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The Wild Hunt Part 2

by Carnaj

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© Copyright 2011 - Carnaj - Used by permission

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"Well, that's one for your little pansy boy, Janie," Sue said with a smirk knowing that her friend hated when she ridiculed her slave.  Sue however did not care when it came to insulting Jane's 'precious' Little c, and every chance she got to abuse or humiliate the little bastard, she took.  "I didn't think he had it in him."  Sue saw Jane smile, brushing her hair back off of her collar.

"I told you not to underestimate him, Sue," Jane said prodding her horse up a bit of rocky incline in the trail.  Sue followed, taking the opportunity to pull her GPS unit from a pouch on her wide, leather belt.  As Jane rambled on about the merits of her tiny slave, Sue only half-listened, clicking on the small handheld device and getting a fix on her own slave, Ken.  Not exactly fair she knew, but she wanted more than anything to win the Hunt, as well as all the side bets that the group had wagered.  Though more importantly, she wanted to make Little c suffer.

Sue stared at the screen of the GPS, angling the grid until she got a fairly definite reading as to the whereabouts of her Ken doll.  He was already about a mile northeast of where she and Jane were, and if Sue guessed correctly, somewhere along the river that ran through the woodlands.  That meant that the Hounds were probably stumped for the moment.  Not being real dogs of course, they could not track Little c by scent and were probably scouring the river banks looking for any sign of him.  Hopefully they would meet up with Carol and she could put them back on track.

"What's that, Sue?"

Sue looked up from the GPS and saw that Jane had turned her mount about, wondering why she was lagging behind.  Sue felt her skin actually redden as Jane stared darkly at the handheld.  Too late to do anything but confess, Sue played it off with a shrug and a smile.

"I figured it best that we keep track of the Hounds, so I put a GPS beacon on Ken's collar.  After all, we don't want them roughing up your little slave too badly, do we?" she said in the sweetest, most innocent voice she could muster.  Unfortunately Jane knew her too well.  They had been best friends for years, and they each knew the other's moods and nuances, and Sue could tell by the look her friend was giving her that Jane was seeing right through her little white lie.

She saw Jane's lips purse, then twist dubiously before she finally snickered and grinned.  "Good thinking, Sue," she said, her white teeth flashing in a wide smile that made Sue's heart melt.  "Wish I had thought of that.  You take the lead then and let's try to catch up to the pack."

Sue smiled sheepishly as she spurred her horse to a trot, then let out a sigh of relief as soon as she was well past her friend.  She was confused and surprised that Jane had not simply taken the remote away from her, wanting to play fair.  But then she figured that Jane had some ulterior motive, though what it might be Sue could not begin to guess.

Not that it mattered really.  Sue's devilish grin quickly fell back into place as the trail leveled off and widened.  She spurred her mount into a gallop, hearing Jane do likewise behind her.  And as they raced through the woods she wondered if her friend was feeling as hot as she was…


Little c ran…

He shoved through the brush, pushing past trees and leaping over the smaller scrub trying to put distance between himself and his pursuers.  He was sweating in the rising heat as the sun climbed ever higher.  His hairless, smooth skin was scarred with scratches from plowing through the brambles and thorns, trying to lose Mistress Carol by staying in the thick of the woodlands.  He could hear her horse occasionally, keeping pace but forced to take a longer route around rather than through now and then.

He was breathing hard when he burst from the tree line and found himself on a wide, open stretch of beach.  He stared wide-eyed as he scanned his surroundings, not remembering the area from his walks with Goddess.  He did not recall ever seeing a lake, but here it was.  Or maybe it was a pond…

It was wide, whatever it was, and surrounded by trees and grass down to the sandy shore, mountains visible, looming in the distance.  There were geese all about, floating in the water and marching about the edges looking for food.  The water was a deep blue and murky, reflecting the sky and there were insects flitting about in the rising heat and humidity.  Little c wondered at the time, and saw that the sun had not quite reached its zenith.

His heart leapt as he spied another marker on the far shore, a red flag hanging limply on its long, slender pole.  He saw too then the huge boulder thrusting up out of a thicket of close-set trees and he knew where he was.  A trail ran on the far side and Goddess had pointed out the boulder before, though she had never walked him to the pond.  He had no idea that it even existed, and he wondered why she had never showed him.  Not that it mattered now…

Little c scanned the pond and the area around it, trying to decide his best next move.  The water was wide and though he could swim it, he figured that it would take some effort to reach the far shore and the marker.  Going around the side would probably take just as long, but would be safer he decided in the end.  If someone came upon him while he was in the middle of the pond, he would be done.  If he stuck to the shoreline he could always rush into the trees and escape.  He had no qualms about running away, and in fact it was expected.  Little c started out at a jog, looping about the pond and heading for the huge boulder and the marker flag…

He was just over halfway when he heard the excited shouts and the sound of horse's hooves.  He spun about, still back peddling towards his goal and saw Gina and Ellen riding out of the forest and into the open, pointing at him.  C's eyes went wide as he started to turn, the two women digging in their heels and charging towards him.  He ran.

