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Nurse Katrina

by Unknown

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© Copyright 2009 - Unknown - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; shrink; tease; spandex; entrap; insert; mast; nc/cons; X

She'd worked for Doctor Alan White for a couple of years, but Katrina never could get to like him very well. He was a mean man. He was only thirty and already acted like he was in his fifties. Katrina had thought he was atractive right from the start - made it easier to tolerate on the really bad days. But things had gotten progressively worse over the past couple months.

He was married to his work and hadn't taken much notice of his nurse. Even though Katrina had made great pains to look good for him, it did her no good. She was a tall blonde. She knew she wasn't ugly, she'd been hit on too many times for that to be true. But lately, he had begun to delve into ultra-strange chemical work and, if anything, had grown even more distant and unpleasant. Katrina had had just about enough.

It had been a long day, and Doctor White had been in his usual happy mood. He had just finished snapping at Katrina to refrigerate a vial of particularly potent liquid when it happened. Spinning around on her heels, Katrina fainted and fell forward into the doctor dousing him. Then she blacked out.

At long last she came to. Rising on her elbows she shook her head slightly and blinked a couple of times. Laying immediately in front of her was a pile of clothes that looked vaguely familiar. But she didn't really have time to think about it because the clothes were moving. Shaking her head once more she leaned forward to take a closer look. Sure enough, there was a little bump under the clothes pile moving.

At first she thought it was a mouse and ran to get a broom. Slowly she extended the broom to the pile and lifted the top article of clothing. Spying a small moving shape she shreiked. But, something was wrong, this didn't look like a mouse. It was the color of human skin and hairless. Then it dawned on her... this was Doctor White!

Slowly the frightened look left her face, replaced with a look of mischeif. The little figure in the middle of the clothing was struggling to reach the edge with little effort. So Katrina got down on her knees, leaned forward onto her elbows and peered closely at the frightened doctor.

"So, the big important doctor has finally been cut down to size". With that she blew on the little man. Looking up at her, he could only shield his face from the blast as he fell back onto his back.

"My my," she said, "you sure are a fragile little thing aren't you?" Quickly the little doctor made a break for it and tried to make it to the edge of the material. But Katrina was having none of that and reached out for him saying, "Oh no you don't. I've been waiting for two long years to have you under my control and this is better than I could ever have asked or even hoped for."

Then lifting the little doctor she to her face she smiled brightly, showing her beautiful smile and then opened her purse and matter-of-factly put the little man in. Then closing her purse with a loud 'snap' she headed for home.

- - - - - - - - - - -

The ride home was almost too long for Katrina. Unfortunately she lived about 30 minuted from the complex were she worked. She couldn't keep her mind off of the little captive she had in her purse. More than once she almost ran into another car because her mind certainly wasn't on driving. Finally she could take no more. So, reaching over to the passenger's seat she opened her purse and pulled the little doctor out.

The feel of the little man's warmth and heart beat thrilled her. She could not believe the sexual excitement that this was giving her. She was starting to leak onto her panties. Her mind was becoming oblivious to all but the little man in her hand. She was actually glad to come to a red light. Almost frantically she pulled her white skirt up enough to reach inside, then she grabbed the little doctor and placed him right beside her panty-encased pussy. Trying to feel him more than she was she began to slide forward on her seat.

The little doctor was immedaitely assailed by her strong scent and ran to the edge of the seat. But soon he found that there was no more seat left and was forced to grab Katrina's panties on either side. Finding that his hand strength wasn't sufficient to hold himself he had to pull the crotch of the panties into a bunch so that he could clasp his arms under them. It was like reaching into a wet swamp. Oozing liquid surrounded him and coated the front of his little body and side of his face. He could even hear and contented sigh when he did this.

He hung on for dear life and was beginning to lose his grip. He was worn out and his grip was sagging. Katrina could feel this and lowered her hand to hold him close. Almost too close, he could barely breath. Finally the eternity of that car ride was over and she extracted him from her crotch and went inside. Fiddling with the keys, she could almost not find the right one. Then, hands shaking she put the key into the lock, opened the door, and went straight to her bedroom.

Finally free to do whatever she wished, she flung the little doctor onto the huge bed and gave him a long look.

"Well little man," she started, "what shall we do with you?"

