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Shrunken Man Tragedy

by B.Tweenercheeks

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© Copyright 2014 - B.Tweenercheeks - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-M; F/m; FM; shrink; giantess; naked; panties; insertion; crush; cuckold; sex; climax; swallowed; whole; soft; cons/reluct; X

Hank knew that he only had a few months left. The good news was that there would be few symptoms and little suffering. The bad news was that within the next few months, without warning, he would suddenly die.

Timing could not have been worse. Only a few months ago Hank had met Annette. Having just finished college, Hank had spent a relaxing Saturday afternoon at the pool reading. He heard a lifeguard’s whistle and looked up from his novel. Sitting high atop the lifeguard chair, this tan, dark haired vixen barked at rowdy kids in the pool. Hank stared at her from below as he lay on his towel. Just the angle – she seemed so powerful and authoritative above him - turned him on. It reminded Hank of the POV views that he loved from the giantess sites from the internet. Perched above everyone else, her pony tail stuck out from her baseball cap. Behind dark, mysterious sunglasses Annette scanned the pool. Hank was transfixed. Anything she did seemed sexy. She spun her whistle, adjusted her shades, held her whistle with her lips, and scratched one foot with the other. All afternoon he watched her from below. It was love at first sight.

The two soon started dating. The image of Annette from below was seared into Hank’s memory. He could never look at Annette without secretly remembering looking at her from below. Hank found that he treated Annette differently from any other girl he’d ever met. He found he’d subtly defer to whatever Annette wanted. He’d watch for any opportunity to please her. Though not overt, Hank found he enjoyed secretly being submissive to Annette’s every whim.

For Annette it was different than any other relationship she’d ever had as well. Her love for Hank was soulful, romantic and complete. She’d never met somebody so giving and loving. For her part she longed to do anything to please him

The two fell wildly in love. The two complimented each other. Hank’s secret feelings of submission to her will and Annette’s desire to reciprocate for his giving and compromising nature lead to deep, heartfelt passion. The two were wild and adventurous in bed, trying feverishly trying anything to please each other.

When Hank first shared his diagnosis with Annette he planned to go on with life just as if nothing was wrong. The pressure began to bother each of them. Hank hated being at the mercy of death. He hated the uncertainty. He hated waiting.

“Why should he be a slave to the unexpected?” he thought. “Why not plan his end the way he’d most enjoy it.”

It took a few weeks of research but he found someone to help. While the way it worked was still being studied, a researcher in Japan had developed a substance that would eliminate exactly 199 out of every 200 cells of the human body, thus shrinking the subject to 1/200 of his prior size. A 6 foot man would be reduced to just over ¼ of an inch tall. It wouldn’t hurt and he was likely to survive the process. Hank was sold. Hank sold his car and drained his savings accounts. Within a week a bottle arrived from Japan

Staring into Annette’s dark brown eyes, Hank explained his new view of his fate.

The two often role played so Annette knew of Hank’s giantess fetish as well as his desire to be dominated and humiliated. Now he had to convince her help him make his fetish a reality.

“I’ve thought about this and I want to go out on my own terms.” Hank started. “In a blaze of glory. I don’t want to just die… whenever it happens. Why shouldn’t we plan it to be exactly the way that I want to die?”

“You’re not talking about killing yourself?” Annette gasped, tears welling up in her eyes.

“Look, sweetie. I know I’m gonna die. Why not live out my fantasy? Why not go just as I’ve always wanted? Shouldn’t I get to do the one thing I’ve always wanted? Aren’t I entitled to… like a last wish or something?”

Wiping her eyes, Annette tried to smile supportively. “Tell me what you want.”

Leaning forward Hank’s eyes widened as his excitement rose with his description. “Annette, you know you’re my whole existence. I live to see your pleasure. I dream of your pleasure. I want to be inside you while you cum. It’s the whole giantess thing we’ve talked about. Vore, insertion, feet. I want to be inside of you as you feel the pleasure of sex. I want to see, taste, hear, smell, and feel what it’s like inside of you. I want to be right where you feel the tingle of orgasm and be a part of it as you satiate the most primal of desires – use your imagination! Spice it up! But at the end of the day, I want to remain inside of you, forever. That way I’ll always be a part of you.”

