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The Wand Part 2: Emily

by S M Ackerman

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© Copyright 2010 - S M Ackerman - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; F/f; shrink; magic; revenge; cage; transform; plant; public; nc; X

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Part Two: Emily

The morning was beautiful, the sun is shining, the wind of the previous week is gone, and in my lounge, locked in a hamster cage, is the shrunken body of my betraying boyfriend. The bastard has been screwing my best friend Emily and I had been shown him doing so by the magic contained within the wand!

I reached out and yes the wand lay next to me, a twisted piece of thin stick with a carved handle and a lot of power. The wand would help me, I can feel its affinity to my thoughts, the wand will grant me the power to seek my revenge, or is it justice, on those that have betrayed my trust. The wand, I reach out to pick it up, its power ripples through my fingers, melding into my hand, shaping its self to my thoughts, becoming a part of me!

‘Emily,’ the name flowed from the wand. ‘Seek out Emily!’ The voice in my head instructed me as I got up. I did not want to put the wand down, but to dress I would need to I thought, I was wrong, the wand stayed in my hands as my clothes were added to my body, simple clothes for a simple woman, but suitable for capturing my friend Emily. A sundress without sleeves, sandals without tights, no underwear because it is not needed, just me, and clothes, and of course the wand.

I transferred the wand from my right hand to my left so that I could punch the buttons on my bedside table. I dialled from memory, the numbers clear in my thoughts, Emily answered, sounding cheerful and awake! Then she would sound cheerful wouldn’t she, she got fucked by my boyfriend last night, but tonight, once I have her, she will be far from cheerful.

I put happiness into my words, friendship blooming out to her even as the wand pulsed. I invited Emily for a late brunch, we would meet at Giovanni’s and gossip, or so I told her! She readily agreed, seemingly unaware of the tension I felt was hidden in my voice. My trap is laid, bated and ready to be sprung, I hung up and left my bedroom.

John was standing naked at the bars of his prison, looking up at me as I entered the lounge! I ignored him, instead I went to a cupboard and removed a single shredded wheat cereal, I like the tiny little oblongs with fruit in them but this is not for me, this is for my prisoner, he will need all his strength to be able to play the games I intend to make him play. I broke the cereal and removed a single raisin, which I pushed through the bars saying to him.

“Breakfast darling!”

“What have you done to me?” He screamed in reply.

“How, why!” He added.

“You will see soon John, then you can explain it all to me, I bet you will have some interesting answers!”

He fell silent as I turned away from him, he could see the wand in my hand I know.

“I will see you later my love, but first I have some fishing to do, and a little catching as well!”

The toy shop is next door to Giovanni’s and as I entered its wonderland for children, I thought about exactly what it was that I am looking for. I have seen these strange plastic creatures called ‘boggles’ in various places, and I remember watching my nephew playing with one that came with its own plastic cage. It was one of these boggles that I wanted to purchase, and very soon I found one. I left the shop tearing open the packaging, it was a cage yes, but first it needed to be assembled and I had a wicked thought just then, so I put the flat pack cage into my handbag, letting my fingers brush against the wood of the wand and enjoying the feeling of power its touch provided me with.

Giovanni’s has a balcony at the rear which overlooks the river, and sitting down at the far table waiting for me to arrive is Emily. She as usual looks stunning, what with her long blond hair, and legs that go all the way to her chin. I smile as I approach, she waves at me and then the waiter calling for a couple of coffees.

We air kiss before I sit down, for a second I hesitate looking at my friend wondering if I am doing the right thing? Then I picture her with her legs parted and my John thrusting between them, and I realise that I am not only doing the right thing, I am doing the only thing available to me if I want to see that justice is done.

I smile and mumble that I have something to show her, but before I can extract the cage from my bag the coffees arrive, the waiter departs and I place the cage flat on the table. Emily looks at in surprise and then up at me. I mouth ‘just wait, trust me!’

I open up the cage folding it out then with some pressure exerted I locate the hinges of the cage door into slits made to receive them, the whole thing looks flimsy from my point of view, but I believe that if I was three inches tall and locked inside of the plastic cage, I would not be able to escape. The plastic bars would be as thick as my thighs, and without a cutting device they would be un-breakable!