Water churned under the driving hooves, spraying as the two women galloped towards him, laughing and shouting taunts as they neared.  He could hear them gaining as he changed direction, cutting across the edge of the pond in a B-line towards the marker, his goal.  He hoped to simply snatch the Token there in passing and continue on back into the woods, hopefully eluding the two Mistresses in the thick foliage as he had Carol.

His breaths were heaving as he splashed along the shore.  The marker seemed miles away as he pushed himself to his limits, forever out of reach while the pounding hooves seemed closer and closer.  Finally though he reached the flag and snatched the Token from the nail embedded in the marker.  He glanced at the little silver heart and saw the engraved 'S' and smiled as he quickly knelt, hooking Sue's Token to the link on his right ankle, then just as quickly shot to his feet, ready to run.  He turned back to the forest and froze as the Hounds came charging out of the woods…


Gina and Ellen rode high in the saddle as they spurred their horses forward as fast as they could.  Both women felt dismay as they saw Little c hook the Token to his ankle cuff, then stand to run.  They were way too far to reach him before he made it back into the woods where he could dash through the thick brush and lose them on their horses.

"Look!" Gina said, shouting as she pointed and Ellen followed the direction.  She saw the Hounds come scrambling out of the thicket and charging at Jane's Little c.

"Yes!" Ellen shouted, pumping a fist as she dug her heels into her mount, urging him faster.  The Hounds had cut off c's escape and he would either have to go into the water where he would be a sitting duck, or run the far length around the opposite way, which would give the two women time to split and ride him down.  He was trapped, and they would win.  Jane would donate $50,000 to Ellen's favorite charity; Breast Cancer Awareness, and whatever she and Gina had bet on the side as well.  Even better if Greg was the one to catch him.  She would make him big again and ride his cock all night long if he won for her.

But then she looked on quizzically; watching as Little c turned abruptly and started to scramble up the side of the huge granite boulder that sat on the edge of the pond.  She galloped on, Gina at her side; both women watching as he reached the top and then squatted down to wait.  Ellen could see that he was breathing hard and deep, trying to regain his strength as the Hounds circled the base of the huge rock some twenty feet below.

"What's he doing?" Gina asked as she reined in her horse just a dozen feet from the massive stone.  Ellen sidled up beside her, both women watching as the Hounds started to clamber up the side of the rock.  "Is he giving up?"

"I don't think so," Ellen said as she pulled out her Nextel and keyed it to life.  "We've got Little c trapped at the north marker.  He's on top of the boulder and making a last stand it looks like."  And she was correct…

Ellen watched as Gina's slave, Marco scrambled up the rocky slope, totally oblivious as Little c reared back and kicked him in the face when he got close enough.  Marco lost his grip and flew backwards to land on the sandy beach, his air gushing out as he lay there stunned.  "Fuck me," Ellen said as she spurred her horse forward, seeing what was going to happen.  Little c had the high ground and would easily take out the Hounds, as they were too frenzied to see what he was about.  "C'mon!" she shouted, even as her own Greg went flying into space to land on the ground with a wet thud.

By luck, Sue's Ken and Carol's Chad both reached the top of the rock together.  Ellen gasped as Ken ducked a kick and wrapped his arms about Little c's chest, pinning his arms even as Chad landed a solid blow into Jane's slave's face.  She winced to hear the impact as she and Gina reined in, both women dismounting in a flurry.

"Get him down here!" Gina shouted, stepping over to her Marco and crouching beside him with worry.  Ellen ran to Greg and saw that he seemed just out of breath but otherwise unhurt.  She sneered as she looked down at him.

"Better get your ass up and catch that bastard if you want some relief."  She smirked to hear her husband whimper as he tried to struggle back to his feet.


Ellen looked up just in time to see Little c hurl himself from the height of the boulder.  Not wanting to let go he dragged Ken and Chad with him, the three tiny slaves falling through space.  Ellen gasped as c spun about, getting Chad under him just before they hit.  She winced as she heard bones break, Little c's shoulder slamming into Chad's ribs.  Carol's slave gasped for breath and clawed at his chest as c scrambled to his feet to try to run.  Ken was dazed but latched onto his ankle and c splayed to the sand.

"Jane, we need an ambulance!" Gina shouted into her Nextel as Ellen watched Little c slamming his free heel into Ken's nose over and over.  "Chad's hurt, and your slave's out of control!"

