of cage and the background told him he was now back in his garage. What he didn’t expect was to see an unfamiliar female face staring at him through the bars of the cage.

"Hello little man," said the girl, a huge grin fixed on her face.

She looked about the same age as Liz, about eighteen, nineteen, except her appearance was a little more outrageous. Spiky red hair sat on top of a fairly average looking face. Her eyes were nice though. Big. Brown. Forgiving. Her nose stud caught the light as she bent forward and peered through the bars. Mark scrambled back to the furthest corner of the cage. The girl’s alcoholic breath mixed with nicotine filled the air making Mark feel a little giddy. He resigned himself to the inevitable as she opened the cage door and reached into the corner where Mark cowered. Her huge fingers surrounded him and then gently lifted him out of his prison and into the world beyond. She held him just inches from her face, and blew him a mock kiss from her huge red lips.

"Aaaaw, you’re a real cutie," cooed the giant girl.

Mark struggled to make himself comfortable in her huge hand. She puffed on a joint but was careful to blow the smoke away from Mark.

"You want some little man?" Asked the girl nodding at the joint.

Before Mark could answer she inhaled strongly on the roll up and then softly blew smoke over Mark. He coughed slightly from the huge volume of smoke that now covered him. A grin started to work its way across his face and the pain in his ribs began to subside.

"Hey, I think he’s stoned," shouted the girl.

Mark turned to dizzily towards the direction the girl had shouted in. His eyes focused on Liz who was busy examining his matter transporter.

"Well that’d make two of you then wouldn’t it Rachel," growled Liz, "now stop pissing about and bring Mark over here."

The girl called Rachel giggled.

"I think Lizzie’s a bit pissed off," she whispered to Mark," let’s see if we can help her with this thing of yours."

Mark was now completely doped up. Time seem to stand eternally still and he was becoming hornier by the second. Any moment now Rachel was going to find out just how horny he was feeling. He blinked his eyes, trying to gather his thoughts. He remembered Liz carrying him into her bedroom. She had asked him where he lived and he had refused to tell her which had been a bad idea on reflection. She had simply placed him on the floor and then placed her foot on him. As the pressure of her shoe on him had increased Mark had relented and given her his address. The next thing he knew he was being stuffed into her coat pocket and by the sound of it Liz had left the house. The pain in his chest had caused him to black out and now he was back in his garage with Liz, the original psychopath, and some friend of hers.

Rachel held Mark out to Liz but she didn’t take him in her hand, she just looked at him with her cruel blue eyes. Before speaking Liz brushed her long black hair out of her face. She had a pretty face but the overall effect was ruined by the hatred in those eyes.

"I’m going to ask you one question Mark," said Liz slowly, "if you don’t answer it correctly first time you know what I’m capable of."

Mark nodded in a marijuana haze.

"What’s the password for the computer access?"

Mark thought for a moment and then answered.

"Debbie," he said. "It’s Debbie."

"How cute," said Liz grinning. "Okay Rachel, disappear for a while will you. I’ve got work to do."

Rachel tiptoed out of the garage with Mark in her hand. She giggled to herself and took another drag on the joint. Once again she exhaled the smoke over Mark who was now flying like a kite. He could feel his erection pressing fully against Rachel’s palm as she carried him upstairs. She staggered with some self control into the bedroom and fell backwards onto the bed in there. She placed Mark on her chest and smiled at him. Her long, slender fingers touched his naked body.

"You’re my little man now," grinned Rachel.

Mark was desperate to regain his senses and plan some sort of escape but Rachel’s fingers were beginning to make him forget all thoughts of running away. She grinned at him again her eyes hungrily tracing the contours of his body and finishing up at his tiny erection. Her fingers slowly unbuttoned the tight blouse she was wearing. Mark could see quite clearly where this was all leading to.

"So," said Mark, "where do you fit into all of this?"

"Me?" Said Rachel, "I’m Liz’s friend. She needed a ride over here, so here I am."

Mark sat back slightly and stared up into Rachel’s huge innocent face.

"Liz said if I gave her a lift over then she’d show me something special," continued Rachel. "And here you are."