My intent though simple in concept could prove quite difficult to obtain. I decided to play on the interest and confusion my assembling a cage at a restaurant table had engendered in Emily. I opened the door and then leant towards her, whispering to her, asking her to place her fingers inside of the cage to hold the bottom in place whilst I prepared the rest of the surprise.

To my amasement she complied, leaning forward and putting both index fingers inside of the plastic cage, then pressing down on the floor as though it needed holding whilst the glue set, there is of course no glue, nor had I mentioned any, but she complied anyway!

I reached into my hand bag and grasped the wand, a glance around showed the balcony still empty of other diners or waiting staff. I lifted the wand and lightly placed it behind Emily’s neck, and thought one single word, ‘Shrink’ I repeated and repeated it in my head. At first nothing happened, then without warning everything changed, Emily shrank! Before she realised what was happening to her she had lost half of her mass and was now bent forward across the table, much like a naughty girl across a knee ready to be spanked. For Emily a spanking was not going to be the most likely outcome as I continued to ‘think,’ and she continued to shrink, though who knows!

The smaller she got, the nearer to the cage she became. Soon she was only a foot tall, still too big for the cage, but the process of shrinking her accelerated. She knew something was happening, but I placed my hand on her back and held her pinned to the table. She was now so small that resistance had become imposable for her.

She tumbled into the cage as she reached four inches tall, and I snapped the door shut, she continued to shrink until she reached my chosen size for her of three inches tall, and then she stopped shrinking. She turned in the cage grasping at the bars, shaking them whilst looking up at me, and especially at the wand. I smiled down at her waving the wand, allowing her to see her nemesis.

“Now that I have cut you down to size it is time to make you pay for your betrayal. I now have to tiny people to torment, and both of you deserve exactly what ever I decide to inflict on you!”

I pick the cage up, it must have tilted slightly because Emily is rolling around the floor space, I place it into my handbag and sit back having zipped her away in the dark.

The waiter appeared carrying two menus, I smiled at him as he looked for Emily, he placed her menue on the table handed me mine and departed. I wonder if Emily would like her cup of coffee, I add some cold milk to it, stir in three heaped spoonfuls of sugar, and re-open my handbag.

There is nothing much in my bag today because I knew that I would be filling it with my captive, and besides the pleasure I would get from tipping the brown sweet coffee over the bitch was worth wrecking the bag for I decided.

“This should give you something to think about slut!” I whispered into my bag as I tipped the whole cup full of coffee over the naked Emily. Her clothes were scattered over the floor and beneath the table, no wonder I realised, why the waiter had looked so confused! I picked up the pile of garments and dropped almost everything over the balcony into the river. I kept her knickers back, these I stuffed into my handbag just to add a touch of familiar scent to my captives first day as my plaything, they would also act as packing for the cage, which would not stop Emily being thrown around as I took her to my home, but I did not care if she got a little bruised!

I wonder what my boyfriend will think of his diminutive lover, will he be so keen to screw her whilst I watch his every move? Will she be ready to suffer at my hands for his betrayal and vice versa of course, not that either of them will have any choice! I have some very lovely ideas involving cotton reels! Part Three.

The flat door closed behind me, I dropped the chain into place and patted my handbag at the same time, now my fun will begin, I have them both now, the nasty little betrayers. I could not help but giggle at the word ‘little,’ it certainly fitted the situation they were both in now.

I patted my handbag again, all I ever wanted from my John was to be loved and looked after, and perhaps occasionally told I was beautiful! All I wanted from Emily, my best friend, was to be the centre of her attention occasionally, and some gentle reassurance that I was leading my life as I should!

Instead all I got from them both was betrayal, now they would pay, now that I have the wand I can make them regret not loving me as they should have!

John was standing at the cage door when I approached it, looking for all the world a pathetic naked male, scared of me, wondering what I intended to do with him. I pulled out the wet coffee stained knickers, shaking them at him, demanding to know if he recognised them?