"We're on our way!" came the staticky voice over the Nextel.  But Ellen barely heard the exchange, watching as Little c kicked until Ken finally let go.

Little c sprang to his feet and dashed into the woods, swiftly disappearing from sight.  A moment later and Ken was on his feet and in hot pursuit, ignoring the blood that was flowing from his broken nose.

"Jesus…" Ellen said until both Ken and Little c were out of sight.  She then looked down at her diminutive husband and shook her head as he rolled about, trying to breathe.  She planted a foot in his chest, then slammed it down on his cock, making him gasp and scream again

"You're pathetic," she said to her wailing, writhing husband.  "You couldn't catch the little bitch?  My god…"

Greg assumed the fetal position as his wife stared down at him in disgust.  She kicked him again, then stalked back to her horse and mounted up.  She looked to Gina, who shook her head.

"I better stay with him," the Latino said, her hand trailing across the chest of the tiny slave.  "He's hurt and I feel bad.  When he's safe I'll join up again and hunt that little shit down."  Ellen nodded.

"I hope he's okay," she said, forcing a smile as she pulled her shock remote from the clip on her belt.  She thumbed the setting to 8 and pointed it at her husband, depressing the button.  Greg screamed as electricity shot through his neck, driving him to get up to his knees.

Ellen let loose the stud and gave her tiny husband a moment to collect himself, then, "You better get your ass up and catch that little shit," she hissed.  "If you ever want any relief, you'll make him pay."

Ellen watched as her husband nodded and scrambled to his feet.  He looked about, then dashed off into the woods following Ken's blundering trail, Marco not too far behind but limping.  Ellen looked back to Gina, and the other woman smiled and shrugged.

"We'll be fine.  Go!"

Ellen nodded, spurred her horse and charged off into the woods…


Jane clicked off her Blackberry and slipped it back into its holster with a well-practiced flourish.  She sighed, then clucked her tongue as she prodded Rust with her heels to get the big gelding moving again.  She was sorry that Carol's slave had been hurt badly.  He would heal quickly of course.  The healing factor of his tiny body would easily knit his cracked ribs, and she had expected a few cuts and scrapes on the slaves from the hunt, but still…

To hear Ellen, it seemed that Little c had gone wild and attacked the slave Hounds.  She did not believe that for a minute.  More likely he was simply fighting to get away.  Still she was amazed that c had escaped, as the Hounds and Ellen and Gina had apparently had him cornered.  Was he that desperate?  Did he want his promised reward and relief that badly, or was he trying to do his best for her as always?

Probably a bit of both she mused as she trotted up next to Sue.

"The ambulance is on the way," she said as she sidled up beside Sue, looking at the tiny screen of the GPS.  She had bypassed 911 all together and called Commissioner O'Grady, knowing that he would make certain that an ambulance got to the pond as quickly as possible.  He had been more than happy to comply.  "Where are they?"

"Ken seems to be heading towards the marker at the Elder Tree," Sue replied, glancing briefly at Jane before focusing her attention on the handheld again.  "Looks like your c's running balls out for the next marker, not even trying to be tricky."  Sue thumbed the remote off and slipped it into its holster as she wheeled Jet about, ready to ride out, but Jane stopped her.

"I doubt we'll reach the tree before he's long gone," Jane said leaning forward in the saddle.  "I think we should split up and try to head him off at the last two markers."  She looked at Sue and saw her friend nod and smile.

"Sounds like a plan, Janie," Sue replied, and Jane could hear the excitement in her voice.  Her friend was obviously plotting, hoping to get away with something once she was out of sight.  Jane felt a pang of pity for her slave, hoping that Sue would not hurt him too badly if she caught him.

"Which marker do you want?" Jane asked after taking a sip from her water bottle.  It was fast approaching two and the hottest part of the day.  The fall chill had melted away as the sun rose higher in the sky and she was feeling the dampness under her arms as much as between her legs.

"I'll take the wishing well," Sue said after looking thoughtful for a moment.  Jane nodded with a shrug but wondered why her friend had chosen that as her marker.  That left her the clearing, which was actually appropriate, as that was where her own Token hung waiting.

"Okay," she said, easing Rust about and setting off back in the direction they had just ridden, heading for the last fork in the trail.  "Be nice, Sue," she called back over her shoulder and heard her friend's laugh.

"I'm always nice, Janie," Sue called back.

Jane simply shook her head and rode on…


Little c took great heaving breaths as he knelt beside the Elder Tree, hooking the third Token to his left wrist cuff.  This one, another silver, metal heart had a 'G' engraved for Gina.