Mark look puzzled right up to the point where Rachel removed her blouse. Deep red needle marks lay in a scattered pattern up the inside of Rachel’s arm. He looked deep into Rachel’s huge brown eyes. She was completely drugged up to the eyeballs. He could have been a giant white rabbit and Rachel wouldn’t have batted an eyelid.

"Look," said Mark, "you’ve got to help me escape."

Rachel stared at him blankly which was replaced quickly by a slightly puzzled look.

"Oh no, I can’t do that," she said. "Liz said if I looked after you while she worked downstairs then I could keep you."

Rachel followed the last sentence with an exhalation of more dope that engulfed Mark. Any thoughts of escape floated from Mark’s head along with the rest of his body which now hovered spiritually three feet above the bed. He looked down at his growing erection, giggled, and then looked up to see Rachel’s hand enclosing him. She lifted him up to her left breast and held him there. He tugged excitedly at her bra and welcomed her hand as she slid him inside the silky smooth fabric. Mark began to play with Rachel’s nipple which was now fully aroused. She mewed with pleasure from every touch of his tiny hands. The body heat that Rachel was giving out was making Mark break out into a sweat. Rachel tugged at her bra and unclipped it allowing Mark to straddle her left breast. She pulled him to her, rhythmically rubbing him gently over her body.

Mark looked up to see Rachel’s face descending onto his body. Her tongue glided over his tiny muscular back, sending a flotilla of goosebumps down his entire body. Her blouse was now fully undone and Mark found himself sliding along her stomach. He reached her jeans and tugged feebly at the stiff blue denim.

"Oh my tiny man," said Rachel as she slid out of her jeans. Without any further help Mark climbed into Rachel’s panties. She felt him move past the softness of her pubic hair and slide willingly down between her thighs. She moved her legs apart slightly, her arms lying submissively above her head on the bed. A whimper of pleasure trickled from her mouth as Mark wriggled deeper into her. Rachel desperately tried not to squeeze Mark too hard, but it was becoming increasingly difficult. Her thighs now rose up and down off the bed in time with her tiny lover’s explorations.

Five minutes.

Ten minutes.

She’d lost all track of time.

Her head was spinning crazily now and the muscles surrounding Mark were now twitching uncontrollably. She sucked hard and then closed her eyes as her orgasm flooded it’s way through her body. Subconsciously, she reached down for Mark and took him gently in her hand and then placed him on the pillow next to her head.

"That was lovely little man," giggled Rachel, her eyes becoming heavier. Within minutes she was deep in a drug induced sleep. Mark desperately tried to shake off the effects of the joint, but he was finding it incredibly difficult to concentrate. He looked up at the shadow that now blocked out the light from the landing.

"It’s me again," hissed Liz, reaching out and picking Mark up in her hand.

She looked at Rachel sleeping and then back at Mark.

"So, you fucked her then," said Liz. "Somehow I thought you might."

Mark just grinned up at Liz. There was fear coursing through his body but he couldn’t stop bloody grinning.

"I don’t suppose you thought about AIDS," smiled Liz.

Mark looked startled. The soporific effects of the drugs fled from his tiny body immediately.

"Ah," said Liz, "I thought that might get your attention. Don’t worry. She’s clean."

Mark began to panic in Liz’s hand.

"How do you know?" said Mark. "She’s a junkie for Christ’s sakes. Oh my God, what have I done?"

Liz started to laugh uncontrollably. She held Mark close up to her face.

"You’re four inches tall. I could squash you like a tiny bug," grinned Liz, "I could have you as a snack and still have room for dessert and you’re worried about AIDS. She’s clean."

"But how do you know!" Shouted Mark, gesturing wildly towards Rachel’s body, asleep on the bed.

Liz bent over Rachel and kissed her full on the mouth. Then making sure Mark had a good view she traced her tongue down the nape of Rachel’s neck, down between her breasts, and eventually ending up on her nipple. She sucked hard on Rachel’s breast, bringing another moan of ecstasy from the sleeping girl.

"Because I know," said Liz smiling wickedly.

"Oh shit," stammered Mark.

Rachel began to squirm from Liz’s attentions.