To this the indignant little man roared back, "How dare you do this to me you! You are my employee, and a poor one at that. I was going to fire you last week and now I wish I had. Look at me! How can I ever hope to continue my work in this condition?"

Katrina looked at him with a combination of dismay and disbelief. I was hard to believe that such a little man would be so bold with someone so obviously superior. Even at only six inches, he still thought that he could command other peoples attention. Well that was about to change!

Slamming her fist down on the bed next to the little doctor, sending him flying, she said smoothly, "You will no longer be giving anyone any orders. I'm your boss now! No, better yet, I'm your Goddess! I hold your life in my hands completely! And you can do nothing about it. As far as the world will ever know, you will have simply disappeared from the face of the earth."

Rising then she began to undress in front of the stunned little doctor and continued talking. "You see, I've had this thing for you since the day I started working for you and you couldn't have cared any less if you'd tried. As I worked for you I learned that you are one of the meanest most miserable creatures that ever walked the planet. Well now you're all mine. You belong to me and no one, but no one will ever see you again or now whay happened to you. The way I see if, you put me through two years of living hell and so the remainder of your pathetic little life will be spent making it up to me. Not fair you say? Well....who cares, I'm the boss now."

Finally finished she turned to the little doctor and running her fingers through her hair did her best pose. Arching her back, her pert little breats stuck straight out and despite the doctor's sad predicament, he got a hard-on. Smiling wickedly, Katrina reached for the little doctor and layed down on the bed.

"I see you like my breasts doc. It's about time that some part of your body acknowledged my presence." With that she began to run his little body all over her breast and nipple. Quickly her nipples hardened and became larger. But something wasn't right. So Katrina went to the bathroom where she brought back a large bottle of baby oil. Then, pouring a generous helping directly onto her breasts she rubbed the doctor in it until his little body glistened with the stuff and then set him there.

It was impossible to get any footing in the baby oil. All he could do was slip and slid around. A couple of times he fell onto his back and slid into the little valley that her breasts made. This was more than he could handle though, being in such an undignified position. So he struggled to his knees and reached out until he could grasp her nipple. Then, pulling himself to a standing position, he could hear her sign contentedly once again. This was making her happy and he could have none of that so he let go and rode the oil slick towards her belly where he stopped with his foot in her bellybutton.

Looking up from her pillow she said, "Oh so that's where you really want to go. Well why didn't you say so." She then reached for the doctor and his rose to his feet and tried to sprint away. But she was too fast for him and grasped him firmly in her palm. Then, reaching with one hand to open her labia, she lowered him till his was only an inch from the opening.

Once again the scent hit him and he shuddered. But, try as he might to fight it, he couldn't help but be intrigued. The light from the lamp nearby made her moist lips glisten and he could even catch a glimpse of light deep inside her. Looking about, he could tell that she did indeed look aroused. Suddenly, he had to wonder why he had never noticed such a beauty, but his kind thoughts for her quickly faded as she moved him forward and shoved him - face first - as deep into her cunt as she could.

No sooner had it happened and the light and air from the outside world were gone. He struggled violently but then the quivering flesh all about him gave him a moist, warm hug. Then he could feel a tug on his feet and he saw the light quickly. But, just as quickly it was gone again, along with the air. This continued and it didn't take the doctor long to realize that he needed to gasp for air everytime he came out. Because it didn't happen with every thrust. Katrina didn't even notice though, she was deep into it, and nearing an orgasm.

Suddenly, he could see stars and the flesh around him squeezed hard! Then a copious amount of fliud surrounded him. And then, as he was about to surrender to his fate, the pressure let up and he was out in the air once again. Lying in the palm of his giant nurse, he felt a chill from the air around him.

Reaching forward, Katrina slicked his hair back and said, "Wow, I never knew it could feel this good. Normal men can't move all around once they're inside, but you were wonderful. I don't think the normal way will ever do again."

With that the doctor stood up in her palm, put his hands on his hips and defiantly said, "Well I hope you enjoyed yourself, because I will not give you the pleasure of my struggles ever again. I will make you regret that you did this to me."

Opening her eyes wide in disbelief, Katrina replied, "We'll see, we'll see. We have a really long time to see about that." With that she laid down on her bed and clutched him closely to her. She soon drifted off to a contented sleep, while the doctor layed and planned.