The slave stood feeling some remorse.  He had not wanted to hurt anyone.  Hell, he had not expected to be able to hurt anyone as he was a foot shorter than the Hounds and half the size of the women.  It had been a desperate move on his part, leaping from the boulder and taking the two Hounds with him.  Truth to tell, he had hoped to land on top of Ken.  He had been very lucky so far.

Little c tensed as he heard a thrashing, crashing sound coming closer.  He wiped sweat from his face as he listened intently.  No clacking hooves, so he assumed it was the Hounds, though the Mistresses and Goddess Jane were probably not far away either.  He took a final quick breath and started out again.

Slave c charged through the thick brush, not caring at the noise he was making.  If he had his bearings he knew that he was not too far from the path, and if he could reach that he could put some distance between him and his pursuers as they tried to stick to his trail, tracking him rather than out thinking him.

He was amazed that the Hounds were so worked up though.  He could not believe that they were simply THAT denied.  He was the only one that wore a chastity cage after all, and he was certain that his peers got rewarded far more than he did; sexually at least.  Slave c got his rewards in other ways, and simply pleasing his Goddess Jane was prize and praise enough.

He burst from the brush and out onto the trail suddenly, pausing just a moment to decide which way to go.  He knew that the closest marker was at the old wishing well to the west, directly.  To the north and west, deeper into the woods again was the clearing.  The smartest thing to do would be to head there first, then loop back down to the well and finally back to the gate and the manor where Armand waited.  That was probably what they expected him to do; at least three of the women anyway.

Slave c knew however that his Goddess knew him well, and knew too that he would not do what was expected.  And Sue, well, she was simply devious, and as much as he hated to admit it was probably thinking as he was.  He imagined too that they were all at least annoyed with him now after he had hurt the bronze skinned tiny that he figured was Carol's slave.  They would be out for blood, to teach him a lesson.  Whoever caught him, with the exception of his Goddess perhaps, was going to make him suffer.  He definitely wanted to avoid suffering.

Little c dashed down the path, and at the fork, he kept heading straight and west, towards the wishing well.


Sue hunkered down as she squatted on her heels in the brush.  She peered through the leaves, watching the wishing well intently, and the trail beyond that she figured Jane's slave would come jogging along soon.  At least she hoped so.

She had to admit that the little bitch was tricky and smart.  He had eluded Carol at the bridge, and then fought off the Hounds at the rock, actually hurting poor Chad, Carol's sexy little slave.  Checking her GPS she saw that Ken had left the Elder Tree behind, which meant c had beat the hunters to the third marker and was heading to the fourth; the wishing well she hoped, rather than the clearing.

He would have to come here eventually, and if she could just control her impatience she would wait.  It was very hard though.  She had tied off Jet in the thick woods, well back and away out of sight.  Little c would expect nothing if he came running up the path and she would wait and jump out at the proper moment and take him down.

If she could wait…

The minutes ticked by and Sue kept checking her GPS.  She saw that Ken was on the path at last and coming closer, moving quickly.

"Yes," she hissed, her gaze shifting up even as she saw Little c crest the top of the ridge in the distance.  He was running hard and sweating, his chest heaving  with every stride as he came closer, not suspecting a thing.

Sue wanted to pounce.  She wanted to dash forward from the shrubs and tackle his tiny ass, throw him down and stomp his face in the dirt.  He had taken Janie away from her, distracted her best friend and sometimes, one time lover.  She wanted to cut his fucking balls off.

Sue bit her lower lip and watched as Little c paused at the wishing well.  He looked about quickly as his hand snatched away the Token nailed into the wood of the old bucket dangling over the well.  It was emblazoned with a 'C' she knew.  Carol's token and the fourth in his set.  He looked about again, then moved to attach it to his right wristband.  Sue stood…

She paused as movement in the distance caught her eye.  Her eyes widened as she saw Ken and Greg top the rise, both running full out when they saw Jane's slave, with Marco hobbling a ways behind.  Little c turned and saw them as well, and Sue saw the tiny slave pale, then burst into a sprint, running from the Hounds, and right towards where she was hiding.

Good God her pussy was dripping…

Little c was maybe ten feet away and running hard when Sue stepped up and out of the brush.  He was glancing back at the Hounds and did not even see her until he was almost right on top of her.  When he did finally look back, he gasped and tried to turn aside, to stop but it was too late.  Sue stepped in and slammed her knee into c's cock cage.

Jane's little slave squealed like a stuck pig and hit the rocky trail like a sack of wet cement.

But Sue was not stupid.  Even though the little prick was on the ground and clutching his swelled up sac, she had heard what he had done already over the radio, and she remembered Jane's smugness and confidence in her little slave and his assets.  Sue sneered and planted a booted foot on Little c's neck, pinning him in the dirt.  She smiled as he gagged and choked for breath.