"Wake up babe," said Liz as she coaxed Rachel from her sleep. "Let’s get you dressed and downstairs."

Liz tucked Mark into her trouser pocket as she helped Rachel to her feet and then dressed her. Mark felt Liz walk downstairs awkwardly. It sounded like she was helping Rachel down the stairs. After a few minutes he was removed from Liz’s pocket and placed on the work table next to the computer. Mark watched Liz guide Rachel to the transporter booth, and then put her in it.

"What’re you doing?" Squeaked Mark as he looked from Liz, back to the transporter booth.

"I’ve tweaked your settings," said Liz tapping various numbers into the computer, "and I need to test it on somebody."

Mark looked up at Liz.

"No not Rachel," he begged. "What if something goes wrong. Look, we can find a cat or something to test it on."

"Cat’s too small," replied Liz not even looking at Mark.

There was a large humming sound as Liz activated the program.

"But she might die!" Shouted Mark over the noise of the transporter.

Liz looked at Mark, grinned, and then punched the ‘Enter’ key.

There was a large bang followed by a small pop. Mark gulped in disbelief. A tiny woman was materialising in the middle of the garage. She was even smaller than Mark, probably no more than an inch tall. Liz walked over to Rachel and looked down at her. She bent down and picked Rachel up in her hand and then held a ruler next to the tiny girl.

Mark could hear Rachel screaming between Liz’s fingers. As far as Rachel was concerned, she was having a bad trip. Liz smiled, walked over to the table and scribbled a figure in a small notepad.

"Good," said Liz, "now I can calibrate the machine to reduce things in scale exactly the way I want."

Mark looked up at Liz. She was staring at the tiny Rachel squirming between her fingers.

"How I’d like to play with you my tiny lover," cooed Liz, "but there just isn’t time."

Liz bent down and placed Rachel on the floor.

"Besides," said Liz," I’m bored of you now."

Mark screamed as Liz raised her foot and brought down upon Rachel. There was a horrible crunching sound as Liz ground Rachel into the concrete floor of the garage. Mark took a step backwards and then vomited onto the table in front of him.

He watched Liz turn her head and look at him.

"Fun time," smiled Liz as she walked towards Mark.

"Oh my God!" Shouted Mark pointing towards the floor. "You’ve killed her."

Liz looked down at Mark and then down at the red smear that was Rachel by her left shoe.

"Really?" Smiled Liz. "Watch and learn little bugman."

Mark looked over the edge of the desk, staring at the floor far below him. Liz tapped something into the PC and a faint humming filled the air. The crushed remains of Rachel began to move. Slowly at first then picking up speed the bloody stain flowed towards its epicentre. It coagulated upwards at a colossal speed, fibres, muscle tissue, bone structures reassembled themselves.

A gasp escaped from Mark’s mouth. There on the floor below stood Rachel. Still only an inch high but alive. Her expression changed from one of total shock to extreme pain. There was another popping sound and Mark watched Rachel dematerialise before his very eyes. Before he could even blink she re-materialised in the same place but now she was a shade under four inches tall.

Liz walked quickly over to Rachel, stooped down and picked the miniaturised girl in her hand. Rachel’s cries became muffled as Liz carefully put her into her trouser pocket. Liz looked at Mark and smiled.


"Impressed!" Cried Mark. "How did you do that?"

Mark watched Liz sit down at the desk on which he stood. He still found it unnerving being so dwarfed by another human being.

"Easy peasy," said Liz. "I’ve created a buffer memory in the PC’s memory. It remembers the original state of the atoms that were beamed through the device. By rebooting the buffer I can restore the atoms to their original state."

Liz smiled and rested her head on her hands.

"And now I’ve calibrated the machine my little bugman, I can reduce anything to any size I want, destroy it and then reassemble it."

The maniacal laugh that erupted from Liz’s lips nearly shattered Mark’s eardrums.

"Wait a minute," said Mark walking around in a circle on the desk, his head firmly in his hands. "This is impossible. You can’t keep destroying life and then recreating it. That’d make you a…"

"Goddess." Said Liz quietly finishing the sentence for Mark. "Your Goddess. And you will worship me little bugman."