It was a long night for Alan, and when Katrina awoke with a glow all about her, he could only glare at her though bloodshot eyes.

"Well," she began cheerfully, "I mustn't miss work. They might suspect me if I'm not there on the same day that you turn up missing. But first for my morning jog."

So, rising from the bed, Katrina quickly changes into a tight pair of spandex shorts and a loose fitting shirt. Then, turning turn look at the little doctor who was lying wearily on the bed, said, "I really can't trust you yet to stay here while I'm gone can I?" she mused. "Well, I guess I'll just have to take you along." And so with that she lifted the little doc and walked to the door. While walking she looked about herself trying to find a place that she could put him. Her shirt was too loose, might fall out of her socks, her athletic bra wouldn't allow him to breath. So, into the spandex shorts he went.

Alan quickly found himself nestled closely once more to the monstrous pussy that had 'swallowed' him yesterday. And then the terrible vibrations began. No sooner had she begun to jog and the little doctor found himself sliding quickly downward. So, grasping a handful of hair, he struggled to keep a good grip. The spandex behind his back helped some, but he still had to hang on with all his strength.

Katrina ran through the neighborhood with a happy look on her face and got strange looks. After all, while she ran, every so often a sign that sounded strangely sexual escaped her lips... and then of course it was hard not to notice the tiny bulge in the front of her shorts. Luckily, no one was close enough to see the little bulge move a bit... only close enough to think her quite strange.

Eventually the hellish jog (at least for Alan) was over, and at long last he saw light once again. The fresh air smelled and felt so good. Weary as he was from his lack of sleep the night before and his wrestle to keep from falling, he could do little but raise his hands vainly when she reached into her shorts for him.

Shedding her shorts, Katrina soon went to the bathroom. Then reaching into her stand-up shower she turned the water on. Soon there was a large cloud of steam rising in the shower stall and, seeing it, Katrina grasped Alan and got in shutting the door behind her.

Placing the little doctor on the floor of the shower she said, "Now I know last night I said that we were going to have a long time together, but that doesn't mean that I'm going to concern myself with you while we're in here. Do try to stay out of the way of my feet. You and them coming together would be quite unhealthy for you wouldn't you say?"

Then raising into the mist above Alan, where he could no longer see the upper half of her body, she began lathering the soap all over herself. Soon the soap suds were cascading down here dizzyingly high legs on their way to the drain. Alan did his best to stay out of the way of her feet but still had a couple of close calls. Once she stepped towards him and all he could see for a brief moment was a collosal wet sole. He stared in awe at the shear size of it and was fascinated by the detail of the prints on her toes and sole and how they wrinkled this way and that.

But his thoughts were brief, the sole slammed down only inches (to him!) away from him and sent a splash of soapy water into his face and eyes. Trying to keep from being washed completely away he lunged forward and could feel the skin on the top of her feet. But it was too wet and soapy and he washed backwards anyway.

Wiping the soapy water from his eyes he looked up once again and couldn't help but notice the beauty of his once-nurse. Light glistened from her long legs and he even found himself momentarily wanting to be close to the pussy he'd had total access to this morning. But, quickly he realized that his thoughts were getting the better of him - which meant she would get the better of him - and he cut them off instantly with a grumble of disgust.

"She will not get me!" he spat under his breath.

Soon the shower was over and the water falling from high overhead stopped. Stepping out of the shower, Katrina leaned back into the shower, smiled brightly and grabbed the little doctor. Handing him a tissue to dry himself she began doing the same right in front of him. Once again, he noticed how beautiful she was and wondered why he had never noticed her before. This was the longest period of time he'd ever been away from his work at any one time, he thought to himself. Hard to notice anything else.

Once she'd dried herself she started doing her makeup and every now and then caught Alan unprepared with a swipe. By the time it was done, he had a little lipstick, eyeliner, and perfume smeared on his little body. Made his shower a few minuted earlier seem a total waste of time. But he simply stood, lipstick marked from his groin to his neck, glaring at the giant woman before him.

After giggling what Alan considered an obnoxious amount, Katrina finally went into the bedroom to dress taking him along with her. Dressing in her familiar nurse's uniform, she grabbed Alan and put him into her microwave.

"Don't worry no one comes in here during the day, and this is the safest place I could think of. While I'm out today I'll get you someplace a little nicer to live. Until then, tootles little toy." Then the large door shut with a loud click.