"You like that, don't you," she said with a sneer, grinding the heel of her riding boot into Little c's throat.  "Janie's always bragging what a great little boot-licker you are, so I figure you'd love my foot on your neck, bitch."  Sue could feel her pussy dripping to hear Little c's moans and snuffling as he gasped for air.  She glanced up and saw Ken, Greg and Marco scramble to a halt just a few feet away, all sheened in sweat and heaving, their cocks huge and bobbing between their legs.

Sue shifted her stance and dropped to the ground, slamming her right knee into the slave's back.  Little c squealed, but she ignored him as she dipped her hand into her tight blue jeans and produced a cable tie.  She had promised Jane no hand cuffs, but that promise did not exclude a myriad of other ways to bind a slave.  She grabbed c's arms and yanked them back, crossed his wrists and zipped the plastic cable tie into place.

Sue stood and looked down at the pathetic little creature at her feet.  She had to admit that he was cute; lean and tight, and she was loving the way that he was squirming about, half in agony but struggling to get free.  Fat chance of that, she thought.  "Take him, Ken," she said with a wide, malicious smile, stepping back as her own slave howled and surged forward.

Sue grinned widely as her slave charged forward.  His huge dick was pulsing with excitement, and she knew that Jane's precious Little c was going to suffer big time.  Sue was so happy when the Council had rescinded her Level One Probation and allowed her to take a tiny slave again.  It had not been her fault that Billy had had a weak heart and could not take a little punishment, but unfortunately the Council did not agree.  It had been one long, frustrating year.

She had bought Ken at the Public Prison Auction.  Ontario had a policy of offering up its habitual criminal offenders for a good home in hopes that they might see the error of their ways, and also taking the weight off of the judicial system in housing and maintenance.  Ken had been arrested for Armed Robbery and Murder of a 7-11 night clerk, and sentenced to life imprisonment.  His only chance of parole had been the Tiny option, and he was such a sociopath that he did not care.  Sue had bought him for a song.

She watched as Ken stepped over and straddled Little c.  Her slave was huge and ready as he dropped on c's back, guiding his cock at c's unprotected ass.  C was writhing and screaming as Ken mounted him, forcing his penis into Little c's anus, driving deep and slamming hard, over and over.  Ken's grunts and c's screams were intoxicating, and Sue quickly found her hand sliding down her pants, her leather gloved fingers invading her pussy.

So hot…

Sue climaxed even as she saw Ken rear up and slam c in the ass, both little bodies shuddering with the impact of Ken's orgasm.  C was gagging as Ken sprawled on top of him, both tinies grunting and heaving from the strain and ecstasy.  Sue glanced up and saw Greg staring wide-eyed, his mouth a huge 'O' in the darkness of his hood while Marco licked his lips and strained to not touch his own pulsing cock.  She staggered back a bit, slipping her hand from her pants as she clutched at a tree for support, licking at the hot juices dripping from her fingers.

She saw Little c rooting about in the dirt and cried out, stepping up, "Don't let him cum!"  Sue grabbed Ken by the collar and jerked him up and out of Little c, her own slave's cock popping free of the tiny hole, wagging and dripping.  Sue slammed a boot into c's ribs and flipped him onto his back.  She laughed to watch him squirm in frustration, his cock thick and fat and pressing into the plastic confines of his chastity cage.

"Poor baby," she cooed as she planted a booted foot on the tiny slave's chest.  She pulled her Blackberry from its holster on her belt and keyed the camera.  Time to tell the others that the Hunt was over.

"C'mon, cunt," she hissed, focusing the viewfinder on c's filthy, tear-streaked face.  "Smile for Janie."  He was red as a beet, and his blue eyes were blazing with hatred and shame.  Sue just laughed.  "Not so precious now, are you, pansy boy - Yahhh!"

Sue felt something slam against the back of her knee and suddenly she was falling.  She landed hard on her back; air gushing from her lungs as she sprawled in the dirt and her cell phone went flying when her hand hit.  She sensed movement as she gasped for breath, and saw Ken suddenly rear up into her line of sight.  Then she saw little c slam his foot up between her slave's legs.

Ken squealed and dropped to the ground, his hands cupping his balls as he shifted into fetal position.  Little c was breathing hard and still crying as he turned towards her, and Sue saw pure hatred radiating from his dazzling blue eyes.  She swallowed, and suddenly Greg was upon him.

The two tinies tumbled down the slight incline, Marco limping after.  Greg pounded on the seemingly helpless Little c, the latter's hands still bound behind him.  Sue struggled to sit up and saw the two finally roll to a halt, fate taking hold and planting Greg under c.  Jane's slave rammed his knee into Greg's throat and the other little slave was swiftly clawing at the dirt and gasping for breath.