Annette listened quietly. Then she responded. “Hank, I don’t want to be a part of this. I can’t be a part of hurting you…”

Hank interrupted “No, no, no. Don’t you get it? Sweetie, the whole point is that you have to be into this. I want you to want to do this really badly. I want you to crave to engulf me as you orgasm. The whole point is that I want to die experiencing you as you feel the best sensations that a woman can feel. Nothing would please me more. There is no hotter fantasy than to end my life while you are in the throws of passion. It really is my last wish…”

Annette wrapped her arms around Hank and gave him a salty, tear-soaked kiss. “God, I can never say no to you.” She said.

“You’ll do it, really? Hank smiled.

Annette nodded.

Hank continued “There’s one thing we have to talk about. Annette you have to promise, no swear, that no matter what you’ll stick to the plan, OK?”

Annette hesitated “But…”

“Swear to me!” Hank cautioned.

Annette relented. “OK, OK, I swear I’ll stick to the plan.”

“Great!” Hank smiled like a kid on Christmas Eve. “Let’s do it tonight. I’ll be back around 8:00.”

Annette cried the second the door slammed shut. She didn’t think she’d be losing Hank tonight. Yet she saw the logic of his request. Hank wanted to enjoy the last day experiencing his wildest, lifelong fantasy. Though she thought it was a bit weird, she was flattered that he loved her so much and that her pleasure was so important to him. Annette thought about it. She loved Hank. She really wanted this to be everything he wanted. Annette resolved to do everything exactly as Hank wanted. She owed it to him.

Dressing for the evening, Annette laid her clothes out on the bed. She tried to think of ways to make Hank’s night more pleasurable. Spraying a mist of her favorite perfume onto her pubic mound she thought about how she should act.

“I can’t act the least bit sad. I need to be just what he wants. Sexy. Dominant. Aggressive. Humiliating.” Taking a deep breath, Annette sighed. Looking in the mirror she hooked her bra as she told herself “I can do this. Maybe I can celebrate Hank’s life by fulfilling his fantasy.”

Annette pulled on her shiny red panties. She slipped her legs into slippery white nylons. Annette pulled up a short tight skirt “It’s Hank’s favorite” she thought. Sliding her nylon clad feet into sandals, Annette was ready.

Hank knocked and then entered Annette’s apartment. He couldn’t wait anymore. Kissing Annette hard he smiled and said “You swore now, right?”

“I swore.” Annette smiled slyly. “Just hurry up little man. ‘Cause soon you’re gonna be in deep!”

Needing no further prodding, Hank opened the bottle and chugged the contents. He then lay down on Annette’s bed and closed his eyes. He felt his feet dragging towards the headboard. At the same time he felt his head dragged towards the footboard. His left side was dragged towards the right, and his right towards his left. Soon the sensations stopped. Slowly, Hank opened his eyes. Annette was applying lipstick in the mirror. Her backside faced him. Hank looked up. The view amazed him. Her white, shiny legs extended up for what seemed like hundreds of feet. He could see up her skirt to her rounded, athletic ass. Hank flashed back to looking up at Annette as she sat on the lifeguard chair. This was amazing.

Annette turned around. Her lover was now a tiny speck, the size of an eraser on a pencil. Initially she did not know what to do.

“God, I really don’t want to do this. If I touch him will I hurt him?” she thought. “Should I carefully handle him… no. That’s not what he wants. Hank wants me to dominate him. He wants me to take charge. He wants to feel controlled and humiliated. OK, I said I’d do this. I love Hank. I’m going to do this so well he’d gonna be so horny…”

As Annette turned around Hank suddenly filled with apprehension. She was so massive. How could he not get hurt? This was foolish. She was so big that Hank was more terrified than turned on. Annette was downright scary.

“I’ll try to get her attention. I’ll tell her I’m scared. She’ll understand. Hank waved his hands over his head. He screamed “No, please don’t Annette. I don’t want to do this anymore. This was a big mistake.”

Hank jumped up and down trying to get her attention.

Looking down at Hank, Annette saw him eagerly yelling to her. Hank’s mouth was moving but she couldn’t hear the words her raisen sized boyfriend was saying. “OK sweetie, I see you.”

Suddenly her hand reached out towards him. In a demanding, evil voice she ordered “Get over here you. You’re going right where you belong.” Picking hank up by his hand, Annette pried the waistband of her panties away from her belly. Lowering him above her pubies, she dropped Hank into her thick bush and snapped the waistband shut.

“There, he ought to like it there!” Annette giggled to herself. Grabbing her keys she started up her car and drove to Smith’s, a dance club in town.