Alan spent most of the day hoping that there would indeed be no one coming today. Being cooked in a microwave was not his idea of a nice way to go. He could smell the food from past years in the oven and was quite ill by the time she'd returned home.

After what seemed like an eternity, the door opened once again and light flooded in on the little doctor. He was lying in the middle of the glass turning-plate and looked up sickly at the giant woman.

"Oh my," said Katrina, "you don't look so good. Maybe putting you in here wasn't such a good idea."

Then, gingerly placing the little doctor on the palm of her hand she carried him into the bedroom were she place him on the bed, folding over a corner of the blanket to cover him. Grasping the blanket he went quickly to sleep.

When he awoke he could feel warm moist air moving all about him, it had a faint odor of spearmint to it. Rolling over and looking up he could see Katrina's billboard-sized face with a look of concern on it. He felt a little better but was still a little sick. She smiled gorgeously and looked quite pleased that he had finally come around.

"My goodness you had me worried," she said, "you've been out cold for about twelve hours. I was beginning to think you wouldn't be coming back to me."

Her tone had changed since yesterday and it struck a chord in Alan. He was kinda hip to the idea of a giant beautiful nurse looking after her little patient. Her only patient. Then he layed it on thick, he was sick for days...

She fed him, bathed him, dryed him and snuggled him close at night. But soon the sick was gone and he could no longer deny his feelings for her... she had won. So one night after they had finished eating dinner together he walked to her. Placing a small hand on one of the fingers of her huge hand he looked up into her beautful blue eyes and spoke.

"My beautiful darling, I'm sorry that I've been so mean to you all of these years. I never knew what a jerk I'd been. I was so wrapped up in my work that I couldn't see anything past it. And I sure missed out on a lot, because I missed seeing you. I never knew what a loving, caring, wonderful person that you could be... until now."

Then, leaning forward, he placed a kiss of the finger. Tears welled in Katrina's eyes and she smiled. Reaching down with her other hand she wrapped her hand around the little doctor, bringing him to her face.

"Thank you..." was all she could say.

Then, placing him against her huge lips she kissed him. Once, twice, three times. Then she started french kissing him. He writhed happily in her hand as her tongue slid across his body, leaving trails of saliva. Eventually no part of him wasn't covered and then they both went to the bedroom.

Once again the baby oil was brought out and poured over breast and man. Only this time, the little doctor had a ball. Squirming about in the stuff he rubbed his whole body over her breast's flesh. Grasping her hardening nipples he climbed one and licked, bite and sucked it. He tried unsuccessfully to get the whole thing into his mouth. But it didn't matter she sighed dreamily anyway. Then, having giving his attentions to one breast he moved onto the other one. This time he mounted the nipple and strocked his hard little dick against it. He couldn't believe how great this felt. But he slipped and slid down to her belly, once again stopping at her bellybutton.

This time he stood and continued down to her pussy on his own. He could feel the heat radiating from it and could most definately smell it. At first, that smell had gagged him, but it was quickly becoming one of the sexiext smells that he'd ever smelled. Sliding down the valley formed by her parted legs, he leaned into her labia and parted to lips with all his strength. Having parted them he wedged a shoulder in and then his head and the other shoulder. Unfortunately, he no longer had any traction and could go no further on his own.

Sensing this, Katrina reached down and helped her little lover. In and out he went. He gasped for air once more and saw stars again, but this time, when he knew that his giant lover was cumming, he did too. A cum that was days in coming, but one he would never forget. Exiting her tunnel wet and happy, he looked up lovingly at her. Reaching down she grasped the little doctor and began a long, slow process of licking him clean. That night they slept snuggled together again, but this time Alan was completely happy.

The next morning Katrina told Alan that she felt guilty that she enjoyed him so much at his present size and because he had made such a change she thought he deserved to be returned to normal size again. Suddenly a knot formed in Alan's little stomach. Back to normal size? No life like he'd grown to love with his mistress? Quickly he stood and said "NO! I want to stay with you this way forever"

Tears welled in her eyes once again and she smiled and said, "me too."

Later that day they decided that they would figure out what compound had made Alan shrink and decide what to do about it. So, with instructions on the location of Alan's secret notes Katrina left for the office. The world had no idea what awaited it...



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