Both she and c shivered to hear Marco's snarl of rage as he leaped from the slope.  Sue suspected that he was trying to land on Little c, but even as he sailed through the air she saw Jane's slave brace for the impact.

C kicked out, his heels slamming into Marco's exposed stomach, and whatever the little Latino slave had last eaten spewed out in a gush of breath.  Still, Marco's weight and velocity crashed down on Little c, almost pinning him, folding his legs.  But c had been expecting that as he used the other slave's momentum and somersaulted back, kicking Marco off of him to sprawl in the dirt gasping and heaving.

Sue scrambled to her feet; ready to charge down the hill when she saw c look up at her with that same hatred that she felt for him.  "Fuck you, bitch," he sneered, and struggled to his feet before he dashed off into the brush.

"Fuck!" Sue cursed even as she turned and ran for Jet.  She knew that she should probably stay and see to Ken, Marco and Greg, but damned if she would let that little pansy get the better of her again.  She wanted his ass so badly she could taste it.

With a casual flick of her wrist, Sue unwound the reins from their tether and leaped up onto Jet's back.  She jerked the reins harshly, wheeling the huge gelding about, then spurred it down the slope and into the brush, hot on the trail of the prey.  No way would she let that little prick come between her and Jane again…


Little c could not stop whimpering as he crashed through the scrub and brush, dodging trees and brambles as he skidded down the slope.  He could still feel Ken's huge cock imbedded up his ass, pulsing and spraying within him.  It was so huge, as the other pets were all so much bigger.  He was damp, and could feel the warm jism trickling from his bud and down his legs, thankful that there was no blood.

He could hear Sue not so far behind, cursing and slashing at Jet and trying to drive the horse through the scrub.  He was too big though, and c knew that eventually Sue would have to check the horse and circle around.  He stumbled on, smashing through the brush, listening until finally he heard Sue galloping back up the slope.

Little c took a huge breath as he charged out onto the trail again.  He glanced left and right, looking for pursuit but saw no one as he got his bearings.  Finally he dashed off to the left, following the long winding path that would eventually lead to the clearing and the final Marker and Token.

He struggled to look at the latest Token attached to his wrist cuff, checking that it and the others were all still in place.  It was hard with his hands bound by plastic cable ties, but eventually felt the clasps catch and he knew that Carol's Token dangled from his wrist now.  He strained at his bindings as he ran as fast as he could, trying to put distance between himself and evil, wicked Sue, but there was no way to slip out of the tie, and certainly no way to break the plastic.  He would have to make do and hope for the best.

His lungs were burning when he finally spotted the clearing.  It was huge; a wide oval bereft of trees and shrubbery and carpeted with short, stunted yellow grass.  Goddess had explained that there had been a fire ages ago, and the forest had yet to reclaim the scorched earth fully yet.  In the middle of the vast area he saw the final flag marking the final Token; appropriately enough, the one left by his Goddess and owner, Jane.

Little c put his head down and ran for all that he was worth…


Jane watched as her little slave ran out into the clearing, charging for the flag set dead center.  He had paused only a moment, quickly scanning the area, then plunged in headlong.  She smiled.

Goddess Jane was proud of her little slave.  He had done well in eluding the hunt; both the Hounds and her friends.  She would have to punish him for hurting Chad and Marco of course, or maybe she would let Gina and Carol do that.  For what Sue did however, and her slave, she would look the other way.  Sue was not the only one who could cheat, and with the tiny microphone that she had attached to c's collar, she had heard all that Sue had said and done, and allowed to happen.

"Run, c," Jane whispered, watching as her tiny slave headed for the final marker.  She could see the sweat glistening from his smooth skin.  She could hear his labored breathing through the mike as he finally reached the last flag and she laughed as he twisted and contorted, finally flopping to the ground to attach her Token to his cock cage.  Then she gasped…

Jane looked up and saw Ellen and Carol burst from the brush on the far side of the field.  Carol's face was scarlet from crying she could see, and both women were shouting as they galloped spurring and cropping their mounts for more speed.

Jane watched as Little c scrambled back to his feet and dashed away across the vast expanse of yellow grass.  The horses were faster of course, but he had a good lead and she was certain that he would make it back into the brush even as Sue came galloping up the far path.

"Dammit," Jane hissed and spurred her own Rust forward, joining in the chase.  Little c crashed into the shrubbery as she came up beside Sue, both women angling to join Ellen and Carol.  The four women would have to loop around on the trail and hope to cut Little c off before he reached his goal; the Gate back at Jane's property.  It would be close.