Instantly, Hank was tangled in Annette’s bush. Her panties, nylons and skirt held him relatively firmly in place. Hank felt a little warmer and safer. Still, he was worried. He had never thought that she wouldn’t be able to hear him. “She’ll check on me soon.” Hank thought. “When she does I’ll somehow tell her I want to call this off.”

Still, being in her panties started to turn Hank on. Her pubis smelled of soap and perfume. The thought of being in Annette’s panties had always made Hank hot. Now being there… really was pretty cool.

Annette got out of her car and headed into the bar. She worried about her tiny lover but didn’t want to mess up his fantasy. “I have to be unconcerned and nonchalant to be attractive as his fantasy giantess.” She thought. Playing his fantasy giantess was harder than she thought it would be. Still, it was his last wish… “I can do this.” Annette said to herself.

The bar was hot and loud. Annette ordered herself a martini. Then another. Annette saw a guy she had been attracted to at the pool table. “He’ll do.” She thought.

Hank heard muffled talking.

“Want to dance with me?” Annette asked sweetly.

“Uh, sure a male’s voice answered.”

Soon Annette’s pubis began to shift and move as the brunette hottie gyrated on the dance floor. Hank grabbed onto fistfuls of her thick hairs and held on. Soon Annette’s groin began to perspire. Her pubis became moist and sweat soaked. Hank could no longer hang on. He tumbled to Annette’s cotton crotch. As she danced, her labia, damp with perspiration, smeared over Hank. He tried to crawl to one side, but the switching of her strides as she danced continually knocked Hank down. Finally Hank grasped onto the cotton of her crotch and held on. He figured she take a break soon.

After an hour or so of dancing, Annette slammed another drink with her friend from the bar. She excused herself to visit the ladies room.

Yanking down her skirt, nylons and panties, and plopping onto a toilet, Annette searched her mound of hair for her boyfriend while a rush of hot pee poured out of her.

“Oh god, where is he?” she thought. “I wish he’d never talked me into this – I’ll feel awful if he’s lost.”

Picking around the crotch of her panties, Annette found Hank clinging on.

Hank stared up. Frantically he waved his arms and screamed to his girlfriend, “Annette, please stop this. I don’t want to do this any more. I’ve changed my mind, please honey.”

Smiling at Hank, Annette still couldn’t hear the voice of her bug sized boyfriend. She figured that she knew what he was saying. Annette wanted Hank to think that she was really as into this as he wanted her to be.

“OK, OK, I know what you want, you little pervert. I promised and I won’t let you down. Have fun! I hope this is every bit as good for you as it will be for me. I’m gonna cum and cum and cum tonight. You’re gonna be right there to see it baby. My pussy is aching for you to be in there, Hank. I love you!”

Annette spread her pussy lips apart as she pushed her boyfriend in with her forefinger. She pulled up her panties, nylons and skirt, flushed the toilet, and headed back to the bar.

Hank gave up trying to talk to Annette when he heard what she said to him. Resolved to his fate he only hoped it wouldn’t hurt too much. He looked up as Annette pushed him towards her cunt. Annette’s eyes rolled back as she opened her lips. He felt her finger push him into her love cavern. Then it went dark.

Annette approached the guy from the ber. Whispering with her lips gently touching his ear she asked “Wanna go to my car for a while?” The guy agreed.

Hank felt claustrophobic. He couldn't see a darn thing. Feeling his way around his hands and feet slipped on Annette’s wet hole. The loud music faded. He could hear Annette talking, no, flirting with someone. She giggled and cooed with enthusiasm that Hank had thought was only reserved for him.

While attracted to this guy, Annette kept thinking about Hank. She was still apprehensive, remembered that she had sworn to go through with it. She thought about Hank. “What would make him humiliated, dominated and turned on” she wondered. “How do I do this so that his experience is maximized?” She’d thought to herself. Reality settled in on her. Once the two of them were done, Hank would be gone. She did like this guy. She might as well enjoy herself. Her passion alone might make Hank’s fantasy hotter.

Hank soon heard the unmistakable sounds of sloppy passionate kissing. Then he heard Annette invite the stranger. “God, I want you. Fuck me now!”

Hank was panicked. It seemed sexy to talk about a gorgeous babe as a giantess. Being up her pussy and feeling her orgasm. In real life, however, it seemed, almost too pathetic. Hank struggled to climb deeper up Annette’s vagina to avoid what was inevitable.

