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Shrinking Him

by Chelgi

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© Copyright 2015 - Chelgi - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; F/m; shrinkray; shrink; capture; giantess; strip; tease; mast; insert; vagina; sextoy; climax; stuck; cons/nc; X

I shouldn't have watched that romantic movie on the late night show, but I had, and now, God, was I horny. My hand was rubbing my hungry pussy almost by itself, fingers stroking and probing. The more I played the hornier I got. Finally I could stand it no longer, I slipped out of bed and went into Scott's room. Opening the dresser drawer, I reached into the back and pulled out the box with the shrinker in it. I checked the charge and slipped it into my purse.

Outside the Crossed Swords lounge, I waited until a good looking young man came out alone. There was only one other couple in the parking lot, and they were too engrossed with each other to notice anything. I walked toward the door like I was going into the lounge. When we were almost together, I smiled at him. He stopped and started to say something, then he saw the shrinker, and seemed to think it was a gun. His shouted "NO..!" was cut off with the quiet buzz of the shrinker, and trailed off into a quiet little squeek, as with a slight whump, he dissappeared and there was a six inch doll standing at my feet.

My feet dwarfed him completely, they were almost twice as long as he was tall. I took a short step and he was standing nearly between my feet, a tiny little man no bigger than a child's toy. Frozen in shock he was slowly looking from the chest high heel of one immense shoe, to the open toe of my other. Reaching down I grabbed him with one hand, my fingers wrapping completely around his tiny little body. His voice was a high pitched squeeking as he screamed and fought helplessly as I snatched him from the ground effortlessly, my one hand completely engulfing his entire body. All the while he was screaming in his tiny little mouse voice, "No... no... no!"

"Sorry, but I need you."

Completely helpless, he was begging me to let him go as I lifted him like a child's toy. I took him by one leg and let him dangle upside down as I lowered him into my purse. I pinched his little legs between my fingers, folded them into the purse and then very carefully closed and latched it over his tiny trapped body.

A few minutes later at my apartment, I went quickly into the bedroom. The poor helpless little man was still cringing in fright when I opened the purse. I walked over to the bed with that tiny little man huddled in the purse shaking and sobbing in terror. I plucked him out and dropped him casually onto the bed. He lay there in the middle of that big bed staring up at me in shock. I grinned down at him, and began undressing, leaving him lying on the bed as I stripped. In moments I was standing there with only my panties on looking down at his huddled terrified little body.

"Poor little man. Are you afraid of me?" I laughed as he screamed and begged me to let him go. I reached down and caught him around the waist between my thumb and forefinger. He screamed and squirmed as I lifted up level with my face. "Now, quit that. I'm going to enjoy myself... Playing with you!" and I laughed at his pathetic terror.

Laying him in the palm of my hand, I very carefully pinched his shirt between my fingernails and ripped it off him, grinning and giggling at how easily it tore in my fingers. He was screaming constantly as I plucked his clothing from him like I was undressing a tiny childs doll. I slipped the long red nail of my forefinger into the front of his pants and pulled them down. It was like they were wet tissue paper, I couldn't even feel any resistance as I stripped them off his little body, ripping them to shreds in the process. His shoes came off with a flick of the same nail, and in moments he was lying stark naked in the palm of my hand.

I reached out with the tip of my finger to caress his tiny little body, and he kicked at my fingers, with a leg no bigger than my finger. I laughed and caught the leg between my fingers. Placing my thumb across his chest to hold him down I pulled the leg straight. He writhed and screamed, jerking the imprisoned leg and twisting his body as he tried uslessly to free it from my fingers. I laughed at him, I could barely feel his terrified struggles. I could have ripped his leg off with a twitch of my fingers.

I grinned at him and said, "LITTLE MAN, I'D BE A LITTLE MORE CAREFUL OF WHAT I DID, IF I WERE YOU. A BIG GIRL LIKE ME MIGHT NOT TAKE TOO WELL TO BEING KICKED." and I laughed and pulled his leg slightly. "YEAH, I THINK THAT LITTLE LEG WOULD COME RIGHT OFF WITHOUT MUCH EFFORT IF I PULLED ON IT. WOULDN'T IT NOW?" and I pulled ever so gently while I held him against my palm with my thumb across his chest pinning him to my palm. His terrified little shriek sent shivers through me, and I felt my crotch getting damp as I realized how totally I controlled him.

A great feeling of power raced through me as I thought about what I could do with him. There wasn't anything I couldn't do with him. He was completely helpless, I could play with him like a toy, or rip him apart with my fingers. I thrilled with the thought of such power over a man. Why I could squash him like a bug by just squeezing my fingers together on his tiny little body. But I didn't want to hurt him, I wanted to play with him. He was a nice warm squirmy little toy, and I knew how I wanted to play with him, and play with him for a long time. I let go of his leg and extended my forefinger stroking and caressing his naked little body. His tiny little body was soft as silk under my fingers as I stroked and caressed him.