Marks screams of denial were drowned out by Liz’s laughter as she picked him up in her hand. He screamed with pain from the pressure of her fingers squeezing him. Liz held Mark close up to her face. He could feel the saliva from her mouth hitting him forcefully with each word she spat out. The whole world spun crazily for Mark. Liz carried him upstairs so quickly he thought he was going to throw up. Liz threw him onto the bed. He quickly dodged to one side as Rachel came hurtling through the air towards him and landed heavily on the bed beside him.

Rachel instantly clung to Mark and sobbed. Her eyes were wide with terror as she looked up at Liz smiling down at them. Rachel screamed relentlessly as Liz reached down and plucked her up in her hand. Rachel’s clothing disappeared beneath Liz’s probing fingers and then she was hurled back onto the bed by Liz. The shrunken pair watched Liz perform a bizarre strip tease in front of them. Her eyes never left them as she slowly removed her clothing and sang quietly to herself.

"So horny. Horny, horny, horny. I’m horny. Horny, horny, horny."

Rachel and Mark backed away towards the headboard, still clinging to each other. Their minute bodies shivered from the cold as well as intense fear. Liz climbed onto the bed doggy style. She moved further up the bed until the top of her body was above Mark and Rachel. She carefully prised them apart with her hand and then lowered her breasts onto the bed, trapping Mark under the left one and Rachel under the right.

She smiled as she felt them wriggling helplessly against her nipples which were now hard and sensitive. Tiny shivers erupted in her crotch as her two tiny captives squirmed harder the more she lowered herself onto the bed. She could feel their tiny cries reverberating against her breasts, making her more excited. She squeezed down onto the bed further feeling them slow down from lack of oxygen. Liz’s breath was now coming in short sharp gasps, and then she was rising up from the bed, looking down at her tiny bugpeople who were coughing and gasping for breath.

"Look out!" Shouted Mark pushing Rachel to one side as Liz’s huge bulk lay face up on the bed. Before Mark could escape Liz’s fingers reached for him, picked him up and placed him on her left breast. He looked over at Rachel who was now sitting astride Liz’s right nipple which hardened spectacularly between her thighs. A moan escaped Liz’s lips and her huge fingers encouraged Mark to follow Rachel’s example. Mark felt the Liz’s huge nipple swell between his legs. It was easily the size of a football as he rubbed himself back and forth against it.

There came a cry from Rachel. Mark watched Liz pick Rachel in her hand and then slide her between her thighs. Liz’s colossal buttocks rose from the bed and her thighs moved together and then out again as she pushed Rachel deeper into her. Liz’s eyes were now rolling back in their sockets. Her mouth formed a tight ‘o’ shape as she panted in and out on the verge of climax.

"Be careful with her!" Shouted Mark. "You’ll hurt her."

Mark looked hopefully at Liz and then down at her huge thighs which were now grinding together relentlessly. He didn’t even see Liz’s hand approach him. He felt the full force of it though as he was picked up very roughly. Liz’s stomach flashed past below him, followed by a dark mound of pubic hair. He screamed as he was pushed headlong into Liz’s vagina. He slid next to Rachel and was immediately crushed against her as Liz’s thighs squeezed together. Mark put his arms around Rachel in an attempt to protect her. Liz’s warm, moist juices cascaded over their bodies making it hard for them to breathe. Rachel was now having trouble breathing having been inside Liz a good three or four minutes longer than Mark.

Tucking his head next to Rachel’s he took a deep breathe and placed his mouth on hers. He breathed gently into Rachel’s mouth reviving her slightly. She responded in a way that took Mark by surprise. She kissed him. Her tongue gently explored the inside of marks mouth, their tongues sliding over each other like tiny lovers before moving on and then returning for more forbidden fruits. Rachel fumbled for Mark’s penis, stroking it with her hand, each stroke seemed to be accentuated by Liz’s massive muscular contractions that continually pushed Rachel and Mark together. Mark was now feeling completely aroused. The smell and warmth from inside Liz and the feel of Rachel’s naked body against him was all too much. If he was going to die, he was going to make sure he died a happy man. He pulled Rachel towards him and kissed her. Their hands explored each other and each passionate embrace seemed to bring Liz closer to climax.