Annette opened her legs wide to accommodate Hank’s replacement. She thought of what she might say that would enrich the experience for Hank.

A wisp of light appeared from below Hank. Then he felt pressure. Looking down, a colossal penis plunged into his girlfriend from below. Hank continued to struggle to climb higher into Annette’s vagina. He couldn’t get away fast enough. The prick slammed into Hank driving him for what seemed like blocks into her. Hank heard Annette panting and moaning.

“Oh God, you’re so big. I’ve never had such a huge dick in me before. It feels so good”. Hank felt pathetic, yet strangely horny. Over and over Hank was pushed deeper and deeper into Annette. This guy certainly wasn’t treating Annette gently. Then Hank hit something. He couldn’t go any further in. Annette yelped in pleasure and pain.

“Oh baby, yeah, harder!”

Backed into her cervix, Hank felt the giant dick mash him into Annette’s cervix over and over. Something suddenly grasped onto Hank. It clamped him tightly, then released, then tightly, then released. Annette was screaming in ecstasy. Hank realized that Annette was cumming. When she stopped, he heard her say, “No, not inside of me.”

Annette was convinced Hank was now dead, squished deep into her. As sad as she was she felt remarkably empowered. She felt sort of bad for using the guy from the bar to fulfill Hank’s fantasy. She ought to at least help the guy cum. She owed him that. Getting up from the passenger seat Annette climbed onto all fours and grabbed the guy’s prick.

Hank was shocked. He was unbelievably exhausted and bruised, but overall he was OK. This was not something he expected. While he had hoped to die inside Annette, Hank now had learned a lesson. He longed to live. He wanted to spend his time with his beautiful girlfriend. His remaining months, even at this size, would be great.

Hank lost perspective as if he were spinning in a barrel. He saw a green light shining into Annette’s well-stretched vagina. He recognized it as lights from her dashboard. “Why is her ass facing the dashboard?” Hank thought. Guttural slurping noises filled the car. Hank heard a man’s voice moaning. Then he recognized Annette’s distinctive “mmmmmmmm” from when she would swallow his cum. Hank couldn’t believe Annette blew someone else.

Annette and the guy quickly put their clothes back on.

“Would you like to go out sometime?” The guy asked.

“Sure, I’d like that” Annette answered.”

The guy jumped out and Annette started the car to drive home.

“I can’t believe she already is moving on minutes after thinking I was dead.” Hank thought. If I ever get back to my normal size… man I’m gonna dump her.

Annette still grieved over the loss of her boyfriend. “Still, he died just as he had wanted to. At least I gave him that.” She thought. The way he died also opened Annette’s eyes to other men. She thought about Hank’s plan again. Hank really had been kind. His plan made his death easier for Hank. It also made her life easier for Annette.

Arriving at home, Annette entered her apartment. Turning on the bathroom light she pulled down her panties to pee. Finishing in the bathroom, Annette pulled on her oversized t-shirt and climbed in bed.

Hank wanted out. He wanted to live life. With or without Annette, for however long he had left, he wanted to live. Grasping and struggling, Hank used the last bit of his energy to get out of Annette’s vagina.

Annette slept restlessly. She kept dreaming that Hank was still alive, inside of her pussy. She even thought she felt something a couple of times. Finally, around 3 in the morning, She felt a twinge by her labia. Turning on her bedside light, Annette reached down and examined herself. She felt a tiny bump in her hand. Bringing it to her face, she looked at it.

Hank looked at Annette. He was so exhausted he could hardly move. He was mad. He was sure Annette knew he was mad. Instead of trying to yell at her, Hank pouted, just lying on her finger.

Annette looked at the beaten body of her boyfriend. She wiped her eyes. “At least he died how he wanted to…” she thought.

Then Annette thought about what Hank had wanted. She looked at Hank as he lay on her finger. She remembered what he had said “at the end of the day, I want to remain inside of you, forever. That way I’ll always be a part of you.”

Still pouting, Hank remained there, quietly ignoring Annette.

“I promised, no, I swore to follow his plan.” Annette thought.

“I love you Hank” she said. Opening her mouth, Annette placed the tiny body of Hank onto her soft tongue. For a moment she thought she felt movement. "Wishfull thinking" she thought. Closing her dark brown eyes she savored her boyfriend. Slowly and deliberately, Annette mashed Hank’s body onto the roof of her mouth and swallowed.

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