"Your little bitch has some answering to do, Janie," Sue hissed as she came up alongside Jane.

"Really, Sue?" Jane asked, sounding confused.  "How'd he get tied up, I wonder," she said as she glanced sideways at her friend.  Sue gave her an evil sneer but said nothing.  The two women joined Ellen and Carol, and together the four charged down the trail…


Little c started crying as he saw the end goal in sight.  Armand was standing there, leaning on the gate with a malicious grin, and behind him stood Gerhard.  They were watching intently, but neither made a move to help him.  C ran all the harder…

He suddenly heard the sound of hooves churning on the hard-packed earth.  He chanced a glance behind and saw four of the five members of the Barbie Club bearing down on him, lashing at their horses with crops and reins, spurring their flanks to get them to go faster and all out.  C turned back and ran for all that he was worth…

"C'mon, c!"

Little c glanced up and saw Armand beckoning, motioning for him to hurry.  What the fuck?

"Gahhh!" c screamed as electricity shot through his throat.  He staggered and stumbled but did not fall, barely catching himself and getting back into his stride.  The Gate was maybe 100 feet away…



He was flying as a jolt slammed into his throat again.  He slammed hard onto the gravel path, skidding and shredding skin until he came to a stop.  He looked up and saw Carol riding hard ahead of the others, bearing down and brandishing a riding crop overhead.  C struggled to his knees and then his feet, staggering into a run and stumbling as Carol surged past, her crop whistling past his ear.  Little c gasped and tried to find his rhythm, running for the gate.



Jane slapped the shock remote from Sue's hand, ignoring the tiny black remote as it spiraled away and smashed open on a rock at the edge of the path.  "What the hell are you doing?" she snapped, glaring at Sue.  Her friend looked ready to bite through nails, then abruptly softened with a smirk.

"Sorry, Janie," Sue said, breathing hard.  "I got carried away again, I guess."  Sue shrugged as Jane glared at her, wondering again what it was about Sue that she kept allowing these things to happen, and kept coming back for more.  A shout broke her from her reveries…

Jane looked up as Ellen was riding hard on Little c, her slave maybe a dozen yards from his goal and reward.  Ellen was riding high in her saddle, standing in her stirrups as she whipped a long slash of black leather up and about overhead.  Jane knew that it was a weighted leather cord, and Ellen was about to attempt to wrap up c's legs, dropping him to the ground and then drag him into submission.

"Run, c," Jane whispered and bit her lip as she and Sue spurred their mounts onward…


Little c saw Carol race past, straining at her reins to get the horse to turn about and block his path.  C charged to his left even as a leather cord wrapped about his right leg tightly.  He yelped in pain and panic as his leg was jerked out from under him.

C screamed as he bounced along, tumbling over the hard packed earth at the end of Ellen's cord.  Tears overflowed as he struggled to no avail.  He caught the occasional glimpse of his captress as she galloped forward, she glancing back and grinning at his agony, nearing the gate.  C bit down and gritted his teeth.

Finally the woman had to rein in as she was more intent watching his suffering than she was paying attention to where she was going.  C rolled to a halt even as she reined in and turned her horse about, but in that moment's hesitation, he folded his legs and grabbed at the tether.

Little c tugged and plucked, finally loosening the leather line even as Ellen spurred her horse away.  He saw her curse as she glanced back to see the line come free and dangle behind her, but c was already struggling to his feet again.  He was maybe twenty feet from his goal now, thanks to Ellen.

Carol had come about and was riding hard at him…

Goddess and Sue were riding hard as well, aiming at his rear…

Armand was in front of him, grinning…

Little c ran for all that he was worth…


Jason opened the heavy oak door and stepped aside as he had been trained.  Jane did not even acknowledge the lesser slave as she brushed past and into the small, square basement cell.  A thin sliver of fading sunlight beamed through the tiny window slit set high in the stone wall illuminating the fairly empty room.

There was a hole in the far corner for slaves to relieve themselves, and a bench that was folded up and locked to the western wall.  There was a patch of straw on the floor in one corner, and a bucket of semi-fresh water.  Jane ignored all of that though, looking rather at Armand.

"How is he?" she asked, actual concern in her voice.  Despite the façade and illusion, she truly cared for her most favored foot slave.  In her way, she loved her Little c.  Armand shrugged.

"I cleaned his wounds and popped his shoulder back into place.  Miss Sue dislocated it when she kicked him I think."  Armand shrugged again, then smiled.  "He'll live.  He's tough and the formula speeds recovery."  Armand frowned.  "Please don't tell him I said that, Miss."

Jane laughed and sipped at her brandy.  "Of course not," she said as she swirled the warm liquor in the huge crystal snifter.  She took a drag from her cigarette and brushed past her Handler to view her prized slave.