Rachel guided Mark between her thighs and took him in. She cried in ecstasy as Mark’s erection filled her. He moved backwards and slowly inside her, increasing speed slightly with each stroke and then her fingernails were on his back, pulling him deeper. They thrashed together, squirming delightfully inside Liz who squirmed delightfully from their pleasure. Another increase in speed, more heavy breathing and then all three climaxed at the same time. Rachel and Mark clung to each other shuddering violently from their orgasm and the thunderous roar of Liz’s orgasm.

"This has got to be the strangest menage a trois in history," thought Mark to himself.

And then it was over.

Mark and Rachel sat quietly in the corner of the fish tank that Lindsay had emptied the night before. They huddled together beneath a tatty piece of blanket Liz had thrown in for them. The world was so different now. They were no longer human beings. They were pets. Animals kept for Liz’s amusement. Toys even. A status ranking even lower than pets. At least pets were usually looked after.

Mark brushed Rachel’s hair from her eyes.

"What was it like?" He asked.

Rachel looked at Mark and smiled.

"Lovely," she replied and hugged him harder.

Mark guided Rachel’s face gently around so she was facing him again.

"No," said Mark quietly, "the other thing. Being brought back from the dead."

He felt Rachel shudder in his arms, so he stopped talking and just held her. He could barely hear Rachel when she finally spoke.

"It was…." Rachel’s voice broke slightly, "Terrible. I’ve never felt so helpless and alone."

"What in Liz’s hand?"

Rachel looked straight at Mark. Her eyes were on the verge of madness.

"No, you don’t understand," cried Rachel. "Held in her hand, the pain of being crushed beneath her shoe was nothing compared to this."

Mark shook his head.

"To what?"

Rachel began to sob uncontrollably. Mark hugged her as best he could.

"We’re alone," whimpered Rachel.

"What?" Said Mark softly.

"Don’t you understand Mark. I died. I died and there was nothing there. Nothing."

Mark looked up towards the sky and closed his eyes.

"Nothing. Just me alone."

Rachel’s words echoed through his head.


For all eternity.

The door to the room opened abruptly causing Rachel and Mark to jump. They cowered further into the corner of the fish tank looking up waiting for Liz’s face to appear above them. Mark grimaced at the huge shadow that now towered over the two of them.

"Well, well, well," said Debbie looking down at the two tiny people in the fish tank.

Mark looked up into his ex-wife’s eyes.

"It’s just not my day is it?" He said with the utmost resignation in his voice.

"No darling it’s not," grinned Debbie. "But it’s certainly mine."

She hadn’t changed at all. Her raven hair was still worn very long, swept back in a severe pony tail. Large brown eyes examined Mark thoroughly whilst huge lips brushed with dark red lipstick smiled seductively at the tiny man. No, she hadn’t changed at all except for a little weight gain, which wasn’t a bad thing because she was way too skinny when he’d married her. As Debbie leaned further over the tank something became very apparent to Mark.

She was pregnant.

Very heavily pregnant in fact.

Debbie smiled again.

"This is so cool," she said. "Liz asked me if I wanted you restored to normal size but I told her no."

Mark seethed silently to himself.

"No, this is something I wouldn’t miss for the world," continued Debbie, "Oooh you’re going to make a smashing little pet you know."

Mark gestured towards Debbie’s stomach.

"I would ask who the father is," said Mark, "but I guess it could be anybody this side of Saturn."

"Why you little…." snarled Debbie angrily.

She reached down into the tank and grabbed Mark in her hand. Once again Mark found himself staring into a huge female face, massively, strong fingers completely encircling his naked body.

"Liz told me about the buffer thing," grinned Debbie. "I could spend all day crushing you and then restoring you to normal."

Mark hadn’t thought about this at all when he’d delivered his insult but was now beginning to wish he had. Debbie grinned at her tiny prize.

"Don’t worry my widdle man," she cooed in baby talk, "I have something much more fun in mind for you."

Rachel watched Debbie put Mark into her handbag and then leave the room.

She shivered at the prospect of being alone.



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