"No! Please... I won't, please.... don't hurt me... please..." His squeeky little voice was begging me "I won't do anything like that again, I promise.... please... please.... let me go, please..."

Knowing that from where I held him it looked to him like fifty feet to the floor, but I also knew that no matter what it looked like to him it was still only about five feet, and no matter what it seemed like to him, gravity still worked at only 32 feet per second per second. That meant that he wouldn't fall any faster than anything else from five feet, and his body was so small and light he'd have almost no inertia when he hit. It wouldn't hurt him a bit, but would terrify him no end. I dropped him to the floor and grinned while he screamed in terror as he fell. He hit the rug, bounced and looked up at me in amazed terror, amazed that he hadn't been killed by the fall, and terrified of me. I knew that to him I looked like a towering fifty foot giantess, a gigantic statue come to life. I looked at him lying there, a pathetic helpless little man, completely at my mercy.

I began taking off my panties, laughing at his tiny form as he cringed down. I stood naked over him, exhibiting my body to him, sensuously caressing my nude body with my hands. He lay on the rug and stared up at me in helpless shock. Slowly I bent over and reached down to him. My hand engulfed his entire body, and I picked him up from the floor like he was no more than a tiny toy soldier some child had dropped. He weighed nothing. He was so tiny I could barely feel any weight in my hand as I lifted him up before my face. His voice was like a little mouse squeeking as he screamed, "Put me down, please... you're hurting me..!"

Holding him gently in the palm of one hand I once again caressed and fondled him as I examined his tiny body. He was so tiny and helpless there was nothing he could do. It was fun, he was a cute little doll, complete in every detail. I poked and probed his tiny doll's body with fingers as large as his legs. In a few minutes he was sobbing, all curled up in horrified terror in the palm of my hand. I reached out my index finger and slipped it between his tiny little legs. His legs spread apart effortlessly, as as my finger probed into his crotch. I played with his tiny shrunken little prick.

MMmmm... his warm naked little body did something to me, he was just the right size; maybe a tad small, but he felt wonderful, nice warm and solid wiggly little six inches tall and an inch in diameter. I very carefull squeezed my hand around him, sort of measuring his body. As I squeezed, he screamed and cried, but he felt nice and firm and just like what I wanted. Opening my hand I spoke softly to him.

"I'm horny; and I'm going to take you and use you for a sex toy, I'm gonna' take you and simply ram your cute little body up inside my nice big horny cunt. Doesn't that sound like fun...?"

"NO....!" he screamed, "Please, no..! Don't....!" He begged in that squeeky little voice. His screams and cries were turning me on more than he could have imagined. "You'll kill me! You'll crush me...! Don't... please don't! Don't do that to me, I'll drown in there.... you'll squash me in those huge muscles of yours.... please, don't.... Please...." his tinny little voice trailed off into sobbing cries.

"Little man, I know exactly how big you are, and what I'm going to do to your precious little body. Look at yourself, how tall are you? Six inches? How big around are you? An inch? Ooohhoooo... yessss... just right!" I circled his body with my fingers and tenderly squeezed sliding my fingers up and down along his body. "Little man, you're just a nice warm, wiggly little toy for my cunt to play with. MMmmm, yesss... my little sex toy...!"

He screamed and thrashed helplessly in my hand. "No...! please... I don't want to die.... please.... please... please! You'll crush me... please no...!"

I laughed at his helpless terror, it thrilled me, my pussy was wet and yearning for that little body. Pinching him between my fingers I lifted him to my lips and engulfed his entire upper body in a hot wet kiss. Sensuously I caressed his body with my tongue, nibbling at his soft silkly little body with my lips, and probing his tiny body at will. My tongue speared between his legs, thrusting them apart as nothing, covering him with my hot saliva. Wiggling my tongue in his crotch I could barely feel his tiny little prick. I opened my mouth engulfing half his body sucking on him until he was nearly swallowed.

As I gently sucked I very carefully licked that soft, tiny, little, prick with the tip of my tongue. Even in his terrified condition, the soft warm suction of my lips, and the warm caressing of my tongue worked its magic, bringing his tiny prick to life. Men are such simple little things, I can control them so easily. They have no control over their own bodies; their reactions are automatic. I lick a man's prick and it swells up and gets hard, a little longer and he squirms and writhes, bucking and heaving as he cums uncontrollably.