The look of puzzlement lit a fire in my thoughts, I pulled out the cage showing him its contents. He looked shocked or perhaps concerned as well, but mostly shocked as he saw Emily, his lover, for the first time. I opened the cage door nudging John back inside, flicking him gently, sending him rolling across the cage. Emily still locked in her boggle cage I placed inside of John’s cage, I am sure they will have lots of things to talk about but they won’t be fucking now, not with her locked up like she is. I shut the door to John’s cage and leant down towards them, looking, enjoying, planning their future and my revenge. Two little people caught and ready to pay, two lovers naked together but apart and helpless at my command!

I took the wand out of my bag and showed it to them, they both knew that it was this wand that took their normal selves, and transformed them in to what they are, they both realised exactly what I could do to them at any time! Who would miss a couple of little people, who would believe in them at all, and with no human sized bodies there is no crime, even if I decide to kill them both, not that I intended to do that of course, but let them worry for a while.

Behind me across the lounge over near the patio windows a sound filled the air, in my hand the wand glowed, pulsing with blue-white electricity, I turned to see the glass and wood of the patio doors explode inwards.

I stood in wonder, there standing in the remains of the door frame was a woman, the tallest thinnest woman I have ever seem, her hand extended towards me, the wand left my grip and flew to her, sparks flying, leaving an air-born trail of lightening!

“You, a mortal, have dared to take my property, did you not think that I would come to reclaim my property, did you not know that you have no right to use my wand, that only I have that right, did you not think that I would deal with you as you have decided to deal with others, you pathetic human!”

The wand pointed, lightning flew, and my feet left the ground! I was lifted and carried, spinning through the air! I caught a glimpse of terror on John’s face as I hurtled across the huge expanse. The room seemed to be miles wide, instead I realised, it was I that had shrunk not the room that had enlarged. My feet hit soil, she the newcomer had placed me on the top of an un-used flower pot, in which I had tried to grow a series of plants and always failed.

As I stood upright my arms collapsed to my sides, my toes extended into the soil, I sank to my ankles feeling the dry earth covering my feet. My head reached up, stretching, my neck elongated, my body slimmed down, my shape changed!

Green leaves reared from the soil growing up and swirling around me, my face felt squashed and flattened, my eye remained open but the world around me turned grey and dim! Lacy petals surrounded and encompassed my face, I tried to scream, to beg for mercy from this Amazonian stick insect but I had no mouth out of which to scream. I watched through the vail of grey as she turned away from me and vanished, leaving me behind and helpless!

Hunger filled my body, my feet reached out deeper into the soil stretching and extending searching for nutrients, finding them in the decayed remains of previous plants, I eat, though how I eat I do not understand, but I know that I do because soon I feel sated and comfortable.

Sunlight streams towards me, warming my body, triggering my need to open my petals and enjoy my life, I open, blooming as no plant has ever bloomed before! I have a new life, my old life and self fades away, my anger at my lover and best friend fades away, only the sun and soil remains and flowering means everything to me now.

The Weekend Arrives.

John lay next to Emily still locked in her Cage, they had held hands through the night, talked as much as they could and wondered what would happen to them now that I was gone? Would the woman return, would she do things to them or was their fate to die of hunger and thirst, locked forever inside their various cages?

John felt odd, his arms and legs hurt slightly, almost like he had cramp, he stretched out, rolling away from Emily’s cage, the pain grew, his arms expanded, his body added mass as the effect of the wand’s magic, in a novices hand wore off. The cage got smaller as he grew, plastic tightened its grip as he filled the space, the plastic could not stand the strain as John returned to full adult human size, it split and fell apart, John stepped down from the sideboard onto the floor and turned in time to see Emily’s cage ripped apart, as she like him, returned to normal size.

An hour later they were both full sized adults again, both normal in everyway and both still naked! They held each other tightly, kissing at each other expressing their relief at being free, but then they remembered their captor, and together they turned to face the far side of the room.

In the pot which had never grown anything there now resided a beautiful, flowering, single stem, a stem with a touch of something magic about it! The flower attracted them, drew them, forced them to care for it, but in return it provided the most delightful scent and pretty petals, they could not help but fall in love with it, they determined to look after and care for the flower, they would shower it with affection and in return it would bloom most beautifully for them.

They decided to live together all three of them, two humans and a single flower, life could not get much better than that for any of them…

The End.


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