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The Infamous Dr. Alice Smith

by Jason Reed

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© Copyright 2019 - Jason Reed - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m+; giantess; shrink; foot; nc; XX

Featuring Giantess Alice


“GOOD EVENING KWON! HOW ARE YOU TODAY,” Alice asked. Although I have gotten used to seeing her enter her home after her long days work, I always stand in complete fear of what this giant woman would do to me. If anyone could even see us now, my reaction towards Alice would be no different than a storm trooper standing at attention in utter fear with Darth Vader walking by. And it is the second day straight she’s worn these damned “pungent” flats and stockings.

I’m certainly not completely sold on the idea that she really cares to know; maybe not in terms of what people mean when asking others such questions. But why should she care. I’m no bigger than a booger. My life, if she bids it, could be stomped out with ease, leaving me to be nothing but a pulp of goo under her shoe or foot. In comparison to her, I’m as insignificant as a speck of dust. At forty-one years of age, being a near indistinguishable size along with having to care for some woman’s feet and shoes was never something that had crossed my mind. But my acceptance of this life didn’t exactly fall in place so easily.

Three months ago, a close friend of mine decided to go out on a robbing spree. Both of us, in high school, were exceptionally gifted in both track and field and boxing. Obviously this would mean we have great reflexes, stamina, and above all great cardio. We found our ability to snatch a purse and leave so quickly amusing. This is how we both met Alice. And what a spectacle it was. Instead of successfully taking Alice’s purse and running, she would end up having taken us instead! How she stopped us in our tracks was indeed unprecedented.

My friends name was Andre Easton. Like Andre, I myself am also a Black male. But this had nothing to do with how we targeted our prey. We didn’t care where anyone was from or what their background was. We robbed people period. But given the times we are in, and the social climate of present day, Andre’s idea I felt may have been a bit problematic. My current life started with our failure and is in no way a reflection of what was. That being said, thanks to Andre’s dumb idea, I am now a slave to Caucasian biologist who fortunately is the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. That would be “Dr. Alice Smith”. Damn I still feel that we would have been better running up, snatching her purse and running as far away as possible… and this all… would have never happened……


“There she is there! Quick, hide behind that dumpster across the street. I’m going to distract her by suggesting I’m not from here and that I’m lost. As she gets relaxed in our dialogue, you run up, snatch her purse off and then I will back trip her with my world famous judo move,” Andre said.

“That doesn’t sound very reassuring,” I replied. “Dude she looks like she could be a lawyer or something. It would make better sense just to run, grab her shit and roll.”

“Relax! We will be done with this bimbo before she even notices it,” Andre replied.

I hid behind the garbage dump as he insisted, still feeling that this was a bad call. We saw her getting out of the car when we were standing by from a far. She had entered what looked like a sports bar I believe to blow a little steam like many do after a bad or long day of work. Eventually, Alice reached her car just as Andre was shaking his head and looking at his cell phone. I soon noticed him trying to get her attention, not making any wild gestures. Just when it appeared that Alice may have been falling for his scheme, I noticed that she reached into her purse and grabbed some strange looking object. Before I could utter another thought, I saw a sudden flash of light between the two of them… but soon I saw no sign of Andre. Thrown off by this, I immediately ran over to see what the hell was going on. Little did I know that this would be one moment… that would change my life forever!

“What was that? Lady… what the hell just happened,” I yelled.

“Whoa… well that’s not a very good way to approach a woman now. Damn sweetie you scared the shit out of me,” Alice said. She was so beautiful and looking so sweet and innocent as if though nothing had happened. As she stated her last, she smiled and placed her left hand over her heart. I really did startle her, but not at all to the point where she would refrain from doing to me what she had done to Andre; this time however with a bit of an explanation.

“You’re friend…he’s below…on the ground and I believe pleading for me to return him to normal [ALICE RAISES A STRANGE LOOKING WEAPON]. You too will now become what I have deemed…a mant! Don’t worry though…you my dear will be the fortunate one. Time to shrink,” Alice said. I extended my hands to plead that she wouldn’t, seeing Andre indeed as a miniature man. He was jumping up and down at her feet and possibly yelling something. He was too small for me to understand what he was yelling. But just as I extended my hands in regards to pleading with Alice, she would pull the trigger on this apparent shrink ray. I began to get smaller…and smaller…and smaller…and smaller! Before I knew anything, Alice was now a giant and I was there at her feet; her shoes looking like two houses side by side.

“Kwon…forget this giant bitch. Run for it,” Andre said as he began running towards me. I looked up though just slightly, only to see the left shoe clad foot of Alice suddenly move backwards. Then it would move forward directly above Andre. It was a no brainer what this hellcat was about to do for Andre was practically running in a shadow of a descending ballerina flat worn by a giantess. Realizing what was happening, Andre looked back and up as he was running. He then looked forward at me with his eyes wide opened in fear. His new screams gave me the chills and sounded of blood curdling fear!

“Noooooooooooooooo…………[squish]……,” Andre screamed.........

That was the last that I saw of Andre…alive that is! That night, I dropped to my knees and pleaded for my life. I crawled to the huge ballerina flat worn by Alice and begin kissing the toe of the shoe. I was still in awe at its size and even in awe about the tan nylons she had on; so misty looking and saturated with her sweat. Soon, she would pick me up with her right hand and brought me up to her eye level. I literally pissed my pants in fear and shook at the sight of her big beautiful blue eyes. As she would breathe, I could smell the scent of brandy emitting from her mouth even though she had yet to speak to me at my new height. And when she did speak…I froze at what she said. She basically told me that I am her property and would make a good foot and shoe servant. Other than this, she also congratulated me on becoming the first member of her stable of lab mants. My mind couldn’t take it.


“I’m okay I guess,” I replied.

“Good! You certainly don’t seem so pleased to see me home little one. But I understand…you will soon though! I am sure though that your bedroom is extra stinky today. After you’ve finished massaging my feet and licking the sweat off my nylons, I will allow you to enjoy a little treat that I have inside of your bedroom….understand,” Alice said. I hated every time she referred to either of her shoes as my bedroom…but this is always the case.

“Yes ma’am,” I replied as I dropped my head. Alice picked me up from the floor and placed me on the ottoman in front of the loveseat in her living room. She then pulled her cream colored flats off and placed her stinky tan colored nylon feet right in front of me. This is an everyday routine yet it appears to get worse and worse.

Her feet stunk! I immediately fell to my knees and gagged at their scent. It was like standing next to two large monuments. The smell was so pungent that it reminded me of an unclean dog pound that I use to work in. I wanted so much to vomit but couldn’t.

“RUB AND LICK THEM CLEAN NOW,” Alice cooed. I did as she asked. Gawd the smell! And the taste of her foot sweat was near indescribable. It almost tasted of vinegar and soap mixed.

“[COUGH] [COUGH]……sorry,” I replied. As I gagged and cough at the rich and ripe scent of her aromatic feet, Alice had lean to her right and eyed me like a parent would a misbehaving child. Whenever she looks at me like that, what follows is usually some form of physical punishment. Apparently my coughing disturbed the joy she felt of my foot rubbing and licking. At any rate, I continued in sorrow and in hopes of her finally being satisfied. As I licked though, I couldn’t help but gaze at the left cream colored flat on the floor that was left with the open end facing the floor. I could still see the blood stained trace of Andre for these were the shoes she had on the night she stepped on him. This was a stain that I’ve had the hardest time trying to clean. It’s just as hard to wipe away…as it is for me to stop crying in sorrow……


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