As I licked this poor helpless little man's prick I could feel it rise and harden as I licked and sucked. When it was as big and hard as it was going to get, and he was squirming and wriggling helplessly in my hand, I lifted him away from my lips and looked on that tiny little probe as it stood out from his doll like body, hard and firm. He was writhing and squirming pathetically, like a little mouse in my hand. As I looked at his wriggling little body he grabbed his tiny little prick with his hands and I watched, fascinated as he jerked his hand back and forth, heaved his hips into the air and squirted, what for him must have been a tremendous load of cum onto my thumb. A tiny little drop of white cream on my thumb.

I laughed at his helpless little body squirming in my hand, and lifting him to my lips once again, licked every bit of his massive load of cum off my thumb with a single swipe of my tongue. Placing him down between my legs, I spread my legs opening myself to him. I was hot and ready for fucking. I knew that he could see the hot moisture soaking my crotch, and my cavernous pussy gaping open big enough to swallow his entire body, right there in front of him. He screamed and struggled in my fingers, and I knew that he knew what was about to happen to him. Squirming and fighting as futilely as a little mouse in my hand, he again started screaming, "No... No...! Please... You'll kill me... You'll crush me... Don't.... please don't! Don't do that to me. I'll drown in there... you'll squash me completely in those giant muscles.... please... don't...!"

I laughed at his helpless little struggles, and began caressing my body with his. Holding him gently in my fingers I rubbed his tiny soft little body over my bare skin. He screamed and cried, but he was nice and warm and firm, and the silken softnesss of his bare skin sliding over mine really turned me on. Holding him easily in the fingers of one hand I squeezed him against the hot tender flesh of my pussy. Rubbing him on my vulva and pushing him against my pussy, I played with him like he was nothing more than a toy, with one finger I squashed his head down between my labia and rubbed his face on my clit. His high pitched little screams cut off as his head slid down between those nice soft folds of soft wet flesh. Yummmm.... he felt so warm and wriggly. I loved it.

I played with his little body. Let him out a bit and his squeeky little screams drifted up to me, push him back in and they cut off completely. Out, scream.... back in, silence... He was fun to play with. In silence... out tiny little screams... I was having so much fun with his little body I was ready to explode just playing with him. I rubbed his face against my hot wet pussy-flesh playing with him until I could stand it no longer. I adjusted his head to my vagina and simply rammed him headfirst into that hot hungry hole. I swallowed him easily, with one quick thrust I buried him to his knees in my big horny cunt, the hot wetness of my soft tender flesh squashing him in the elastic squeeze of my cunt.

OOhhooouu.... what a fantastic feeling, he filled me up with his wriggling squirming little body. Warm and hard, and wiggling like mad up inside me. OOhooo... it felt soooo... gooood... Mmmmm..... SSooooo.... goooood....

God! I had never felt anything so wonderful, like a big hard prick only they don't wriggle like that. In minutes I was wriggling and squirming as hard as he was, moaning and writhing all over the bed in absolute ecstasyas I rammed him in and out of my hot horny cunt. I wanted his squirming wriggling little body, and I was having it in the best possible way. My cunt swallowed him easily, the hot, slippery juice of my pussy covering his tiny body from head to toe as I rolled him about in my cunt. Holding his thighs between my thumb and index finger I used him in my hungry wet cunt like an erotic toy. I rammed him through the labia, through the squishy wet flesh and deep into the sensitive depths of my vagina.

I could feel him, deep inside me wiggling and squirming fantastically. I squeezed with my inner muscles squashing him and holding him in a crushing grip. Sloshing him about in myself like a phallic toy I used him in my hungry as I wanted. In and out, up and down, rubbing him through the immense slit and into my horny cunt, sucking at his entire body with my hot wet cunt. When I would pull his helpless little body out of hungry cunt, I could hear his tiny voice screaming for mercy, but it wasn't mercy he was going to get from me, it was a good healty fucking he was going to get. I wanted that soft firm little body in my cunt, and I was going to use his entire body to satisfy my carnal lust. Again and again I gave him one powerful squeeze after another with my big strong inner muscles; only the deep softness of my inner flesh kept him from being crushed completely. For hours I used his squirming writhing little body to satisfy myself.

When I came it was the best I had ever had, I screamed and cried, heaving and rolling back and forth as I came again and again, with spasm after spasm of writhing crushing squeezes on his little body, while I pumped him in and out like mad. I lost count of the number of times I came, and afterwards I lay moaning and moving him slowly about in the inner depths of my body. I could still feel him wiggling as I lay there enjoying the sensuous after glow of those titanic orgasms. He felt so good in me, squirming about inside me, so warm and wiggly.

MMmmm... damn he felt good, ohhooo... sooo... goood...!

I decided to leave him there inside my pussy for the entire night. Who knows, I might get horny again before the night was out, and this way we'd both be ready on an instants notice.

"Good night, little man." and I petted my pussy with him deep inside, completely swallowed up in my vagina.


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