She got warm just looking at her favored slave.  Little c was squirming and writhing in agony, the pain of his position just settling in apparently.  He was dangling from a chain that was attached to a split leather tether; the lines of the leather cord stretched taut to his elbows and wrists, displacing the uneven weight.  His elbows were cuffed, as were his wrists, and ankles, all separated by short lengths of leather and chain, the whole thing running back to the leather cord that held him suspended just inches above the table set in the center of the tiny cell.  He was hooded too, and gagged, blind and almost deaf.  She imagined that he could not hear her as she approached.

"Hello, Little c," she cooed as her soft hand snaked out beneath his dangling form and cupped his balls bound up by the CB 2000.  He smelled of sweat and lilac, and Goddess knew that he had been scrubbed clean after his long ordeal; cleaned and healed before Armand had forced him into the suspension and left him dangling hours ago.  She noted that he had grown back to almost four feet tall.  Still a ways to go before he reached his full height and she knew that his agony would just increase as he continued to fill out his already tight restraints.

Jane sipped at her brandy and squeezed her slave's balls, grinning as he whimpered and writhed.  Suspended and helpless as he was just an inch or two above the worktable, there was little that he could do.  "Oh hush," she cooed, releasing his balls and taking a long drag from her cigarette, blowing smoke at her naked and suspended slave.  She had been so proud of him for winning for her that she not let Armand beat him too badly before having the Handler hoist him into suspension.  He had been a very bad boy during the day…

Hurting her friend's slaves…
Hurting Sue…

Jane clucked her tongue against the roof of her mouth as she circled her slave, sipping her brandy and smoking.  God he was hot, bound in a hog-tie and suspended, hooded, gagged and helpless.  Jane bit her lip as she stared at her slave's engorged cock trapped in its cage and trying to squeeze through the bars.  She giggled.

"You did well today, Little c," she said, blowing smoke into his face again as she circled the worktable and his dangling form.  "You eluded capture and led everyone a merry chase.  You won," she said, her hand snaking out to cup his bloated, cherry red ballsac again.  It was so hot to her touch; she could feel it through her leather gloves.  She eased her thumb from side to side twice and immediately her slave's cock sprang to full, constrained attention.  Jane laughed and let go her hold.

"Thus your reward."

Jane handed Armand her snifter and then slipped the slim silver chain that adorned her neck from where it perpetually rested just above her breasts and up over her head.  She smiled as she stared at the tiny key dangling from the chain, musing over how long her little slave had been locked up without relief.  Almost fourteen months she thought as she grabbed hold of his cage and slipped the key into the tiny lock and removed it.  She then slid the cage and locking pins from the plastic ring encircling the base of his groin, laughing as her slave's cock unfolded, throbbing and engorged despite his suffering.

Jane handed Armand the cage and lock to be cleaned before slipping the key back about her neck.  Little c's ballsac was far too huge to take off the base ring, but she doubted that would be a problem.  She stepped back and watched as her slave writhed in his bondage; suspended just a few inches above the worktable, but as agreed his cock was free.  For twenty-four hours he would be free of his chastity cage, able to beat off to his heart's content, if he could.  She doubted he would be able to; maybe when he reached his full height of six and a half feet.  And if he was still conscious after enduring the agony of his bondage.

Jane took a final drag from her cigarette then stepped forward and ground the butt into her slave's ass.  She grinned as he squealed and writhed with the burn, then flicked the butt into the corner as she strode towards the door.  Little c swayed in his suspension as she stopped in the doorway…

"Enjoy your freedom, slave," she said, grinning as c wriggled against his pain.  Armand grinned as he slipped past, through the doorway and waited in the hall.  "Twenty-four hours out of your cock cage.  Beat off to your heart's content."

Goddess Jane laughed as she slammed the cell door shut, hearing her favorite slave screaming into his gag.  She bolted the door and peered through the small window, watching as c wriggled about, trying to get his cock to brush the worktable below him by inches, and get off.  She knew her slave well.

Jane sauntered off, sipping at the last of her brandy, Armand walking in her wake.  She was getting hot listening to her slave's whimpering, fading in the background.  She knew that he would get off if he really tried, but he would have to work at it.  She smirked, picturing her slave struggling to masturbate, his cock not quite brushing the top of the worktable as he swung helplessly…

She had twenty-four hours to kill now.

"Armand," she said as she downed the last of her brandy.  She handed him the empty goblet as she stepped through the doorway leading upstairs.  "Draw me a bath, then strip and await my pleasure.  I'm feeling frisky tonight."

Jane could hear Little c's screams of frustration as she slammed and locked the door behind her.




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